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While we thank you for asking for our input, your past reporting and false charges have caused
substantial damage to Murray Energy Corporation, and we will not again accept the damages that you
and The New Republic have caused. Accordingly, we expect that, should you choose to report on this
topic, you will publish our statement in its entirety. The following responds to your inquiry:

QUESTION: I may be writing a short piece on the Cochenour v Murray lawsuit in the next day or
so and wanted to give the company a chance to offer any comment it might have
on the lawsuit.

ANSWER: Ms. Cochenour and her lawyer, Mr. Allan N. Karlin, filed their baseless lawsuit in an
attempt to extort money from Murray Energy Corporation. Their statements are blatantly
false and totally concocted. Indeed, Ms. Cochenour was fired because she grossly failed
to perform her job adequately. Undoubtedly, her lack of management cost Murray Energy
Corporation thousands of dollars. Her firing has nothing to do with anything but her
demonstrated lack of performance. Her lawyer, Allan N. Karlin, has a history of inventing
scenarios and filing lawsuits to extort money. Indeed, The Marion County Coal Company
has sued Ms. Cochenhour for her misconduct, and Murray Energy Corporation filed a bar
complaint against Allan N. Karlin for filing the lawsuit with improper motive and intent, in
violation of the West Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct.

QUESTION: I also wanted to ask more generally if the company had changed its policies on
encouraging employee campaign contributions since I wrote about this issue in
The New Republic in 2012, and

ANSWER: You are wrong in your 2012 charges, and they greatly damaged the Company. These
are Mr. Murrays personal fundraisers, which have nothing to do with Murray Energy
Corporation. As Mr. Murray has repeatedly stated that he deliberately never knows who
gives to his fundraisers and who does not.

Indeed, Mr. Murrays personal solicitations for contributions on behalf of candidates make
clear that contributions are voluntary. In his invitations, he tells all employees that they
do not have to give anything to join the dinner, stating:

If you cannot afford the requested amount, just give what you can and join our
gathering. If you cannot contribute at all, you are still welcome to join us.

There is nothing impermissible about asking and explaining the importance of political
support to the future of the coal industry.

Mr. Murrays personal fundraisers are merely an attempt to support the coal industry,
save the jobs in it from the ongoing destruction of them, and hold down electric power
costs, particularly for those on fixed incomes.

QUESTION: I also wanted to ask whether the company has received any inquiries on this front
from the Federal Election Commission or other authorities.

ANSWER: We responded to the complaints in a timely manner, and we have no further comment
other than what we have stated above. You and The New Republic are, once again,
taking extremely false claims and trying to make a story out of them.

We will not again, Mr. MacGillis, accept the damage that you and the New Republic have caused Murray
Energy Corporation and Mr. Murray, personally. We will be closely monitoring your writing and we hope
that you do not continue this destructive effort.