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1- Although the clerk at the courier service ....... me that the packet 15- Fred was ....... about asking Freida to marry him because he was
would arrive on time, I won't be able to relax until I know it has been afraid she would just laugh at him.
received. A) desperate B) obscure C) incredible
A) assured B) confirmed C) detested D) puzzled E) hesitant
D) convinced E) swore
16- I don't want a car that will break down, so it is more important to
2- They should offer a good service because they ....... a lot of money for me to have a/an ....... car than one which simply looks good.
it. A) faithful B) smart C) impressive
A) cost B) praise C) fine D) convertible E) reliable
D) charge E) price
17- I really enjoyed the picnic, and I'm glad you managed ....... me to
3- A man has been arrested on ....... of committing the murder we heard come rather than stay home and study.
about last night. A) to persuade B) to dismiss C) to discover
A) doubt B) decision C) suspicion D) to persevere E) to conquer
D) wonder E) scare
18- I can't believe that Jane and Joy are twins, because I can't see any
4- Surprisingly enough, the ....... against President Clinton do not seem ....... between them.
to have impaired his performance as President. A) uniformity B) harmony C) similarity
A) inventions B) achievements C) accusations D) possession E) confidence
D) elections E) advancements
19- Although prices have been rising ....... for several decades, the
5- There are constant ....... on the London Underground, causing government is now determined to control inflation.
frustration and anger among the passengers. A) extravagantly B) faithfully C) reliably
A) delays B) pauses C) hesitations D) steadily E) eagerly
D) estimates E) varieties
20- Since no one had any ....... to George as president of the society,
6- In most of Asia, it is ....... to take off your shoes before you enter a he was elected unanimously.
house. A) objection B) agreement C) reluctance
A) habitual B) dominant C) stationary D) approval E) rejection
D) accustomed E) customary
21-1 was surprised that my answer was correct because it was only
7- Although the suspect was questioned for hours at the police station, a/an ....... .
he refused to ....... any of the charges. A) declaration B) guess C) exception
A) permit B) admit C) agree D) fact E) introduction
D) consent E) receive
22- People are often surprised to learn that the human body consists
8- The trouble with earthquakes is that no one knows how to predict ....... of salty water.
them, so they always come without....... . A) descriptively B) essentially C) radically
A) caution B) alarm C) access D) closely E) absolutely
D) warning E) occasion
23- The builders are coming next week to make ........ in the shop, so
9- The United Nations was set up with the ....... of a third World War as we will be closed until they are finished.
one of its main aims, A) variations B) rehearsals C) alterations
A) hindrance B) prevention C) anticipation D) movements E) expressions
D) occurrence E) requirement
24- I did not vote for him because his arguments on how to improve
10- Although Hinduism is ....... practised in India, where it originated, the economy were not very ....... .
there are also Hindu communities in Malaysia, Fiji and the island of A) defective B) obsolete C) studious
Bali in Indonesia. D) faithful E) convincing
A) mainly B) approximately C) considerately
D) simply E) densely 25- My father has not been very ....... since he broke his hip, so he
spends all of his time at home.
11- It turned out that the manager was a dishonest person who, together A) stable B) permanent C) transitive
with the accountant, managed to ....... so much money from, his D) mobile E) trendy
A) achieve B) squeeze C) embezzle 26- As head of a coalition government, the Prime Minister had to
D) balance E) corrupt ......... some members from the other coalition parties to
important positions.
12- Fantasy writers specialise in creating ....... worlds into which their A) appoint B) present C) commission
readers can escape from the problems of the real life. D) select E) dismiss
A) impractical B) sensible C) superficial
D) sensitive E) imaginary 27- If you ......... this material to direct sunlight for too long, it will
13- Although my son almost failed last semester, his performance so far A) dye B) sew C) expose
this semester has been extremely ....... . D) rinse E) extend
A) probable B) intensive C) constant
D) encouraging E) elementary 28- When you are trying to learn two foreign languages at the same
time, it is very easy to ........ them.
14- I don't think the bride's brother, with his shabby clothes, was ....... A) relate B) frustrate C) confuse
dressed for such a formal wedding party. D) control E) expand
A) admittedly B) suitably C) adequately
D) precisely E) intelligently
29- When entering mosques, it is important for both men and women to 43- Such irresponsible behaviour is not ........ in our company. You'll
wear ....... clothing so as not to cause offence. either comply with our principles, or leave.
A) permanent B) appropriate C) punctual A) shameful B) acceptable C) moderate
D) essential E) Improper D) grateful E) favourable

30- There are some countries where you should be careful to be polite to 44- I think you owe her a/an ....... for calling her "fat". You know
policemen, because if you speak to them ........ you may wind up in how sensitive she is.
jail. A) excuse B) admission C) chance
A) silently B) ambitiously C) innocently D) apology E) forgiveness
D) essentially E) rudely
45- Seeing that she had no option, she ....... agreed to get the job her
31- The audience showed its ....... for the performance with a ten-minute father had found for her, although she would prefer a more
standing ovation. prestigious position.
A) applause B) displeasure C) prevention A) essentially B) profitably C) reluctantly
D) indignation E) appreciation D) basically. E) radically

32- I ....... to her from across the room, but it was so noisy that she still 46- We've had to make some ....... to the schedule, but there have not
could not hear me. been any major changes.
A) whispered B) hovered C) yelled A) significance B) adjustments C) settlements
D) conversed E) articulated D) compensation E) employment

33- My father was not very popular with my children because he had little 47- I have never seen such a ....... room in my life. How do you ever
....... for their active games and constant noise. find anything in here?
A) tolerance B) enjoyment C) prejudice A) powdery B) tidy C) filthy
D) discrimination E) contribution D) messy E) moody

34- Her father swore that he would never ....... Sandra for marrying that 48- Kelvin never throws milk bottles away. As a result, empty bottles
idle man despite his objections. ....... in the kitchen. There are a lot now and they look untidy.
A) apologise B) forgive C) admit A) accumulate B) develop C) build
D) approve E) rely D) assemble E) compile

35- Though she has done a lot of interesting things in her life, she feels 49- I'm sorry, but your plan is ........ too idealistic to come true. I
that her greatest ....... has been to bring up two daughters. would waste neither my time nor money on it.
A) extravagance B) completion C) flexibility A) widely B) optionally C) approvingly
D) accomplishment E) appearance D) barely E) simply

36- Don't ........ the teacher when he is speaking — wait until he finishes 50- Stephen Hawking is so ....... physically handicapped that he
his explanations, and then raise your hand to ask for permission to cannot do anything for himself, yet he is one of the greatest
speak. living physicists.
A) discontinue B) suspend C) interrupt A) slightly B) severely C) primarily
D) decline E) enhance D) essentially E) poorly

37- Although he speaks four languages and is an excellent football player, 51- Television and computers are the two 20th century ....... that have
he is very modest and never ....... about his abilities. changed our lives a great deal.
A) qualifies B)boasts C) rehearses A) discoveries B) relations C) inventions
D) retires E) displays D) fabrications E) plantations

38- He said quite firmly that he was not the one who had committed the 52- The handsome young man ....... her by telling her he loved her
crime, but the police did not believe his ....... . when he was really only interested in her money.
A) acceptance B) contradiction C) confusion A) deceived B) charged C) tolerated
D) refusal E) denial D) imagined E) earned

39- Peace talks were due to take place this week, but they have had to be 53- A car may be a/an ....... in place where there is no good public
....... to a later date due to a suicide bombing by extremists. transport, but in most of the world, it is only a luxury.
A) cancelled B) withheld C) postponed A) qualification B) addition C) compulsion
D) hindered E) appointed D) indulgence E) necessity

40- During Ramadan, Muslims who fast ....... from eating, drinking and 54- Though we often think of pirates as heroes, they were usually
smoking during the daylight hours. ....... to the people they captured, whom they tortured, killed or
A) obtain B) confess C) demonstrate sold into slavery.
D) abstain E) waken A) disloyal B) indifferent C) sincere
D) cruel E) confident
41- A lot of scientists and tourists came to Turkey in 1999 to make ....... of
the last solar eclipse of the millennium. 55- I don't know the exact......... of the river, but it doesn't seem too
A) observations B) attentions C) extensions broad for us to swim to the other side.
D) inspections E) perceptions A) length B) width C) depth
D) warmth E) height
42- One of my colleagues is such a/an ....... driver that, although she often
offers me a lift, I always turn her down because I am so afraid. 56- Realising that there was nothing that he could do, the criminal
A) wrecked B) reckless C) baseless gritted his teeth in ....... as the police snapped the handcuffs on
D) effective E) daring him.
A) appreciation B) abundance C) enjoyment
D) resignation E) occupation
57- I recently bought a watch-dog, but unfortunately, he is not .......
enough to tell his master from an intruder.
A) vigorous B) fragile C) prompt
D) bold E) smart

58- In order for a car to work properly, it has to be serviced ....... .

A) typically B) regularly C) intentionally
D) compulsorily E) harshly

59- Five years ago, there were hardly any "internet cafes", but today it is
....... to find even a small town without one.
A) unusual B) objectionable C) agreeable
D) common E) useless

60- A long time ago, if someone had insulted you, you would ....... him to
a duel.
A) question B) appoint C) challenge
D) respond E) request


1. A 2. D 3. C 4.C 5.A 6.E 7.B 8.D 9.B 10.A
11.C 12.E 13.D 14.B 15.E 16.E 17.A 18.C 19.D 20.A
21.B 22.B 23.C 24.E 25.D 26.A 27.C 28.C 29.B 30.E
31.E 32.C 33.A 34.B 35.D 36.C 37.B 38.E 39.C 40.D
41.A 42.B 43.B 44.D 45.C 46.B 47.D 48.A 49.E 50.B
51.C 52.A 53.E 54.D 55.B 56.D 57.E 58.B 59.A 60.C