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Every one of us dreamt of having a successful life, a life with much comfort,

happiness, contentment. Ever since we were children, there were already goals set in
our minds. At a very young age, we thought of being a doctor, a lawyer, a pilot, or
even a teacher, all of this with having one reason, to help the needy ones. But as I
grow older, I reflected that aside from helping others, it is also about helping my life
too to learn and to grow. In achieving our goals, we must always choose the right
path of the way to be the person we wanted to be.
I am Angienette Richelle N. Catigan. I was born on July 3, 1993. I am a 20-year
old girl who is currently studying Bachelors of Law at Lyceum of the Philippines
Makati Campus. I finished my undergraduate with the same name of university, but
then again in Cavite Campus. Actually upon graduating high school, I still have no
idea on what life will I have as I entered the gates of college universities. . I took up
BS in Accountancy which is a 5-year course because I thought that I am fond of
numbers rather than words. After a year, I shifted to another course which is BSBA
major in Management Accounting since I didnt pass the retention policy in my
previous course. From that point, I enjoyed my study because we were not pressure
of having the grades based on the policy of the school. College life had been a very
tough stage in my life. Ive experienced so many things. Terror professors, lack of
sleep just to do our thesis, debating/arguing in some specific subjects, defenses for
research proposals, are just some of my experiences. We had presented two theses
during college. The first one was about proposing a business, wherein it must be new
in the marketplace, or an industry which is currently emerging nowadays. Weve
presented our thesis entitled Scoopy in a Bun. This is a proposal about ice cream
sandwiches. This is not new in the food industry, but we knew that due to the hot
weather in the Philippines, this kind of product shall be applicable for every Filipinos.
We can gain a lot of profit without sacrificing the need and satisfaction of the people.
The second thesis of ours is about entrepreneurship. Actually I dont consider this one
as a major thesis, but instead a baby thesis. Yes, we had defended this in front of
juries, but its for formality reasons only. And so our business we conducted that time
was selling Tuna Rolls. Well, ingredients are cheap but we had a way to earn a lot
profit for this one. Actually we put up a markup of almost 90% of the total expenses.
And so with that, its proven that it can be good business to start off. After finishing
these feasibility studies, I, as a college student that time was relieved, and Im
thinking of my graduation. I graduated last April 2013. Actually before graduation, I
have no intent or any plan that I will be working. My mind was set that upon
graduation, I will be pursuing my second course, and that is the one I am currently
taking up now. But after complying our final examinations, I tried passing my resumes
to different companies through online. Luckily, after 2-3 days of doing this, someone
called me up and asking me to come for an interview and examination. The call came
from a well-known corporation here in the Philippines so I dont hesitate to attend
such. After the whole day process of long examinations and interview with the head of
the company, I am very blessed that after 2 days, I was called up again to submit my
requirements, and that I am ready for employment. God has been very good to me. It
was so unexpected for me to have this job, since at first I dont have any plans to
work that time. And then I started working even before I graduated. The managers of
the company let me to do so since they need someone to do job right away and since
I dont have anything to do that in school aside from waiting for my graduation, I
agreed to go to work.