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RSource HR Services

Rsource HR Services
Name A.Ramesh
Exp 14+Years
CTC 5.8 Lacs
ECTC 2! Hi"e
Na$ive Sri"a"u(am) A*
No$ice perio& 1 +o#$h
Reaso# ,or
Career .ro/$h
Ramesh Akula
H.No: 3-18/1/2,
Sri Srinivasa Nilayam, Taranagar,
Seri ingam!ally, Hy"era#a" $1% &mail: ramesh!avan.akula'gmail.(om
An"hra )ra"esh H/)hone: *+, -%1-%.%.-2.2/.0
Career Objective
Seeking a managerial level o1 assignmen2s in !ur(hase/ma2erials managemen2/ven"or "evelo!men2
3i2h an organi4a2ion o1 high re!u2e.
Key Skills
)ur(hase, 5a2erials 5anagemen2, Su!!ly 6hain 5anagemen2.
To2al 7ears o1 &8!erien(e : 1. 7ear*s,
6urren2 o(a2ion : Hy"era#a", An"hra )ra"esh
9.6om 3i2h :1; 1rom An"hra <niversi2y in 2he year 1%%8.
Su""ary o# Skills $ E%&erie!ce
% years o1 e8!erien(e in )ro(uremen2, ven"or "evelo!men2 an" Su!!ly 6hain 5anagemen2.
&8(ellen2 e8!osure 2o =en"or 5anagemen2, Ra3 ma2erial !ro(uremen2, )ur(hase.
&8(ellen2 e8!osure 2o >ra(le &R).
RSource HR Services
Skille" in !lanning an" im!lemen2a2ion e11e(2ively, "e"i(a2e" 2eam !layer an" (ommi22e" 2o
2rain "o3n line s2a11 2hrough ?uali2y su!!or2, no2a#le !ro#lem solving skills in mos2 areas o1
su!!ly (hain
Skills o1 o!2imi4ing 2he "elivery 2ime, lea" 2ime, !a(kaging an" #es2 2rans!or2 solu2ions 2o
a(hieve 2he e8(ellen(e.
6om!u2er li2era2e.
'( Skills
@or", &8(el, )o3er)oin2, >u2look, >ra(le &R) A Bn2erne2.
)ork E%&erie!ce
5/s.)i22i amina2ions 2" a2 Hy"era#a" Ce(D2++0 2o 2ill "a2e
Ass2.5anager $ )ur(hase
Ero32h )a2h:
A!rilD2+11- Till "a2e as Ass2. 5anager *)ur(hase,
Ce(F 2++0 $ 5ar(hD2+11 as >11i(er $ )ur(hase.
Co"&a!y *ro#ile+
)i22i amina2ions imi2e" *), is a Hy"era#a" #ase" BS> %++1:2++8 (om!any. The 6om!any is a
manu1a(2urer o1 ele(2ri(al s2am!ings an" "ie (as2 ro2ors. )sF #usiness o!era2ions en(om!ass a range
o1 !ro"u(2s, 3hi(h in(lu"e ele(2ri(al s2eel lamina2ions, "ie (as2 ro2ors, 2ools, Gigs, 1i82ures an" moul"s
an" 2he ma(hining o1 mo2or housings an" "ro!!ing o1 assem#le" s2a2or (ores in2o 2he housing. The
6om!any mainly (a2ers 2o 2he (a!i2al goo"s, 2rans!or2a2ion *rail3ays, an" !o3er genera2ion.
,ob *ro#ile+
)lanning o1 !ro(uremen2 o1 6RN>,6R6A s2eel, Aluminum, 6o!!er, Ho2 Rolle" me2al, =arnish
as !er Sales )lan A )roGe(2ions.
Hloa2ing RHI 1or !ur(hasing o1 ma2erial, analy4ing RHI A !re!aring (om!ara2ive "a2a #ase"
on o11ers re(eive" 1rom various su!!liers an" "e2ermining 2he (os2 (om!e2i2iveness.
@orking 3i2h 2e(hni(al 2eam 2o o#2ain 2e(hni(al s!e(i1i(a2ion 2o ensure 2ha2 su!!lier mee2 2he
?uali2y s2an"ar".
Ren"ering assis2an(e 2o H>C-5a2erials in nego2ia2ing an" 1inali4ing o1 ma2erial o11er, !aymen2
To evalua2e overall revisions, !ri(e an" !as2 !er1orman(e o1 ea(h !ur(hase or"er an" a!!roval
o1 !ri(e in(rease.
RSource HR Services
)re!aring !ur(hase or"er un"er ora(le sys2em as !er in"en2 raise" #y ra3 ma2erial !lanning
"e!ar2men2 an" a!!roval #eing "one #y )ur(hase Hea".
S2u"ying 2he 5></sales (on2ra(2 an" 1or3ar" 2he a((e!2an(e 2o su!!lier a12er a!!roval 1rom
2o! managemen2.
)re!aring 2he mon2hly 5BS, 6re"i2or is2, )aymen2 )roGe(2ions as !er 2he 1ore(as2ing o1
!ro(uremen2. Also !re!aring 2he !roGe(2ions o1 (re"i2or, !aymen2s nee" 1or en2ire ?uar2er.
iaising 3i2h Hinan(e an" A((oun2 "e!ar2men2 1or 9E/Bnlan" le22er o1 (re"i2, !aymen2 on a
"ay-2o-"ay #asis 1or smoo2h 1un(2ioning o1 ra3 ma2erial !ro(uremen2.
5oni2oring "elivery !erio", 1ollo3 u! 3i2h su!!lier 1or 2imely "is!a2(h an" "elivery o1 ra3
ma2erial 3i2h 2he agree" "elivery s(he"ules o1 !ur(hase or"ers.
Hormula2ing A im!lemen2ing s2ra2egies 1or 2he availa#ili2y o1 ma2erials 1or !ro"u(2ion in
(onsi"era2ion 3i2h re?uiremen2s.
)re!aring online 3ay #ill an" 1or3ar"ing 2he same 2o su!!ly 3hile "is!a2(hing 2he vehi(le.
)ro(essing 2he ma2erial invoi(e/#ills 3i2h a((oun2s. Hollo3ing u! 3i2h a((oun2s 1or !aymen2s
o1 su!!liers as !er 2he agree" (re"i2 2erms.
6oor"ina2ing 3i2h (ross-1un(2ional "e!ar2men2s 1or smoo2h 1un(2ioning o1 2he !ro(uremen2.
Han"ling volume 1/++ 5T o1 Ra3 5a2erial !ro(uremen2 o1 6RNE> /6RN> s2eel 1rom
in"igenous sour(es.
9es2 &8!osure 2o &R) mo"ules an" assigne" 2he en2ire &R) re!or2s an" giving 2raining 2o 2he
(olleagues in "e!ar2men2 as a su!er user o1 &R).
Han"ling ma2erial reGe(2ions an" re!la(ing 2he same 1rom su!!lier.
&11e(2ing managing 2he 3ork as !er s2an"ar" o!era2ing !ro(e"ures o1 (om!any 2o mee2 BS>
)ork E%&erie!ce
5/s.SA5JRE )is2ons an" Rings imi2e", Hy"era#a" KunD1%%%- NovD2++0.
Kr.>11i(er $)ur(hase
Ero32h )a2h:
Ce(D2++/- Ce(D2++0- as Kr. >11i(er $ )ur(hase
Ce(D2++3 $ NovD2++/ as a Ass2. $ ))C Ce!2.
KuneD1%%% $ NovD2++3 as a 5el2ing Su!ervisor
Co"&a!y *ro#ile+
SA5JRE )BST>NS ANC RBNES imi2e" is Hy"era#a" #ase" BS> %++2 A IS-%+++ A TS 1:%.%
(om!any an" a lea"ing manu1a(2urer an" su!!liers o1 )is2ons, )is2on )ins A )is2on Rings 1or gasoline
RSource HR Services
an" "iesel B.6 &ngines 1or S(oo2ers, 5o2or(y(les, 6ars, Tra(2ors, igh2 6ommer(ial =ehi(les,
S2a2ionary &ngines an" o2her s!e(ial a!!li(a2ions 1rom 3/ mm 2o 13+ mm "iame2er. )is2ons 3i2h
"i11eren2 (ro3n sha!es are manu1a(2uring 3i2h Asymme2ri( A Symme2ri( !ro1iles using eu2e(2i( an"
hy!er eu2e(2i( Aluminum Alloy 3i2h Sili(on 6on2en2 in 2he re?uire" (om!osi2ions an" mi(ros2ru(2ure.
Tin (oa2ing, 5olly (oa2ing, Era!hi2e (oa2ing, Har" Ano"i4ing an" (hrome !la2ing are "one on !is2ons
1or im!rove" !er1orman(e as !er 2he (us2omer re?uiremen2.

,ob *ro#ile+
S2ar2e" as a 5el2ing Su!ervisor in )lan2 Houn"ry res!onsi#le 1or mel2ing !ro(esse" an" 3as move"
in2o ))C as a Kunior &8e(u2ive 2o "e2ermine ma2erial 1ore(as2ing. @i2hin 2 years 3as !romo2e" as a
Kunior >11i(er solely res!onsi#le 1or 2he !ur(hase o1 6onsuma#les A )a(kaging 5a2erial.
*erso!al -etails+
Name : Ramesh Akula
Ha2herD Name : a2e. 9alaram
Ca2e o1 9ir2h : +1/+8/1%00
Een"er : 5ale
5ari2al S2a2us : 5arrie"
Na2ionali2y : Bn"ian
anguage Jno3n : &nglish an" Telugu *Rea", @ri2e, an" S!eak,
Ho##ies : is2ing 5usi(
This is 2o (er2i1y 2ha2 2he a#ove-men2ione" !ar2i(ulars are 2rue 2o 2he #es2 o1 my kno3le"ge an" #elie1.
Ca2e: / /2+1. Signa2ure o1 2he 6an"i"a2e
)la(e: Hy"era#a" *RA5&SH AJ<A,