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Kevin Brooks


Malini Foobalan


December 14, 2009


Personal Fact Sheet Explanatory

The personal fact sheet I designed is a cohesive collection of my note taking in class. This sheet serves as an informative document which I can look at handily at any time. The design I have chosen is very direct. The 5 topics I have chosen as content are clearly highlighted in a different color compared to the specific contents. I also decided to play around with fonts to engage my interest in reading this document. I chose to keep a balance between playful fonts and formal looking fonts for that reason.

I have chosen to present five topics that I felt was most important to me and will help improve my writing skills. The topics I chose include;

5 Factors writers consider

8 Principles of writing

Research Tips

Reviewing Tips

Career Material Tips

Research Tips ‐ Reviewing Tips ‐ Career Material Tips chose the above topics because of my
Research Tips ‐ Reviewing Tips ‐ Career Material Tips chose the above topics because of my

chose the above topics because of my weakness in these areas. I also think that the ‘5 factors writers consider’ would


be very handy to me not only in school but also when I begin my career. I find it important to know the purpose of my writing, the style, social context, audience as well as genre. As for the ‘8 principles of writing’, I do not necessarily

agree with all of them, but I think they will guide me in writing lengthy papers such as the unit two essays.

Since I am still not so familiar with researching methods, I included a list of sites that will help me with deep web research. I also inserted a link to the ‘Owl @ Purdue’ for citation purposes. I think citation tips are useful tips that I could use beyond my education and in any setting. I also included a small part on editing. I am not so much convinced on the paramedic editing. Therefore I did not include that in my personal fact sheet. However, I find peer reviewing as well as side shadowing very useful for me. They have worked best for me in all my writing throughout this course. These methods helped me rectify mistakes I never saw in my writing.

Part of this personal fact sheet also contains tips on writing career material. Since I will begin to apply for internships soon, I found it very important that I have this information on this document. It is information I can use and update alongside my education and career.

This sheet contains information that I found important and will be useful for me not just while I am still pursuing my education, but also beyond that. However, I chose to leave out materials such as tips for writing persuasive letters and argumentative letters. I think these are methods one acquire them by practicing and not by looking at a personal fact sheet. I have great difficulty in writing marketing letters, yet I decided that this information is not going to help me. I also excluded contents on writing styles. I find that these are sources that I could easily get from the internet.

With that said, I hope this explanatory gives you a clear idea of how I considered my content and design. I hope this document will serve its purpose and not become just mere class assignment.

Yours Truly,

Malini Foobalan