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Higher Studies in Engineering:

An Indian Perspective
Parents Stories
Class X: Study for this one year. Rest of
your studies would be childs play.
Class XII: Board exams are very important.
Give your best and youll never again
have to study.
Engg. Entrance: Just get into one of those
good Engineering colleges. Then
no need to study.
BE/BTech: Just get a good job. Then no need
to worry.
It goes on 8
Keep working hard; get used to it.
No short-cuts.
Every exam is important.
Steps of a ladder.
About Engg.:
Most parents have no (or little) idea.
Source: Sharma Ji, Verma Ji, Gupta Ji
But they love us.
Wish we do our best.
Why Engineering ?
Sadist mentality: enjoy torture/pressure
Didnt like Biology (tough diagrams)
Commerce was for kids!
BSc/MSc for losers
Shrivastav Ji ka ladka is an Engineer
Like the title, Graduate Engineer Trainee
Wanted to be a smart bride / groom
Wished to live in a metro
This is what others thought!
Why Engineering ? Our reasons
Had a passion for Science
Admired Einstein, Newton, Faraday
Were terrific at Mathematics
Loved to watch Sci-Fi movies
Wished to become engineers
Contribute to Indias progress
Never wanted to leave Science
Were inspired by Kalam and Sreedharan
During BE / BTech
Introduction: Engineering + basic Sciences
Overview of subjects
Approaches to problem-solving
In-depth understanding: depends
Exam culture
Lost touch with Science (passion)
Calculation skills Calculators
Concept-building Exam orientation
Think and reason Ability to reproduce
Final year
Priority: Placements!
IT Industry culture
Software coolies!
Quantity, not Quality matters
Cut-paste work
Emphasis on delivering, not learning
Selfish professionals
Pressure hierarchy
Restricted environment
No engineering skills required
IT Industry culture
Work experience
Academic Culture (Masters, PhD)
More years of college!
Freedom (what, not whether) to study
Passionate teachers/professors/guides
Your work is your work!
In-depth understanding building career
Job security: control over your work
Earn: knowledge (w/ or w/o money)
Need for Introspection
What do I want ?
Job / MBA
MTech / ME / MS / PhD
Your upper-bound for studies:
X, XII, BSc, MSc, BTech/BE, MTech/ME, PhD
PhD End of formal education
Have time to learn? Then do not earn!
No taking chances. Time to make choices!
Enough of compromise; now optimize!
How much do you know about it?
Sharma Ji philosophy repeated?
Will each one of you do an MBA?
Just because Byjus classes are in the air?
Do you really want to do it?
Dig up your interests
Serious about MBA? Work hard to go for
the best.
Dont compromise
Priority chart (for me)
PhD abroad better than
PhD in India better than
MS in India better than
ME/MTech in India better than
MS abroad better than
MBA better than
Core job better than
Pursuing hobbies better than
Roaming around better than
Going for an IT job
Take GATE, (the best you could do)
be a proud electrical engineer
core companies (BHEL, BEL, ONGC)
How to prepare?
coaching institutes
self-study (practise, NPTEL)
teachers help
Where to apply?
IISc, IITs, IIITs, some NITs
MS/MSc(Engg)/PhD (Direct)
More options
College-specific entrance tests
Interview to enter
Research orientation
As opposed to coursework orientation in ME
How to prepare?
Strong fundamentals
Where? IISc, Some IITs, TIFR, ISI, CMI, etc.
After higher studies
More control over your work
Definitely an engineer
Equal options in academics and industry
Research-oriented thinking
High, irreplaceable positions in companies
Designer, not developer
Inventor, not implementer
On the couch, not on the bench!
One Mantra
Want it!