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Male Urinary Frequency and Urgency can be Eliminated by A New Herbal Medicine

Naturally and Harmlessly

Urinary frequency and urgency, the need to urinate more than usual and a sudden, compelling urge
to urinate, can be eliminated by a new herbal medicine - diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill,
naturally and harmlessly. Compared to the side effects and drug resistance of antibiotics, the herbal
medicine can not only cure the symptoms, but also cure the disease from the roots, Wuhan Dr. Lees
C! clinic re"eals.
New York, USA, October !, "#$ %% How often you urinate is a good indicator of your bodys
overall state of hydration. Its considered normal to urinate about eight times in a 24-hour period.
However, if you need to urinate more than usual and feel sudden, compelling urge to urinate, timely
treatment should be considered. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, a new natural treatment, has
already been accepted by more and more patients.
In clinic, freuent and urgent urination can be signs of several more serious conditions, including a
urinary infection, prostate problems or a heart condition. !nd generally, chronic prostatitis can be
the common cause of urinary freuency and urgency.
!ccording to "ebmd, prostatitis, including chronic prostatitis is often caused by bacteria which are
carried in urine lea#s into the prostate. $acteria can also move upward to the bladder and cause
bladder infections. !s a result, the infections lead to the symptom of freuent and urgent urination
!s we all #now, antibiotic therapies have side effects and drug resistance for the treatment of
prostatitis, especially for chronic prostatitis. However, according to Institute for %raditional
&edicine, the 'hinese herbal therapies may have therapeutic functions compared with the antibiotic
therapies which are merely inhibiting the bacterial activity. (n the contrary, 'hinese herbs can not
only be utili)ed for bladder syndromes, but also aim at alleviating damp heat of the lower *iao, and
#illing the bacteria from the roots.
+I applied ,lantago seed, Dianthus, ,olygonum in my formula. %hese herbs have the functions of
clearing heat and resolving dampness. %hey are effective for relieving urinary urgency and
freuency.-, Dr. .ee says, /$esides, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill also contains herbs li#e
Houttuynia cordata, 'owherb 0eed, which wor#s well on #illing bacteria and diminishing
inflammation of the prostate.- &ore important, the herbal medicine are made from the reasonable
combination of over 12 rare herbs and has been applied in clinic for over 32 years, so the pesticide
effect are more complete and effective compared to the individual herbs for the treatment of chronic
prostatitis. (nce the chronic prostatitis is cured, the symptoms can be eliminated from the roots, and
many patients get a radical cure with the herbal treatment. 4ead more advantages of the herbal
medicine for this disease5
&r. .iu, a man of :2 years old, was tortured by the symptoms of urinary freuency, urgency, lower
abdominal pain. 'ommonly, he had to urinate 3 to 4 times at night and once an hour in the daytime,
and e;creting three times a day. !fter one month treatment, &r. .iu told Dr. .ee that he felt
changes< his symptoms li#e freuency and urgency were improved significantly. $esides, the times
of urination at night were reduced. %he pain in abdomen e;isted as well, but it was relieved than
before. 0o he continued another month treatment.
!fter 3 months treatment, he called Dr. .ee and told her all his symptoms were disappeared, and all
indicators were normal. !t last, he ordered one more course to consolidate curative effect.
+! man=s health can be affected by the freuent and urgent urination caused by chronic prostatitis,+
says Dr. .ee. +%he natural and harmless herbal medicine Diuretic and !nti-inflammatory ,ill
terminates freuent and urgent urination, helping men to get rid of physical pains and mental stress
caused by urinary discomfort.+
>or more testimonials, please visit5 http566www.diureticspill.com6%estimonials6
About &r' (ee )iao*ing and Herbal Medicine+
Dr. .ee ?iaoping graduated from Hubei 'ollege of %raditional 'hinese &edicine, 'hina. 0he
ualified as a herbalist 32 years ago and is a highly e;perienced medical professional. 0he
speciali)es in the field of male and female reproductive and urinary system diseases. 0he has
devoted 32 years to her clinic and wor#ed on the formula of Diuretic and !nti-inflammatory ,ill for
years. %he medicine has proven to be effective and cured millions of people who suffered from
chronic prostatitis.
Dr. .ee ?iaoping
-u.an &r'(ee/s 0,M clinic
"uhan, Hubei province, 'hina
@A: 22B-AB9212A1