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Pratap Bose, the former CEO of O&M India who joined the Mudra group as its chief

operating officer (COO).

Madhuar amath a!so wored in competitors compan" and then had joined mudra again.
Chuck Brymer, President & CEO, DDB Worldwide
#$he management process responsi%!e for identif"ing, anticipating and satisf"ing
customer re&uirements profita%!".'
#(d)ertising presents the most persuasi)e possi%!e se!!ing message to the right prospects
for the product or ser)ice at the !owest possi%!e cost.'
**B Mudra wins (rshi"a Internationa! account. The agency's
Mumbai branch will handle the business.
**B Mudra has %een awarded the creati)e mandate for (rshi"a Internationa!. $he
agenc"+s Mum%ai %ranch wi!! %e responsi%!e for this account.
(ccording to industr" estimates, the ad)ertising spends are pegged at ,s -./-0 crore.
Ogilv & !at"er # $%&' (sa# )* Walter T"+!,s+n -)WT. s(&sidiar +$ Wire & /lasti%
/r+d(%ts -W//.# 0+1e 0intas &/artners -(k.
2lig"t date 3 ad +n air date
A4% servi%e de,t 3 ,r+5e%t
Mudra has 1 specia!ist units inc!uding Mudra 2est, Mudra 3orth & East, Mudra 4outh
so!utions which pro)ides c!ient %usiness so!utions through ad)ertising. Mudra west is a
Mum%ai %ased agenc". Mudra north and east inc!udes *e!hi and 5o!ata. Mudra 4outh
inc!udes Cochin, Chennai and Banga!ore
$as oriented %ut a!so %e!ie)es team effort
T"e t"(!& ,rint'''' &(t signat(res +$ e!,l+ees

Boom %oom %oomer, dhara/6 shudh dhara, !ic 7indagi %aad %hi, saath %hi, I !o)e "ou
(!so / /water sanitation, 8I3I f!u
Water /4trateg" and design consu!tanc" ser)ices
Maatra / 9oca!isation & Pre/media ser)ices
Tri&al DDB India (Interacti)e & 3ew Media
RA// (*ata *ri)en Mareting
DDB 9ealt" & 0i$estle communication re&uirements of the hea!th and !ifest"!e
M(dra C+nne:t:'
It pro)ides ad)anced %usiness so!utions through
media. Its focus is to !e)erage the con)ergence of media to effecti)e!"
de!i)er integrated &inno)ati)e media so!utions. $he agenc" has operations
in si: cities and team strength of o)er ;. peop!e.
M(dra /ri!e gr+(,:'
Prime site is out of home ser)ices inc!ude
con)entiona! outdoor, am%ient and uncon)entiona! media. It has the most
e:tensi)e nationwide networ co)ering o)er <.. marets. Prime site is the
on!" comprehensi)e out of home communication agenc" in India with
pro)en e:pertise in the c!assica! outdoor medium a!ong with )a!ue added
capa%i!ities in retai! merchandising and design and consu!ting. It is the
!eader in out of home %rand communications. Prime retai! is India=s
!eading agenc" pro)iding ser)ices in retai! and )isua! merchandising.
M(dra Celsi(s:'
Ce!sius adds e)ent so!utions to the p!atter of
ser)ices offered %" the Mudra group. 2hi!e focussing on pro)iding e)ent
so!utions to c!ients, Ce!sius wi!! a!so !oo at de)e!oping e:perience
measurement too!s to he!p c!ients measure the return on in)estment (,OI)
of their acti)ities. Ce!sius focus pure!" on %rand/re!ated e)ents, and not
compete direct!" with e)ent management companies.
M(dra Kidst($$:'
5idstuff is a part of Mudra Ma:, is a promotiona!
mareting compan" specia!i7ing in e)ents, samp!ing and consumer
promotions. 5idstuff is designing %rand promos that are deri)ed from the
o)era!! %rand strategic re&uirements. It is a!so in)esting in peop!e and their
si!! sets to impro)e the &ua!it" of ideation and creati)it".
M(dra 8treets!art:'
4treetsmart is Mudra=s second OO8 specia!ist
agenc", which aims to pro)ide a new/age interacti)e edge to outdoor
space. 4treetsmart was !aunched for the purpose of contro!!ing the
increasing competitions and conf!icts in the compan" due to the increase in
M(dra M(lti,lier:'
Multiplier denotes multiplication of business
through the process enhancement and optimum utilization of
people, solutions, and sales. The services that the business entity
will provide to its clients range from recruitment, training and
development, payroll management, trade consultancy and
implementation covering consumer and trade loyalty programs. It
provides a complete array of activities targeted to support a
company's sales process in the face of an emerging Indian retail
landscape. Multiplier Trade Marketing promises competent sales
Remember the little boy, enticed to return home with the lure of jalebee
on !"#
!he earlier cam$ai%ns of the brand such as Dhara Dhara, &hudh Dhara
and 'y Daddy &tron%est had scored hi%h on the recall list of consumers( !he
!"C dri)es home scienti*c research, which says that consumers need to +ee$
rotatin% the ty$e of their edible oil to moderate their consum$tion( DDB 'udra,
Dharas creati)e a%ency on,board since its ince$tion, has conce$tualised the
Cha!!enges >
#(s India is set to %ecome the "oungest
countr" %" 6.6., it %ecomes ine)ita%!e
for %rands, right from %eers to %ans, to
neg!ect this )ita! and powerfu! segment
of our nation / the ?outh.
$he %iggest cha!!enge faced %" %rands
toda" !ies in the sheer di)ersit" and fast
paced transformation that taes p!ace
within this age group. *ata that is
important, or in toda"=s term @trending=,
one da", %ecomes sta!e and outdated
the )er" ne:t da", e)en %efore it is
compi!ed. $his maes it comp!e: to
pinpoint what wou!d %e the %est wa" to
engage with the "outh' //////// rata, B +se
Chief Operating Officer, **B Mudra Aroup
6. #Mareters wrong!" assume that
&uic fi:es !ie ce!e%rit" endorsements,
popu!ar !ingo, %right co!ors, fanc" design
and %om%arding socia! media wi!!
do the tric.
(fter reading most other reports on
"outh %eha)ior, we rea!i7ed that e)er"one
is just scratching the surface. (s
Pratap right!" said, data e:pires %efore
e)en it reaches print.' / 8a!ak C"akra&art
Chief ?outh Mareter, **B Mudra Aroup
1. One of the greatest cha!!enges to access
the minds of India=s ur%an "oung is
to %e a%!e to cut through the socia!, economic
and cu!tura! di)ersities as the"
often end up creating confusion.