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Brahim Boussaid

3863 Cypress Club Way

Columbus Ohio 43219
Phone: 614 3371186

Email: boussaidbrahim@hotmail.com

Formal Education:

2002: 1st Year 3rd cycle "Tourism, Development and Cultural Environment",
French Language and Literature Department, Cadi Ayad University Marrakesh

License 2001, University Ibnou Zohr, Agadir, Morocco, Emphasis in English

Literature and Linguistics.

2000: Diploma of Specialized Technician in Tourism, The high Institute of

Tourism Agadir Morocco.

1996: High School Diploma.

Certificates & Continuing Education:

October 2006: IS-00230 Principles of Emergency Management. Emergency

Management Institute. FEMA.
October 2006: IS-00240 Leadership and Influence. Emergency Management
Institute. FEMA.
September 2006: IS-00288 Role of Voluntary Agencies in Emergency
Management. Emergency Management Institute. FEMA.
September 2006: Conflict Analysis Course. The US Institute of Peace.

September 2003: Hospitality Sales and Marketing Certificate - The American

Hotel & Motel Association

January - February 2000 - Training in Computer Basics, CAF Computer, Agadir,


Work Experience:

Assistant Manager : walgreens 2008-Present.

Certified Photo Technician: Walgreens 2004- 2008
Sales Clerk at Office Depot: 05/22/2006-01/02/2007
2004-2007 Freelance Arabic Teacher Orlando.
1997-2000 English Teacher at a local Association -Ouarzazate .Morocco.

Airport Concierge 14th July 2002-2004

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Dubai -UAE

Guests-oriented position: providing information, selling the property rooms,

dealing with guests, answering their questions, arranging transfers and assisting
upon arrival.

Security Agent & Translator: December 2001.

Marrakesh Voyage Zagora - Morocco

Marrakesh Voyage: A production and travel agency managed by a team of

Moroccans and Americans. My position was a cultural facilitator, assisting in
translation works and all the operations related to preparing the festival.

Production & Cultural Assistant March 2000-June 2001

Michael Cotton & Marrakesh Voyages NYC

Assisting in producing: "The Berber Music Festival" and a documentary about
the people of Tafroute in Morocco

Concierge Trainee: 23rd July 2001-21st August 2001

Dorint Atlantic Palace Agdir Morocco

Guest Service, Information, Handling luggage, Answering Inquiries, Assisting

Colleagues and guests.

Cost Control Trainee 29th June 2001-20th July 2001

Oasis Hotel Agadir Morocco

Checking transactions done in the Hotel outlets.

Event Trainee February 2000

The Municipality of Agadir Agadir Morocco

Assisting invited delegations, replying to the public concerns during the 40th
Anniversary of the reconstruction of the City of Agadir.

Airport Trainee: 17th April 2000-5th May 2000

Airport Al Massira Agadir Morocco
Assisting passengers upon arrivals and departures, answering passenger's

Associative Work:

Vice Secretary & Projects Coordinator

English Language Forum Association

Languages: Amazigh, Arabic, French, and English
Field of Interests:
Heritage Interpretation
Cultural Assistance
Works and Publications:

Communication in Reception Area, License Monograph 2001

The Old Village, Article about Moroccan Culture in electronic format, published
on line in www.warmafrica.com,

20th May 21, 2003.

Aspects of my Village, in electronic format.


When Carpets tell stories, in electronic format, published on line in:


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