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Jason Sharp

The author will be working with the Whitehaven Library, located in Memphis, Tennessee,
to expand the Young Adult Fiction collection The author is employed as the Youth !ervices
"epresentative at this library, which provides him with access to in#ormation about the collection
that the public would not normally be able to ac$uire, in#ormation that he can then use #or the
purposes o# this assignment Much o# the in#ormation #or this assignment has been based on his
own personal work experience, in#ormation gained #rom coursework at %T &noxville and his
own research !ome o# the most use#ul resources speci#ically include 'oogle !cholar, Follet(s
Titlewave and the Library o# )ongress website
Part 2.2: Development Rationale (10 o! total "rade#
**+ Assess your development topic care#ully ,s it too broad given the time
available- .ecide i# you need to narrow the sub/ect or #ormat scope
When determining an appropriate collection #or this topic, the author(s original goal was
to include additional #ormats such as e0books and audio books to help provide a more varied
collection A#ter much consideration, it was determined that a more speci#ic #ocus was needed
due to the complexities that these additional #ormats o##er 1ach e0book and audio book would
e##ectively have to be researched twice, once to determine the $uality o# the original print
material and once again to determine the $uality o# the audio and2or print to text conversion An
author(s choice o# #onts can have an important impact on the story, such as 3ittacus Lore(s The
Rise of Nine 4Lore, *5+*6, in which di##erent character perspectives are identi#ied by di##erent
#ont choices, so it would be necessary to determine whether a particular e0book translation
allows #or this change This additional research may have been worthwhile i# an appropriate
demand existed #or these additional #ormats7 however my chosen library primarily serves a low0
income population 48ones 9 :rrin, *5+;6 that are less likely to have access to e0readers and
spare money #or the audiobook library #ees
Limiting the proposed collection to Young Adult Fiction in print #ormat will provide the
author with a large number o# materials #or selection purposes7 limiting this selection any #urther
will cause di##iculties in #inding $uality materials The author had originally considered limiting
the topic to certain genres and while this may be appropriate #or a brand new library or a school
library with a limited budget, it would not be use#ul #or this assignment A reasonable si<ed
collection already exists at the Whitehaven Library, the purpose o# this assignment is not to
replace to collection, but to expand on what already exists in order to strengthen and update the
collection This re$uires a certain level o# #lexibility in material selection as some o# the top
selection choices may have already been purchased7 having the #reedom to choose any genre will
help ensure that only $uality materials are chosen rather than #iller items meant to #ill a budget
*** .e#ine the collection you are developing by listing keywords that are associated
with it Which word4s6 would you use in searching #or in#ormation on your
sub/ect- Tag the most productive sub/ect term ,# you are working on a collection
#or a library also list those ma/or class numbers associated with your collection
and tag the most productive class number
The author began the search #or the most relevant keywords by re#erring to a large
number o# /ournal articles obtained #rom %T &noxville(s ,! =>* )ourse? "esources and !ervices
#or Young Adults @ot only were AYoung Adult FictionB and AYoung Adult LiteratureB the
primary sub/ect terms in this class, the vast ma/ority o# the assigned readings used these sub/ect
terms as well This was only anecdotal evidence however7 the popularity o# these sub/ect terms
needed to be $uanti#ied in some way, so the author looked at the number o# relevant results on
'oogle !cholar a#ter per#orming searches using each term in $uotations The results are
included below, however pro#essionally, AYoung Adult LiteratureB was considered to be the most
productive sub/ect term with AYoung Adult FictionB acting as a second most relevant term
!earch Term "esults
Young Adult Literature +5C55
Young Adult Fiction DED5
YA Fiction F++
Teen Fiction? C=E
Teen Lit? +;E
Gigh !chool Fiction >5
)lass numbers are another important element to be cogni<ant o#7 Young Adult Literature
#alls under A3H>B through the Library o# )ongress )lassi#ication system 4A)lassi#ying )YA)
MaterialIB, *5+*6, although my library system simply uses AYA FictionB as the shel# number
#or it(s Young Adult Fiction Materials 4AThe Gunger 'amesB, nda6 !earching #or the same
item across di##erent catalogs provided a diverse range o# sub/ect terms, &nox )ounty uses
AFiction ):LL J Teen KookB as it(s locator 4AThe Gunger 'amesB, ndb6 and World )at uses
AYoung Adult FictionB as the genre and AFiction, !econdary 4senior high6 schoolB as the material
type 4AThe Gunger 'amesB, ndc6 This disparity highlights the most important thing about this
assignment? that the sub/ect terms can at times be interchangeable and a thorough understanding
o# the various sub/ect terms will be important to obtain relevant results
**; .iscuss the relative importance o# this collection Gow much di##erence in the
success o# your organi<ation or in the $uality o# li#e in the community served by
the agency might result #rom a collection on this sub/ect-
,# the Whitehaven Library(s success depends on circulation statistics and customer counts
Lsee *+;M, an updated and varied collection is important to maintain those counts ,t was
discussed in *+D that the Whitehaven library has impressive customer counts, but i# the
Memphis Library system wishes to be more than a computer lab, it must #ocus on updating its
collection so as to be a relevant #or today(s teenagers
This collection does more than simply meet the goals o# the organi<ation summari<ed in
!ection *+*7 it indirectly improves the $uality o# li#e o# its patrons ,mproving literacy skills is
incredibly important #or #uture academic and pro#essional success 4NLiteracy !tatisticsN, nd6 and
i# society wishes #or teenagers to become literate adults, there must be #ree and easily accessible
options available, especially ones that can speak to teens directly and provide them with alternate
viewpoints and perspectives
**D .iscuss the interest members o# the parent organi<ation or members o# the
community might have in this collection Gow much actual and potential demand
exists- What events or sources are likely to stimulate interest in this collection-
What is the likely li#e o# this interest-
This is the ideal time #or an updated and expanded Young Adult collection, not only at the
Whitehaven library, but #or the Memphis 3ublic Library system as whole Through
conversations with the Whitehaven branch manager 4T Kraswell, personal communication,
!eptember *;, *5+;6, the author has learned that a new position is opening #or a Teen !ervices
Librarian that is meant to help advocate #or additional teen resources This new position
combined with recent grant #unding #or teen technology workshops 4. 8al#on, personal
communication, !eptember *F, *5+;6 mean that an in#lux o# new teens are expected to be
attending the Whitehaven Library )urrent and popular resources will be re$uired to keep up
with the already si<able teen population at Whitehaven and that this collection will help support
the needs o# this population
3romotion o# these materials will remain consistent to ensure continued circulation as the
author already holds several programs #ocused on promoting teen literature such )reative
)lasses and Kook )lub discussions Teen "ead Week is held in :ctober, however at the
Whitehaven library, the entire month o# :ctober is celebrated to help promote a large variety o#
teen genres through the use o# customi<able Kingo !heets The !ummer "eading )lub is held in
8une and 8uly to help promote and reward teens, and a weekly creative writing class is held
throughout the year that re#erences popular new Young Adult Fiction materials Although the
author has not yet been able to obtain exact #igures on the circulation statistics o# Young Adult
Literature Lthey are expected to be compiled and delivered in the next weekM, the re#erence desk
that the author is employed at receives #re$uent re$uests #or new material and conversations with
the ,ntegrated Library !ystem )oordinator indicate that last year(s YA Fiction circulation
statistics reached approximately *,555 checkouts #or the Whitehaven Library alone 4& .ixon,
personal communication, !eptember *>, *5+;6 This is a collection that sees consistently high
demand and is in much need o# an update
**= ,denti#y, evaluate, and come to a conclusion on alternative collections #or
in#ormation on your sub/ect Where might people in your organi<ation or the
community served go #or in#ormation IF your collection did not exist- To what
degree do alternative sources minimi<e the need #or a local collection-
Young Adult literature is an ideal collection #or a library to purchase as there are very #ew
other legal alternatives available #or the Whitehaven population The vast ma/ority o# the
Whitehaven library patrons are #rom low0income households and do not own e0readers 48ones 9
:rrin, *5+;6, so books cannot be easily purchased digitally The nearest bookstore is outside o#
the city limits 4A!tore FinderB, nd6 and although there are locations like Walmart and Target that
have Young Adult books #or purchasing, the selection in this area is not typically very large
:nline #an0#iction is a potential #ree alternative #or some readers, however the $uality o# writing
is typically uneven and the stories are o#ten brie#
!chool libraries would be the only alternative #or lower income students, however their
selection is likely to be minimal due to recent budget cuts 4Anthony, *5+;6 and those readers that
have already graduated will not even have that as a resource Gigher income areas would not be
as heavily impacted as they might have the ability to purchase their materials online or visit a
bookstore, however my lower income population would simply not be able to read these age
appropriate materials without access to this collection
**C ,denti#y, discuss, and come to a conclusion on the degree to which appropriate
materials are available #or your collection %sing appropriate resources, indicate
the degree to which a##ordable, use#ul, and recent selectable items are available
.ue to the popularity o# Young Adult Fiction, there are a large variety o# materials to
choose #rom The Ama<oncom ATeen and Young Adult KooksB page provides approximately
>5,555 choices related to Young Adult Fiction and these can be #urther organi<ed by best sellers,
award winners and Aessential booksB 4ATeen and Young Adult KooksB, nd6, ensuring that high
$uality use#ul materials can be easily located
Ama<oncom is a good website to browse materials, but a librarian would more likely
purchase their materials through a vendor so the author used Follet(s Titlewave service and #ound
approximately *555 print material options in the Gigh !chool03opular Fiction category 4AGigh
!choolB, nd6 The prices through this vendor were a##ordable, with the ma/ority o# the most
popular paperbacks selling #or approximately =0E dollars and the hardcovers selling #or
approximately +;0+E dollars, each without discounts Many o# these materials were also recent,
as D*= o# these books through Titlewave were published in the last +* months
**> ,denti#y and discuss WWW resources on your sub/ect using your #avorite web
search engines and directories Add a summary comment on the availability and
utility o# WWW resources in developing your collection .o include some
examples L.o this section even i# you are not going to include online resources in
your collection @ote that WWW resources should be use#ul in locating and
learning more about selections in other #ormatsM
There are a large number o# organi<ations dedicated to promoting and reviewing Young
Adult Literature, so #inding internet resources is not a di##icult process The Young Adult
Library !ervices Association 4YAL!A6 is an excellent resource 4AYoung AdultB, nd6 #or #inding
$uality materials7 one can also look through Kooklist and the !chool Library 8ournal to #ind
$uality reviews Ama<oncom and 'oodreads have various lists based on various teen genres
and there are a large number o# school and public library blogs that help promote teen literature
**E "eviewing the variables mentioned above, does it seem reasonable to develop this
,t seems reasonable to develop an updated Young Adult Literature collection based on
renewed interest #rom both administration and library patrons @ew teen literature is published
every year, ensuring that a steady supply o# $uality material is available #or selection and the
category is popular enough that there is a large amount o# coverage on the best books to
purchase Furthermore, the materials are a##ordable, making the purchase o# this collection
easier to /usti#y to library administration than other higher priced collections
This most di##icult thing about developing a Young Adult collection #or this pro/ect will
be si#ting through the large amount o# in#ormation available7 however this will be good practice
in locating the best resources and is easier than working with too little in#ormation on a sub/ect
Anthony, &ont/i N!chool district budget gap could mean hundreds o# /ob cutsN Action News 5 -
Memphis, Tennessee @p, D Feb *5+; Web ;5 !ept *5+;
N)lassi#ying )YA) Material 0 )hildrenOs and Young Adults )ataloging 3rogram N Library of
Congress Home @p, D 8an *5+* Web ;5 !ept *5+;
AThe Gunger 'amesB 4nda6 Cataog! "no# Co$nty %$bic Library &ystem "etrieved + :ct
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AThe Gunger 'amesB 4ndb6 Memphis Library Cataog "etrieved + :ct *5+;
AThe Gunger 'amesB 4ndc6 'or(Cat)org "etrieved + :ct *5+;
8ones, T, 9 :rrin, ) 4*5+;6 The city an( its ibraries! Increase( nee( an( a *ita f$t$re L*5+;
!trategic 3lan "eportM Memphis 3ublic Library ,ntranet, Memphis 3ublic Library,
Memphis, T@
AGigh !chool0 3opular FictionB Titlewave @p, nd Web + :ct *5+; http?22titlewavecom2search-
NLiteracy !tatisticsN Literacy Mi(-&o$th @p, nd Web ;5 !ept *5+;
Lore, 3ittacus The rise of nine @ew York? Garper, *5+* 3rint
!tore Finder 4nd6 +oo,s A Miion "etrieved :ctober +, *5+;, #rom
NTeen 9 Young Adult? KooksNAma-on)com @p, nd Web + :ct *5+;
NYoung Adult Library !ervices Association 4YAL!A6N American Library Association @p, nd
Web + :ct *5+; http?22wwwalaorg2yalsa2