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Heat Transfer Homework 1 & 2

1. Please find the thermal conductivity of SWCNT, MWCNT, Graphene at room

temperature. Please list the reference in which the thermal conductivity of
SWCNT, MWCNT, Graphene are taken from.

J. Hone, M. C. Llaguno, N. M. Nemes, A. T. Johnson, J. E. Fischer, D. A. Walters, M.
J. Casavant, J. Schmidt,and R. E. Smalley, "Electrical and thermal transport
properties of magnetically aligned single wall carbonnanotube films"

At 300K, The thermal conductivity of H-aligned SWCNTs is about 217 W/m-K.

The SWCNTs has an unusually high value of 6,600 W/m-K for the thermal
conductivity at room temperature.
They theorized that these high values would be due to the large phonon mean
free paths, which would concur with Hone's model suggested above.

Savas Berber, Young-Kyun Kwon, and David Tomnek, "Unusually High
Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Nanotubes" ,Phys. Rev. Lett. 84 (2000)

At 300K, The thermal conductivity of MWCNT is about 25 W/m-K.

W. Yi, L. Lu*, Zhang Dian-lin, Z. W. Pan, S. S. Xie, "Linear specific heat of carbon

At 300K, The thermal conductivity of Graphene is about 1500~2000 W/m-K.

Weiwei Cai, Arden L. Moore, Yanwu Zhu, Xuesong Li, Shanshan Chen, Li Shi,*
and Rodney S. Ruoff*, "Thermal Transport in Suspended andSupported
Monolayer Graphene Grown byChemical Vapor Deposition"


:Yang, A. S., Hsieh, Y. F., Tseng, L. Y., Liao, S. K., Wong, M.

H., Chen, P. H., 2013, A Novel Vortex Mixer Actuated by One-Shot Electricity-
Free Pumps, Chemical Engineering Journal, 228, pp. 882-888.

Here are several theoretical models:

is the shape factor. Here = 3/ and is the particle sphericity,
defined as the ratio of the surface area of a sphere with the same
volumeas the particle equal to the surface area of the particle.


Now, we use the Maxwells Equation with shape factor to calculate the
thermal conductivity of a sample of 10% SiO
nanoparticles in the base
fluid of 60:40 EG/W.

+( 1) ( 1)(1 )
+( 1) +(1 )

= 3.89 , = 0.1 and assume = 1.0, = 3/ = 3
= 0.4157 (W/m-K)
Fig. 1 ([2])

[1] Purna Chandra Mishra, Santosh Kumar Nayak, 2013, Thermal
Conductivity of Nanofluids-An Extensive Literature Review, International
Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Vol. 2 Issue 9,
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[2]Bhaskar C. Sahoo, Debendra K. Das, Ravikanth S. Vajjha, Jagannadha R.
Satti, Measurement of the Thermal Conductivity of Silicon Dioxide
Nanofluid and Development of Correlations