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MP e-District Project


Madhya Pradesh
Area - 308,252 km
Districts 51
Blocks 313

Public Service Gurantee Act
Madhya Pradesh Lok Sewaon Ke Pradan Ki Guarantee
Act 2010
Ensures Right to Service to the Citizens within the
prescribed time limits
Provision of Appeal , Penalty & Compensation
Suo-Moto Consideration by the Appellate Authority

Notification of Services
Phase -1
9 Departments, 26 Services
Software Implemented
Phase -2
16 Departments, 52 Services
Software Implemented For 47 Services
Phase -3
21 Departments, 101 services
BPR Over, Software Implementation in progress

Mandatory Category
Sr. No Category of Services Sr. No Services
1 Certificate
1 Domicile
2 Income
3 Handicapped Certificate
Social Welfare Schemes (First
time approval & disbursement)
4 Old Age Pension
5 Widow
6 Disability
7 Social Security Pension
3 Ration Card 8 Issuance & Renewal of BPL Card
Grievance &RTI (District Level
9 Appeals
10 Grievance Redressal
11 Handpump Repair
Optional Category

Category of Services Sr. No Services
6 Agriculture 12
Issue & Renewal of License for Chemical Fertilizers,
Pesticides and Seed sales
Woman & Child
13 Approval under the Ladli Lakshmi Yojana
8 Health 14 Din Dayal Antyodaya treatment card
9 Revenue
15 B1 Khasra Nakal
16 Solvency
17 Issuance of Bhua-Adhikar pustika
10 BPL Services 18 Inclusion of Names in the BPL family list
Apart from the above , 29 More Services are given
Type of Services
Issuance Of Certificate, Issuance/Renewal of
Licenses, Orders, Documents, Letters
Status Updation
Services where DO input requires in the
preparation of Certificate/Letter
Issuance of Public Notice
Administrative Setup
PSM Department
Setting up Lok Sewa Kendra
Setup in PPP Mode
Governed by District e-Governance Society
Total 334 LSKs including all 313 Blocks of MP
One LSK in each Block in Rural areas
Multiple LSKs in Urban areas
Each LSK having minimum 5 computers

Submission and
Monitoring Administration Information
1. Lok Sewa Kendra
Operator (Application
Submission Only)
1. Department Head in
1. District Manager,
1. Public
2. Office of the DO
(About 10,000)
-DO, LO, Assistant
(About 17,000)
2. District Collector 2. District NIC, DIO
3. Divisional Commissioner 3. Department PSM
4. Secretary/Principal
4. State NIC
5. Principal Secretary PSM 5. PSM Department
6. Chief Secretary
7. Hble Chief Minister
Stake Holders
Application Submission & Processing
(Work Flow Based , eFile Concept Introduced)
Information Dissemination
Generic Framework
Addition of Services
Just in few steps
Identification of Service(by State Govt)
BPR(by State Govt)
Addition of Service in the Software
Creation of Tables and Sub-tables
Defining Field Attributes
Describe the required annexure
Design the Certificate/Letter
Defining Jurisdiction of each DO/FAO/SAO
Go Live

Technology Platform
Windows 2008 R2
ASP .Net Framework 4.0
MS SQL Server 2012
MS Sharepoint 2010
MS Lync for Unified Communication
Digital Signature Implementation using Java
Infrastructure Arrangement
State Headquarter
H/w Procured by State Govt. and installed at SDC
Office of the DO
Digital Signature
Network Connectivity Swan and Broadband

Demo Urls and login access
LSK Operator
Username : lskshivpuri Password :123
For Registration Only
Designated Officer(Tehsildar)
Username : tehshivpur Password :123
For Registration/Processing/Disposal
Assistant to Designated Officer
Username : atehshiv2 Password :123
For Registration/Processing

Thank you
URL http://www.mpedistrict.gov.in