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Class: III Sem
Subject code : 10MA!R"#"
MO'%(E 1:
)" Ma*+s,
1. Defne performance management? (Dec 2010)
2. What is performance management? (June 2011)
3. Mention the characteristics of corporate strategy? (Dec 2010)
)- Ma*+s,
1. Briey e!a"orate the contri"ution of performance management system
to any organi#ation? (Dec 2010)
2. $ist the contri"utions of performance management? (June 2010)
3. What are the main a%&antages of performance management? (June
)10 Ma*+s,
1. '(p!ain the %angers of poor!y imp!emente% performance management
system? (Dec 2010)
2. '(p!ain the process of performance management? (June 2010)
3. '(p!ain the &arious purposes of performance management system?
(June 2011)
Module .:
)" Ma*+s,
1. )ame the *ey e!ements of performance appraisa!? (June 2010)
2. Defne performance? (June 2010+2011)
3. What is appraisa! inter&ie,? (June 2010)
)- Ma*+s,
1. -o, %o you %iagnose causes of poor performance? (June 2010)
2. Di.erentiate "/, tas* 0 conte(tua! performance? (June 2011)
3. What are the components of appraisa! form? (June 2010)
1. What is 2o" %escription? (June 2010)
3. 4!!ustrate the factors a.ecting 2o" performance?

)10 Ma*+s,
1. Di.erentiate "/, tas* 0 conte(tua! performance? (Dec 2010)
2. Briey e(p!ain the ma2or conte(tua! performance "eha&iours? (Dec
3. -o, performance information is gathere%? (June 2010)
1. What are the &arious steps in measuring performance "y a%opting a
resu!t approach? (June 2011)
3. '(p!ain %i.erent appraisa! metho%s? (June 2010)
5. '(p!ain the &arious types of performance %imensions? (Dec 2010)
6. Many performance management systems are p!ague% ,ith rater errors.
'(p!ain? (June 2011)
Module "
)" Ma*+s,
1. '(p!ain the concept of persona! %e&e!opment p!an? (Dec 2010)
2. What is persona! %e&e!opment p!an? (June 2011)
)- Ma*+s,
1. What are the characteristics of 350
performance appraisa!? (June
2. What are the characteristics features of a persona! %e&e!opment p!an?
(Dec 2010)
3. Di.erentiate tangi"!e 0 intangi"!e returns to the emp!oyees as part of
re,ar% system? (June 2011)
1. '(p!ain the process of performance management? (June 2010)
)10 Ma*+s,
1. '!a"orate the features of a 350 %egree fee%"ac* techni7ue. Mention
the rationa!e for con%ucting a 350 %egree fee%"ac*?
2. What is 350 %egree fee%"ac* system? 8ummari#e the "enefts
resu!ting from 350 %egree fee%"ac* system? (June 2011)
Module #
)" Ma*+s,
1. Who is a performance consu!tant? What is his primary ro!e in any
organi#ation?(Dec 2010)
2. What is meant "y performance consu!ting? (June 2011)
)- Ma*+s,
1. Briey e(amine the nee% of performance consu!ting? (June 2011)
)10 Ma*+s,
1. '(p!ain performance re!ationship maps? (June 2010)
Module /
)" Ma*+s,
1. What are the %i.erent types of competencies? (June 2010)
2. 9ompare 0 contrast competence 0 competency? (Dec 2010)
3. What is meant "y a competency map? (June 2011)
)- Ma*+s,
1. What are the features of competency metho%s? '(p!ain?(June 2010+
Dec 2010)
2. Briey e(amine &arious steps in competency mapping process? (June
)10 Ma*+s,
1. Defne the concept of competency. '!a"orate the approaches to
competency mapping? (Dec 2010)
Module 0
)" Ma*+s,
1. Defne performance criterion? (June 2010)
2. What is meant "y &a!i%ating the competency mo%e!? (June 2011)
)- Ma*+s,
1. -o, %o you map future 2o"s? (Dec 2010)
)10 Ma*+s,
1. '(p!ain the ma2or factors that ha&e create% a pressing nee% for
competency mapping?
2. What are the &arious %ata co!!ection mo%e!s to map competency? (June
Module -
)" Ma*+s,
1. $ist the rationa!e of using a reporter gri% techni7ue? (Dec 2010)
2. What is 2o" ana!ysis? (June 2010)
3. What is 2o" tas* ana!ysis metho% in competency mapping? (June 2011)
)- Ma*+s,
1. Briey e(p!ain critica! inci%ence inter&ie, techni7ue? (Dec 2010)
)10 Ma*+s,
1. What are the merits 0 %emerits of sur&ey metho% in competency
mapping? (June 2011)
2. '!a"orate the steps in con%ucting a "eha&iora! e&ent inter&ie,? (Dec
Module 1
)" Ma*+s,
1. What is competency mo%e!? (June 2010)
)- Ma*+s,
1. What are the reasons for resistance to %e&e!op competency mo%e!?
(June 2010)
)10 Ma*+s,
1. -o, %o you %e&e!op competency mo%e! from ra, %ata? (June 2010)
2. '(p!ain the too!s use% in competency i%entifcation 0 competency
assessment? (Dec2010)
3. What are the 3 %imensions of &a!i%ating the competency mo%e!? (June
Ge2e*al 3uest4o2s:
- Ma*+s
1. What are the re!ationship "/, "usiness strategies 0 competency
mapping? (June 2011)
2. '(pert pane!s can "e an e(ce!!ent source of %ata for competency
mapping e(ercises. Discuss its merits 0 %emerits? (June 2011)
'ec .010
Case Stud5
6T7e E2842ee*9s A::*a4sal lues;
8ree%har is a :0D 'nginner ,ith ;eop!e 'ngineering 9orporation+ )e, De!hi. <he
company is into manufacturing an% supp!ying of D= sets for !arge in%ustria!
app!ications. >&er the 23 years of its e(istence++ the company has earne% a goo%
name for itse!f. 8ree%har has "een ,or*ing for the company for the !ast f&e years.
:amani =arments has or%ere% for a 230 ?@ D= set for its Manesor factory. <he D=
set ,as manufacture% "ase% on 8ree%harAs %esign an% supp!ie% to :amani
=arments on the sche%u!e% %ate. <he D= set ,as 7uite e(pensi&e an% ,as out of
the pri#e% or%ers of ;eop!e 'ngineering 9orporation. :amani =arments ha% hire% a
contractor for insta!!ing the D= set "ut ,hi!e %oing so he 7uestione% the technica!
specifcations of the D= set. Manager B maintenance of :amani =arments s,ung
into action an% contacte% ;eop!e 'ngineering 9orporation for chec*ing a"out the
7uestion put "y the contractor. ;eop!e 'ngineering 9orporation in&estigate% the
matter interna!!y an% foun% that 8ree%har ha% ma%e a mista*e in a "asic ca!cu!ation
,hich ha% resu!te% into a fau!ty %esign specifcation.
Mr. =urmeet 8ingh+ the @ice ;resi%ent+ of ;eop!e 'ngineering ,as ca!!e% "y the 9'>
to %iscuss a"out the error in the %esign specifcation. <he 9'> ,as upset an% he
sai% B CWhat is ,rong ,ith our 'ngineering Department? :emem"er the !ast time
you signe% the contract care!ess!y an% ,e en%e% up paying :s 3 !a*h as pena!ty. 4f
your Department functions !i*e this then &ery soon this company ,i!! go "an*rupt.
C-e a%&ise% =urmeet to !oo* into a!! a!ternati&es to so!&e the error. =urmeet fe!t "a%
an% ca!!e% 8ree%har imme%iate!y into his ca"in an% sai% CDou committe% a "!un%er
an% it is going to cost the company &ery %ear!y. 8ri%har e(p!aine% ,hat ha%
happene% an% ,hy it ,ent ,rong. <he %iscussions en%e% inconc!usi&e!y. Ee, %ays
!ater+ =urmeet recei&e% a note from -: %epartment+ stating that 8ree%harAs
;erformance Fppraisa! is %ue at the en% of the month. =urmeet thought that this
,ou!% "e an goo% opportunity to high!ight 8ree%harAs poor performance. -e ca!!e%
8ree%har into his ca"in an% sai% C 9ome an% ha&e a seat. 4tAs time for your annua!
performance appraisa!. <herfore 4 ,ish to spea* to you on this. Fs you *no,+ your
performance has "een %eteriorating+ %ay "y %ay an% it seems that you are no,
committing "igger mista*es. <his cannot continue. 4 ,i!! not to!erate poor
performance in my %epartmentG.
C>hH 4 thought 4 am %oing ,e!!. :emem"er the -ariom 'nterprise 9aseI you recei&e%
a !etter from the 9'> that my %esign specifcation ha% sa&e% a !ot of money an%
earne% praiseG+ 8ai% 8ree%har. CWe!!+ that ,as meant to encourage you. 4 %i% not
rea!!y mean you ,ere a goo% performerG+ sai% =urmeet.
C<hen te!! me ,hat is ,rong ,ith my ,or*G+ as*e% 8ree%har. =urmeet shot "ac*
saying C you shou!% ta*e more initiati&e an% use imagination at ,or*G.
a. What is the root cause of the pro"!em?
". 4s the approach of =urmeet appropriate? Why or Why not?
c. What shou!% 8ree%har %o no,?
<u2e .010
<he fo!!o,ing Jo" Description is for an account e(ecuti&e at ;ayche(+ 4nc. ,hich is a
!ea%ing nationa! pro&i%er of payro!!+ human resources an% "enefts outsourcing
so!ution for sma!! an% me%ium "usinesses. 4t is hea%7uartere% in :ochester+ )e,
Dor* ha&ing more than 100 oJces+ ser&ing thousan%s of c!ients nation,i%e. Fccount
'(ecuti&e often ma*es sa!es ca!!s in%i&i%ua!!y. -ence their managers a!,ays %o not
o"ser&e their performance. Managers are a!so responsi"!e for sa!es in their mar*ets
an% for staying upKtoK%ate on payro!! !a,s. -o,e&er Fccount '(ecuti&es are
responsi"!e for training ne, account e(ecuti&es an% net,or*ing in the in%ustries in
,hich they se!! pro%ucts. '(amp!eL 4f an account manager is responsi"!e for retai!
companies+ then that account e(ecuti&e is e(pecte% to atten% retai! gra%e sho,s
an% professiona! meetings to i%entify potentia! c!ients an% to stay current ,ith
issues facing the retai! in%ustry.
Jo" responsi"i!ities of Fccount '(ecuti&eL
i. ;erforming 9!ient nee% ana!ysis to ensure that the ma2or mar*et ser&ices
pro%uct can meet a c!ientAs re7uirements an% e(pectations.
ii. 'sta"!ishing 9!ients on the host processing system.
iii. Fcting a primary contact for the c!ient %uring the con&ersion process.
i&. 8upporting c!ients %uring frst fe, payro!!s.
&. 9omp!eting the re7uire% %ocumentation to turn the c!ient o&er to customer
ser&ices for ongoing support.
&i. 8che%u!ing an% ma*ing c!ient ca!!s an% ,hen necessary supporting sa!es
representati&e s in presa!es e.orts.
&ii. ?eeping a"reast of ma2or mar*et ser&ices system an% soft,are changes+
ma2or changes an% tren%s in ;9 in%ustry an% change in ,ages an% ta( !a,.
a. Which approach ,i!! "e use% to measure performance against a"o&e se&en
responsi"i!ities an% ,hy?
". 4n%icate ,hether tas* performance "eha&ior of conte(tua! performance
"eha&ior is nee%e% "ase% on the a"o&e 2o" %escription.
<u2e .011
Case Stud5
Mahesh an% 9o. is a repute% company ,or*ing since 1M60s successfu!!y. F!! the
%epartments ,ere so much a!ert an% they ,ere app!ying a!! the "usiness
strategies to ha&e competiti&e a%&antages o&er others. But since 1MM0 the game
,as straight opposite an% ha% to face hea&y competition from M)9s %ue to $;=.
@arious %epartments in the Mahesh an% company ,ere trying to app!y &arious
turn aroun% strategies an% inno&ati&e metho%s to sur&i&e in the mar*et. 4n the
year 200M+ top management of the company ca!!e% a meeting an% %eci%e% to
appoint on!y competent can%i%ates an% ma*e -: more e.ecti&e. <he 9'> of the
company Mahesh 8harma ,ho has got strategic thin*ing+ re!ationship "ui!%ing+
an% net,or*ing+ impact an% inuence+ goo% communication+ persona!
e.ecti&eness+ change !ea%ership+ "usiness acumen+ resu!t orientation+ etc
suggeste% for the imp!ementation of competency mapping in the organi#ation.
<he tas* is assigne% to the -: manager Mr. =i!"ert ,ho has got trac* recor% in
competency mapping. -e %i&i%e% the %esignations of the organi#ation into four
ro!es consisting of =M+ D=M+ Manager an% >Jcer. 4n a!! %epartments these four
ro!es ,ere ma%e an% set the *no,!e%ge+ s*i!!s an% attitu%es re7uire% for
respecti&e ro!es an% p!anne% to hire ne, emp!oyees accor%ing!y.
a. Eor hiring the post of D=M+ =i!"ert p!anne% to con%uct critica! inci%ent
techni7ue. 4s =i!"ert right on trac*+ 2ustify.
". Eor the post of =M+ =i!"ert p!anne% to con%uct "eha&iora! e&ent inter&ie,. 4s
=i!"ert on right trac*+ 2ustify.
c. $ist the competencies o"ser&e% in the a"o&e case.
%. Write a short note on 9ompetency mo%e! ,ith reference ,ith the a"o&e case.