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Ardisia Ardisia whitfordii

Family: Myrsinaceae
Description: An erect shrub, slender tree. Leaves are darker green above and lighter on the underside.
Flowers are pale pink to light purple in color. Fruits are round flesh colored with touches of red.

Aunasin Ardisia pyramidalis
Family: Myrsinaceae
Description: A shrub-small tree, up to 5m tall and less than 10cm in diameter. Inflorescence is
pyramidal in shape. Flowers are small, pink-red in dense clusters. Fruits are round,red turning black.

Amugis Koordersiodendron pinnatum
Family: Anacardiaceae
Description: Tree reaching a height of about 25m and 120cm in diameter. Leaves are smooth and
glossy green above, yellowish-green below. Flowers white-yellowish green.

Balayong or Tindalo Afzelia rhomboides
Family: Caesalpiniaceae
Description: Tree reaching up to 25m in height and 50cm in diameter.

Banuyo Wallaceodendron celebicum
Family: Mimosaceae
Description: A tree growing up to 25m high and 100cm in diameter. Outer bark has leaf scar mark and
leaves are bipinnate; 3-5 pairs of pinnae. Flower bearing portion is rusty brown. Pods are dehiscent.

Batino Alstonia macrophylla
Family: Lecythidaceae
Description: A tree reaching a height of 25m. The bark is smooth, pale gray. Flowers are small and

Bayag-usa Voacanga globosa
Family: Apocynaceae
Description: A well-shaped tree growing up to 3m. Leaves are dark green in the upper surface and
light green on the underside. Prolific flowers are cream-white and showy. Occasionally, fruits are
formed which are brown and in pairs and resembling the male parts of a deer.

Betis Madhuca betis
Family: Sapotaceae
Description: Large tree reaching up to 30m in height and 80cm in diameter. Bark is brown, ridged.
Leaves are clustered at the ends of branchlets. Flowers are numerous, elongated, and pale-white.

Bolong-ita Diospyros pilosanthera
Family: Ebenaceae
Description: A tree growing up to 20m and a diameter of 50cm. It has a greenish-black bark; light red
inner bark. Flowers are dingy white, fruits are yellow-red with several black seeds. Observed to flower
during March.

Catmon Dillenia philippinensis
Familiy: Dilleniacea
Description: A tree reaching up to 17m and 55cm in diameter. Bark is dark brown. Leaves are shiny-
green, ovate, and coarsely-toothed. Flowers are large and showy, around 15cm in diameter, petals
are white with purplish styles. Fruits are green, round, and pulpy.

Cerbera Cerbera manghas
Family: Apocynaceae
Description: An erect shrub-small tree with stout and terete branches. Leaves are clustered around
ends, average blades 15cm longx5cm wide. Inflorescence is terminal and often as long as the foliage.
Flowers are white and showy.

Dita Alstonia scholaris
Family: Apocynaceae
Description: A tree reaching a height of 40m tall and 1m in diameter. Branches are spreading and
trunk is flanged or fluted. Bark is grayish and exudes a milky sap when cut. Four to seven leaves are
in a whorl, dark green above and glaucous underneath. Flowers are fragrant, light-green to yellowish
white in color. Leaves are slender, pendulous, and cylindrical.

Guyong-guyong Cratoxylum blancoi
Family: Guttiferae
Description: A small tree

Ipil Intsia bijuga
Family: Caesalpiniaceae
Description: A large tree growing up to 50m in height and a diameter of 150cm. Bark is smooth,
sometimes flaky, and grayish green with occasional whitish patches. Leaves are shiny green.
Observed to have white flowers in June

Kalantas Toona calantas
Family: Meliaceae
Description: A tree growing up to 25m tall and 100cm in diameter. Trunk si terete and straight.
Leaves are compound, alternate oblong/ broadly lanceolate. Fruits are capsules, dehiscing from apex
to base, seeds distinctly but unequally winged at each end.

Lamog Planchonia spectabilis
Family: Lecythidaceae
Description: A large tree growing up to 20m in height and a diameter of 60cm. Bark is dark brown and
slightly flaky. Leaves turn red when mature, flowers in February-April.

Lanite Kibatalia gitingensis
Family: Apocynaceae
Description: Medium-sized tree. Bark is gray or dark drown, rough and ridged when mature, smooth
when young.

Lipote/ Baligang Syzygium polycephaloides
Family: Myrtaceae
Description: A tree growing up to 15m high and 90cm in diameter. Leaves are opposite, with
narrowed base auriculately rounded. Strong midrib with 14-18 pairs of conspicuous nerves whose tips
form a definite submarginal vein. Flowers are whitish usually in 3s. Fruits are irregularly globose,
fleshy, reddish-purple. Flowers observed May-June.

Malak-malak Palaquium philippense
Family: Sapotaceae
Description: A large-sized tree growing up to 25m high and 80cm in diameter. Bark is smooth and
brownish; reddish brown inner bark and exudes white sap. Leaves are simple, large and terminal; 20-
30cm long, almost half as wide shining green above. Under leaf is covered with golden red or brown
tomentum. Flowers are yellowish-green in small clusters. Flowers February and April in Mt. Makiling.
Fruits are elliptic, dull or dark green with solitary shiny seeds.

Maritima - Drypetes falcata
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Description: Small to medium-sized tree reaching a diameter up to 50cm. Bole is regular, remarkably
straight, and short about 6m or less long. Leaves are ovate-elliptic to ovate-lanceolate.

Panalipan Diospyros tenuipes
Family: Lecythidaceae
Description: A small tree growing up to 10m tall.

Podocarpus/ Maki - Podocarpus costalis
Family: Podocarpaceae
Description: Small tree up to 3m tall with a Christmas tree form. Leaves are crowded in the branches,
spatulate, 7cm long to 10mm wide.

Potat Barringtonia racemosa
Family: Lecythidiaceae
Description: A straggling tree reaching a height of 10m or more. Inflorescence racemes are drooping,
20-60cm long. Flowers are white or pink. Fruit ovoid-oblong, 5-7cm by 3-4cm. Pericarp is leathery,
green, or purplish.

Red Tabebuia Radermachera coriacea
Family: Bignoniaceae
Description:A small tree reaching 3-4m in height. Leaves are green and glossy. Trumpet-shaped
flowers are a beautiful shade of red. Flowers all year round.

Santiki Paitan Cleidion spiciflorum
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Description: A tree growing up to 15m tall. with a grey, smooth bark. Flowers are unisexual, fruits are
bilobed or trilobed capsules.

Tamayuan Strombosia philippinensis
Family: Olacaceae
Description: A large tree reaching 30m in height and a diameter of 70cm. The trunk is straight and
unbuttressed, while the crown is dense and compact. The bark is yellow-gray, with fine, shallow
fissures; outer bark is corky and brittle. Leaves are shiny, sometimes waxy, rounded with a sharp
pointed tip.

Taxus Taxus sumatrana
Family: Taxaceae
Description: An evergreen shrub, wide-trunked bushy tree growing up to 14m in height. Leaves are
1.22.7 cm long and 22.5 mm wide, and grow in two ranks along the branches, and abruptly spirals
into an apex at the tip, pale yellow green above and light green underside.

Toog Combretodendron spectabilis
Family: Lecythidaceae
Description: A large tree reaching 40m in height and a diameter of 150cm. Bark is dark brown and
flaky. Leaves are simple, obovate, 10-16cm L x 5-7.5cm broad.