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Button Operated Gear Shifting System

Of Two Wheeler Using Electromagnets

In this study, a gear shifting mechanism is designed and applied to make the shifting process
faster and less destructible for the driver. The new device must be reliable, low construction
and maintenance cost. This paper aims to improve gear shifting process using the
electromagnets, gears, bearings, iron discs, springs. According to this gear shifting method, a
person could change the gears with the help of buttons.
In this study, a gear shifting mechanism was designed and applied on an auto clutch featured
bike to make the gear transmission process faster and less destructible for the two wheelers.
The present automatic transmission costs very high and it is not suitable for small
displacement engines i.e. two wheelers. This new device must be reliable, has small
dimensions, economical and low maintenance cost. This project aims to improve the gear
shifting process with a suitable control mechanism to implement in electromagnetic clutch
featured bikes. But the gear transmission mechanism designed makes driving easier and to
achieve efficient driving. and changing gears with buttons gives totally new experience to
the driver .
In this project, we tried to shift the gears in the two wheeler with the help of buttons .This
could be done by the use of electromagnets .e used electromagnets which attracts the gears
and helps in the meshing of gears.
An electromagnet is a magnet that runs on electricity. !nlike a permanent magnet, the
strength of an electromagnet can easily be changed by changing the amount of electric
current that flows through it. The poles of an electromagnet can even be reversed by
reversing the flow of electricity.
An electromagnet works because an electric current produces a magnetic field. The
magnetic field produced by an electric current forms circles around the electric
An electric current flowing in a wire creates a magnetic field around the wire, due
to Ampere"s law. To concentrate the magnetic field, in an electromagnet the wire is
wound into a coil with many turns of wire lying side by side. The magnetic field of all
the turns of wire passes through the center of the coil, creating a strong magnetic field
there. A coil forming the shape of a straight tube is called a solenoid.

The magnetic field of electromagnets in the general case is given by Ampere"s #aw$
which says that the integral of the magneti%ing field & around any closed loop of the field is
e'ual to the sum of the current flowing through the loop.
e use air conditioner compressor(s electromagnets, which are used in the cars, for
our experiment or project as this could be easy to use in the gear shifting.
e are just trying to make out some arrangement using electromagnets to get our project
working. In our project, we mainly used$
) electromagnets bearing system, which is used in the car air conditioner(s compressor, to
engage the gears.
)Two shafts on which the gears are mounted on first one and electromagnets, bearings, iron
discs, gears are mounted on the other one.

)*+ motor which helps in rotating the first shaft.
)Iron disc which will attract towards the electromagnets when the button is pressed.
)springs which will help in disengaging the gears when power is cutoff.
)Buttons helps in changing the gears in accordance with the re'uirement.
&.Operational 'echanism!
The arrangement of all the parts are shown in the figure and the operational mechanism of
the project is as follow$
,ne shaft , which contains the - gears , is fixed at one end which keeps on rotating as the
motor starts. And the other shaft contains the - gears attached with the iron discs along with
the electromagnets. The gears on the second shaft is attached with the iron disc by means of
the springs which helps in the disengaging of the gears.

In this gear shifting apparatus a force
device is also provided, that preferably includes a spring, which now forces the shift sleeve
into a position spaced away from the gear. The electromagnets are fixed on the bearings
which are further attached with the buttons.
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4ow, for the working of the project, one of the shaft is keep on rotating when the we start
the motor. ith that shaft all the gears also rotates. To engage the gears, when we press the
button the electromagnet start functioning and attracting the iron disc due to which the gear
attached with the iron disc come towards the electromagnet and engaged with the gear of
first shaft.

*uring this operation, the spring will contracts. The electromagnet is attached with the
bearing due to which gears keeps on rotating even after meshing. And for the disengaging of
the gears, the contracted spring will help out. As the power is cut off for the electromagnet,
so the functioning of electromagnet is done by this and the contracted spring will let back
the gear to its original position. 3imilarly, it is done for the other gears also.
In order to bring the gear shifting apparatus into the neutral condition, the coil of the
electromagnet is not supplied with electric current. &ence the gear shifting apparatus is
brought into its neutral condition simply by interrupting the current flow through the

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(.)esult and %iscussion!
)As we had put all of our effort on making our project working and it finds to be little
complicated while assembling but we get success at the end. All the parts are properly fitted
so that the gears could possibly meet each other. As you can see from the figure that all parts
are properly fitted with nut and bolts. It works according to our desires and needs.

)3uitable for virtually any kind of riding, whether you are looking for the fast change for
racing, comfort and convenience when cruising, or whether you have any disability
preventing you from changing the gear with your foot.
)It re'uires the simple maintainance care.
)1epairing and replacement of the parts are easy.
)2asy to operate and the driver find their vehicle convenient to use and gives totally new
experience to the driver.
) It is basically beneficial model for handicapped person as they can shift gears with the help

of buttons by their hands.
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