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Name :

Albert T. W. Ong
Company :
Kasmudi Sdn Bhd
Position :
Role :
Contract Procurement
Job Scope :
Involved in Tendering, Project Procurement, Cost Control and System Design

1. What do you find the most interesting thing about working in your role?
The challenging this is that you will have to meets find different level of people; arising from clients,
architects, consultant engineers, building contractors and even labours.

2. What do you find the most challenging thing about working in your role?
In every different project you will have to deal with different type peoples starting from humble type,
friendly type and to demanding type.

3. What do you think will be important in the future for this type of work?
Due to the global warming this industry will be much sought after as new product, systems and
guideline are required to protect our environment.

4. How many years of experience you have working in this sector?
Have been in this industry since 1985.

5. How do people normally get into this kind of work?
It all depends on the subject taken during college or when they are seeking employment after
For me, I got myself into this job due to my brother-in-law. As he was employed by a Mechanical
and Electrical Consultant firm at that time.

6. What education, qualifications or past experience do you have?
I obtain my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in a local college. I also attended a Basis System
Design Course conducted by Carrier International Pte. Ltd. for three months period.
Other than that is more on working experience on various projects.

7. Are there any specific skills or attributes which are useful to have for this sort of work? (eg: think
creatively, adapt to changes to routine etc.)
Fundamental knowledge in air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems are required and
good interaction with all level of people in construction site.

8. Is there any advice about getting into this type of role/work/sector which you could give me?
There lots of things to learn in this air conditioning and mechanical ventilation industry. For
example, system selection, system design, cost control and system operation.
One must be able to practices good engineering and to endure tough construction site conditions.
Also must be good in interact with all type of people.