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Balaji Rao Komaleswaram

2/53/2 Raja street, Thondavada

Chandragiri, Tirupathi - 517505 Mob: !1
Chittoor #ist$, %& '(ai):
Logistics Manager
Inventory management, supply chain, warehousing operations
% -arehouse (anager -ith 26 years o. a,hieve(ent driven e/perien,e in )ogisti,s/
-arehousing and supp)+ ,hain (anage(ent$ '/,e))ent inventor+ (anage(ent
s0i))s, ,ost ,ontro), )ean te,hni,s, auto(ation to ,ut (anpo-er dependen,+$ %,hieve
sustained budgetar+ goa)s, ,usto(er targets, '1e,tive resour,e p)anning in )ine
-ith organi2ationa) goa)s$ '/,e))ent interpersona) s0i))s$
Professional strengths
3arehousing operations, Tea( )eadership, 4nventor+ Manage(ent, &56, Cost
,ontro), 3are housing,
&ro,ess i(prove(ents, 57, 0ai2ens, tea( ,ontro), training et,$
8raduate ,erti9,ate issued b+ Min o. #e.en,e, 8:4
M$% ; &ub)i, ad(in<
&8# &M 5 4R
&8# MM
Professional experience
TVS Logistics services Limited May 2013 Sep 2013
AGM-Operations - TVS Motors, Hosur, INDIA
Achieve customer sales targets consistentl!
Achieve "#I parameters, $SI %&'(
$ontrol attrition, sta)) training, provi*e *irection to e+ecutives!
,u*getar a*herence, top line achievement, operations cost control
TV Logistics services lt!, "hennai May 2#$# %
May 2#$&
=e+ ,usto(ers: Tata (otors, 7884, %sho0 6e+)and, >+undai (otors, ?C@, %6 ?#,
=:@'6C: and other auto(obi)e Co(panies
&osition he)d: Manager A operations
>eading a)) operations o. -arehouses in )ine -ith ,usto(er reBuire(ents$
6ead the tea( .or a,,o(p)ish(ent o. set sa)es targets$
&rovide e1e,tive too)s .or target a,,o(p)ish(ent to the tea($
Cost ,ontro), proje,t pro9tabi)it+, suggest auto(ation proje,ts, ensure
inventor+ a,,ura,+, :T#, pi,0 a,,ura,+ , app)+ )ean te,hni,s, 0ai2ens, 57
Custo(er satis.a,tion
Ce- proposa)s, business e/pansions,
'D,ient hand)ing o. e(p)o+ee unrest situations$
tar aviation (vt Lt!, "hennai )ov2##* % +pr
%n air)ine pro(oted b+ #ubai based 'T% group
Logistic manager
:vera)) responsibi)it+ o. initia) set up o. the )ogisti,s depart(ent$
#e9ne po)i,+ and pro,edure .or the )ogisti,s depart(ent$ #ra.ted
pro,edure (anua) .or the depart(ent in )ine -ith #8C% regu)ations$
'nsure ,o(p)ian,e to the statutor+ ;#8C%< regu)ations$
Eendor deve)op(ent, pur,hase, sour,ing o. spares .ro( both indigenous
and .oreign sour,es$
Monitor (ove(ent o. i(ports through 67& net-or0$
Cegotiate best ,ost and 67& .or i(ports
Eendor eva)uation$ Cegotiate ,redit periods -ith overseas supp)iers$
Cost ,ontro), and redu,e ina,tive inventor+ b+ appropriate de,isions$
6iaise -ith servi,e providers and C>%s and ,usto(s .or on ti(e ,)earan,e
o. the i(ports$

+ir ,eccan-King.sher airlines /e' 2##0 % ep

7tores oD,er
3ho))+ responsib)e .or the set up and strea()ining o. the store operations$
%,,ounting, de(ands proje,tion, .ore,asting reBuire(ents based on past
and s,hedu)ed 5 nons,hedu)ed a,tivities$
Train the ne- in,u(bents in to su,,ess.u) stores personne)$
4denti9,ation and #isposa) o. non(oving inventor+$
Coordinating -ith pur,hase depart(ent .or on ti(e provisioning o. spares$
#e(onstrated s0i))s in a,,urate a,,ounting o. spares during interna) and
In!ian airlines +pr 2##6 % /e'
%viation 7e,urit+ supervisor and s,reener$
3or0ed -ith 4%6 (ateria) depart(ent .or a period on ,ontra,t$
In!ian +ir /orce Mar $1*6 % Mar 2##6
7u,,ess.u))+ ,o(p)eted 52 -ee0s o. training b+ 4%F on (ateria) hand)ing,
a,,ounting, preservation, re,eipt 5 issue, transportation pra,ti,es$
3or0ed at various )eve)s during the tenure o. 20 +ears$
>and)ed a)) t+pes o. (ateria) .ro( .ood to e/p)osives, air,ra.t parts,
auto(obi)e spares, MT
spares, te/ti)es et,$
>ands on e/perien,e in a,,ounting and preservation pra,ti,es o. a)) t+pes
o. eBuip(ent$
&ro,ure(ent and supp)+ ,hain a,tivities .or a)) goods and (ateria) -ith
stress on right ti(e,
right ,ost, right p)a,e, right Bua)it+, right Buantit+$
>igh)+ se).-(otivated and se,urit+ ,ons,ious -ith e+e on detai)s$
Trained on )eadership Bua)ities b+ 4%F .or 12 -ee0s at Fa,u)t+ o. )eadership
and instru,tiona) training %F, Ta(bara(, ,hennai$
'/,e))ent (ateria) a,,ounting s0i))s and parts 0no-)edge
7u,,ess.u))+ i(p)e(ented the 4ntegrated (ateria) (anage(ent on)ine
s+ste( ;4MM:67< in
4%F as a tea( (e(ber$
7%4CT 8:@%4C, 86:E47 : Maintained C74 G!5H
T%T% M:T:R7 : >and)ed ,risis situations and strea()ined 34&
T'%M %TTR4T4:C : I 2H
@J#8'T %C>4'E'M'CT : 10KH ;F13-L1-L2<
C:7T C:CT%4CM'CT : 2H
7TR'TC> R'E'CJ' : 2H
(ersonal .le
#ate o. @irth : 0M :,t 1!M7
Marita) status : Married
Chi)dren : T-o daughters
Current CTC : 7$5 6a,s ;4CR<
'/pe,ted CTC : 20H
(ersonal .le
#:@: M :,t 1!M7
Married,T-o 0ids
Current CTC - 76a,s/&% ;4CR<
6anguage pro9,ien,+: 'ng)ish, >indi, Marathi, Te)ugu, =annada 5 Ta(i)
4nterests: Meeting ne- peop)e, (editation, non9,tion nove)s 5 ,o(puters$