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Asian Youth Choir for One (AYCO)

AYCO is an international youth choir composed of 40 musicians representing 10 nations of ASEAN
(Association of South East Asian Nations) and Korea. The musicians ages range from 20~29 are
selected through competitive audition and endorsed by AYCO committee.

AYCO was founded by Music for One foundation, sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea to
commemorate the 2014 ASEAN summit conference held in Korea. The goal of AYCO is to promote
performing arts and culture without boarders through music by the selected musicians from ASEAN.
The foundation had appointed Prof. Eui-Joong Yoon, a world renowned conductor, as a music director
and Prof. Hak-won Yoon as the lead adviser for AYCO, who is currently serving as an artistic director
of Incheon City Chorale and also known as "the father of Korean choral music". With this newly
united choir of South East Asian nations, we aim to bring Asia as one unifying voice for peace.

In December of 2014, two weeks of cultural arts and performance symposium will be held through
AYCO sponsorship and a final grand concert will be performed by the members of AYCO at KBS Hall
with an orchestra in Seoul, South Korea. Through symposium, participating members will have an
unique opportunity to share their culture and artistic experiences. Through such, members will learn to
understand and appreciate each nations cultural knowledge and music, respectively. Performances,
workshops, roundtable discussion will be conducted throughout the symposium. Various musical
genre will also be presented throughout the event, which will include, classic, K-pop, and modern
choral music before the live audience.

It is our hope that AYCO to be the gateway for the ASEAN nations to promote harmony and peace
through music while preserving and promoting their culture and values to be shared worldwide

Asian Youth Choir for One (AYCO) is established in 2014 to commemorate the 25
summit conference. AYCO is composed of 40 selected musicians from 10 nations of ASEAN who will
be representing their nation with music for promoting peace. Music for one foundation is currently
recruiting talented singers to join AYCO for the peace mission.

Music for One Foundation (M4one) is a Performing Arts-based humanitarian organization (NGO)
dedicated to working with children and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential
through music and music education.

Qualification and Eligibility

Individual must be qualified to travel overseas
Individual ages must be between 20-29 years
Valid Passport and Visa
(Expire date should allow at least more than 6 month from the day of audition)
Be able to read music in either Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass
Be able to speak conversational English
Willing to volunteer for activities related to musical performance
Willing to share their own culture and music with others

*Preferred candidate: One who has vocal music degree or attending music school in their country is
highly preferred.

Participating Countries and Participants

Participating countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines,
Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea
Participants: four (4) members from each countries mentioned above will be selected
Total of forty (40) member will be selected from ASEAN countries

Concert and Symposium

Event Duration: November 22
~ December 5
, 2014 (14Nights and 15 Days)
Grand Concert Date: December 4
, 2014
Concert Hall: KBS Hall (Seoul, Korea)


AYCO will provide each individual the following:
Cultural experience travel package will also be included during the stay in Korea
Professional allowance will be given to each participating musicians after the arrival in
Symposium (150 USD)
All participants are responsible for the cost attaining their own Passport and Visa for their travel.

How to apply

Application period: August 20th ~ September 17th, 2014
Please download application form from or email your application along with
your profile to
Video: Download test-songs score from attachment and send the link of both songs (YouTube or
Vimeo) to

Selection results announcement: Final selection announcement will be posted on the website and
Facebook of Music for one foundation (

For additional Information, email to Emma Cho: