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ATTITUDE were interviewed by Keith

(C2D) at the infamous Turk St . studios
in the heart of S
.F.'s scenic downtown
Keith: What are you trying to get across
with the name A.A.?
The name means having your mind
open to adjustment and being open to
having fun.
Andy: To have fun. To have your mind
open to adjustment as in adjusting to
Here in foggy S.F . CA., a voice
penetrates the silence
. (No it's not a
'Whovee' from Dr Suess's Horton Hears
a Who.) It's the voice of the curious
and waiting alternative music
enthusiast. You know the type of
person, the ones that notice all local
greats, thriving for a show that will
stimulate their
adrenalin flow!
One begins to wonder why there seems
to be some hot band always emerging
from the Bay Area. If it's not a Fried
Flipper or a Dead Ken. or
just some
out of town band just freshly on
Bay scene.
What does this all build up to? Well,
it's a band answering that desperate
different things that
people believe in,
and being open to things that you might
benefit from. Thinkabout what
someone says
. If it makes sense, it just
might be helpful
. Do what you believe
in and what feels right.
Rick and Andy
: We want people to be
aware of what's said, but at the same
time, we want people to have a
time when we play. We
don't '- '
people going
home saying,
"Man, this
world sucks." Make the best of what
we've got and adjust to things and make
it better and ENJOY!!!
Keith: Do you find you band labeled
as far as the music side of things go?
: Well, it depends. Some hardcore
die-hards judge us by the way we appear
and call us metal . Or a metal fanatic
might say that we're punk 'cause of the
speed or the lyrics.
Andy: Basically, we always get labeled
something 'cause it's human nature
. But,
; ,
we don't label ourselves
. It's Just easier
',for some people to identify with things ;
, with labels.
' Keith: What do your lyrics deal with?
, Andy
: Problems around us that effect }
as a band, and effect most kids;
igrowing up
. Such as drugs, threat of';
war and basic street life .

; Rick
: For example, we are in at the}
moment in one of the most scummy ; '
neighborhoods for drugs and prostitutionl
in the city
. So, that might help inspire:
a song topic.
Andy: On the other hand, we might]
write songs that concern us, but don't;
,'i directly seem to effect our lives at this
point . "Hunger And Poverty"is about}
i starving children around the world.
1 , Also, we're not going to wait until a
bomb drops on our doorstep before' ,
c, becoming concerned with it.
. you consider your band
: We're not pro-american or anti
American. We basically like the country ?
}, we live in, but we aren't necessarily
i happy with the government behind it.
Let's get back to basics . How
long have you been together?
; Andy: A.A . was formed in the summer;
of '85 by Chris (drurns) and Rick (bass);
ii and former member Erik. After a few(
; line-up changes, we settled into this '
; one . Played as many gigs as possible?
'[ and recorded a demo.
Keith: What are your opinions about
Andy: I thing if it could work, it would;
be a great thing, but I don't believe it;
could around where we are because '
people are fucked.
Rick: I believe in @, but I don't believe
in people in general.
Andy: As far as where we live in;
America, I don't think it would work;
because of human nature . People arei
[ greedy.
Keith: What are your opinions
iiti? r vvsecon
Andy: I think it's really cruel to i
animals . They have the right to live
as much as any human . However, sorne
'P experiments do help to save human lives ,'
althought , . of what they do is cruel?
Keith: Is your band following any mold i

; , idealogically or politically?

I; Rick: We don't have a particular:
. idealogy.
open minded attitude. We don't want',
ii to have to be pushed into any mold. We
irlo what we believe in . The time tcO,,
?make decisions is when you present;
specifics . We aren't left or right wing.
There's always two sides to everything
It's hard to just generalize
. ?

:Does this go for the political side;
; , Andy: Basically, but we listen to ?
[everyone's opinion . Everyone has the?
[, right to their opinion . And we all ?
lichange and we might cvhange too . We
` :Iearn from listening to both
'Keith: Do you think people in gneral
:are changing or getting more open ,
: I think a lot of people are i;
becoming more conscious of the facts 1
' of war and it's consequences . You see
some old lady saying with her bumper
sticker no bombs or anti-war
. I think
the older generation is dying off and
'facts that used to be behind closed 1
i doors are now common knowledge.
[ Keith: you feel U .S. TV is censored i
?compared to msot countries? }
Ric.1 c : Well, compared to Germany, ,
',where I lived, it seems to be more i
'; restricted viewing.
Andy: I think it's censored more than
1 other countries, but some countries are ?
+ 1 4 orse
. The government shouldn't be }
; able to judge what you watch or tell
['you what's your concern . It's your world
. and you should know what happens . ,

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