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Week 3 (14

July 2014 18
July 2014)

Days Assignment/Tasks Output Mentor
July 2014

- Briefing about license - En Azry was explaining
the process of doing a
new license.
Mr Azry,
supervisor of
the company
and Project.
- Upcoming license that
will be run
- I were informing about
license that has been
run and will be

July 2014
- Started to do a license - Next days, I have
given a task by En
Azry to do a new
Mr Azry,
supervisor of
the company
and Project.
July 2014
- Inspection of site - I were going SK
Sebayan to do
- After that, Im going to
PDD to obtaining
tender document
Mr Azry,
supervisor of
the company
and Project.
July 2014
- Company achievement - I were informed about
company achievement
from the beginning
until today
- I was given a task to
analyse company
Mr Juari as an
July 2014

- Prepare a full report
about company

- I have to complete the
whole company
performance to given
to CEO.
Mr Juari as an
Learning Process
Stage 1: Activist

Monday (14
July 2014), I and my partner were given a briefing by Mr Azry about a
license. License is the most important part for ones company before run a business. Without
a license, a company can be suing by a government. Besides, it has been announced that all
Federal and State Government Departments, Statutory Bodies and Government-Linked
Companies that came into force on 15th October 2012, the Government is implementing a
One Contractor Registration System. In this regard, all Contractors Licenses issued by the
Contractor Service Centre (PKK) is revoked and replaced with a Government Work
Procurement Certificate (SPKK) issued by the Construction Industry Development Board
Malaysia (CIDB). However, the Bumiputera Status Certificate for the status of indigenous
remains under the control and supervision of the PKK. This is one of the reason why we
have been briefing by Mr Azry were known to re-new a license because he capability to
settle down the document needed and how to manage the document.
Other than that, to get a license, a person must have a green card gain from
Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia also known as CIDB. The overall
objective of CIDB is to develop the capacity and capability of the Construction Industry
through the enhancement of quality and productivity by placing great emphasis on
professionalism, innovation and knowledge, in the endeavour to improve the quality of life.
While the mission and vision is together develop the Malaysian Construction Industry and to
be a credible organisation in developing a World Class Construction Industry. Thus, each of
contractors must gain a green card. Green card is an integrated programme involving the
registration and accreditation of construction personnel, to enhance safety levels at
construction work sites. Construction workers who register are automatically covered by a
special insurance scheme that covers the construction personnel against death and
accidents. This is important to provide basic knowledge on safety and health at construction
work sites and to bring awareness to construction workers about legal requirements in
relation to safety and health.

On Tuesday (15
July 2014), I stared to do a license instruction by Mr Azry. He
teaches us step by step. In first part, we were introduced to the electronic procurement
system, better known as ePerolehan, enable Government agencies nationwide to procure
goods and services from their suppliers electronically. ePerolehan transforms the manual
procurement practice into an electronic, internet-based practice. This give benefit to
Suppliers from being able to present their products on the World Wide Web, suppliers can
receive, manage and process Government purchase orders, and receive payment from
Government agencies online by using the ePerolehan System. Other than that, suppliers
benefit significantly from the opportunity to reach a broader base of buyers than ever before
coupled with lower operating costs, shorter turnaround time, additional revenue and
increased customer satisfaction.

The next days, I representing Perniagaan Danau Indah to go to Sekolah Kebangsaan
Sebayan, Kudat for visiting site and briefing by the Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Kudat (PPD)
about the maintenance of building that will take place. This is one of the requirements to all
contractors that take place in quotes of SK Sebayan. I have been given an order to take
note and draw a plan about the school especially the renovation part. After that, I and my
partner go to PPD Kudat to get the document and back to office. Mr Juari has been taught
me how to fill the item and complete the document. There are several documents that
important to all tender such as trade license, certificate of registration of the company,
certificate of registration of the company accounts Bumiputera and three months bank
Following days, I was given a task to photostat the document needed for tender and
ask confirmation in Pejabat Daerah Kudat. Pejabat Daerah Kudat not only to promote and
develop Kudat as centre of economic growth and sustainable development, but also for
coordinate and oversee all development activities and operations of the Department of
Government and private sector bodies at the district level, designing and implementing small
projects for rural development including the Hard-core Poor Development Programme
(PPRT) and implementing the general policies of the government from time to time. Thus,
everything for confirmation especially in tender will refer here to Abdul Gapar Abdul Rahman
as Assistant District Officer of administrations.
On Friday (18 July 2014), I was given a small task to make flyers about company
background. To complete the task, I am using Microsoft word and Picasa software to make
it better page and understandable. By complete that, I complete my week 3 and started to
do my report.

Stage 2: Reflector
On this week I learned about new department and an organization that links to
contractor side differ from what I learned in campus. On first day I learned about CIDB an
organization that entrusted by government to develop the capacity and capability of the
Construction Industry through the enhancement of quality and productivity by placing great
emphasis on professionalism, innovation and knowledge, in the endeavour to improve the
quality of life.
Besides that, I learned about electronic procurement system, better known as
ePerolehan or EPNV. This is using for re-new license and services that directly links to
government. According to Mr Azry, EPNV is created to get certificate from Perbendaharaan
Malaysia Sabah (PMS). There are two certificate called Sijil Kewangan Malaysia and Sijil
Taraf Bumiputera. For the first step, I have to key in data to EPNV portal and wait for 2
weeks before get the Sijil Taraf Bumiputera. Both certificates have a different document
needed such as for Sijil Kewangan Malaysia trade license, declarations forms, birth
certificate and current account are important. While for the Sijil Taraf Bumiputera, trade
license, EPF statement, copy of identity card and detail of incoming check are needed.
Other than that, I learned about new term such as visit site and attend a briefing
that given by district officer. This is a new experience for me especially for a new
employment that has given a trust by company to attend and get the document tender.
Based on Mr Juari, this is a one of my responsible because not anyone can attend the
briefing without a letter and cannot get the document without attending the briefing.
Overall, on this week I learned a new phase for employment at Perniagaan Danau
Indah on contraction site. I learned how to deal with document tender and fill in the
document. Also, I learned about a new organization differ from I learned in campus life. As
Mr Juari said, this is not an easy task however, in future life this will be an advantages for us
to run a business.

Stage 3: Theorist
This week I learned how to using a browser and get an information from official
portal such as CIDB and EPNV. Thus, I can relate with my Management Information System
that I learned from Datu Razali Datu Eranza. Based on Hardeep Singh on Management
Information System, A Management Information System is an integrated user-machine
system, for providing information, to support the operations, management, analysis &
decision-making functions in an organization. Also, The System utilizes computer hardware
& software, manual procedures, models for analysis, planning, control & decision making
and a database.
Other than that, I learned how to improve my writing skills both on document and
computer because I have to do a document and search information on internet side. As I
learned from, Mr Datu Razali, MIS has a several physical component such as hardware such
as keyboard, monitor and printer, software contain of system and application and operating
personnel such as system analysis and computers operators.

Stage 4: Pragmatist
As I learned a new term and jobs differ from my courses, I found difficulty how to
relate it with my courses. This is not an easy task for new workers such as me to handle a
new tender and a document that needed because one mistake can loss everythings.
However, from the entrust that has given to me and supporting both from Mr Azry
and Mr Juari I can handle the problem and follow the orders. On the first time I have done
an error while fill in the document but after that, I learned from my mistake and can do
Other than that, I found difficult on prepare a license for Mr Azry when he ask me to
do a license. The term also differs from what I learned. But, as I learned something new, I
take this as an opportunity for me and keep thinking positive.
As a conclusion, this week has taught me a new phase of license and document
tender. Although in first phase I found a little bit difficult but after run a document and
learned from the expert ones, I gain a support to doing it well and keep moving on.