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Darbari Kanada

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"Raag Darbari" redirects here. For the novel, see Raag Darbari
"Darbari" redirects here. For places in Iran, see Darbari, Iran.
Hindustani classical music
Shruti Swara Alankar Raga Tala Thaat Gharana
melody: Vocals Sitar Sarod Surbahar Rudra
veena Violin Sarangi Esraj/Dilruba Bansuri Shehnai Santoor Harmoniu
m Jal tarang
rhythm: Tabla Pakhawaj
drone: Tanpura Shruti box Swarmandal
classical: Dhrupad Dhamar Khyal Tarana Sadra
semiclassical: Thumri Dadra Qawwali Ghazal Chaiti Kajri
Bilaval Khamaj Kafi Asavari Bhairav Bhairavi Todi Purvi Marwa K
Darbari Kanada, or simply Darbari, (pronounced darbri knada), is
a raga in theKanada family, which is thought to have originated
in Carnatic music and brought into North Indian music by Miyan
Tansen, the legendary 16th-century composer in emperor Akbar's
court. This tradition is reflected in the name itself; Darbar is
thePersian derived word in Hindi meaning "court." As the most familiar
raga in the Kanada family, it may sometimes also be called Shuddha
Kanada or pure Kanada. It belongs to the Asavari thaat.

It is also sometimes written as Durbari and Durbarikanada.

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In Hindustani classical music[edit]
See also: Hindustani classical music
Darbari is a grave raga, played deep into the night, considered to be
one of the more difficult to master, and with the potential for profound
emotional impact.

The ascension of aroha is in the lower and middle octaves. In
the avroha the note Ga (gandhar) komal is used in a weak manner
and a slow vibrato (andolan) on this note. The association of the notes
Ni and Pa sounds pleasing. Its Vadi swar is Re andSamavadi is Pa.
aroha: S R (R)g, (R)g M P d n S'
avroha: S' d n P M P (M)g, (M)g M (S)R, S
For reference, the set of notes in the Asavari thaat is S R g M P d n,
and for Darbari, the role of the komal gandhar is crucial, as is dwelling
on the lower komal dhaivat for some time.
Other ragas in the Kanada family include Abhogi Kanada, Nayaki
Kanada, Shahana Kanada, Kaushi Kanada and Adana. (see Adana is
part of the Kanada Raga group)

Raga Darbari Kanada

Abdul Wahid
Khan performs Raga
Darbari Kanada in 1947

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Important Recordings[edit]
Amir Khan, Ragas Marwa and
Darbari, Odeon LP (long-playing record),
ODEON-MOAE 103, later reissued by HMV as
EMI-EALP1253, critically regarded as a
benchmark for both Marwa and Darbari.
Pt. D. V. Paluskar, Jhanak Jhanakva More
Bitchuwa, Golden Milestones, D. V. Paluskar.
In Carnatic music[edit]
It is an ubhaya vakra sampurna rgam derived from the
20th melakarta rgam Natabhairavi.
Its rohaa-avarohaastructure
is as follows (see swaras in Carnatic music for details on the notations
rohaa : S R2 G2 S M1 P D1 N2 S'
avarohaa : S' D1 N2 P M1 P G2 R2 S
This scale uses the notes chatusruti rishabham, sadharana
gandharam, shuddha madhyamam, shuddha dhaivatham, kaisiki

See also[edit]
List of Film Songs based on Ragas
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(1990 reprint). ISBN 81-85057-35-4.This book, which establishes
the Thaat system, has been widely translated.
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3. Jump up^ Rajan P. Parrikar (2000-12-11). "The Kanada
Constellation (Part 1/3)". South Asian Women's Forum. Retrieved
4. ^ Jump up to:

Ragas in Carnatic music by Dr. S. Bhagyalekshmy,
Pub. 1990, CBH Publications
External links[edit]
Film Songs in Rag Darbari Kanada
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