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Quiz on Iliad 1-12 Name: ____________________

1. _________________ is the name of the daughter of the priest of Apollo whom Agamemnon
does not want to give up, but is forced to return her when the Greeks are afflicted with a
2. The god __________________ came down like the night quaking with rage, and with his
arrows rattling in their quiver.
3. _________________ is the captive girl of Achilles whom Agamemnon seizes and takes
from him, causing Achilles to sulk and refuse to fight.
4. Draw a picture of Thersites, being sure to include three of the characteristics described by

5. Paris escapes death in his duel with Menelaus because his __________________ breaks.
6. Name three women whom Hector meets when he returns to Troy in Book 6:
_________________, _________________, _______________________

7. What does the name of Hectors wife mean?

8. What advice does she give her husband?

9. What is an aristeia?

10. Glaucus exchanges armor with ___________________ because he discovers that their
fathers were guest-host friends (xenoi).
11. Glaucus gave armor made of _______________, but received armor made of

12. ____________________ is chosen by lot to duel with Hector in book 7.

13. Name the three ambassadors whom Agamemnon sends to Achilles:

_____________________, _____________________, _______________________

14. What does Odysseus omit from Agamemnons speech when he conveys it to Achilles?

15. Name 2 things Agamemnon offers to Achilles if he will return.

16. (2) Explain how the story of Meleager is intended to apply to Achilles. That is, what are the
relevant similarities in their situations?

17. Explain how Achilles decisions in reaction to each successive ambassadors speech
indicates some softening of his resolve.

18. __________________ and __________________ go on the night raid in book 10 and kill
Rhesus and take his horses.

19. What is the name of the Trojan spy? ____________________

20. What is he dressed in? _______________________

21. What does he hope to get for his work? ________________________________________

22. Analyze this simile:
And Atrides led the way and Ajax took his lead, Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
striding on like a god until they found Odysseus
dear to Zeus but round him Trojans thronged
like tawny jackals up in the mountains swarming
round a homed stag just woundeda hunters hit him
with one fast shaft from his bow and the stags escaped,
sprinting at top speed so long as his blood runs warm
and the spring in his knees still lasts ...
But soon as the swift arrow saps his strength
the ravening carrion packs begin their feasting
off on a ridge in twilight woods until some god,
some power drives a lion down against themclaw-mad
and the panicked jackals scatter, the lion rends their prey.
So packed around Odysseus skilled and quick to maneuver
swarmed the brave bulk of Trojansbut still the hero
kept on lunging, spearing, keeping death at bay.

23. __________________ puts Diomedes out of the battle by wounding him in the __________
with a __________________.
24. Who owns a boars tusk helmet? __________________
25. Who shelters Teucer behind his shield? _____________________
26. ___________________ identifies the various Greek captains to Priam while standing on the
wall of Troy.
27. Extra credit: _______________________ received bribes from Paris to oppose the return of
Helen to the Greeks. He also tried to have Menelaus murdered.