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the future
of Country
Brand Peru.
Country brand Peru Case Study 2
Country Brand Peru
Theres a Peru
for each and
An interdisciplinary team of more
than 15 FutureBrand members
faced the exciting misin of
understanding an iconic coutry
in terms of culture, gastronomy,
natural beauty and birth of South
Americas civilization. The task
involved a very careful observation
and analysis of the identity
components of a multi cultural
Considering the growth that Peru has
been experiencing, it was decided to
start the process of the construction
of its country brand as part of an
off-shore promotion strategy;
boosting the commercial sectors
with greater international exposition,
as are tourism, exports and foreign
investment attraction.
Our challenge was make a country
brand that stands out, draws
attention and fundamentally- to
be able to transmit a clear promise.
A strong and positive country
brand represents a key competitive
advantage at the moment of
reaching a greater and better
awareness in key shareholders.
The Idea
Peru stimulates the senses with its
overflowing and unusual natural
diversity. Its a unique country that
has an abundance of attractions,
benefits and opportunities that are
scarce anywhere else in the world.
Peru has given visitors new interests
and the desire to constantly search
deeper into its innermost core.
Peru contains a vast variety of
possibilities, stimulating curiosity and
showing us an unique path for our
own individual journey. Peru offers
exceptional opportunities that deliver
and exceed every expectation. Each
person who comes in contact with
Peru lives a personal one-of-a-kind
To sum up, we discovered that
Peru is multifaceted, special and
captivating. There is a Peru for each
and every one: it is an interesting
country, for all interests.
The Solution
A country brand that expresses Perus
flavor, color and living history. That
welcomes visitors from all over the
world to the new and modern Peru,
reflecting all its splendour, diversity
and hospitality. Peru is now an
international destination that offers
attractions and opportunities that are
unique in the world, due to its natural
and cultural treasures.
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Country brand Peru Case Study 3
Country Brand Peru
Peru has now a very
memorable country
brand that tells the world
that along the road you
can discover a country
that always offers more
than was expected
(quantitatively and
qualitatively; rationally
and emotionally).
The identity focus is centered on
the word Peru, an inclusive name,
that does not belong to any specific
culture, but that is the product
of junctions, mixtures and desires.
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Country brand Peru Case Study 4
Country Brand Peru
The spiral form that the P has
is referred to one of the graphic
motives present in all the cultures
born in Perus land. It represents
evolution, change, transformation.
It also referes to a finger print, in
line with the concept that there is a
Peru for each one. Also, the use of
a handwritten typography, creating a
logotype from a single line: because
in Peru people trace their own path
based on their particular interests.
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Country brand Peru Case Study 5
Country Brand Peru
Furthermore, the identity
system uses graphics from
different regions and
cultures, re interpreting
them to create a graphics
system that covers color
backgrounds as well as
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Country brand Peru Case Study 6
Country Brand Peru
Country brand Peru has
been very well received,
and also is constantly being
applied in several fields,
achieving recognition and
appreciation all over the
country and all over the
Country Brand Peru in
Wall Street.
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Country brand Peru Case Study 7
Country Brand Peru
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Country brand Peru Case Study 8
Country Brand Peru
The typography that accompanies
the brand indentity system, has
been specially created for Peru by
TypeTogether, the same foundry that
created the Bree family typesetting,
internationally used.
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FutureBrand 2012