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Version 5.1 (October 20, 2009)
* fixed filename issue with AddStringAttachment (thanks to Tony)
* fixed "SingleTo" property, now works with Senmail, Qmail, and SMTP in
addition to PHP mail()
* added DKIM digital signing functionality
New properties:
- DKIM_domain (sets the domain name)
- DKIM_private (holds DKIM private key)
- DKIM_passphrase (holds your DKIM passphrase)
- DKIM_selector (holds the DKIM "selector")
- DKIM_identity (holds the identifying email address)
* added callback function support
- callback function parameters include:
result, to, cc, bcc, subject and body
* see the test/test_callback.php file for usage.
* added "auto" identity functionality
- can automatically add:
- Return-path (if Sender not set)
- Reply-To (if ReplyTo not set)
- can be disabled:
- $mail->SetFrom('yourname@yourdomain.com','First Last',false);
- or by adding the $mail->Sender and/or $mail->ReplyTo properties
Note: "auto" identity added to help with emails ending up in spam
or junk boxes because of missing headers
Version 5.0.2 (May 24, 2009)
* Fix for missing attachments when inline graphics are present
* Fix for missing Cc in header when using SMTP (mail was sent,
but not displayed in header -- Cc receiver only saw email To:
line and no Cc line, but did get the email (To receiver
saw same)
Version 5.0.1 (April 05, 2009)
* Temporary fix for missing attachments
Version 5.0.0 (April 02, 2009)
* With the release of this version, we are initiating a new version numbering
system to differentiate from the PHP4 version of PHPMailer.
* Most notable in this release is fully object oriented code.
* Refactored class.smtp.php to support new exception handling
code size reduced from 29.2 Kb to 25.6 Kb
* Removed unnecessary functions from class.smtp.php:
public function Expand($name) {
public function Help($keyword="") {
public function Noop() {
public function Send($from) {
public function SendOrMail($from) {
public function Verify($name) {
* Refactored class.phpmailer.php with new exception handling
* Changed processing functionality of Sendmail and Qmail so they cannot be
inadvertently used
* removed getFile() function, just became a simple wrapper for
* added check for PHP version (will gracefully exit if not at least PHP 5.0)
class.phpmailer.php enhancements
* enhanced code to check if an attachment source is the same as an embedded or
inline graphic source to eliminate duplicate attachments
New /test_script
* We have written a test script you can use to test the script as part of your
installation. Once you press submit, the test script will send a multi-mime
email with either the message you type in or an HTML email with an inline
graphic. Two attachments are included in the email (one of the attachments
is also the inline graphic so you can see that only one copy of the graphic
is sent in the email). The test script will also display the functional
script that you can copy/paste to your editor to duplicate the functionality.
New examples
* All new examples in both basic and advanced modes. Advanced examples show
Exception handling.
PHPDocumentator (phpdocs) documentation for PHPMailer version 5.0.0
* all new documentation
Please note: the website has been updated to reflect the changes in PHPMailer
version 5.0.0. http://phpmailer.codeworxtech.com/
Version 2.3 (November 06, 2008)
* added Arabic language (many thanks to Bahjat Al Mostafa)
* removed English language from language files and made it a default within
class.phpmailer.php - if no language is found, it will default to use
the english language translation
* fixed public/private declarations
* corrected line 1728, $basedir to $directory
* added $sign_cert_file to avoid improper duplicate use of $sign_key_file
* corrected $this->Hello on line 612 to $this->Helo
* changed default of $LE to "\r\n" to comply with RFC 2822. Can be set by the us
if default is not acceptable
* removed trim() from return results in EncodeQP
* /test and three files it contained are removed from version 2.3
* fixed phpunit.php for compliance with PHP5
* changed $this->AltBody = $textMsg; to $this->AltBody = html_entity_decode($tex
* We have removed the /phpdoc from the downloads. All documentation is now on
the http://phpmailer.codeworxtech.com website.
Version 2.2.1 () July 19 2008
* fixed line 1092 in class.smtp.php (my apologies, error on my part)
Version 2.2 () July 15 2008
* Fixed redirect issue (display of UTF-8 in thank you redirect)
* fixed error in getResponse function declaration (class.pop3.php)
* PHPMailer now PHP6 compliant
* fixed line 1092 in class.smtp.php (endless loop from missing = sign)
Version 2.1 (Wed, June 04 2008)
* added S/MIME functionality (ability to digitally sign emails)
BIG THANKS TO "sergiocambra" for posting this patch back in November 2007.
The "Signed Emails" functionality adds the Sign method to pass the private key
filename and the password to read it, and then email will be sent with
content-type multipart/signed and with the digital signature attached.
* fully compatible with E_STRICT error level
- Please note:
In about half the test environments this development version was subjected
to, an error was thrown for the date() functions used (line 1565 and 1569).
This is NOT a PHPMailer error, it is the result of an incorrectly configured
PHP5 installation. The fix is to modify your 'php.ini' file and include the
date.timezone = America/New York
directive, to your own server timezone
- If you do get this error, and are unable to access your php.ini file:
In your PHP script, add
- do not try to use
$myVar = date_default_timezone_get();
as a test, it will throw an error.
* added ability to define path (mainly for embedded images)
function MsgHTML($message,$basedir='') ... where:
$basedir is the fully qualified path
* fixed MsgHTML() function:
- Embedded Images where images are specified by <protocol>:// will not be alte
red or embedded
* fixed the return value of SMTP exit code ( pclose )
* addressed issue of multibyte characters in subject line and truncating
* added ability to have user specified Message ID
(default is still that PHPMailer create a unique Message ID)
* corrected unidentified message type to 'application/octet-stream'
* fixed chunk_split() multibyte issue (thanks to Colin Brown, et al).
* added check for added attachments
* enhanced conversion of HTML to text in MsgHTML (thanks to "brunny")
Version 2.1.0beta2 (Sun, Dec 02 2007)
* implemented updated EncodeQP (thanks to coolbru, aka Marcus Bointon)
* finished all testing, all known bugs corrected, enhancements tested
- note: will NOT work with PHP4.
please note, this is BETA software
Version 2.1.0beta1
please note, this is BETA software
Version 2.0.0 rc2 (Fri, Nov 16 2007), interim release
* implements new property to control VERP in class.smtp.php
example (requires instantiating class.smtp.php):
$mail->do_verp = true;
* POP-before-SMTP functionality included, thanks to Richard Davey
(see class.pop3.php & pop3_before_smtp_test.php for examples)
* included example showing how to use PHPMailer with GMAIL
* fixed the missing Cc in SendMail() and Mail()
A note on sending bulk emails:
If the email you are sending is not personalized, consider using the
"undisclosed-recipient:;" strategy. That is, put all of your recipients
in the Bcc field and set the To field to "undisclosed-recipients:;".
It's a lot faster (only one send) and saves quite a bit on resources.
Contrary to some opinions, this will not get you listed in spam engines -
it's a legitimate way for you to send emails.
A partial example for use with PHPMailer:
Many email service providers restrict the number of emails that can be sent
in any given time period. Often that is between 50 - 60 emails maximum
per hour or per send session.
If that's the case, then break up your Bcc lists into chunks that are one
less than your limit, and put a pause in your script.
Version 2.0.0 rc1 (Thu, Nov 08 2007), interim release
* dramatically simplified using inline graphics ... it's fully automated and req
uires no user input
* added automatic document type detection for attachments and pictures
* added MsgHTML() function to replace Body tag for HTML emails
* fixed the SendMail security issues (input validation vulnerability)
* enhanced the AddAddresses functionality so that the "Name" portion is used in
the email address
* removed the need to use the AltBody method (set from the HTML, or default text
* set the PHP Mail() function as the default (still support SendMail, SMTP Mail)
* removed the need to set the IsHTML property (set automatically)
* added Estonian language file by Indrek P&auml;ri
* added header injection patch
* added "set" method to permit users to create their own pseudo-properties like
'X-Headers', etc.
example of use:
$mail->set('X-Priority', '3');
$mail->set('X-MSMail-Priority', 'Normal');
* fixed warning message in SMTP get_lines method
* added TLS/SSL SMTP support
example of use:
$mail = new PHPMailer();
$mail->Mailer = "smtp";
$mail->Host = "smtp.example.com";
$mail->SMTPSecure = "tls"; // option
//$mail->SMTPSecure = "ssl"; // option
* PHPMailer has been tested with PHP4 (4.4.7) and PHP5 (5.2.7)
* Works with PHP installed as a module or as CGI-PHP
- NOTE: will NOT work with PHP5 in E_STRICT error mode
Version 1.73 (Sun, Jun 10 2005)
* Fixed denial of service bug: http://www.cybsec.com/vuln/PHPMailer-DOS.pdf
* Now has a total of 20 translations
* Fixed alt attachments bug: http://tinyurl.com/98u9k
Version 1.72 (Wed, May 25 2004)
* Added Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Norwegian, and Turkish translations.
* Received: Removed this method because spam filter programs like
SpamAssassin reject this header.
* Fixed error count bug.
* SetLanguage default is now "language/".
* Fixed magic_quotes_runtime bug.
Version 1.71 (Tue, Jul 28 2003)
* Made several speed enhancements
* Added German and Italian translation files
* Fixed HELO/AUTH bugs on keep-alive connects
* Now provides an error message if language file does not load
* Fixed attachment EOL bug
* Updated some unclear documentation
* Added additional tests and improved others
Version 1.70 (Mon, Jun 20 2003)
* Added SMTP keep-alive support
* Added IsError method for error detection
* Added error message translation support (SetLanguage)
* Refactored many methods to increase library performance
* Hello now sends the newer EHLO message before HELO as per RFC 2821
* Removed the boundary class and replaced it with GetBoundary
* Removed queue support methods
* New $Hostname variable
* New Message-ID header
* Received header reformat
* Helo variable default changed to $Hostname
* Removed extra spaces in Content-Type definition (#667182)
* Return-Path should be set to Sender when set
* Adds Q or B encoding to headers when necessary
* quoted-encoding should now encode NULs \000
* Fixed encoding of body/AltBody (#553370)
* Adds "To: undisclosed-recipients:;" when all recipients are hidden (BCC)
* Multiple bug fixes
Version 1.65 (Fri, Aug 09 2002)
* Fixed non-visible attachment bug (#585097) for Outlook
* SMTP connections are now closed after each transaction
* Fixed SMTP::Expand return value
* Converted SMTP class documentation to phpDocumentor format
Version 1.62 (Wed, Jun 26 2002)
* Fixed multi-attach bug
* Set proper word wrapping
* Reduced memory use with attachments
* Added more debugging
* Changed documentation to phpDocumentor format
Version 1.60 (Sat, Mar 30 2002)
* Sendmail pipe and address patch (Christian Holtje)
* Added embedded image and read confirmation support (A. Ognio)
* Added unit tests
* Added SMTP timeout support (*nix only)
* Added possibly temporary PluginDir variable for SMTP class
* Added LE message line ending variable
* Refactored boundary and attachment code
* Eliminated SMTP class warnings
* Added SendToQueue method for future queuing support
Version 1.54 (Wed, Dec 19 2001)
* Add some queuing support code
* Fixed a pesky multi/alt bug
* Messages are no longer forced to have "To" addresses
Version 1.50 (Thu, Nov 08 2001)
* Fix extra lines when not using SMTP mailer
* Set WordWrap variable to int with a zero default
Version 1.47 (Tue, Oct 16 2001)
* Fixed Received header code format
* Fixed AltBody order error
* Fixed alternate port warning
Version 1.45 (Tue, Sep 25 2001)
* Added enhanced SMTP debug support
* Added support for multiple ports on SMTP
* Added Received header for tracing
* Fixed AddStringAttachment encoding
* Fixed possible header name quote bug
* Fixed wordwrap() trim bug
* Couple other small bug fixes
Version 1.41 (Wed, Aug 22 2001)
* Fixed AltBody bug w/o attachments
* Fixed rfc_date() for certain mail servers
Version 1.40 (Sun, Aug 12 2001)
* Added multipart/alternative support (AltBody)
* Documentation update
* Fixed bug in Mercury MTA
Version 1.29 (Fri, Aug 03 2001)
* Added AddStringAttachment() method
* Added SMTP authentication support
Version 1.28 (Mon, Jul 30 2001)
* Fixed a typo in SMTP class
* Fixed header issue with Imail (win32) SMTP server
* Made fopen() calls for attachments use "rb" to fix win32 error
Version 1.25 (Mon, Jul 02 2001)
* Added RFC 822 date fix (Patrice)
* Added improved error handling by adding a $ErrorInfo variable
* Removed MailerDebug variable (obsolete with new error handler)
Version 1.20 (Mon, Jun 25 2001)
* Added quoted-printable encoding (Patrice)
* Set Version as public and removed PrintVersion()
* Changed phpdoc to only display public variables and methods
Version 1.19 (Thu, Jun 21 2001)
* Fixed MS Mail header bug
* Added fix for Bcc problem with mail(). *Does not work on Win32*
(See PHP bug report: http://www.php.net/bugs.php?id=11616)
* mail() no longer passes a fifth parameter when not needed
Version 1.15 (Fri, Jun 15 2001)
[Note: these changes contributed by Patrice Fournier]
* Changed all remaining \n to \r\n
* Bcc: header no longer writen to message except
when sent directly to sendmail
* Added a small message to non-MIME compliant mail reader
* Added Sender variable to change the Sender email
used in -f for sendmail/mail and in 'MAIL FROM' for smtp mode
* Changed boundary setting to a place it will be set only once
* Removed transfer encoding for whole message when using multipart
* Message body now uses Encoding in multipart messages
* Can set encoding and type to attachments 7bit, 8bit
and binary attachment are sent as is, base64 are encoded
* Can set Encoding to base64 to send 8 bits body
through 7 bits servers
Version 1.10 (Tue, Jun 12 2001)
* Fixed win32 mail header bug (printed out headers in message body)
Version 1.09 (Fri, Jun 08 2001)
* Changed date header to work with Netscape mail programs
* Altered phpdoc documentation
Version 1.08 (Tue, Jun 05 2001)
* Added enhanced error-checking
* Added phpdoc documentation to source
Version 1.06 (Fri, Jun 01 2001)
* Added optional name for file attachments
Version 1.05 (Tue, May 29 2001)
* Code cleanup
* Eliminated sendmail header warning message
* Fixed possible SMTP error
Version 1.03 (Thu, May 24 2001)
* Fixed problem where qmail sends out duplicate messages
Version 1.02 (Wed, May 23 2001)
* Added multiple recipient and attachment Clear* methods
* Added Sendmail public variable
* Fixed problem with loading SMTP library multiple times
Version 0.98 (Tue, May 22 2001)
* Fixed problem with redundant mail hosts sending out multiple messages
* Added additional error handler code
* Added AddCustomHeader() function
* Added support for Microsoft mail client headers (affects priority)
* Fixed small bug with Mailer variable
* Added PrintVersion() function
Version 0.92 (Tue, May 15 2001)
* Changed file names to class.phpmailer.php and class.smtp.php to match
current PHP class trend.
* Fixed problem where body not being printed when a message is attached
* Several small bug fixes
Version 0.90 (Tue, April 17 2001)
* Intial public release