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Establish a Peer-learning platform for social entrepreneurs in Chennai.

-Find reliable experts from different background to support entrepreneurs

-Search and select social entrepreneurs to participate in the success team meetings.

Sales development for Sristi Villages products: agriculture, candles, incense.

Marketing for Amirtha Herbal Unit

Promote Wasteless Pick-it-up card Game
-Find schools to sell the Pick-it-up card game

Help with Adopt a change maker program
-Find companies which are willing to let some of their employees spend a certain amount of
helping a social entrepreneur with a specific project

3 Time Zone Hackerthon: social innovation lab Organize an international event happening
in Feb/March 2015.

What is it?
Hackerthon is a term employed by program designers referring to a race between several
groups of students which consists in breaking codes or creating computer programs.
A Hackerthon in the field of social innovation would be based on the same concept. But instead of
having codes to break, the students would have to offer solution(s) to a challenge faced by a social
start-up. For the company/organisation pitching the challenge it faces, this sort of event is very
interesting since it ends up with a set of several solutions to solve the same problem. In addition to
that, according to the background and formation of each group of students, the challenge is
considered and eventually solved through totally different approaches.
3 time zones: Tamil Nadu, Midi-Pyrenees, New York
To make it a more original and attractive event, the UnLtd Tamil Nadu hackerthon will
consist in an international collaboration between groups of students from the 3 locations above. In
terms of problem solving, the purpose of making it an international event is to get a better output
from the collaboration of three teams which are culturally different. The event would first be
starting in Tamil Nadu with the students working on the challenge for a few hours. At the end of
their deadline, they will have 30 minutes to hand over their work to their collaborative team in Midi-
Pyrenees, which will themselves have a few hours to keep adding value to the project before
handing it over to a team based in New York.

Project proposals
Great Lakes- UnLtd Tamil Nadu
Your Task
The main coordination point being in Toulouse (France), a group of 5 students from Great Lakes
could be in charge of the event coordination for the Tamil Nadu area.
- Search and select groups of students from 5 Schools/Universities in Tamil Nadu,
specializing in the field of the defined challenges to be solved. (to be precise when the
challenges are selected)
- Develop Partnerships with Indian companies involved in social innovation to sponsor
the event.
- Actively report their activities to AEI students (Toulouse)
- Find a suitable site to host the event according to its modalities (to be define by the AEI