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Ramayana Story: Summary & Complete Book (PDF) in English &

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ere is a synopsis and summary o! "he #amayana s"ory, as $ell pd! do$nloads o! "he %omple"e &ook in
'n(lish and indi) There are "$o summaries availa&le: a shor" one and a very de"ailed, lon(er version)
Book Details
Transla"ed &y #omesh *hunder +u""
'lm Press, 1,--
Valmiki #amayana
Transla"ed &y +$araka Prasad Sharma
These &ooks are %urren"ly ou" o! %opyri(h" in .ndia as per "he .ndian *opyri(h" A%" 1-/0) Please %he%k
%opyri(h" la$ $i"hin your %oun"ry &e!ore do$nloadin( "he &ooks) .n %ase o! any issues send us an email)
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Sanskri" $i"h indi Transla"ion Par" 1, Par" 2, Par" 3, Par" 4, Par" /, Par" 6, Par" 0, Par" ,, Par" -, Par" 10
Prin" versions o! "he #amayana are also availa&le on 4lipkar" 1$i"h !ree home delivery2, in%ludin( "he
#amayana &y #a5a(opala%hari, #am%hari" 6anas &y Tulsidas 1indi2, and "he Amar *hi"ra 7a"ha
#amayana %omi%)
Ramayana Short Summary
+ashara"ha is "he 7in( o! Ayodhya and has "hree $ives and !our sons, #ama, 8akshmana, Bhara"a and
Sha"ru(hana) #ama is "he ideal and per!e%" son, and (ro$s up $i"h his &ro"hers) 9hen he %omes o! a(e, he
marries Si"a, "he prin%ess o! a near&y kin(dom) o$ever, Bhara"a:s mo"her is 7aikeyi, $ho resen"s #ama
&ein( "he %ro$n prin%e) She %alls up a de&" "ha" +ashara"ha o$es her and asks !or #ama "o &e e;iled !or
!our"een years and her son Bhara"a &e made %ro$n prin%e ins"ead)
The devas"a"ed +ashara"ha has no %hoi%e and #ama prepares "o leave !or e;ile) Si"a and 8akshmana $ill
no" leave his side ho$ever and !ollo$ him in"o "he !ores") 9hile in "he !ores", Surphanaka, a !emale
rakshasi 1demoness2 &e%omes enamored o! #ama and is $ounded &y 8akshmana $hile "ryin( "o kill Si"a)
She !lees "o her &ro"her 7hara and asks him "o aven(e her) o$ever, 7hara and his army are de!ea"ed &y
#ama and 8akshmana, and only one mem&er o! "heir en"ire army survives) This lone soldier !lees "o "he
island kin(dom o! 8anka and &e(s Surphanaka:s &ro"her, "he mi(h"y kin( #avana "o aven(e "hem) #avana
has heard o! Si"a:s &eau"y and he de%ides "o a&du%" her) <sin( "ri%kery and ma(i%, he mana(es "o lure #ama
and 8akshmana a$ay !rom Si"a and kidnaps her, "akin( her a$ay "o 8anka)
#avana kidnaps Si"a and slays
#ama and 8akshmana "ravel !ar and $ide sear%hin( !or Si"a &u" "o no avail) 4inally, "hey %ome upon a &and
o! vanaras or monkey-men $ho pled(e "o help him) >ne o! "he mi(h" $arriors o! "he vanaras, anuman,
&e%omes #ama:s s"aun%h devo"ee) The vanaras seek ou" "ra%es o! Si"a and !ind she has &een "aken "o 8anka)
anuman !lies "o 8anka and %on!irms she is imprisoned "here) e %on"a%"s Si"a and in!orms her o! #ama:s
$herea&ou"s, promisin( "ha" "hey $ill &e &a%k "o res%ue her) Be!ore re"urnin( "o "he mainland, anuman
se"s !ire "o "he $hole %i"y o! 8anka)
#ama, 8akshmana and "he vanar army &uild a %ause$ay !rom "he "ip o! .ndia "o 8anka) They "ravel "o
8anka, $here an epi% &a""le !ollo$s &e"$een "he armies) #avana is !inally killed &y #ama, and Si"a is !reed)
They re"urn "o Ayodhya, $here Bhara"a re"urns "he %ro$n "o #ama)
Ramayana !ong Summary
The &eau"i!ul %i"y o! Ayodhya $as "he %api"al o! "he kin(dom o! 7osala, and $as ruled &y +ashara" $ho
$as kno$n !ar and $ide !or his &ravery in &a""le) e had even o%%asionally helped "he (ods in "heir !i(h"s
a(ains" demons-a privile(e "ha" $as (ran"ed "o !e$ mor"als) +ashara":s people loved him 5us" as "he (ods
did, &e%ause he $as kind and !air, &u" +ashara" had a deep sadness in him !or in spi"e o! marryin( "hree
"imes he had no heir) is $ives, prin%esses !rom impor"an" kin(doms, all remained %hildless) >ne day,
Vasish"a "he %our" sa(e advised +ashara" "o per!orm a sa%ri!i%e in order "o o&"ain a son)
A sa%ri!i%ial !ire $as li" and Vasish"a &e(an per!ormin( "he %eremonial ri"uals) As he prayed, "he !lames
leaped hi(h in"o "he air and a human !orm emer(ed !rom "he !ire) ?o&ody reali@ed "ha" i" $as Vishnu "he
#es"orer) :Aive "his "o your "hree Bueens,: Vishnu said "o +ashara" and handed him a &o$l !ull o! ne%"ar,
:and "hey $ill &ear you sons): +ashara" !ell "o his knees and "hanked "he (od and rushed "o (ive "he pre%ious
!ood "o his $ives) ?o" lon( a!"er$ards 7aushaliya, his !irs" Bueen, (ave &ir"h "o a son $ho $as named
#ama-*handra) The se%ond Bueen, 7aikeyi, (ave &ir"h "o Bhara"C and Sumi"ra, "he youn(es" Bueen, (ave
&ir"h "o "he "$ins 8akshman and Sha"ru(han)
As "he &oys (re$, #ama-%handra proved himsel! hi(hly skilled in "he $ays o! kin(s and $as eBually adep"
in "he skills o! "he $arrior) e resem&led "he supreme spiri" Vishnu, !or Vishnu had indeed &een par"ly
re&orn in him !or a spe%ial purpose on 'ar"h) o$ever, even #am did no" reali@e "ha" par" o! him $as a
(od) #am $as as dark as a rain %loud) is eyes $ere shaped like "he lo"us-!lo$er and (lis"ened as &la%kly
as his %urly hair) Al"hou(h his !rame $as sli(h" and slim, he had "he po$er!ul $ais" and %hes" o! a lion) is
arms $ere remarka&ly lon( and very po$er!ul and his hands, "hou(h s"ron(, had deli%a"e !in(ers "ipped
$i"h nails $hi%h (li""ered like mo"her-o!-pearl) And his !a%e (lo$ed like "he %lear au"umn moon, $i"h "he
&eau"y o! "ru"h and love) 'veryone loved him and i" $as o&vious he $ould &e a mos" sui"a&le kin()
+ashara", ho$ever, had promised his se%ond $i!e:s !a"her $hen he sou(h" her hand "ha" her son $ould &e
"he %ro$n prin%e o! Ayodhya) This $i!e, 7aikeyi, $as +ashara":s !avouri"e $i!e and he %ould no" &ear "o
upse" her) 4or"una"ely, 7aikeyi a(reed $holehear"edly "ha" #am should &e kin()
4rom "he &e(innin(, 8akshman $as espe%ially deeply a""a%hed "o his &ro"her #am as $as his "$in &ro"her
Sha"ru(han "o Bhara", &u" all !our prin%es loved ea%h o"her deeply and (re$ up happily "o(e"her learnin(
ar"s, s%ie n%es, s%rip"ures and s"a"e%ra!" !rom Dasish"a) >ne day $hile "hey $ere s"ill youn( &oys, "he (rea"
sa(e Vishvami"ra arrived in +ashara":s %our")
:. need "he help o! #am,: he demanded, :"o slay a demoness $ho is a""a%kin( me):
: e is only a %hild,: pro"es"ed "he kin(, &u" Vasish"a advised him "o le" #am (o $i"h Vishvami"ra)
:e is one o! "he $orld:s (rea" sa(es,: he %ounselled) :." $ill &e &ene!i%ial !or #am "o spend some "ime $i"h
<n$illin(ly +ashara" (ave in "o "he pressure pu" upon him and #am and his &rorher 8akshman $en" &a%k
$i"h Vishvami"ra "o his hermi"a(e) 9hen "hey arrived "here, Vishvami"ra (ave #am ma(i%al $eapons and
a!"er a &i""er !i(h" #am vanBuished "he demoness)
:?o$,: said "he sa(e, :you $ill "ravel $i"h me "o "he %api"al o! Vaideha, $here 7in( =anak is %hoosin( a
hus&and !or his dau(h"er Si"a): This had &een "he real reason $hy Vishvami"ra had $an"ed #am "o leave "he
%our" $i"h him !or he had kno$n "ha" #am $ould soon de!ea" "he demoness)
Si"a $as "he dau(h"er o! "he 'ar"h) 9hile she $as a &a&y, she had appeared "o 7in( =anak !rom a !urro$ in
a plou(hed !ield, and had &een &rou(h" up as his dau(h"er) Si"a $as in !a%" ano"her in%arna"ion o! 8akshmi,
"he e"ernal $i!e o! Vishnu in all his in%arna"ions C "his "ime she had &een re&orn "o marry #am) She al$ays
le!" a "rain o! li(h" in her $ake as a mark o! her divine ori(in) She $as as deli%a"e and (ra%e!ul as a s$an:
her raven &la%k hair $as "hreaded $i"h pearls) er !orehead $as like a hal!-moon, (olden and (li""erin(
$i"h "he 5e$elled ornamen"s she $ore) er eye&ro$s $ere ar%hed per!e%"ly like a &o$ and &elo$ "hem
(lo$ed !a$n-like eyes shaded $i"h (lis"enin( lashes) er lips (lo$ed so!" as %orals, her ne%k $as slender
and dimpled) er :Eoi%e $as as s$ee" as "he ni(h"in(ale:s son() 'veryone $ho sa$ Si"a loved her ins"an"ly)
All Si"a:s sui"ors had "o en"er a %on"es" kno$n as a s$ayamnra "o de%ide "he one $ho should marry her) A
&o$ o! Shiv had &een pla%ed "he %en"re o! "he %our" and "he one $ho $as a&le "o li!" i" $ould &e her
hus&and) undreds "ried and !ailed) Then, ro Si"a:s (rea" 5oy, #am nor only li!"ed "he &o$, &u" $as s"ron(
enou(h "o &reak i" as $ell) ?e$s o! #am:s !or"h%omin( $eddin( $as sen" "o Ayodhya) 7in( +ashara" $as
over5oyed a" "he ne$s and arrived !or "he %ele&ra"ions) A!"er "he !es"ivi"ies $ere over, #am, Si"a and
+ashara" re"urned home $here all Ayodhya $ai"ed "o (ree" "hem and more !eas"in( and merrimen" "ook
pla%e "o $el%ome Si"a) 4inally, a &ro"her o! Fueen 7aikeyi spoke "o +ashara") :6y !a"her $ishes his
(randson Bhara" "o re"urn $i"h me "o live in our kin(dom !or several years and learn a&ou" our %us"oms) o$
"ha" "he !es"ivi"ies are over, Dour 6a5es"y, may . "ake Bhara" home $i"h meG:
#elu%"an"ly +ashara" a(reed and Bhara" le!" !or his (rand!a"her:s %our")
The years $en" &y and #am proved "o &e a kind hus&and) Si"a $as a devo"ed $i!e and "he "$o $ere deeply
in love) +ashara" missed Bhara" and lon(ed "o see him, ye" one ma""er $orried him %ons"an"ly: #am mus"
&e de%lared kin( &e!ore Bhara":s re"urn, &e%ause +ashara" $an"ed "o avoid any ar(umen"s a&ou" $hi%h
&ro"her should &e%ome "he ne$ kin() The elderly kin( %alled a %oun%il o! minis"ers, sa(es and allied kin(s
and announ%ed his de%ision "o %ro$n #am, 7in( o! Ayodhya)
The %oun%il dis%ussed "he ma""er and unanimously approved his %hoi%e) #am $as %alled &e!ore "he
assem&ly and +ashara" o!!i%ially a%kno$led(ed him heir-apparen") S"ill an;ious, "he kin( summoned #am
"o his personal %ham&ers "ha" ni(h" and "old #am he $ould %ro$n him "he very ne;" day) #am $as s"unned
"ha" his !a"her $as %onsiderin( holdin( "he %orona"ion &e!ore Bhara" %ould re"urn !or i") :Su%h a!!airs have
"he po$er "o %rea"e "rea%herous impulses in "he mos" !ai"h!ul o! men so i" is &es" "o do "his Bui%kly,: "he kin(
said, &rushin( aside #am:s pro"es"s and #am $as dismissed "o !as" alon( $i"h Si"a in prepara"ion !or "he
ne;" day:s %eremony)
The kin( ordered his minis"ers "o make all "he ne%essary arran(emen"s !or "he %orona"ion, and $en" "o
7aikeyi:s rooms "o (ive her "he ne$s) :Dour Bueen is in "he *ham&er o! Pro"es", my lie(e,: said 7aikeyi:s
The *ham&er o! Pro"es" $as reserved !or any Bueen $i"h a %omplain" and had never &een used durin(
+ashara":s rei(n) e made his $ay "here an;iously) 7aikeyi lay spra$led on "he !loor o! her %ham&er, her
hair disshevelled, her 5e$els s%a""ered a%ross "he !loor, and she $as $eepin( and lamen"in() +ash a ra" !ell
"o his knees and s"roked her hair (en"ly, askin(, :9ho has upse" you, my &eloved Bueen::
:?o-one,: she replied, :&u" . ask you !or "he "$o $ishes you promised $hen . saved you on "he &a""le!ield) .!
you %hoose no" "o (ran" "hem, . shall kill mysel!):
+ashara" remained silen" a momen" as "ha" &a""le !lashed "hrou(h his mind) The (od .ndra had asked
+ashara" "o !i(h" "he demon Sham&ar $ho $as pla(uin( "he (ods) +ashara" had de!ea"ed "he demon armies
&u" $as le!" lyin( severely $ounded on "he &a""le!ield $i"h li""le %han%e o! livin() 7aikeyi, $ho had insis"ed
on a%%ompanyin( him "o &a""le, had him %arried "o her "en" and nursed him ni(h" and day un"il he
re%overed) The kin( had &een so (ra"e!ul he had promised "o (ran" 7aikeyi "$o $ishes)
:Dou are alive, my lord,: 7aikeyi had replied, :. need no"hin( else) 8e" me save my $ishes and ask !or "hem
$hen . need "hem):
:Dou and #am are dearer "o me "han any"hin( else in "he $orld,: "he kin( no$ said, reali@in( "ha" 7aikeyi
$as a&ou" "o ask him !or some"hin( he $ould !ind pain!ul "o (ran") :. s$ear "ha" . shall do $ha" you $an"):
:Then !irs" . $ish you "o send #am in"o e;ile !or !our"een years and se%ond . $ish you "o pro%laim Bhara"
kin(,: 7aikeyi said s$i!"ly) +ashara" $as &roken-hear"ed) e %ould no" &elieve "ha" 7aikeyi, $ho had
al$ays said she loved #am more "han her o$n son and had o!"en su((es"ed he should &e kin(, had no$
%han(ed her mind %omple"ely) e ar(ued $i"h 7aikeyi "hrou(hou" "he ni(h", &u" 7aikeyi:s mind $as made
up and +ashara" kne$ he mus" keep his promise "o 7aikeyi and her !a"her) 9hen mornin( %ame, "he kin(
$as u""erly $orn do$n) e $as dis"ressed &y "he idea o! losin( his &eloved son in his o$n old a(e, and
%ould no" &rin( himsel! "o speak "o #am $hen "he youn( prin%e %ame "o (e" his &lessin( &e!ore "he
#am $as %on%erned, :ave . upse" my !a"her:: he $ondered, "hen lookin( a" 7aikeyi:s harsh e;pression, he
:ave . displeased "he kin(: Tell me mo"her, $hy does my !a"her looks so de5e%"ed:: :Then lis"en, #am,:
replied 7aikeyi s"ernly) :Dour !a"her loves you more "han even his honour so he hesi"a"es "o %ommand you
"o (o in"o e;ile !or !our"een years, $hile Bhara" is %ro$ned and es"a&lished kin( o! Ayodhya): :Thank you
!or "ellin( me mo"her,: #am said) :There is no (rea"er vir"ue "han "o o&ey one:s paren"s) . $ill leave
immedia"ely) Bhara" $ill make an a&le kin():
#am sadly said !are$ell "o his hear"&roken !a"her and "hen $en" "o Fueen 7aushaliya, his real mo"her, "o
say (ood&ye "o her) e e;plained ho$ "he de%ision had %ome a&ou" and &e((ed her "o &e kind "o +ashara"
$ho $as deeply unhappy a" #am:s e;ile) Al"hou(h (rie!-s"ri%ken, 7aushaliya a(reed $i"h #am, prayin( !or
his happiness in e;ile) Then #am $en" "o say (ood&ye "o Si"a and "o %om!or" her &u" Si"a re!used "o &e
separa"ed !rom her hus&and)
:.! you %an "o live in hardship a$ay !rom home and your &eloved !amily,: she said, :"hen . $ill (o $i"h you)
o$ %an . &e happy livin( in lu;ury $i"hou" you:: is &ro"her 8akshman also re!used "o s"ay &ehind and
"ha" very day "hey le!" "he kin(dom) #am led "he $ay, dressed like a holy man, $i"h "an(led hair and a
leopard skin "o %over his &ody) The only si(n "ha" he $as a $arrior $as "he Buiver o! arro$s $hi%h hun(
!rom his shoulder and his pre%ious &o$)
The "hree le!" "he %i"y o! Ayodhya and made "heir $ay a%ross "he #iver Aan(es and up in"o "he moun"ains
and !ores"s o! "he imalayas $here "hey lived a holy li!e, !illed $i"h !as"in( and prayer)
The mon"hs passed and one day #am $as medi"a"in( $hen he sensed a dis"ur&an%e in "he !ores") The &irds
$ere !lyin( !rom "he "rees and animals $ere s%urryin( a$ay "o hide in "he under(ro$"h) 8akshman %lim&ed
"o "he "op o! a "all "ree "o see $ha" $as %ausin( "he "urmoil) : ." is Bhara",: he shou"ed do$n "o #am) :e is
%omin( $i"h an army o! men) o dou&" he $an"s "o make his "hrone more se%ure &y killin( us):
#am shook his head $isely ) :Bhara" is a (ood man,: he replied) :." is &e%ause he loves us "ha" he has made
"he 5ourney) e pro&a&ly $an"s us "o %ome &a%k "o Ayodhya):
#am:s $ords %almed his Bui%k-"empered &ro"her) 9hen Bhara" arrived he (ree"ed his &ro"hers $i"h
a!!e%"ion) Then he said, :Dou should &e in Ayodhya, #am) >ur !a"her has died o! (rie! and our %oun"ry
needs i"s "rue kin() Dou should &e on "he "hrone, rulin( "he kin(dom ) 8e" me remain here "o serve ou" your
e;ile !o r you $hile you re"urn "o Ayodhya): #am hu((ed his &ro"her and sa id (en "l y) :>ur !a"her (ave his
$ord "o 7aikeyi "ha" her $ishes $ould &e !ul!illed) ." is our du"y "o ensure his $ord is kep"): Bhara" and "he
$ise man Vasish"a $ho had a%%ompanied him pleaded $i"h #am "o %han(e his mind, &u" #am $as
de"ermined "o o&ey his !a"her:s ins"ru%"ions as $ell as he %ould) #eali @in( "his, Bhara" held ou" a pair o!
(olden slippers he had &rou(h" $i"h him)
: Pu" your !ee" in"o "hese a momen",: he "old #am and $hen #am had done so, Bhara" pi%ked up "he slippers
: . $ill pla%e "hese slippers &y your "hrone as a "oken "ha" i" is really your ,: he said, :and . $ill rule "he
kin(dom in your name un"il you re"urn) Bu" i! you do no" re"urn in !our"een years, . $ill &urn mysel! on a
!uneral pyre): Then he le!" his &ro"hers and re"urned "o Ayodhya)
A!"er Bhara" had le!", #am de%ided "o move o n) The "hree "ravelled deeper in"o "he !ores" and soon me"
some hermi"s)
:9e are %ons"an"ly pla(ued &r "he demons and o"her mons"ers $hi%h in!es" "his !ores",: said "he holy men)
:They kill several o! us ea%h day, 5us" !or spor") 9e kno$ you are #am "he mi(h"y $arrior) 9e $an" you "o
(ive us your $ord "ha" you $ill pro"e%" us !rom "hese !earsome mons"ers):
#am promised "o de!end "he holy men and "he "hree %on"inued "heir 5ourney in"o "he !ores" un"il "hey me" a
$ise man named Su"ikshin) :. %an see "ha" you $ill have many demons "o !i(h" in "he !u"ure,: Su"ikshin "old
"hem, :and you $ill o!"en &e "he %onBuerur) Bu" &e$are o! a (a@elle $ho plays in a !ores" (lade !or n .S a
si(n o! ill !or"une):
one o! "hem unders"ood h1s myH"enous $ords, &u" "hey "hanked him and se" o!! a(am on "heir 5ourney) A!"er
a "ime "he:: armEed a" a lake $here "hey heard e;Buisi"e ,)o1%es sm(m(, "he voi%es o! !ive heavenly maidens
$ho had on%e des%ended "here !rom heaven) #am de%ided "o &uild a home $i"h Si"a and 8akshman on "he
shores o! "he &eau"i!ul lake) 4or "en years "hey lived "here and #am %on"inued "o keep his promise "o pro"e%"
"he holy men !rom "he mons"ers and demons o! "he !ores") e did i" so $ell "ha" even"ually "here $ere no
more mons"ers)
#am and his %ompanions de%ided "o se" ou" on "heir "ravels) >n "heir $ay, "hey me" an enormous vu l"ure
$ho in"rodu%ed himsel! as = a"ayu, "he kin( o! &irds)
:. $as a !riend o! your dead !a"her,: =a"ayu said, :and . $an" you "o %onsider me your !riend as $el l) :
#am "hanked =a"ayu and "he "hree %on"inued on "heir $ay un"il "hey arrived a" a pla%e %alled Pan%hava"i
$here "hey de%ided "o s"ay) Bu" "hey $ere no" des"ined "o remain "here lon() A demoness named
Shurpanakha sa$ #am one day and !ell in love $i"h him) She "rans!ormed hersel! in"o a &eau"i!ul youn(
$oman and $en" "o #am)
:Be%ome my hus&and,: she said "o him) :. $ill ea" Si"a and $e %an roam "he !ores"s happily "o(e"her):
#am %ould no" &e "emp"ed) :. love my $i!e dearly ) Dou mus" look else$here !or a hus&and):
Sli(h"ed, Shurpanakha "ried "o kill Si"a, &u" 8akshman %u" o!! her ears and nose and %hased her in"o "he
+is!i(ured and lon(in( !or reven(e,
Shurpanakha $en" "o =anas"an, "he land o! demons, ruled &y her &ro"her 7har) :8ook a" your sis"er:s pli(h",:
she roared in humilia"ion) :Dou )mus" aven(e me $i"h your hordes o! demons) . "hirs" !or "he &lood o! Si"a
and 8akshman): :. $ill no" res" un"il . have "aken reven(e,: 7har promised) e assem&led an army o! 14,000
demons and se" ou" !or Pan%hava"i)
The noise o! "he approa%hin( army $as so loud "ha" "he (ods in "heir heavens heard i" and looked do$n "o
see $ha" $as happenin() 9hen #am sa$ "he army, he hid Si"a and 8akshman in a %ave and as "he demons
%ame nearer, he sho" a s"ream o! arro$s !rom his mi(h"y &o$) Soon only 7har $as le!" alive) 9i"h a
s"ren("h &orn !rom despair, 7har pulled "he &o$ ou" o! #am:s (rasp and sha""ered #am:s shield $i"h his
%lu&) Then he uproo"ed a hu(e "ree and hurled i" a" #am, $ho leaped ou" o! i"s pa"h 5us" in "ime) #am
s$i!"ly pi%ked up "he &o$ and a(ain sho$ered 7har $i"h a volley o! arro$s) 4inally 7har, "he las" o! "he
demon army, $as also killed and "he realm o! "he demons $as u""erly desola"ed)
.n eaven "he (ods heaved a si(h o! relie!) The mission !or $hi%h #am had &een pu" on 'ar"h $as soon "o
&e a%%omplished )
The kin(dom o! 8anka had &een %rea"ed !or 7uvera, "he (od o! $eal"h, and even i"s hum&les" &uildin(s
$ere made !rom solid (old: i" $as !illed $i"h splendid (ardens and $hi"e %loud-like mansions)
Vishvakarma, "he (ods: ar%hi"e%", had ori(inally suspended i" in mid-air, &u" i" no$ lay in "he middle o! "he
.ndian >%ean $here i" had &een !lun( &y Vayu, ihe $ind (od, in a momen" o! !ury) ." is s"ill "here "oday and
is kno$n as "he island o! Sri 8anka) The %api"al o! 8anka $as pro"e%"ed &y seven &road moa"s and seven
enormous $alls o! s"one and me"al, &u" 7uvera no lon(er ruled "here &e%ause many years &e!ore, "he
demon #avan had de!ea"ed him and "aken "he kin(dom o! 8anka !rom him)
#avan $as "he &ro"her o! "he demons Shurpanakha and 7har and $as "he %rea"ure mos" ha"ed &y "he (ods)
is mo"her $as a demoness &u" his !a"her $as a Brahmin $ho had sho$n him ho$ "o pray and !as") e had
prayed and !as"ed so devo"edly "ha" "he (od Brahm a $as %ompelled "o (ran" him a spe%ial $ish in
paymen") #avan had $ished "o &e made invulnera&le "o a""a%k &y any (od or demon) #avan $as "erri!yin(
"o look a", !or he had "$en"y arms and "en heads) is "ee"h shone pale (old like "he li(h" o! a %res%en" moon)
is moun"ainous &ody $as %overed $i"h "he u(ly s%ars o! a million &a""les $i"h (ods and demons)
#avan %ould spli" open moun"ains, s"ir up "he seas and "ear "he sun and moon !rom "he sky) Sin%e no (od
%ould hur" him, #avan humilia"ed "he (ods &y !or%in( "hem "o do menial "asks in his pala%e) Vayu "he $ind
(od s$ep" "he !loors !or himC 7uvera "he (od o! $eal"h supplied him $i"h (old C Varuna "he sea (od
&rou(h" him $a"er and A(ni "he !ire (od $as his %ook) #avan $as rapidly &e%omin( "he mos" po$er!ul o!
all %rea"ures un"il Vishnu !ound a solu"ion) 9hen #avan had !or%ed Brahma "o (ran" him his $ish, he had
asked only !or pro"e%"ion a(ains" "he (ods and demons C he had &een "oo arro(an" "o !eel "hrea"ened &y mere
men and animals) This (ave Vishnu an id ea) e himsel! $ould &e re&orn "o 7in( +ashara" in his seven"h
in%arna"ion as his eldes" son, #ama-%handra, and as a man he $ould &rin( a&ou" "he do$n!all o! "his all-
po$er!ul demon)
e $ould no", ho$ever, &e a&le "o remem&er his previous e;is"en%e as a (od and $ould have "o rely upon
his human a&ili"y and %oura(e alone) So, $hile #am a%"ed ou" his des"iny, "he (ods &ided "heir "ime, se%ure
in "he kno$led(e "ha" one day "hey $ould &e !ree o! #avan) 6ean$hile, #avan lived in lu;ury in "he
&eau"i!ul kin(dom o! 8anka)
>ne day, #avan $as si""in( in his %our" $i"h his many $ives $hen he heard "he sounds o! hys"eri%al
&ello$s and Shurpanakha &urs" in"o "he room)
:Dour sis"er "hirs"s !or reven(e,: "he demo ness ho$led, rollin( her hideous eyes) :>ur &ro"her 7har and all
o! his demons have &een des"royed &y #am o! 7osala and he mus" &e punished) l $i ll personally su%k "he
&lood o! 8akshman $ho has lopped o!! my nose and ears, and "he &lood o! Si"a $ho is "he %ause o! my
"rou&le) #am:s &eau"y a""ra%"ed me and l "urned mysel! in"o a &eau"i!ul $oman "o "emp" him) l "hou(h" "ha"
no man %ould resis" me, &u" . %ould no" over%ome #am:s love !or Si"a) She is more vir"uous and lovely "han
any $oman ever kno$n): Bi""erly, Shurpanakha des%ri&ed Si"a:s &eau"y)
#avan immedia"ely desired Si"a !or himsel! and de%ided "o sei@e her a" on%e) e summoned his ma(i%
%hario" and !le$ a%ross "he o%ean "o "he pla%e $here a demon named 6ari%h lived) :Dou mus" help me
des"roy "his #am and o&"ain his $i!e Si"a !or me,: #avan %ommanded, :!or #am has killed 14,000 demons
and dis!i(ured my sis"er $i "hou" provo%a"ion):
:Dou do no" kno$ #am,: replied 6ari%h, :he is per!e%"ion personi!ied and %ommands all "he !or%es o! (ood)
Dou %anno" de!ea" him): :?o" even "he (ods $i"h "heir %om&ined po$ers %an s"op me,: "hundered #avan)
:Dou have !or(o""en my po$er, ho$ dare you %on"radi%" meI ." is your pla%e "o o&ey ) o$ do as l say or l
$ill kill you):
e (ave 6ari%h %are!ul ins"ru%"ions and "ook him "o Pan%hava"i $here #am and his $i!e and &ro"her $ere
livin() There 6ari%h "rans!ormed himsel! in"o a (olden deer and &e(an "o (ra@e pea%e!ully in "he %learin(
&y #am:s home) Si"a %au(h" si(h" o! "he deer as she $alked amon( "he !lo$ers) ." looked a" her $i"h
mel"in(, sad eyes and she &e%ame en%han"ed &y i") :#am, 8akshman,: she %alled) :*ome and look a" "his
deer) *a"%h i" and &rin( i" "o me so "ha" . $ill al$ays &e a&le "o look a" i"): #am remem&ered "he $arnin(
"ha" a (a@elle $ould &e an ill omen &u" Si"a $ould no" &e %onvin%ed) 8akshman also "ried "o reason $i"h
her, e;plainin( "ha" "he (a@elle mi(h" &e one o! "he !e$ demons le!", &u" Si"a did no" &elieve "here $as any
dan(er and !inally #am a(reed "o %a"%h "he deer !or her) o$ever, he "old 8akshman no" "o leave Si"a:s side
and dre$ a %ir%le around her)
:This ma(i% %ir%le $ill pro"e%" you !rom demons) +o no" s"ep ou" o! i" un"il . re"urn $i"h "he deer,: he
$arned and le!" "o "ry and %a"%h "he lovely animal) The %hase $as lon( &u" a" las" #am $as %lose enou(h "o
"ake aim) e in"ended only "o $ound "he animal sli(h"ly so "ha" he %ould %a"%h i" &u" he mis!ired and his
arro$ sank deep in"o "he deer:s &ody) As i" !ell "o "he ear"h, i" %ried ou" in #am:s voi%e, :Ah, 8akshmanI
Alas, my Si"aI: Si"a heard her hus&and:s voi%e in "he dis"an%e and "hou(h" "ha" he mus" &e hur" and in need
o! help) :Ao "o him immedia"ely,: Si"a "old 8akshman, :#am needs you):
8akshman pro"es"ed) :#am le!" me here "o pro"e%" you,: he replied ) :e does no" need my help): Bu" Si"a
$ep" and pleaded un"il he a(reed "o see i! #am had indeed &een $ounded) o sooner had 8akshman
disappeared in"o "he !ores" "han a holy man passed &y) :9ho are you $ho live in "he !ores", ye" are dressed
in silk like one o! no&le &ir"h:: he asked) :+o you have no pro"e%"or:: :. am Si"a,: she replied, (ree"in( "he
holy man respe%"!ully, :. live here $i"h my hus&and #am and his &ro"her 8akshman): :Then do your du"y,
vir"uous Si"a,: said "he holy man, :and provide me $i"h some !ood): Si"a s"epped ou" o! "he ma(i% %ir%le "o
!e"%h !ood !or "he holy man and as soon as she had done so, he sei@ed her)
:. am "he "en-headed #avan, ruler o! 8anka,: he announ%ed) :Be%ome my &ride-you shall %ommand him $ho
%ommands "he (ods): Si"a resis"ed, s"ru((lin( and pleadin(, &u" #avan (ripped her !irmly &y her hair and,
!as"enin( her "o his %hario", he !le$ $i"h her "hrou(h "he air) As "he %hario" made i"s $ay "> 8anka, Si"a
%au(h" si(h" o! "he vul"ure =a"ayu) :7in( o! &irds,: she &e((ed, :"ell #am "ha" #avan has kidnapped me):
=a"ayu s$ooped in !ron" o! "he %hario", spreadin( his massive $in(s "o &ar #avan:s pro(ress, &u" "he demon
dre$ his s$ord and sli%ed o!! one o! "he &ird:s $in(s so "ha" he "um&led &leedin( "o "he (round, %allin( "o
Si"a) :. %anno" help you, Si"a, &u" . $ill "ell #Jm o! your pli(h"):
As "he %hario" !le$ on, Si"a "hre$ her 5e$ellery "> "he (round, hopin( "o %rea"e a "rail !or #am "o !ollo$)
As "hey passed over a moun"ain peak !ar &elo$, she sa$ a (roup o! po$er!ul monkeys and "hre$ do$n ro
"hem some 5e$ellery and a s%ar! made !rom %lo"h o! (old in "he hope "ha" i! #am %ame "ha" $ay in his
sear%h, "he monkeys $ould sho$ "hem "o him )
All "oo soon, "hey arrived a" 8anka $here #avan ins"alled Si"a in his pala%e and s"ar"ed "> %our" her in "he
hope "ha" she $ould a(ree "o &e his &ride) Si"a ho$ever had no in"en"ion o! (ivin( in "o #avan) She veiled
her !a%e and reminded him repea"edly "ha" she $as "he $i!e o! #am and "ha" she $ould never a(ree ro
marry him even i! "he penal"y $as dea"h)
4inally, #avan (re$ $eary o! her resis"an%e and "hre$ her in"o a (rove o! ashoka "rees $here she $as
(uarded &y !emale demons) :.! you do no" %ome "o your senses $i"hin a year, . shall ea" you,: he "old her)
Si"a $ai"ed despera"ely !or #am "o %ome and save her, &u" many mon"hs passed) er %lo"hes (re$ "a""ered
and dir"y, her hair los" i"s shine, and her already slender &odr $as"ed a$ay un"il she $as s%ar%ely more "han
skin and &one) S"ill #am did no" %ome)
De" "he (ods re5oi%ed, &e%ause "hey kne$ "ha" "he day $ould soon %ome $hen #am $ould a""a%k 8anka "o
res%ue Si"a and $hen "ha" day arrived, #avan $ould mee" his !a"e )
deer had rurned in"o a demon as i" died &u" he K:as immedia"ely K:orried a&ou" Si"a:s sa!e"y and ran &a%k
home) >n "he $ay he me" 8akshman) :9hy ha,Ee you le!" Si"a aloneG: he demanded an(rily) :HH: e heard
your ,Eoi%e and "hou(h" you $ere in dan(er,: 8akshman e;plained, :S1"a 1nsis"ed "ha" . should see $hy you
%alled): Suspe%"in( "he $ors", "he r$o &ro"hers hurried home) >n "he $ay "hey sa$ =a"ayu "he HEul"ure lyin(
in a pool o! &lood)
:#am,: $hispered =a"ayu) : CHlake has"e) #avan, "he demon-kin( o! 8anka, has a&du%"ed Si"a) . %ould no" sa,Ee
her, "hou(h I"ried) Bu" . am no" sad !or . %an see (olden !ores"s and !ields and . kno$ . am a&ou" "o die and
(o "o heaven) #avan $en" sou"h$ards) 4ollo$ him) +o no" despair, you $ill !ind Si"a):
=a"ayu died and a %hario" o! !ire s$ooped do$n and %arried his spiri" a$ay and ou" o! "he !&mes o! "he
!uneral pyre $hi%h #am and 8akshman had li" !or him)
The &ro"hers "ra: elled sou"h$ards, sear%hin( !or in!orma"ion a&ou" Si"a) Soon "hey en"ered a "erri!yin(
!ores" $hi%h $as !illed $i"h mons"ers and $ild &eas"s) Suddenly "hey sa$ "he "rees &e!ore "hem &ein(
ripped ou" o! "he soil and %rushed under!oo") A hu(e o(re $i"h arms "he si@e o! "ree "runks $as s"ridin(
"o$ards "hem, "earin( up every"hin( "ha" s"ood in his $ay) The mos" "erri!yin( "hin( a&ou" him $as "ha" he
had no head)
#am and 8akshman had heard s"ories o! "his o(re and kne$ "ha" his name $as 7a&andha) 8akshman
"rem&led $i"h !ear !or "he !irs" "ime in his li!e, and e,Een #am $as no" sure "ha" "hey %ould de!ea" "his
%rea"ure, &u" "he &ro"hers did no" in"end "o (i,Ee up $i,hou" a s"ru((le) They du%ked &enea"h his !lailin(
arms and a""a%kin( a" "he same "ime, %u" "hem o!! $i"h "heir s$ords) HDi"h his arms se,Eered 7a&andha lay
$ounded and helpless) Then in a (en"le voi%e "ha" seemed "o %ome ou" o! "he air, he asked $ho had
des"royed him) HH:hen he !ound "hey $ere #am and 8akshman, he e;%laimed 5oy!ully, :. am released a" las"I:
7a&andha "hen e;plamed "ha" he $as an 1m mor"al $ho had "ried "o %hallen(e lndra:s po$er) The an(ry
(od had %u" o!i h1s head and "old him "ha" he $ould remain headless un"il #am and 8akshman %u" o!! h1s
arms) :Al"hou(h 1 am immor"al, 1 no$ %hoose "o die and . ask you "o %rema"e my &odLE $i"h all "he proper
%eremomes so "ha" mHE soul mav !ind release,: he "old "hem) :.n re"urn 1 shall "ell vou ho$ you m1(h" !ind
#am d1d as 7a&andha asked and as "he !lameJ
rose h1(her, a rad1an" &ein( emer(ed !rom "he
!ire and spoke "o "hem)
:Ao and !ind Su(riv, "he e;iled monkey-kin() is &ro"her Valin has usurped h1s "hrone and you mus" help
Su(ri,E "o re(ain 11) Su(nv and his monkeys $ill "hen help LEou res%ue Si"a !or "hese monkeys are o! di,Eine
ori(in and ha,Ee superhuman po$ers) Su(ri,E:s !a"her is said "o &e Surya "he Sun): 'n%oura(ed, #am and
8akshman hurned on sou"h$ard) Soon "hey arri,Eed a" a lake $h1%h $as a&la@e $i"h "he da@@lin( %olour
and &eau"y o! lo"uses and lilies)
#am $aded a%ross "he lake, hea,-y-hear"ed $i"h lon(in( !or Si"a and as he s"rode a%ross) he sa$ a po$er!ul
monkey $ho $as as "all as a "o$er) The monkey:s !a%e &la@ed as red as a ru&y and his &ody (lo$ed like
mol"en (old) is "ail s"re"%hed ou" "o an enormous dis"an%e and he s"ood on a lo!"y ro%k roarin( like
"hunder) As he sa$ "he prin%es approa%h, he leaped a(ilely !rom "he ro%k and !le$ >H:er "o "hem, speakin(
in a ,Eoi%e $hi%h $as (en"le and respe%"!ul)
:7no$ "h a" . am anuman, son o! H:aLE u "he (od o! "he $ind) Llv mas"er is u(ri,E "he monkey kin(, $ho
has los" his kin(dom and hiS $i!e "o his &ro"her) HH: e heard "ha" you $ere near&y and kno$ vour repu"a"ions
as $arnor ) Su(ri,E has sen" me "o (ree" you and o!!er hi !riendship):
9hen anuman heard "ha" "he &ro"hers had %ome "o seek help, he asked "hem "o i" on his shoulders and
$nh one m1(hrv leap he earned "hem "o "he moun"ain $here u(n,E $as) u(nv sho$ed "hem "he s%ar! and
1e$ellenE "ha" :na had !lun( do$n !rom #avan:s "lnn( %hano")
:elp me $in &a%k mH kin(dom "rom my $i%ked &ro"her Valin,: said Su(riv, :and .
promise "o help you &rin( &a%k Si"a):
:9e (ladly a(ree "o help you,: #am promised) The ne;" day #am and 8akshman se" ou" $i"h Su(riv,
anuman and "heir small &and o! monkeys) They hid "hemselves in "he "rees around Valin:s %i"y $hile
Su(riv $en" !or$ard "o s"and a" i"s (a"es and &ello$ "erri!yin(ly "o Valin "o %ome ou") .n!uria"ed &y "he
%hallen(e, Valin led his soldiers ou" !or &a""le) The &ro"hers !ou(h" an(rily in sin(le hand-"o-hand %om&a"
un"il Su(riv had "o si(nal !or #am:s help) 9hen #am sa$ "ha" his !riend $as $eakenin(, he aimed his
arro$ a" Valin:s hear" and killed Valin ins"an"ly)
#am had !ul!illed his promise) Su(riv $as kin( on%e a(ain and $as ready "o help "o !ind Si"a) Bu" "he
summer monsoons had %ome and "he heavy rains made !ur"her sear%h in( impossi&le) #am had "o $ai" !or
"he summer:s end &e!ore "he sear%h !or Si"a %ould &e(in a(ain)
9hen "he monsoon rain ended a" las", i" $as "ime !or Su(riv "o pay his de&" "o #am) Su(riv %alled
anuman "o him) anuman %ould !ly and leap so hi(h "ha" he %ould sei@e "he %louds) e $as also a (rea"
ma(i%ian and so kno$led(ea&le "ha" he %ould in"erpre" "he shas"ras, "he indu &ooks o! $isdom, &e""er "han
anyone else) .! anyone %ould !ind Si"a, anuman %ould)
:.n one mon"h,: %ommanded Su(riv, :you mus" repor" &a%k $i"h $ha" you have !ound): #am had no dou&"
"ha" anuman $ould !ind his &eloved Si"a) :As a "oken o! my !ai"h in you, anuman,: he said, :here is my
rin() 9hen you see Si"a, sho$ i" "o her and she $ill kno$ "ha" you have %ome !rom me): anuman se" o!!
$i"h an army o! monkeys, and =am&avan "he kin( o! "he &ears and his army $en" "oo) Thousands o!
monkeys and &ears sear%hed every %orner o! "he land &u" $i"hou" su%%ess) As "he "hir"ie"h day dre$ near,
anuman $as in despair, humilia"ed &y his !ailure "o !ind Si"a) e %alled his army o! sear%hers and made an
announ%emen") :. have !ailed in my mission and $as"ed a mon"h) . %anno" !a%e "he humilia"ion o! my !ailure
and deserve "o die):
anuman $as a&ou" "o kill himsel! $hen one o! his %ompanions no"i%ed a $eak-lookin( vul"ure hoverin(
a&ove in "he hope "ha" he mi(h" make a meal o! "he dead monkey) The monkey $aved "o "he &ird and
shou"ed, :Dour kin(M a"ayu sa$ "he $i!e o! #am &ein( %arried a$ay) *an you dire%" us "o herG: The vul"ure
reali@ed "hese $ere superhuman %rea"ures on a vir"uous Bues": he de%ided "o help "hem)
:. am Sampa"i, &ro"her o! =a"ayu,: he said) :6y $in(s $ere &urned on%e $hen . !le$ "oo %lose "o Surya "he
Sun (od) . have los" my s"ren("h so . %anno" help you physi%ally, &u" . did on%e hear a $oman %allin( "o
#am and 8akshman as #avan:s %hario" !le$ overhead) . kno$ "ha" "he demon lives on an island %i"y a
hundred lea(ues over "he sou"hern o%ean) ." $as &uil" &y Vishvakarma and is %alled 8anka):
Surya "he Sun (od had promised Sampa"i "ha" his $in(s $ould (ro$ s"ron( a(ain i! he ever helped #am
and "he &ird $as s"ill speakin( $hen he !ound his s"ren("h re"urnin( and his !ea"he rs (ro$in( &a%k) The
&ears and monkeys "hanked him !or his help and as "he &ird &e(an "o "ry his ne$ly re(ained po$er, "hey
sped o!! "o "he shores o! "he .ndian >%ean) 9hen "hey arrived, anuman &rea"hed in deeply, s$ellin( his
%hes" $i"h "he sea $inds) e &randished his "ail, and "hundered up a near&y moun"ain $i"h a 5oyous &u"
"erri!yin( roar) A" "he "op o! "he moun"ain, anuman paused and prayed, preparin( !or "he mi(h"y leap
$hi%h $ould &rin( him "o 8anka, alone, enormous and ma(ni!i%en") ?one o! his %ompanions $ould &e a&le
"o !ollo$ him)
Then anuman leaped in"o "he air like an arro$, !lyin( amon( "he %louds and over "he $aves !ar &elo$
un"il he landed on "he island o! 8anka) 9hen a" las" he rea%hed i"s %api"al, he de%ided "o $ai" un"il dark and
"hen %ra$l "hrou(h "he (a"es, &u" "he %i"y:s demon sen"ries no"i%ed him and a""a%ked him) anuman sle$
"hem all in "he %om&a" $hi%h !ollo$ed)
Vi%rorious, anuman mar%hed in"o #avan:s pala%e and sear%hed every "erra%e and room umil he $as
%er"ain Iha" Si"a $as no" "here) e $as $alkin( "hrou(h "he %our"yards on his $ay ou" $hen he sa$ a
li(h" IIClinerinIIC "hrou(h "he le>HEes o! some ashoka "rees) e spran( ro$ards "hem and sa$ Iha" "he li(h"
$as %omin( !rom i"a $ho s"ill (lo$ed $i"h a pale radian%e) HH:eak !rom dis"ress and hun(er) #am: $i!e sa"
as s"ill as a s"a"ue in her ne!) A anuman $ondered $ha" ro do ne;", he heard a !an!are oi "rumpe"s and
#a,Ean am,Eed) As al$ays #a,Ean spoke "o i"a o! hiS =o,Ee and "old her she $as !oolish ro pine ior #am) $hen
he) $hom e,Een Ihe (ods !eared) Nns o!!erin "o marry her) Bur i"a re!used 10 li "en) and ms"ead dre$ a line in
"he (round &e"$een "hem)
: . $ill never S"ep a%ross "his lme, &e%ause . am #am:s $i!e and =o,Ee only him) Dou should no" look a" "he
$iie o! ano"her man) O,Een no$) i! you rerum me "o #am, he mi h" ior(nEe you: she said) 4uriously, #a,Ean
"urned a$aLE- :. ha,Ee $ai"ed nearly a !ull year !or you): he &ello$ed) :.! you ha,Ee no" %han(ed your mind in
"$o mon"h $hen "he year is %omple"e) . KEill han you slau(h"ered !or mLE &reak!as")E Then he mar%hed ou")
anuman dropped li"hely ro "he "loor as soon as #a,Ean had le!") ead &o$ed) he approa%hed Si"a and
respe%"!ully sho$ed her "he rin( $hi%h #am had sen") e in"rodu%ed himsel!, "ellin( her) :#am rold me "o
!ind you) e is $ell and $orries %ons"an"ILE a&ou" you): i"a asked "enderIL- a&ou" #am and 8ak hman and
inBuired $hy "heL- had no" ye" %ome "o res%ue her) Aen"ly, anuman e;plained hoKE di!!i%ul" i" had &een "o
!ind her) :Tell #am !rom me,: she said $hen she had heard "he $hole srory) : "ha" . $ill live ior one mon"h
more) A!"er "ha" . s$ear "ha" . hall die): ELEin "his she handed anuman a 5e$el so "ha" he %ould pro,Ee he
had seen her)
anuman promised !ai"h!ully 10 do as ."a said and !le$ o!!) in"endin( "o HH:reak a mu%h h)-Eo% and ruin in
8anka as he %ould &e!ore !inallv re"umm( "o #am $i"h hi ne$ ) e &e(an &,- des"roym, "he demones Ees
$ho uarded ."a) HH:hen #ann :s "erri!ied %our"ier "old him "ha" a !earsome monkey had ripped apan "he asho
Ea Lrove) #a,Ean en" :,::: servaniS 10 S">p hlm &u" anuman round a du& and %ru hed rhe1r ull -))El"h one
po-))Eeriul s-))Ein() The,)), he e" #avan: "emple ali(h" and des"royed many oi #)-Ean:s mmiJ"er and -Jarnor )
4inall,E) #avan: mi(hue 1 on) .ndraii") ho" an arro$ KEh1P:h had &een ::1ven "o #a-Ean &,E Brahma himseli
and $hi%h had a spark o! divine po$er) The >"rro-))E "ru anuman do$n and -))E&ile he .aH: helpless he -))Eas
&rou h" ro #avan) anuman po e proudIL- even m %>"pun"y)
:. am anuman) "he on o" H:anN and me senLer o! #am) . ha,Ee had "o iiICh" mL $ay m"o rour presen%e "o
deliver #am: messa(e) #e"urn i"a "o her "rue hus&and) Thi 1 #am:s order md ir you do no" o&eLE 1" you K::..
&e des"royed): #a-Ean $as o enra(ed &y muman: -))Eord "ha" he $an"ed "o ha-Ee him killed on "he spo" &u"
hiS mims"ers had ano"her idea)
:." 1 un$iSe "o kill "hemes en er oi an enemy): Ihey ad,Eised) :HHny no" Iil:Ee #am m idea o: our po$er ins"ead
&y errin( muman: "a=I ali h"G A monkeLE:s "ail is mo " impor"m" "o him ai"er all) md $i"hou" ." he $ill &e as
de!ormed as your unlu%ky sis"er hurpanakha): #)-Ean roared $irh appro,Eal a" Ihe <I1Le "ion) so "he demons
reased muman: "ail and $rapped i" $i"h p1e%e o! %onon$ool ro make i" &um easily) anuman: "ail $as e"
ali &" &u" alrhou(h "he Ilames &la@ed "ier%el,-) "he ire C:od A(ni pro"e%"ed anuman and he did no" !eel Iheir
hea") As he prepared "o =ea,Ee 8mka) muman de%ided ro make one las" anemp" "o disor ani@e Ihe island
&e!ore "he -))Ear &eI1an) e made a mi(h"y leap on"o #a,Ean: !or"re $here he lashed hi enormou ) %urved "ail
so "ha" !ire rained do$n on "he "erra%e md %ourryard un"il "he $hole %iL- $as one mas i,-e ilame) Then)
"hankin( A(m !or hi) aid and o!!erin( Ihe &umm( KL- "o h1m as a a%ri"l%e) he rm "o Ihe &ea%hes and plun ed
hi "ailm"o "he o%em "o pu" ou" "he !ire) HH:irh ano"her m1 hLEleap he re"urned "o "he moun"am on "he mainlmd
$here he $as (lHEen a heroE $el%ome md proudly "old "he mon Een and "he &eus a&ou" hi adven"ure ) Then
anuman (ave Si"a:s 5e$el "o #am and "old him every"hin( "ha" had happened $hile he had &een a$ay)
#am immedia"ely se" ou" $i"h "he monkeys and "he &ears !or "he sou "hemmos" shores o! .ndia) Soon a!"er
"hey arrived, a !i(ure approa%hed #am and iden"i!ied himsel!) :. am Vi&hishan, "he &ro"her o! #avan,: he
said) :. have "ried "o persuade #a,Ean "o re"urn Si"a "o you and s"op "he &loodshed, &u" he $ill no" lis"en "o
reason so . have %ome "o help #am in any $ay . %an) . have a spe%ial po$erC . %an see Indra5i", #avan:s
$arrior son, $herever he may &e) Tha" may prove help!ul "o #am in "he !i(h" $hi%h lies ahead):
#ama "hanked Vi&hishan and s$ore "o pro"e%" him sin%e he had le!" his home and !amily "o help him) Then
#am made his $ay do$n "o "he shore "o pray !or "he help o! Sa(ar, "he (od o! "he o%ean, in %rossin( o:Eer "o
8anka) >n Sa(ar:s advi%e, "he monkeys &uil" a &rid(e "o %ross "he hundred lea(ues o! o%ean &e"$een .ndia
and 8anka and soon #am, 8akshman and "he armies o! &ears and monkeys had arrived on "he island) The
monkeys Bui%kly spread ou" alon( "he &ea%hes, "akin( up (uard and shou"in( e;%i"edly) #am "hen sen" a
messa(e "o #avan) :. ha,Ee arri,Eed on 8anka) #e"urn my $i!e or . shall des"roy you and your demons KEi"h
my arro$s) .! you do no" o&ey my $arnin(, you $ill lose eHEery"hin():
#avan $as in!uria"ed &y #am:s arro(an" messa(e and ordered his mi(h"y son .ndra5i" "o mar%h ou" a(ains"
him) The &a""le ra(ed !ier%ely, &u" #am:s !or%es $ere doin( $ell un"il .ndra5i" made himsel! in,Eisi&le and
sho" #am and 8akshman $i"h his ma(i% arro$) ." $as "he same arro$ "ha" had s"ru%k do$n anuman, !or i"
al$ays re"urned "o i"s o$ner a!"er i" had &een used and i" ne,Eer missed i"s "ar(e") The arro$ in5ured &o"h o!
"he &ro"hers severely and lndra5i" "hen &e(an shoo"in( a" "he o"hers-many monkeys and &ears $ere $ounded
&y his arro$s !or "hey %ould no" see $here "he ne;" a""a%k $ould %ome !rom) A" las" #aH:3n:s &ro"her
Vi&hishan used his o$n spe%ial po$ers "o !ind .ndra5i" and $ound him: lndra5i" $as !or%ed "o $i"hdra$,
&oas"in( "ha" he had killed #am and 8akshman) The survivin( &ears and monkeys (a@ed mourn!ully do$n
a" #am:s un%ons%ious &ody and "o "heir relie!, sa$ him s"ir) Suddenly "here $as a (rea" !lash o! !ire in "he
sky) >u" o! i" emer(ed a ma(ni!i%en" ea(le: i" $as Vishnu:s moun", Aaruda) S$oopin( do$n like a !iery
me"eor he spoke "o #am, :. have &een sen" "o res"ore you and 8akshman &a%k "o heal"h): e "hen em&ra%ed
"hem &o"h, !illin( "hem $i"h ne$ li!e, and !le$ &a%k in"o "he sky) .n his pala%e, #avan heard "he e;%i"ed
%heers o! "he monkeys and rallied "he &es" o! his $arriors) 4earsome demons %har(ed ou" o! "he %i"y &u"
anuman killed "hem all sin(le-handedly, and #avan and his soldiers $ere driven &a%k) #avan kne$ his
only %han%e no$ $as "o a$aken his &ro"her, "he (lu""onous (ian" 7um&hakarna $ho slep" !or si; mon"hs o!
"he year) ." "ook "he noise o! everyone in "he %i"y "o $ake him &u" a!"er mu%h persuasion, 7um&hakarna
a(reed "o help #avan and (ulped do$n 2000 5ars o! liBuor "o s"ren("hen himsel! &e!ore se""in( ou" "o kill
#am) 7um&hakarna drunkenly lur%hed "o$ards #am:s armies $hirlin( his ma%e around his head) The &a""le
seemed los" and on%e more "he &ears and monkeys $ere slau(h"ered in "heir hundreds) #am on%e a(ain se"
his &o$ "o $ork, aimin( a s"eady s"ream o! arro$s a" "he (ian") A" las", 7um&hakama !ell "o "he (round &u"
he s"ill $aved his arms and le(s a&ou" and kno%ked do$n $hole "roops o! monkeys &e!ore #am raised his
&o$ and killed him $i"h a deadly arro$) 4or a "ime, "he !i(h"in( %eased &u" soon Indra5i" had re%overed
enou(h "o re"urn "o "he &a""le) e !le$ in his %hario" a&oH:e "he ranks o! &ears and monkeys, sho$erin( "hem
$i"h arro$s and lan%es) >nly $hen = am&avan, Su(riv, #am and 8akshman had all &een $ounded did
.ndra5i" $i"hdra$ "o his pala%e and "he &a""le ended !or "he day)
Tha" ni(h", =am&avan "he kin( o! "he &ears $id anuman o! some healin( her&s on :H1oun" 7ailash, "he
home o! Shiv) :The her&s $ill heal our $ounded,: he said, :i! 2:>< %an !ind "hem): anuman !le$ dire%"ly "o
7ailash &u" $as una&le 10 re%o(ni@e "he her&s) +espera"e "o rerum &e!ore da$n, he "ore o!! "he $hole "op
o! "he moun"ain and &rou(h" i" "o =am&avan, $ho sele%"ed "he ri(h" her&s and %ured "he in5ured) Then
anuman pu" "he summi" &a%k in i"s ori(inal pla%e) 4illed $i"h ne$ s"ren("h and en"husiasm, "he monkeys
$ere no$ de"ermined "o end "his &i""er $ar s$i!"ly) 7in( Su(riv led "hem m a %har(e on"o "he &a""lemen"s
o! #a,Nan:s !or"ress and se" "he %i"y a&la@e) .n "he !ollo$in( &a""le, "hey killed all "he remainin( demon
$arriors e;%ep" .ndra5i" and #avan himsel!) 9i"h all h1s $arriors dead, "he "en-headed kin( "urned "o his
:#am is mi(h"y, &u" you have proved yoursel! "o &e mi(h"ier, &e%ause you have already $ounded him "$i%e)
7ill #am and 8akshman and $e %an s"ill $in "his $ar): Indra5i" a""a%ked a(ain, usin( every demoni% "ri%k he
kne$ "o $eaken #am and 8akshman) .n order "o disheanen #am, he %on5ured up an ima(e o! Si"a in his
%arria(e, an ima(e $hi%h looked as i! she had &een &eheaded) Then he a(ain a""a%ked !rom "he sky, &u"
!inally 8akshman no"%hed an arro$ $hi%h had &een (iven "o h1m &y .ndra and sho" i" a" .ndra5i") The arro$
ripped "he demon:s head !rom h1s shoulders and "he demon $as de!ea"ed a" las") ) o$ "here $as no"hm( le!"
!or #avan &u" "o !i(h" #am himsel!) eaH:2:-hear"ed a" "he loss o! his !avouri"e son, #a,Ean %har(ed ou" o!
h1s !or"ress in his ma(i% %hano") e !le$ in"o "he air and &e(an "o shoo" arro$s do$n a" #am $i"h all h1s
"$en"y arms) The (ods %ons1dered "his $as un!air and "hey sen" 6a"ali "he hea,Eenly %hario"eer "o ra1se
h1m up "o an eBual hei(h") Then #am %han"ed a hymn "o "he (ods and drinkin( "hree sips o! $a"er puri!ied
himsel! and %on"inued "he !i(h" $i"h #a,Ean) 4inally, his arro$ pier%ed #a,Ean:s hean and kno%ked him ou"
o! his %hario" and on"o "he (round)
#a,Ean :s &ro"her, Vi&hishan, looked a" "he on%e po$er!ul demon lyin( dead on "he (round %aked in &lood
and dus") :.! only you had done as . said,: he $ep", :all "his des"ru%"ion %ould ha,Ee &een avoided): #am laid
his hand on Vi&hishan:s shoulder, :Dou are a hero) eroes mus" !i(h" "o "he dea"h) ." is no" sui"a&le !or you
"o (rie,Ee in "his manner) ?o$ prepare "o (i,Ee your &ro"her a proper !uneral):
a,Ein( &uried #avan K:i"h all "he proper ri"es, Vi&hishan $as %ro$ned kin( o! 8anka in his pla%e) A!"er "he
%eremony, #am sen" anuman "o (i,Ee Si"a "he ne$s o! his vi%"ory) anuman en"ered "he ashoka (rove $i"h
his head held hi(h and his hear" !ull o! happiness) e &o$ed deeply &e!ore Si"a, $ho $as $ai"in( an;iously
!or ne$s o! #ama) : . &rin( you 5oy!ul ne$s, my Bueen,: he said) :#am has asked me "o "ell you "ha" "he $ar
is o,Eer, #avan is dead and ri(h" has "riumphed): As he spoke, 7in( Vi&hishan:s %arria(e approa%hed in all
i"s splendour) The ne$ly %ro$ned kin( ali(h"ed !rom "he %arria(e and &o$ed &e!ore Si"a)
:.! i" pleases you, "he $omen o! my !amily shall a""end "o you and prepare you "o mee" #am a(ain): Si"a
$ep" K :i"h 5oy $hen she kneK: #am and 8akshman $ere sa!e and "ha" she K :as a&ou" "o &e uni"ed $i"h her
hus&and) She $as &a"hed in Vi&hishan:s pala%e, dressed in silks and adorned $i"h 5e$els) er hair $as
"hreaded $i"h pearls and her skin per!umed $i"h "he mos" deli%a"e and e;o"i% !ra(ran%es) 9hen she $as
ready, Vi&hishan ins"ru%"ed his servan"s "o &rin( ou" "he mos" ma(ni!i%en" palanBuin "o %arry her "o #am) ."
s"opped &y #am and Si"a s"epped nim&ly do$n, deli(h"ed "o &e reuni"ed $i"h her hus&and ) She looked up
a" him shyly ye" 5u&ilan"ly &u" $as s"unned &y his harsh e;pression)
:+au(h"er o! =anak,: he said s"ernly, :. have slain "he enemy and res%ued you) . have done my du"y and
sa"is!ied "he demands o! honour) Bu" . %anno" "ake you &a%k) Dou have &een "ou%hed &y #avan) o$ %an .
kno$ "ha" you are pureG Dou are !ree "o (o $here you %hoose, . have no desire !or you): :.! . $as "ou%hed &y
#avan,: replied Si"a $i"h spiri", :i" $as no" &e%ause . %hose i") ." seems . have $ai"ed a lon( "ime !or a man
$ho does no" love me &u" !ou(h" a $ar merely "o sa"is!y his honour) . married a valian" prin%e $ho
de!ended "he $eak, &u" you speak no$ o! mis"rus" and &lame like a %oarse %ommoner) Dou kne$ my pli(h"
$hen anuman "old you $here . $as) 9hy did you no" leave me "o my resour%esG . have no reason "o live
i! my %hara%"er and my pas" devo"ion mean no"hin( "o you): She "urned "o 8akshman) :Prepare a !uneral
pyre) . in"end "o en"er "he !lames): 8akshman looked a" #am &u" #am did no" "ry "o preven" him, so he did
as Si"a asked) 9hen "he pyre $as ready, Si"a $alked "hree "imes around #am, and prayed "o "he (ods) As
she en"ered "he !lames Si"a $hispered a prayer "o A(ni, (od o! !ire) :Pro"e%" me A(ni !or you kno$ "ha" . am
pure o! hear" and &ody):
4earlessly Si"a s"ood in "he &la@in( !lames a$ai"in( her !a"e) As "hey $a"%hed, she $as suddenly li!"ed up in
"he arms o! A(ni $ho appeared ou" o! "he !lames and !i;ed his in"ense (a@e on #am) :#am,: he said) :Dour
$i!e is %has"e and sinless) 'm&ra%e her and re"urn "o Ayodhya "o rule "here $i"h her a" your side):
As he spoke all "he (ods appeared &e!ore "hem) 8as" o! all %ame #am:s dead !a"her +ashara" in a !lyin(
%hario") e spoke (en"ly "o his son) :#am, you have played your par" in a plan o! "he (ods !or "hey
"hemselves %ould no" des"roy "he demon #avan) Si"a:s a&du%"ion and su!!erin( $ere a par" o! "he same plan)
.! she had no" &een a&du%"ed &y #avan, you $ould have had no reason "o !i(h" him):
As "hey en"ered "he %i"y, "hey me" Bhara" dressed in ra((ed %lo"hes, his !a%e saddened &y his lon(
separa"ion !rom his &ro"hers and "he un$an"ed responsi&ili"y o! rulin( "he kin(dom) 9hen he sa$ his
&ro"her, Bhara":s e;pression %han(ed "o one o! 5oy) e immedia"ely &o$ed "o "he (round and pu" "he (old
sandals on #am:s !ee" ) #am em&ra%ed Bhara" and &lessed him and "o(e"her "hey all re"urned "o "he pala%e)
They $ere re%eived &y "he %our" sa(e Vasish"a $ho sea"ed #am and Si"a on "he 5e$elled "hrone and &lessed
"hem &o"h)
"ther Resour#es
$he %urukshetra &ar in 'aha(harat: ) Day*(y*Day )##ount
By Suryaprakash Verma on 4riday 21 4e&ruary 2014, 14:/1 - 8e(ends Q 8ore - Permalink
The 7urukshe"ra 9ar in 6aha&hara" las"s 1, days, $i"h "he Pandavas havin( 0 Akshaunis or divisions and
"he 7auravas havin( 11 Akshaunis, "o"alin( 1, Akshaunis a(ain) Be!ore "he $ar &e(ins, 7rishna (ives
Ar5una "he "ea%hin( o! "he Ai"a and "he Vish$aroopa darshan) ere is a day-&y-day a%%oun" o! impor"an"
even"s) .! you need "o &rush up on your 6aha&hara", "ry our e&ooks and summary o! "he $hole epi%)
Day +
>n "he mornin( o! "ha" momen"ous day "he &a""le &e(an $hi%h led "he dea"h o! many no&le $arriors) All o!
"he 7aurava army, un%arin( a&ou" "heir very lives, rushed $i"h raised !la(s and s"andards a(ains" "he
Pandavas, and "he Pandava army s"ood a(ains" "hem $i"h %heerin( hear"s, Bhima leadin( "hem)
+uryodhana and his &ro"hers surrounded Bhima, shoo"in( arro$s a" him) Then +raupadiRs !ive sons $i"h
"he "$ins ?akula and Sahadeva and A&himanyu, Ar5unaRs son, rushed a(ains" "he 7aurava army, "earin(
"hem $i"h "heir arro$s)
>n "ha" !irs" day <""ara, Vira"a:s son S$ho $as driven &y Ar5una S $as s"ru%k &y Shalya, 7in( o! 6adra,
and $as killed)
+ushasana !ou(h" ?akula, a""emp"in( "o s"rike him $i"h many an arro$, &u" ?akula %u" do$n "hese arro$s,
"he s"andard and "he &o$ o! his enemy)
Dudish"ira !ou(h" Shalya, $hile +rish"adyumna sou(h" +rona in &a""le)
The 7in( o! Pan%hala !ou(h" "he 7in( o! Sind and "he &a""le &e"$een "hem $as !ier%e and "erri&le)
Day ,
>n "he se%ond day "he &a""le ra(ed a(ain, nei"her side prevailin( over "he o"her &u" "he 7aurava !or%es los"
many soldiers on "his day)
+rish"adyumna !ou(h" i" ou" $i"h +rona and had "o &e res%ued &y Bhima)
Sa"yaki killed BhishmaRs %hario"eer, and "he horses $en" ou" o! %on"rol "akin( Bhishma o!! "he &a""le!ield)
Day -
>n "he "hird day Bhishma arrayed his !or%es in "he !orm o! a (rea" &ird, an ea(le, and "he army o! "he
Pandavas $as %oun"er-arrayed in "he shape o! a hal!-moon, $i"h "he ri(h" horn %ommanded &y Bhima,
Dudish"ira holdin( "he %en"er, and Ar5una mana(in( "he le!" horn) All mornin(, "he armies !ou(h" and none
(ave $ay)
.n "he a!"ernoon, Bhishma, invoked %eles"ial as"ras, and mo$ed do$n "he Pandava army on all sides)
7rishna ur(ed Ar5una, sayin(, KThe hour is %ome $hen you mus" hold "o your promise "o slau(h"er "he
7aurava army and !i(h" Bhishma!) Behold, your army is &ein( des"royed &y him alone)K e drove "he
%hario" "o $here Bhishma:s %hario" s"ood) Beholdin( him advan%in(, "he Pandava hos" rallied, $hile
Bhishma %overed "he onrushin( %hario" $i"h his arro$s) Ar5una, "ook Aandiva and sen" !or"h arro$s "ha"
%u" "he (randsire:s &o$ in "$o) As Bhishma sei@ed and s"run( ano"her, "ha" "oo $as %u" do$n)
9i"h a "hird &o$ Bhishma sen" !or"h arro$s a(ains" Ar5una) 7rishna, $i"h (rea" skill, avoided "hem &u"
many s"ill s"ru%k him and Ar5una) 7rishna sa$ "ha" Bhishma:s arro$s $ere a(ain slau(h"erin( "he Pandava
army, $hile Ar5una $as !i(h"in( mildly, ou" o! respe%" !or Bhishma)
A!raid o! "he %onseBuen%es, 7rishna dropped "he reins, leaped !rom "he %hario", and ran "o$ard Bhishma,
$hirlin( his dis%us, ea(er "o slay him) Bu" Ar5una ran a!"er him, and, "hro$in( his arms a" his !ee", s"opped
him) KS"op, > 7rishnaI #emem&er your promise no" "o !i(h"C do no" le" men say you are a liar) . &y my
$eapons, &y "he "ru"h, &y my o$n deeds, $ill des"roy our !oes) The "ask is mine)K earin( "his, 7rishna,
an(ry s"ill, moun"ed "he %ar and "ook up "he reins a(ain)
Ar5una, dra$in( Aandiva summoned an as"ra and %ausin( a river o! &lood !rom "he 7aurava army) 'very
o"her sound $as silen%ed &y his &o$) As "he sun se" "he 7auravas $i"hdre$, Bhishma and +rona $i"h "hem,
and "he Pandavas "riumphed "ha" day)
Day .
A&himanyu is a""a%ked &y "he 7auravas, and is aided &y Ar5una, and Bhima $i"h his ma%e) +uryodhana
sends a hu(e !or%e o! elephan"s a(ains" him, $hi%h Bhima disperses) 4inally, Bhima is s"ru%k &y an arro$
and has "o res" a $hile) e ho$ever, kills ei(h" o! +uryodhanaRs &ro"hers &y "hen)
Day /*0
'very day Bhima sle$ si; "o "en o! +uryodhanaRs &ro"hers, as per his oa"h durin( "he (am&lin( (ame)
There!ore "he Pandavas, "hou(h "hey o!"en !ou(h" "heir %ousins and s"ru%k "hem $ounded, never sle$ "hem,
so "ha" Bhima %ould keep his promise) Several "imes he and +uryodhana !ou(h", lon(in( "o kill ea%h o"her,
&u" "hey $ere eBual nei"her prevailed) Bu" +uryodhana, $hen he $en" ea%h ni(h" "o his "en", $as over%ome
$i"h (rie!, and $ep" !or his &ro"hers)
Day 1
Bhishma arrays "he "roops as a hollo$ sBuare and $re%ks mu%h havo% upon "he Pandava army) The
e;haus"ed Pandavas approa%h Bhishma a" his %amp a" ni(h", seekin( his advi%e on ho$ "hey may slay him)
Bhishma "ells "hem "o use Shikhandi as a shield, !or he $ould never raise his &o$ upon a $oman)
Day +2
The Pandavas send Shikhandi a(ains" Bhishma, and Ar5una %omin( up &ehind him sends many arro$s
a(ains" Bhishma) Ten and "en more pier%e Bhishma, $ho "hou(h" pier%ed &y so many does no" !all) Then
"he Pandavas surround Bhishma and drivin( o!! "he 7auravas, pier%e Bhishma $i"h many an arro$ un"il no
spa%e on his &ody (rea"er "han "he &read"h o! "$o !in(ers remains "o &e seen)
Then Bhishma reelin( under "he pain !alls, &u" his &ody does no""ou%h "he (round and is held up &y "he
arro$ sha!"s) Bo"h armies s"op "heir &a""le in honor o! "he eldes" o! Bhara"as and approa%h him seekin( his
advi%e) Ar5una (ives him a pillo$ o! "hree sha!"s "o res" his head on and s"rikes "he (round $i"h a &la@in(
arro$ "o provide him $i"h a %ool 5e" o! s$ee" $a"er)
Bhishma, $i"h his po$er "o %hoose "he "ime o! his dea"h, seeks "o s"ay alive "ill "he sun "urns "o i"s nor"hern
run a" "he "ime o! <""arayana) Thus he lies "here on his &ed o! arro$s, $ai"in( !or "he !ai"h!ul momen")
Day ++*+,
7arna en"ers "he &a""le, "hus !ar kep" a$ay &y Bhishma) +rona is made "he %ommander o! "he army, and
+uryodhana asks him "o %ap"ure Dudhis"hara alive) +rona se"s up "he Tri(ar"has "o dra$ a$ay Ar5una !rom
pro"e%"in( his elder &ro"her) o$ever, "o$ards "he evenin( o! &o"h days, as +rona approa%hes Dudhis"hara,
"he Pandava !lees)
Day +-
+rona, deeply ashamed a" !ailin( in his mission, on%e a(ain se"s "he Tri(ar"has "o dra$ a$ay Ar5una) e
no$ se"s up "he indomi"a&le *hakravyuha a(ains" "he Pandava army) The Pandavas are a" a loss "o de!end
"hemselves sin%e mon( "he Pandavas, only Ar5una kno$s ho$ "o &reak "his array) o$ever, A&himanyu
volun"eers his servi%es) Bu" A&himanyu kno$s only o$ "o &reak in"o "he array and no" ho$ "o &reak ou")
Dudhis"hara and Bhima assure him "ha" "hey $ill !ollo$ him %losely "o ensure "ha" "he (a"es o! "he
!orma"ion s"ay open)
A&himanyu se"s ou" $i"h "he Pandavas !ollo$in( him, &u" inside "he %omple; array, he is separa"ed !rom
"he Pandavas &y =ayadra"ha, $ho &lo%ks "he Pandavas !rom en"erin() A&himanyu %on"inues "o "he %en"er,
$re%kin( havo% upon "he 7aurava army, un"il !a%ed in an un!air &a""le &y many 7aurava $arriors in%ludin(
+rona, 7arna, Ash$a""ama and "hree o"hers, loses his %hario", horses, $eapons and %hario"eer) e is slain
&y +ushasanaRs son)
Tha" ni(h", Ar5una hears o! "he das"ardly murder o! his son, and vo$s "o reven(e himsel! upon =ayadra"ha)
.! he !ails "o slay him &y sundo$n, he vo$s "o immola"e himsel!)
Day +.
#eali@in( "ha" Ar5una $ill kill himsel! i! only "hey pro"e%" =ayadra"ha !rom him "ill sundo$n, "he 7auravas
rally around "he kin( and keep Ar5una a" &ay) +rona %hallen(es Ar5una "o dis"ra%" him and "hey !i(h"
relen"lessly, $i"hou" mana(in( "o kill "he o"her) 7rishna, an;ious "ha" Ar5una:s vo$ should &e kep", drives
"he %hario" !or$ard, leavin( +rona &ehind) 7arna, +rona, Ash$a""ama and +uryodhana, all surround
Ar5una "o keep him !rom =ayadra"ha) The !ear!ul !i(h" ra(ed "ill "he sun approa%hed "he $es"ern hills)
7rishna said "o Ar5una, KDou %anno" kill =ayadra"ha "ill you have slain "hese $arriors) . shall e%lipse "he sun
in darkness so "ha" "hey $ill "hink i" has se" and &e less %are!ul)K Throu(h his divine po$er, he e%lipses "he
son, %rea"in( darkness and de%eivin( "he 7auravas, $ho par" $ay, "hinkin( Ar5una mus" no$ "ake his li!e)
Bu" Ar5una !i;es an as"ra and "akin( aim a" =ayadra"ha, le"s i" loose) =ayadra"haRs head is severed 5us" as "he
e%lipse ends and "he sun &e(ins "o shine a(ain) Seein( "ha" "hey $ere de%eived, "he 7auravas $eep in
sorro$ and an(er)
+uryodhana, dis"rau(h", orders his army "o !i(h" "hrou(h "he ni(h", and "he "$o hos"s li(h"in( "or%hes,
%on"inue "heir &a""le) Bu" so "ired are "hey "ha" men are killed $hile "hey !ell asleep, and many $ere killed
&y "heir !riends in a da@e) +urin( "his "ime, Aa"hoka%ha, "he rakshasa son o! Bhima $re%ks havo% amon(
"he 7aurava, un"il he is !elled &y "he Shak"i, a $eapon (iven "o 7arna &y .ndra) 7arna $as plannin( "o use
"he Shak"i a(ains" Ar5una o$ever, +uryodhana, despera"e "o end Aa"hoka%haRs %arna(e pleads $i"h 7arna
"o use i") ?o$ 7arna loses "he $eapon sin%e i" %an &e used only on%e and re"urns "o .ndra)
Then "he "$o armies "ake a &reak and %all a "ru%e "ill "he moon rises and res" upon "he &a""le!ield)
Day +/
The &a""le %on"inues "hrou(h moonrise and sunrise, $hen +rona &e(ins "o slau(h"er "he Pandava army)
Ar5una and +rona mee" in a !ier%e &a""le &u" no side %an prevail) +rona "hen !i(h"s &o"h Vira"a and
+rupada, killin( "hem &o"h) Seein( "ha" no one %an slay "his !ier%e $arrior, 7rishna advi%es "ha" "hey use
de%ei" "o kill him) Dudhis"hara relu%"an"ly a(rees and Bhima is odered "o kill an elephan" named
Ash$a""aman, "he Thorse-voi%ed)U
Then $hen he is near +rona, he announ%es loudly, T. have killed Ash$a""aman)U +ronaRs le(s "urn "o $a"er,
&u" he %anno" &elieve "ha" a mi(h"y $arrior like Ash$a""ama %ould &e killed &y Bhima) So he "urns "o
Dudhis"hara and asks him, T.s "his "rueGU Dudhis"hara, "he ever-"ru"h!ul replies in "he a!!irma"ive) +rona is
dis"rau(h") >ver%ome, he drops his $eapons and (oes in"o medi"a"ion "o leave is &ody) +ris"hadyumna in
his ra(e rushes "o "he %hario" and "akes his head o!! $hile he is si""in( in medi"a"ion)
Ash$a""ama enra(ed &y his !a"herRs dea"h, le"Rs loose "he ?arayanas"ra a(ains" "he Pandava army) 7rishna
"ells everyone "o lay do$n "heir $eapons and lie on "he (round, sin%e "his is "he only $ay "he $eapon %an
&e made harmless)
7un"i reBues"s 7arna "o 5oin "he side o! "he Pandavas, "ellin( him "ha" he is her eldes" son) Bu" 7arna says
he $ill spare all "he Pandavas, e;%ep" Ar5una)
Day +3
Shalya is made %hario"eer o! 7arna, mu%h "o his dismay &e%ause "hou(h 7arna ma"%hes Ar5una in ar%hery,
only Shalya %an ma"%h 7rishna as a %hario"eer)
Day +4
Bhima !i(h"s +ushasana and kills him, drinkin( his &lood and "akin( i" in his hands "o drape a%ross
+raupadiRs hair)
7arna $ounds Dudhis"hara sorely, $ho leaves "he &a""le!ield "o res") earin( "his, Ar5una (oes "o his "en" "o
see ho$ he is) Dudhis"hara ho$ever, in pain and an(er, insul"s Ar5una, "hinkin( "ha" he has run !rom 7arna)
.n shame and an(er, Ar5una dra$s his s$ord a(ains" Dudhis"hara, and has "o &e pa%i!ied &y 7rishna)
Ashamed a" "heir re%kless a%"s and $ords, "he "$o &ro"hers seek ea%h o"herRs !or(iveness)
7arna and Ar5una &a""le ea%h o"her in a !ero%ious !i(h", un"il ParashuramaRs %urse %omes "rue and 7arnaRs
%hario" $heel sinks "o "he (round) As he (e"s do$n "o remove "he $heel, 7rishna ur(es Ar5una "o "ake his
&o$ and slay 7arna, as "here $ould no" &e ano"her %han%e "o do so) Ar5una "akes aim a" 7arna, and 7arna
is a&ou" "o re"alia"e, "akin( up his &o$) o$ever, "he o"her %urse o! Parashurama %omes "rue and he !or(e"s
his as"ra man"ras, and is slain &y Ar5una)
Day +0
Shalya is made "he %ommander o! "he 7auravas and &a""les and is killed &y Dudhis"hara) Shakuni is killed
&y Sahadeva) ?o one o! "he 7aurava army e;%ep" Ash$a""ama, +uryodhana and 7ripa%harya and
7ri"avarma survive "he $ar) 'nra(ed &y his loss, +uryodhana heads "o a lake "o %ool do$n his &ody, $hi%h
has &e%ome ho" $i"h an(er)
7rishna "akes "he Pandavas "o "he lake and Bhima "aun"s +uryodhana ou" o! i") As "hey !i(h" a ma%e &a""le,
+uryodhana is invin%i&le &e%ause o! his mo"her AandhariRs &oon "ha" his &ody is impene"ra&le) o$ever,
his "hi(hs are vulnera&le, and BhimaRs s"rikeRs +uryodhanaRs "hi(h, !ellin( him) .n (re"a pain, +uryodhana
is le!" "o die &y "he Pandavas)
'aha(harat Books
Prin" versions o! "he 6aha&hara"a are availa&le on 4lipkar" 1$i"h !ree home delivery2) 6aha&hara"a &y *)
#a5a(opala%hari is "he %heapes", $hile "he 12-volume 6aha&hara"a &y 7isari 6ohan Aan(uli is "he mos"
%omprehensive) 4or kids, Amar *hi"ra 7a"ha:s 3-volume 6aha&hara"a %omi% is "he &es")