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MYANMAR began releasing
hundreds of prisoners
including a political detainee
and former military intelli-
gence figures on humani-
tarian grounds, officials said
yesterday, in the latest large-
scale amnesty in the once
pariah nation.
The reformist regime,
which is in the process of pre-
paring to host a landmark
November meeting of inter-
national and regional leaders,
has granted a series of amnes-
ties as part of dramatic
reforms since the end of out-
right military rule in 2011.
President Thein Sein par-
doned some 3,073 people,
including 58 foreign nation-
als, citing stability of the
state, the rule of law and
humanitarian grounds,
according to a Facebook post
yesterday by Information
Minister Ye Htut.
One prisoner held on polit-
ical grounds was among those
freed, according to Ye Aung, a
representative of the Former
Political Prisoners Support
Group, which is working
closely with the government
on negotiating the release of
remaining dissidents.
We only can confirm the
release of one political pris-
oner from Myitkyina prison.
He was sentenced to five
years imprisonment under
the Explosives Act in 2013,
said Ye Aung, estimating that
some 75 political prisoners
remain behind bars.
Releasing the prisoners is
good. We welcome it. But we
want more released. Politi-
cally, it is meaningless with-
out the release of many
political prisoners.
Before reforms in Myan-
mar, rights groups accused
frees 3,000
Kevin Ponniah
BRITISH lawyer has
asked the Interna-
tional Criminal Court
to investigate wide-
spread and systematic land
grabbing in Cambodia over
the past 14 years as a crime
against humanity.
The complaint filed with The
Hague yesterday by lawyer
Richard Rogers, who is officially
representing 10 Cambodian
victims, alleges that a ruling
elite has perpetuated mass
rights violations in pursuit of
wealth and power.
The communication con-
tends that senior members of
the Cambodian government, its
security forces, and government-
connected business leaders car-
ried out an attack on the civilian
population with the twin objec-
tives of self-enrichment and
preservation of power at all
costs, says a statement released
by Global Diligence Llp where
Rogers is a partner and the
International Federation for
Human Rights.
Rogers says that crimes com-
mitted by the elite group in pur-
suit of these goals, include mur-
der, forcible transfer of
populations, illegal imprison-
ment, persecution and other
Complaint led at ICC
Lawyer claims ruling elite violated human rights with land grabs
Covert Kobane
A Kurdish man in the Syrian town of Suruc looks across to the the southeast town of Ain al-Arab, known as Kobane by Kurds, yesterday. Fresh airstrikes by the
US-led coalition hit positions held by Islamic State jihadists in the southwest of Ain al-Arab. AFP STORY > 12
Chhay Channyda
and Sean Teehan
IX garment unions will
hold a march begin-
ning in Phnom Penhs
Freedom Park on Sun-
day to demand a higher indus-
trial minimum wage, after the
Ministry of Labour delayed a
meeting about an increase,
according to a letter obtained
by the Post yesterday.
In the letter, sent to City Hall
on Monday, presidents of the
six unions said 3,000 people
would gather at Freedom Park
and then march to the US
and European embassies, fol-
lowed by the ofces of cloth-
ing brands.
The negotiation on the
2015 minimum wage for gar-
ment workers has been de-
layed without setting a specif-
ic date, the letter reads. We
hope the governor will allow
us to use Freedom Park.
City Hall spokesman Long
Dimanche said yesterday that
no decision has been made
on whether the event will be
The Ministry of Labours
Labour Advisory Committee
(LAC) had originally planned
to set next years industrial
monthly minimum wage
which is currently $100 on
Friday. On Monday, the Min-
istry delayed this meeting un-
til next month.
Minister of Labour Ith Sam
Heng also said Ministry of-
cials would meet with unions
other than the seven on the
LAC during this time.
None of the presidents of
the six unions that signed on
to the letter are on the LAC.
We know the employers
have offered $110, said Pav
Sina, president of the Collec-
tive Union of Movement of
Workers, and signatory to the
letter. But we need to negoti-
ate for a better wage.
Ath Thorn, president of Co-
alition of Cambodian Apparel
Workers Democratic Union
and a LAC member, said yes-
terday that he was not sure if
his union would participate,
but supports any effort to raise
oor salaries.
Dave Welsh, country director
of labour rights group Solidar-
ity Center, said he didnt think
a postponement of the wage
decision is a negative action
in this case, he believes the
government should not retali-
ate against unions for carrying
out the rally in negotiations.
Theres no reason for the
government to react to that in
a punitive way, Welsh said.
Labour Ministry spokes-
man Heng Sour could not be
reached yesterday.
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inhumane acts.
While specic individuals
are not identied, the com-
plaint recommends the court
prosecutor look at the role of
specic police and military
units involved in evictions.
Deportation or forcible trans-
fer of populations falls under
the courts denition of crimes
against humanity.
Rogerss evidence estimates
that some 770,000 people or
6 per cent of the population
have been negatively affected
by land grabbing in the King-
dom since 2000, with more
than 145,000 forcibly relocated
from Phnom Penh.
A summary of the complaint
says that the ruling elite accom-
plished this by exploiting land
tenure insecurity in post-war
Cambodia (the Khmer Rouge
abolished land titles) and using
a malleable judiciary and state
security forces to help them.
It also says that violence has
long been used to protect the
interests of this elite group from
dissidents, including activists,
lawyers, journalists, unionists
and opposition members.
In sum, the alleged crimes
represent a widespread and
systematic attack against the ci-
vilian population and are pur-
suant to state policy, according
to the complaint.
The ICC has received at least
two other communications
related to Cambodia since
2012, but Rogers who previ-
ously served as head of the
Defence Support Section at the
Khmer Rouge tribunal has
high expectations.
I am condent that the ICC
will initiate a preliminary ex-
amination. The law on this is
very clear. The denition of
crimes against humanity does
not require an armed conict,
he said in an email.
A decision to launch a pre-
liminary investigation could be
made in the next six months,
but would then likely take years
and there would be no guaran-
tee of either a formal investiga-
tion or trial.
The question for the ICC is,
at what point do these types
of human rights violations be-
come so grave that (when taken
together) they amount to an in-
ternational crime and meet the
gravity threshold? Do we wait
until 5 per cent of the popula-
tion has been affected, or 10 per
cent? Rogers said.
Government spokesman
Phay Siphan, who had previ-
ously mocked the lawyers ef-
forts, said yesterday that the
complaint was still a joke,
and was not only exaggerated,
but politically motivated.Its
polarised by politics. We
might know who sponsors or
who pays money for him and
who belongs to whom. I un-
derstand [opposition deputy
leader] Kem Sokhas daugh-
ter is also involved in the
complaint . . . It was [started]
during the [post-election]
campaign and related to the
political deadlock, he said.
Following the fatal shooting
of at least ve garment work-
ers by authorities in January
during violent protests, the op-
position Cambodia National
Rescue Party announced it had
engaged Rogers to investigate
crimes committed by state se-
curity forces against civilians
for a possible ICC complaint.
But Rogers says that when
he met victims and victims
groups, they asked him to con-
sider a much broader range of
crimes. Although Rogers is the
CNRPs international counsel,
the complaint has been led on
behalf of those victims, not the
political party.
Kem Monovithya, a daughter
of Sokha who is CNRP deputy
public affairs head, said that
while her name was on the orig-
inal press release, she played no
role beyond connecting Rog-
ers to the alleged victims.
CNRP spokesman Yim So-
vann also denied the complaint
was politically linked.Because
Cambodian courts have proved
unwilling and unable to deal
fairly with human rights viola-
tions raised in the ICC com-
plaint, we support the request
for an investigation by the ICC
prosecutor, he said.
Unions to march
over wage delay
Land grab
led at ICC
Workers march through the streets of Phnom Penh in August, calling
for better working conditions and a higher minimum wage. PHA LINA
A soldier speaks to villagers in 2012 as they are being evicted from
Kratie provinces Chhlong district. HENG CHIVOAN
Phak Seangly

dead and decaying in
Mondulkiris Phnom
Prich Wildlife Sanc-
tuary was slaughtered for its
tusks and trunk, ofcials said
yesterday, while offering a re-
ward to anyone who helps nd
the poachers.
Chhit Sophal, Mondulkiri
provincial director of the en-
vironment department, said
he believes the people who
slaughtered three elephants in
the same area in October last
year are responsible, and that
they might be local residents.
He also said there was no
evidence of how the male el-
ephant, which died about a
week ago, met his end.
We found that the tusk and
trunk were cut off, but we have
not found bullet holes, since
it [the body] is rotten, Sophal
said. The elephant is small,
they should not have killed it.
We suspect the local people.
They are not the outsiders.
They killed a wild ox and
transported it by three motor-
bikes, then escaped and left
the slaughtered animal when
our forces saw them, Sophal
said, referring to a group of lo-
cal poachers on the loose.
He added that they must
have tracked the elephant over
many days to hunt it down.
The department director
claimed that the 47 ofcials
and rangers on patrol in the
sprawling sanctuary dont cov-
er a lot of territory during the
rainy season.
It is not perfect, since the
rangers will not patrol when
it rains. But I do not believe
that they collude with those
poachers. Our ofcials have
been trained and if I gure
out that the rangers colluded
with them, I will not pardon
them, Sophal went on to say.
He said that the salaries of
some ofcials, which are -
nanced by the World Wildlife
Fund for Nature (WWF), were
cut because they werent active
enough at work. To encour-
age people to come forward,
he announced a two million
riel ($500) reward for anyone
whose cooperation leads to
the arrest of the suspects.
Samrang Dy Vichet, Phnom
Prich Sanctuary director, de-
nied that salaries were taken
away for poor performance,
saying he and his subordinates
do the best work they can.
Dy Vichet said that his of-
cials and experts from WWF
are preparing an inspection at
the site in order to determine
the cause of the death. Ten of-
cials have been assigned to
guard the dead body before
the examination takes place.
Chhit Sam Ath, the executive
director of WWF in Cambodia,
said WWF is working with the
Company allegedly tells locals to wear identity cards
Sen David
MORE than 200 villagers in Preah
Vihears Kulen district set fire to an
economic land concessionaires prop-
erty yesterday after the company said
they would have to wear official iden-
tification to enter and farm on what
they say is their own land.
Sem Lom, one of the local residents,
claims that the company, Seladamex,
built a fence to cordon off the land,
and ordered anyone seeking access to
the area to don official IDs with the
firms name, which triggered a two-
day protest.
We were surprised when the com-
pany ordered them to wear identity
cards issued by the company. We
[can] enter our farm . . . why do we
need permission from the company?
Lom said.
The villagers are very angry. We set
fire to the fence and a guard post. The
company did not have the right to
order us to wear cards to enter our
fields, he added.
Houn Chan Thoeun, a representa-
tive of the community, said that the
directive, which was allegedly put in
place last month, applies to anyone
18 years and older.
And now the company starts to
block the villagers from entering the
field if someone does not have an
identity card, he said.
Lor Chan, a coordinator for the
rights group Adhoc in Preah Vihear,
said that the move, which occurs amid
a dispute over contested land between
the company and the villagers, was a
violation of freedom.
In a rare case of agreement between
authorities and local activists, Chum
Puy, the Kulen district governor, said
that he will not allow the company to
proceed with their alleged plans to
make the IDs mandatory.
Now, the authority is asking the
company why they are doing this,
he said.
Seladamex Co Ltd, a Cambodian-
owned agribusiness, was established
in 2007, according to the companys
official website, which said it culti-
vates cotton for the textile industry
and has a factory in Battambang.
It was granted a 10,000-hectare land
concession in Preah Vihear for a rub-
ber plantation, where, its website says,
it will work hand-in-hand with locals
while hoping to improve the lives of
these farmers and help them to step
out of the poverty cycle.
The company could not be reached
for comment yesterday.
to be shown
door, again
Phak Seangly
CAMBODIAS controversial cen-
sus of foreigners continues
today, with Kampong Thom
authorities planning to deport
another 23 Vietnamese nationals
for living and working in Cam-
bodia illegally, Kampong Thom
provincial deputy police chief
Touch Sokhum said yesterday.
We are taking legal action
against them, and ordering them
to sign a contract [agreeing not
to return] before deporting
them, he said.
Provincial police chief Chhou
Sam An said that a company had
brought the Vietnamese nation-
als, aged 20 to 40, into Cambodia
more than a week ago to work as
labourers on the construction of
a Christian church.
They have only Vietnamese
IDs, and no legal documents for
living and staying in Cambo-
dia, he said, saying the 23
would not be prosecuted since
it was a first offence, and they
had only stayed a week.
The group, Sam An added,
would be deported through the
Bavet checkpoint today in the
company of his officers to
ensure that they actually leave
the country.
Including todays batch of
deportees, at least 329 foreign
nationals many of them Viet-
namese have been expelled
due to the census.
Greetings, friend
Rainsy, Sim
meet, but
details few
N AN unusual meeting at a
private residence, opposition
Cambodia National Rescue
Party leader Sam Rainsy visited
Cambodian Peoples Party and
Senate President Chea Sim in
his villa in the capital yesterday,
ofcials said.
Opposition lawmaker Eng
Chhay Eang said Rainsy had cho-
sen to visit the 81-year-old in his
home due to his ailing health.
CNRP lawmaker Tioulong
Saumura Rainsys wife was
also part of the visit.
[Rainsy] wished Samdech
Chea Sim to have good health
and a long life, Chhay Eng
said, adding that Rainy had also
talked with Sim about the July 22
agreement that broke the post-
election deadlock. Samdech
Chea Sim encouraged the big
parties to talk about national
interests and create cultural
Chea Sim has rarely been seen
in public since before last years
National Election.
Reached via email later,
Rainsy, who yesterday evening
left for France, said the meeting
had been a casual affair, before
declining to comment further.
Mam Sarin, chief of Chea Sims
cabinet, said the meeting be-
tween the two party presidents
was largely bereft of politics.
Reward up for poacher intel
The carcass of an elephant lays in a forested area of Mondulkiris Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary earlier this
week after it was killed for its tusks and trunk. PHOTO SUPPLIED
Villagers from Preah Vihears Kulen district gather at the checkpoint to an economic
land concession yesterday, where a company implemented new requirements for
villagers to access their farm lands. PHOTO SUPPLIED
The elephant is small, they
should not have killed it. We
suspect the local people. They
are not the outsiders
Individual Consultancy - Vacancy N LGCR/14/009
Development of training package to strengthen disability inclusion in governance at
the provincial, district and commune levels
The United Natons Childrens Fund (UNICEF), Cambodia Country Oce, is seeking to hire a qualied
internatonal consultanto develop or adaptng disability inclusion capacity development resources for
sub-natonal decision makers in Cambodia and to support UNICEF and the Ministry of Interior with the
delivery of training of trainers with the developed resources.
Scope of Work
Provide to UNICEF a Methodology for the Consultancy (max 5 pages);
Produce a comprehensive capacity development resource package for promotng disability inclusive
governance at dierent sub-natonal levels, linked to promoton and nurturing of community
partcipaton and demand creaton for disability inclusive services and family practces;
Produce accompanying three guidance notes/training of trainers manual on facilitaton of the
capacity development resources for province, district and commune level;
Facilitate quality assurance (pre-test, review by reference group, etc.) and review of the training
packages before implementaton and roll out to ensure quality and relevance;
Deliver and facilitate training of trainers workshops using the developed training materials for roll-
out down to the dierent sub-natonal levels. The number of workshops and training sessions as
well as planned refresher trainings will be decided in consultaton with UNICEF and MoI;
Prepare a nal summary report on the consultancy which will include:
Recommendatons for implementaton o
Lessons o
Qualicaton or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required:
The key skills required of the consultant will include:
Advanced university degree in Social Sciences, Internatonal Development, Law or related elds
Fluent and excellent communicaton skills (verbal and writen) in English
Demonstrated experience and expertse from the disability sector and disability inclusive
Demonstrated knowledge of gender sensitve development programming, community development,
and local governance
Demonstrated experience with developing, pre-testng training materials
Creatve facilitaton and communicaton skills
Familiarity with UNICEF (programmes, processes, policies) is an asset
Knowledge or experience with the Cambodian context and local governance system is an asset
Duraton of Contract:
54 working days
Submission of Applicatons:
Applicatons shall be sent by email to cbdhrvacancies@unicef.org. Applicatons MUST include the ttle
and vacancy number and all required documentaton as detailed in the ToR. Informaton on required
qualicatons, submission of proposals and complete Terms of Reference are available at
The deadline for receipt of applicatons is Friday 7 November 2014 17:00 (GMT + 7 hours)
Vong Sokheng
THE Electoral Reform Alliance
has slammed Cambodias op-
position and ruling parties for
their secrecey surrounding a
new draft law concerning the
countrys National Election
The umbrella organisation
of election watchdogs said
yesterday that it submitted its
own draft version of the law to
the parties on September 29
but had not received any reply.
Constitutional amendments
were passed last week to en-
shrine the newly independent
NEC, but detailed provisions
within the upcoming NEC law
are seen as extremely impor-
tant to ensuring free and fair
We need access to the elec-
toral reforms being made by
the two parties, because we
want to ensure the transpar-
ency and neutrality of the
NEC, Sin Titseiha, a moni-
toring and advocacy ofcer at
the Committee for Free and
Fair Elections. said at a brief-
ing yesterday. The two parties
have ignored our request to
monitor the process of draft-
ing the law. Because of that, we
sent our own draft but we have
got no response, Sin said.
Him Yun of the Coalition for
Integrity and Social Account-
ability, a Cambodian NGO, said
it was imperative that election
reform talks were open to all
stakeholders.The two parties
have to open the draft NEC to
the public by holding a nation-
al workshop before the draft is
sent to the National Assembly.
The matter is not only for the
two parties but for all Cambo-
dian people, he said.
Representatives from both
the Cambodian Peoples Party
and the Cambodian National
Rescue Party conrmed yes-
terday that they had seen the
ERAs draft law.
It depends on the work-
ing group of the two parties,
but for me, I dont know how
much the recommendations
of civil society will be included
in the draft, CPP lawmaker
and working group member
Sik Bun Hok said.
But CNRP spokesman Yem
Ponharith said his party sup-
ported many of the groups
points and had put them up
for discussion. The working
groups plan to nish the NEC
draft law next Monday, but
about 10 per cent of it remains
as sticking points, such as the
composition of NEC and pro-
cess for choosing members.
Election watchdogs
slam secret draft law
Businessman makes bail bid
Kim Sarom
HE Appeal Court
heard in a closed-
door session yester-
day the bail request of
jailed Cambodian-American
businessman San Richer, who
is accused of helping defraud
a local businesswoman out
of a $1 million investment in
Phnom Penh in 2012.
The complaint against Rich-
er, 52, was led by business-
woman Eng Lykong. It also
names Siv Sichan, a former
former US ambassador to
the UN Economic and Social
Council, as well as American
businessmen Thomas Wil-
lems and William Nojay as al-
leged conspirators.
According to the complaint,
led in June, the group per-
suaded Eng Lykong to invest
$1 million in a rice export-
ing venture in 2012, but after
receiving the money, disap-
peared. Richer was arrested
and detained in Phnom Penhs
Police Judiciary prison in Sep-
tember, while the other three
suspects have left the country.
Speaking outside court,
Lykong said she was pushing
for substantial damages. I
suggest the court punish the
suspect, and I demand the [$1
million] back and compensa-
tion of $200,000 for the ex-
pense of this case, she said.
But Richer maintained his
innocence, saying that he had
been a low-level staffer with no
knowledge of the investment.
He also called on the court to
grant his bail request, saying
he suffered from high blood
pressure, and promised to an-
swer any future summonses.
However, attorney Orn Hyng,
who represents Lykong, said
yesterday that he was sceptical
of Richers health claims. He
also said that he feared Richer
was a ight risk because of his
US residency. The suspect told
the court that he is a normal
staffer, but in this case, he was
the main person among the
four, because he recommended
my client transfer the money,
and he told my client that the
money was received, he said.
Prosecutor Pan Kemlean
seemed to agree, saying tha
tthe court should think twice
about granting the bail request
given the enormity of the sum
in question even if Richer
put up an equal amount as a
bail deposit.
Presiding judge In Vanvibol
said a decision on bail would
be made on October 9.
Cambodian-American businessman, San Richer (second left), is led away by prison guards after his hearing
at the Appeal Court in Phnom Penh yesterday. KIM SAROM
Thailand arrests, repatriates 100 workers
Wuttys son will sue if slurs continue
Charles Rollet
MORE than a hundred illegal
Cambodian migrant workers
smuggled into Thailand were
arrested and sent back home
yesterday, according to Cambo-
dias Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Thai media reported the Cam-
bodians had been hiding in forest
near the border town of Arany-
aprathet waiting for traffickers to
take them to Bangkok.
But the traffickers who Thai
police suggested had heard of an
impending crackdown never
showed up, leaving police to
arrest the migrants en masse.
Ministry spokesman Koy
Kuong said the migrant workers,
86 men, 42 women, and a boy
and a girl of unspecified age, were
arrested yesterday morning and
eventually transferred to Cambo-
dian authorities, arriving back in
the Kingdom in the afternoon.
[They were arrested] only yes-
terday, [and stayed] not even a
day in Thailand, Kuong said.
The workers then separated
and started making their way
home. None were charged or
punished in any way on arrival
in Cambodia, Kuong said.
Thai media reported the
migrants had paid 2,500 baht
($77) each to a Cambodian traf-
ficker to take them to Bangkok.
Cambodians are allowed to
work in Thailand by registering
with a list of approved agencies
that legally send them to the
country, but some avoid the
agencies due to high fees and a
lack of transparency.
Last month, police arrested
the owner of a phony work agen-
cy in Phnom Penh after workers
protested they had arrived in
Thailand with no jobs on loca-
tion, despite paying a hefty $350
finders fee.
May Titthara
THE son of slain environmental activist
Chut Wutty said he will file a defamation suit
against government spokesman Phay
Siphan if the official keeps insinuating Wut-
ty was a great log trader.
Siphan took to Facebook to accuse the
activist of being secretly involved in logging
and poaching, just days after US President
Barack Obama praised Wutty and the exec-
utive director of the Cambodian Human
Rights Center, Chak Sopheap.
My father loved animals and forests as
much as his own life. He would never do
that, said Wuttys eldest son, Chheuy
Odom Rasmey, who added that he could
easily rally character witnesses who had
worked with his fathers Natural Resource
Protection Group.
I will gather communities who worked
with my father to be witnesses and talk
about his activities, he said.
Siphan told the Post he would welcome
the defamation complaint, saying he only
posted on Facebook to show Obama who
the real Chut Wutty was.
I do not want to pick up a fuss with [Wut-
tys] family or Cambodian society. I just want
to establish that he did not live up to his
reputation as a hero or prominent man. He
was an opportunist, Siphan said.
But Chhim Savuth, current director of the
Natural Resource Protection Group, said
the accusations against the late Wutty are
We already know the government does
not accept the facts and is always using
some kind of pretext, he said.
I would support Wuttys family filing a
complaint against Siphan.
Wutty was shot dead on April 26, 2012, in
Koh Kong while he was leading two journal-
ists to investigate illegal logging in the Car-
damom Mountains.
The altercation left a military police offic-
er dead as well. The only person charged in
the case was the logging companys secu-
rity guard, who walked free after serving a
few weeks of his two-year sentence for
Medical staff gather in front of the new $10 million Centre De Neurosciences building during the inauguration ceremony at Calmette Hospital
yesterday in Phnom Penh. HENG CHIVOAN
Neuroscience centre opens
Taing Vida

AMBODIA launched
its rst full-scale pub-
lic neuroscience cen-
tre at Calmette Hospi-
tal in the capital yesterday.
At the inaugural ceremony for
the $10.8 million, 90-bed treat-
ment facility, King Norodom
Sihamoni showed his apprecia-
tion with a personal donation
of $10,000.
The Centre De Neurosciences
complete with a neurosurgical
ward, research unit and $420,000
neuronavigational system will
seek to treat patients regardless
of their ability to pay.
The project aims to respond
to the genuine public health
need and to help all patients
with diseases of the nervous
system, regardless of their -
nancial status, said Dr Francois
Xavier-Roux, a neurosurgeon
and project coordinator from
nonprot La Chaine de lEspoir,
which assisted in creating the
new centre.
Prior to the opening of the
neurosciences wing, many
patients suffering from neu-
rological conditions never got
diagnosed, and the few patients
able to get expensive medical
treatment in time often had to
leave the country.
The need is great, but the
responses so far are still very
poor. The establishment of this
neurosciences centre . . . is a big
step, in fact, a huge step for-
ward, Xavier-Roux said.
For patients who cannot af-
ford costly procedures and
scans, the hospital will charge
based on a sliding fee, ac-
cording to a staff member at
Calmette who declined to pro-
vide his name.
The centre aims to tackle a
gigantic discrepancy between
neurological case load and ser-
vices offered in the Kingdom.
Every year, Cambodia sees an
estimated 22,000 patients with
hemiplegic paralysis, 3,000 pa-
tients with brain tumours and
12,000 patients with herniated
discs, according to Minister of
Health Mam Bunheng.
There is also an overwhelm-
ing number of emergency head
trauma accidents in adults and
children at Calmette and also at
other hospitals [in Cambodia]
. . . There are thousands of chil-
dren born with spinal cord and
brain disorders, which have led
to major physical impairment,
Bunheng said. Without proper
care and treatment, the prob-
lems get worse.
In addition to seeing patients,
Calmettes newest wing will also
serve as a research and training
center for neurologists, neuro-
surgeons, anesthesiologists and
We dont have many neurol-
ogists or enough doctors spe-
cialising in neurological disor-
ders to provide treatment to all
the cases, said Dr Hok Tola, a
neurology consultant at Preah
Kossamak Hospital.
Tola added that many would-
be Cambodian neurosurgeons
are discouraged from the spe-
cialty since they have to go to
France or elsewhere to train.
But with a new training centre
in the country, the trend may
Instant karmas gonna
get you . . . no, really
THE lure of a shopping spree
made a 23-year-old woman
choose fortune over family in
Banteay Meanchey province on
the weekend. The woman bor-
rowed a motorbike from her
aunt, a 48-year-old vendor, to
visit friends. Rather than return
it, however, she succumbed to
her consumer instincts,
pawned it and headed for the
market. But karma was instant
for the naughty niece after
buying a few items, she was
pick-pocketed. Shattered, she
returned home, only to be
arrested for moto theft on her
Grenade attack revenge
for unknown offence
A GRENADE tossed into a
Kampot province auto repair
shop blew off doors, broke win-
dows and shattered nerves on
Monday morning, but injured
no one. According to the shops
owner, a motorbike could be
heard speeding off at around
3:15am, just before the blast.
Police said they suspected
revenge as a motive, though
the baffled shopkeep main-
tained that she had no ene-
Discretion the better part
of robbery, crooks learn
TWO men in the capitals
Chamkarmon district took the
saying walking in like they
own the place to new heights.
Police say the pair, 22 and 27,
was roaming from home to
home, breaking and entering
at will, then leaving with the
loot. Their audacity aroused
suspicions, however, and police
were able to apply the hand-
cuffs on Monday night as the
men fumbled out of a house
with their hands full. A raid on
the mens house uncovered
more stolen goods and the pair
confessed. DEUMAPIL

Placing a name with a
face . . . and a machete
A PAIR of thugs was arrested
on Monday over an armed
robbery in Phnom Penhs
Daun Penh district the night
before. The victim recounted
to police how the robbers,
aged 23 and 38, had waved
machetes at him, threatening
to kill him if he didnt hand
over his wallet. After following
orders, the victim escaped
unharmed. His description of
the attackers resulted in a
quick arrest. KOH SANTEPHEAP
Cops stats a little low:
raid nabs just one of 10
THE war on small-time drug
dealers continued in the capi-
tals Sen Sok district on Mon-
day with the arrest of one
man during a home raid.
Police said about 10 men had
gathered at the property,
some to use drugs and others
to collect deliveries. Following
a tip-off, police stormed in,
seizing four packages of yama
and the usual drug parapher-
nalia. In their haste to get
inside, however, police did not
man the back door, through
which nine suspects fled to
freedom. NOKORWAT
Translated by Phak Seangly
RMA Group has been in Cambodia since 1992. We are well known as dealer of agriculture, excavator,
power generator and heavy equipment and ataumotve. RMA is an equal-employment-opportunity
employer in Cambodia. We oer a friendly working environment, opportunites for advancement, and
benets for outstanding performers at all levels. We are now looking for dynamic candidates to ll the
following positons:
Truck Sales Manager 01 Positons

Dene the product strategy,planning, executon sale and tracking of direct mail and package -
insert campaigns for products
Providing the sales team with the necessary technical expertse to enable them to sell the -
Set-up, manage and improve standards and procedures within the team -
Ensure working practces are well dened and operatonal with minimal disrupton using -
technology to improve eciency as appropriate
Manage the team and individual performance, technical and skills development -
Encourage open communicaton between team members, suggestng and driving forward -
ideas about how the team can work more eectvely together
Execute sales plan to target agricultural prospects with a view to on-going relatonships as a -
key supplier
Preparaton of sales forecasts & budgets to meet targets -
Strive for best practces in customer satsfacton & support with regular updates to -
Monitor customers technical requirements and feed informaton back to technical manager -
Achieve Sales KPIs. -
At least bachelor degree level in Mining, Mechanical Engineering, and or Business/Commerce -
Minimum of 5-year experiences in sales management and small sales force management in -
heavy equipment, especially truck sales. Experiences within automotve is also considered
Experience in working for/with Major Internatonal Mining/Constructon Companies or OEM -
Ability to interact eectvely with people in various functons and at all levels of the -
Good in communicaton with the clients by the phone or face to face -
Ability to travel alone or with team to the provinces or others urban areas -
Good English & Khmer, writen & spoken. Thai & Chinese languages would also be considered -
Candidate with experiences in similar industries would be advantage -
A good package will be oered with basic salary plus commission and annual bonus -
Interested candidates are required to send their CV and cover leter to RMA (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
head oce address: #27, St. 134, SangkatMitapheap, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, or e-mail:
piseth.s@rmagroup.net orcontact to Tel: 023-883-488, Only short-listed candidates will be invited for
an interview.
Deadline: 30 October 2014
Sorcerer claim
Man arrested
over murder
of ex-abbot

AMPONG Chhnang po-
lice say a man has been
arrested for allegedly
killing another man he believed
to be a sorcerer who cursed his
Sok Sophat, 44, died after
he was reportedly stabbed
multiple times by Sou El, 43,
according to Teuk Phos district
police chief Khem Vibol.
Both the victim and the
suspect came from the same
village in Teuk Phos.
El ed the scene but was
arrested yesterday morning.
He reportedly confessed to the
crime, saying he had tried to
kill Sophat many times before
for using black magic to curse
his family.
Vibol said that Els belief that
Sophat was a sorcerer was
I heard from the villagers
that Sophat is a former abbot
he is a good guy.
At least three supposed
sorcerers have been killed this
year in Cambodia.
In April, angry Takeo villagers
stoned a 34-year-old man to
death believing his activities
had led to the deaths of nine
community members. TAING VIDA
Confession in wake of raid
Khouth Sophak Chakrya and Alice Cuddy
SUSPECT has allegedly con-
fessed to owning part of a haul
of rare wildlife pelts, bones and
parts discovered this week in a
Chinese Chamber of Commerce office in
Phnom Penh that environmental experts
say was likely operated as a sophisticated
business and destined to fuel the illicit
trade in China.
Suwanna Gauntlett, founder and CEO of
the Wildlife Alliance, said that late Monday
night one of those questioned about the
illicit items confessed to ownership,
though a government official denied this.
Among the items confiscated in Mon-
days raid at the China Sichuan and Chong-
qing Chamber of Commerce in the capitals
Tuol Sangke commune were 19 clouded
leopard skins, 10 otter skins, four eagle
claws, six Asian golden cat paws, six live
tortoises and three macaques.
A source with knowledge of the sting told
the Post that the offenders, including the
suspect who has allegedly confessed, may
avoid any legal action and instead pay a joint
penalty of between $20,000 and $30,000. But
Khem Vuthyravong, planning director of
the Forestry Administrations Anti-Wildlife
Trafficking Department, said the question-
ing of three Chinese nationals who lived at
the property resulted in no confessions.
We just asked them to cooperate with
us in order to find the owner, he said.
Duy Khov, a Council of Ministers official
whose wife owns the property, yesterday
spoke of confusion over the raid.
I dont know who it belonged to, but I
rented my house to a Chinese-Cambodian
man named Liu Erli to open the Chinese
association, he said.
Multiple local residents yesterday said a
soup shop used to operate out of the prop-
erty but only attracted clients in luxury
vehicles. For the past few months, they
said, the doors have been closed.
Post reporters were not allowed inside.
Gauntlett of Wildlife Alliance said the size
of the seizure and types of animals involved
suggested it was a large-scale operation.
Some of these skins were very fresh and
being dried on site There were perma-
nent cages on site [suggesting a] regular
wildlife trade, she said.
Gauntlett said all species found in the
raid could technically have been found in
Cambodia, but some, like the golden cats,
have not been seen for years.
She added that it was very likely the
items were destined for China, a major glo-
bal wildlife consumer.
Chris Shepherd, regional director of
TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, agreed, adding
that a number of worrying species were
involved, which he said was likely bought
from poachers or middlemen.
Whats really alarming is the number of
cat skins in the seizure the clouded leop-
ard and the golden cat. Numbers like this
are going to have a serious impact on the
species, he said. Also of major concern
are the otters, which are being decimated
throughout Southeast Asia to supply
demand for fur hats in China.
Authorities inspect endangered animal pelts on Monday after they were seized during a raid on
a property in Phnom Penhs Tuol Sangke commune. WILDLIFE ALLIANCE
The Global Green Growth Insttute (GGGI) is a new internatonal
organizaton commited to strong, inclusive green growth. GGGI assists
developing and emerging countries with integratng their ambitons for
strong economic performance and environmental sustainability with the
goal of bringing about poverty reducton, job creaton, social inclusion,
and climate change reslience.
Conduct a baseline analysis and mapping of past, existng and
planned initatves related to green cites.
The consultant will undertake a preliminary assessment of
the policy and regulatory reforms required for achieving the
development of sustainable cites in Cambodia.
The consultant will support the General Secretariat for Green
Growth, Royal Government of Cambodia, with drafing a concept
note on sustainable cites that includes global case studies.
The Consultant will build relatonships with key government agencies.
Postgraduate degree in relevant eld.
At least ten years of professional experience, preferably with the
Government of Cambodia or another ASEAN country.
Exceptonal analytcal and quanttatve/qualitatve skills, alongside
strong synthesis and strategic thinking skills.
Excellent communicaton (both writen and oral) and facilitaton
skills. Fluency in writen and spoken English is a must; uency in
Khmer is a plus.
Interested candidates should apply at:
Closing Date: 15th October 2014
Post Staff

ness Chamber of Cambodias
(IBC) two-day investment
conference came to a close
yesterday with the Minister of Com-
merce, Sun Chanthol urging a room
full of industry representatives to buy
into the Kingdoms economy.
Location, location, location, Chan-
thol announced, like a real estate auc-
tioneer, to the crowd at Phnom Penhs
Intercontinental Hotel.Tell me what
country allows you to have a 100 per
cent banking licence, to allow foreign-
ers to own 100 per cent in the telecom
sector, to allow foreigners to own 100
per cent of the agricultural business?
Only Cambodia, he said.
The two-day conference held panel
discussions ranging from tax and
monetary policy to banking, the la-
bour force, energy and agriculture.
Across the vast eld of discussion,
one universal message was that in-
frastructure and skills shortages are
holding the Kingdom back.
Yasuyuki Inoue, vice president of
Minebea Cambodia, said stafng his
6,000-person electronic goods mak-
ing factory was the biggest hurdle for
his rm.Hiring the necessary num-
ber of people and the vast number of
people who have no experience are
the most difcult points for us and
the manufacturing sector, he said.
Mey Kalyan, senior adviser at
the Supreme National Economic
Council, said despite the barriers to
growth, the manufacturing sector
was slowly diversifying as countries
like Thailand increasingly look to
Cambodia to produce offshoot prod-
ucts for high-value items.
For instance, Thailand might pro-
duce a car, and Cambodia can make
the spare parts for the car like brakes,
tires or air-conditioners, he said.
That production network, which con-
nects numerous factories across Asia,
makes for a very dynamic zone.
Yesterdays panel on Cambodias ag-
ricultural industry saw energy costs
and a lack of infrastructure at the cen-
tre ofdebate.
Cambodia could double paddy rice
production to 20 million tonnes per
year if farmers adapt to produce crops
twice a year, said Ty Sokun, secretary
of state for the Ministry of Agriculture,
Forestry and Fisheries.
But Sok Hach, president of Golden
Rice Cambodia, said while the electric-
ity prices remain two to three times
higher than Cambodias rice-produc-
ing neighbours, the country will remain
dependent on other nations to buy and
process the crops.Fortunately, our fra-
grance rice is very good quality and we
can sell at competitive prices, but rice
millers choose not to process white
rice because energy costs are high. As
a result millers send our paddy rice out
to Vietnam and Thailand, Hach said.
One million tonnes of rice exports
could have been easier to achieve if
electricity tariffs were lowered to 10 US
cents per kilowatt per hour.
Jitendra Manghnani, country man-
ager of India-based automaker Tata
International said rice productivity
overall in Cambodia sits well below
Thailand and Vietnam. While farm-
ers in Vietnam produce around 5.6
tonnes of rice per hectare, Cambodia
can produce only about 3.1 tonnes
per hectare We are simply missing
out on milling capacity because the
price of energy and infrastructure,
Manghnani said.
In a change of pace, during one of the
nal panel sessions for the IBC confer-
ence on Cambodias extractive indus-
tries, the discussion turned towards
the Kingdoms potential to become an
oil and gas producing nation.
If development in this area is fruit-
ful, I think we have a very good facility
to export in the future, Diep Sare-
iviseth, deputy director general of the
Department of Petroleum, said. Now
were promoting onshore acreages.
Two of Cambodias 19 onshore oil
and gas exploration sites have already
been acquired. One was acquired by
Petrovietnam Exploration Production
Corporation and the other by Japa-
nese rm MOECO. Sareiviseth said the
remaining onshore sites were open for
expressions of interest.
MOECO is also one of the joint
venture partners in Cambodias most
promissing offshore exploration areas,
known as Block A, along with South
Korean GS Energy Corporation and
Singapore-based KrisEnergy.
Sareiviseth said that while explo-
ration licences for all remaining ve
offshore sites had been acquired, the
government would still accept viable
applications for exploration.
But were not Kuwait here, you
know, he said, laughing. We have
some onshore, we have a little offshore.
But a lot of companies come in, lose a
lot of money and nd nothing. So we
are looking for the big companies that
are willing to invest their money and
stay long term.
Indicative Exchange Rates as of 7/10/2014. Please contact ANZ Royal Global Markets on 023 999 910 for real time rates.
Employees produce electronic goods at the Minebea Cambodia manufacturing plant in Phnom Penhs Special Economic Zone earlier this year. VIREAK MAI
IBC: Kingdoms economy is lagging
Top tech talent
Japan shows
off GPS specs
at tech event
LASSES that tell you
how to get home, ad-
verts that know where
you are looking and a T-shirt
that knows how fast your heart
is beating were on display at a
huge tech gathering in Japan
The gadgets were all part
of this years Cutting-Edge IT
& Electronics Comprehensive
Exhibition (CEATEC), Asias
largest electronics fair, just
outside Tokyo.
Leading the pack was a tiny
projection device that can be
attached to a pair of glasses
to give the wearer an ever-
visible screen.
The prototype dubbed
Toshiba Glass and weigh-
ing 42 grams might offer
directions or a simultaneous
translation, or could assist
factory workers who need
both hands free while work-
ing, a Toshiba researcher
We still dont know what
wearable formats will be the
most accepted in the future,
explained Toshiba senior
research scientist Yoshiyuki
Kokojima. AFP
Samsung sees profit fall 60 per cent
AMSUNG Electron-
ics yesterday agged
a near 60 per cent on-
year plunge in its third
quarter operating prot, as its
key smartphone sector con-
tinued to struggle in the face of
increased competition.
Operating prot for the
July-September period was
estimated at 4.1 trillion won
($3.8 billion), down 59.6 per
cent from the third quarter last
year, the company said.
Sales were estimated at 47
trillion won, down 20.4 per
cent from 2013.
While smartphone ship-
ments increased slightly,
operating margin declined
due to increased marketing
expenditures and a lowered
average selling price, driven
by reduced proportional ship-
ments of high-end models
coupled with price decreases
for older smartphone models,
the South Korean electronics
giant said.
The company warned that
uncertainty in the mobile sec-
tor would carry through into
the fourth quarter, although
it promised a new line-up of
top-end smartphones featur-
ing new materials and inno-
vative designs.
In July, Samsung had report-
ed a 20 per cent drop in net
prot for the second quarter,
and its shares are sitting at a
two-year low.
The share price actually rose
by as much as 3 per cent in
early trading after the prot
warning, and nally closed the
day up 0.96 per cent at 1.162
million won.
Expectations have been
lowered to a point where a
four trillion won operating
prot would relieve inves-
tors, explained Lee Seung-
woo, an analyst with IBK Se-
curities in Seoul.
The mobile market, which
has been the key driver of Sam-
sung prots in recent years,
has become increasingly satu-
rated, while competition has
intensied from cheaper Chi-
nese handset makers such as
Huawei and Lenovo.
The worlds largest smart-
phone maker has a diverse
product line ranging from
memory chips to home ap-
pliances, but more than half
of its prots are generated by
mobile devices.
The explanatory note said
shipments and prots in the
companys display panel busi-
ness had also fallen in the third
quarter due to weaker demand
in the mobile sector.
Samsung said on Monday
that it planned to invest 15.6
trillion won to build a high-
tech chip-making facility in
the city of Pyongtaek.
Demand for memory chips is
expected to remain robust, and
the new facility scheduled to
begin operations in 2017 is
seen as a strategic effort to off-
set further prot falls
in the smartphone
Samsungs smart-
phone prots have
been hit at both ends
of the spectrum.
Its previously all-
conquering ag-
ship Galaxy S series
has come under
renewed pressure
with the release of
the popular iPhone 6
from archrival Apple,
which has also chal-
lenged Samsungs
dominance of the
oversized smart-
phone market with
the introduction of the
larger-screen iPhone 6 Plus.
In the low- to mid-range
smartphone segment, the
challenge has come from
Chinese handset makers who
have begun to make substan-
tial inroads into Samsungs
market share.
Samsung remained the
worlds top vendor, moving 74
million handsets, but saw its
overall market share slip seven
per centage points to 25.2 per
cent, while Chinas Huawei
nearly doubled its shipments
from the same quarter a year
ago. AFP
South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics has reported a
near 60 per cent drop in operating prot in the third quarter. AFP
CHINAS government removed
tens of thousands of phantom
employees from state payrolls
amid a campaign by President
Xi Jinping to crack down on
corruption and waste.
A total of 162,629 employees
who had continued to draw
salaries after leaving their posts
were cleared out of central and
provincial governments, state-
controlled nancial companies
and universities as of Septem-
ber 25, the ofcial Peoples Daily
reported on Monday. The coun-
try also disposed of 114,418
government vehicles, it said in
a separate report.
The moves build on Xis
broader anti-graft campaign
to crack down on the abuse of
power by ofcials after he be-
came head of the Communist
Party in November 2012. Cen-
tral government agencies cut
their eet by 37 per cent last
year, according to the Central
Commission for Discipline In-
spection and Ministry of Super-
vision. Xis government has also
cut spending on business travel
and entertainment.
This would be an important
step towards making China a
fairer place rather than having
people with power being able
to take money out of the system
and put in their own pockets,
David Zweig, a professor of
political science at Hong Kong
University of Science and Tech-
nology, said by telephone.
The government removed
over 55,000 workers in Hebei
province who were getting paid
even though they no longer
hold positions, Peoples Daily
reported. In the southwest-
ern Sichuan province, more
than 28,000 ofcials were paid
even though they didnt work,
and 15,000 were uncovered in
Henan province, according to
the report.
The missing employees are
typically government ofcials
relatives or children, according
to China National Radio.
Liu Tienan, the former deputy
head of the National Develop-
ment and Reform Commission,
has been accused by prosecu-
tors of securing a phantom job
for his son in return for broker-
ing deals and helping obtain
approvals for projects.
His son was given a job at
Guangzhou Automobile Group
Co with a salary of 1.2 million
yuan ($195,000) from June 2007
to December 2012, even though
he didnt work there, accord-
ing to the ofcial microblog of
the Langfang City Intermediate
Peoples Court, where Lius trial
took place last month.
Communist Party cadres and
government ofcials ranked
below vice minister have been
given monthly allowances of
500 yuan to 1,300 yuan in lieu
of government vehicles, the of-
cial Xinhua News Agency re-
ported July 16. AFP
Tens of thousands of
ghost employees cut
from Chinas payroll
Rio Tinto rejected Glencore takeover
China rm buys $1.9B Waldorf Astoria
RIO Tinto Group jumped the most in
more than a year in London after saying
it rejected a merger approach from Glen-
core Plc that would have created the
worlds largest miner.
Glencore made a merger proposal in July,
which was unanimously rejected by Rio
Tintos board, London-based Rio said yes-
terday in a statement.
After being rebuffed by the board, Glen-
core has reached out to Rios biggest
investor, Aluminum Corp of China, to
gauge its interest in a potential deal in the
next year, according to people familiar
with the matter.
By acquiring Rio Tinto, Glencore CEO
Ivan Glasenberg would create the
worlds largest mining company worth
more than $160 billion, usurping BHP
Billiton Ltd. Hed also add Rio Tintos
giant iron ore mines in Australia to
Glencores leading positions in copper,
coal, nickel and zinc.
The pressure is on Rio now, Chris
LaFemina, a mining analyst at Jefferies
Llc, explained yesterday in a report. If Rio
management does not deliver material
capital returns to shareholders, as prom-
ised, or if the iron ore price sharply falls
next year, Rio could become much more
Rio, the worlds second-biggest iron ore
exporter, climbed as much as 6.2 per cent
in London, the biggest intraday gain since
July 2013. The stock traded at 3,138 pence
at 11:22am.
Chinalco, as the state-owned company
is known, controls about 9.8 per cent of
Rio, and talks took place in recent weeks,
one of the people said, asking not to be
identified as the details are private.
Despite the July approach, no talks are
under way between the two companies,
no formal offer has been made, none is
likely before the end of 2014, and Glencore
could decide against an offer, the people
Spokesmen for Glencore and Chinalco
declined to comment on Monday.
With falling commodity prices and
falling share prices deals like this are
going to get mooted more and more,
Evan Lucas, a markets strategist in
Melbourne at Ig Ltd, said by phone
yesterday. Sti l l, a potential merger
would be a regulatory nightmare,
he said.
Glencore views Chinalco as potential-
ly supportive of a change in control after
the Chinese company failed to secure a
board seat at Rio and has seen little
progress on a joint iron-ore project in
Guinea, one of the people said. Glencore
is also gauging the views of other Rio
shareholders, and studying the tactical,
financial, and regulatory obstacles to the
deal as it considers its next steps, the
people said.
Regulators probably would have required
a combined company to sell or spin off
assets, said Ken Hoffman, a Bloomberg
Intelligence analyst.
You would generally think the regula-
tors would take a very hard eye at this, he
A CHINESE insurance compa-
ny has bought Hiltons land-
mark New York luxury hotel the
Waldorf Astoria for $1.95 bil-
lion, the US hotel giant said on
Anbang Insurance Group has
agreed to restore the property
to its historic grandeur and will
allow Hilton to manage the it
for the next 100 years, Hilton
Worldwide Holdings said.
The Waldorf Astoria New
York, the grand Art Deco hotel
on Park Avenue that occupies a
full city block in midtown Man-
hattan, has been in business for
more than a century.
In 1993, the hotel was declared
an official New York City land-
mark, joining the Empire State
Building and the Brooklyn
Bridge. Conrad Hilton, Hilton
Worldwides founder, who
bought the management rights
to the hotel in 1949, called it
the greatest of them all.
We are very excited to be
entering into this long-term
relationship with Anbang,
which will ensure that the Wal-
dorf Astoria New York repre-
sents the brands world-class
standards for generations to
come, said Christopher Nas-
setta, president and chief exec-
utive of Hilton Worldwide.
The glamorous 47-story hotel
has been a magnet for world
leaders, celebrities, including
Marilyn Monroe who lived in a
$1,000-per-week suite, and top
entertainers such as Frank
Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.
The New York hotel is the
f lagship of Hiltons luxury
brand Waldorf Astoria Hotels
& Resorts, launched in 2006,
which now spans 27 destina-
tions, including Beijing,
Shanghai, Amsterdam and
Dubai. AFP
Source : Samsung/IDC
Samsung Electronics
Smartphone market share
74.3 million
25.2% market
Operating profits,
trillion won
Quarterly earnings
Q3 Q4 Q2
The entrance to the Waldorf Astoria, in New York, on Monday. AFP
This would be an important
step towards making China a
fairer place
Daniel de Carteret
THE World Bank has predicted
another strong year for Cambo-
dia with an estimate of 7.2 per
cent growth in 2014.
Expansion in the garment
sector, which saw 14.1 per cent
year-on-year growth by mid-
2014, combined with increased
investor interest in the construc-
tion industry where project ap-
provals surged by $2.5 billion,
are driving the strong outlook,
according to the World Banks
October Economic Update re-
port released on Monday.
Investor condence has re-
turned after a period of uncer-
tainty that started in July 2013
and lasted until earlier this year,
and with it investment has been
revitalized, the report reads.
Growth eased in the agricul-
tural sector, meanwhile, largely
off the back of a slowdown in
rice production during the 2013
dry season, the report says.
Cambodian farming would
benet from a review of its in-
vestment priorities, namely
in the areas of agricultural re-
search and irrigation, and more
is needed to enhance logistics
in the sector, the Bank says.
The outlook resonated yester-
day with independent econo-
mist Srey Chanthy, who said as
Cambodias economic climate
shifts, sectors like agriculture
need further development.
There is still room for im-
proving productivity in rice, but
there is a lot of room for other
higher value products, he said.
Irrigation development with
a focus on secondary channels
and improvements to roads
is needed to help farmers im-
prove productivity and access
to market, he said.
In tourism, where the World
Bank says political turmoil in
niegbouring countries has led to
a moderate rise visitor numbers
of just 5.2 per cent for the rst six
months of the year compared
with 19 per cent in the same pe-
riod last year, Cambodia should
improve roads and focus on its
beach and eco-tourism areas to
help expand the sector.
Ho Vandy, co-chair of the
Private-Public Tourism Sec-
tor Working Group echoed the
banks sentiments yesterday,
saying that sustainable tour-
ism investment can help bring
prosperity to rural areas.
Road imporvements, Vandy
added, was a challenge that
needs to be addressed.
If you have good tourist des-
tinations, but you dont have the
infrastructure, how can people
enjoy it? he said.
Tourism, farming need
attention: World Bank
Thai TV row heading to court
HE dispute between
Thailands Channel 3
and the governments
broadcasting regula-
tor seems destined to end up
in the Central Administrative
Court, as the two sides look in-
creasingly incapable of reach-
ing a solution on their own.
A court injunction delaying
the Channel 3 blackout, the
objective of which was to en-
courage both sides to nd a
mutual solution, will expire at
4:30pm on Saturday.
Channel 3 sought the in-
junction after the broadcast-
ing committee of the National
Broadcasting and Telecommu-
nications Commission (NBTC)
on September 8 ordered satel-
lite and cable TV operators not
to carry the analogue channel
on their platforms within 15
days after receiving notice.
Surin Krittayapongpan, an
executive vice president of
BEC World Plc, said subsid-
iary Bangkok Entertainment
Co, holder of the Channel 3
concession, would inform the
court of the failed negotiations
on Friday.
BEC still has questions about
the legal quagmire, particular-
ly the different entities issue,
as both sides have different
views on this.
Bangkok Entertainment
holds the Channel 3 conces-
sion from MCOT Plc, while
another subsidiary, BEC Mul-
timedia, operates three digital
channels under a licence re-
gime from the NBTC.
Channel 3 believes that if it
complies with the broadcast-
ing committees resolutions,
it risks many legal violations.
Moreover, the analogue
channel will be able to mi-
grate 60 per cent of existing
content to broadcast on the
digital platform, so it does not
want to simulcast.
On September 29, the broad-
casting committee said Chan-
nel 3 could submit its TV pro-
gramming schedule in a bid
to allow a simulcast based on
requirements that a licensee
must produce at least 60 per
cent of the programming itself.
Channel 3 failed to respond.
That solution was only at
the committees discretion
and had no legal support. We
still want to ensure our opera-
tion is safe from any legal com-
plications, Surin said. Last
month, Pravit Maleenont, ex-
ecutive director of BEC World,
had said: We need certainty
for our business operations.
The Channel 3 case is seen
as similar to the closure of iTV
in 2008 after the Prime Min-
isters Ofce amended that
channels contract without
any legal justication.
The broadcasting commit-
tee on Monday maintained its
stance and tasked the NBTC
with assisting Channel 3 if it
changed its mind about com-
plying with the September 29
resolution. No further talks will
be held with Channel 3, as the
resolution has already been
clearly explained, it said.
Colonel Natee Sukonrat,
the NBTCs broadcasting
committee chairman, had of-
fered incentives for simulcast
On Thursday, the Central
Administrative Court will con-
sider hearing the case of ve
cable TV operators petition-
ing to cancel the September
8 resolution, saying it would
adversely affect their cable op-
They also led a lawsuit
against three NBTC commis-
sioners who voted to issue the
order Lieutenant General
Peerapong Manakij, Thawat-
chai Chittrapanun and Supin-
ya Klangnarong citing abuse
of power and a lack of public
Channel 3 broadcasting outside the Government House in Bangkok in
December 2013. AFP
anti-trust regulators
opened a probe into
internet shopping gi-
ant Amazons tax arrangements
with Luxembourg yesterday on
the grounds that the deals may
amount to illegal state aid.
The announcement follows
in the tracks of similar probes
into the tax arrangements of
iPhone-maker Apple in Ire-
land, coffeeshop chain Star-
bucks in the Netherlands and
the nancial arm of automak-
er Fiat, also in Luxembourg.
EU competition commis-
sioner Joaquin Almunia told
reporters that under a 2003
deal Amazon recorded most of
its European prots through
its Luxembourg arm, but that
these prots were not taxed in
It is only fair that subsidiar-
ies of multinational companies
pay their share of taxes and do
not receive preferential treat-
ment which could amount to
hidden subsidies, he said.
The European Commission
has no jurisdiction over na-
tional tax policies a cherished
prerogative of member states,
so the probes are strictly limited
to rules governing free compe-
tition between EU countries.
Under the microscope are
so-called tax rulings, special
arrangements made with tax
authorities before a company
chooses to domicile activities
in a given country in the 28-
nation EU.
Brussels regulators can in-
tervene if they suspect that
favourable tax deals amount
to promises of indirect subsi-
dies by governments that are
seeking to attract businesses
at the expense of other mem-
ber states.
The Commission, the EUs
executive arm, said the probe
would examine whether the
decision by Luxembourgs tax
authorities with regard to the
corporate income tax to be
paid by Amazon complies with
the EU rules on state aid, the
statement said.
Apple and Amazon and other
mostly US-based multination-
als have come under intense
pressure from politicians and
campaigners over their tax
Critics saying sweetheart ar-
rangements allow companies
to move billions in earnings
from higher taxed countries to
lower taxed ones.
The investigation of Luxem-
bourgs tax affairs also comes
just weeks before Jean-Claude
Juncker, the tiny countrys
former prime minister, is to
take the reins of the European
According to the Financial
Times, the Luxembourg gov-
ernment initially refused to
cooperate with Brussels on the
Amazon tax deal probe, but
softened its approach once
Juncker was nominated to
head the commission.
I welcome that coopera-
tion with Luxembourg has im-
proved signicantly, Almunia
said in the statement, without
referring to Juncker. AFP
US SECURITIES officials are probing
whether Goldman Sachs bribed Lib-
yan Investment Authority officials to
win business during the Moamer Kad-
hafi regime, according to a person
familiar with the matter.
The issues under US investigation
are also part of lawsuit filed by the LIA
in London against Goldman Sachs
after the Libyan sovereign wealth fund
lost some $1 billion in derivatives
trades placed by Goldman on its
behalf. The US Securities and
Exchange commission is investigating
whether Goldman offered an intern-
ship in 2008 to a brother of Mustafa
Zarti, deputy chief of the LIA, accord-
ing to the source.
Goldman has defended the hiring,
saying Haitem Zarti was selected for
an internship after the disputed trades
were placed.
The internship was viewed by
[Goldman Sachs] as part of the train-
ing programs it offered to the LIA,
Goldman said in a court filing in the
British suit.
US companies are barred under the
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act from
making payments or gifts to foreign
government officials, such as those
who work for a sovereign wealth fund,
to obtain or retain business.
The Libyan Investment Authority
claims that its international inexperi-
ence and trusting relationship with
the US bank was exploited by Gold-
man Sachs, which allegedly made
$350 million in profits from trades that
cost the fund $1 billion. AFP
European Union regulators have opened an investigation into Amazons tax dealings with Luxembourg
regarding concerns that the deals may amount to illegal state aid. BLOOMBERG
EU probes Amazon tax deals
GERMANYS unexpected weak
industrial data in August have
cast a shadow over the per-
formance of Europes biggest
economy and the entire region
for the rest of the year, analysts
said yesterday.
Following a deep 5.7 per cent
slump in factory orders as a
result of the late timing of the
summer holidays, overall in-
dustrial output shrank by a
massive 4 per cent, according
to regular data compiled by
the Economy Ministry.
The German economy
shrank by 0.2 per cent in the
second quarter of this year
and another contraction in the
third quarter would technically
put the country in recession.
Commerzbank economist
Ralph Solveen predicted that
Germany was likely to see
stagnation at best in the
third quarter. But the govern-
ment and the German central
bank are condent the decline
will be short-lived
Capital Economics econo-
mist Jonathan Loynes said:
Augusts big drop in indus-
trial production all but con-
rmed that German indus-
try is back in recession and
underlined the need for both
the European Central Bank
and the German government
to give the eurozones biggest
economy much more policy
support. AFP
falters, EU
International banks face new loss-absorbency standards
Facebook closes WhatsApp deal
Goldman faces enquiry
THE largest global banks will have to
hold more capital and liabilities than
previously reported that can auto-
matically be written off in a crisis as
much as a quarter of risk-weighted
assets as regulators take on lenders
deemed too big to fail.
The Financial Stability Board is
currently developing minimum
standards that will limit the double-
counting capital banks use to meet
existing international rules, accord-
ing to an FSB working document that
was sent for comment to Group of 20
governments and obtained by
Bloomberg News.
The restriction means that, while the
basic requirement will be set at 16 per
cent to 20 per cent of risk-weighted
assets, the final number will be higher
because the banks must separately
meet other regulatory capital buff-
ers, according to the document,
dated September 21. The FSB in Basel,
Switzerland, declined to comment on
the non-public document.
These standards are an important
step in developing a strategy which
will limit taxpayers exposure to fail-
ing banks, but of course a lot of work
still has to be done to determine how
much flexibility national regulators
will have or even need when apply-
ing the rules, said Richard Reid, a
research fellow for finance and reg-
ulation at the University of Dundee
in Scotland.
The FSB, which consists of regula-
tors and central bankers from around
the world, plans to present the draft
rules to a G-20 summit in Brisbane,
Australia, next month. The plans,
which will be published for comment
and completed next year, are part of
a package of measures designed to
make sure taxpayers are no longer on
the hook when banks fail.
The FSB maintains a list of globally
systemic banks that it updates each
November. The latest list included 29
banks and identified HSBC Holdings
and JPMorgan Chase as the banks
whose failure would do the most
damage to the global economy.
The FSB plan would force the worlds
most systemically important banks to
issue junior debt and other securities
that could be written down in a
straightforward manner and cover
costs associated with winding down
or restructuring. The rule would fully
apply in 2019 at the earliest.
Bank of England Governor Mark
Carney, the FSBs chairman, has said
that the measure is needed to prevent
taxpayer-funded bailouts of banks.
It is essential that systemically
important institutions can be
resolved in the event of failure with-
out the need for taxpayer support,
while at the same time avoiding dis-
ruption to the wider financial sys-
tem, Carney wrote in a letter to the
G-20 last month.
The FSB proposals include criteria
that debt and other securities have to
meet to count toward a banks mini-
mum required total loss absorbency
capacity, or TLAC. Under the TLAC
standard, lenders wouldnt be able to
count the equity they use to satisfy
two existing international capital
buffers. BLOOMBERG
FACEBOOK on Monday completed its
buy of mobile messaging application
WhatsApp, with the mostly stock deal
tallying nearly $22 billion.
The acquisition was given the colos-
sal price tag of $19 billion when the
deal was struck in February, but a rise
in Facebook shares has pushed the
value even higher.
We are looking forward to connect-
ing even more people around the world,
and continuing to create value for the
people who use WhatsApp, Facebook
said in an emailed statement.
Terms of the deal include WhatsApp
co-founder Jan Koum remaining head
of the company and taking a seat on
the Facebook board of directors.
Koums salary will be $1 a year,
according to a filing on Monday with
the United States Securities and
Exchange Commission. The sym-
bolic annual pay mirrors that of
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg.
WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton
will remain with the company under
terms of the acquisition, which prom-
ises inducement grants of millions
of shares of stock that will incremen-
tally vest during the coming four years
for Koum and Acton if they remain
with the company.
European Union regulators on Fri-
day cleared the buyout of the Whats-
App mobile messaging service by
Facebook, despite opposition by tel-
ecom companies afraid of the growing
power of US technology giants.
Explaining its approval, the Euro-
pean Commission said Facebook and
WhatsApp were not close competi-
tors and consumers would continue
to have a wide array of choices.
We have carefully reviewed this pro-
posed acquisition and come to the
conclusion that it would not hamper
competition in this dynamic and grow-
ing market, EU competition commis-
sioner Joaquin Almunia said.
Facebook, the worlds biggest social
network, announced the buyout of
the WhatsApp messenger service,
used by 600 million people, in Febru-
ary and US authorities approved the
deal in April. AFP
We are looking forward to
connecting even more
people around the world
Time Warners Turner
to axe 10 pct of workers
TIME Warner Incs Turner
Broadcasting division will
eliminate 1,475 positions,
about 10 per cent of its global
workforce, as part of a broader
initiative to improve profit-
ability. The cuts will take place
at 18 locations worldwide, and
include news, entertainment
and sports, as well as
corporate jobs. Turner, which
operates CNN, TNT and TBS,
has about 14,000 full-time
employees, according to the
statement. Time Warner is
under mounting pressure to
improve its performance after
CEO Jeff Bewkes spurned a
$75 billion buyout offer from
Rupert Murdochs 21st
Century Fox and said his firm
would deliver better returns to
investors on its own. BLOOMBERG
London Underground
workers set to strike
WORKERS on Londons
Underground train system
will stage a 48-hour strike
next Tuesday, the Rail,
Maritime and Transport
union said, risking travel
chaos in a long-running
dispute over ticket offices
closures. Members of the
80,000-strong transport
union announced a strike
next week from the evening
of October 14 to the evening
of October 16. The walkout
coincides with strikes by
health workers, civil servants
and council workers in
separate pay, jobs and
spending cuts disputes. AFP
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney,
the FSBs chairman, said the measure
is essential to prevent taxpayer-funded
bailouts of banks. BLOOMBERG
International commodities
Thailand Vietnam
Singapore Malaysia
Hong Kong China
Japan Taiwan
Thai Set 50 Index, Oct 6
FTSE Straits Times Index, Oct 6 FTSE BursaMalaysiaKLCI, Oct 6
Hang Seng Index, Oct 6 CSI 300 Index, Oct 6
Nikkei 225, Oct 6 Taiwan Taiex Index, Oct 6
Ho Chi Minh Stock Index, Oct 6
2,450.99 23,422.52
1,833.54 3,243.99
614.08 1,028.87
South Korea Philippines
Laos Indonesia
India Pakistan
Australia New Zealand
KRX 100 Index, Oct 6 PSEI - Philippine Se Idx, Oct 6
Laos Composite Index, Oct 6 Jakarta Composite Index, Oct 6
BSE Sensex 30 Index, Oct 6 Karachi 100 Index, Oct 6
S&P/ASX 200 Index, Oct 6 NZX 50 Index, Oct 6
30,103.23 26,271.97
5,032.84 1,398.70
7,239.38 4,107.61
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Gasoline R 5250 5450 3.81 %
Diesel R 5100 5200 1.96 %
Petroleum R 5500 5500 0.00 %
Gas Chi 86000 76000 -11.63 %
Charcoal Baht 1200 1300 8.33 %
Construction equipment
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Rice 1 R/Kg 2800 2780 -0.71 %
Rice 2 R/Kg 2200 2280 3.64 %
Paddy R/Kg 1800 1840 2.22 %
Peanuts R/Kg 8000 8100 1.25 %
Maize 2 R/Kg 2000 2080 4.00 %
Cashew nut R/Kg 4000 4220 5.50 %
Pepper R/Kg 40000 24000 -40.00 %
Beef R/Kg 33000 33600 1.82 %
Pork R/Kg 17000 18200 7.06 %
Mud Fish R/Kg 12000 12400 3.33 %
Chicken R/Kg 18000 20800 15.56 %
Duck R/Kg 13000 13100 0.77 %
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Steel 12 R/Kg 3000 3100 3.33 %
Cement R/Sac 19000 19500 2.63 %
Food -Cereals -Vegetables - Fruits
Cambodian commodities
(Base rate taken on January 1, 2012)
Crude Oil (WTI) USD/bbl. 90.05 -0.29 -0.32% 8:50:19
Crude Oil (Brent) USD/bbl. 92.3 -0.49 -0.53% 8:49:27
NYMEX Natural Gas USD/MMBtu 3.92 0.02 0.49% 8:49:54
RBOBGasoline USd/gal. 239.71 -1.61 -0.67% 8:49:27
NYMEX Heating Oil USd/gal. 261.34 -0.79 -0.30% 8:50:16
ICEGasoil USD/MT 786.75 5 0.64% 8:50:11
CBOT Rough Rice USD/cwt 12.69 -0.02 -0.16% 8:07:04
CME Lumber USD/tbf 350 -0.2 -0.06% 18:02:26
The end of the bitcoin era?
Andrea Peterson

N THE past three months, the
price of the cryptocurrency
bitcoin has fallen nearly 50 per
cent going from about $630
per bitcoin to $320 per bitcoin, ac-
cording to CoinDesks bitcoin price
index, which averages the prices on
major exchanges.
Thats an extreme shift, though
bitcoin trading prices are notori-
ously volatile, sometimes making
similar percentage drops in a matter
of hours or days. The difference here
is that it appears to be a slow, mea-
sured pattern of decline.
There has been major regulatory
news in the past few months, includ-
ing New Yorks proposed rules for vir-
tual currencies and Russias proposal
to punish their use. But that doesnt
seem to have produced the same
type of seismic shifts as when China
ordered local payment processors to
stop transactions involving digital
currencies such as bitcoin.
Instead, Jerry Brito, the executive
director of industry-backed think
tank Coin Center, said he believes the
downward trend in bitcoin may actu-
ally be related to its rising popularity
among merchants in recent months.
In September, overstock.com be-
came the rst major online retailer to
accept the cryptocurrency globally.
Its hard to tell what exactly causes
these price movements, but what
I think makes most sense is that as
bitcoin merchant adoption grows,
there is increasing sell pressure in
the market, Brito says. Because
there are not yet very good hedging
instruments for bitcoin, merchants
that accept bitcoin for payment will
immediately sell, so as to not be ex-
posed to any volatility.
Basically, merchants dont want to
hold on to the bitcoins they accept
as payment. Thus, Brito says, theres
a constant sell pressure, which he
said he believes may have snow-
balled into the downward trend.
Brito is optimistic, however, about
the future of the market, saying that
needed hedging instruments are
coming along very shortly and that
long-term investors may actually
buy in the current low.
The $320 exchange rate that the
cryptocurrency is oating around is
a substantial drop from the highs of
last year, when bitcoins reached more
than $1,100 on some markets near the
end of the year after dramatic surges.
Looking even further back shows
just how turbulent 2013 and 2014 were
for the overall currency and payment
system, which faced major booms
and busts at much more signicant
dollar levels than it had earlier.
Bitcoin received intense media
coverage as it experienced growing
pains, including regulatory turmoil, a
bankruptcy scandal involving one of
the most popular exchanges and var-
ious attempts to unmask the crypto-
currencys mysterious creator.
However, given all the hype that
the currency has received, it can be
easy to forget that the system was
launched only in 2009 and that the
price stayed well below the current
levels until the latter half of last
A customer uses a bitcoin ATM in Japan. Over the past year, bitcoin ATMS have opened all around the world. BLOOMBERG
DARA AIRPORT HOTEL, areputable4-star Hotel andnearest to the
PhnomPenh International
Airport with 226rooms, suites andapartments, invites suitablecandidates to
apply for thefollowingposition:
Management Levels
Position Available
Food & Beverage Manager
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Executive Chef
Pastry Chef
Security Manager
- Good of Written and spoken English
- Minimumof 4 years experience in Hotel
- Good managerial skill and problem
solving abilities
- High personal presentations
- Good communication skills and
- Computer literate- Ms Word, Excel and
Application Information
Human Resources Department: ahrmap@darahotels.com.
Tel: +855(0) 23888668, Fax: 855(0) 23888001, www.darahotels.com
RATANA PLAZA Building, Russian Federation Blvd, Sangkat Toeuk Thla,
Khan Sen Sok Only short listedcandidates will becontactedfor
interview, andall submitteddocs will not bereturned.
Closing Date
15th November 2014
J ob Announcement
city cops
MEXICAN federal forces dis-
armed a southern citys entire
police corps and took over
security on Monday after offic-
ers were accused of colluding
with a gang in violence that left
43 students missing.
The deployment in Iguala,
200 kilometres south of Mexico
City, came after President
Enrique Pena Nieto pledged
justice in a case whose motive
remains a mystery.
Authorities discovered a mass
grave on a hill outside Iguala
over the weekend containing
28 unidentified bodies, raising
fears over the fate of the stu-
dents, who were last seen in the
city more than a week ago.
Authorities say it will take at
least two weeks to get the
results of DNA tests to identify
the badly burned corpses.
The case could become one
of Mexicos worst slaughters
since the drug war intensified
in 2006, leaving 100,000 people
dead or missing to date, and the
most horrific since Pena Nieto
took office in December 2012.
Convoys of the governments
new paramilitary-like gendar-
merie police and army trucks
rumbled down Igualas streets.
Officials said over 400 police
and gendarmes were dispatched
to patrol streets and man check-
points with an unspecified
number of soldiers.
Witnesses say several stu-
dents, from a teacher training
college known as a hotbed of
radical protests, were whisked
away in police vehicles on the
night of September 26 after
officers shot at buses the
youngsters had comman-
deered to return home.
Prosecutors say the Guerre-
ros Unidos drug gang partici-
pated in the night of violence
that left six people dead, 25
wounded and 43 missing.
Two hitmen confessed to kill-
ing 17 of the students, saying
they were told by Igualas pub-
lic security director to head to
the scene of the shootings,
while a gang leader told them
to execute them, authorities
said. But nobody knows why
the violence happened.
Attorney General Jesus Muril-
lo Karam said more federal
investigators would arrive in
the city of 140,000. AFP
Kobane about to fall: Turkey
IHADISTS are on the
verge of seizing the key
Syrian border town of
Kobane, Turkey warned
yesterday after a three-week
assault by the Islamic State
group that has left hundreds
reported dead.
The fall of Kobane to IS
would mark a major victory
for the jihadists, who are
ghting for a long stretch of
the border with Turkey for
their self-proclaimed Islamic
With the battle entering a
crucial phase, US and Arab
warplanes launched fresh
strikes on IS positions near
Syrias third largest Kurdish
town. At least 412 people, more
than half of them jihadists,
have been killed in and around
Kobane since mid-September,
according to the Syrian Obser-
vatory for Human Rights.
Turkish President Recep
Tayyip Erdogan warned that
the strategically important
town was about to fall, saying
a ground operation was need-
ed to defeat the militants.
I am telling the West
dropping bombs from the air
will not provide a solution,
he explained.
Iran, which unlike the West
supports President Bashar al-
Assads regime, criticised the
passivity of the international
community in the face of the
IS offensive.
Town turned battleeld
Kurdish militia in Kobane
waged erce street battles
with the advancing jihadists,
who pierced the towns de-
fences on Monday.
The Kurdish defenders have
vowed to ght to the last
person, said Kobane activist
Mustafa Ebdi.
Gunre, explosions and the
roar of ghter jets were heard
from the Turkish side of the
border, while a Kurdish ag
was seen ying in the centre
of Kobane, it was reported.
We need help from the in-
ternational community, said
Idris Nahsen, a Kurdish ofcial
still in the town, which is also
known as Ain al-Arab.
Either we nish them [IS]
or they will nish us, he said
by telephone.
Kurdish ghters have or-
dered civilians to evacuate the
town, after the jihadists plant-
ed their black ags on its east-
ern side and entered Kobane
on Monday.
There are no more civil-
ians in Kobane. Its just a bat-
tleeld, said resident Faruq
Hajji Mustafa, who ed the
town on Monday.
The United States and its
allies have launched nearly
2,000 air raids against jihad-
ists in both Iraq and Syria in
an attempt to stop their ad-
vance, including ve strikes
near Kobane on Monday and
Several armed vehicles, an-
ti-aircraft artillery, a tank and
a jihadist unit were dam-
aged or destroyed, the Penta-
gon revealed.
Four more air raids were
carried out elsewhere in Syria
including on a facility pro-
ducing homemade bombs
as well as four strikes in Iraq.
Warplanes from Saudi Ara-
bia and the United Arab Emir-
ates took part in the bombing
raids in Syria.
The Netherlands said its
F-16s had carried out their rst
strikes on IS in Iraq as part of
the US-led campaign, target-
ing armed vehicles shooting at
peshmerga Kurdish ghters.
At least 17 people were re-
ported killed north of the Iraqi
city of Samarra in a suicide
bombing on a militia observa-
tion post watching for IS ght-
ers crossing the Tigris River
late Monday.
The battle for Syrias Kobane
has prompted some 200,000
residents to ee across the
Turkish border.
An ofcial in the Turkish
town of Suruc said on Tues-
day that 700 people, including
47 wounded, had crossed the
frontier overnight, both civil-
ians and Kurdish ghters.
Seven bodies were also car-
ried across.
Turkey last week won parlia-
mentary approval for military
intervention against IS in Syria
and Iraq, but it has yet to an-
nounce any rm plans despite
the advance of the jihadists on
its doorstep.
In Istanbul, protesters
clashed with Turkish police in
a new show of anger over the
governments inaction, with
tear gas and water cannon
used to disperse several hun-
dred demonstrating Kurds.
One person was killed dur-
ing similar clashes in the
southeastern city of Mus.
In northwestern Syria, a ri-
val extremist organisation to
IS the al-Qaeda-afliated
al-Nusra Front abducted a
priest and 20 other Christians
on Sunday night, the Francis-
can Order said. AFP
Smoke rises from the southwest of the Syrian town of Ain al-Arab, known as Kobane by Kurds, following airstrikes yesterday. AFP
OLICE are questioning a 26-year-old
Japanese Muslim on suspicion of
trying to join Islamic State jihadists in
Syria, media reports and the top
government spokesman said yesterday.
The man, a student at Hokkaido
University, had reportedly planned to fly to
the Middle East this week to fight with the
Islamic extremist group, which has cut a
swath through Syria and Iraq.
The student told police he was planning
to travel to Syria so as to join Islamic State to
work as a fighter, the Mainichi Shimbun
and other media reported.
Hundreds of mostly young men have
travelled from Europe and North America to
join forces with the brutal group of jihadists,
which has declared an Islamic caliphate.
However, this is believed to be the first
attempt by a Japanese. He hatched the plan
after spotting a job advertisement posted at
a second-hand bookshop in Tokyo.
The poster, which was shown on NHK,
directed people interested in working in
Syria to the shop clerk. The same poster
said a monthly wage of 15,000 RMB (around
$2,400) was payable for people not afraid of
violence to work in Chinas Uighur
Autonomous Region in northwest Xinjiang
Uighurs are the mainly-Muslim
inhabitants of Chinas northwest Xinjiang
province. Beijing is facing mounting violence
there, which it has blamed on separatists it
says have been radicalised through contact
with overseas-based terror groups.
Most scholars remain sceptical of Chinas
claims, however, with some arguing that
Beijing exaggerates the threat to justify its
hardline measures in Xinjiang.
Detectives are also investigating the
advertiser, the Yomiuri Shimbun said,
without giving details of their identity. The
relationship between the bookstore and the
advertiser was not immediately clear. AFP
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the country of wrongfully im-
prisoning about 2,000 politi-
cal detainees. Most have since
been pardoned in sweeping
amnesties that campaigners
have said were often linked
to high prole visits by inter-
national gures.
In December the country
declared that there were no
more political prisoners after
freeing inmates arrested un-
der a host of draconian junta-
era laws restricting dissent.
But campaigners say dozens
of people have been arrested
under more recent legislation,
mainly for protesting with-
out permission, while several
journalists have been jailed
this year in trials that have
drawn international concern.
Many former political pris-
oners have also suffered re-
peated arrest for continuing
their activities. Ye Aung said
eight former military intel-
ligence gures were among
those freed yesterday.
Arrested in a 2004 purge
on the department as part of
the overthrow of former spy
chief-turned-prime minister
Khin Nyunt in a junta power
struggle, the former ofcials
were thought to be serving
sentences of up to 100 years.
Among those freed was Brig-
adier General Thein Swe. father
of well-known media business-
man Sonny Swe, a co-founder
of the Myanmar Times.
Dozens of former staff of
military intelligence, a widely
feared surveillance body that
was responsible for the arrest
and alleged torture of many
activists, are thought still to
be behind bars, , who are not
generally considered to be po-
litical detainees.
Khin Nyunt himself was re-
leased from house arrest in
2012 and has since opened an
art gallery in Yangon.
Arbitrary imprisonment
was a hallmark of nearly half a
century under a junta that de-
nied the existence of political
prisoners, even as it imposed
harsh punishments on rights
activists, journalists, lawyers
and performers.
The Assistance Association
for Political Prisoners lists 80
political prisoners still behind
bars, despite a pledge from
President Thein Sein to free all
of them by the end of 2013.
The government says it
achieved that promise and
that those now imprisoned are
being held for non-political of-
Myanmar frees 3,000
prisoners in amnesty
Ebola case found in Spain
EARS grew yesterday
that the Ebola epi-
demic was spreading
outside Africa after
three more people were iso-
lated in Spain following the
infection of a nurse in a Ma-
drid hospital.
The EU demanded answers
about how the disease could
have spread in Spains most
specialist unit treating Ebola
where the nurse cared for two
elderly Spanish missionaries
who died from the virus after
being own home from west
Africa. Ebola has been rag-
ing there since the beginning
of the year, with nearly 3,500
conrmed deaths so far.
Tests conrmed that the
40-year-old nurse is the rst
person to contract the virus
outside Africa.
Doctors said her husband
was at high risk and has
been admitted to the La Paz-
Carlos III hospital, where the
nurse worked. Another sus-
pect case a man recently
returned from abroad is also
being monitored there.
One of the nurses col-
leagues, who has been suffer-
ing from diarrhoea, has also
been taken in for observation.
Madrids stock market fell on
the news, with travel and tour-
ism groups worst hit. Shares
in IAG, owner of the Spanish
airline Iberia, tumbled more
than 6 per cent.
The infected nurse began to
feel ill on September 30 while
on leave after treating the two
priests in the hospitals isola-
tion unit. But she did not go
to hospital until Sunday ve
days later complaining of
a fever, government ofcials
said. She is now being treated
in the same unit.
Health ofcials said they
were trying to nd out who
she came into contact with,
and were monitoring 30 peo-
ple including co-workers
for Ebola symptoms.
The infection also sparked
questions about how safety
procedures were applied when
treating the two missionaries.
People are freaked out,
a cardiologist at the hospital
said. We cannot understand
how someone who was wear-
ing a double protection suit
and two pairs of gloves could
have been contaminated.
She claimed Spain was not
up to dealing with the hemor-
rhagic fever and questioned
the decision to repatriate the
The nurse had treated Span-
ish priest Miguel Pajares, 75,
who was infected with Ebola
in Liberia and died on August
12, as well as Manuel Garcia
Viejo, 69, who was repatriated
from Sierra Leone and died on
September 25. Pajares was the
rst patient in the current Eb-
ola outbreak to be evacuated
to Europe for treatment.
The nurse is believed to have
contracted the virus six weeks
later while caring for Garcia
Viejo. Ofcials said she visited
his room twice, once to clean
him and then to collect mate-
rial after his death.
The team that cared for
the missionaries was closely
monitored, they said.
The European Commission
has written to the Spanish
Health Ministry demanding
an explanation, a Brussels
spokesman said.
The case followed a wake-
up call on Ebola from US
President Barack Obama,
who warned on Monday that
some large countries are not
doing enough to tackle the
Elena Moral, leader of the
CSIF-AGCM public workers
union, told Spanish public ra-
dio: The precautionary mea-
sures that should have been
taken were not effective. The
necessary training was not
given and we must nd out
who was responsible. AFP
Nurses Union spokesman Juan Jose Cano speaks to journalists in front
of the Carlos III hospital in Madrid yesterday. AFP
Automobile in Cambodia
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The preparing of the 2
Phnom Penh International Auto Show 2014 at Koh Pich
Interview with Auto Show 2014 exhibitors
New luxury cars arrived in Cambodian market
Which driving school should be considered? Whats its requirements?
Interview with president of Cambodia automobile federation and presidents of car distributors
Interview with all car engine experts
Car price in Cambodia compared with neighbor countries and global market
Big motorbike market catching Cambodian youths interest
Start of luxurious bike selling in Phnom Penh
Knowing about usage, maintenances, check, prepare, lubricant change, spare parts
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Nobel winner sees LED
dream become reality
US-BASED researcher Shuji
Nakamura, one of three scien-
tists to win the Nobel Prize
Tuesday for Physics, said he
was delighted to see his
dream of LED lighting
become a reality. The three
researchers invented the LED
lamp when they produced
bright blue beams from semi-
conductors in the early 1990s,
triggering a transformation in
lighting technology. Nakamu-
ra, a Japanese-born US
national, won the award along-
side Japanese scientists
Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi
Amano.I am very honoured to
receive the Nobel Prize, said
Nakamura, a professor of
materials and electrical and
computer engineering at the
University of California, Santa
Barbara. I hope that energy-
efficient LED light bulbs will
help reduce energy use and
lower the cost of lighting
worldwide. AFP
Carlos the Jackal faces

new French murder trial
CARLOS the Jackal will face a
fresh trial for a grenade attack
in Paris in 1974 that killed two
and injured 34, sources close to
the investigation said yesterday.
The 64-year-old Venezuelan,
whose real name is Ilich
Ramirez Sanchez, has been
held in French jails since 1994
after he was arrested in Sudan
and transferred to France
following a series of attacks
and murders in the country.
Carlos has denied any
involvement in the attacks and
said during the appeal that the
evidence against him was
unreliable. On Friday, an anti-
terrorism judge decided to
send him to a special court in
Paris to face charges of
premeditated murder for his
alleged role in the 1974 grenade
attack on a pharmacy in an
upmarket district of Paris. AFP
Bisexual Dewani pleads not guilty to murder
IN AN explosive opening to his long-
awaited trial on Monday, British mil-
lionaire Shrien Dewani pleaded not
guilty to murdering his young bride
while on their honeymoon in Cape
Town but admitted having paid male
prostitutes for sex.
Dewani told the High Court in a writ-
ten statement that he considered him-
self to be bisexual a pre-emptive strike
against possible prosecution plans to
portray him as a gay man trapped in an
arranged marriage which he ended by
hiring hitmen to kill his wife.
Dewani told the court he was not
guilty of charges of murder, kidnap-
ping and obstructing justice.
He fought a three-year legal battle to
avoid being extradited from Britain to
South Africa, claiming he had mental
health problems, including depression
and post-traumatic stress.
However, he was sent back to South
Africa in April, where he was found fit
to stand trial for the murder of his
Swedish-born bride Anni (nee Hindo-
cha), who was shot dead on November
13, 2010, aged 28. In a statement read
by defence layer Francois van Zyl,
Dewani said he was bisexual but was
instantly physically attracted to Anni
and came to love her.
Dewani claims that he and his bride
were hijacked at gunpoint as they drove
through Cape Towns impoverished
Gugulethu township in a taxi. Dewani
escaped unharmed, but his wifes body
was found in the abandoned car the
next day.
Three South Africans have been tried
and convicted and are serving jail sen-
tences of between 18 years and life for
their role in Anni Dewanis death.
Taxi driver Zola Tongo admitted guilt
in a plea bargain and claimed that
Dewani had offered him 15,000 rand
($1,300) to have Anni killed.
He is serving an 18-year jail sentence
and is expected to play a key role in the
prosecutions arguments.
Another major witness will likely be a
sado-masochism master who will
claim that Dewani paid him for sex.
Gay prostitute Leopold Leisser is said
to have claimed in a statement to British
police that Dewani had told him he was
getting married to a lovely girl, but he
needed to find a way out of it.
In his statement to the court, Dewani
said: Ive had sexual interaction with
both males and females. I consider
myself bisexual. My sexual interactions
with males were mostly physical experi-
ences or email chats with people I met
online or in clubs, including prostitutes
such as Leopold Leisser.
Dewani said his memory of the exact
details of the alleged hijacking had been
affected by the traumatic experience
which resulted in the loss of my wife.
He described how two men hijacked
Tongos taxi at gunpoint and ordered
them to lie down.
He said the men told him they would
leave Anni at the police station and
ordered him out of the car with a gun to
his head. I tried to open the door but
it would not open. I recall the window
opening. I recall hitting the ground and
the car speeding way. When he heard
later that Anni had been found shot
dead, he said: At that point my whole
world came crashing down.
The trial was adjourned until today
after the prosecutions first witness, a
pathologist, described Annis wounds
and said there was no evidence of a
sexual assault. AFP
Kenyan leader heads to ICC
ENYAN President
Uhuru Kenyatta
headed to The Hague
yesterday for a land-
mark appearance before the
International Criminal Court
where he faces charges of
crimes against humanity.
Kenyatta, who will become
the rst sitting president to
appear before the chamber,
temporarily handed power to
his deputy to protect the sov-
ereignty of the east African
country before taking a regu-
lar ight as a private citizen
to Amsterdam.
He waved to supporters at
the airport in Nairobi in a rel-
atively low-key early morning
departure accompanied by
a small delegation including
his wife and daughter, as well
as six MPs and three minis-
ters, an AFP reporter said.
He is to attend a status con-
ference hearing today at The
Hague-based ICC, after pros-
ecutors asked for an indenite
delay until Nairobi handed
over documents they believe
could clinch their case.
Kenyatta, 52, faces ve
counts at the ICC over his al-
leged role in masterminding
post-election violence in 2007
and 2008 that left 1,200 people
dead and 600,000 displaced.
The Kenyan leader has ap-
peared at the ICC before, but
not since he was elected presi-
dent in March 2013.
Bitter memories are still
fresh from 2007, when elec-
tions escalated into ethnic
conict, for which Kenyatta
and Deputy President Wil-
liam Ruto were charged with
crimes against humanity. Both
reject the charges.
On Monday, Kenyatta told
parliament he had taken the
unprecedented move to
temporarily hand over power
to Ruto whose trial at the
ICC has already begun.
Let it not be said that I am
attending . . . as the president
of Kenya, he told a special
session of parliament. My
conscience is clear, has been
clear and will remain clear, .
The African Union had
previously called for the ICC
cases to be withdrawn and
transferred to Kenyan courts,
accusing the ICC of targeting
Kenyas post-electoral un-
rest shattered the east African
countrys image as a beacon of
regional stability in late 2007,
when opposition chief Raila
Odinga accused then presi-
dent Mwai Kibaki of rigging
his way back to power.
What began as political riots
quickly turned into ethnic kill-
ings of Kenyattas Kikuyu tribe,
who in return launched repri-
sal attacks, plunging Kenya
into its worst wave of unrest
since independence in 1963.
Kenyatta and Ruto, rivals
in 2007, ran together in 2013
polls for the presidency, beat-
ing Odinga by a narrow mar-
gin in largely peaceful polls.
Calls last month to inde-
nitely postpone Kenyattas
trial were met with both cel-
ebration and frustration by
supporters and opponents, al-
though many Kenyans appear
to have resigned themselves to
trying to move on past one of
the countrys darkest periods.
Many believe the case
against Kenyatta will soon col-
lapse, with Kenyan newspaper
The Standard calling the pro-
cess a farce, but at the same
time stressing that the quest
for justice must not be aban-
doned. AFP
Happy birthday,
Mr President
Putin supporters in Moscow
yesterday staged an exhibition of
paintings designed to symbolise
Putins achievements, comparing
them to the 12 Labours of Hercu-
les, the demigod of Greek mythol-
ogy renowned for his strength.
The paintings include depictions
of the takeover of Crimea, which
is compared to capturing the Cre-
tan Bull (bottom right), ghting
terrorism, compared to the slay-
ing of the Nemean lion (bottom
left, on the left) in this case, Pu-
tin strangling a bearded suicide
bomber. In one, a muscular Putin
lifts his shield (bottom left, on
the right) against the poisonous
breath of the Lernaean Hydra or
Western sanctions against Rus-
sia. The US head of the hydra has
been lopped off, reecting the
ban on food imports from the US,
EU, Norway, Canada and Austra-
lia that Russia adopted in August,
said the exhibit organiser, Mikhail
Antonov, pictured top next to a
painting showing Putin holding up
the heavens, as Hercules is said
to have done for Atlas. Kremlin
spokesman Dmitry Peskov said
Putin had taken a day off from
his extremely intense agenda
to celebrate his birthday in the
depths of Siberia. He will rest,
he said, declining to say whether
Putin would have company.
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NYC bafed
Dead baby
bear found in

Central Park
BABY bear was found
dead with trauma to the
body in New Yorks Cen-
tral Park on Monday, baffling
Police said officers were
called to Manhattans largest
public park by a warden after
the baby bear was found lying
in a grassy area. They said the
bear was a metre long and
transported to the Bronx Zoo.
The discovery baffled offi-
cials and disturbed the public,
who go jogging, relax, walk
their dogs and play with their
children in Central Park. No
animals have been reported
missing from any zoo in the
city, leading to speculation
that the bear may have been
killed elsewhere and its body
Very unusual, an elderly
dog walker told NBC televi-
sion. Ive lived in New York all
my life and Ive gone to Central
Park with different dogs and
Ive never seen a bear.
The bear, somehow separa-
ted from her mother, was later
on Monday transported to New
Yorks state department of
environmental conservation in
Albany for a necropsy. AFP
NORTH and South Korean
naval patrol boats briefly
exchanged warning fire yester
near their disputed Yellow Sea
border, which has been the site
of numerous clashes in the
past, the Souths Defence Min-
istry said.
The incident came as hopes
had been raised of a construc-
tive reboot in strained inter-
Korean relations following the
surprise visit of a top-ranking
North Korean delegation to the
South just three days before.
The Defence Ministry said
the Souths patrol boat had ini-
tially fired a warning shot after
the North Korean vessel pene-
trated half a mile inside the
Souths territorial waters.
Instead of retreating imme-
diately, the North patrol boat
opened fire, so our side fired
back, a ministry spokesman
said, adding that neither vessel
had directly targeted the other
and no damage was sus-
tained. The Souths patrol boat
fired around 90 rounds in
The incident took place at
9:50am near the South Korean
border island of Yeonpyeong,
and the North patrol boat
retreated to its side of the bor-
der 10 minutes later.
We are now watching North
Korean troop movements and
tightening vigilance against
any additional provocations,
the spokesman said.
The de-facto maritime
boundary the Northern Lim-
it Line is not recognised by
Pyongyang, which argues it
was unilaterally drawn by US-
led UN forces after the 1950-53
Korean War.
Both sides complain of fre-
quent maritime incursions by
the other and there were lim-
ited naval clashes in 1999, 2002
and 2009.
In November 2010, North
Korea shelled Yeonpyeong
island, killing four South Kore-
ans and briefly triggering con-
cerns of a full-scale conflict.
The latest scrap followed the
shock visit to South Korea on
Saturday by some of North
Korean leader Kim Jong-uns
closest aides.
It was led by Hwang Pyong-
so, a newly elected vice chair-
man of Norths powerful
National Defence Commission
who is widely seen as Kim Jong-
uns number two.
The visit resulted in an agree-
ment to resume a high-level
dialogue that had been sus-
pended for seven months as
military tensions on the divid-
ed peninsula soared.
The delegation also delivered
the message that Kim Jong-un
had no serious health problem,
despite not being seen in pub-
lic for more than a month.

Captain of Sewol admits
he let passengers down
THE ships captain at the heart
of South Koreas ferry disaster
acknowledged during his
murder trial yesterday that he
should have done more to get
passengers to safety as the
boat started sinking. Testifying
for the first time in court, Lee
Joon-seok said his decision-
making process was paralysed
by the shock of the incident, but
insisted that he had never
intended to sacrifice the lives of
the passengers to save himself.
The 69-year-old and three
senior crew members are
accused of homicide through
wilful negligence a charge
that can carry the death
penalty. Eleven other crew are
being tried on lesser violations
of maritime law. AFP
Cops hand Brit murders

case over, deny set-up
THAI police yesterday submitted
their investigation report into the
murder of two British tourists to
prosecutors. The 850-page
report recommends the
indictment of two Myanmar
nationals Saw Rim and Win,
both 21 for premeditated
murder, rape, theft and illegal
entry into Thailand. Meanwhile,
Myanmar Embassy officials said
they are satisfied with
explanations provided by Thai
authorities over the arrest of
their nationals, Thai police said
on Monday. The officials had
sought a meeting with police
after comments on social media
alleged the two Mynamar
nationals were being set up as
scapegoats. Its impossible to
create scapegoats in 2014, since
it is easier for police to be grilled
by the public, the chief investig-
ator in the case said. BANGKOKPOST
Taiwan premier: China
cyber threat growing
TAIWANS premier warned
yesterday of increasing cyber
attacks from China, the islands
highest-ranking official to
denounce attempts to steal
government secrets despite
warming cross-strait relations.
Jiang Yi-huahs warning comes
after the FBI warned on Sunday
that China is waging an
aggressive cyber war against
the United States that costs
American businesses billions
of dollars every year. The
mainlands cyber units have
been stepping up attacks on
Taiwans civil and government
websites, Jiang said in
parliament. AFP
Russian woman killed by
boulder at Thai temple
A RUSSIAN woman was killed
and her young daughter injured
on Monday after being crushed
by a falling boulder the size of a
car at a Buddhist temple in
Phetchaburi, Thailand. Alsiya
Bakibva, 35, was crushed by
the huge rock after it dislodged
from a cliff above and tumbled
down the hill, demolished two
toilets, flattened a car and
ploughed through several trees
into two living quarters. Her
6-year-old daughter, found
lying on top of her mother,
suffered a crushed leg. A
witness said the boulder fell off
the mountain next to the
monastery where Bakibva had
taken her daughter to learn
Buddhas teachings. The
incident occurred at about 1pm
at the Phra Non Na Kwang
monastery. BANGKOKPOST
North, South Korea patrol boats swap re
Source : South Korea defence ministry
North and South Korean naval patrol boats briefy
exchanged fre near their disputed maritime border
Korean sea border
50 km
Demarcation Line
Recognised by
the North
Northern Limit
current de facto
border, not ofcially
by Pyongyang
Incident took place
near the island,
the Souths defence
ministry says
HKs youth split with old guard
Jerome Taylor and Dennis Chong
S TALKS between the Hong
Kong government and stu-
dent leaders make slow
progress, the unprecedented
student-led democracy rallies in Hong
Kong have highlighted a stark divide
between a disenfranchised younger
generation who say they have little to
lose, and an older guard who favour
pragmatism over protest.
Throughout the past week, the le-
gions of mainly youthful demonstra-
tors camped out on the citys streets
have focused their energies on the
single galvanising issue that sparked
the mass sit-ins universal suffrage.
Dubbed the umbrella revolution
after umbrellas were used to protect
from pepper spray and tear gas, pro-
testers say Hong Kongers should be
allowed to both nominate and choose
their next leader in 2017.
Beijing insists only candidates vet-
ted by a loyalist committee will be
able to stand for election.
But the battle for full democracy in
the former British colony is only part
of why so many of the nancial hubs
youngsters have taken a leading role
in what has become the greatest chal-
lenge to Chinas hold over the territory
since its 1997 handover.
The protests are taking place against
a backdrop of rising inequality and
soaring living costs that leave many
young people with little prospect of
renting, let alone buying, their own
homes. Increased competition with
wealthy mainlanders, anger over the
cosy relationship between the govern-
ment and Hong Kongs nancial elite
and a sense of alienation from the rul-
ing authorities have left the younger
generation deeply uneasy about what
awaits them in adulthood.
Shadow Wu, a 16-year-old secondary
school student, believes the govern-
ment simply does not care about what
awaits its younger generation.
[It] doesnt listen to our concerns.
Its a fake government that doesnt re-
spond to the needs of the people, she
fumes. But Wu, who has spent the past
nine days camped out with two teen-
age friends, admits her grandparents
believe her protest is a waste of time.
My grandmother and grandfather
had really hard lives, so they think
were silly and should be happy to have
comfortable lives, she says.
Unlike their Chinese compatriots on
the mainland, whose desires for greater
personal and political freedoms have
largely been counteracted by Beijing
with the promise of stellar economic
growth, Hong Kongs youngsters are
ever more restricted by the rocketing
cost of living.
The average rent at 50 major housing
estates hit a record high of HK$26.99
per square foot in August, the South
China Morning Post reported last
month, meaning a tiny 300 square
foot at goes for at least HK$8,000 a
month (US$1,030). In comparison,
the average monthly graduate salary
last year was just US$1,650, job search
website jobsDB found.
Carol Hung is typical of many young
professionals protesting a 30-year-
old graphic designer, she lives with her
parents and feels her future is bleak.
We feel that the past generation
achieved a stable life if they worked,
but now, no matter how hard we work,
we may not be able to achieve this.
Hung, who has drawn a series of sa-
tirical cartoons that have gone viral in
recent days, also says the citys young-
er generations many of whom are the
rst in their families to go to university
are more determined to ght for per-
sonal freedoms than their parents.
The last generation saw their liveli-
hoods as their priority but for our gen-
eration, a lot of us have had access to
more education so we will have a dif-
ferent mindset.
Pro-democracy lawmaker Claudia
Mo says the protests are young peo-
ples one big chance to voice their
anger, frustration and resentment.
We used to believe in the Lion Rock
spirit, says Mo, using a local phrase
which refers to a mountain overlook-
ing some of the citys poorer districts
and encapsulates Hong Kongs renown
as a place where hard work and perse-
verance meant a brighter future.
The younger generation feel that
Lion Rock spirit has been killed off.
Many of Hong Kongs older citizens
escaped grinding poverty or political
persecution on the Chinese mainland
and toiled long hours to give their
children a better life.
Some now believe their children and
grandchildren risk throwing that away
in what they see as a radical protest.
I support democracy, but I dont
agree with this approach, said Chan
Kuen, a 69-year-old retired civil ser-
vant. Rents are so expensive now, but
shops have had to shut. What they are
doing is too radical and peoples liveli-
hoods have been affected.
What can they achieve? questioned
one man in his 80s, who was watch-
ing the protests at a distance. They
should be going to school instead. If
the government decides to clear this
area, they are doomed.
But student movements have played
pivotal roles during political upheaval
in recent Chinese history from the
anti-imperialist protests of 1919, to
the bloodletting of the Cultural Revo-
lution and the quashed Tiananmen
Square protests.
And some older members of the
community have shown their solidar-
ity. I think I should give some support
because they are doing what is right,
said Kwok Kwai-to, a 61-year-old re-
tired bus driver who had spent almost
a week protesting.
I will be doing it until there is an an-
swer, whether its a crackdown or dia-
logue. I am willing to go to jail because
I am old. AFP
Hong Kongs student-led rallies have highlighted a stark divide between a disenfranchised younger generation, who say they have little
to lose, and an older guard who favour pragmatism over protest. AFP
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AST week, when Australia
made a deal with Cambodia
to resettle the asylum seekers
from South Pacific island of
Nauru, Amnesty International and
Human Rights Watch condemned
the refugee deal. The United Nations
High Commission for Refugees
(UNHCR) said it was deeply con-
cerned. And just like the Cambodi-
ans who protested in front of the
Australian embassy, asylum seekers,
known as boat people to many Aus-
tralians, protested against the deal
inside the detention centres. Similar-
ly, to many human rights activists,
this deal came as a surprise.
To Australias Prime Minister Tony
Abbott, however, these concerns have
fallen onto deaf ears. In January, in a
television interview, he compared his
mission to stop the boats to a war and
said that the asylum seekers need to
go back to where they came from.
Human rights groups, however, beg
to differ. The Refugee Council of Aus-
tralia has said, Asylum seekers who
arrive in Australia by boat are not act-
ing illegally. The 1951 UN Convention
relating to the Status of Refugees (to
which Australia is a signatory) recog-
nises that refugees have a lawful right
to enter a country for the purposes of
seeking asylum, regardless of how
they arrive or whether they hold valid
travel or identity documents.
Before Abbott came to power, he
campaigned to stop asylum-seekers
coming into the country by boats;
and earlier this year, when no boats
arrived on Australian shores in 100
days, he celebrated and claimed it as
a major victory against people-smug-
glers and boat people. Barely a week
goes by in Australia without the boat
people hitting the headlines. They
have been criminalised for political
gains by political parties in Australia.
Thanks to this misinformation,
many Australians cant differentiate
between asylum seekers, boat peo-
ple, refugees and immigrants
including prominent politicians.
Another fact that the Australian
government tends to leave out is that
while it criminalises the asylum
seekers, generally, they come from
Afghanistan, Iran and Sri Lanka.
One can understand why Afghans
are running away from the Taliban.
A smaller number of boat people are
from Pakistan and Iraq, where ISIS
has become a big threat. Further-
more, the irony of the refugee deal is
that the Iranian asylum seekers will
find themselves in a worse country
than Iran. International Human
Rights Rank Indicator, a Norwegian-
based human rights NGO, ranks Iran
in a higher position than Cambodia.
Many of the asylum seekers will be
traumatised once they settle in Cam-
bodia. Given the lack of employment
opportunitiesin Cambodia, there is
no doubt that these people will have
a hard time finding work.
Three years ago, under former
Prime Minister Julia Gillards leader-
ship, the Australian and Malaysian
governments struck a similar deal
that would have allowed transfer and
resettlement of refugees and asylum
seekers. Under the deal, Australia
would have sent 800 unprocessed
asylum seekers who land on its
shores to Malaysia and in return,
Australia would have accepted 4,000
already UN-certified refugees from
Malaysia. According to Gillard, the
purpose of the deal was to land a
blow to people-smugglers who prey
on people desperate to flee from
countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and
Myanmar, as well as to assure Aus-
tralians that her government was
faithfully addressing the publics
anxiety over the boat people.
However, the deal was struck down
by the Australias High Court, which
called it unlawful because Malaysia is
not a signatory to the 1951 Refugee
Convention, nor is it a signatory to the
Conventions 1967 Protocol. Many
human rights activists pointed out
that they were surprised, considering
the huge difference between the two
countries in human rights standards
for asylum seekers, that Australia
would agree to join hands with Malay-
sia on the refugee swap deal.
When asked what Cambodia
would be given in return for the asy-
lum seeker deal other than the aid
money, Scott Morrison, minister for
immigration and border protection,
told the Australian Broadcasting
Company the most important thing
were giving them is our expertise.
Cambodia wants to be a country that
can resettle refugees properly and
theyre seeking our advice and
expertise on how we can do that. He
also claimed that he doesnt neces-
sarily agree with that absolute
assessment, because in the seven
years to 2011 the percentage of peo-
ple in poverty in Cambodia has fall-
en from over 50 per cent to around 20
per cent. He continued to say that
Cambodia is a country that is trying
to get on its feet; this is a country that
is making great progress.
The politics of immigration
Refugees hold signs during a protest against indenite detention late last month in front of the Australian High Commission on Nauru. PHOTO SUPPLIED
Iffat Rahman worked with the UNHCR
Malaysia and received certication on in-
ternational human rights law from Oxford
Iffat Rahman
Lifestyle Lifestyle Lifestyle Lifestyle
VLADIMIR Putin may not be a god,
but he is a superhero. That was the
message at an exhibition of paint-
ings depicting the Russian president
as Hercules, held at a small Moscow
gallery space on Monday.
Opened for one night only in hon-
our of Putins 62nd birthday on Tues-
day, the exhibit reimagined his
achievements as the 12 Labours of
Hercules, beginning with the slaying
of the Nemean lion in this case,
Putin strangling a bearded suicide
bomber representing terrorism and
ending with the capture of the three-
headed dog Cerberus, which sym-
bolised the struggle with the United
States and its unipolar world.
The most impressive painting,
created in the gold-on-black style of
ancient Greek pottery decorations,
showed a muscular Putin lifting his
shield against the poisonous breath
of the Lernaean Hydra or western
sanctions against Russia.
The US head of the hydra had been
lopped off, reflecting the ban on food
imports from the US, EU, Norway,
Canada and Australia that Russia
adopted in August, said the exhibit
organiser, Mikhail Antonov.
Were forming a different image
of Putin because the western media
constantly criticises him, and our
media occasionally attacks him as
well, Antonov said. But here we see
him completing these heroic deeds.
We see that the interpretation of
these events is not so categorical.
Antonov, a political science grad-
uate student at a Moscow Univer-
sity, heads a Putin fan group on
Facebook that has received more
than 266,000 likes. He said the Her-
culean portraits, which he hoped to
be able to give to the president as a
birthday gift, were painted by an
anonymous collective of artists
who followed the group.
The paintings focused mostly on
current events such as a recent gas
contract with China, the planned
purchase of Mistral warships from
France, and the eastern Ukraine
ceasefire negotiated in Minsk.
Antonov praised Putins govern-
ment for standing up to the junta
in Kiev, and in the paintings Russias
annexation of Crimea is portrayed
as the Herculean Putin capturing
the Cretan bull.
The majority of the attendees at
the exhibit were journalists, but a
group of students said they had
come at Antonovs invitation. Anna
Mkutekyan, who studies finance,
said she didnt know enough about
politics to criticise our president,
but said she and her friends agreed
with his actions and were proud of
our country.
Mkutekyans favourite painting,
she said, was one showing Putin
holding up the heavens, as Hercules
is said to have done for Atlas.
The sky that could fall on the
earth is the war in once-thriving
Ukraine. And its only with the help
of Putin, who achieved the Minsk
peace agreement, that it hasnt fall-
en yet, read the description beneath
the painting.
It expresses todays real ity
because Putin unifies countries that
are close to each other those who
support us, who understand the
situation in the world as it really is,
Mkutekyan said. THE GUARDIAN
HE chefs name grac-
es the door, the aw-
ning, the menu. His
image is everywhere.
After all, he is the main draw.
Celebrity chefs, almost all of
them men, tower over our food
landscape, with restaurant
empires that dot the the globe.
Vegas has become a grand
buffet of chef outposts. And
Washington DC has joined in,
as the US capital is now served
by culinary royalty.
In recent years, local titan
Jose Andres and frequent Top
Chef contestant Mike Isabella
have been joined by out-of-
towners Jose Garces (Rural
Society), Wolfgang Puck (The
Source) and Michael Schlow
(Tico DC).
And Daniel Boulud, known
as DB, with multiple Mi-
chelin stars for his Manhattan
restaurants, opened DBGB
Kitchen and Bar last month.
With all these brand names
in Washington, what reason-
able expectation should din-
ers have of enjoying a harissa
spiced lamb chop seared by
the big cheese himself?
Short answer: very little.
Went to DBGB hoping to
get a glance of DB and asked
our server if he was there. The
server said he is only there for
events and if VIPs are plan-
ning to go, a patron noted
in a recent Washington Post
web chat. From all the press I
thought he would be sticking
around for longer than a few
days, but it seems that its a
lot of smoke and mirrors. The
food was great but why does
the group promote the place
with him if he is never going
to be there?
Interesting question. No
man can be everywhere, not
even a celebrated blowtorch-
wielding Gallic chef with 16
restaurants that spread out-
across three continents.
What a star chef promises is
that the cuisine will meet his
high standards. What he will
not guarantee is how often he
will actually be in a specic
restaurant sauting the trout.
As it so happens, DB was
back at DBGB in the District
last week. The French master,
not a splatter on his white chef
togs and luxury watch on his
wrist even as he ducked in and
out of the kitchen, held court in
the airy dining room. No special
event clouded the schedule.
Boulud, 59 and in the kitch-
en for 45 of those years, is
ceaselessly charming, but the
dismayed diners web post
clearly irked him.
Indeed, for 2 1/2 hours,
the time required to relish a
multi-course tasting menu,
the chef politely but insistent-
ly returned to the question.
Ive been here. Im going
to be here, but it doesnt mat-
ter, he said. Its not like Im a
singer who sings in front of an
audience of 20,000 and then
goes home.
If a successful chef does
his job right and hires well,
top chefs argue, it should not
matter whether he is in the
kitchen or elsewhere. Garces,
with 14 restaurants, spent
plenty of time in Washington
before this summers opening
of Rural Society in the Loews
Madison Hotel but now leaves
the operation to his staff.
Since its impossible to be
everywhere all the time, its
also important to surround
yourself with a great team,
and Im fortunate that many
people who work with me
have been with me for years,
Garces said.
Andrs also acknowledged
that its impossible to visit
all of his establishments on
a regular basis, although he
does seem to try. In DC with
many of our restaurants so
close to each other, I can
show up for lunch at Oyamel,
be in Zaytinya to taste a new
dish, then be at minibar for
service, Andrs said.
Due to construction is-
sues, Boulud had opened two
establishments in Septem-
ber, the other in Boston, in a
pinch of three days. Boulud
declared: That will not hap-
pen again.
Part of the answer to the dis-
mayed diners question about
the star chef being absent
from the kitchen surrounded
Boulud. He employs a gastro-
nomic army, about 800 em-
ployees in his own company,
and 700 more at his licensed/
partner properties located in
A quartet of corporate chefs
report to him, and, in turn, a
squadron of executive chefs
and specialists report to them,
built on the French hierarchi-
cal system, the brigade de cui-
sine. Three of Bouluds execu-
tive chefs have collected their
own James Beard Awards.
Its all about being cogni-
zant of the management and
talent, Boulud said. No one
can work with me without
carrying the responsibility of
being the chef. Its not about
making money but managing
a business well. Customers
are very faithful.
Rest assured that no server
will ever again tell diners that
Boulud will be in Washington
only for events and VIPs.
Washington has become a
notably more sophisticated
restaurant town since Boulud
arrived here at age 25, his rst
job in the States, working for
two years as a private chef for
the European Commission. If
the cuisine and service falter,
if the chef isnt attentive to the
quality, even if he is only on the
premises once a month, pa-
trons will vote with their feet.
Boulud stressed that he will
not ignore Washington. DBGB
is his rst independent res-
taurant outside New York for
which he has not partnered
with a hotel. Whether he is
here or not, the quality must
endure. Its his initials that
are branded on almost every-
thing in the place.
When diners see me at Cafe
Boulud, the chef said of his
New York restaurant, they love
to see me, but they dont expect
At his namesake restaurant,
will the chef cook your food?
Vladimir Putin depicted as Hercules in Moscow exhibition
A visitor takes photos of the paintings during the 12 Labours of Putin art exhibition on
October 6 in Moscow. AFP
Cult revival
revives TV hit
Twin Peaks
BSS Showtime Networks
will produce a new limited
run of Twin Peaks, the
cult TV show created by filmma-
ker David Lynch and screenwri-
ter Mark Frost.
The new season will air
in 2016 to mark the 25th
anniversary of the final episode
of its initial run, the network
announced today.
Twin Peaks chronicled FBI
agent Dale Coopers investiga-
tion of the murder of homeco-
ming queen Laura Palmer in
the fictional Washington town
that gave the drama its name.
The show elicited praise from
critics when it began airing on
ABC in 1990, and was one of the
highest-rated programs in its
initial season.
Ratings dropped off after the
resolution of the murder in the
middle of the second season,
and the show never returned.
Lynch directed a film inspired by
the show, which premiered at
the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.
Twin Peaks retained a loyal fan
base in the years since it left the
air, and there is a film festival
dedicated to the show.
Lynch, whose film work inclu-
des Eraserhead and Blue Vel-
vet, will direct all nine episodes
of the new season, which he will
write and produce with Frost.
Their production company,
Lynch/Frost Productions, owns
all the rights to the show.
Showtime will re-air the first
two seasons of the show for
those who wish to catch up be-
fore the new season. BLOOMBERG
Left, celebrity chef and restau-
rateur Jose Andres (centre) ac-
knowledged that its impossible to
visit all of his establishments on
a regular basis, but he does seem
to try. Above, Michael Schlow
opened Tico on 14th Street in
Washington in June. AFP
IT GOES without saying that drinking
in excess is bad for your health, but it
might also hurt your chances of repro-
ducing. In a survey of men between
the ages of 18 and 28, researchers
reported recently in the journal BMJ,
as few as five drinks a week were found
to affect sperm quality.
In the study, men who drank an
average of five to 10 units (one beer,
glass of wine or 40 millitres of liquor
is considered a unit) of alcohol a
week had a slight decrease in sperm
concentration, total sperm count
and percentage of healthy and nor-
mal sperm.
The effect became much more pro-
nounced at 25 units a week (3.5 drinks
a day), and men who averaged 40
units a week had a 33 per cent reduc-
tion in sperm concentration com-
pared with the lightest drinkers.
The study is just a preliminary one
surveying 1,221 Danish men during
medical exams required before their
compulsory military service but lead
author Tina Kold Jensen says that it
may paint a more accurate picture of
male drinking and its effects than pre-
vious studies.
Jensen and her colleagues started
by asking the men to give a detailed
account, unit by unit, of what theyd
had to drink the week before. Then the
researchers asked the men to decide
whether that week had been typical.
It was easier for them to remember
the specifics of the previous weeks
consumption than it would have been
to estimate their overall averages a
prompt that usually leads to people
underestimating how much they
drink. But it also weeded out those
who had happened to binge-drink the
week before.
Sure enough, heavy drinking affect-
ed sperm quality only in the men who
reported that it was just their normal
Young Danes drink more than any
other youth in Europe, Jensen says, so
the findings are particularly worri-
some in her own country. But the
effect was there, albeit smaller, with
just five units a week, she said, so its
Jensen cant be sure whether this
effect would be permanent. Hope-
fully it would reverse within three
months, because thats how long it
takes new sperm to mature, she said.
But she and her colleagues will have
to perform a long-term study to know
that for sure. WASHINGTON POST
Nows the time to join
the November Project
Vicky Hallett

matters to the dedi-
cated people who
work out with the
November Project, a free run
club and boot camp when it
comes to hugging, that is.
Your hips have to be in, in-
structs Janeen Porche, 37. No
church-lady hugs, adds pal
Traci Johnson, 46.
And dont even think about
extending an arm instead, ex-
plains the always-smiling Kyle
White, 29: We dont believe in
What they do believe in is the
grass-roots movement started
in 2011 in Boston by Brogan
Graham and Bojan Mandaric,
two former Northeastern Uni-
versity rowers who made a pact
to exercise together throughout
the month of November (hence
the name). When friends and,
eventually, strangers began
to join them as they ran the
stairs of Harvard Stadium, they
decided they didnt just want
to get stronger and faster. They
had a new goal.
We want to change the way
people see tness, Mandaric
They welcomed people of all
athletic abilities to their work-
outs. All they demanded in
return was that folks be ready
to sweat and socialise. Within
a few months, hundreds had
taken them up on the offer, and
interest bubbled up in export-
ing the program to other cities.
One of these offshoots
called tribes, in November
Project parlance launched in
the Washington area last year
under the guidance of Danny
Metcalf and Steve Christensen.
It was clear this was some-
thing I would love. Nothing
like it exists, says Metcalf.
Prospective leaders pledge
to show their commitment
before theyre allowed to use
the November Project name.
So the rst DC gathering last
September was just a handful
of people running the stairs
of the Lincoln Memorial at
6:30am on a Wednesday.
There were four of us, re-
calls Kathleen Hodge, Met-
calfs roommate and his
business partner in a line of
nutrition bars. Over the next
month, they went to bed ev-
ery Tuesday night asking one
another, Think anybody will
come tomorrow?
Each week, more did.
By late October, Metcalf and
Christensen had earned of-
cial tribe status. It was just
in time to earn a mention in
a Runners World cover story
about the November Project.
The piece chronicled the me-
teoric rise of the Boston work-
outs, which were by then at-
tracting up to 650 people.
That publicity boost brought
more people to the DC work-
outs. The quirky culture that
had formed kept them com-
ing despite the most miserable
winter in recent memory.
In negative-eight wind chill,
when youre doing burpees,
you really bond, says White.
The type of people who do
this are the type of people I
want to hang out with.
They keep getting more
quality time together as work-
outs are added to the schedule
in a different spot each week.
The group also holds special
events, such as last months
Better Than Bedtime, a cos-
tumed 5 kilometre held simul-
taneously in all of the Novem-
ber Project cities. (There are
now 17 tribes, from San Diego
to Milwaukee to Baltimore.)
This rapid growth has turned
the November Project from a
weekly habit into something
more serious.
I believe the word she used
was cult, said Jeff Greenstein,
27, as he and his girlfriend,
Emily Schwartz, 24, reached
the nish line for Better Than
Bedtime, which ended at a lo-
cal bar. Shed persuaded him
to give the November Project
a try, and from the looks of the
couple dressed as a pair of
Angry Birds they were now
equally hooked. Weve done
20 workouts in a row, Green-
stein boasted.
To understand what inspires
this devotion, imagine the
scene at the Lincoln Memorial
on a recent Wednesday. Its just
before 6:30am, and the hordes
arriving look wide awake, es-
pecially as they form a tight
circle and start hopping. They
go through a shouting call-
and-response routine. They
spin around, bop their neigh-
bours on their heads and then
interlock ngers with a part-
ner, make eye contact and
whisper Connection.
Theyve been told to wear ei-
ther blue or grey today because
theyre marking the anniversa-
ry of the ofcial end of the Civil
War with a themed workout.
Their shirt colour determines
their team. Each person is sup-
posed to run the stairs of the
memorial eight times (because
its August), do 20 burpees (be-
cause its the 20th day of the
month) and take a lap around
Lincoln (because thats ap-
proximately 2,014 feet). Fin-
ish early? You can do stairs or
burpees or take over a strug-
gling teammates lap around
Lincoln (or join in).
And theyre off. And theyre
happy about it.
This is the best workout
and the best time. I used to
wake up early to work out on
my own and dread it, says
Stephanie Cencula, 27. Four
months into her time with No-
vember Project, she still looks
forward to hitting the stairs. It
doesnt get easier, but you ex-
pect how hard it is, she adds.
Christensen dashes around,
offering high-ves and admir-
ing the view of the Washington
Monument against a purplish
sky. Its the best way to start the
morning in DC, he says.
The crowds storm the stairs
one nal time, and they take a
seat for the presentation of the
positivity award. A piece of an
old oar is frequently bestowed
upon a tribe member who ex-
emplies the November Project
spirit. Todays winner is Solo
Kwon, 39, who delivers a stir-
ring acceptance speech: Each
and every one of you inspires
me. Im in the best shape Ive
ever been in because of you.
Its time to snap the group
photo. There are two rules: You
need to have a straight face
(no smiling!) and a straight
back. The resulting image is
a powerful one, with Lincoln
sitting in the same iconic pose
in the background. The plan is
to post it on social media sites,
where it will motivate even
more people.
Part of whats fuelled Novem-
ber Projects growth is FOMO
or, fear of missing out, says
Chris Cantergiani, 45. Hes the
DC tribes unofcial photogra-
pher, known for his talent for
capturing folks mid-stride with
grins on their faces. You see
this stuff on Facebook, and you
want to do it, too, he says.
Mandaric and Graham envi-
sion a future where everyone
everywhere can participate.
They just need to gure out
how to continue to build a
brand based on the idea that
no money changes hands, no
names are ever collected and
the only commitment people
make is their word. Good
thing theyre used to going up
Cancer-causing meat rumors
are sparking Eid festival fears
Left, November Project participants run the steps of the Lincoln
Memorial in a high-energy workout. Above, members take a group
photo after a tough workout. THE WASHINGTON POST
Stephan Uttom and
Rock Ronald Rozario
RUMOURS of cattle being fattened up
with potentially hazardous steroids for
consumption during the Eid-al-Adha
festival has sparked health fears across
These fears increased on Sunday
when it was revealed that a veteri-
narian team sent to test cattle in
Dhaka slaughterhouses lacked the
basic equipment needed to test for
banned substances, one of the vet-
erinarians said.
The government dispatched the
investigators to quell concerns that
the animals were fattened using can-
cer-causing steroids. Each year, some
10 million head of cattle are slaugh-
tered for the celebration.
Amir Hossain, who headed a three-
member team at a Dhaka market, told
ucanews.com that his group did not
have the equipment needed to admin-
ister proper tests. The team instead
examined external symptoms.
Due to the lack of equipment, facil-
ities and manpower, it was likely that
steroid-fattened cattle passed
through the market, Hossain told
Its hard to offer services to such a
large number of people in such a short
period of time because this is a huge
market. Some markets only have two
people checking cows and things are
even tougher for them, he said.
Consuming meat from animals that
have been injected with steroid hor-
mone implants can pose serious
threats to human health, Hossain
Steroid-fattened meat contains
poisonous chemicals that can cause
various kidney, lung and liver diseases
including cancer. The symptoms
might not appear immediately, but
would in the long run, he said.
Local media reported that steroid-
fattened cows could earn unscrupu-
lous herders an extra US$100-to-$400
per animal.
Some traders use steroids to fatten
cows for extra profit which is not just
illegal but also unethical. Our law
enforcers need to be very strong
against them to stop it, said Muham-
mad Sirajul Islam, a science officer
with the Livestock Ministry.
In September, the Dhaka-based
Human Rights and Peace for Bangla-
desh filed a motion in the Supreme
Court seeking a denial of entry of
risky animals to markets. Only
about 15 per cent of the cattle killed
during Eid were domestic. The rest
are brought from neighbouring coun-
tries, like India.
The rights groups motion prompted
the government to send in veterinar-
ian teams to check all cattle markets
across Bangladesh a few days before
Eid. Mobile courts were set up to pun-
ish offenders immediately.
Ali Noor, joint secretary at the Live-
stock Ministry, told AFP that only a
small number of farmers were using
steroids, with the majority using a
government-prescribed natural cow
fattening formula. UCANEWS.COM
Drinking and your sperm
Flighs Days Dep Arrival Flighs Days Dep Arrival
K6 720 Daily 12:05 01:10 K6 721 Daily 02:25 03:30
PG 930 Daily 13:20 14:30 PG 939 Daily 11:20 12:30
PG 938 Daily 06:20 07:30 PG 931 Daily 08:10 09:25
PG 932 Daily 10:15 11:25 TG 580 Daily 07:55 09:05
TG 581 Daily 10:05 11:10 PG 933 Daily 13:20 14:30
PG 934 Daily 15:20 16:30 FD 606 Daily 15:00 16:20
FD 607 Daily 17:05 18:15 PG 935 Daily 17:10 18:20
PG 936 Daily 19:10 20:20 TG 584 Daily 18:25 19:40
TG 585 Daily 20:40 21:45 PG 937 Daily 21:20 22:30
CZ 324 Daily 08:00 16:05 CZ 323 Daily 14:30 20:50
QR 965 Daily 16:30 23:05 QR 964 Daily 01:00 15:05
CZ 324 Daily 08:00 11:40 CZ 6059 2.4.7 12:00 13:45
CZ 6060 2.4.7 14:45 18:10 CZ 323 Daily 19:05 20:50
VN 840 Daily 17:30 20:35 VN 841 Daily 09:40 13:00
QR 965 Daily 16:30 17:30 QR 964 Daily 14:05 15:05
VN 841 Daily 14:00 14:45 VN 920 Daily 15:50 16:30
VN 3856 Daily 19:20 20:05 VN 3857 Daily 18:00 18:45
KA 207 11:25 15:05 KA 208 08:50 10:25
KA 207 6 11:45 22:25 KA 206 3.5.7 14:30 16:05
KA 209 1 18:30 22:05 KA 206 1 15:25 17:00
KA 209 3.5.7 17:25 21:00 KA 206 2 15:50 17:25
KA 205 2 19:00 22:35 - - - -
KE 690 Daily 23:40 06:40 KE 689 Daily 18:30 22:20
OZ 740 Daily 23:50 06:50 OZ 739 Daily 19:10 22:50
AK 1473 Daily 08:35 11:20 AK 1474 Daily 15:15 16:00
MH 755 Daily 11:10 14:00 MH 754 Daily 09:30 10:20
MH 763 Daily 17:10 20:00 MH 762 Daily 3:20 4:10
AF 273 2 20:05 06:05 AF 273 2 20:05 06:05
FM 833 19:50 23:05 FM 833 19:30 22:40
MI 601 09:30 12:30 MI 602 07:40 08:40
MI 622 2.4 12:20 15:20 MI 622 2.4 08:40 11:25
3K 594 1234..7 15:25 18:20 3K 593 Daily 13:30 14:40
3K 594 ....56. 15:25 18:10 - - - -
MI 607 Daily 18:10 21:10 MI 608 Daily 16:20 17:15
2817 1.3 16:40 19:40 2816 1.3 15:00 15:50
2817 2.4.5 09:10 12:00 2816 2.4.5 07:20 08:10
2817 6 14:50 17:50 2816 6 13:00 14:00
2817 7 13:20 16:10 2816 7 11:30 12:30
CI 862 Daily 10:50 15:20 CI 861 Daily 07:30 09:50
BR 266 Daily 12:45 17:05 BR 265 Daily 09:10 11:35
VN 840 Daily 17:30 18:50 VN 841 Daily 11:30 13:00
QV 920 Daily 17:50 19:10 QV 921 Daily 11:45 13:15
8M 402 1.3.6 13:30 14:55 8M 401 1.3.6 08:20 10:45
8M 401 1.3.6 11:45 12:30
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K6 700 Daily 12:50 2:00 K6 701 Daily 02:55 04:05
PG 924 Daily 09:45 11:00 PG 903 Daily 08:00 09:10
PG 906 Daily 12:20 13:35 PG 905 Daily 10:35 11:45
PG 914 Daily 15:50 17:00 PG 913 Daily 14:05 15:15
PG 908 Daily 19:05 20:10 PG 907 Daily 17:20 18:15
PG 910 Daily 20:30 21:45 PG 909 Daily 18:45 19:55
CZ 3054 2.4.6 11:25 15:35 CZ 3053 2.4.6 08:45 10:30
CZ 3054 19:25 23:20 CZ 3053 16:35 18:30
K6 850 Daily 06:50 08:30 K6 851 Daily 19:30 21:15
VN 868 12:40 15:35 VN 843 Daily 15:25 17:10
VN 842 Daily 18:05 19:45 VN 845 Daily 17:05 18:50
VN 844 Daily 19:45 21:25 VN 845 Daily 17:45 19:30
VN 800 Daily 21:00 22:40 VN 801 Daily 18:20 20:00
VN 3818 Daily 11:10 12:30 VN 3809 Daily 09:15 10:35
VN 826 Daily 13:30 14:40 VN 827 Daily 11:35 12:35
VN 3820 Daily 17:45 18:45 VN 3821 Daily 15:55 16:55
VN 828 Daily 18:20 19:20 VN 829 Daily 16:20 17:40
VN 3822 Daily 21:35 22:35 VN 3823 Daily 19:45 20:45
KE 688 Daily 23:15 06:10 KE 687 Daily 18:30 22:15
OZ 738 Daily 23:40 07:10 OZ 737 Daily 19:20 22:40
AK 281 Daily 08:35 11:35 AK 280 Daily 06:50 07:50
MH 765 3.5.7 14:15 17:25 MH 764 3.5.7 12:10 13:15
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Tel 023 881 178 | Fax 023 886 677 | www.maiair.com
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Visitors take photos on the Eiffel Towers new glass oor, one of many
recent renovations made to the famous landmark. AFP
Eiffel Tower gets
30M touch up
Kim Wilsher

FTER John Lewiss
boss hit out at the
citys squalor, Paris
delivers a perfect ri-
poste with innovative work on
its greatest landmark
We writers, painters, sculp-
tors, architects, passionate fans
of the beauty, until now intact,
of Paris, hereby protest with all
our force and our indignation,
in the name of French taste
. . . against the construction in
the very heart of our capital
of the useless and monstrous
Eiffel Tower, wrote an angry
collective including Guy de
Maupassant and Alexandre
Dumas the younger.
It was February 1887 and
the foundations of engineer
Gustave Eiffels 312-metre,
10,100-tonne iron tower, which
would rise from the banks of
the Seine, had only just been
Now, as the monstrous
tower marks its 125th birthday,
the controversy over why it was
built and where, and the clam-
our from Maupassant and his
friends to have it pulled down,
has long ceased to matter. On
Monday a new phase in the
evolution of the Eiffel Tower
was ofcially inaugurated by
the French capitals Social-
ist Mayor Anne Hidalgo; the
completion of a two-year, 30
million ($37.7 million) renova-
tion of the 5,000-square-metre
rst oor.
The renovation is part of the
Paris city authorities attempts
to promote the tower as more
than a top tourist attraction
but a living, working symbol of
the French capitals dynamism
and capacity for regeneration.
Originally it was a challenge
of engineering innovation;
today the challenge is to con-
tinue that spirit, by modernis-
ing, renovating, reinterpreting
the Eiffel Tower while remain-
ing true to its history, said
Jean-Francois Martins, deputy
mayor of Paris. Its a process
of permanent reection.
The work, which has in-
volved much glass and many
burgundy-coloured metal in-
stallations, has modernised
the pavilions on the rst oor,
introduced access to the outer
platform with its spectacular
panoramic views of the city to
those in wheelchairs, and add-
ed braille to signs and displays.
A cinema room shows historic
and recent lm of the tower.
The project also aims to re-
duce the towers carbon foot-
print by shifting the position of
glass panels to reduce air-con-
ditioning bills in summer, in-
troducing solar panels to heat
half of the hot water it uses, in-
stalling a rainwater collection
system to supply the lavatories,
and using LED lighting.
The renovated oor, how-
ever, has a new attraction that
is not for the faint-hearted or
those with vertigo. Visitors can
now stand on a glass oor and
see straight down to the ground
from a height of 57 metres.
Oh, thats a bit unnerving!
said Michaela Krause, visiting
from Frankfurt in Germany, as
she tiptoed around the glass.
No, I wont walk on it, it makes
me nervous.
One of the most dramatic
and popular changes to the
tower was the permanent in-
stallation, in 2003, of lights
that sparkle for the rst ve
minutes every hour after
nightfall until after midnight.
The rst oor remained
open to visitors throughout the
recent work, nanced by SETE,
the private company that owns
40 per cent of the rights to the
tower; the other 60 per cent is
owned by the city.
Maupassant never ceased
railing about the Eiffel Tower,
wailing that it was this high
and skinny pyramid of iron
ladders, this giant ungainly
skeleton. His 1890 novel La
vie errante opens: I left Paris
and France itself, because the
Eiffel Tower bothered me too
much. Not only can you see
it everywhere, but you nd it
Shortly after, it seemed that
Maupassant would be proved
right. From 1.9 million visi-
tors back in 1889, numbers
dropped to a historic low in
1902 outside the war years
with just 121,144. The tow-
er, which was built to last 20
years, only just escaped being
dismantled. In 2013, by con-
trast, it was visited by 6.74 mil-
lion people. THE OBSERVER

A man believes he has put his mysterious
past behind him and has dedicated himself to
beginning a new, quiet life. But when he meets
a young girl under the control of ultra-violent
Russian gangsters, he cant stand idly by - he
has to help her.
City Mall: 2:15pm, 7:10pm
Tuol Kork: 4:10pm, 9pm
Meanchey: 4:40pm, 9pm
A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal,
turns the tables on her captors and transforms
into a merciless warrior.
City Mall: 8pm
Tuol Kork: 11:25pm

An ex-CIA operative is brought back in on a
very personal mission and finds himself pit-
ted against his former pupil in a deadly game
involving high-level CIA officials and the Russian
City Mall: 9:55pm
Tuol Kork: 6:45pm
Meanchey: 7:15pm
In this installment of the Ju-on franchise, a
school teacher visits the home of a boy whos
been absent from school for a long period of
time, unaware of the horrific tragedy which oc-
curred in the boys household.
City Mall: 9:25am, 11:40am, 1:30pm, 3:55pm,
Tuol Kork: 9:30am, 1:20pm, 5:35pm, 9:35pm
Meanchey: 9:30am, 1:45pm, 3:40pm, 5:35pm
Thomas is deposited in a community of boys after
his memory is erased, soon learning theyre all
trapped in a maze that will require him to join
forces with fellow runners for a shot at escape.
City Mall: 9:35am, 3:25pm, 7:40pm
Tuol Kork: 1:50pm, 3:15pm, 9;10pm
Salsa @ The Groove
Beginner salsa lessons will precede
a salsa party open to participants of
all skill levels. The cost of the lesson
is $5 per person, but the party is free
for all.
The Groove, #1C Street 282 on top of
Terrazza Italian Restaurant. 8pm
Lipstick @ St Tropez
Groups of four women get one free
bottle of vodka (except for Grey Goose)
and 50 per cent o on all cocktails
and wine for the evening. With music
by DJ Naga.
Maison Saint Tropez, #31 Street 174.
Workers prepare columbite-tantalite, or coltan, in the Congo. The trade is the subject of Blood in the Mobile. BLOOMBERG
Matt Damon stars as Max in Elysium. BLOOMBERG
DJ @ Riverhouse
DJ Maily will perform on the decks.
The midnight madness comes with a
buy one get one free deal after
midnight. People dressed in red
clothing get free shots.
Riverhouse Lounge, #157 Sisowath
Quay. 8pm
Film @ Meta House
The 2010 documentary by director
Frank Piasecki Poulsen Blood in the
Mobile reveals the appalling price paid
in Africa to sate our appetite for
mobile phones, whose minerals come
from war-torn states.
Meta House, #37 Sothearos
Boulevard. 4pm
ME: Dr Evil is back...and has invented a new time
machine that allows him to go back to the 60s and
steal Austin Powerss mojo, inadvertently leaving
him shagless. HBO
3:15pm - FATHER OF THE BRIDE: With his oldest
daughters wedding approaching, a father finds
himself reluctant to let go. HBO
BY CHILDREN. Nineteen-year-old Alice returns to the
magical world from her childhood adventure, where
she reunites with her old friends and learns of her
true destiny: to end the Red Queens reign. HBO
9pm - ELYSIUM: In the year 2154, the very wealthy
live on a man-made space station. HBO
Thinking caps
1 Asian nannies
6 Big reptile, informally
10 Groundwork for plaster
14 Judicial gowns
15 The L of L-dopa
16 Skin-cream additive, often
17 Felt very ashamed and sorry?
20 Peron and Gabor
21 Oui or si
22 Frat-sweater X
23 Conveyed an estate
25 More intoxicating
29 Flanders of cartoons
30 Florida City
31 Japanese beverage
33 Mend socks
35 Orchestras location
36 Beatles hit
40 U.K. fighter pilots gp.
41 Fair offering
42 Fine or liberal things
43 Arboreal lizards
46 Warm hello
47 Ellery Queen portrayer Ralph
48 Backsliding episode
52 Venomous serpent
53 Walton of Wal-Mart
54 Immature parasites
55 Strains on pocketbooks
60 Molecule unit
61 Buffalos county
62 Layer with a hole
63 Stove-top sights
64 HS seniors exams
65 Betty Ford forte
1 Flew like a fly ball
2 ___ got to be kidding!
3 Middle name of President
4 1952 Olympics site
5 Needle point, sometimes
6 Did a crossword construction
7 Bench-press iterations
8 Offspring in the offing
9 Involves
10 Pretentious syllables
11 Famous boxer
12 Stocking stuffer?
13 ___ give you the shirt off his
18 Not the original color
19 Indian dish with stewed lentils
24 Visualizes
25 Unruly bunch
26 Enter, in a way
27 Fixes typos
28 Decay
31 Theatrical platform
32 Worse than bad
33 Donald Ducks love
34 Clause connector
37 Steps all over
38 Do a truckers job
39 Systematically arrange
40 Arched bone
44 Clock radio features
45 Apollos creator
46 Plant for burlap
48 Acts with violent anger
49 Embroidered loop
50 Dictators helper, once
51 Historical region of England
53 Mean mood
55 Maple fluid
56 After-school meeting org.
57 Act closer?
58 Keogh plan relative
59 It holds the line
Tuesdays solution Tuesdays solution
Australian Open boosts prize money
THE Australian Opens prize money
will swell 10 per cent to A$36.3 million
(US$31.7 million) next year, organis-
ers said yesterday as they launched
the 2015 tournament with plans to
attract more fans in Asia.
Winners of both the mens and
womens singles Grand Slam final
will take home A$3.0 million, Tennis
Australia said.
We are determined to continu-
ally push ourselves to new heights
in terms of facilities, service and the
overall experience for players and
fans, chief executive Craig Tiley
Unveiling the refurbished Marga-
ret Court Arena in Melbourne, which
now has three-retractable roof sta-
diums the most of any Grand Slam
venue according to organisers offi-
cials said they were hoping to engage
the rapidly increasing tennis audi-
ence in Asia.
For the past few years weve taken
the Australian Open trophies through
China and Asia as an exercise to build
awareness of the event and the sport,
Tennis Australias commercial director
Richard Heaselgrave said.
Weve deliberately narrowed our
immediate focus to the major cities
of Shanghai and Shenzhen and plan
to build strategic opportunities for
engagement, both with the growing
fan base for tennis in the region,
and commercial and corporate
In 2014, China registered the high-
est single rating broadcast of the
Australian Open with almost 20 mil-
lion viewers tuning in to watch Li Na
win the womens singles final, Tennis
Australia said.
Japanese interest in the sport is also
high, following Kei Nishikoris run to
the 2014 US Open final; while organis-
ers said 17 per cent of all internation-
al visitors to the tournament in 2013
were from the Asia-Pacific region.
Part of the plan to grow the tourna-
ments reach involves 2009 Australian
Open champion Rafael Nadal pro-
moting the Grand Slam in Asia.
The Spaniard said he was already
focused on returning Down Under for
the January event, in which he lost in
a four-set final to Swiss player Stanis-
las Wawrinka earlier this year.
It was a very emotional tourna-
ment for me this year, he said.
For me, it is important to win the
Australian Open again and to achieve
that, I need to continue to work
hard, stay healthy and be able to
The Australian Open, the first
Grand Slam of the year, will take place
at Melbourne Park from January 19
to February 1.
Bids to dethrone Djokovic
Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal
enter this weeks Shanghai Masters
bidding to unseat current champion
Novak Djokovic, who appears on an
unstoppable march to ending the year
as number one for the third time.
Incredible was how the Serbian
described his victory in the China
Open final on Sunday, one of the
most one-sided tennis finals of recent
With this kind of performance,
and with this domination result-wise,
I mean its never happened, Djoko-
vic said after defeating world number
six Tomas Berdych 6-0, 6-2.
The victory represented Djokovics
fifth consecutive Beijing title, and the
27-year-old is vying for his third in
three years at the ATP World Tour
Masters1000 event in Shanghai.
Im going to try to use this great
week to kind of carry this overall
positive feeling into Shanghai and
have another great week there, he
Hoping to derail Djokovics plans
are a resurgent Federer, along with
Nadal, who is battling to be at his
world-beating best after his return to
action following three months on the
sidelines. AFP
World No 1 Novak Djokovic hits a shot against Tomas Berdych during their mens singles
nal at the China Open tennis tournament at the National Tennis Center of Beijing. AFP
H S Manjunath
A TACTICAL switch to man-on-man
defence halfway through their game
against GL Concrete helped CCPL
Warriors post a comfortable 70-50
win in the Angkor Beer Cambodian
Basketball League at the Olympic
Stadium Indoor Arena late on Mon-
day evening.
Coming out of their loss to Smart
Dragons the previous day, Warriors
were in for a mild shock when the
CBL punchbags Concrete, who have
lost all six of their games so far by an
average margin of 30 points, led the
Warriors 25-22 at half time.
At the break, Warriors manager
Jon Naval altered his gameplan ask-
ing his players to resort to half court
one-on-one. Sovann Panha got into
his bustling stride and took Warriors
to the front.
Once the lead was established,
Warriors extended the same strategy
full court resulting in a 48-38 advan-
tage at the end of the third quarter.
Early in the fourth quarter Warriors
took their lead to 17 points and it was
obvious that Concrete were paying a
heavy price for too many turnovers.
Sovann Panha and Fred Babida
were freewheeling their way to quick
baskets and Concrete could hardly
get anything right.
Warriors nd
GL Concrete
easy to break
F1 racers roar past holy sites
HE streets of the
worlds holiest city
have been closed
for two days, not for
a religious ceremony but to
welcome the roar of Formula
One racing.
Cars raced on Monday and
yesterday outside the walls of
Jerusalems Old City which
houses some of the holiest
sites in Judaism, Islam and
Christianity for the second
annual Jerusalem Formula
One Roadshow, a non-com-
petition showcase event.
The regions turbulent his-
tory was hard to forget, with
the roadshow pushed back
several months because of
this summers conict be-
tween Israel and Palestinian
militants in the Gaza Strip.
Even the name of the race
was changed from last year,
when it was dubbed the 2013
Peace Roadshow.
But the atmosphere was
still festive.
Ferrari, Audi and Porsche
vehicles were displayed in a
hangar near Jerusalems for-
mer railway station, while
models posed alongside cars
as television crews and avid
F1 fans thronged the hall.
The show saw the cars race
at speeds of up to 240 kilo-
metres per hour on a two-
kilometre track that ran past
the Old City walls.
The atmosphere was cap-
tured in a slogan hanging in
the showroom: If everything
seems under control, youre
not going fast enough.
Local talent was on display
in the form of rising Israeli
star Alon Day, who races in
the German GT masters
Ill push it to the limit, I
dont know about the other
guys, he told AFP with a grin
ahead of the show.
Day said he hoped the
event would help boost mo-
tor racing in Israel.
Its crazy having racing in
Jerusalem, he said. You have
to realise theres been no mo-
torsport in Israel in the past
50 years.
This is something ex-
tremely big, and will give a
really big boost to Israeli mo-
torsport, he said.
Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of
Kaspersky Lab, a sponsor of
the roadshow, said some day
a Grand Prix in Israel could
even be possible.
Maybe one day, youll
have Formula One in Israel,
he told AFP.
The thoughts of many were
with French driver Jules Bi-
anchi, whose horrifying
crash at the Japanese Grand
Prix on Sunday left him ght-
ing for his life.
But especially as the event
was non-competitive Italian
driver Giancarlo Fisichella
said there were no concerns
over safety in Jerusalem.
Its a roadshow and ev-
erything will be maximum
safety, it will be a safe show,
he said. AFP
Three-time F1 Grand Prix winner Giancarlo Fisichella of Italy drives his Ferrari car below the ancient walls of Jerusalems Old City on Monday during the second F1 Roadshow. AFP

Nationals stay alive,
Cardinals grab initiative
THE Washington Nationals
stayed alive in the Major League
Baseball playoffs on Monday
with a 4-1 victory over the San
Francisco Giants. Doug Fister
pitched seven scoreless innings
for the Nationals, who built the
best record in the National
League in the regular season
but were on the brink of
elimination after dropping the
first two games of this best-of-
five Divisional Series at home in
Washington. Now theyre two-
games-to-one up in the series,
with the winner to take on either
St Louis or the Los Angeles
Dodgers for the National
League title and a World Series
berth. After the Cardinals and
Dodgers split their first two
games in Los Angeles, St. Louis
triumphed 3-1 at home on
Monday to move within one win
of advancing. AFP
Wilson powers Seattle
over Washington 27-17
SEATTLE quarterback Russell
Wilsons ability to escape
trouble helped the penalty-
prone Seahawks hold off
Washington for a 27-17 NFL
triumph on Monday. Wilson
dazzled on the ground, running
for a career-high 122 yards
and a touchdown. He also
completed 18 of 24 passes for
201 yards and two touchdowns
as the reigning Super Bowl
champions overcame 13
penalties to improve to 3-1 for
the season. Marshawn Lynch
carried the ball 17 times for 72
yards for Seattle, who had
three touchdowns called back
because of penalties in an
undisciplined display. AFP
Jaguars boss says sorry
for mascots Ebola joke
president Mark Lamping
apologized on Monday for a joke
about Ebola by the winless NFL
teams mascot during a 17-9
home loss to Pittsburgh. Jaxon
DeVille, the oversized-costume
character who entertains at
Jaguars home games, held one
of the Steelers trademark
yellow Terrible Towels with a
handmade sign that read
Towels Carry Ebola. Ebola,
which first emerged in 1976, has
killed more than 3,300 people so
far this year in West Africa.
Symptoms of the virus include
diarrhea, vomiting, internal
bleeding and organ failure. Five
Americans with the disease
have been evacuated from the
region in recent weeks.
Improvisation and humor have
both been key elements to the
character of Jaxson DeVille,
especially when he performs at
home games, Lamping said in
a statement. On Sunday, the
person who has played Jaxson
DeVille over the past 20 seasons
made an extremely poor
decision in that regard. AFP
Ex-F1 star De Cesaris
killed in bike accident
EX-FORMULA One driver
Andrea De Cesaris was killed in
a motorcycle accident in Rome
on Sunday after crashing into a
concrete barrier, local media
reported. De Cesaris, who
competed in the 1980s and
1990s, lost control of his
machine while riding on the
citys ringroad, according to a
website report by sports daily
La Gazzetta dello Sport. AFP
James to reap more from new NBA TV deals
LEBRON James will get more
because he took less.
The four-time National Bas-
ketball Association Most Valu-
able Player signed a two-year
contract with the Cleveland
Cavaliers, even though he was
eligible for a four-year deal,
figuring a bump in television
revenue after the 2015-16 sea-
son would enable him to be
paid more in salary.
He was right.
The league and its broad-
cast partners on Monday
announced new nine-year
contracts that, according to a
person with direct knowledge
of the agreements, will pay
the NBA US$24 billion
almost triple what it is cur-
rently getting from the Walt
Disney Co and Time War-
ner Inc.
Because he signed a two-
year contract, James becomes
a free agent after the 2015-16
season, when the new TV con-
tract begins.
Certain agents and players
have been timing their con-
tracts, NBA commissioner
Adam Silver said at a news
conference to announce the
new agreements.
The salary cap, or team
spending limit, is directly tied
to league revenue, or what the
NBA calls basketball-related
income. The salary cap this
season, which begins on
October 28, is a record $63
million. The cap may swell to
more than $90 million per
team when the new TV con-
tracts begin.
Maximum player salaries are
tied to the cap. For a player
with at least 10 years of NBA
service, like James, the first-
year salary in a new contract is
35 per cent of the cap. As such,
James will be paid about $22
million this season. If the cap
goes up to $90 million, his
first-year salary would be
about $31.5 million, or $9.5
million more.
James can re-sign with
Cleveland for five years or
another team for four, mean-
ing that he could reap at least
$50 million more with allowed
annual increases because he
took the shorter contract dur-
ing this past offseason. The
exact numbers depend on all
league revenue streams.
Silver said he hopes that he
and Michele Roberts, the exec-
utive director of the NBA Play-
ers Association, can negotiate
a way to smooth the influx of
TV money from the new con-
tracts. The commissioner
wasnt specific.
Preliminary discussions
have already started, Silver
Roberts said in a statement
the new contracts are good
news for stakeholders in the
business of the NBA.
It is clear that the league is
now entering a period of
unprecedented growth, Rob-
erts said. Our job will be to
ensure that the players receive
their fair share of the results of
their efforts and that we do
everything possible to main-
tain the growth and popular-
ity of the game.
The collective bargaining
agreement expires after the
2020-21 season.
Owners and players can opt
out of the contract after the
2016-17 season.
The leagues new contract
with ESPN includes a new
over-the-top offering in which
the NBA would receive an
undisclosed equity stake.
Over-the-top refers to content
thats delivered from a third
party such as Hulu or Netflix.
LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers brings the ball up the court
against Maccabi Tel Aviv on Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio. AFP
No way back
for Pietersen,
says Hussain
ASSER Hussain said there
was no way back for Kev-
in Pietersen after Englands
all-time leading run-scorer
launched his autobiography with blis-
tering attacks on wicketkeeper Matt
Prior and former coach Andy Flower.
South Africa-born batsman Pieters-
en, axed by England earlier this year
after the teams 5-0 Ashes thrashing
in Australia, claimed there had been
a bullying culture under Flower,
but saved his most stinging criticism
for Prior, whom he accused of being a
bad inuence.
Pietersen made the accusations in
an explosive interview with British
newspaper the Daily Telegraph pub-
lished on Monday, ahead of tomor-
rows release of his autobiography.
He claimed Prior was the ringleader
of a group including senior bowlers
Graeme Swann, now retired, Stuart
Broad and Jimmy Anderson, who
would lay into their teammates for
dropping catches.
Former England captain Hussain
said that he had some sympathy for
Pietersens views, telling Sky Sports:
It really tells you a lot about team
spirit . . . always there when youre
winning but always fades away when
youre losing.
A lot of the stuff Ive read [from
Kevin] this afternoon, Ive nodded at
and agreed with . . . about shouting at
players in the outeld.
Team spirit is about respect . . .
what happened in the end was that
the respect had gone, between Kevin
and his teammates.
Once you lose that respect, and
then start losing games of cricket, Im
afraid the wheels can only come off,
added Hussain, who played his last
Test in 2004 the year before Pieters-
en made his Test debut.
Pietersen insisted he had not given
up hope of playing for England again
but Hussain said he could not see
how a return was possible, given Pi-
etersens outspoken comments about
the England and Wales Cricket Board
(ECB) and lack of recent form.
Some of the stuff he writes in this
book, I cant see any way back for
him, Hussain said.
The best way to answer his crit-
ics, and pile the pressure on [England
captain Alastair] Cook and the ECB
was to go out there and smash hun-
dreds for Surrey . . . he never did that,
and is letting his book do the talking
instead of his batting.
Former England off-spinner Swann
led the angry response from the tar-
gets of Pietersens ire.
Swann, who retired midway through
the last Ashes series, made it clear that
he was unimpressed by Pietersens
version of events.
I expected it to be the biggest work
of ction since Jules Verne and that
seems to have happened. The one
thing I will say, I immediately rea-
lised it was codswallop when I read
the character assassination of Matt
Prior, Swann was quoted as saying by
the Telegraph.
Tragically I dont think Kev realis-
es the one person who fought tooth
and nail to keep him in the side is the
one person he is now assassinating:
Matt Prior.
Prior, currently sidelined through
injury, responded to Pietersens com-
ments by tweeting: Obvs [obviously]
sad to see the accusations against me
this am [morning] and I WILL have my
right of reply! However today is not the
day and Twitter is not the place for it!
Now back to my Achilles rehab and
learning to walk again! have a great
day everyone.
Chris Tremlett, who was part of the
squad that was whitewashed by Aus-
tralia, was more supportive and tweet-
ed: Glad Kevin has nally been able to
give his side of the story.
People can now make an informed
opinion of what went on in the dress-
ing room.
The England and Wales Cricket
Board said it was impossible for it to
comment on Pietersens claims as they
hadnt yet seen the book.
But former England national selec-
tor Geoff Miller, speaking at an ECB
function at Lords on Monday, told
BBC Sport: To my knowledge, there
was no atmosphere of bullying within
the England set up.
What we as a selection group tried
to do was to pick the best squad to
create the best atmosphere to win
matches. AFP
England batsman Kevin Pietersen walks back to the pavilion following his dismissal by
Australian paceman Ryan Harris during the fth Ashes Test in Sydney on January 4. AFP
Mazzarri has support
INTER Milan owner Erick Tho-
hir has given the clubs under-
fire coach Walter Mazzarri his
backing despite Roberto Man-
cini being linked with a return
to the San Siro.
A 4-1 home defeat to then
basement side Cagliari 10 days
ago and Sundays 3-0 defeat at
Fiorentina dropped Inter to
10th in Serie A, already 10 points
behind leaders Juventus.
It is the first time Inter have
conceded seven goals in two
games since conceding eight
from a 4-4 draw with Palermo
and a 4-0 defeat to Roma while
under Claudio Ranieri in 2012.
Media reports have specu-
lated Mazzarri could be
replaced before the end of the
season, with yesterdays Gazzet-
ta dello Sport suggesting former
coach Roberto Mancini could
be the dream solution.
Mancini helped Inter to a
club record of three consecu-
tive titles during a four-year
spell in 2004-2008, and is cur-
rently out of work after leaving
Galatasaray last season.
But Thohir has indicated the
53-year-old Mazzarris job is
safe for now. Mazzarri will do
his best for Inter and we will
give him the time he needs. He
will continue to have our sup-
port, Thohir was quoted as
saying on inter.it.
The players now need to
have a period of introspection
in order to prepare for the
next match in the best way
Inter next host Napoli after
the international break.
Despite a mediocre start to the
season, Rafael Benitezs side
have won their past two games
and finally look to be on the
But ahead of a clash that
will have special significance
for Mazzarri, who led Napoli
to a runner-up place last year,
Thohir has called for improve-
The defeats against Cagliari
and Fiorentina may have
come as a bit of a shock, but
Im sure that everybody is
desperate to improve, added
the Indonesian.
Serie A is extremely com-
petitive so we must be
patient. AFP
Dan Riley
The Football Federation of
Cambodia (FFC) announced
yesterday the signing of a
new three-year advertising
agreement with local telecom
company Metfone worth $1.5
The contract, which marks
the third such deal between
the federation and Metfone,
will run from 2016 to 2018.
Through this agreement,
the FFC has granted Metfone
a variety of naming, commer-
cial, promotional and adver-
tising rights of its competi-
tions and events.
The Cambodia Premier
League, the Kingdoms top-
tier domestic league, ofcially
changed its name to the Met-
fone C-League in 2010.
The organisation of the
league and its matches be-
came more professional. The
game attendances increased
noticeably, the FFC said in a
press release yesterday.
Champions of the MCL re-
ceive an automatic entry into
the regional AFC Presidents
Cup. The number of teams in
the MCL increased from 10 to
12 last year.
A signing ceremony will
be held at 11am today at the
Cambodiana Hotel, presided
over by FFC president Sao
Sokha and Metfone director
Hoang Trung Thanh.
FFC, Metfone renew
partnership until 2018

Roberto di Matteo takes
over as Schalke boss
GERMAN club Schalke 04 said
yesterday that it had appointed
former Chelsea manager
Roberto di Matteo to replace
the sacked Jens Keller.
Kellers fate was sealed by a
2-1 defeat to Hoffenheim on
Saturday, which left the
Gelsenkirchen club 11th in the
Bundesliga with just eight
points from seven games.
Schalke are also third in their
Champions League group
after two draws in their first
two matches. Di Matteo, 44,
starred as a player for Italy and
Chelsea and as caretaker
manager led the London club
to their first Champions
League title in 2012. He has
also managed Premier
League club West Bromwich
Albion. Keller had taken over
at Schalke from Dutchman
Huub Stevens in December
2012. AFP
Australias A-League
marks 10th anniversary
aiming to break the two million
spectator barrier this season
for the first time, organisers
said yesterday, as the
tournament marks its first
decade. Football Federation
Australia chief executive David
Gallop said the competition,
which began in 2004 as a
replacement for the National
Soccer League, had set itself
ambitious benchmarks. Were
going to go through the two-
million crowd barrier for the
first time, he said. Last
season, which ran from
October to May, pulled 1.8
million spectators through the
gates. Gallop also said
organisers were also aiming for
660,000 weekly television
viewers, two million web users,
one million social media
followers and break through
100,000 in memberships. AFP
Intense Wanderers
home gets nod for final
THE Asian Football Confeder-
ation has agreed to let Western
Sydney Wanderers play the first
leg of their Asian Champions
League final at their
intimidating home ground, the
club said yesterday. Their
22,000-seater Parramatta
Stadium was expected to be
declared too small, with limited
corporate entertainment
facilities, to host the continents
showpiece against Saudi
Arabias Al Hilal on October 25.
But the Wanderers, who thrive
on the intense atmosphere at
Parramatta, announced they
had successfully lobbied to
overcome concerns about the
venue. AFP
Bale crowned Welsh
player of the year
REAL Madrid star Gareth Bale
set a new record after being
voted Welsh footballer of the
year for the fourth time on
Monday. Former Manchester
United striker Mark Hughes
and ex-Arsenal forward John
Hartson had individually
received the Football
Association of Wales (FAW)
award on three occasions, but
Bale is the first to take the
crown four times. The 25-year-
old forward retained the trophy
at the FAW awards dinner at
Cardiffs St Davids Hotel and
has now won it four times over
the past five years. AFP
Keane reveals details behind
explosive United departure
OY Keane has revealed he
warned Sir Alex Ferguson
against taking on the Irish
racehorse owners John Mag-
nier and JP McManus in the Rock Of
Gibraltar dispute that backred on
Manchester United and put in place
the chain of events that led to the
Glazer familys takeover.
Keane, now assistant manager at
Aston Villa and with the Republic of
Ireland, is heavily critical of Ferguson
for pursuing the legal case and says
he went to see the United manager to
tell him he was taking on the wrong
men and that it would have serious
repercussions for the club.
Yet Ferguson ignored him and the
dispute over stud fees for Rock Of Gi-
braltar, the retired racehorse, started
to have damaging ramications at
Old Trafford, with Magnier and Mc-
Manus using their position as major
shareholders to submit their infa-
mous 99 Questions document, pre-
dominantly looking at 13 transfers
from the Ferguson era.
Somebody I met in Ireland had
told me to tell him [Ferguson]: You
are not going to win this, Keane
writes in his new autobiography, The
Second Half. I mentioned it to him.
And I told him that I didnt think it
was good for the club, the manager
in a legal dispute with shareholders.
I felt I was entitled to say that. He
was just a mascot for them. Walking
around with this Rock Of Gibraltar
Look at me, how big I am, and he
didnt even own the bloody thing.
Keane recounts the details of his
explosive departure from United
in 2005, claiming a training ground
bust-up with Ferguson and the as-
sistant Carlos Queiroz made his Old
Trafford exit inevitable. The former
midelder also records an incident
where he head-butted Peter Schme-
ichel, leaving the goalkeeper with a
black eye.
An interview with MUTV in which
Keane criticised a number of his
teammates following a lacklustre per-
formance in a 4-1 defeat by Middles-
brough had weakened the mideld-
ers position at the club, but he writes
that a erce falling out with Queiroz
on a preseason training camp on the
Algarve was the nal straw.
He was just on my right shoulder;
how I didnt fing hit him again I
was thinking, The villa in Portugal,
not treating me well in training and
he just used the word loyalty to
me, said Keane.
I said, Dont you fing talk to me
about loyalty, Carlos. You left this
club after 12 months a few years ago
for the Real Madrid job. Dont you
dare question my loyalty. I had op-
portunities to go to Juventus and
Bayern Munich. And while were at it
we spoke about training downstairs.
And were just on about mixing things
up in training a bit.
Keane went on to reveal that Fergu-
son soon stepped in, saying: Thats
enough. Ive had enough of all this,
which prompted the midelder to
round on his manager, replying: You
as well gaffer. We need fing more
from you. We need a bit more, gaffer.
Were slipping behind other teams.
Manchester United fined Keane
5,000 for the MUTV interview but
when Ferguson dropped him from
a reserve game in which he was
supposed to continue his reha-
bilitation from a broken foot, the
Irishman knew the writing was on
the wall.
Keane claims that Ferguson and
David Gill had prepared a written
statement to conrm his departure
and further angered him by getting
the length of his service at Old Traf-
ford wrong.
Keane continued: I said to Fer-
guson, Can I play for somebody
else? And he said, Yeah you can, cos
were tearing up your contract. So I
thought, All right Ill get xed up. I
knew thered be clubs in for me when
the news got out. I said, Yeah I
think we have come to the end. I just
thought, Fing prick and I stood
up and went Yeah. Im off.
Keane also said he regrets attempt-
ing to reconcile with Ferguson and
Queiroz a few days later. Now I kind
of wish I hadnt. Afterwards I was
thinking, Im not sure why I fing
I just wanted to do the right thing.
I was apologising for what had hap-
pened that it had happened. But I
wasnt apologising for my behaviour
or stance.
Theres a difference I had nothing
to apologise for. THE GUARDIAN
Former Man United central midelder Roy Keane (above) has revealed the details behind his departure from the club in his latest book. AFP
NOCC secretary-general Vath Chamroeun (left) stands with Asian
Games taekwondo gold medallist Sorn Seavmey and her coach Choi
Yong Sok during a press conference on Monday. SRENG MENG SRUN
Olympic training scholarship sought for Sorn sisters
H S Manjunath
THE National Olympic Com-
mittee of Cambodia will be
seeking training scholarships
for Asian Games gold medalist
Sorn Seavmey and Asian
Championship bronze medal-
ist Sorn Davin from the Olym-
pic Solidarity Movement to
facilitate the sisters prepara-
tions for the 2016 Olympics in
Rio de Janeiro.
We have already made a for-
mal request for these scholar-
ships to assist the Sorn sisters
and three other athletes from
disciplines yet to be finalised in
their training until the Olym-
pics. I am hopeful of a favour-
able response, NOCC secre-
tary-general Vath Chamroeun
told the Post in an exclusive
interview yesterday.
Recalling Sorns incredible
run of success in Incheon, Vath
Chamroeun said one of the
South Korean taekwondo
experts who was watching
Seavmeys fights told him that
the teenager had the potential
to win a medal at the Olympics
if she were to get the elite train-
ing she deserved.
Coming from an expert in
South Korea, which is home of
taekwondo, I was greatly
encouraged by this opinion
and I am confident coach Choi
Yong Sok, who has done an
excellent job, will follow
through on this achievement,
added the NOCC secretary.
Even as Seavmey continues
to be the talk of the Kingdom,
and may relish her celebrity
status for a long time to come,
she in all probability will miss
out next Junes SEA Games in
Singapore for the strangest of
The event categories on offer
in Singapore may force
Seavmey to shed as much as
eight kilograms of her body
weight to compete, which at
present looks a tall order.
But with nearly eight
months to go before the bien-
nial regional meet, hope is not
lost yet.
I will soon discuss this prob-
lem with national coach Choi
Yong Sok, said Vath Cham-
roeun. [Seavmey] has to trim
down without losing her
strength and that calls for a sci-
entific approach rather than
crash programs. We need to
work out a sound strategy as to
how well it can be done.
Apart from this possible taek-
wondo setback in Singapore,
Cambodia has also been dealt
a double whammy in the form
of two of the Kingdoms most
productive disciplines wres-
tling and vovinam being
scratched out.
Most of our gold medals
have come from these two
events. Since they have been
left out, we need to strength-
en our performances in oth-
er disciplines, said the
NOCC secretary.
Back to his regular adminis-
trative work after a hectic yet
historic Asian Games cam-
paign, Vath Chamroeun noted
that the countrys first conti-
nental title had brought in its
wake an enormous challenge
to meet similar expectations
in the future.
With reward and recogni-
tion comes responsibility to
maintain our competitive
standards and our first task is
to restructure our action pri-
orities by building on our
strengths and working on our
weaknesses, he said.
While our performances in
individual events was quite
encouraging in parts, we have
not been doing very well in
team events. Thats the concern
we are going to address in our
discussions with the various
NHL opens its 98th season
HE National Hockey
Leagues 98th season opens
today with the Los Angeles
Kings raising a Stanley Cup
championship banner, Boston play-
ing host to Philadelphia and two
matchups between Canadian rivals.
Bouncing back after a lockout
shortened the 2012-2013 campaign
to 48 games per team, the NHL en-
joyed revenues of $3.7 billion last
season with this years salary caps
hitting a record $69 million per
The Kings will celebrate their sec-
ond NHL crown in three seasons at a
ceremony before they entertain the
San Jose Sharks, the same club that
led the Kings 3-0 in the rst round
of last seasons playoffs before Los
Angeles rallied to win the last four
games and capture the series.
The Kings went on to defeat Chi-
cago in the Western Conference -
nal, a seventh-game overtime goal
avenging a loss to the eventual Cup
winners at the same stage the sea-
son before, and concluded their title
run with a victory over the New York
Rangers in the NHL Final.
Other opening-night matchups
nd the Bruins, the most recent
Eastern Conference club to claim
the Cup back in 2011, entertaining
the Flyers, who reached the 2010
nal but have not lifted the trophy
since 1975, as well as Montreal at
Toronto and Vancouver at Calgary.
No Canadian team has won the
Stanley Cup since the Montreal Ca-
nadiens in 1993. The only Canadian
nalist over the past seven seasons
was Vancouver in 2011.
Slovakias Marian Gaborik, who
scored 14 playoff goals to lead the
Kings, signed a seven-year deal
worth $34 million with Los Angeles
after last season.
Everybody realises the type of
situation we have here, Kings cen-
tre Jarret Stoll said. Nobody wants
to leave that. Some people leave and
maybe think its greener on the oth-
er side or take more money. I think
theres something to be said about
being able to win and have fun and
having a great group and a good
coaching staff.
Some guys try to chase a winning
team and a Stanley Cup. And we
have that here. I dont see why you
would want to leave.
Plenty of rivals will be trying to
wrest the trophy from the Kings
grasp, notably Chicago. The Black-
hawks have won two of the past ve
NHL crowns and could again pose a
major roadblock.
Chicago stars Jonathan Toews and
Patrick Kane agreed eight-year con-
tract extensions with the club after
last season. Toews has 195 goals
over eight seasons while Kane has
178 over seven seasons.
To have the chance to continue
with this amazing group of team-
mates and people throughout the
organization is an incredible hon-
or. Theres nothing we want more
as players than to continue to win
Stanley Cups, Toews said.
Boston led the NHL last season
with 117 points but Pittsburgh, with
star Sidney Crosby, gures to make
another run at the crown, which last
went to the US Steeltown in 2009.
The top three teams in each divi-
sion advance to the playoffs along
with two wildcard teams from each
conference. Columbus and Detroit
took the spots in the East, each team
having moved last season from the
West to the East.
The league is coming off what
many consider and have character-
ized as its best season ever, both on
the ice and off, NHL deputy com-
missioner Bill Daly said. We are in a
good place right now. But the really
exciting part is that we all believe it
can get even better. The game is grow-
ing, and it will continue to grow.
Several minor rule changes were in-
troduced for the season, the most no-
table of which will see teams switch
ends before the start of overtimes in
regular-season games. AFP
Justin Williams of the Los Angeles Kings celebrates with the Stanley Cup after their 3-2 double overtime win over the New York Rangers in Game Five of the NHL Finals on June 13. AFP