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Performance appraisal form 2012

Part A Appraisee to complete before the interview and return to the appraiser by (date)
A2 Discussion points:
Year or period covered: 5 months
Name: Sharifa M Zahabar ept: !vents "osition: !vent Mana#er
$ime in present position: %en#th of service:
A1 State your understandin# of your main duties and responsibilities&
'& Mana#in# people (& devisin# the event concept
)& Ne#otiation *& Mana#ement of di+erent charity clients event tar#et
,& -ud#etin#
.& /enue selection
5& Source and secure sites
Appraisal date 0 time: Appraisal venue: Appraiser:
'& 1as the past year been #ood2bad2satisfactory or otherwise for you3 and why4
5 months was full of learning opportunities and I am confident that I will take those experiences
forward and make myself a stronger, more effective employee.
)& 5hat do you consider to be your most important achievements of the past year4
I have always enjoyed pursuing challenges and for the past 5 months I have increased number of
free sites on certain projects I have been assigned. I have been appreciated for my hard work

,& 5hat do you li6e and disli6e about wor6in# for this or#anisation4
I enjoy the people I work with. It is a friendly and fun atmosphere and I actually enjoyed going into
work each morning. I feel the leadership is great as well.
.& 5hat elements of your 7ob do you 8nd most di9cult4
To manage difficult people. I must lead, motivate, inspire, and encourage them. Need to find the
best ways to handle these people issues.

5& 5hat elements of your 7ob interest you the most3 and least4

There are various elements that most interest me in my job I enjoy solving the problems that are
complex, handling the site rejections and learning new things that are connected to my job
(& 5hat do you consider to be your most important aims and tas6s in the ne:t year4

The most important aim for me is to gain more knowledge about clients we manage and to
overcome my mistakes

*& 5hat action could be ta6en to improve your performance in your current position by you3 and
your boss4
trength! Team "anagement, #bility to create $ap, %ood &ommunication skills etc.
'eakness ( emotional
)pportunity! #sst $egional "anager
Threat ( N*#
;& 5hat 6ind of wor6 or 7ob would you li6e to be doin# in one2two28ve years time4

I hope to have grown enough in this position that I+ll have proven that I can handle additional responsibilities
in my work.,
<& 5hat sort of trainin#2e:periences would bene8t you in the ne:t year4 Not 7ust 7ob=s6ills = also
your natural stren#ths and personal passions you>d li6e to develop = you and your wor6 can bene8t
from these&
A3 Score your own capability or 6nowled#e in the followin# areas in terms of your current role
re?uirements ('=, @ poor3 .=( @ satisfactory3 *=< @ #ood3 'A @ e:cellent)& Bf appropriate brin#
evidence with you to the appraisal to support your assessment& $he second section can be used if
wor6in# towards new role re?uirements&
commercial 7ud#ement
product2technical 6nowled#e
time mana#ement
plannin#3 bud#etin# and forecastin#
reportin# and administration
communication s6ills
dele#ation s6ills
B$2e?uipment2machinery s6ills
meetin# deadlines2commitments
problem=solvin# and decision=ma6in#
team=wor6in# and developin# others
ener#y3 determination and wor6=rate
steadiness under pressure
leadership and inte#rity
adaptability3 Ce:ibility3 and mobility
corporate responsibility and ethics
Dthers (for current or new role):
A4 Bn li#ht of your current capabilities3 your performance a#ainst past ob7ectives3 and your future
personal #rowth and2or 7ob aspirations3 what activities and tas6s would you li6e to focus on durin#
the ne:t year& A#ain3 also thin6 of development and e:periences outside of 7ob s6ills = related to
personal aims3 ful8lment3 passions&
Si#ned and dated by appraisee:
Part B $o be completed durin# the appraisal by the appraiser = where appropriate and safe to do so3
certain items can completed by the appraiser before the appraisal3 and then discussed and validated or
amended in discussion with the appraisee durin# the appraisal&
B1 iscuss and a#ree the s6ills3 capabilities and e:perience re?uired for competence in current
role3 and if appropriate3 for readiness to pro#ress to the ne:t role or roles.
B2 Discuss and a#ree the speci8c ob7ectives that will enable the appraisee to reach
competence and to meet required performance in current job3 if appropriate ta6in# account
of the comin# year>s plans3 bud#ets3 tar#ets etc&3 and that will enable the appraisee to moe
to!ards" or achiee readiness for" the ne#t job leel$t%pe" or if no particular ne#t role is
identi&ed or sou'ht" to achiee the desired personal 'ro!th or e#perience. $hese
ob7ectives must adhere to the SMAE$!E rules = speci8c3 measurable3 a#reed3 realistic3 time=bound3
ethical3 recorded&
B3 Dther issues (to be covered separately outside of this appraisal = continue on a separate sheet
if necessary):
Frade2recommendation2summary as applicable:
Si#ned and dated by appraiser: