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Hobby Apron A pattern for beginners of all ages

Supplies you need:

Sewing machine with needle,
pins, scissors, and:

1. WOVEN COON !A"#$C % wo
of the same or coordinating fat
&'arters. (Sometimes called
&'arter flats.) *o' can b'+ pre%c't
fat &'arters, (which means +o' don,t ha-e to wait
in line at the c'tting table.), or c't +o'r own.
/Coordinating 0 big word meaning the+ go well
together, the+ ma1e a pleasing combination or
/!at 3'arters 0 4 of a +ard of fabric, not c't in
strips, b't in bloc1s2

5. 6#EA7 % All p'rpose pol+ester or pol+8cotton
thread in a color that will loo1 nice with fabric and
ribbon. *o' ma+ b'+ two different colors.

9. #$""ON 0 Abo't 5 +ards of one%inch wide
grosgrain ribbon in color coordinating with fabrics,
depending on +o'r waist meas'rement.

#ead A:: of the instr'ctions before starting to sew, so that +o' will ha-e a better 'nderstanding
of it all. *o' ma+ write a in the after +o' ha-e completed doing that step.
Copying or distributing this pattern is NOT permitted

% % % % % % % % % Now, Get Sewing! % % % % % % % % % %

1. Lay one fat &'arter on top of the other, with prett+ sides (o'tsides, sometimes called ;right<
side) facing each other, lining 'p all sides e-enl+. $f the+ don,t line 'p e-enl+, c't where
necessar+= +o' want both to be the same si>e and be nice rectangles.

2. $nsert ?%@ pins on each side to hold the two la+ers together while sewing. A't them
perpendic'lar to the edge of fabric with the pin head hanging off the edge.
Mark a space on one of the short sides wide eno'gh to p'll it all right%side o't. *o' can mar1 it
b+ 'sing two pins together at each end of the space to lea-e 'nsewn. *o' will remo-e each pin
B'st before sewing o-er it.

3. Sew aro'nd, pi-oting at the corners, remo-ing pins before +o' sew o-er them. 7o not stitch
to the edge= pi-ot lea-ing needle down in the fabric as +o' t'rn (pi-ot) so +o' don,t lose +o'r
place. #emember to not sew the space +o' mar1ed in step 5.
Sew with C inch seam allowance. (Seam Allowance is how far +o'r stitches are from the edge
of the fabric.)

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4. Clip off corner seam allowances b+ c'tting
diagonall+ across the corner seam allowance. his ta1es
o't some of the b'l1 so it will la+ nicel+ when t'rned right
side o't. "e caref'l to not c't the stitches.

. !urn right side o't (li1e +o' wo'ld t'rn +o'r soc1s inside o't.)

". #ress firml+ with a hot iron on an ironing board, to crease all edges where +o' sewed.
7on,t ha-e seam indented, p'll the stitched edge o't to iron a crease there. Also, fold the
opening and press it as if it was sewn. Now the apron sho'ld lie flat, loo1ing somewhat li1e a
pillowcase with no pillow in it.

$. a1e a long side and %old it 'p abo't a third of the wa+ to form poc1et. @ inches is good.

&. Stitc' poc1et to main part at sides, close to the edge. Ain la+ers together to hold in place
while sewing. hen, stitch a co'ple more lines 'p to form more poc1ets. Da1e one poc1et
narrow eno'gh to p't in a pencil and r'ler, lea-ing 1 or 5 large poc1ets.

!o put on ribbon ties:

(. he edge opposite the poc1et is the waist. !ind the center of the waist edge and
)ark it with a pin or chal1.
!ind the center of +o'r ribbon. #in center of ribbon onto center of apron.

1*. Alace more pins to attach ribbon along all of the waist edge.

11. Sew ribbon onto apron along both long sides of ribbon, close to the edges.
he remaining ribbon that is loose will be 'sed to tie the apron aro'nd +o'r waist to wear it.
*o' ma+ sew on b'ttons, bows, lace, etc. for decoration. Wear +o'r apron to 1eep +o'r sewing
tools hand+ while +o' are sewing= or when enBo+ing an+ hobb+.
Congratulations! You made your own apron!
Copying or distributing this pattern is NOT permitted. Copyright January, 2010 Barbara J. Campbell Edmondson, all rights reserved, all copyright laws apply

!ind more patterns b+ Eet Sewing at *o' Can Da1e his. 6ere are photos of some of them:
< cut all 4 corners