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Task 1:

The chart shows the number of people living alone by both sexes in 5 different age
groups in the UK between 2004 and 2005.

It is clear from the graph that there was an upward trend in the number of males
and females living lonely, as they get older. Furthermore, men under 64 years old
experienced higher rate of loneliness as opposed to women of the 2 oldest groups,
whose number significantly outweigh that of mens.

It is noted that adolescent and youth under 24 had the lowest rate of living
separately with about 5% and 4 % for males and females respectively. Interestingly,
between 25 and 74 years of age, the formers rate remained almost the same at
around 16%, while the follower demonstrated a dramatic rise from 9% to over 30%.

Finally, both sexes experienced remarkable increases at 75 and over with the
number of men reached almost 30% and womens doubled that of men to slightly
below 60%.

In conclusion, more elderly people living alone in Great Britain compared to
younger and middle age generations. Moreover, as females tend to live longer than
males, their rate of loneliness is also higher as the age increases.

Task 2:

Governments and large institutions have shown many undeniable contributions to
the quality of societies. People often think that such great changes can not be made
my small individuals. However, it has been proven that there are many legends in
the history of mankind, who individually have made dramatic changes to the world
and I believe that the role of each person in the development of society should not
be underestimated.

First of all, there are many extraordinary scientists, whose inventions have totally
transformed the way people live, such as Thomas Edision or Alexander Graham Bell.
Light bulb has enable people to see and work at night, while the creation of
telephone allowed people to communicate in long distance and set the foundation
for communication technology. Their work and research clearly proved that
individual is powerful enough to influence the world on their own and we are still
benefited by their work until now.

In addition, society can be considered the extended family of individuals, where
each member are interdependent. Governments and large organizations are not
exceptions, they are group of many intelligent and creative human beings, who are
nominated and supported by each residents of the country to bring goodness and
value to society. In other words, the achievements that government or any
organizations acquired are the combination of many small little works done my

In conclusion, firms and individuals should not be seen as separate patterns. We are
all human beings and individuals or unions can both make the world a better place
to live.

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