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Course scheduled to Duration : 2 Days

Course benefits
This course will help participants learn effective application tuning
techniques for optimizing performance in the Oracle server environment.
Topics in this course are troubleshooting application performance, by
analyzing the various options available in Oracle 11g like hints and
creating/ modifying eisting physical, logical structures, understanding
various new structures available in Oracle to improve application
Oracle !atabase 11g offers improved administration and maintenance
features, including an epanded automation toolset. This assists in
maintaining vital data and allows organizations to ensure high availability,
performance and integrity of their database systems.
"n this hands#on course, you gain the knowledge and skills to understand a Oracle 11g
Tuning concepts, write and tune sqls, code to enhance the performance of $%&, '&$%&,
and deploy them to maintain your organization(s database and ensure its availability.
Who should attend?
This course is valuable for candidates who have good knowledge in
Oracle 11g SQL !LSQL and so"e #rior knowledge in D$ conce#ts%
$essions reinforce the learning ob)ectives and provide participants the opportunity to
gain immediate, hands#on reinforcement of the ideas you are learning.
Day 1
Performance Tuning Duties Of Te D!A
What is !erfor"ance &uning?
&rade'offs $etween (es#onse &i"e and &hrough#ut
Ste#s for &uning
)easurable &uning *oals
Orac"e Data#ase Memor$ %tructures& O'er'ie(
$ackground !rocess (oles
+uto"atic Shared )e"ory )anage"ent
+uto"atic )e"ory )anage"ent
Tune te Logica" %tructure of te Data#ase
&y#es of &ables#ace
Seg"ent s#ace "anage"ent
,-tent )anage"ent .local dictionary/
0sing Oracle blocks efficiently
About multiple block sizes in oracle
Improving I/O by using multiple block sizes
Creating Indexes using multiple block sizes
How to Choose Data lock !ize
Data#ase structures an) %*L
,ffect of !C&1(,, 2 !C&0S,D on D)L
(ow Chaining 2 (ow )igration
&able high'water "ark 1ree and 0nused s#ace
(ow'rese3uencing and Oracle SQL 45O #erfor"ance
Tuning I+O using Partitions
"able partitioning
Why #artition a table
!artition #runing
+d6antages of #artitioning
&y#es of #artitioning
7andling 4nde-es in #artition
Partitioning an) %torage,Re"ate) Enancements
o Interval #artitioning
o $xtended Composite #artitioning
o %e&erence #artitioning
o !ystem #artitioning
o !ystem'(anaged Domain Indexes
o )irtual columns
Creating tables with virtual columns
#artitioning tables with virtual columns
Un)erstan)ing RO-ID
7ow is rowid used within Oracle
Structure and usage of (owid
0sing (owid to "ake select faster
Materia"i.e) /ie(
!ur#ose of )ateriali8ed 6iews
(efreshing )9
Query (ewrite
(ewrite or ,rror
A#out sorts
+uto"atic !*+ "e"ory "anage"ent
&uning sorts in Oracle
!*+ ad6isor
+bout 7istogra"s
,-tended statistics
,-#ress statistics
Day 2
Co)ing1 %tructures tat enances %*L+2"s3" 2erformance
PL%*L Nati'e Com2i"ation
!u"4 !in)s
0se bulk binding for "ulti'row o#erations
Selecting huge 6olu"e of data
A22en)ing )ata a#o'e 0-M A)'antage
using hints
direct #ath load
&y#es of (ef Cursors
!assing as #ara"eters
PL+%*L Function Resu"t Cace
0sing result cache hint
Cached and not cached clause in 1unction
(esult:cache and relies:on
%*L Resu"t Cace
0sing and )anaging (esult cache
Memor$ %tructures tat enances %*L+2"s3" 2erformance
%i.ing %are) Poo"
4nter#reting the 9;L4$(+(<C+C7, &able
(educing Library Cache )isses
Loading !L5SQL Ob=ects into the Shared !ool
%*L P"an Management
SQL !lan )anage"ent: O6er6iew
SQL !lan $aseline: +rchitecture
,6ol6ing SQL !lan $aselines
SQL !lan Selection
%i.ing te !u7er Cace
$uffer Cache
,-a"ining $uffer Cache +cti6ity 6ia the Cache 7it (atio
Calculating the Cache 7it (atio
When to 0se )ulti#le $uffer !ools ' >,,!(,C<CL, and D,1+0L&
Choosing Data $lock Si8e ,-a"#les
Tuning re)o generation
0nnecessary inde-
Select for u#date
0#date only the data of significance
0nnecessary co""it
*lobal te"# tables
,-ternal tables

In)e8es& O'er'ie(
0sing 4nde-es: Considering ?ullable Colu"ns
$it"a# 4nde-es 1unction based (e6erse >ey 4nde-es 24n6isible
*uidelines for )anaging 4nde-es
)onitoring 4nde- 0sage
%*L Tuning A)'isor
+uto"atic SQL +nalysis
Creating SQL &uning &asks
Day @
A22en)ing )ata a#o'e 0-M A)'antage
using hints
direct #ath load
Pro9"ing an) Tracing PL+%*L Co)e
&race !L5SQL #rogra" e-ecution
!rofile !L5SQL a##lications
%*L Tuning
&he Oracle O#ti"i8er
Cost'$ased O#ti"i8ation
+bout O#ti"i8ers in Oracle 1Ag
Co"#onents of 3uery o#ti"i8er
!ui")ing an) )e"eting statistics
Syste" statistics
Locking Statistics
)ulticolu"n Statistics: O6er6iew
0nderstanding a "ethod of e-ecution of a SQL
7ash Boins Sort "erge Boin ?ested Loo#
0sing 4nde-es a##ro#riately
0sing +utotrace
O#ti"i8er )ode
O#ti"i8er hints .used in state"ent le6el/
O#ti"i8er )odes "eant for OL&! and DSS
4n6oking the SQL &race 1acility
1or"atting &race 1iles with &>!(O1
4nter#reting the Out#ut of the &>!(O1 Co""and
O#ti"i8er !lan Stability .o6er6iew/
$ind 6ariable 0sage . Soft !arse 5 7ard !arse .7ow to reduce/

,6aluating Large'table full'table scans

1asten 1ull &able Scan
4nit #ara"eters
A)a2ti'e Cursor %aring
,ffects of C0(SO(:S7+(4?* !ara"eter.$enefits5$+D ,ffects/
+bout $ind'+ware !eeking
$ind'+ware !eeking 6iews
Starting a syste" with bind'aware #eeking
Para""e" 3uer$
+bout #arallel 3uery sets
O6er6iew +bout of !arallel 3uery e-#lain #lan
4nclude the below to#ics as well and include in the abo6e
!artition ,-change Loading .!,L/ ty#es and usage
D$)S !rofiler +!4
+naly8ing and tracing the data for #erfor"ance
&y#es and Collections
!LSQL )a##ings
Set 6s (ow
Data e-traction fro" re"ote sources
?ati6e co"#ilation5e-ecution