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... through Bertha Dudde

Creation of the beings....
Wrong will....
Bear in mind that you are the liing !reations of the one who
o""osed God# that you were !alled into e$isten!e by the will of the
God o""osing "ower and that you are therefore !hildren of sin....
God did not withhold %is strength from this s"irit who on!e
emerged from %is strength as a "erfe!t being# hen!e he made use
of God&s strength and# by drawing on diine strength# let !ountless
beings arise from his will# and this was your beginning....
'ou are the "rodu!ts of a wrong will and yet of diine origin# sin!e
only God&s strength made you be!ome what God&s adersary
(nd this is why you are sub)e!t to him as long as your will still
stries for the same.... se"aration from God.... for this was the
fundamental idea# the motie for the a"ostasy from God.... to be
free from %is "ower.... to be free and to rule oer the beings.
(nd thus the most illuminated being !reated by God des!ended into
the dee"est abyss.... it rebelled against God and tried to instigate
all beings haing emerged from his will to also rebel against God....
(nd his !reated beings su!!umbed to his will although they were
able to freely de!ide whi!h lord to a!*nowledge.
+he beings were in his "ower be!ause they surrendered their will to
him# whi!h was subse,uently abused by God&s adersary by binding
it and thereby enslaing the originally free liing !reations....
%oweer# eerything that emerges from God&s strength has the
urge for freedom# and in order to return this freedom to the beings
God sei-ed the beings from their ma*er&s "ower.... %e "la!ed them
in a free state into the s"iritual world and gae them the right of
self.determination.... +he beings# howeer# also abused their
freedom and also be!ame sinful by ta*ing the o""onent&s side.
But diine strength is the fundamental substan!e of the beings# and
diine strength must flow ba!* to God without fail. (nd thus God
wrestles for these fallen.away beings so that they will find the "ath
to %im and offer %im their will....
%uman intelle!t !annot !om"rehend that nothing !an eer be lost
whi!h emerges from God/ it !annot understand what an enormous
tas* it is to lead that whi!h had distan!ed itself !lose to God
0or !an human intelle!t a!!e"t that the "ower of God&s adersary
was so great as to !reate beings# and that diine strength did not
interene to !hange his will# so that he would hae had to
a!*nowledge God as 1ord aboe himself and also order his "rodu!ts
to a""roa!h God and !om"ly with %is will....
%uman intelle!t !annot !om"rehend that infinite times "ass by
before the transformation of these liing !reations& thin*ing ta*es
"la!e and they re!ognise God.... (nd therefore God informs "eo"le
through s"iritual !hannels of the *nowledge of whi!h "ower was
a!tie during the !reation of the beings who are now e$"erien!ing
their embodiment on earth....
+hese beings oluntarily as"ired to be in o""osition to God and
would neer eer return to God again had they been left in the
state of free will/ and sin!e they had been !reated by the wrong
will# the wrong will was also within them and this !onse,uently had
to strie !ontrary to God# for they did not *now the "ower whi!h
was res"onsible for their as"iration.
(nd thus the beings were sub)e!t to their !reator# they were
something im"erfe!t# enslaed and therefore alienated from God#
whi!h !ould not !orres"ond to %is will and nature.
God# as the most "erfe!t Being# !ould not tolerate anything near
%im whi!h did not !orres"ond to this state of "erfe!tion.
0eertheless# it was not the beings& own fault be!ause they did not
re!ognise the light as yet sin!e they had emerged from dar*ness.
God&s loe hel"ed these beings and informed them of the light....
%e gae them freedom of will by remoing %is adersary&s "ower
oer the beings and thus freed the beings from his !ontrol.
+he im"erfe!tly !reated beings# howeer# !ould not be !hanged by
diine will to be!ome "erfe!t but had to de!ide for themseles# they
had to strie towards God&s "resen!e of their own a!!ord and
distan!e themseles from the adersary.
Due to their freedom of will they had been "la!ed into a "osition to
de!ide sin!e they now *new about both "owers. 'et their wrong will
"redominated and the beings turned towards their ma*er again and
lost themseles to the dar*ness....
(nd God too* "ity on them# for the state of those without light was
"ainful. %is loe wanted the beings in a ha""y state. (nd so %e
remoed the beings& will and let them ta*e an infinitely long "ath in
a state without will"ower whi!h should lead them into "erfe!tion.
(nd for this "ur"ose God let the !reation arise....
God sha"ed forms whi!h were designed to shelter the "assie
beings.... +hus God !reated heaen and earth.... a s"iritual and an
earthly world# whi!h was destined to be an abode for the im"erfe!t
beings until they had be!ome "erfe!t....
0ow the beings were for!ed to dis!ard their arrogan!e and bow
down to diine will.
+hey had to endure a state whi!h re"resented a !onstraint for the
s"iritual being whi!h formerly en)oyed its freedom. 2t was de"ried
of its freedom be!ause it had abused it....
%oweer# the "ath through the wor*s of !reation will bring it !loser
again to its "reious freedom until it finally re!eies its freedom
again when it is a human being# in order to then "ass the test as to
whether it will use its free will in the right way.
+here is indeed a great ris* that the being will not "ass the test# yet
su!h a test has to ta*e "la!e be!ause the return to God is only of
full alue in free will.... thus it signifies that the being will !ome
!loser to God.
+he strength from God whi!h was on!e used by the adersary for
the !reation of the beings will hae flowed ba!* to its origin# and at
the same time the God.o""osing will hae !hanged into a God.
resembling will# thus the being has be!ome "erfe!t as soon as it
shares the same will as God....
+he being# whi!h had no *nowledge of God when it was !reated#
only re!ognised God&s adersary as its lord/ but now it has freed
itself from his "ower and found the "ath home to its Father# from
Whose strength it emerged....
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