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The "new" work which is now known as "La Iglesia en Brazos de Cristo" (In the

Arms of Jesus Christian Church) began in January. 2001 with the merger of two
existing congregations in Eagle Pass. Texas. They were originally known as La
Iglesia Cristiana en Siesta Acres and La Iglesia de Cristo Las Brisas. At the time of
the merger, both congregations were small and struggling. The initial attendance
was approximately 50.
As a result of the merger, a new
location was required. The new
congregation began renting
office, worship and classroom
space on the campus of Colegio
Biblico. The initial cash assets
available after the merger were
approximately $10,000.00. While
meeting in rented facilities with a
minimum of advertising and exposure in the community, we have seen consistent
growth and are now averaging 110 to 120 in our worship attendance. By January of
2005, the cash assets had grown to over $60,000.00.
In January of 2005, we began a "unique" bi-lingual program. We now begin our
worship time at 10:00 AM with an English session. The English program begins with
a few songs and includes a message. This transitions into a bi-lingual worship and
praise service at 11:00 AM. The main worship service has a praise team and is
designed to reach the multi-cultural citizens of Eagle Pass. During this service, we
observe the Lord's Supper in a bi-lingual/bi-cultural setting. The Spanish preaching
normally begins between 11:45
and 12:00. During the English
preaching service, we have a
Spanish Sunday school. During
the Spanish preaching, we have
an English Sunday school
Thomas Gary is presently
serving as an Elder and Senior
Minister. He is responsible for the
total program and the Spanish
worship. Bill Baker is doing the
preaching for the English Service.
The dynamic of Eagle Pass is changing. This unique program would not work in very
many settings but. we feel it is essential for the advancement of the work of the Lord in
Eagle Pass. Today, we are a Spanish congregation with an emphasis in English. In one
more generation, we will probably be an English congregation with an emphasis in
t #
On February 17, 2005, we closed on the purchase of a 7.44 acre piece of property. This
property is strategically located! Itwill require a complete cleanup. At the time of purchase, it was
full of brush, mesquite trees and trash. There are also two existing buildings on site. They both
need extensive repair. It is estimated an initial investment of $8,000.00 will put both of these
buildings in excellent condition.
As soon as possible, we want to move the church officesto the new property. This will result in a
monthly rental savings of $180.00. We will also be able to use one of the buildings for our small
group Bible studies. We are also investigating other areas of outreach possibilities with this new
We are presently cleaning up the site and developing a master planwhich will guide our further
development. We would like to be in a new worship facility as soon as possible. Because we are
outside of city limits, we hope to occupy in an unfinished state.
We need your help! We need your prayers as we step forward in faith to fulfill the vision
God has given us for this property. We are soliciting short ternn missionary groups to assist
us in site cleaning and development. Special financial help is also required. The local
congregation is making a major commitment to build as God provides. Our resources are
limited. We will be working on a cash basis for development. It is also our desire to have
the entire property free and clear by February 17, 2006.
If you would like to assist us in any manner,
further information is included
on the back panel of this brochure!
The Iglesia En Brazos de Cristo has
purchased a 7.44 acre tract of land. We are
beginning to developing the property. The
price of $120,000.00 was reasonable. The
opportunities are endless! Our initial goal for
development is $240,000.00. The seller has
granted us a six month NO INTEREST note!
We still owe $90,000.00. All payments made
until August 17 will be directly against the
principle. The seller has agreed to renew the
balance for six months at 6% interest. If we
can meet our goal of $240,000.00 in the next
12 months, we will be debt free and have
funds available for construction of a facility
accommodateing 500! We would eventually
like to develop a Christian School/ Day Care,
an Assisted Living facility and a Sports
Complex. All of these improvements will be
used to extend the Gospel to the region
around us!
To help us or for more
information, please see the
back panel of this brochure!
This property
has access to
two major
thoroughfares hi
without the
expense of
This project is worthy of youl prayer,
physical and financial support! If you
would like to know more concerning
how God is moving through "La
Iglesia En Brazos de Cristo," please
feel free to contact us! We want you
to have a realistic picture of our work
and our needs.
Here are just a few ways In which
you can help us meet the challenges
we feel God has placed before us:
Organize a work team!
Share this project with your
church, missions committee or
Sunday School class.
Share with us financially. Unless
otherwise noted, all funds received
toward this project will be equally
divided between property purchase
and property development. By
following this pattern, we will be
paying of the property and developing
it simultaneously.
Invite someone from "La Iglesia En
Brazos de Cristo" to share our vision
with your congregation.
Please direct your requests to:
Tom Gary
NCR 4, Box 19-A
Eagle Pass, TX 78852
Phone: 830-773-3607
Bill Baker
PO Box 2641
Eagle Pass, TX 78853
Phone 830 752-1639
E-mail: bbaker6@stx.rr.com
(REV 4-14-2005)
on the
De Cristo
Fresh Fromthe Baker's Oven
Bill and Rosa Baker
2564 Eidson Road
PO Box 2541 (Mail)
Eagle Pass, TX 78853-2541
Home: 830 752-1 639 Cell: 830 776-2020
e-mail: bbaker6(gstx.rr.com
Serving Christ On the Mexican
Eagle Pass, Texas
What Happened to You?
I was asked some time ago, "Were you Bill Baker?" The tone of the
question set me back a bit. But, I was Bill Baker and I am still Bill Baker. I
think the questioner really meant to ask, were you Bill Baker, the Director of
Spanish American Evangelism in El Paso? Then the next appropriate
question followed, "What happened to you?" and "Where are you now?"
It has been twelve years since serving as the Director of SAE. Our family
has under gone major changes. In August of 1993, Rosa, Barbie, Frances,
Caleb and I moved to Gering, Nebraska. (Billy was in California.)
After 20 years on the mission field, it was time for a furlough! We served with Central
Church of Christ in Gering. Iwas also very active in several projects in Mexico, including the
development of an orphanage in Chihuahua, Mexico. Barbie graduated from High School
and left for Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO. In January 1995, Frances, Caleb, Rosa
and I relocated to Del Rio, TX. Our family worshiped with First Christian Church in Del Rio.
I served as interim minister with Del Rio Christian Church for about 9 months and we were
active in new church development in Mexico. Two churches were
established in Acuna and another in Zaragosa. We also built ten
concrete block houses in Acuna.
Frances graduated from High School and went to Cincinnati Bible
College. Caleb developed a deep love for Mexico and enrolled in
Johnson Bible College.
Presently, Billy and Laurel have four children. Billy is serving as
Minister of Creative Arts with First Christian Church in Huntington
Beach, CA. Barbie and her husband, T.J. Waters are serving with the
Lexington Church of Christ in Lexington, Ohio. They have two children.
April, 2005
What Happened to You? (Cont.)
T.J. is Senior minister and Scott, Frances'
husband is serving as Associate with the
same congregation. Frances and Scott
have one child. Caleb is planning to be
married to Kelly Holesapple on May 15 in
Knoxville, TN. Kelly will graduate with a BA
just before the wedding. She is schedule to
receive her Masters Degree in Elementary
Education in May of 2006. At that same time
Caleb should be getting his BAas well. Both
Kelly and Caleb are preparing to come to
the Mexican Border and assist in the work
More Changes...
Because of several problems beyond
our control on the mission field, Rosa and I
made the decision in 2000 to seek a located
ministry and cease living on missionary
I began a weekend ministry with First
Christian in Wellington, TX in November,
2000. Wellington is in the Texas Panhandle.
For eight months, I filled the pulpit two or
three times a month. We moved to
Wellington in July, 2001 and served until
July 2004.
Back to Eagle Pass...
Because of the condition of Rosa's
foster parents, Harland and Frances Cary,
we made the decision to return to Eagle
Pass after 25 years away. We moved
without an income or the promise of
missionary support. The primary purpose of
our move was to be able allow Rosa to
"give-back" to the couple who gave her so
much in her younger years.
At the time of the move, we had no idea
where the Lord might lead us. Prior to the
move, Rosa had been spending two weeks
out of every month with the Cary's. In
February, 2005, Harland Cary celebrated the
completion of 69 years in the preaching
ministry. Both Harland and Frances now
spend the majority of their time in a wheel chair.
Their spirits are not diminished and their minds
are both active.
Housing Situation...
One of our first concerns was a place to live.
We had been provided (on a temporary basis) a
place for only $200.00 per month, utilities
included. Even at that rate, we found ourselves
spending at least $500.00 a month more than our
income. There was not even room for Rosa's
grand piano.
In March, we were able to get into a more
suitable place. The rent is now $600.00 per
month, plus utilities. We are trusting God will
continue to provide for our needs.
Our second major concern was where to
minister. The church situation in Eagle Pass is
unique. Several mission churches have been
established here over the years but most of them
have not been able to come in their own. I
wanted to be able to make a difference here.
Several churches courted us and encouraged us
to help them out. One even offered a small
We decided to work with the congregation
which appeared to have the most potential for the
Lord's Kingdom, long term. We are now working
with Rosa's foster brother, Tom Cary. This "new"
congregation was formed four years ago with the
merger of two small, struggling churches. The
church is located in rented facilities on "Brazos
Street" and is trying to re-locate. We have
developed a name which will fit the Brazos street
location and also serve well when we relocate,
"La Iglesia En Brazos de Cristo" or "In the Arms
of Jesus Christian Church."
Iglesia En Brazos De Cristo...
We have been serving without salary and
working secularly on a part time basis for the past
nine months. This has allowed Rosa to assist the
Cary's in their fading years.
I have often joked I would preach even if they
didn't pay me! I have now proven that statement
to be true. This church has great potential for the
work of the Lord in this region! Today we have a
Spanish speaking congregation with an English
emphasis. In one more generation, it may
become an English congregation with a Spanish
The attendance is averaging about 120 in the
combined services. We have two separate
preaching times with a combined bi-lingual
worship/praise and communion service between
them. We have had as many as 50 for the
English portion of the program. We are averaging
about 35 right now. My vision for this
congregation is that it might become a regional
center for outreach and evangelism serving both
sides of the border. We have recently purchased
almost eight acres of ground and are beginning
to develop the property.
Financial Needs...
The church is not paying a salary. Our
combined part-time incomes have not been
sufficient to meet our needs. We are asking
God's people to team with us to help provide a
strong foundation for this new project. Once it is
firmly established, we hope to be able to assist
the building up of other local congregations as
your help,
can become
De Cristo
A Biographical Sketch* **
Bill Baker
Born, Scottsbluff, NE, May 26, 1950
Married Rosa Alejandro - August 14,
BA- Platte Valley Bible College,
Scottsbluff, NE
Children; Billy Baker, 32; Barbie
Waters, 29: Frances Williams, 25; Caleb
Baker, 22.
Ministry Positions:
Publicity Director, Colegio Biblico, Eagle
Pass, TX 1973-79
Director, Spanish American
Evangelism, El Paso, TX 1980-93
Elder and Spanish Minister, Logan
Heights Christian Church, El Paso, TX
Director, Mision Amistad, 1995-2001
Minister, First Christian Church,
Wellington, TX 2001-04
Minister, Iglesia En Brazos de Cristo,
Eagle Pass, TX 2004-Present
Ifim fjroperty has the
advantage of access to ^
two major roads without 5
the expense of frontage! ^
Future Home
Iglesia En
Living by Faith...
When you talk about living by faith, how
do you show it? Is the depth of your faith
based on your bank account or the
material possessions you own? When
Jesus talked about living by faith, he said
some interesting things! "Do not store up
for yourselves treasures on earth. . ."and
"do not worry about tomorrow, for
tomorow will worry about itself. Each day
has enough trouble of its own." He
summed up his philosophy of life in with
these words, "But seek first his kingdom
and his righteousness, and all these
things will be giventoyou as well."
Rosa and I have never let finances
alone dictate a move in ministry. In fact,
many times when we followed the leading
of the Lord, on a purely economic basis,
we did exactly the wrong thing!
There are those who would say that
about our returning to Eagle Pass. We left
a good ministry which paid a salary Which
was was sufficient to meet our needs. Q
Our purpose for moving was to allow [J|
Rosa the opportunity to give back to those jjj
who gave her so much so many years m
ago. There is no salary. No constant 3
income. Yet, weare comfortable knowing g O
God is not slack concerning His promise. "C UJ
God will continue to meet our needs and c ^
His Kingdom will be strengthened! ~ 5 ^
We ask for your prayers and should the -
Lord touch your heart to help us ^ u) ^
financially, we would continue to be ^ oo
thankful and grateful to you and to our re
God who will supply all of our needs. M x ^
May the Lord Richly bless, KS iS
fBiil and fRe^a fBakm 11 q
Bill and Rosa Baker S o re 0
a a. UJ ^