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Overview Syllabus Faculty Requirements
Developing Your Artistry
Author: Camille Colatosti (/faculty/camille-colatosti) | Course Code: OLART-100
Lesson 1: To Be an Artist: The Beginning
Exploring Definitions of Artistry
Classic Definitions, Including Aristotle and Tolstoy
Contemporary Definitions
Real Art vs. Counterfeit Art
Your Own Definition of Art
Lesson: The Creative Habit
Creativity as a Habit: Exploring the Ideas of Twyla Tharp
Creativity Requires Hard Work: Exploring the Ideas of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Creative Intelligence: Exploring the Ideas of Bruce Nussbaum
Your Creative Autobiography
Lesson/Week 3: Personal Aesthetics, Health, and Identity
Explore the Meaning of the Term Aesthetics
Aesthetics and Health
Self-Assessment: Health
Aesthetics and Identity: Discussions with Musicians Bill Banfield, Victor Wooten, and Nona Hendryx

Lesson 4: Artistry and Planning
Motivation and Planning
Practicing: How Do You Structure It and Fit It In
Academic Planning
Career Planning
Lesson 5: Success and Role Models
Explore the Meaning of Success
Gain Advice from Others about Success
Learning from Others: Role Model Henry Diltz
Lesson 6: Artist Statements: Your Statement of Purpose
Artist Statement: What Is It and Why Is It Important?
Victor Wooten: Portrait of an Artist
Communicating with the Audience
Bobby McFerrins Audience Art
How to Write an Artist Statement
Lesson 7: Interdisciplinary Art: The Relationship Between Music and Other Art
Interdisciplinary Art
Music and Technology: Model ArtistStephen Webber
Music and Film/Television: Model ArtistLucio Godoy
Art, Technology and Words: Creating New Forms: Model ArtistLori Landay
Lesson 8: Sustaining Yourself as an Artist
Music Business: Do It Ourselves
Musicians Health
Body Awareness and Exercise
Using Feedback: Evaluating Yourself and Others: Accepting Criticism
Audience Analysis
Lesson 9: Artists and Community
The Social Role of the Artist throughout History
Relationship between Art and the Urban World: The Personal and Artistic Journey of Artist Model Otis
Relationship between Art and the Everyday: The Personal and Artistic Journey of Artist Model Greg Jaris
Transforming Herself and Society through Music: The Personal and Artistic Journey of Model Artist Nona
Lesson 10: Career Exploration and the Future of Music and the Music Industry
Characteristics of the Music Industry Today
Predicting Future Changes
Future Business Models
Explore Career Resources
Lesson 11: Artists and Truth
Exploring What Is Meant by the Truth in Art
Exploring the Personal and Artistic Journey of Model Artist: Janis Ian
Other Artists Who Show the World Truth
Lesson 12: Putting It All Together: The Final Electronic Portfolio
You Online
Presenting Yourself Professionally Online and In Person
Establishing Voice Online and In Person
Creating an Effective Press Kit
The Electronic Portfolio
Revising and Finalizing Your Academic and Career Plan
Revising and Finalizing Your Artist Statement