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Social Realism Questionnaire

I am going to create a two-minute long opening sequence for a social realism

film, the issue I am going to address I domestic violence.

1. Out of the options provided which do you think is the most effective way of
giving the audience background knowledge of the character.

Flash backs
Prologue 10 months earlier

2. A key convention of social realism film is the audience quickly establish a
connecting with the protagonist, I want my audience to empathize with my
main character this is done in different ways, out of these options which
two do you think is most effective? (Tick two)

A) Close ups on the characters eyes.
B) A Negative view of other characters around them.
C) Getting the impression that they are very lonely.
D) A voice over.
E) A unpleasant view of their surroundings.

3. Voice overs are often used to give background information and add
thought tracking to a scene and is a convention of any genre opening
sequence. Do you think a voice over would be effective?

Yes No

Explain why,


4. What is your favourite opening sequence of a social realism film? Explain
why it was effective.

5. Out of these locations which do you think is the most realistic and
relatable for the opening sequence? Chose four. (Number them 1 being
best 4 worst.)

In the shower
In the bath
Looking in the mirror
Walking down stairs
Making a cup of tea
Looking out of a window
Getting out of bed

6. Which do you think is most effective in a flashback?

Continued music from real scene
No sound
Distorted noise

7. How does distorted angry shouting make you feel? Explain why.

8. What is your favourite social realism film? Explain why you like the

9. What colour font do you think you would associate best with domestic


10. If I have backing music and a voice over would you prefer it with or without
music? As it could be effective or too distracting.


11. Would you prefer to see the male characters face during the sequence?
Explain why.

12. In social realism films it is a convention for the location to be in an
unpleasant neighbourhood do you think I should apply this convention or
change it? Explain why.