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Disadvantages of Gate Valves

1. They cannot be opened and closed quickly. To fully open or close wheel or gearbox actuators, the
shaft should be rotated as many as the full open revolution number. The full open revolution number
is equal to the pitch
2. Assembly, start-up and maintenance require large space.
3. In full closed position, the slow movement of the slide causes high flow speed. Due to vibration
and collision, abrasion and deformation occurs in the seating surfaces and the surface gets damaged
from friction.
4. In systems where high temperature changes irregularly, due to the load in pipe at the valve end,
leakages in gate valves occur.
5. At the place of operation, repair and maintenance of seating surfaces are difficult.

Disadvantages globe valve,
1, fluid resistance, opening and closing force when needed.
2 and does not apply to take larger particles, viscosity, easy coked medium.
3, adjusting performance is poor.
Disadvantages ball valves :
Conventional Ball valves have poor throttling properties
In slurry or other applications, the suspended particles can settle and become trapped in body
cavities causing wear, leakage, or valve failure.

Disadvantages of butterfly valves
The use of butterfly valves for control applications is limited to the valve opening range between
30 degrees to 70 degrees. Throttling using butterfly valves is limited to low pressure drop applications.
Potential cavitation is a concern when butterfly valves are used. Also possibility of a choked flow is a
Disadvantages of Piston Pumps
Reciprocating pumps give a pulsating flow.
The suction stroke is difficult when pumping viscous liquids.
The cost of producing piston pumps is high. This is due to the very accurate sizes of
the cylinders and pistons. Also, the gearing needed to convert the rotation of the drive
motor into a reciprocating action involves extra equipment and cost.

Ball valves These valves allow quick, quarter turn on-off operation and have poor
throttling characteristics. These valves are also designed to be operated fully open or fully
closed with any liquid containing particles that could scratch the ball. Many people use
them successfully for throttling clear water. Ball valves have low pressure drops, open and
close quickly, are simple, and are trouble free. With the development of Teflon seals, ball
valves have grown in popularity. Opening or closing a ball valve too quickly can cause
fluid hammer.