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Success Motivation

Through The Word

Success Motivation
Through The Word
Charles Capps
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Unless otherwise indicated,
all Scripture quotations are taken from the King
James Version of the i!le"
20th Printing
Over 189,000 in Print
Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
ISN #$%&'()$*%+$,
-op.ri/ht 0 *&%' !. -harles -apps
1"O" o2 3&
En/land, Arkansas ('#)3
1u!lished !. Harrison House, Inc"
1"O" o2 +4#+4
Tulsa, Oklahoma ()*4+
1rinted in the United States of America"
All ri/hts reser5ed under International -op.ri/ht
6aw" -ontents and7or co5er ma. not !e
reproduced in whole or in part in an. form
without the e2press written consent of the
* 8od9s :ill Is ;our 1rosperit. &
' 8od9s :illin/ness on ;our ehalf '*
+ 8od9s :isdom Is A5aila!le To ;ou +4
) <nowled/e of the <in/dom +&
4 The <in/dom Has -ome 44
3 Our Source of Suppl. 34
( Sell and 8i5e (4
% Speakin/ <in/dom 6an/ua/e &*
& =ominion Throu/h the <in/dom ***
*# Sowin/ Seed in the <in/dom *++
** Supernatural Help !. the Spoken :ord
*' =o the Sa.in/s of >esus *4&
*+ Usin/ the ?aith ;ou Ha5e *&&
*) ?aith Is Not 6a@iness '#&
*4 Takin/ No An2ious Thou/ht ''*
*3 Refusin/ :isdom 1roduces ?ear and
-alamit. '+*
*( Reapin/ the Har5est ')(
*% Hope and ?aith '4+
*& 1rosperin/ or 1oormouthin/ '3(
The power source of life is the :ord
of 8od" It is .our responsi!ilit. to keep
.our heart with all dili/ence for out of it
proceed the forces of life" 8od9s :ord is
trul. life to those that find it" He has
shared His wisdom with us and that
wisdom is a tree of life to those that la.
hold on it"
Aan. lose their 5alues of life as the.
clim! the ladder of success" 8od is
alwa.s interested in .our success in life"
ut He is not interested in .our losin/
health and famil. to !ecome rich"
8od9s :ord will moti5ate .ou to a
positi5e and successful life" :hen .ou
prosper throu/h 8od9s :ord, .ou are
prosperin/ in a wa. that will work an
eternal 5alue in .ou" The wisdom of 8od
is the :ord of 8od" The :ord of 8od is
that tree of life that produces riches,
honor, pleasantness, and peace"
There is onl. one wa. to achie5e true
8 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
success, and that is throu/h the :ord of
8od" The ima/e that 8od9s :ord !uilds
inside .ou can !ecome the most powerful
force in .our life" That ima/e will cause
.ou to succeed when others fail"
The teachin/ in this !ook is !ased on
principles instead of formulas" Read it
1 God's Will Is Your
Aan. !ooks ha5e !een written on the
su!Bect of positi5e thinkin/ and success,
!ut most of them deal onl. with the
mental realm and lack a spiritual tie$in"
A little power e2ists in the mental
realm and it can chan/e .ou to some
e2tentC !ut it takes more than mental
assent or a mechanical action for .ou to
prosper a!undantl. in all areas of .our
8od9s :ord is spiritual moti5ation to
the human spirit" It will !uild an ima/e
within .ou and !rin/ .ou success in
e5er. area of .our lifeDfinanciall.,
spirituall., ph.sicall., and sociall."
These spiritual truths from the :ord of
8od can chan/e .our life"
Diligence in God's System
10 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
8od said throu/h His prophet Hosea,
!y people are $estroye$ %or la& o%
&no'le$ge EHos" )F3G" In 6uke *3F%,
>esus said, "he hil$ren o% this 'orl$ are
in their generation 'iser than the
hil$ren o% light( This is true, !ut it ou/ht
not !e" The children of the world should
not !e wiser than the children of li/htH
The children of the world ha5e !een
dili/ent to find out how the world9s
s.stem operates" Then the. operate the
s.stem" The world9s s.stem is plainF
I8ra! and holdH :hate5er .ou /et,
keepHI :ork da. and ni/ht" Seek for
riches" 8i5e .ourself totall. to .our
8od9s s.stem is e2actl. opposite"
)ive, an$ it shall be given E6uke 3F+%G" "
" " he 'hih so'eth bounti%ully shall reap
also bounti%ully E' -or" &F3G" !y )o$
shall supply all your nee$ aor$ing to
his rihes in glory by Christ Jesus E1hil"
)F*&G" " " " go$liness is pro%itable unto all
things, having promise o% the li%e that
no' is, an$ o% that 'hih is to ome E*
Tim" )F%G"
)o$*s #ill +s ,our Prosperity 11
8odl. men and women an an$ 'ill
prosper as the. !ecome dili/ent in 8od9s
s.stem" If .ou ha5e !een o!edient to
/i5e, then .ou should !e e2pectin/ to
recei5e a !etter Bo!, a raise, or new
direction in !usiness"
=own throu/h the .ears, man.
-hristians ha5e somehow decided that it
is not 8od9s will for them to prosper on
earth" The. all !elie5e it will !e
wonderful when the. /et to hea5en" ut
we must deal with the Ihere and now"I
8od9s :ord /i5es us the wisdom for
To !e trul. moti5ated to success, we
first must &no' that it is )o$*s 'ill %or us
to prosper-
Your Soul Must Prosper
8od told Adam to ha5e dominion
o5er the earth" ?rom the !e/innin/ it was
8od9s intention for man to prosper" Third
>ohn ' sa.s, .elove$, + 'ish above all
things that thou mayest prosper an$ be
in health, even as thy soul prospereth(
The word 'ish in this 5erse in the
12 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
literal 8reek can !e translated Ipra.,I so
we could read it this wa.F .elove$, +
Epra.G above all things that thou mayest
prosper an$ be in health, even as thy
soul prospereth(
One of the pro!lems in the od. of
-hrist is that their souls are not
prosperin/" The soul of man is the inner
link that connects the spirit with the
!od." The soul and the spirit of man are
not the same, thou/h for .ears man.
thou/ht the. were" The i!le di5ides the
So often we hear this statementF IHe
has lost his soul"I :e think of the soul as
!ein/ the spirit, !ut the Scriptures tell us
Aan is a spiritC he has a soulC and he
li5es in a !od." The soul of man is
composed of the mind, the will, and the
emotions" It is the /uidance s.stem for
the natural man"
Aan is a spirit !ein/, ha5in/ !een
!reathed out of 8od" In the !e/innin/,
8od !reathed His spirit life into Adam"
That spirit life !ecame the human spirit
)o$*s #ill +s ,our Prosperity 1/
which operates !e.ond the intellect in the
hi/her realmDthe spiritual realm"
The /ifts of the Spirit come out of the
spiritual realm"
The spirit of a man can recei5e
re5elation !efore his intellect !ecomes
in5ol5ed" Juite often, I ha5e known
somethin/ in m. spirit, !ut was una!le to
put it into words" It was real and stron/
in m. spirit be%ore m. intellect could
/rasp it" Some of the thin/s I am sharin/
in this !ook !ecame a realit. in m. spirit
se5eral .ears a/oC !ut it took time for
that to !e transferred from m. spirit to
m. intellect in order for me to !e a!le to
share it with others"
The Apostle >ohn recei5ed man.
thin/s !. re5elation into his spirit" He
wroteF ,e are o% )o$, little hil$ren, an$
have overome them0 beause greater is
he that is in you, than he that is in the
'orl$ E* >ohn )F)G"
He didn9t sa., IAa.!e .ou9ll
o5ercome one of these da.s"I He said,
I;ou ha5e alrea$y o5ercome !ecause the
8reater One is inside .ouHI This
11 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
re5elation was transferred from 8od9s
Spirit to >ohn9s human spirit"
>ohn said .ou should prosper, e5en as
.our soul prospers" ;our soul must
em!race prosperit." 2 prosperous soul
'ill pro$ue a prosperous image insi$e
In the fifth chapter of >ohn9s 8ospel,
>esus approached a crippled man at the
pool of ethesda and said to him, #ilt
thou be ma$e 'hole3 E5" 3G"
That seems a stran/e thin/ to sa. to a
man who is crippled" The man had !een
l.in/ there for .ears waitin/ for the
Itrou!lin/ of the waterI so he could /o
down into the water and !e healed" He
wanted to !e healed, !ut >esus asked
him, I:ill .ou !e made wholeKI
The first thin/ the man did was to
!e/in talkin/ a!out his pro!lemF Sir, +
have no man, 'hen the 'ater is trouble$,
to put me into the pool0 but 'hile + am
oming, another steppeth $o'n be%ore
me E5" (G"
>esus was tr.in/ to /et him to speak
)o$*s #ill +s ,our Prosperity 14
his faith, !ut the man @eroed in on the
pro!lem instead"
Desire To Prosper
=o .ou ha5e a will to prosperK
efore .ou can o!tain true prosperit.,
there must !e a desire within .ou"
1ro5er!s *+F*' sa.s, #hen $esire
ometh, it is a tree o% li%e( This 5erse can
!e interpreted two wa.sF
*" :hen the thin/ .ou desire comes,
it is the tree of life"
'" :hen desire is in .ou, it is a tree
of life"
I !elie5e the second is the correct
interpretation" In other words the thin/
.ou desire is the thin/ .ou will pra. and
the thin/ .ou will sa." ;ou will speak in
line with .our desire and faith comes !.
hearin/" ERom" *#F*("G
>esus said, #hat things soever ye
$esire, 'hen ye pray, believe that ye
reeive them, an$ ye shall have them
EAark **F')G" He said !elie5e .ou
recei5e the thin/s .ou $esire, not the
15 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
thin/s .ou alread. ha5e"
If .our soul is not prosperin/, .ou
will ha5e a !ad ima/eDan ima/e of
failure and defeat or sickness"
Se5eral .ears a/o, I was ha5in/
pro!lems !oth financiall. and ph.sicall."
ecause I had an ima/e of failure inside
me, I saw e5er.thin/ I did as a failure" I
often said, IIt doesn9t make an.
difference what I do" Nothin/ will work
out an.wa."I I was dis/usted with life
!ecause of a !ad !usiness deal"
I had Iput out a fleeceI !efore 8od as
8ideon had done" It worked for 8ideonC
!ut when I did it, I reall. /ot fleecedH
>esus said when He went awa., He
would send another -omforter to teah
you all things E>ohn *)F'3G, gui$e you
into all truth " " " an$ " " " she' you things
to ome E>ohn *3F*+G"
:e don9t ha5e to use fleeces toda."
The Spirit of Truth a!idin/ in us will
teach us"
:hen the desire to prosper comes
from 8od9s :ord, it is trul. a tree of life"
)o$*s #ill +s ,our Prosperity 16
Then 8od9s Spirit re5eals direction" "he
preparations o% the heart in man, an$ the
ans'er o% the tongue, is %rom the 7or$
E1ro5" *3F*G"
!eligious Tradition"#nemy o$
A friend of mine, 8ar. 8arner, was
with me in a church in -anton, Ohio, a
few .ears a/o" I had him /i5e a short
testimon." 8ar. told how he and his wife
had !een !elie5in/ 8od for new furniture
for their home"
He said, I:e !elie5ed it so stron/l.
that we Bust /a5e awa. all our furnitureHI
Then he e2plainedF II9m not sa.in/ .ou
should do that !ecause, in a sense, we
were like 1eterF :e Bumped out of the
!oat !efore we were read.H So we sat on
the floor for three monthsHI
:hen people came to 5isit, the. had
to sit on the floor, tooH 8ar. said he
appreciated his friends !ecause the.
didn9t feel sorr. for Ipoor 8ar.I and !u.
furniture to /i5e him" The. let him
!elie5e his wa. out of it" ?inall., the
18 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
mone. came in and the. /ot new
After the meetin/, a fellow came up
to 8ar. and said, Irother, .ou know,
I95e /ot old, ra//ed furniture, too"I
8ar. /ra!!ed his hand and started to
pra., I?ather, in the name of >esus, I
pra. that ;ou9ll prosper this !rother and
that he9ll recei5e new furniture"I
At this, the man said, INoH NoHI He
Berked his hand awa. and !acked off" II
don9t want new furniture" I Bust came to
tell .ou that .ou should ha5e !een
satisfied with what .ou hadHI
I;ou9re too late,I 8ar. said" II95e
alread. /ot m. new furniture, and it9s a
lot !etter than the old"I
Somehow throu/h the .ears, people
ha5e /otten the idea that .ou can9t ser5e
8od and prosper" Se5eral .ears a/o I
picked up some of that tradition m.self" I
thou/ht prosperit. was for some peopleC
!ut e5er. time a trou!le, trial, or
financial pro!lem came alon/, I thou/ht
it was 8od tr.in/ to teach me somethin/H
)o$*s #ill +s ,our Prosperity 19
I was learnin/ man. thin/s, !ut I
wasn9t /ettin/ an.where !ecause what I
learned was wron/" I finall. reali@ed that
it wasn9t 8od at all, !ut the =e5il stealin/
m. finances" Then I had to unlearn some
I found that 8od9s :ord was contrar.
to m. thou/hts, contrar. to man. thin/s I
had !een tau/ht" I used to think, ISurel.,
if these principles of faith were true, the.
would ha5e tau/ht them in m. church"I
ut the. didn9t know an.thin/ a!out
them in that churchH
:hen I started appl.in/ these
principles !. speakin/ 8od9s :ord,
thin/s started chan/in/ for the !etter"
Results didn9t come o5erni/ht, !ut an
ima/e !e/an to !uild inside me"
Second Timoth. +F*3,*( sa.s, 2ll
sripture is given by inspiration o% )o$,
an$ is pro%itable %or $otrine, %or
reproo%, %or orretion, %or instrution in
righteousness0 that the man o% )o$ may
be per%et, thoroughly %urnishe$ unto all
goo$ 'or&s(
All Scripture is /i5en !. 8od and is
20 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
pro%itable %or us( Instruction in 8od9s
:ord will chan/e our preconcei5ed ideas
and will teach us to understand
prosperit. 8od9s wa."
Things To Remember
<now 8od wants .ou to prosper"
=esire to prosper"
Use 8od9s s.stem"
Speak 8od9s :ord"
See .ourself prosperin/"
& God's Willingness on
Your 'ehal$
Second 1eter *F* /i5es us an
important ke. to 8od9s willin/ness
toward us" It sa.sF
Simon Peter, a servant an$ an apostle o%
Jesus Christ, to them that have obtaine$ li&e
preious %aith 'ith us through the
righteousness o% )o$ an$ our Saviour Jesus
Notice who 1eter is writin/ toF "o
those that have obtaine$ li&e preious
%aith 'ith them( He is talkin/ to us
!ecause we ha5e o!tained the same faith"
)rae an$ peae be multiplie$ unto
you through the &no'le$ge o% )o$, an$
o% Jesus our 7or$ E5" 'G" There is a
knowled/e of 8od that will ena!le 8od9s
/race to !e multiplie$ to .ou" 8race has
!een defined as unmerited fa5or, !ut
/race is much more than that" Not onl. is
22 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
it unmerited fa5or, it is 8od9s willin/ness
to use His power and a!ilit. on .our
It was !ecause 8od was willin/ to /et
personall. in5ol5ed to pro5ide sal5ation
that I was sa5ed"
8od9s willin/ness to use His power
and a!ilit. on our !ehalf, and His peace
is multiplied to us through the
&no'le$ge o% )o$( The word peae
literall. means prosperit." It means Ito
!e Boined to/ether as one"I If we are
Boined with >esus, that9s prosperit. an.
wa. .ou look at itH
8od is not Bust willin/" His
'illingness is multiplie$ to us( Some sa.,
II know 8od is a!le, !ut I don9t know
whether or not He9s willin/"I 8e 'on*t
until you %in$ out 8e 'ill(
;ou must ha5e the knowled/e of
8od9s willin/ness to prosper .ou" In the
first chapter of Aark, a leper came to
>esus and said, +% thou 'ilt, thou anst
ma&e me lean( >esus then stretched forth
His hand and laid it on the leper" No
healin/ power flowed until >esus said, +
)o$*s #illingness on ,our .ehal% 2/
'ill9 be thou lean( 2s soon as he ha$
spo&en, imme$iately the leprosy
$eparte$, an$ he 'as leanse$ E55" )#$
The leper knew >esus oul$ heal himC
!ut he didn9t know whether or not He
'oul$ heal him" >esus, anointed with the
Hol. Spirit, laid His hand on the leper,
!ut no healin/ came until He answered
the man9s question" No prosperit. will
come until .ou answer the po5ert.
questionF =oes 8od want me poorK
:hen .ou know 8od 'ill, then He is
willin/" If .ou are in dou!t a!out His
willin/ness, He 'on*t( 8od9s willin/ness
and prosperit. is multiplied to .ou
throu/h the knowled/e of 8od" As .ou
/ain the knowled/e of 8od, .ou will
ha5e faith in that knowled/e, and it will
multipl. 8od9s willin/ness toward .ou"
Prosperity in ll reas
It is possi!le for prosperit. to !e
limited to onl. one area of .our life"
1eople who are dili/ent in certain areas
will prosper in those areas"
21 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Some denominations are dili/ent in
presentin/ sal5ationC the. are successful
in that area" Others, who are successful
in the area of healin/ and walkin/ in
di5ine health, fail when it comes to
Aan. don9t understand wh. this
happens" In tr.in/ to answer these
questions, some ha5e said, I:ell, it must
not !e 8od9s will for me to !e prosperous
or healed"I
:e could spend all our time dealin/
with di5ine healin/ and /et people
healedC !ut if we did, not man. would
prosper financiall." :e must find a
Romans )F+ sa.s, 2braham believe$
)o$, an$ it 'as ounte$ unto him %or
righteousness( The word righteousness is
an Old En/lish word that means Iri/ht
standin/ with 8od"I A!raham was in
ri/ht standin/ with 8od"
It is possi!le for an indi5idual to !e in
ri/ht standin/ with 8od in the area of
sal5ation, !ut not !e in ri/ht standin/ on
healin/ or finances" He ma. !e thinkin/
)o$*s #illingness on ,our .ehal% 24
and !elie5in/ wron/" His preconcei5ed
ideas ma. !e contrar. to Scripture"
A person who is in ri/ht standin/
with the Scriptures on healin/ will
usuall. /et healed, !ut that same person
ma. !e out of ri/ht standin/ concernin/
finances" He mi/ht !elie5e that it9s a sin
to ha5e mone. or dri5e a new car" He
could !e ri/ht in his heart, !ut wron/ in
his head"
In the soulish area he can !e wron/"
If his soul is not prosperous in that
particular area, then usuall. he will not
prosper in that area" A person in this
condition will not /i5e much into the
ministr. !ecause he doesn9t !elie5e 8od
wants him to ha5e an.thin/" Therefore,
he ne5er !elie5es for a return and, if it
comes, he misses it" It takes a prosperous
attitude to reap a financial har5est"
8od9s :ord sa.s, #hatsoever he
$oeth shall prosper E1s" *F+G" ;ou can
appl. this 5erse to suppl. e5en small
needs" ?or instance, I ha5e used it e5en
on fishin/ trips" A few .ears a/o I was
fishin/ with two fellows" One kept
25 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
sa.in/, IThere aren9t an. fish left here"
:e cau/ht them all out of here two .ears
Ha5in/ had enou/h of that ne/ati5e
talk, I /ra!!ed m. rod and reel, Bumped
out of the !oat, and waded awa. from the
I started sa.in/, I:hate5er I do will
prosper, in the name of >esusH No
weapon formed a/ainst me will prosperHI
EI knew that supper would !e slim if we
didn9t catch some fishHG
efore lon/, I had cau/ht a fi5e$
pound !ass" One of the fellows asked,
I:hat did .ou catch him onKI I .elled
!ack, I1salm *F+HI I ha5e filled a strin/er
man. times with that 5erse"
It9s time for -hristians to /et a
health. attitude toward prosperit. in
every areaH 8od e5en wants .ou to
prosper in the little thin/s"
(esus 'ecame Poor that You
Might 'e !ich
:or ye &no' the grae o% our 7or$
Jesus Christ, that, though he 'as rih,
)o$*s #illingness on ,our .ehal% 26
yet %or your sa&es he beame poor, that
ye through his poverty might be rih E'
-or" %F&G"
>esus suffered the curse of the 6awF
po5ert., sickness, and spiritual death"
:hen He was here on earth, He was
po5ert.$stricken accordin/ to the world9s
s.stem" He didn9t ha5e a house or a place
to la. His head" ;et all His needs were
met !ecause He operated accordin/ to
spiritual law"
He !ecame poor " " " that ye through
his poverty might be rih( Someone has
su//ested that this was talkin/ a!out
>esus !ein/ poor spirituall." How poor
was -hrist spirituall.K He raised the
dead, cast out demons, healed the sick"
No, He was not po5ert.$stricken
spirituall. in His ministr."
>esus !ecame poor so that .ou mi/ht
!e richD!ut He9s not poor an.moreH
E5er.thin/ He did was for us" His
po5ert. !rou/ht us access to prosperit."
(oint"heirs )ith the *ing
Romans %F*( tells us we are Boint$
28 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
heirs with >esus -hrist" That means
whate5er He has, we ha5e access to
throu/h the :ord of 8od"
>esus said, #hen he, the Spirit o%
truth, is ome, he 'ill gui$e you into all
truth(((2ll things that the :ather hath are
mine0 there%ore sai$ +, that he shall ta&e
o% mine, an$ shall she' it unto you E>ohn
:e must reali@e that 8od is not poor
and that we are redeemed from the curse
of po5ert." 8od 'ants us to walk in
5ictor.Dspirituall., ph.sicall.,
financiall., and sociall."
s+ ccording to God's Will
>esus made the followin/ statement
se5eral times in His ministr.F 2s&, an$ it
shall be given you9 see&, an$ ye shall
%in$9 &no&, an$ it shall be opene$ unto
you EAatt" 606;(
Someone ma. sa., IThat can9t !e
true, !ecause I asked and didn9t recei5e"I
Statements like Aatthew 606 must !e
qualified" ;ou must ask in faith" If .ou
appl. the principles of 8od9s :ord, then
)o$*s #illingness on ,our .ehal% 29
.ou will know the will and purpose of
8od" As a result, faith will comeC then
when .ou ask, .ou will recei5e"
>esus said in >ohn *4F(, +% ye abi$e in
me, an$ my 'or$s abi$e in you, ye shall
as& 'hat ye 'ill, an$ it shall be $one
unto you(
Someone ma. sa., IIf this statement
was true, e5er.one would !e a
millionaire"I No, there is more to it than
that" >esus didn9t Bust sa., IIf .e a!ide in
Ae, ask what .ou will,I He included a
qualificationF IIf .e a!ide in Ae, an$ !y
'or$s abi$e in you, ask what .e will"I
8od9s :ord is His will, and 8od9s will is
His :ord" :hen His :ord a!ides in
.ou, then His will a!ides in .ou"
)o$ sent his 'or$, an$ heale$ them
E1s" *#(F'#G" "hey E8od9s wordsG are li%e
unto those that %in$ them, an$ health
EmedicineG to all their %lesh E1ro5" )F''G"
It is 8od9s will to heal .ou in e5er.
wa. .ou can !elie5eDspirituall.,
ph.sicall., and financiall." 8od9s :ord
will work to that end, if .ou will learn to
appl. it wisel."
/0 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Saying and 'elieving
The :ord of 8od tells us to speak
what we desire" In Aark **F'+,') >esus
/i5es the foundation principles for the
8od kind of faithF
#hosoever shall say unto this mountain,
.e thou remove$, an$ be thou ast into the
sea9 an$ shall not $oubt in his heart, but
shall believe that those things 'hih he saith
shall ome to pass9 he shall have
'hatsoever he saith(
"here%ore + say unto you, #hat things
soever ye $esire, 'hen ye pray, believe that
ye reeive them, an$ ye shall have them(
In this passa/e of Scripture, the word
there%ore connects the two 5erses" >esus
is sa.in/, I:hen a man !elie5es and
dou!ts not in his heart, he will ha5e what
he is sa.in/C there%ore, he will recei5e
what he desires when he pra.s"I
:hen .ou pra., !elie5e .ou recei5e
what .ou desireH In other words, pra. the
desire, not the pro!lemH
:hen I first read this 5erse, I thou/ht
it worked for 'hosoever9 !ut >esus didn9t
)o$*s #illingness on ,our .ehal% /1
sa. that" He said it would work for
'hosoever shall say( Sa.in/ that the
principle works for 'hosoever is like
sa.in/, I?armin/ will work for
an.!od."I ?armin/ works onl. for those
who plant seed"
To operate the principle of Aark
**F'+, .ou must plant the seedC and to do
this, .ou must /et .our mouth in motionH
;ou won9t recei5e .our desire Bust
!ecause .ou sa. it" ;ou will recei5e it
!ecause of the wa. the <in/dom of 8od
operates" Sa.in/ it is in5ol5ed in
workin/ the principle"
'elieve and Don't Dou,t
esides saying, this principle sa.s the
'hosoever must believe and $oubt not in
his heart"
Speak .our desire, then meditate on
it" <eep it in .our mouth" This will put it
in .our heartC then faith will come and
what .ou desired will e5entuall. come to
#hosoever !elie5es those things
'hih he saith shall come to pass" Notice
/2 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
he !elie5es e5er.thin/ he sa.s will come
to passC and !ecause of that, he shall
have 'hatsoever he saith( If .ou sa. the
wron/ thin/sDwords of dou!t and
un!eliefD.ou are on .our wa. to trou!le
!ecause .ou are sowin/ the wron/ seed"
:ron/ seed will !rin/ a wron/
har5est" These are <in/dom principlesC
and to operate in the principles of the
<in/dom, we must ha5e the wisdom of
8od" "he 7or$ giveth 'is$om0 out o% his
mouth ometh &no'le$ge an$
un$erstan$ing E1ro5" 'F3G"
Things To Remember
8od is willin/ to use His power and
a!ilit. on .our !ehalf"
<now that 8od wants .ou to prosper
in all areas"
1rosperit. requires dili/ence"
It takes a prosperous attitude to reap a
financial har5est"
>esus !ecame poor that .ou mi/ht !e
His po5ert. !rin/s .ou access to
)o$*s #illingness on ,our .ehal% //
8od wants .ou to walk in 5ictor.D
spirituall., ph.sicall., financiall., and
1ra. .our desire, not .our pro!lem"
Aeditate on and speak .our desire"
- God's Wisdom Is
vaila,le To You
!y son, i% thou 'ilt reeive my 'or$s,
an$ hi$e my omman$ments 'ith thee9 so
that thou inline thine ear unto 'is$om, an$
apply thine heart to un$erstan$ing9
,ea, i% thou riest a%ter &no'le$ge, an$
li%test up thy voie %or un$erstan$ing9 i% thou
see&est her as silver, an$ searhest %or her
as %or hi$ treasures9
"hen shalt thou un$erstan$ the %ear o%
the 7or$, an$ %in$ the &no'le$ge o% )o$(
Proverbs 201<4
God's Wisdom. More /alua,le
Than Gold
If someone told .ou that /old nu//ets
and diamonds had !een found on .our
propert., .ou would !e dili/ent to sift
throu/h the dirt, searchin/ for that
/5 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
The :ord of 8od is worth more to
.ou than all the /old and diamonds in the
world" ut man. ne5er turn the pa/es for
its riches" "he 7or$ giveth 'is$om0 out
o% his mouth ometh &no'le$ge an$
un$erstan$ing E1ro5" 'F3G" :isdom
comes out of the mouth of 8odF :isdom
is the :ord of 8odH
8e layeth up soun$ 'is$om %or the
righteous9 he is a bu&ler to them that 'al&
8e &eepeth the paths o% =u$gment, an$
preserveth the 'ay o% saints(
"hen shalt thou un$erstan$
righteousness, an$ =u$gment, an$ e>uity9
yea, every goo$ path(
Proverbs 206<9
If .ou follow the wisdom of 8od, .ou
will understand e5er. /ood path"
God Wants You To 0ave 0is
#is$om rieth 'ithout9 she uttereth her
voie in the streets0 she rieth in the hie%
plae o% onourse, in the openings o% the
gates0 in the ity she uttereth her 'or$s,
)o$*s #is$om +s 2vailable "o ,ou /6
8o' long, ye simple ones, 'ill ye love
simpliity3 an$ the sorners $elight in their
sorning, an$ %ools hate &no'le$ge3
.ehol$, + 'ill pour out my spirit unto
you, + 'ill ma&e &no'n my 'or$s unto you(
Proverbs 1020<2/
#hen 'is$om entereth into thine
heart, an$ &no'le$ge?the knowled/e
that 8od wants .ou prosperous in e5er.
area of .our lifeDis pleasant unto thy
soul ( ( ( E1ro5" 'F*#G, then.
@isretion shall preserve thee,
un$erstan$ing shall &eep thee0
"o $eliver thee %rom the 'ay o% the evil
man, %rom the man that spea&eth %ro'ar$
Proverbs 2011,12
Wisdom 'rings Success
8od wants .ou to ha5e wisdom so
that .ou will !e !lessed and prosperousF
8appy is the man that %in$eth 'is$om,
an$ the man that getteth un$erstan$ing( :or
the merhan$ise o% it is better than the
/8 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
merhan$ise o% silver, an$ the gain thereo%
than %ine gol$(
She is more preious than rubies0 an$
all the things thou anst $esire are not to be
ompare$ unto her( 7ength o% $ays is in her
right han$9 an$ in her le%t han$ rihes an$
Proverbs /01/<15
How does wisdom /et into .our
heartK It comes from the mouth of 8odH
Then .ou must !elie5e it and speak it out
.our mouth" =a5id said, !y tongue is
the pen o% a rea$y 'riter E1s" )4F*G"
Things To Remember
:isdom comes out of the mouth of
8od wants .ou to ha5e wisdom so
.ou will !e !lessed and prosperous"
;ou /et wisdom into .our heart !.
!elie5in/ 8od9s :ord and speakin/ it out
.our mouth"
1 *no)ledge o$ the
8od alwa.s intended for His
<in/dom to !e on earth" ;ou will not
spend eternit. in hea5en !ut on earthD
the new earth"
8od created Adam to !e /od o5er the
earth, to rule it" Aan was su!ordinate to
8od, !ut he was to ha5e dominion o5er
the earth"
8od told Adam how to prosper" He
said, " " " replenish the earth, an$ sub$ue
it0 an$ have $ominion over every living
thing that moveth upon the earth E8en"
*F'%G" 8od /a5e that authorit. to Adam,
with onl. one stipulationF o% the tree o%
the &no'le$ge o% goo$ an$ evil, thou
shalt not eat( ( " E8en" 'F*(G"
8od9s will was that the earth !e
patterned after hea5en" After turnin/ the
earth o5er to Adam, 8od let Adam do as
10 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
he chose" :hen Adam was a!out to sin
!. diso!e.in/ 8od, 8od didn9t sa., INo,
Adam, .ou can9t do that"I He had /i5en
Adam total authorit." :hen Adam sold
out to Satan !. eatin/ the for!idden fruit
the serpent ESatanG offered, 8od did not
lift a fin/er to stop him" :h.K ecause it
was not 8od9s responsi!ilit. to do soC it
was Adam9s responsi!ilit."
Someone has su//ested that Adam
was nothin/ more than a weed puller in
the 8arden" ut he couldn9t ha5e !eenD
there were no weeds in the 8arden"
Adam was /od o5er the earth" In '
-orinthians )F), 1aul refers to Satan as
the go$ o% this 'orl$ 'ho has blin$e$ the
min$s o% them 'hih believe not( Satan
/ot this title from Adam"
God #sta,lishes 0is *ingdom
After Adam sinned and allowed Satan
to !ecome /od of the world, 8od used
another means to restore His <in/dom to
earthF He esta!lished a !lood co5enant
with A!raham" The -o5enant meant that
whate5er A!raham had !elon/ed to 8od
and whate5er 8od had !elon/ed to
Kno'le$ge o% the King$om 11
A!raham" That9s how stron/ their !lood
co5enant was"
As .ou stud. this -o5enant, .ou will
find that A!raham was e2ceedin/l. rich
!ecause 8od made him rich"
#hen 2bram 'as ninety years ol$ an$
nine, the 7or$ appeare$ to 2bram, an$ sai$
unto him, + am the 2lmighty )o$9 'al&
be%ore me, an$ be thou per%et( 2n$ + 'ill
ma&e my ovenant bet'een me an$ thee,
an$ 'ill multiply thee eAee$ingly( 2n$
2bram %ell on his %ae0 an$ )o$ tal&e$ 'ith
)enesis 1601</
8od said to A!raham, II am Bl
Sha$$ai EAlmi/ht. 8odG"I In the He!rew
the word almighty or Bl Sha$$ai means
the all$sufficient One, the 8od :ho is
more than enou/h"
Some seem to think that 8od said, II
am El -heapo"I To them 8od and
po5ert. run hand in hand" ut that9s not
trueH ;ou read in the !ook of Re5elation
that the streets of hea5en are pure /old"
There are e5en /ates in hea5en made out
of a sin/le pearlH ERe5" '*F'*"G
12 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
8od told A!raham that He would
make him the father of man. nationsF
Ceither shall thy name any more be
alle$ 2bram, but thy name shall be
2braham9 %or a %ather o% many nations have
+ ma$e thee(
2n$ + 'ill establish my ovenant
bet'een me an$ thee an$ thy see$ a%ter thee
in their generations %or an everlasting
ovenant, to be a )o$ unto thee, an$ to thy
see$ a%ter thee(
)enesis 1604,6
:e can see from the !lessin/s of the
-o5enant descri!ed in the followin/
scriptures that 8od didn9t intend for
A!raham or his descendants to !e
po5ert.$stricken" The promise was to
A!raham and his seed in their
+t shall ome to pass, i% thou shalt
hear&en $iligently unto the voie o% the 7or$
thy )o$, to observe an$ to $o all his
omman$ments 'hih + omman$ thee this
$ay, that the 7or$ thy )o$ 'ill set thee on
high above all nations o% the earth0
2n$ all these blessings shall ome on
Kno'le$ge o% the King$om 1/
thee, an$ overta&e thee, i% thou shalt
hear&en unto the voie o% the 7or$ thy )o$(
.lesse$ shalt thou be in the ity, an$
blesse$ shalt thou be in the %iel$((( .lesse$
shall be thy bas&et an$ thy store( .lesse$
shalt thou be 'hen thou omest in, an$
blesse$ shalt thou be 'hen thou goest out(
@euteronomy 2801</,4,5
Conditional Promises
2n$ the 7or$ shall ma&e thee the hea$,
an$ not the tail9 an$ thou shalt be above
only, an$ thou shalt not be beneath9 i% that
thou hear&en unto the omman$ments o% the
7or$ thy )o$, 'hih + omman$ thee this
$ay, to observe an$ to $o them(
@euteronomy 2801/
+t shall ome to pass, i% thou shalt
hear&en $iligently unto the voie o% the 7or$
thy )o$ all these blessings shall ome on
thee ( ( ( an$ overta&e thee(
@euteronomy 2801,2
This last scripture sa.s we are to
hear&en $iligently to 8od9s :ord" The
word hear&en means Ito hear
intelli/entl., !e o!edient to, declare and
tell"I The word $iligently means Ito
11 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
declare wholl. and completel., louder
and louder"I So let9s read it with that
If thou shalt hear&en $iligently unto
the voie o% the 7or$ thy )o$?to hear
intelli/entl., !e o!edient to, and declare
or speak louder and louder what 8od has
saidDthen all these blessings shall ome
on thee(
8od said to speak out His :ordC !ut
from the wa. some people talk, .ou
would think He said to declare all the
curses, to talk a!out how it won9t work
and how it failed the last time it was
Choose 'lessings2 3ot Curses
2n$ it shall be, i% thou $o at all %orget
the 7or$ thy )o$, an$ 'al& a%ter other go$s,
an$ serve them, an$ 'orship them, + testi%y
against you this $ay that ye shall surely
2s the nations 'hih the 7or$ $estroyeth
be%ore your %ae, so shall ye perish9 beause
ye 'oul$ not be obe$ient unto the voie o%
the 7or$ your )o$(
@euteronomy 8019,20
Kno'le$ge o% the King$om 14
8od is warnin/ of the consequences
of diso!e.in/ His 5oice and of the curses
that would come upon the people who
forsook the 6ord and ser5ed other /ods"
In =euteronom., chapter '%, 8od
descri!es the curse of po5ert.F
.eause thou serve$st not the 7or$
thy )o$ 'ith =oy%ulness, an$ 'ith
gla$ness o% heart, %or the abundance of
all things;
"here%ore shalt thou serve thine
enemies 'hih the 7or$ shall sen$
against thee, in hunger, an$ in thirst,
an$ in na&e$ness, an$ in 'ant o% all
things0 an$ he shall put a yo&e o% iron
upon thy ne&, until he have $estroye$
thee E55" )(,)%G"
8od was encoura/in/ the children of
Israel to !e o!edient to the :ordC !ut
the. failed to !e o!edient and the curses
did come on them"
The -o5enant of lessin/ applies to
the seed of A!raham in the same wa. it
applied to the children of Israel" The
!lessin/s will o5ertake us if we hearken
15 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
dili/entl. to 8od9s 5oice"
8od said to A!raham, + 'ill ma&e my
ovenant bet'een me an$ thee, an$ 'ill
multiply thee eAee$ingly " " " 2s %or me,
behol$, my ovenant is 'ith thee E8en"
1aul sa.s the promise was that
A!raham should !e heir of the world"
ERom" )F*+"G
The Covenant !eesta,lishes The
:hen Adam committed hi/h treason
a/ainst 8od, allowin/ Satan to !ecome
the /od of this world, a curse of po5ert.,
sickness, and spiritual death came upon
the land" E8en" +F*(,*%"G 8od esta!lished
the -o5enant to relie5e His people from
this curse"
In =euteronom. '%F*4, 8od said, .ut
it shall ome to pass, i% thou 'ilt not
hear&en unto the voie o% the 7or$ thy
)o$, to observe to $o all his
omman$ments an$ his statutes 'hih +
omman$ thee this $ay9 that all these
urses shall ome upon thee, an$
Kno'le$ge o% the King$om 16
overta&e thee"""" Then He listed the
After readin/ this scripture, some
people form a !ad ima/e of 8od,
!elie5in/ that He does e5il thin/s" ut
8od was warnin/ His people" He was
tellin/ them what would happen if the.
/ot o5er amon/ the curses" He was
sa.in/ that the curses e2isted, !ut that the
people didn9t ha5e to let the curses affect
,raham's 'lessings re 4urs5
In 8enesis *(F(, 8od said, + 'ill
establish my ovenant bet'een me an$
thee an$ thy see$ a%ter thee in their
generations %or an everlasting ovenant,
to be a )o$ unto thee, an$ to thy see$
a%ter thee(
A!raham and his descendants throu/h
Isaac were to operate in the -o5enant
until that Seed came"
6et9s take a closer look at the seedF
Co' to 2braham an$ his see$ 'ere the
promises ma$e( 8e saith not, 2n$ to
see$s, as o% many9 but as o% one((( E8al"
18 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
:hat IseedI is this talkin/ a!outK "" "
2n$ to thy see$, 'hih is Christ(
:e are all the children of 8od and
the seed of A!raham" 8alatians +F'3$'&
makes this 5er. plainF
:or ye are all the hil$ren o% )o$ by
%aith in Christ Jesus(
:or as many o% you as have been
baptiDe$ into Christ have put on Christ(
"here is neither Je' nor )ree&, there is
neither bon$ nor %ree, there is neither male
nor %emale0 %or ye are all one in Christ
Jesus( 2n$ i% ye be Christ*s, then are ye
2braham*s see$, an$ heirs aor$ing to the
1aul sa.s, Co' ye are the bo$y o%
Christ E* -or" *'F'(G" :hen we are
!orn a/ain, we are !apti@ed into
-hrist" -hrist is the seedC and since
we are part of the od. of -hrist, we
are the seed" Therefore, the promise
8od made to A!raham !elon/s to us
Kno'le$ge o% the King$om 19
:or i% the inheritane be o% the la', it is
no more o% promise0 but )o$ gave it to
2braham by promise(
#here%ore then serveth the la'3 +t 'as
a$$e$ beause o% transgressions, till the
see$ shoul$ ome to 'hom the promise 'as
ma$e9 an$ it 'as or$aine$ by angels in the
han$ o% a me$iator( ( (
.ut be%ore %aith ame, 'e 'ere &ept
un$er the la', shut up unto the %aith 'hih
shoul$ a%ter'ar$s be reveale$(
#here%ore the la' 'as our shoolmaster
to bring us unto Christ, that 'e might be
=usti%ie$ by %aith(
.ut a%ter that %aith is ome, 'e are no
longer un$er a shoolmaster(
)alatians /018,19,2/<25
:e are no lon/er under the 6aw" That
means we are no lon/er under the curse
of the 6aw" 8lor. to 8od, -hrist
redeemed us from the curse, not the
!lessin/Dthe !lessin/ is still oursH
Christ hath re$eeme$ us %rom the urse
o% the la', being ma$e a urse %or us0 %or it
is 'ritten, Curse$ is every one that hangeth
on a tree0
40 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
"hat the blessing o% 2braham might
ome on the )entiles through Jesus Christ9
that 'e might reeive the promise o% the
Spirit through %aith(
)alatians /01/,11
Aan. !elie5e that the promise o% the
Spirit is 8od9s promise to send the Hol.
SpiritC !ut it is the promise of the Spirit
to A!raham in re/ard to the -o5enant"
8od was sa.in/ that !ecause -hrist
redeemed us from the curse of the 6aw,
then the !lessin/s of A!raham !elon/ to
The Covenant Is #verlasting
.rethren, + spea& a%ter the manner o%
men9 "hough it be but a man*s ovenant, yet
i% it be on%irme$, no man $isannulleth, or
a$$eth thereto ( ( (
2n$ this + say, that the ovenant, that
'as on%irme$ be%ore o% )o$ in Christ, the
la', 'hih 'as %our hun$re$ an$ thirty
years a%ter, annot $isannul, that it shoul$
ma&e the promise o% none e%%et(
)alatians /014,16
The 6aw came into effect after 8od
had made the -o5enant with A!raham"
Kno'le$ge o% the King$om 41
:hile under the 6aw and under the curse
of it, the Israelites were sold into sla5er.
in E/.pt and had to sta. there all those
.ears" ut 8od said the 6aw still could
not disannul the -o5enant !ecause His
was an e5erlastin/ -o5enant"
In this -o5enant which 8od said He
would esta!lish with A!raham9s seed,
there is the phrase in their generations(
That means all the wa. downH It is an
e5erlastin/ -o5enant" It will continue to
the end of the a/es" A !lood co5enant
was so !indin/ that e5en un!orn children
were in5ol5ed until the. could decide for
themsel5es whether or not the. would
come under that co5enant"
E5er. !elie5er who wants to come
into that -o5enant toda. can claim it and
walk in the !enefits of it Bust like
A!raham didH In fact, the. can walk in it
!etter than A!raham for he was under the
Old -o5enant" The New -o5enant is
esta!lished on !etter promises"
If the Old -o5enant had !een perfect,
there would ha5e !een no need for a new
co5enantC !ut findin/ fault, 8od made a
42 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
new co5enantDone that was si/ned and
sealed !. >esus with His own !lood"
Notice this co5enant was e5erlastin/" It
did not pass awa. with the Old -o5enant
!ein/ fulfilled"
Place Yoursel$ under This
:hen I saw the truth in 8enesis *(F(
Dthat we are entitled to !e in that
-o5enantDI decided to place m.self
under the -o5enant" I spoke this out
IIn the name of Almi/ht. 8od and
His Son, >esus -hrist, I decide now to
come under that -o5enantH I9m /oin/ to
operate in itH I open m.self now, ?ather,
to let ;ou esta!lish it with me in m.
Aake a decision to come under that
-o5enant and walk in it" ;ou ha5e a
co5enant with 8od"
.ut thou shalt remember the 7or$ thy
)o$0 %or it is he that giveth thee po'er to
get 'ealth, that he may establish his
ovenant 'hih he s'are unto thy %athers,
Kno'le$ge o% the King$om 4/
as it is this $ay(
@euteronomy 8018
Things To Remember
8od created man to ha5e dominion
o5er the earth"
Adam9s sin allowed Satan to !ecome
the /od of the world"
8od esta!lished a !lood co5enant
with A!raham"
E5er.thin/ A!raham had !elon/ed to
E5er.thin/ 8od had !elon/ed to
Hearken dili/entl. to the 5oice of
8od9s :ord"
+% ye be Christ*s, then are ye
2braham*s see$, an$ heirs aor$ing to
the promise(
1lace .ourself under this -o5enant"
Aake the decision to walk with 8od"
;ou ha5e an e5erlastin/ -o5enant
with HimH
6 The *ingdom 0as
In the si2th chapter of Aatthew, >esus
is teachin/ His disciples how to pra.F
2%ter this manner there%ore pray ye0
Our :ather 'hih art in heaven,
hallo'e$ be thy name( "hy &ing$om
ome( "hy 'ill be $one in earth, as it is
in heaven E55" &,*#G"
This pra.er, which we know toda. as
"he 7or$*s Prayer, is not a New
Testament pra.erC it is an Old Testament
Sometimes people point to "he
7or$*s Prayer and sa., IHere9s the wa.
>esus tau/ht us to pra."I
No, this is not the wa. >esus tau/ht us
to pra." He tau/ht His disciples to pra.
under the Old -o5enant" Sometimes
people don9t reali@e that e5en thou/h the
45 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
four 8ospelsDAatthew, Aark, 6uke,
and >ohnDare in the New Testament, the
people were still operatin/ under the
6aw" The. were li5in/ in a transition
period !etween the Old and New
7Thy *ingdom Come7
I want .ou to notice >esus9 wordsF
"hy &ing$om ome( In other words He
was sa.in/, I1ra. that the <in/dom of
8od would come, that the will of 8od
would !e done in earth as it is in
The earth was desi/ned to !e a
duplicate of hea5en, to operate in the
same wa. as hea5en" The will of 8od is
for it to !e the same on earth as it is in
Someone mi/ht sa., Iut it9s not that
wa." Earth isn9t like hea5en"I
No, it9s not that wa." >esus knew it
wasn9t that wa.C !ut He said, I1ra. that it
will /et that wa."I >esus would not ha5e
tau/ht us to pra. a/ainst the will of 8od"
The will of 8od under the Old -o5enant
"he King$om 8as Come 46
was for earth to !e the same as hea5en"
As we saw in -hapter ', 8od9s
intention from the !e/innin/ was for His
<in/dom to !e on earth, and He has not
chan/ed" If Adam had !een o!edient to
what 8od told him to do, it would ha5e
!een that wa. toda." ut Adam
committed hi/h treason and turned his
authorit. o5er to the =e5il" :hen he did,
the forces of e5il were loosed upon earth"
8od9s will is still the same toda. as it
was in the !e/innin/Dand it will !e
performed in the endH :hen the earth is
reno5ated, it will !e the wa. 8od
intended it to !eDhea5en on earth"
7Some Shall See the *ingdom7
:or the Son o% man shall ome in the
glory o% his :ather 'ith his angels9 an$ then
he shall re'ar$ every man aor$ing to his
Verily + say unto you, "here be some
stan$ing here, 'hih shall not taste o%
$eath, till they see the Son o% man oming in
his &ing$om(
!atthe' 15026,28
48 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
E5identl. >esus is talkin/ of two
different thin/s" In 5erse 26, He is
talkin/ a!out His return to earth and the
reward that will !e /i5en" Then in 5erse
'%, He sa.s that some of those standin/
with Him would not taste of death until
the. saw Him comin/ in His <in/dom"
That was nearl. two thousand .ears a/oH
How could those men not taste death
until >esus returned in His <in/domK
:hen >esus said, "here be some
stan$ing here, 'hih shall not taste o%
$eath, till they see the Son o% man
oming in his &ing$om, He was not
referrin/ to the literal <in/dom of 8od
which is /oin/ to !e set up here on earth
after His return" This statement would
surel. pro5e that >esus was talkin/ a!out
the <in/dom of 8od that is within man"
:hen >esus was raised from the dead,
He came forth as the /lorified Son of
8od" He carried His !lood into the
hea5enlies and made atonement for man,
settin/ in motion the New -o5enant"
As the risen -hrist, He appeared to
His disciples man. times" One time,
"he King$om 8as Come 49
accordin/ to >ohn '#F'', He !reathed on
them and said, Eeeive ye the 8oly
I !elie5e this is s.m!olic of what
happened on the da. of 1entecost" EActs
'F*$)"G The. were all in one accord in
one placeC and there came a sound of a
rushin/, mi/ht. wind that filled all the
place where the. were sittin/" On that
da., >esus came to dwell in the hearts of
men in the 1erson of the Hol. Spirit" The
<in/dom of 8od trul. had come to
=urin/ His earthl. ministr., >esus,
the Son of 8od, met all the needs of the
people in that da.F He healed the sick,
raised the dead, cast out demons, and on
two occasions fed the multitudes with
onl. a few loa5es and fish"
After doin/ all these thin/s, He said
to them, +t is eApe$ient %or you that + go
a'ay E>ohn *3F(G" In other words, I;ou
would !e !etter off if I /o awa."I
I am sure the. thou/ht, IHow would
we !e !etter off if He /oes awa.KI
50 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Then He said, +% + go not a'ay, the
Com%orter Ethe Hol. 8hostG 'ill not
ome unto you( In that da., >esus was
a!le to minister onl. to the people He
came into contact with" 6imited !. His
ph.sical !od., He could !e in onl. one
place at a time" So it was !etter for Him
to /o awa. and send the Hol. Spirit"
Once He had come in the 1erson of the
Hol. Spirit, His power would !e
The Godhead D)ells In You
In >ohn *)F'+ He said, +% a man love
me, he 'ill &eep my 'or$s0 an$ my
:ather 'ill love him, an$ 'e 'ill ome
unto him, an$ ma&e our abo$e 'ith him(
In other words, >esus was promisin/
that the whole 8odheadDthe ?ather,
the Son, and the Hol. 8hostDwould
dwell in us"
#hen he 'as $eman$e$ o% the
Pharisees, 'hen the &ing$om o% )o$ shoul$
ome, he ans'ere$ them an$ sai$, "he
&ing$om o% )o$ ometh not 'ith
FCeither shall they say, 7o here- or, lo
"he King$om 8as Come 51
there- %or, behol$, the &ing$om o% )o$ is
'ithin you(
7u&e 16020,21
The a!o5e passa/e clearl. shows that
when >esus told His disciples in Aatthew
3F*# to pra., "hy &ing$om ome, He was
talkin/ a!out the inward esta!lishment of
the <in/dom of 8od, not the ph.sical
kin/dom that will !e set up at the end of
the a/es"
A/ain we can appl. the law of dou!le
reference" >esus said, I1ra. that the will
of 8od !e done in the earth the same wa.
it is in hea5en"I The ph.sical !od. of
man was made out of the dust of the
earthC the inner man was not" The real
creation was !reathed out of the mouth
of 8od, the Spirit of 8od" Adam was
created to fellowship with =eit." 8od is
a spirit" Spirits don9t communicate with
!odies" The communication 8od had
with Adam in the 8arden was in the
spirit realm" The real .ou is the human
>esus said pra. that the will of 8od !e
done in the earth as it is in hea5en"
52 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
:e don9t ha5e to pra. "hy &ing$om
ome toda. !ecause it has alread. comeH
If .ou ha5e !een !orn a/ain, the
<in/dom is within .ou" The <in/dom
a!ides in .our human spirit, housed in
.our ph.sical !od."
God's *ingdom 4perates
Through the 0uman Spirit
The word &ing$om means Idomain"I
The <in/dom of 8od is the place in
which 8od has dominion" It does not
come with o!ser5ation" The <in/dom of
8od came to earth when men were !orn
a/ain, when the. recei5ed the new !irth
of the human spirit"
;ou learn to tap the power of the
<in/dom !. stud.in/ the :ord of 8od"
Remem!er, >esus said, See& ye %irst the
&ing$om o% )o$, an$ his righteousness9
an$ all these things shall be a$$e$ unto
you( ;ou ha5e to seek first the <in/dom"
?ind where the <in/dom is and how the
<in/dom operates"
The human spirit is where the
<in/dom is set up, and it is capa!le of
"he King$om 8as Come 5/
pro5idin/ e5er.thin/ .ou need in this
life, whether it !e spiritual, ph.sical, or
financial" It is desi/ned to either produce
it, lead .ou to it, or cause it to come" ;ou
need to know how to allow .our spirit to
operate effecti5el. in the <in/dom"
;our own spirit knows more than
.our intellect" 1aul said, :or 'hat man
&no'eth the things o% a man, save the
spirit o% man 'hih is in him E* -or"
'F**G" It is .our human spiritDthe real
.ou, the man on the insideDwho is in
contact with 8od and knows all a!out
.ouF .our needs, failures, shortcomin/s,
stron/ points" A man9s intellect does not
know allC !ut if .ou learn to tap into .our
spirit, which can tap the wisdom of 8od,
then as >esus said all thin/s will !e added
unto .ou" ;ou will prosper"
:hen .ou were !orn a/ain, it didn9t
take lon/ for .ou to reali@e that .our
ph.sical !od. didn9t /et !orn a/ain" If
.our !od. had certain ha!its !efore .ou
/ot sa5ed, it wanted to continue those
ha!its e5en after .ou were sa5ed" It was
.our spirit man that was !orn a/ain" ;ou
had to mortif. the deeds of .our !od."
51 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
ERom" %F*+"G
It is 5ital that .ou reali@e the
<in/dom, or the domain, of 8od is
inside .ouH ;our human spirit is !orn of
the Spirit of 8od" ;ou ha5e the life of
8od in .ou" ;ou ha5e the 8reater One
inside .ou, so He is capa!le of e2ercisin/
dominion in .our spirit at .our will"
He is able to $o eAee$ing
abun$antly above all that 'e as& or
thin&, aor$ing to the po'er that
'or&eth in us EEph" +F'#G"
Things To Remember
The earth was desi/ned to !e a
duplicate of hea5en" It is 8od9s will for
thin/s to !e on earth as the. are in
:e don9t ha5e to pra. "hy &ing$om
ome( The <in/dom has alread. come"
>esus came to dwell in man throu/h
the Hol. Spirit" The <in/dom of 8od is
within you-
8 4ur Source o$ Supply
#hosoever ometh to me, an$
heareth my sayings, an$ $oeth them, +
'ill she' you to 'hom he is li&e ( ( (
E6uke 3F)(G"
>esus said that a man who ometh to
me, an$ heareth my sayings, an$ $oeth
them di/s deep and la.s the foundation
of his life on a rock, which is the :ord
of 8od" He !ases his doin/s on what
8od9s :ord sa.s and not on the world
To succeed ph.sicall., financiall.,
and spirituall., we must o!e. 8od9s
:ord" >esus tells us what to do and how
to do it" It is then up to us to follow
In Aatthew 3F++ >esus makes this
statementF See& ye %irst the &ing$om o%
)o$, an$ his righteousness9 an$ all
these things shall be a$$e$ unto you( In
55 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
other words, first thin/s first" Someone
mi/ht sa. this is o5ersimplif.in/ thin/s,
!ut I didn9t sa. itD>esus didH
God Wants to Supply your 3eeds
0ere on #arth
Some people think when >esus
said, (((all these things shall be a$$e$
unto you, He meant when we /et to
hea5en, not on earth" =on9t let the
=e5il con .ou into !elie5in/ that"
The stor. is told of a 5er. wealth.
man who died" :hen someone asked
how much mone. he left, the law.er
replied, IAll of it"I Hea5en is a wealth.
place" It is filled with a!undance" ;ou
won9t need mone. up there" ;ou need it
here on the earth" :hen .ou /et to
hea5en, there will !e nothin/ to !u., no
demons to cast out, no sick to heal"
Aan. people !elie5e when >esus said,
See& the &ing$om, He meant to look to
the hea5ens" I thou/ht that wa. for .ears"
Then one da. it occurred to me, I:hat
am I /oin/ to do with it up thereK There
won9t !e an.thin/ to !u." There won9t !e
Our Soure o% Supply 56
an. needs there" 8asoline won9t !e M*"+#
a /allon and coffee won9t !e M4 a
I won9t need mone. when I /et to
hea5en" 1aul said, :e brought nothing
into this 'orl$, an$ it is ertain 'e an
arry nothing out E* Tim" 3F(G"
It is in the earth toda. that we need
the power of 8od and His anointin/ to
/ain riches" :e need them no' to preach
the 8ospelDnot when we /et to hea5enH
If .ou seek the Source, then all these
thin/s will !e added to .ou" ut it
requires dedication"
God Will Grant your Desires
Some people hesitate to totall.
commit themsel5es to 8od, to seek 8od9s
<in/dom first" The. sa., IIf I sell out to
8od, He mi/ht send me to Africa, and I
don9t want to /o"I
That9s not the wa. it works" >ames
said if a man is a doer of the :ord and
not a hearer onl., he will !e !lessed in
his deedsC he will walk in the per%et la'
o% liberty( E>ames *F'+,'4"G
58 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
If .ou are totall. sold out to 8od,
determined to do His will and purpose
without reser5ation to o!e., then .ou
will know 8od9s will"
If .ou are totall. committed to 8od,
He will /i5e .ou the desires of .our
heart" E1s" +(F),4"G He will put a desire in
.our heart for the 5er. thin/ He wants
.ou to do" Then .ou will !e doin/
e2actl. what .ou want to do and !e in
His perfect will" 1salm +)F*# sa.s, "hey
that see& the 7or$ shall not 'ant any
goo$ thing(
6et me /i5e .ou an e2ample" I had
!een a farmer for twent.$ei/ht .ears and
I lo5ed it" I had told people, II9ll ne5er
quit farmin/"I It was the /reatest desire
of m. heart" ut when I sold out to 8od,
He !e/an to chan/e m. desires"
I didn9t want to !e a preacher !ecause
I had the wron/ idea of preachers" ut
finall. I told m. wife, II don9t know
where 8od is leadin/, !ut I9m /oin/"I It
was se5eral .ears !efore 8od required
me to /i5e up farmin/C !ut /raduall.,
little !. little, He chan/ed m. desires"
Our Soure o% Supply 59
In *&(& I sold out of the farmin/
!usiness !ecause the /reatest desire of
m. heart was to teach and preach the
:ord of 8od" Toda. I am doin/ e2actl.
what I want to do and I9m in the perfect
will of 8od, !ecause 8od has put His
desire in m. heart"
There are some people who /o
throu/h life, e5en in the ministr., !ein/
o!edient to all the. know, !ut the. ne5er
find what 8od wants them to do !ecause
the. aren9t willin/ to do it" It seems as
thou/h 8od will not re5eal His complete
will until .ou are willin/ to do it" If .ou
/et willin/, 8od will chan/e .our desires
and .ou will ha5e Bo. doin/ it"
So man. /o throu/h life misera!leC
the. are o!edient, !ut not willin/" The.
are doin/ it !ecause the. know it is
required of them" The. ne5er do the
perfect will of 8od !ecause the. aren9t
willin/ to reall. sell out to 8od" Then
.ou ha5e people who are willin/, !ut
somehow the. Bust ne5er /et around to
doin/ it" oth of these are misera!le
throu/hout life"
60 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
;ou will ne5er find out what 8od
reall. has in store for .ou unless .ou are
willin/ to /o where5er He leads .ou"
Once .ou !ecome willin/, He will
chan/e .our desires"
Put God 'e$ore Things
In order for .our desires to !e the
same as 8od9s, .ou must !e committed to
seekin/ 8od, not those desires"
In Aatthew 3F'), >esus said, Co man
an serve t'o masters0 %or either he 'ill
hate the one, an$ love the other9 or else
he 'ill hol$ to the one, an$ $espise the
other( ,e annot serve )o$ an$
mammon( This simpl. means that .ou
cannot ser5e !oth 8od and riches" ;ou
must choose to ser5e 8od and make
riches ser5e .ou"
If .ou /o lustin/ after riches, .ou will
fail in life" Second 1eter *F) sa.s,
#hereby are given unto us eAee$ing
great an$ preious promises0 that by
these ye might be parta&ers o% the $ivine
nature, having esape$ the orruption
that is in the 'orl$ through lust(
Our Soure o% Supply 61
If .ou sa., II9m /oin/ to !e rich and
!e Ar" i/,I .ou will fail"
There is no room for that kind of
prosperit. in 8od9s plans" ;ou mi/ht /et
it that wa. throu/h the world9s s.stem,
!ut it9s not /oin/ to work with 8od" If
.our heart condemns .ou, .our faith will
not work" :ron/ moti5es will shut down
.our faith"
"hey that 'ill be rih %all into
temptation an$ a snare, an$ into many
%oolish an$ hurt%ul lusts, 'hih $ro'n
men in $estrution an$ per$ition( :or
the love o% money is the root o% all evil E*
Tim" 3F&,*#G"
It9s the lo5e of mone. that is the root
of all e5il, !ut there are people
committin/ that sinDfallin/ into
temptation and snareDwho don9t ha5e
an. mone.H The. would kill .ou for M4#H
It9s not mone. that9s the sinC it9s the lo5e
of it"
>esus said, 2 man*s li%e onsisteth not
in the abun$ane o% the things 'hih he
possesseth E6uke *'F*4G" 1aul ur/es us
not to spend time seekin/ after thin/s" He
62 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
sa.s, )o$liness 'ith ontentment is
great gain E* Tim" 3F3G"
;ou must not make riches .our /od,
!ut .ou can ser5e 8od and ha5e riches"
8od wants His people to !e wise in
every area of their li5es" ;ou an ser5e
8od and ha5e riches if .ou will use
riches the wa. 8od intended" It is all
ri/ht to ha5e thin/s, as lon/ as thin/s
don9t ha5e .ouH
The ke. to !ein/ successful is simple"
Act on the faith .ou ha5e and do what
>esus saidF Seek first the <in/dom of
8od and His ri/hteousness" ;ou must
learn to seek the Source of suppl." The
<in/dom of 8od is the Source"
Things To Remember
Seek .e first the kin/dom of 8od, and
his ri/hteousnessC and all these thin/s
shall !e added unto .ou"
These things will !e added to .ou on
;ou won9t need mone. in hea5en"
If .ou seek 8od9s <in/dom first, .ou
Our Soure o% Supply 6/
will know His will and He will /i5e .ou
the desires of .our heart"
Seek the Source, not the thin/sH
-hoose to ser5e 8od and make riches
ser5e .ouH
9 Sell and Give
Sell that ye have, an$ give alms9 provi$e
yourselves bags 'hih 'aA not ol$, a
treasure in the heavens that %aileth not,
'here no thie% approaheth, neither moth
orrupteth( :or 'here your treasure is,
there 'ill your heart be also(
7u&e 120//,/1
>esus tells .ou in 5erse ++ how to
operate in His <in/dom" If .ou are /oin/
to operate in the <in/dom of 8od, .ou
must operate in <in/dom principles"
Aost -hristians are failin/ !ecause the.
are tr.in/ to operate the world s.stem in
the <in/dom of 8od" ;ou ha5e to
operate <in/dom principles in the
<in/dom" :orld s.stem wa.s will not
work in .our spirit" ;ou must use
<in/dom principles, which are forei/n to
the world9s wa. of thinkin/"
Sell that ye have( >esus is ministerin/
to all kinds of people" There are some
65 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
po5ert.$stricken people in that crowd,
and He sa.s, Sell that ye have( In other
words, IIf .ou don9t ha5e an.thin/ to
/i5e, sell somethin/ and /i5e"I
Provi$e yourselves bags( >esus didn9t
sa. to Ipro5ide for .ourself with !a/s"I
He said to pro5ide .oursel5es !a/s"
:hen the i!le speaks of I.ourselfI and
the Apostle 1aul speaks of Ihimself,I
the. are referrin/ to the inner man" The
real .ou is the man on the insideDthe
spirit man, the human spirit"
=eposit 8od9s :ord in .our spirit"
Then speak forth 8od9s :ord from .our
heart" A /ood man out of the /ood
treasure of his heart will !rin/ forth /ood
As an e2ample, let9s take the scripture
5erse, 6uke 3F+%" e/in to sa., IThank
8od, !ecause I ha5e /i5en, it is /i5en
unto me /ood measure, pressed down,
shaken to/ether, and runnin/ o5er"I
Speak it" Aake it a dail. confession"
rin/ it forth with the words of .our
8od is honestC He will perform His
Sell an$ )ive 66
:ord" He said, IA. :ord will not return
unto Ae 5oid"I EIs" 44F**"G ut 8od
wants you to return His :ord to Him" So
take 8od9s :ordDHis promise
concernin/ a specific thin/" If .our need
is in the area of finances, put that :ord
in .our heart !. speakin/ it there" 8et the
/ood treasure of 8od9s :ord in .our
mouth, then speak it" That will !rin/ it
out and cause a manifestation"
8i5in/ is one of the fundamental
principles of the law of prosperit." It9s
not the amount /i5en that is the /reatest
importance to 8od, !ut the percenta/e"
If .ou ha5e fi5e pennies and /i5e one
of them, .ou ha5e /i5en twent. percent
of all that .ou own" To 8od that is Bust as
important as a man who has fi5e million
dollars and /i5es a million" As far as 8od
is concerned, that man hasn9t /i5en more
than .ou ha5e"
!e)ards are ,ased on percentages
given: The return is !ased on the amount
.ou /i5e" This principle works for .ou
the same as it does for the millionaire"
The onl. difference is that he is
68 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
operatin/ with lar/er num!ers" If .ou
will continue usin/ the principle, .our
nickel can turn into a million dollarsH
Don't #at Your Seed
6uke 3F+% sa.s, )ive, an$ it shall be
given unto you"""" ut some people eat
their seedF The. use all that the. recei5e
on themsel5es until the. ha5e nothin/ to
A /ood e2ample of what happens
when .ou eat .our seed can !e seen in
the life of a man I met in Aontana" He
picked me up at the airport and dro5e me
to a meetin/" Thou/h he did 5er. little
talkin/, I could tell e5er.thin/ was /oin/
wron/ for him"
After the last meetin/ of the seminar,
he came to me and said, Irother -apps,
m. wife and I are in !ad financial
trou!le" She doesn9t ha5e a Bo!, and m.
Bo! doesn9t pa. enou/h to meet the !ills"
I don9t know what we9re /oin/ to doHI
I said, I6et9s pra."I
Not knowin/ how to pra., I pra.ed in
the Spirit" As I pra.ed, the Spirit of 8od
Sell an$ )ive 69
said to me, IHe has eaten his seed"
He has taken mone. he should ha5e
/i5en to the 8ospel and used it for other
As I pra.ed for that man, the 6ord
said, I8i5e him M*##" Then tell him not
to spend it on himself, !ut to /i5e it
He told me later that the 6ord had
alread. spoken to him a!out /i5in/ to
two ministries" ut he said, II didn9t ha5e
an. mone. to /i5e"I He took the mone. I
/a5e him and di5ided it !etween the two
A!out three months later when I went
!ack to that town for another seminar,
the man said, II want to tell .ou what
happenedF I /ot a raise and m. wife /ot a
Bo!H Our financial pro!lems are o5erHI
Seeds re $or Planting
An. farmer knows if he eats his seed,
he will !e in trou!leH
All 8od has to work with is what is
sown or /i5en" He can9t produce a crop if
80 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
we ha5en9t /i5en Him the seed to
multipl." Aake a ha!it of /i5in/,
whether .our income is lar/e or small"
Unless .ou /i5e when .our income is
small, .ou will ne5er /i5e !i/" If .ou
ha5en9t de5eloped the ha!it of /i5in/
tithes and offerin/s when .ou are makin/
M&# a week, .ou will ne5er do it when
.ou are makin/ M*,### a week" :e must
!e o!edient to the !asic principle which
remains the same re/ardless of our
>esus said if .ou don9t ha5e an.thin/
to /i5e, sell what .ou ha5e to /et some
You !eap on #arth
Sell that you have, an$ give alms9
provi$e yourselves bags 'hih 'aA not
ol$, a treasure in the heavens that %aileth
not E6uke *'F++G" Traditionall., we ha5e
misinterpreted this 5erse to mean that we
are la.in/ up treasures in hea5en which
are una5aila!le to us on earth" :e won9t
need mone. in hea5enC we need it here
on earth"
Sell an$ )ive 81
Your Bag Is your Spirit ;0eart<
:hen >esus said, Provi$e yourselves
bags 'hih 'aA not ol$, He didn9t mean
to /et a purse that .ou would use in
:hat part of .ou doesn9t /et oldK
1aul said, "hough our out'ar$ man
perish, yet the in'ar$ man is rene'e$
$ay by $ay E' -or" )F*3G" Accordin/ to
1aul, the part of .ou that doesn9t wa2 old
is .our human spirit" ;our inward man is
renewed da. !. da.C it ne5er a/es"
The 8reek word for treasure in 6uke
*'F++ means $eposit( >esus is sa.in/ that,
!. /i5in/, .ou are pro5idin/ .ourself
Ethe human spiritG as a !a/, a purse, or
container, in which .ou store or deposit
8od9s :ord Ethe TreasureG" Aoths can9t
corrupt this !a/C neither can thie5es steal
it !ecause this container is the heart"
>esus said, :or 'here your treasure
is, there 'ill your heart be also( The
treasure isn9t !ein/ stored for .ou to /et
later in hea5en" It9s in .our heartDthe
production center of 8od9s <in/dom"
This is 8od9s <in/dom at work on the
82 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Your 3eed 0as 'een Supplied
Inflation is a thief, !ut it can9t steal
what .ou put in .our heart" 1ut 8od9s
:ord in .our heart, and thie5in/
circumstances will not !e a!le to ro!
.ou" -onfess dail.F
II ha5e /i5en, and it shall !e /i5en
unto me" I sow !ountifull.C therefore, I9m
reapin/ !ountifull." A. 8od meets all of
m. need accordin/ to His riches in /lor.
!. -hrist >esus"I
1aul wrote the 1hilippian church and
said, !y )o$ shall supply all your nee$
aor$ing to his rihes in glory by Christ
Jesus E1hil" )F*&G" He used the word
nee$, not nee$s(
1rior to this, he had said, " " " no
hurh ommuniate$ 'ith me as
onerning giving an$ reeiving, but ye
only " " " ye sent one an$ again unto my
neessity E55" *4,*3G" The 1hilippians
had !een o!edient to the laws of
prosperit. and had hidden the /ood :ord
of 8od in their hearts" ecause the. /a5e
Sell an$ )ive 8/
to help 1aul, 8od9s ser5ant, then 8od
was promisin/ to suppl. all their need"
He was sa.in/ that their needs wouldn9t
pile up, !ut that the. would ha5e one
need at a time and that He would meet
each need as it came due"
The promise came !ecause the. had
stored the :ord of 8od in their hearts
and acted on it !. /i5in/"
Accordin/ to 6uke *'F++, when we
sell what we ha5e and /i5e alms, we are
provided a treasure in the heavens that
faileth not.
In the i!le three different phrases
are translated heaven or heavens( In this
5erse from 6uke9s 8ospel, heaven refers
to the lower le5el of hea5en, which is
Bust a little hi/her than the earth" The
8reek word for heavens in 6uke *'F++
doesn9t mean the hi/her hea5en where
8od isC it means the first le5el of hea5en
which is Bust a!o5e the world s.stem"
The World's System Is Designed
to =ail
8od9s s.stem of success we are
81 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
discussin/ is not positi5e thinkin/ or a
scheme dreamed up to work in the world
s.stem" It works in the spiritual realm" It
works out of the human spirit, not out of
man9s intellect" If .ou onl. confess out of
.our head E.our mindG the s.stem won9t
work !ecause it9s a spiritual operation"
Provi$e yourselves bags 'hih 'aA
not ol$ (((( 6et .our spirit produce what
.ou need" 6et it !e the /round in which
.ou deposit the seed of 8od9s :ord" Out
of that seed /ood thin/s will /row and
.ou will reap the har5est on earth"
""" a treasure in the heavens that
%aileth not""" " After all the world9s
schemes failDwhen e5er.!od. is hidin/
in the mountains, storin/ up for the
famineD8od9s s.stem of sowin/ and
reapin/ will pre5ail" The present world
s.stem is failin/ !ecause it was desi/ned
to fail" 8od9s s.stem won9t failC it will
:hen e5er.one else has an empt. /as
tank, .our tank will !e runnin/ o5er
!ecause of the /ood seed .ou ha5e sown
in .our heart"
Sell an$ )ive 84
>esus sa.s that it is unfailin/ on the
hi/her plane where no thief approaches
and no moth corrupts" E6uke *'F++"G :e
!e/in to think, "hat must be in heaven
beause no thie% an get up there an$
there 'ill be no moths or insets there to
orrupt it( ut wait a minuteH He sa.s,
Provi$e yourselves bags that 'aA not
ol$( How man. ladies do .ou know
whose purses are no older now than
when the. !ou/ht themK >esus is sa.in/,
I1ro5ide yoursel% as a container, a
depositor., that will ne5er wa2 old"I
;ou ma. sa., IThat must !e in
hea5en"I No" In ' -orinthians )F*3 the
Apostle 1aul sa.s, " " " but though our
out'ar$ man perish, yet the in'ar$ man
is rene'e$ $ay by $ay( >esus was sa.in/
that .ou pro5ide .ourself" ;our human
spirit, which the i!le calls Ithe heart,I
!ecomes the container that .ou put the
treasure in"
Now how do .ou put it in thereK In
Romans *#F*% 1aul tells .ouF "he 'or$
is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, an$ in
thy heart( ?irst in thy mouth, then in thy
heart( It /ets in .our mouth !efore it /ets
85 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
in .our heart" The 1salmist =a5id said, " "
" my tongue is the pen o% a rea$y 'riter
E1s" )4F*G" 1ro5er!s +F+ refers to writin/
upon the table o% thine heart( How do
.ou do itK :ith the ton/ue" The ton/ue is
the instrument that writes on the heart"
:hen we operate in the realm of the
spirit with 8od the ?ather, we will find
the wisdom of 8od to !rin/ our
prosperit. on earth"
-onsider the account of the prophet
Elisha in ' <in/s 3F*$3" :hen he and the
sons of the prophets went out to cut
down some poles at the ed/e of the
>ordan, one of the a2 heads flew off and
sank in the ri5er"
The prophet Elisha cut a stick and
threw it in the water where the a2 head
had sunk"
The people standin/ around must
ha5e wondered, I:hat in the world is he
Elisha used the stick to cause
somethin/ to happenF The a2 head
floated to the topH Under the world9s
Sell an$ )ive 86
s.stem a2 heads don9t float, !ut Elisha
was operatin/ in the spirit realm" An a2
head floatin/ on water is a spiritual
operation that cannot !e e2plained in
natural terms"
:hen .ou operate in the spirit realm,
the people around .ou who operate in the
natural realm will react to .ou Bust like
the people reacted to Elisha" The.9ll sa.,
I:hat in the world is he doin/ !.
confessin/ a!undance and no lackK The
news tells us that inflation is eatin/ up
our !ank accountsHI
1eople ha5e told me, I8od9s not
concerned a!out material thin/s"I
Isn9t an a2 head a material thin/K
There is certainl. nothin/ spiritual a!out
itH 8od produces miracles of like
su!stance" :hen Elisha wanted the a2 to
float, he threw somethin/ in the water
that would float and recei5ed a miracle
of like su!stance"
God's System Produces
:e must reali@e that 8od desi/ned a
88 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
s.stem in the earth, in you, that will
produce e5er.thin/ .ou need in this life
Dnot Bust enou/h to !arel. /et alon/, !ut
more than enou/h so that .ou can li5e
the a!undant lifeH
;ou must work the s.stem dili/entl.C
otherwise, it won9t produce for .ou, Bust
as the world s.stem won9t produce for
the man who is too la@. to work at it"
Some people can start with nothin/
and make a million dollars" :h.K
ecause the. know how to operate the
world s.stem" Others, not dili/ent in
operatin/ the world s.stem of !usiness,
could start with a million dollars !ut lose
it to someone who applies himself in the
wa.s of the world"
4perate in the Spiritual !ealm
8od9s principles, which operate on a
spiritual plane, put a positi5e char/e
around .ou and ward off all that the
=e5il can send a/ainst .ou" This faith
force, which works on a hi/her plane,
causes the !lessin/s of 8od to come to
.ou when e5er.one else is in lack"
Sell an$ )ive 89
<nowin/ how to li5e on that hi/her
plane is worth di//in/ for in the :ord of
8od" >esus said that .ou are pro5idin/ a
treasure on a hi/her plane that 'ill %ail
not( That treasure won9t fail 'hen it*s on
that higher plane(
If .ou dra/ the supernatural
principles down to the le5el of the world,
the. will fail" If .ou sa., IThis s.stem
doesn9t look as thou/h it9s /oin/ to
workHI .ou9re dra//in/ the spiritual
principles down to the le5el of what .ou
see, feel, and hear" The. won9t workH
Appl. the /i5in/ principle to small
matters first until .ou learn how to /i5e
successfull." It will work Bust as well to
/et .ou a parkin/ place downtown as it
will to !rin/ in M4#,### to pa. a note"
8od9s wa. is a miracle of like su!stance"
No matter what .ou /i5e upDwhether
it9s mone. or .our parkin/ placeDit
works !. the same principle"
Things To Remember
8i5in/ is one of the fundamental
principles of the laws of prosperit."
90 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Rewards are !ased on the percenta/es
=on9t eat .our seedH
Aake a ha!it of /i5in/" If .ou don9t
ha5e an.thin/ to /i5e, Sell somethin/"
. /i5in/, .ou are pro5idin/ .ourself
E.our spiritG as a !a/" ;ou deposit 8od9s
:ord in .our spirit !. speakin/ it"
The :ord is in .our mouth !efore it
/ets in .our heart"
Operatin/ in 8od9s s.stem will
produce a!undance in .our life" The
!lessin/s will come when others lackH
> Spea+ing *ingdom
To put 8od9s principles into motion
and /et them to work for .ou, .ou must
spend time meditatin/ 8od9s :ord"
In >oshua *F% 8od said to >oshuaF
"his boo& o% the la' shall not $epart
out o% thy mouth9 but thou shalt me$itate
therein $ay an$ night, that thou mayest
observe to $o aor$ing to all that is
'ritten therein0 %or then thou shalt ma&e
thy 'ay prosperous, an$ then thou shalt
have goo$ suess(
1icture .ourself in >oshua9s shoes"
After Aoses died, 8od put on >oshua the
responsi!ilit. of leadin/ three million
people" These are the same people that
murmured a/ainst Aoses and said,
#oul$ )o$ that 'e ha$ $ie$(""in the
'il$erness- ENum" *)F'G"
92 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
8od instructed >oshua how to have
goo$ suess, how he could $eal 'isely
in all the affairs of life" 8od told him to
!e moti5ated !. His :ordF "his boo& o%
the la' Ethe :ord of 8odG shall not
$epart out o% thy mouth( In other words,
>oshua was to keep sa.in/ what 8od
In =euteronom. '%F*,' 8od said, +%
thou shalt hear&en $iligently unto the
voie o% the 7or$ thy )o$ ( ( " all these
blessings shall ome upon thee, an$
overta&e thee( A/ain, this means that the
wa. to ha5e success is to keep speakin/
8od9s :ord"
Meditate the Word
8od told >oshua to me$itate therein
Ein the :ordG $ay an$ night( Aeditatin/
the :ord is 5ital for prosperin/ the soul"
!e$itate means Ito dwell on, think
onC to mutter or speak to one9s self"I A
secret of success lies in this definitionH
8od was tellin/ >oshua to /et it inside
him !. quotin/ what 8od said with his
own 5oice" . Imeditatin/ da. and
Spea&ing King$om 7anguage 9/
ni/ht,I 8od didn9t mean that >oshua
would ne5er sleep" He meant that >oshua
was to meditate the :ord durin/ his
wakin/ hours and when he la. down to
If .ou /o to sleep meditatin/ on
8od9s :ord, .ou can ha5e the thin/s of
8od !efore .ou continuall. in .our spirit
at ni/ht"
!e$itate therein $ay an$ night, that
thou mayest observe to $o aor$ing to
all that is 'ritten therein0 %or then thou
shalt ma&e thy 'ay prosperous(
Prosperity God's Way
:ho was /oin/ to make >oshua9s wa.
prosperousK Joshua- He was the one who
would determine his success"
Some people look for someone else to
!lame" 8od said that >oshua would make
his wa. prosperous if he did what 8od
said to do" That doesn9t mean that 8od
had nothin/ to do with >oshua9s
prosperit." It was 8od9s :ord that was
causin/ the prosperit., !ut >oshua had to
speak it"
91 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
8i5e 8od9s :ord first place in .our
life" Aeditate it" =well on it" Speak it to
.ourself" Juote it" It will !uild a shield of
faith around .ou" EEph" 3F*3"G
God's Word 'uilds a =aith Shield
:inally, my brethren, be strong in the
7or$, an$ in the po'er o% his might(((ta&e
unto you the 'hole armour o% )o$, that ye
may be able to 'ithstan$ in the evil $ay, an$
having $one all, to stan$(
Stan$ there%ore, having your loins girt
about 'ith truth, an$ having on the
breastplate o% righteousness9
2n$ your %eet sho$ 'ith the preparation
o% the gospel o% peae9
2bove all, ta&ing the shiel$ o% %aith,
'here'ith ye shall be able to >uenh all the
%iery $arts o% the 'i&e$(
Bphesians 5010,1/<15
Once, while pra.in/ in the Spirit, I
saw that the shield of faith was different
from the shield the Roman soldiers used"
Their shield was onl. effecti5e where it
was heldC the enem. could come !ehind
it" The shield of faith is to quench every
Spea&ing King$om 7anguage 94
fier. dart of the wicked oneH
The faith shield is created !. the
words of .our mouth" It is as a canop.
which spreads out around .ou from .our
head to .our feetH This atmosphere of
faith radiates from .ou and will stop
whate5er the =e5il !rin/s a/ainst .ou"
;ou can compare this shield to a
ma/net with a positi5e char/e" If .ou la.
some tacks out on a desk and run a
ma/net o5er them, the. will stick to it"
?aith attracts 8od9s !lessin/s to .ou in
the same wa. a ma/net draws metal" ;ou
will naturall. attract an. !lessin/ within
On the other hand, a ne/ati5el.
char/ed ma/net, placed in the center of
the tacks, will repel all of them" ;ou
can9t mo5e the ma/net fast enou/h to /et
e5en one tack to touch itH
Someone ma. sa., II don9t know wh.
8od lets some people ha5e all the
!lessin/s" 8ood deals ne5er come m.
wa.HI That person is radiatin/ a ne/ati5e
char/e" He could !e in the center of a
pool of !lessin/s and !e repellin/ them
95 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
!ecause of the ne/ati5e char/e he is
A ne/ati5e char/e of fear and dou!t
will cause the !lessin/s of 8od to flee
from .ou"
Some people read Ephesians 3F*3 this
wa.F ITakin/ the shield of $oubt,
wherewith .e shall !e a!le to quench all
the blessings of )o$-F
That 5erse sa.s to take the shield of
%aith and quench the %iery $arts o% the
enemy( This is not a theor.C it is a law of
8od9s :ordH
Charge your Magnet Positively
To create the positi5e char/e of faith
that will draw 8od9s !lessin/s, .ou must
meditate in 8od9s :ord"
A positi5el. char/ed atmosphere
takes time to de5elop" It takes months to
/et it into .our spirit"
:hen I first read the promise of 8od
to A!raham in the -o5enant E8en" *(G, I
thou/ht, So, )o$ ma$e a promise to
2braham( #hat goo$ $oes that $o me3
Spea&ing King$om 7anguage 96
There was a lack of knowled/e on m.
part" I didn9t reali@e I was includedC !ut
when I found out that I could operate in
it, I !e/an to make faith statements to
create a positi5e char/e around me"
A man with a ne/ati5e char/e in him
is positi5e a!out ne/ati5e thin/s and
ne/ati5e a!out positi5e thin/s" He
!elie5es that all negative things are /oin/
to ome his 'ay( If he /ot a raise the first
of the month, he would sa., I:atch and
see" :e9ll pro!a!l. ha5e a doctor9s !ill
that will take all the e2tra mone.HI
That man Bust opened the door to the
=e5ilH No matter what /ood comes his
wa., he alwa.s finds somethin/ e5il to
sa. a!out it"
It seems as thou/h e5er. !ad thin/
that comes down the road stops at his
houseH That causes him to !ecome more
ne/ati5e" That ne/ati5e char/e will repel
!lessin/s and draw ne/ati5e thin/s to
himH He sets up a force field around him
!. what he speaks, either positi5e or
;ou don9t see words comin/ out .our
98 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
mouthC .ou /rasp mental ima/es as a
result of hearin/ .our words"
Words re Spirit ?i$e
:ords are spiritual forces" >esus said
in >ohn 3F3+, +t is the spirit that
>ui&eneth9 the %lesh pro%iteth nothing0
the 'or$s that + spea& unto you, they are
spirit, an$ they are li%e(
:ords are spirit" :ords created
e5er.thin/ .ou can see, feel, taste, touch,
or hear" :ordsDspiritual forces,
spiritual powerDcreated the whole
;ou ma. sa., Iut that was 8od
:ho created the uni5erseHI
ut in 8enesis *F'3 8od said, 7et us
ma&e man in our image, a%ter our
li&eness0 an$ let them have $ominion
over the %ish o% the sea, an$ over the %o'l
o% the air, an$ over ( ( ( all the earth(
Nerse '( addsF So )o$ reate$ man in
his o'n image, in the image o% )o$
reate$ he him9 male an$ %emale reate$
he them(
8od created us with the same
Spea&ing King$om 7anguage 99
capa!ilities of speakin/ spirit wordsH
:hen Adam sinned, he !ecame
spirituall. dead" He lost the a!ilit. to put
spirit life into his words"
8od sa.s that the wa. to /et words to
work for .ou is to put His words in .our
mouth" This is the onl. wa. He could /et
spiritual life !ack into man9s words"
:or verily + say unto you, "hat
'hosoever shall say unto this mountain, .e
thou remove$, an$ be thou ast into the sea9
an$ shall not $oubt in his heart, but shall
believe that those things 'hih he saith shall
ome to pass9 he shall have 'hatsoever he
!ar& 1102/
The 6ord once told me, II ha5e told
A. people the. can ha5e what the. sa.,
and A. people are sa.in/ what the.
This statement is so simple, it9s
almost foolishC .et so profound, it9s
As lon/ as .ou sa. what .ou ha5e,
.ou will ha5e what .ou sa. and no more"
;ou will ne5er ha5e more than what .ou
100 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
are sa.in/, and .ou will ne5er /et out of
the position .ou are inH
>esus9 words are spirit life" The. are
spiritual forces, sent out from .ou, which
will draw the !lessin/s of 8od to .ou"
Remem!er what 8od told IsraelF IIf .ou
will hearken dili/entl. unto the 5oice of
the 6ordDdeclare wholl., completel.,
louder and louder what I ha5e saidDall
those !lessin/s will come upon .ou and
o5ertake .ou"I This is the lan/ua/e of
the <in/dom"
If !lessin/s ha5en9t o5ertaken .ou in
the past, ma.!e it is !ecause .ou were
declarin/, louder and louder, what the
=e5il said"
The onl. chance the =e5il has to /et
.ou to radiate the wron/ spiritual forces
is throu/h .our words" If .ou radiate the
forces of 8od in a/reement with His
:ord, .our circumstances will chan/e
and the =e5il can9t stop it"
;ou could walk into the middle of a
!ad situation, and the spiritual forces
would cause the !lessin/s of 8od to
surround .ou" That will draw attentionH
Spea&ing King$om 7anguage 101
1eople will stand around and sa., I;ou
are the luckiest /u. who e5er walkedHI
The. call it luck, !ut it9s the :ord of
Spea+ ,undance 'e$ore the
3eed rises
Aeditate the :ord to set 8od9s
s.stem in motion !efore a maBor crisis
e5er comes alon/" 8od9s principles will
not onl. /et .ou out of trou!le, !ut the.
will keep .ou out of trou!le" It9s
e2tremel. difficult to pour a foundation
when the flood is on" ;ou must la. the
foundation da.s and weeks !efore .ou
start !uildin/"
Start now to proclaimF IA. 8od
supplies all m. need accordin/ to His
riches in /lor." I ha5e a!undance"I Start
sa.in/ it now be%ore the need arises"
efore sickness comes, sa., IThank 8od,
I9m healed !. >esus9 stripesH I9m deli5ered
from the powers of darkness"I
The time to !e/in makin/ .our
confession is not after e5er.thin/ has
/one wron/" It takes lon/er to work these
102 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
principles if a pro!lem is alread. upon
.ou, !ecause .ou ha5e to com!at
thou/hts and ima/inations" It also takes
time to !uild the :ord into .our spirit"
It is much easier to !elie5e .ou are
walkin/ in di5ine health when .our !od.
is not hurtin/" If .ou are sick, it9s all ri/ht
for .ou to ha5e hands laid on .ou or /o
to a doctorC !ut 8od9s !est for us is to
walk in di5ine health"
8od9s will in hea5en is that there !e
no sickness or disease" ;our faith won9t
eliminate sickness and disease from the
earthC !ut !. continuall. speakin/ the
:ord of 8od, it is possi!le to eliminate it
from .our house"
>esus tau/ht His disciples to pra.,
"hy 'ill be $one in earth, as it is in
heaven( A5oid /oin/ throu/h a
Iwilderness e2perienceI !. la.in/ the
foundation of the :ord be%ore pro!lems
arise" Use .our faith on the front end of
Speak out .our confession of faith
when .ou ha5e no sickness or financial
pro!lems" IThank 8od, m. 8od meets
Spea&ing King$om 7anguage 10/
all m. needHI ;ou are !uildin/ stren/th
into .our inner man"
If .ou see a pro!lem comin/, speak to
it and command it to !e remo5ed" Resist
it like .ou would resist the =e5il"
-onfess 8od9s :ord concernin/
prosperit. re/ularl." If .ou drift alon/
thinkin/ thin/s are /oin/ so well that .ou
don9t need to keep up .our confession,
.ou ma. wake up one mornin/ and find
.ourself suddenl. facin/ a financial
crisis" If .ou start speakin/ to the
pro!lem then Eas .ou should ha5e !een
doin/ all alon/G, .ou ma. ha5e to li5e
with the situation until the laws ha5e
time to work"
How lon/ should .ou keep
confessin/ the :ord of 8odK Until >esus
comesH Con%ess it $aily( Aake it a wa. of
life to speak forth a!undance !efore a
need arises" . continuall. speakin/
what 8od sa.s, .ou are continuall.
keepin/ His :ord workin/ in .our
finances and in .our ph.sical !od."
Prosper your Soul
101 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Aeditatin/ the :ordDspeakin/
a!undance !efore a need arisesDcauses
.our soulish man to prosper which, in
turn, !rin/s it in line with .our spirit man
Ethe inner manG" ;ou will so esta!lish the
prosperit. of .our soul that .ou will
resist the first s.mptom that hits .our
!od. as .ou would resist the =e5ilH ;ou
will automaticall. sa., INo, in the name
of >esus, .ou stopH I don9t allow that in
m. !od."I
The same principle holds true for
lack" At the first s.mptom of lack, speak
out !oldl.F IIn the name of >esus, I
command .ou to depart" A. 8od
supplies m. needHI
;ou ma. find .ourself seein/ the
truth in these areas, !ut not actin/ on
them" If .ou meditate on them and on the
#or$ on 'hih they are base$, .ou will
!e moti5ated !. them"
Words Will 0eal or *ill
E5en those in medical science ha5e
found 1ro5er!s *%F'* to !e trueF @eath
an$ li%e are in the po'er o% the tongue(
Spea&ing King$om 7anguage 104
Recentl., I heard of a doctor who told
of a situation that occurred in his
practice" :hen he told one of his patients
that she must ha5e an operation, she said,
IIf .ou operate on me, I9ll dieHI ecause
of that, he would not perform the needed
sur/er." He dismissed her from the
6ater, a .oun/ collea/ue approached
the doctor and said, II heard .ou
dismissed that patient whom .ou said
must ha5e an operation" :h.KI
The doctor said, II wouldn9t touch her
!ecause she was speakin/ thin/s that
would !rin/ deathHI That doctor was
aware of the power of words"
There is a neurosur/eon in :isconsin
who treats people !. word therap." He
has patients do what he calls mental
eAerises for fifteen minutes a da."
?or e2ample, someone with hi/h
!lood pressure sa.s for fifteen minutes a
da.F IA. !lood pressure is one hundred
and twent. o5er ei/ht."I The doctor said,
I:hether or not that patient understands
what he is sa.in/ makes no differenceC
105 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
his !od. knows and will o!e. himHI
A person with su/ar dia!etes sa.s for
fifteen minutes e5er. da.F IA. pancreas
secretes sufficient insulin for this !od."I
The neurosur/eon stated that the
patient does not ha5e to know what his
pancreas is or doesC his !od. knows and
will o!e. his 5oice" He said, II don9t
know 'hy it works, !ut it doesHI
The wh. is !ar& 1102/- It has taken
medical science two thousand .ears to
find out that >esus knew what He was
talkin/ a!outH
The doctor /a5e as an illustration a
hopeless caseDa lad. who had terminal
cancer" The doctors had done all the.
could for her" She had !een in terri!le
painC !ut after three weeks of word
therap., all the pain left her !od.H Three
months later , ra.s showed no si/n of
cancer" She was totall. healedH
This is not mind o5er matterC it is
8od9s :ord o5er all matter" 8od told
Adam to ha5e dominion, and that
dominion was throu/h his words"
Spea&ing King$om 7anguage 106
-onfess dail. that e5er. disease /erm
and 5irus that touches .our !od. will die
instantl.H Su!due it and ha5e dominion
o5er it"
Some people ma. sa., I;ou must
think .ou9re 8od,I Bust !ecause .ou will
not !ow to all the circumstances of lifeH
>esus said, +% ye ha$ %aith as a grain
o% mustar$ see$, ye might say unto this
syamine tree, .e thou plu&e$ up by the
root, an$ be thou plante$ in the sea9 an$
it shoul$ obey you(
:ords created .our !od." :ords
created e5er.thin/" >esus said the
s.camine tree would o!e. .ouH The
s.camine tree isn9t smarter than .our
!od.C it is an inanimate o!Bect" +t will
o!e. .ou" -ircumstances will o!e. .ou"
:ords will affect .our !od." The. will
cause .ou to !e healed or remain sick"
Aedical science disco5ered .ears a/o
that a!out se5ent. percent of all sickness
comes from what people sa. or do" Aan.
sicknesses are spiritual" ?or e2ample,
/ettin/ into strife or har!orin/
unfor/i5eness are spiritual pro!lems, !ut
108 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
the. can cause ph.sical pro!lems"
Medical Cures Through Words
In the da.s to come, the medical
profession is /oin/ to find cures for
dreaded diseases like !one disease, and
the cures are /oin/ to come
predominatel. from the !ook of
Aan. of these diseases and pro!lems
will !e cured onl. when people
strai/hten out their lan/ua/e and put
per5erse lips far from them"
"he heart o% the 'ise teaheth his
mouth, an$ a$$eth learning to his lips(
Pleasant 'or$s are as an honeyomb,
s'eet to the soul, an$ health to the bones
E1ro5" *3F'+,')G"
2 merry heart $oeth goo$ li&e a
me$iine0 but a bro&en spirit $rieth the
bones E1ro5" *(F''G"
The words .ou speak are powerfulH
The. can !e healin/ forces" The. can
minister to .ou life or death"
Things To Remember
Spea&ing King$om 7anguage 109
Success comes as .ou meditate and
speak 8od9s :ord"
;ou are the one who determines .our
8i5in/ 8od9s :ord first place in .our
life !uilds a shield of faith around .ou"
Speakin/ faith$filled words attracts
8od9s !lessin/s to .ou the same wa. a
ma/net draws metal"
Speak a!undance be%ore the need
If .ou see a pro!lem comin/, speak to
it and command it to !e remo5ed"
Resist lack like .ou would resist the
<eep 8od9s :ord in .our mouth until
>esus comesH Aake this a wa. of lifeH
@ Dominion Through the
Adam had the knowled/e of all /oodC
he tapped into re5elation knowled/e of
8od9s Spirit" All that he /ained !. eatin/
of that tree in the 8arden was knowled/e
of calamit. and how to produce it !. the
words of his mouth"
Satan failed to tell AdamF IThe da.
.ou eat of the tree of !lessin/ and
calamit., .ou9ll not onl. /ain knowled/e
of how to produce calamit. !. the words
of .our mouth, !ut .ou9ll lose control of
.our ton/ueH ;ou9ll !e ruled !. an e5il
The Tongue Governs the 0eart
!y brethren, be not many masters,
&no'ing that 'e shall reeive the greater
on$emnation( :or in many things 'e o%%en$
all( +% any man o%%en$ not in 'or$, the same
is a per%et man, an$ able also to bri$le the
112 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
'hole bo$y(
James /01,2
The perfect Eor matureG man is one
who doesn9t offend in 'or$( The 8reek
sa.s, IIf he does not stum!le in his
words, he is a perfect man, and a!le to
!ridle the whole !od."I "he 2mpli%ie$
.ible sa.s he will !e a!le to Icur! his
entire nature"I
.ehol$, 'e put bits in the horses*
mouths, that they may obey us9 an$ 'e turn
about their 'hole bo$y(
.ehol$ also the ships, 'hih though they
be so great, an$ are $riven o% %iere 'in$s,
yet are they turne$ about 'ith a very small
helm, 'hithersoever the governor listeth(
James /0/,1
The heart is the /o5ernor, !ut the
ton/ue is what pro/rams the /o5ernor"
:ords are e2tremel. powerful !ecause
.our ton/ue /o5erns .our heartH
>ames is sa.in/ that a !it in a horse9s
mouth will turn his whole !od." A !it
puts pressure on the ton/ue" The words
.ou are sa.in/ will turn .ou a!out"
?inanciall., .ou could !e on the !rink of
@ominion "hrough the King$om 11/
disaster" If .ou will strai/hten out .our
wordsDput pressure on .our ton/ueD
.ou will chan/e .our courseH The heart
produces what .ou plant in it"
;our ton/ue is the rudder of .our
ship" If .ou don9t like where .ou are
headed, turn the rudder"
3o Man Can Tame the Tongue
:hen Adam sinned, he !roke that
communication link of the word !etween
8od and man" ?rom m. stud. of !oth
Old and New Testaments, I am
con5inced that Adam9s fall was directl.
connected to his ton/ue" :hen Adam ate
the for!idden fruit, it poisoned his
Bven so the tongue is a little member,
an$ boasteth great things( .ehol$, ho'
great a matter a little %ire &in$leth-
2n$ the tongue is a %ire, a 'orl$ o%
ini>uity, so is the tongue among our
members, that it $e%ileth the 'hole bo$y,
an$ setteth on %ire the ourse o% nature9 an$
it is set on %ire o% hell(
James /04,5
111 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
>ames +F% states that the ton/ue is an
unruly evil, an$ %ull o% $ea$ly poison(
8od didn9t set it on fireC the =e5il didH
Aan was capa!le of tappin/ the tree of
life with his ton/ue in the 8arden, and he
is still capa!le of doin/ that toda." The
:ord sa.s, 2 'holesome tongue is a tree
o% li%e0 but perverseness therein is a
breah in the spirit E1ro5" *4F)G"
"he 2mpli%ie$ .ible states >ames +F3
this wa.F IThe ton/ue sets on fire the
wheel of !irthDthe c.cle of man9s
nature""""I In other words, if .ou inherited
/ood health from .our parents, more than
likel. .ou will !e health.Dunless .ou
don9t control .our ton/ueH ;our ton/ue
can chan/e that nature .ou inheritedH
There is healin/ power in .our !od.C
8od created man that wa." If .ou cut
.our fin/er, .ou don9t ha5e to sta. up all
ni/ht pra.in/ and hopin/ to 8od that it
will heal" ;ou don9t know how it does it,
!ut it will heal itself"
All those 5essels will knit to/ether
and healin/ will come unless .ou start
sa.in/, II !elie5e it9s /ettin/ infectedH It9s
@ominion "hrough the King$om 114
lookin/ worse e5er. da.H >ust watch and
seeH I9ll pro!a!l. end up /oin/ to the
. speakin/ that wa., .ou can stop
the healin/ power that is in .our !od."
Speakin/ those words into .our heart
will shut off the healin/ power" The inner
man sends out an impulse that sa.s,
IShut off the healin/ powerC he9s /ettin/
an infectionHI
>esus said whate5er a man sa.s and
!elie5es will come to pass if he doesn9t
dou!t in his heart" ;our !od. was
created to o!e. .our words, and it knows
If the ton/ue is an unrul. e5il, full of
deadl. poison, set on fire of hell, who
can !e wholesome in their ton/ueK No
man can tame itH ut to prosper
ph.sicall. or financiall., the ton/ue must
!e controlled"
God's Spirit and the Word Tame
the Tongue
Aan !. his natural a!ilit. has tamed
the !irds, the !easts, and the fish of the
115 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
seaC !ut no man with natural a!ilit. can
tame the ton/ue" It takes supernatural
a!ilit., and the :ord of 8od is
supernatural a!ilit."
It takes the Spirit of 8od to tame the
ton/ue" It takes the 8od within .ou for
.ou to sa., IA. 8od has met m. need
accordin/ to His riches in /lor.,I when it
looks like .our need !ein/ supplied is the
farthest thin/ from the truthH
It takes the Spirit of 8od within .ou
to rise up for .ou to sa., IIn the name of
>esus, that child pla.in/ in the street will
not /et run o5erH In the name of >esus,
that man9s tire will not !low out !efore
he /ets to a fillin/ stationHI
;ou95e heard people sa., I6ook at
that /u.H He9s /oin/ to !low that tire off
the rim !efore he /oes another mileHI
=o .ou reali@e wh. 8od has not
turned up the power on .our wordsK If
He had, .ou would ha5e !lown that
man9s tire off the rimH Then if .ou had
said, IThat car is /oin/ to fall apart
!efore it /ets off the freewa.,I .ou
would ha5e caused a serious accident"
@ominion "hrough the King$om 116
This is the reason we must de5elop our
faith in a creati5e manner"
:e must learn to use our words
creati5el." It takes 8od within us to
control our ton/ues"
Idle Words
Bither ma&e the tree goo$, an$ his %ruit
goo$9 or else ma&e the tree orrupt, an$ his
%ruit orrupt0 %or the tree is &no'n by his
O generation o% vipers, ho' an ye,
being evil, spea& goo$ things3 %or out o% the
abun$ane o% the heart the mouth spea&eth(
!atthe' 120//,/1
>esus was addressin/ people who
were speakin/ a/ainst Him" :hen .ou
stud. these 5erses in conte2t, .ou will
disco5er that He is tellin/ them the. will
not !e let off on earth or in the world to
Some ha5e taken this passa/e out of
conte2t and ha5e misinterpreted it,
thinkin/ that >esus said these men were
eternall. damned to hell" He wasn9t
sa.in/ that"
118 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Idle Words 'laspheme the 0oly
>esus had Bust finished tellin/ the
people that He would for/i5e all manner
of !lasphem. e2cept that which was
a/ainst the Hol. 8host" #hosoever
spea&eth against the 8oly )host EAatt"
*'F+'G is !lasphemin/ a/ainst the Hol.
8host" In this scripture >esus is sa.in/F If
.ou speak a/ainst the :ord of 8od,
which is authored !. the Hol. 8host,
.ou are !lasphemin/ Espeakin/G a/ainst
the Hol. 8host and .ou won9t !e let off
for thatC .ou will ha5e the results of what
.ou said"
There is a sin unto death" ESee * >ohn
4F*3C He!" 3F)$3C He!" *#F'3$'&G" ut the
!lasphem. a/ainst the Hol. 8host
mentioned in Aatthew *'F+' won9t
necessaril. send .ou to hell" E5er.
-hristian has done it at some time" ut if
.ou contradict the :ord of 8od
continuall., .ou are walkin/ in
dan/erous territor."
>esus said in Aatthew 4F'',
#hosoever shall say, "hou %ool, shall be
@ominion "hrough the King$om 119
in $anger o% hell %ire( Traditionall., we
ha5e thou/ht this 5erse referred to the
unpardona!le sin in which .our soul is
damned to hell" ut later >esus Himself
said, O %ools, an$ slo' o% heart" " " E6uke
')F'4G" So !. most interpretations of that
scripture, >esus was headed for hell" No,
what >esus was sa.in/ in Aatthew 4F''
was that .ou won9t !e let off for speakin/
a/ainst what the Hol. Spirit has
The !lood of >esus was shed for our
for/i5eness" " " " 2ll manner o% sin an$
blasphemy shall be %orgiven unto men
EAatt" *'F+*G, includin/ !lasphem.
a/ainst >esus"
Accordin/ to what >esus said in
Aatthew *'F+', #hosoever spea&eth a
'or$ against the Son o% man, it shall be
%orgiven him( In 5erse +* He statesF .ut
the blasphemy against the 8oly )host
shall not be %orgiven unto men( >esus said
blasphemy against the 8oly )host?not
The 1harisees were speakin/ a/ainst
>esus" The. said >esus had a de5il and
120 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
that He cast out de5ils !. the prince of
de5ils" EAatt" &F+)"G The 1harisees could
not ha5e !een /uilt. of sinnin/ a/ainst
the Hol. 8hostC the. didn9t e5en know
the Hol. 8host e2isted" To !e /uilt. of
that, the. first would ha5e had to ha5e
knowled/e of the Hol. 8host"
ut the. were speakin/ contrar. to
8od9s :ord" >esus said, I;ou won9t !e
let off for that"I The 1harisees recei5ed
none of the miracles that others recei5ed
!ecause the. didn9t !elie5e in them"
ecause of what the. said, the. recei5ed
no healin/ or deli5erance"
>esus is simpl. sa.in/ that speakin/
contrar. to what the Hol. 8host has
authored will not !e for/i5en .ou on this
earth" >esus confirms this in Aark **F'+,
#hosoever shall say " " " an$ shall not
$oubt in his heart, but shall believe those
things 'hih he saith shall ome to pass9
he shall have 'hatsoever he saith(
In other words, .ou will reap the
results of what .ou sa."
Satan has !linded the minds of people
as to the <in/dom9s operation, !ut
@ominion "hrough the King$om 121
i/norance won9t e2cuse .ou in earth or in
hea5en" ;ou will suffer the consequences
for what .ou said !. losin/ thin/s .ou
could ha5e had on earth and, as a result,
will lose rewards in hea5en" E5entuall.,
.ou will ha5e what .ou sa., whether
ri/ht or wron/"
:hether .ou reali@e it or not, .ou are
operatin/ a di5ine principle of the
<in/dom" :ords are seeds in the spirit
worldC and the. will !rin/ to pass the
thin/s spoken"
2 goo$ man out o% the goo$ treasure
EdepositG o% the heart bringeth %orth goo$
things0 an$ an evil man out o% the evil
treasure bringeth %orth evil things EAatt"
*'F+4G" :hen >esus used the term evil
man, He wasn9t necessaril. talkin/ a!out
a wicked man" He was referrin/ to a man
who allows his whole !od. to !e full of
darkness !. /ettin/ an e5il e.e" ;ou can
do that !. speakin/ ne/ati5e thin/s"
EAatt" 3F'+"G
n #vil !eport
In the ook of Num!ers, we find an
e2ample of what 8od called an e5il
122 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
report" The ten spies, who were sent into
-anaan to sp. out the land, came !ack
with this reportF I:e can9t take the land"
There are /iants there"I ENum" *+F'($++"G
8od called what the. said an evil report(
In God's eyes anything spo+en
contrary to God's Word2 or Covenant2
is an evil report:
The ten spies descri!ed what the.
saw, felt, and heard" Their report was e5il
!ecause it was !ased on the sense realm"
Aan. church mem!ers do not
understand the principles of confession
of faith" The. sa., II9m !ein/ truthful
when I sa. it like it isF I9m takin/ the fluC
I can9t pa. m. !illsC I can9t understand
the i!leC I9ll ne5er ha5e an.thin/"I
ut an. statement like that is an e5il
report !ecause it is contrar. to what 8od
said" He said .ou are redeemed from the
curse of the 6aw, and the !lessin/ of
A!raham is .ours"
You Will 'e 0eld ccounta,le
8od considers an. report that
disa/rees with Him to !e e5il"
@ominion "hrough the King$om 12/
>esus sa.s, + say unto you, "hat every
i$le 'or$ that men shall spea&, they
shall give aount thereo% in the $ay o%
=u$gment EAatt" *'F+3G"
+$le means Inon$workin/"I An idle
word is an. word .ou speak that doesn9t
work %or you( Idle words usuall.
contradict 8od9s :ord or /i5e place to
the =e5il" If .ou make statements like,
II95e pra.ed, !ut it9s not workin/,I or
I:e9ll ne5er /et out of de!tHI .ou won9t
!e let off in this world or in the world to
come !ecause .ou are speakin/ words
contrar. to the Scriptures" The :ord
sa.s in 1salm *F+, #hatever he $oeth
shall prosper(
:hen we /et to hea5en, there will !e
those who ha5e lost rewards, !ecause
the. did not !elie5e the :ord of 8od to
recei5e the thin/s 8od pro5ided for them
in this life" The. will sa., I6ord, I didn9t
ha5e mone. to /i5e to that missionar.
!ecause I could ne5er hold a Bo!" No
matter what I did, I alwa.s lost m. Bo!" I
ne5er had enou/h to /i5e"I
>esus will sa., IThat was .our
121 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
pro!lem while .ou were on earth" The
5er. words .ou are sa.in/ will testif.
a/ainst .ou"I
;ou will /i5e account and lose
reward for sa.in/ words which weren9t
8od9s wordsH
He will sa., I;ou could ha5e said
thin/s like thisF #hatever + $o 'ill
prosper( Co 'eapon %orme$ against me
'ill prosper( +*m $elivere$ %rom the
po'ers o% $ar&ness( + have overome the
'orl$, the %lesh, an$ the @evil, %or the
)reater One $'ells in me( !y )o$
meets my nee$ aor$ing to 8is rihes in
glory by Christ Jesus(F
Iut, 6ord, it didn9t look like it was
IOh, so .ou walked !. si/ht and not
!. faith"I
Re5elation (F*( sa.s that 8od is
/oin/ to wipe awa. all tears %rom their
eyes( :hen man. see what the. could
ha5e had, and what the. /et, the. will
cr.H 8od will wipe awa. the tears and
the knowled/e of what .ou missed, !ut
@ominion "hrough the King$om 124
on >ud/ment =a. .ou will /i5e account
of e5er. idle word .ou e5er spoke"
6earn to put a @ipper on .our mouth
until .ou learn the lan/ua/e of the
<in/dom" The 5oca!ular. of silence will
win man. !attles"
I ha5e !een in situations in which I
couldn9t sa. an.thin/ /ood, so I Bust
/ritted m. teeth and didn9t sa. an.thin/"
;ou will /i5e an account of e5er. non$
workin/ word" 6earn to speak e5er.
word in a manner that will work for .ou"
.y thy 'or$s thou shalt be =usti%ie$,
an$ by thy 'or$s thou shalt be
on$emne$ EAatt" *'F+(G" ;ou will !e
Bustified or condemned on the !asis of
the kind of words .ou decide to speak"
Seed is sown !. speakin/ words"
Remem!er, the law of faith also
works in re5erse" E5er. idle word .ou
speak works against .ou, not for .ou"
The ?a) Will Wor+ in !everse
Some people sa., II !elie5e I can
ha5e what I sa. if I speak /ood thin/s"
Surel. 8od wouldn9t let Aark **F'+
125 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
work in re5erseHI
The 5er. principle of it tells .ou it
will work either wa., Bust like the
forward and re5erse /ears of .our car"
:hen .ou put the car in re5erse, the
car /oes !ackward" If .ou had wanted to
/o forward, .ou will find out wh. .ou
didn9t when .ou see that the indicator is
pointin/ to Ire5erse"I
:e wouldn9t intentionall. put a car in
re5erse when we want to /o forward, .et
man. people operate the faith principle
in a similar wa." The. pra. the pro!lem,
talk the pro!lem, and keep it !efore them
da. and ni/ht, e5en wake up in the
middle of the ni/ht thinkin/ a!out it"
Then the. wonder wh. the. can ne5er
find a solution to the pro!lem" The. are
tr.in/ to /o forward with the principle in
=oolish Tal+ Con$uses the Spirit
Keep thy heart 'ith all $iligene9 %or out
o% it are the issues o% li%e(
Put a'ay %rom thee a %ro'ar$ mouth,
an$ perverse lips put %ar %rom thee(
@ominion "hrough the King$om 126
Proverbs 102/,21
Perverse lips means Iwillful and
contrar. speech"I 1er5erse lips is speech
contrar. to what 8od9s :ord sa.s, such
asF INo matter what I do, nothin/ e5er
works out an.moreHI This talk is
contrar. to what 8od9s :ord sa.sC it9s an
e5il report"
8od sa.s of the person who deli/hts
in 8od9s :ordF #hatever he $oeth 'ill
prosper, and he shall have 'hatsoever he
saith( E1s" *F+C Aark **F'+,')"G :e ha5e
a5aila!le to us the promises and a!ilit.
of 8od" :e are a!le to use these a!ilities
to cause His :ord to come to pass"
'e Care$ul When You (o+e5
e careful what .ou put into .our
heart" E5en thin/s .ou sa. Bokin/l. will
/et into .our spirit"
Aan. people are confusin/ their
inner man !. speakin/ out opposites of
the truth" ?or e2ample, someone ma.
sa., IAan, isn9t it cold toda.HI when it9s
actuall. *#'O"
;our faith will !e less effecti5e
128 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
!ecause of confusion in the spirit man"
;ou must ha5e continuit. !etween what
.ou are speakin/ and !elie5in/"
Resist makin/ statements such as,
IIsn9t that a !i/ do/HI when it is a little
do/" These statements can confuse the
heart and e5entuall. cripple .our faith"
Sa.in/ it9s hot outside when it9s reall.
cold, referrin/ to a little do/ as a !i/ one,
sa.in/ nothin/ e5er works for .ouDall
are e2amples of speakin/ with per5erse
Control your /oca,ulary
The little thin/s people sa. and do /et
them into trou!le" The. are hinderin/
their faith !. sowin/ the wron/ kind of
8od9s :ord is His will for .ou" ;our
word should !e .our will toward 8od"
Ne5er speak an.thin/ with .our mouth
that is not .our will" ;ou were desi/ned
to speak what .ou desire"
Aost people don9t ha5e an. faith in
their words" ;ou must de5elop .ourself
to control .our 5oca!ular." If .ou talk all
@ominion "hrough the King$om 129
kinds of foolishness continuall.$sa.in/
per5erse thin/sD.ou will ha5e no faith
in .our wordsH
:hen it comes time for .ou to speak
a word of faith, nothin/ will happen"
@evelop .ourself in itC sa. only what .ou
!elie5e shall come to pass"
E2ercisin/ dili/ence o5er .our words
puts the law of faith in motion"
+% any man among you seem to be
religious, an$ bri$leth not his tongue, but
$eeiveth his o'n heart, this man*s religion
is vain(
James 1025
If .ou don9t !ridle .our ton/ue, it will
decei5e .our heart into !elie5in/ that
what .ou sa. is what .ou want" Once
.ou are hi/hl. de5eloped in !elie5in/
what .ou sa. will come to pass, and .ou
sa. somethin/ in Best, .our spirit will
search for a wa. to cause what .ou said
to come to passDe5en thou/h .ou reall.
didn9t want it to come to pass"
If .ou are alwa.s sa.in/, I:e9re
/oin/ to /o !ankrupt for sureHI .our
spirit will search the wisdom of 8od to
1/0 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
find a wa. to !rin/ it to pass" ;our heart
EspiritG takes .our words as final
authorit." ;our words will decei5e .our
heart to !elie5e that !ankruptc. is what
.ou ordered" The seed has !een planted"
Things To Remember
As .ou speak wordsDwhether /ood
or !adD.ou are operatin/ a di5ine
principle of the <in/dom"
:ords are seeds in the spirit world,
and the. will !rin/ to pass the thin/s
:ords are powerful !ecause .our
ton/ue /o5erns .our heart" To prosper in
an. area, .ou must practice ton/ue
8od9s :ord is supernatural a!ilit.H
To speak a/ainst the :ord of 8od is
to speak a/ainst the Hol. 8hostH
8od considers an. statement that
disa/rees with His :ord to !e an e5il
Idle words usuall. contradict 8od9s
@ominion "hrough the King$om 1/1
;ou will /i5e account for the idle
words .ou speak"
Ne5er speak an.thin/ that is not .our
E2ercise dili/ence o5er the words
.ou speak"
6earn the 5oca!ular. of silenceH
1A So)ing Seed in the
The <in/dom of 8od operates on the
principle of sowin/ and reapin/" The
<in/dom of 8od within is the production
center or source" In the para!le of the
sower from Aark9s 8ospel, chapter ),
>esus tells us the heart is the soil which
produces whate5er .ou plant in it"
8ear&en9 .ehol$, there 'ent out a
so'er to so'0
2n$ it ame to pass, as he so'e$, some
%ell by the 'ay si$e, an$ the %o'ls o% the air
ame an$ $evoure$ it up(
2n$ some %ell on stony groun$, 'here it
ha$ not muh earth9 an$ imme$iately it
sprang up, beause it ha$ no $epth o% earth0
but 'hen the sun 'as up, it 'as sorhe$9
an$ beause it ha$ no root, it 'ithere$
2n$ some %ell among thorns, an$ the
1/1 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
thorns gre' up, an$ ho&e$ it, an$ it yiel$e$
no %ruit(
2n$ other %ell on goo$ groun$, an$ $i$
yiel$ %ruit that sprang up an$ inrease$9
an$ brought %orth, some thirty, an$ some
siAty, an$ some an hun$re$(
2n$ he sai$ unto them, 8e that hath ears
to hear, let him hear(
2n$ 'hen he 'as alone, they that 'ere
about him 'ith the t'elve as&e$ o% him the
parable( 2n$ he sai$ unto them, Gnto you it
is given to &no' the mystery o% the &ing$om
o% )o$0 but unto them that are 'ithout, all
these things are $one in parables(
!ar& 10/<11
After >esus had shared this para!le
with His disciples, the. asked Him wh.
He spoke to them this wa." He said,
Gnto you it is given to &no' the mystery
o% the &ing$om o% )o$(
>esus spoke in para!les in order to
hide the re5elation knowled/e of 8od9s
truth from the people of the world who
were not seekin/ after it and would not
understand it"
So'ing See$ in the King$om 1/4
He hid these truths in the :ord so
that we could find them" He is tellin/ us
to seek out the <in/dom and learn how it
operates" :hen we do, it will cause all
these other thin/s that 8od hath /i5en to
!e added to us"
>esus9 interpretation of this para!le
!e/ins with 5erse *+F 2n$ he sai$ unto
them, Kno' ye not this parable3 an$
ho' then 'ill ye &no' all parables3 In
other words, IIf .ou don9t /et this one,
.ou9re not /oin/ to understand an. of
them" ;ou won9t understand a!out the
<in/dom !ecause this para!le la.s the
/roundwork for all the others"I
Words re the Seed
In 5erse *) >esus sa.s, "he so'er
so'eth the 'or$(
There is a twofold application of thisF
>esus is talkin/ specificall. a!out sowin/
the :ord of 8od, !ut .ou can draw a
parallel from that and sa., IThe sower
sows words"I The person >esus was
speakin/ of was not sowin/ natural seed
at allC he was sowin/ words"
1/5 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
'y the Way Side
2n$ these are they by the 'ay si$e,
'here the 'or$ is so'n9 but 'hen they
have hear$, Satan ometh imme$iately,
an$ ta&eth a'ay the 'or$ that 'as so'n
in their hearts E5" *4G"
Aatthew9s 8ospel sa.s it this wa.F
#hen any one heareth the 'or$ o% the
&ing$om, an$ un$erstan$eth it not, then
ometh the 'i&e$ one ( " " EAatt" *+F*&G"
If .ou hear the :ord of 8od, !ut
don9t understand it, then Satan is capa!le
of comin/ in and stealin/ it from .ou" I
am con5inced also that if .ou don9t act
on the :ord, Satan will steal it from .ou"
:e ha5e to !e $oers of the :ord, not
Bust hearers( E>ames *F''"G
>esus said, Satan ometh
imme$iately, an$ ta&eth a'ay the 'or$
that 'as so'n in their hearts(
:here was the :ord sownK In the
hearts of the people"
Stony Ground
So'ing See$ in the King$om 1/6
2n$ these are they li&e'ise 'hih are
so'n on stony groun$9 'ho, 'hen they
hear$ the 'or$, imme$iately reeive it 'ith
2n$ have no root in themselves, an$ so
en$ure but %or a time0 a%ter'ar$, 'hen
a%%lition or perseution ariseth %or the
'or$*s sa&e, imme$iately they are o%%en$e$(
!ar& 1015,16
Here we ha5e people who heard the
:ord, recei5ed it with Bo., and walked in
it for a while" ut then affliction and
persecution showed up and the. quit"
The word a%%lition means Ipressures
of life"I It could mean two dollars a
/allon for /asoline and fi5e dollars a
pound for coffee" It could !e sickness or
disease" These are the pressures of lifeH
>esus said, " " " imme$iately they are
o%%en$e$( The. thou/ht that 8od would
chan/e the prices for them"
A person hears, I:hen .ou /i5e, 8od
will /i5e to .ou in return"I He /ets
e2cited and suddenl. decides to /i5e
awa. his carC then later he sa.s, II /a5e
awa. m. car" :h. didn9t 8od /i5e me a
1/8 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
new oneKI
8od is not necessaril. o!li/ated to
/i5e .ou a car" He ma. /i5e .ou the
mone. to !u. one" If I am !elie5in/ for a
hundredfold return in m. /i5in/, I
wouldn9t /i5e awa. m. watch and e2pect
to /et a hundred watches in return" I
wouldn9t /i5e awa. a car and !elie5e for
a hundred cars"
elie5e 8od for the finances" ;ou
don9t need a hundred cars" <eepin/ up a
hundred cars could drain .our !ank
account" It could !e a curse instead of a
Sometimes, I think, we tr. to put 8od
in a !o2" If .ou /i5e somethin/ awa.,
!elie5e 8od for the finances to replace
the item or to !u. .our own car" =on9t
lock 8od in a !o2" In doin/ so, .ou ma.
miss it alto/ether"
Notice 'hy afflictions and
persecutions ariseF %or the #or$*s sa&e?
not to make .ou stron/, not to cause .ou
to /row, !ut to /et that :ord out of .ouH
mong Thorns
So'ing See$ in the King$om 1/9
2n$ these are they 'hih are so'n
among thorns9 suh as hear the 'or$, an$
the ares o% this 'orl$, an$ the $eeit%ulness
o% rihes, an$ the lusts o% other things
entering in, ho&e the 'or$, an$ it beometh
2n$ these are they 'hih are so'n on
goo$ groun$9 suh as hear the 'or$, an$
reeive it, an$ bring %orth %ruit, some
thirty%ol$, some siAty, an$ some an hun$re$(
!ar& 1018<20
:hen the :ord was sown amon/
thorns, the thorns spran/ up and choked
it" The thorns were alread. there, which
tells us we need to do some thorn
If the thorns in .our heart choke out
the :ord of 8od concernin/ prosperit.,
then .ou must /et rid of the thorns" 8et
rid of those ideas which cause .ou to
!elie5e, IAa.!e it9s not 8od9s will for
me to prosper in a particular area"I
Aeditate on 8od9s :ord concernin/
prosperit. in the particular area .ou ha5e
a need" 8et rid of the thorns, di/ up the
stones, men allow 8od9s :ord to take
root in .our heart"
110 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Good Ground
Aatthew *+F'+ descri!es the man
who recei5ed the seed into the /ood
/round as one who hears the :ord and
un$erstan$s it" Onl. one plantin/
sur5i5ed and !rou/ht forth fruitF the soil
EheartG that recei5ed the seed" In other
words, that soil was preparedC it had no
thorns or stones in it"
The Soil
The sower is sowin/ words" >esus
said the soil that these words are sown
into is the heart of man or the human
spirit" The heart is the pro$ution enter(
It is the soil that will produce what .ou
The sower sows the seed of the :ord
of 8od" ;ou are a sower" ;ou sow 8od9s
:ord into .our heart !. speakin/ His
=aith Comes ,y 0earing
The first time .ou heard .our 5oice
on a tape recorder, .ou pro!a!l. said,
IThat can9t !e meH It doesn9t sound like
So'ing See$ in the King$om 111
me"I ut it 'as .ou, and it $i$ sound like
.ouH It sounded e2actl. the wa. .ou
sound to e5er.one else" ;ou were
pro!a!l. em!arrassed !. the wa. .ou
sounded to .ourself"
:h. is thatK The reason .our 5oice
does not sound the same to .ou on tape
as when .ou are speakin/ is that on tape
.ou are hearin/ .ourself predominantl.
throu/h the outer ear"
;ou ha5e two sets of earsF the outer
ear and the inner ear" The inner ear is a
!one structure inside .our head" :hen
.ou talk, .ou /et some sound throu/h the
outer earC !ut most of the sound .ou hear
comes throu/h the inner ear" :hen .ou
plu/ .our ears and talk, the sound is
louder !ecause .ou are stoppin/ up the
outer ear"
That should tell us somethin/" 1aul
wroteF .ut the righteousness 'hih is o%
%aith spea&eth " " " .ut 'hat saith it3 "he
'or$ is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, an$
in thy heart ERom" *#F3,%G" Notice the
:ord is in .our mouth first, then in .our
112 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
I am con5inced that 8od desi/ned the
ph.sical !od. in such a wa. that the
words .ou speak are picked up !. the
inner ear and fed directl. into the human
spirit" This is wh. the words you speak
are so powerful"
:ords spoken !. someone else don9t
ha5e that kind of effect on .ou" If I
preached the :ord of 8od to .ou and
confessed what 8od said, .ou would /et
some faith from it if .ou accepted it into
.our spiritC !ut .ou would /et it much
faster if you started speakin/ it .ourself"
The words you sa. ha5e more effect on
.our spirit than the words of another
:aith ometh by hearing, an$
hearing by the 'or$ o% )o$ ERom"
*#F*(G" One of the maBor ke.s to
confession and faith is that what .ou hear
.ourself speak produces faith inside .ou"
-hapter *% of 1ro5er!s statesF "he
'or$s o% a man*s mouth are as $eep
'aters E5" )GC 2 %ool*s mouth is his
$estrution, an$ his lips are the snare o%
his soul E5" (GC 2 man*s belly shall be
So'ing See$ in the King$om 11/
satis%ie$ 'ith the %ruit o% his mouth9 an$
'ith the inrease o% his lips shall he be
%ille$ E5" '#G"
As we ha5e alread. seen, belly means
Ihuman spirit"I A man9s spirit shall !e
filled, or satisfied, with the fruit of his
mouth" The wa. to fill .our spirit is to
speak" :hat .ou speak will /et into .our
:hen .our words /et into .our spirit,
the. will /et !ack into .our mouth"
E5er. time the. /o throu/h this process,
the. will /et stron/er" Out o% the
abun$ane o% the heart the mouth
spea&eth EAatt" *'F+)G" The confession
of 8od9s :ord is necessar. to !uild faith"
So) a SeedB!eap a 0arvest
;ou sow seeds Ewords .ou speakG
into the soil of .our heart, into .our spirit
man" E5er. time .ou speak, .ou sow
either 8od9s words or the =e5il9s words"
Each will produce after its kind"
-oncei5in/ in the spirit is like
plantin/ seeds into soil" >ust as a
particular t.pe of seed will !rin/ forth
111 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
that same kind of plant, so will a
particular t.pe of word produce after its
This is the 6aw of 8enesis" It has
ne5er chan/ed, and it ne5er will, for 8od
made a promise to creation" In 8enesis
%F'*,'' the 6ord said in His heart, + 'ill
not again urse the groun$ any more %or
man*s sa&e " " " #hile the earth
remaineth, see$time an$ harvest, an$
ol$ an$ heat, an$ summer an$ 'inter,
an$ $ay an$ night shall not ease(
In the co5enant 8od made with Noah
and the animals of the earth, He said that
as lon/ as the earth remained, the process
of sowin/ and reapin/ would ne5er
Throu/h the para!le of the sower,
8od is tellin/ us ho' the King$om o%
)o$ operates, settin/ the sta/e for
understandin/ how 8od9s <in/dom
works inside us" +t 'or&s by the so'ing
o% 'or$s( :e plant words in the
<in/dom of 8od which is in us"
Seeds Produce $ter Their *ind
So'ing See$ in the King$om 114
;ou don9t sow radish seeds in a
/arden and hope for cucum!ersK :hen I
was farmin/, I didn9t plant cotton and
e2pect to reap so.!eans or rice" It Bust
doesn9t work that wa."
:hile I was plowin/ the soil to plant
cotton or so.!eans, the /round ne5er
.elled at me and said, II9m not /oin/ to
raise so.!eans this .ear" I95e decided that
.ou need cucum!ers, so I9m /oin/ to
raise cucum!ersHI
It couldn9t do thatC it had to produce
whate5er I plantedDwhether it was
cotton, so.!eans, ra/ weeds, or oak
treesH The soil had no choice !ut to do
what the seed demanded"
A!out si2 months after a so.!ean
seed is planted, it will produce a handful
of so.!eans that look Bust like the one
planted" ;ou can9t plant so.!eans and /et
apples, or plant cockle!urs and /et roses"
The soil was not desi/ned to decide what
should !e produced" 8od desi/ned it to
react to the demands of the seed that is
planted and to !rin/ forth an e2act
duplication of its kind"
115 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
The 0eart Produces The *ind
So is the &ing$om o% )o$, as i% a man
shoul$ ast see$ into the groun$9 an$
shoul$ sleep, an$ rise night an$ $ay, an$
the see$ shoul$ spring an$ gro' up, he
&no'eth not ho' EAark )F'3,'(G"
>esus is tellin/ us that the heart, or
spirit, of man was desi/ned to operate in
the same wa. that the /round produces
crops" Accordin/ to the 6aw of 8enesis,
e5er.thin/ produces after its kind"
:e are seekin/ first the <in/dom !.
findin/ where the <in/dom resides, then
how it works" :e don9t ha5e to
understand all the reasons wh. it works"
:e need to know how to plant the :ord
in the heart EsoilG, then once planted how
to care for it to keep it from !ein/
choked" The soil will do the producin/"
;our human spirit was desi/ned to
search the a5enues of 8od9s wisdom da.
and ni/htDfor .ears, if necessar.Dto
lead .ou to the thin/s or position .ou
ha5e !een confessin/"
So'ing See$ in the King$om 116
Don't So) Seed o$ Trou,le
:hen .ou understand that .our spirit
continuall. produces what .ou speak,
.ou reali@e wh. some !ad thin/s happen
in .our life" ;ou can see that !. sa.in/
thin/s like, I6ord, we won9t e5er /et
these de!ts paidC we9ll ne5er ha5e the
mone. !. the end of the .ear to make the
house pa.ment,I .ou open the door to
the =e5il and allow that 5er. thin/ to
come to passH
Some people sa., ITrou!le and
sorrows follow me all the da.s of m.
life" I Bust /et out of one, and another
comes alon/" E5er. time I /et ahead a
little, somethin/ !ad happens and it takes
all our finances"I These people don9t
reali@e that the. ha5e !een sa.in/ this
same thin/ for twent. .ears and the
=e5il has had a he.da."
?or se5eral .ears >ohnson /rass was a
pro!lem on a portion of m. farm"
>ohnson /rass is a real pro!lem to
farmers and requires special attention"
Suppose I had said to m. workers,
ISince we95e had trou!le with >ohnson
118 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
/rass in this field, we9re /oin/ to plant
some more >ohnson /rass" It would !e
foolish for me to plant more /rass or
weeds Bust !ecause I had !een ha5in/
trou!le with weeds and /rass" That
doesn9t make an. sense at all, !ut man.
-hristians are doin/ that 5er. thin/F
pra.in/ and talkin/ the pro!lem" :hen
.ou sa., I6ord, I pra.ed and it9s /ettin/
worse" :hat are we /oin/ to doKI .ou
are sowin/ weed seed in the soilDand
those seeds will produce" :aith ometh
by hearing( The. are hearin/ trou!les
and pro!lemsC therefore, the. will ha5e
faith in the pro!lems and trou!les"
Some people continuall. sow seeds
of dou!t, fear, and un!elief" The. talk
sickness and disease, then wonder wh.
the. can9t walk in prosperit. and health"
The. ma. !e cr.in/ out to 8od to chan/e
their situationC !ut as lon/ as the.
continue to sa. the same thin/s, 8od
can9t help them"
E5er.thin/ produces after its kind" If
the. would speak accordin/ to the :ord
!. makin/ statements such as, IAll the
!lessin/s in =euteronom. '% are comin/
So'ing See$ in the King$om 119
upon me and o5ertakin/ meC /oodness
and merc. are followin/ me all the da.s
of m. life,I the. would chan/e the
direction of their life" To turn .our ship,
.ou must turn the rudder" To chan/e the
har5est, .ou must chan/e the seed .ou
are sowin/"
The Spirit 3ever Sleeps
The Apostle 1aul said, "he Spirit
itsel% beareth 'itness 'ith our spirit, that
'e are the hil$ren o% )o$ ERom" %F*3G"
;ou can9t contact 8od with .our
!od." 8od is a SpiritC therefore, we
commune and fellowship with 8od
throu/h our spirits, e5en while we are
asleep" ;our spirit can commune with
8od twent.$four hours a da."
:hether .ou sow ri/ht seeds or
wron/ seeds, the principle of sowin/ and
reapin/ will produce in .our life" 6earn
the principles of how the <in/dom
operates and appl. them dail." The. will
not work for .ou Bust !ecause .ou know
a!out these principles" ;ou must !elie5e
them and put them into action"
140 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Things To Remember
8od9s <in/dom operates on the
principle of sowin/ and reapin/"
;our heart is the soil"
The words .ou speak are the seeds"
;ou sow 8od9s :ord in .our heart !.
speakin/ it out .our mouth"
Each time .ou speak, .ou are sowin/
wordsD8od9s words or the =e5il9s
;ou will reap the har5est of .our
words, whether /ood or e5il"
;ou plant the :ordC the soil will do
the producin/" If .ou sow seeds of
po5ert. and sickness, the soil cannot
produce prosperit. and health" To chan/e
the har5est, .ou must chan/e the seed
.ou are sowin/"
11 Supernatural 0elp ,y
the Spo+en Word
The first chapter of He!rews
descri!es two supernatural ministries that
are a5aila!le to us toda.F the ministr. of
>esus and the ministr. of an/els" >esus9
ministr. is much /reater, !ut the an/els
pla. an important part in .our life"
6et9s take a look at the ministr. of
"o 'hih o% the angels sai$ he at any
time, Sit on my right han$, until + ma&e thine
enemies thy %ootstool3
2re they not all ministering spirits, sent
%orth to minister %or them 'ho shall be heirs
o% salvation3
8ebre's 101/,11
In this last 5erse, 8od was definin/
the role of the an/els" The. are
ministerin/ spirits" :e are the heirs of
142 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
-ontinue now into chapter ', 5erse *F
"here%ore 'e ought to give the more
earnest hee$ to the things 'hih 'e have
hear$, lest at any time 'e shoul$ let
them slip(
=on9t let this truth slip from .ou" The
angels are ministering spirits2 sent
$orth to minister $or you:
:or i% the 'or$ spo&en by angels 'as
ste$%ast, an$ every transgression an$
$isobe$iene reeive$ =ust reompense
o% re'ar$9 ho' shall 'e esape, i% 'e
neglet so great salvation E55" ',+G"
The word salvation means
Ideli5erance, preser5ation, healin/, and
soundness"I This 5erse refers to the
deli5erance that comes !. the an/els"
:e shouldn9t let it slip that the an/els
are ministerin/ spirits sent to minister for
us" How are we /oin/ to escape the
thin/s the =e5il has set for us if we
ne/lect the deli5erance that comes !. the
an/elsK The. are here to minister for us"
?or instance, se5eral .ears a/o in
=allas, Te2as, I was e2itin/ off the
Supernatural 8elp by the Spo&en #or$ 14/
freewa. when I came upon a car that had
stopped and !locked the wa. I was to
turn, so I stopped" Another car, comin/
off the freewa., hit the !ack of m. car"
The /as tank !urst and /asoline went
e5er.where, !ut there was no fire"
:hen m. car was hit, I felt as thou/h
pillows were all around me" The an/els
were surroundin/ me as in 1salm &*F**F
He has /i5en His an/els char/e o5er me
to keep me in all m. wa.s" Nerse ( sa.s,
2 thousan$ shall %all at thy si$e, an$ ten
thousan$ at thy right han$9 but it shall
not ome nigh thee(
e/in to !elie5e and confess this
dail." Appl. this promise from the :ord
of 8od to .our situation dail."
Notice what the an/el said to >ohn in
Re5elation ''F%,&F + John sa' these
things, an$ hear$ them( 2n$ 'hen + ha$
hear$ an$ seen, + %ell $o'n to 'orship
be%ore the %eet o% the angel 'hih she'e$
me these things( "hen saith he unto me,
See thou $o it not0 %or + am thy
This an/el said to >ohn, + am thy
141 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
%ello'servant( The literal 8reek sa.s,
IThe fellow sla5e of .ours I am"I He
said, I=on9t worship me" I9m .our
" " (+ am thy %ello'servant, an$ o% thy
brethren the prophets, an$ o% them 'hih
&eep the sayings o% this boo&(
The an/els are here to ser5e us and
!rin/ us deli5erance in time of dan/er"
How are .ou /oin/ to escape the
snares of the enem. if .ou ne/lect so
/reat a deli5erance that came !. an/elsK
:hen =aniel was in the lion9s den,
the an/el shut the lion9s mouth" E=an"
3F''"G :hen 1eter was in prison, the
an/el woke him up and led him out"
EActs *'F("G
"he 7or$ hath prepare$ his throne in
the heavens9 an$ his &ing$om ruleth over
all( .less the 7or$, ye his angels, that
eAel in strength, that $o his
omman$ments, hear&ening unto the
voie o% his 'or$ E1s" *#+F*&,'#G" The
an/els do 8od9s commandmentsC and
8od9s commandments are His statutes,
Supernatural 8elp by the Spo&en #or$ 144
His :ord"
The an/els are also in5ol5ed in the
Aark **F'+ faith principleF 8e shall
have 'hatsoever he saith( If .ou are
sa.in/, !elie5in/, and not dou!tin/ in
.our heart, then the an/els are helpin/
!rin/ to pass .our desires that a/ree with
8od9s :ord" The an/els can9t work on
.our !ehalf if .our words don9t line up
with 8od9s :ord"
;our words either !ind or loose .our
an/els" :hen .ou sa., INothin/ e5er
works for meC I ne5er will /et out of
de!t,I .ou are !indin/ .our an/els" The.
don9t !rin/ prosperit. to .ou" The. $o
his omman$ments, hear&ening unto the
voie o% his 'or$, !ut .ou didn9t /i5e
5oice to 8od9s :ord"
If .ou hold .our i!le up to .our ear,
.ou can9t hear a sound" The an/els
hearken to the voie of 8od9s :ord, and
.ou are the one that must /i5e it 5oice"
;ou can /i5e 8od9s :ord 5oice !.
Ilessed !e 8od, I ha5e /i5en and it
is /i5en unto meD/ood measure,
145 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
pressed down, shaken to/ether, and
runnin/ o5er" I ha5e a!undanceC there is
no lack" A. 8od meets m. need
accordin/ to His riches in /lor." The
6ord is m. Shepherd, and I do not want"
I sa., in the name of >esus, that e5er.
disease /erm and e5er. 5irus that touches
m. !od. dies instantl." No weapon
formed a/ainst me will prosper, and
whate5er I do will prosper"I
>ust remem!erF :hen .ou speak
these words, the an/els that ha5e !een
waitin/ for .ou to /i5e 5oice to 8od9s
:ord will hearken to .our 5oice" ;es,
.ou ha5e supernatural help a5aila!le
toda. !. speakin/ 8od9s :ord"
Things To Remember
An/els are ministerin/ spirits, sent
forth to minister for .ou"
The. are here to ser5e .ou and !rin/
.ou deli5erance in time of trou!le"
The an/els of 8od do His
commandments" The. hearken unto the
5oice of His :ord"
;our words will either !ind or loose
Supernatural 8elp by the Spo&en #or$ 146
.our an/els"
Noice .our desires in a/reement with
8od9s :ord"
;ou must /i5e 8od9s :ord 5oice"
1& Do the Sayings o$ (esus
No one will !e reall. successful in
life unless he puts >esus9 sa.in/s into
action" >esus saidF
#hosoever ometh to me, an$ heareth
my sayings, an$ $oeth them, + 'ill she' you
to 'hom he is li&e0
8e is li&e a man 'hih built an house,
an$ $igge$ $eep, an$ lai$ the %oun$ation on
a ro&0 an$ 'hen the %loo$ arose, the stream
beat vehemently upon that house, an$ oul$
not sha&e it0 %or it 'as %oun$e$ upon a ro&(
.ut he that heareth, an$ $oeth not, is
li&e a man that 'ithout a %oun$ation built an
house upon the earth0 against 'hih the
stream $i$ beat vehemently, an$
imme$iately it %ell9 an$ the ruin o% that
house 'as great(
7u&e 5016<19
>esus is not talkin/ a!out housin/
proBects" He has re5ealed secrets that will
make .ou successful in life" The :ord
150 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
sa.s, "he seret things belong unto the
7or$, our )o$0 but those things 'hih
are reveale$ belong unto us E=eut"
?ay the =oundation )ith The
If we do the thin/s >esus sa.s, we
will ha5e a firm foundation laid on a
rock" :hen the stream !eats upon our
li5es, the storm will not !e a!le to
shake usH Howe5er, >esus said that if
we don9t do His sa.in/s, we will !e
like the man who !uilt his house on
the sand" :hen the stream !eat
5ehementl. upon that house,
imme$iately it %ell9 an$ the ruin o% that
house 'as great(
Some people ha5e thou/ht this
scripture meant one of the men was
sa5ed and the other wasn9t, !ut !oth men
could ha5e !een sa5ed" oth knew the
truth, !ut onl. one did what >esus said to
do" The stream !eatin/ a/ainst his house
oul$n*t shake itH He did not sa. it $i$n*t
shake itC He said it oul$n*t( It was
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 151
impossi!le to destro. the one who was
doin/ what >esus saidDhe was restin/ on
8od9s :ord"
=oin/ the sa.in/s of >esus will
transform .our lifeH :hen floods and
streams come a/ainst .our life, .ou will
remain immo5a!le" The floods could !e
inflation, hi/h prices, sickness, or an.
other pro!lem" ut 8od9s promise isF No
weapon formed a/ainst .ou will prosper"
EIs" 4)F*("G
8od9s :ord is eternal" If .ou plant
the incorrupti!le seed in .our heart and
do the thin/s >esus said, .ou will not failH
ct on the Whole Word
In order to act on all of the principles,
.ou ma. ha5e to do a few thin/s .ou
don9t want to do, such as pra.in/ for .our
enemies" E6uke 3F'%"G If .our enemies
are hun/r., feed themC if the. are thirst.,
/i5e them a drink" ERom" *'F'#"G
If we !e/in to pra. for our enemies, it
won9t !e lon/ !efore we won9t ha5e an.H
#hen a man*s 'ays please the 7or$ he
ma&eth even his enemies to be at peae
152 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
'ith him E1ro5" *3F(G"
The man who !uilt his house on the
earth was tr.in/ to work on the surface"
Aan. people tr. to use the :ord as a
formula without di//in/ into the
principles" The wise man du/ deep to la.
the foundation" ;ou need to di/ in the
:ord of 8od to find the principles and
do the whole :ord"
Dig a Deep =oundation
"he man 'ho buil$s his house on his
on%ession only 'ill get 'ashe$ a'ay(
ut the man who di/s deep and la.s
the foundation on what >esus said will
remain" This man takes the time to
find how the <in/dom works" He
knows that it has to work !ecause
8od9s power and :ord are !ehind it"
He will !e a!le to stand on it and
!elie5e it when the flood comes"
:hen the flood comes, the doer of
the :ord will stand, and the other man
will pass awa." 1eople seein/ the other
man9s house floatin/ downstream ma.
sa., IHe !elie5ed and he /ot washed
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 15/
awa.HI ut the. didn9t know all the
circumstances" He was washed awa.
!ecause he didn9t di/ deep and la. the
foundation" The foundation is $oing the
Trials Come $rom the Devil
Some people !elie5e that the storms
and trou!les of life come from the 6ord
to make us stron/er" 6uke % /i5es a
classic e2ample of wh. that can9t !e true"
e/innin/ in 5erse '' it sa.sF
Co' it ame to pass on a ertain $ay,
that he 'ent into a ship 'ith his
$isiples0 an$ he sai$ unto them, 7et us
go over unto the other si$e o% the la&e(
2n$ they launhe$ %orth(
.ut as they saile$ he %ell asleep0 an$
there ame $o'n a storm o% 'in$ on the
la&e9 an$ they 'ere %ille$ 'ith 'ater,
an$ 'ere in =eopar$y(
2n$ they ame to him, an$ a'o&e
him, saying, !aster, master, 'e perish(
>esus didn9t sa. the. were /oin/ to
perishC He said, I:e are /oin/ to the
other side of the lake"I
151 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
The disciples had let the :ord depart
from them" Satan stole the :ord ri/ht
out from under their noseH
:hat did >esus doK
((( 8e arose, an$ rebu&e$ the 'in$
an$ the raging o% the 'ater0 an$ they
ease$, an$ there 'as a alm(
2n$ he sai$ unto them, #here is your
Their faith left on the win/s of
un!elief when the. said, I:e9re /oin/ to
drownHI The. came to >esus and told
Him what the =e5il saidH
?irst >ohn +F% /i5es the reason >esus
came to earthF :or this purpose the Son
o% )o$ 'as mani%este$, that he might
$estroy the 'or&s o% the $evil( "he
2mpli%ie$ .ible sa.s that he mi/ht Iundo
Edestro., loosen and dissol5eGI the works
that the =e5il has done" >esus stood in
the !ow of the !oat and destro.ed the
storm with His :ord" =id the =e5il send
the storm, or did 8od send the storm to
perfect their faithK
The storm didn9t per%et their faithC it
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 154
stole their faithH >esus said, I:hat did
.ou do with .our faithKI The =e5il stole
their faith !ecause the. let his words /et
into their mouths"
>esus spoke to the wind and stopped
itC He spoke to the sea and stopped the
wa5es" +% the storm 'as %rom the :ather,
Jesus 'as $estroying the 'or&s o% 8is
:ather( ut we know He didn9t
destro. the works of His ?ather"
If it were true that trials and financial
trou!les are sent to make us stron/er,
then 6uke 3F)% would read this wa.F
IThe man who heareth A. sa.in/s
and doeth them is like unto a man that
!uilt his house on the sand" And when
the stream !eat upon it, and the trials
came a/ainst it, and the flood arose
a/ainst it, the windows !roke, the roof
!lew off, and part of the sidin/ came offC
!ut, finall., the storm !lew the house
into the air, Bust hi/h enou/h until a firm
concrete foundation formed under it" And
when the storm was o5er, his house was
This paraphrase is a little ridiculous,
155 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
!ut it re5eals the error of that kind of
thinkin/" If trials and trou!les of life
were to perfect us, >esus would ha5e said
e5er. time a storm is throu/h !lowin/
and a stream is throu/h !eatin/, .our
house will !e stron/er"
Satan doesn9t come to make .ou
stron/er or to help .our faith" In the
fourth chapter of Aark, >esus said that
Satan came to steal the :ord of 8od"
Satan ma. !e a!le to steal the :ord from
some peopleC !ut if .our foundation is
firm, he won9t !e a!le to steal it from
The foundation is doin/ the sa.in/s
of >esusDnot !ein/ sa5ed, or !ein/ filled
with the Hol. 8host, or /oin/ to church,
or pa.in/ .our tithesC althou/h these
thin/s are important" @oing 'hat Jesus
sai$ to $o is 'hat buil$s the %oun$ation-
You Must So) the Seed
The 1salmist =a5id said, + ha$
%ainte$, unless + ha$ believe$ to see the
goo$ness o% the 7or$ in the lan$ o% the
living E1s" '(F*+G"
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 156
He is sa.in/, II would ha5e fainted
unless I could ha5e seen 8od9s /oodness
manifest here in this life, instead of Bust
when I /et to hea5en"I
1aul made this statementF +% in this
li%e only 'e have hope in Christ, 'e are
o% all men most miserable E* -or" *4F*&G"
If our onl. hope was in this life, we
'oul$ !e misera!le" Howe5er, if our onl.
hope was when we /et to hea5en, we
a/ain would !e misera!le"
>esus /i5es us the ke. to
understandin/ how to operate in the
<in/dom of 8od Ehow to recei5e 8od9s
!lessin/sG when He sa.s in Aark )F*),
"he so'er so'eth the 'or$(
If .ou ha5e !een sa.in/, II95e Bust left
it all up to 8odHI .ou ha5en9t left it up to
8od" :hat .ou ha5e done is to open the
door to the =e5ilH Then whate5er Satan
does, .ou will think it was 8od doin/ it"
8od will not assume .our responsi!ilit."
,ou must at on Jesus* 'or$s(
,et a little sleep, a little slumber, a little
%ol$ing o% the han$s to sleep0
158 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
So shall thy poverty ome as one that
travelleth, an$ thy 'ant as an arme$ man(
Proverbs 5010,11
If .ou fold .our hands and sa.,
I6ord, do whate5er ;our will isC I9m
/oin/ to lea5e it all in ;our hands,I
po5ert. will come as one that travelleth
?as a roadrunner" ;ou are, in essence,
doin/ nothin/H
It9s dan/erous for .ou to sa., I6ord,
Bust whate5er ;ou will, let it come to
me"I :hate5er !ad thin/s the =e5il
!rin/s .our wa., .ou will then accept as
!ein/ the will of 8od" To pra.
specificall. and accuratel., .ou need to
know the will or the :ord of 8odC
otherwise, .ou can open the door to
tra/ed. and circumstances that will
destro. .ou"
Resist the =e5ilH If .ou don9t, 8od
won9t" 8od will allow an.thin/ .ou
?ind the will of 8odC then make .our
stand on it and proclaim it" 8et
knowled/ea!le in the :ord, then you
speak to the situation" :hat .ou speak
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 159
will determine to a /reat de/ree what
will happen" ut it is .ou, not )o$, who
must !e moti5ated to act"
Spea+ to the Pro,lem
2n$ the 7or$ sai$, +% ye ha$ pith as a
grain o% mustar$ see$, ye might say unto
this syamine tree, .e thou plu&e$ up by
the root, an$ be thou plante$ in the sea9 an$
it shoul$ obey you(
7u&e 1605
The s.camine tree in this scripture is
the pro!lem, the circumstance, the
situation that stands !etween .ou and
.our destination"
>esus and the apostles were pro!a!l.
walkin/ down a trail or a pathwa. and
came upon a s.camine tree in the middle
of the trail" It was an o!stacle !efore
them which the. had to deal with in
some wa." >esus used it as an o!Bect
He did not sa., IIf .ou had faith as a
seed, .ou would pra. that 8od would
mo5e that o!stacle !efore .ou" Then if
.ou pra. and cr. and !e/ lon/ enou/h, if
160 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
.ou promise to !e /ood, and pa. .our
tithes, then 8od will pluck it up for .ou
and cast it into the sea"I
No, He said, ISpeak to it, and it will
o!e. you(F
The King James Version sa.s, I;ou
might sa. to the tree " " " "I The 8reek
New Testament sa.s, I;ou 'oul$ sa."I
A stron/er word is used in the 8reek
5ersion, and it is the more accurate
renderin/ in this instance" If .ou had
faith as a seed, >esus said .ou 'oul$
speak to that s.camine tree Eto that
o!stacle, that pro!lem, that difficult.,
that financial crisis .ou ha5e !een
!e//in/ 8od to do somethin/ a!outG" So
quit !e//in/ and cr.in/, and speak to
that thin/" Sa. what .ou want done with
it" Tell it to !e plucked up !. the rootH
>esus said it would o!e. .ouH
There is no /reat theolo/ical reason
wh. >esus said to speak to the treeC He
simpl. said to do itH He is tellin/ .ou
e2actl. how to /et the <in/dom
principles to work for .ou" ;our 5oice is
the 5oice of authorit. in .our part of the
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 161
earth" :hate5er .ou !ind will !e !ound"
:hate5er .ou loose will !e loosed" The
power of !indin/ and loosin/ is on earth"
It is a <in/dom principle" EAatt" *3F*($
Spea+ your Desire
Since e5er. word that comes out .our
mouth is a potential seed and can !e
either a !ad seed or a /ood seed, practice
speakin/ onl. what 8od sa.s, and onl.
what .ou desire to come to pass" ;ou
will de5elop a ha!it in .our spirit of
releasin/ faith in e5er. word .ou speak"
Continue Spea+ing the Solution
Se5eral .ears a/o I !e/an to sa. that
e5er. disease /erm and e5er. 5irus that
touches m. !od. dies instantl., that I
was redeemed from the curse of the 6aw,
and that I for!ade sickness and disease to
operate in m. !od."
Thou/h I said these thin/s, I reall.
didn9t !elie5e these statements were true
in me" I knew the words were true" The
:ord of 8od said the. would !e true if I
could /et them in m. heartC !ut I was
162 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
sa.in/ them to /et them into m. heart"
As =a5id said, m. ton/ue is as the pen of
a read. writer" E1s" )4F*"G ;our ton/ue
will write 8od9s :ord on the ta!le of
.our heart"
:hen I /ot sick, someone said, IIt
didn9t work, did itKI I said, I;esH It9s
workin/" ?aith is comin/"I I Bust kept
sa.in/ it"
There9s a difference !etween !ein/ a
doer and Ia tr.er"I If I had !een Ia tr.erI
of the :ord, I would ha5e /i5en up the
first time I was sick"
I wasn9t trying the :ordC I had set out
to $o the :ordH I knew it would workH
>esus said it would" ;ou can alwa.s find
some Iun!elie5in/ !elie5ers,I who don9t
!elie5e the :ord will work"
>esus said, 2ll things are possible to
him that believeth( Are .ou a him that
:hen .ou sa. .ou are healed !efore
the circumstances look that wa., some
people sa. .ou are l.in/" ut if .ou
stud. the i!le from 8enesis to
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 16/
Re5elation, .ou will disco5er that 8od
called thin/s that were not as thou/h the.
wereDand He e2pects us to do the same
David De$eated the Devil in the
:e see in the se5enteenth chapter of
* Samuel that =a5id told the 1hilistine
/iant what he was /oin/ to do to him fi5e
times !efore he did itH He was usin/ the
principle of Aatthew *(F'#F +% ye have
%aith as a grain o% mustar$ see$, ye shall
say to this mountain, Eemove hene to
yon$er plae9 an$ it shall remove(
;ou can !e sure of one thin/F That
/iant looked like a mountain to =a5id,
who was onl. a se5enteen$.ear$old !o."
ut =a5id said !oldl., " " " 'ho is this
unirumise$ Philistine, that he shoul$
$e%y the armies o% the living )o$3 E*
Sam" *(F'3G" Then he went after him
without e5en a sword in his hand" The
onl. sword he had was the one in his
mouthH ERe5" 'F*3"G =a5id killed the
/iant !. speakin/ his faith"
161 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
:hen thin/s look !ad, continue to
sow seed" elie5e the !est of the
situation" Then if thin/s /row worse and
it looks like e5er.thin/ is a/ainst .ou,
Bust keep .our mouth shut" =on9t speak
ne/ati5e words" Rest in what .ou ha5e
alread. esta!lished !. .our words"
;ou see, .our words set the
cornerstones of .our life" ;our faith is
not alwa.s the same e5er. da." There are
times when .ou ha5e the faith to !elie5e
the thin/s .ou speak" The :ord le5el is
hi/h" ;ou ha5e !een meditatin/ the
:ord" ;ou !elie5e what .ou sa. will
come to pass" Then there are da.s which
seem like all hell has !roken loose"
Nothin/ is workin/ out and .ou feel like
e5er.thin/ and e5er.!od. is a/ainst .ou"
Thou/h .ou made such /reat faith
statements when .our faith was hi/h, it
seems now that it will ne5er come to
Those are the da.s that .ou need to
put a @ipper on .our lipH =on9t sa.
an.thin/ at all" =on9t e5en tr. to make a
faith confession when .our faith is low
!ecause most of the time it will !e done
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 164
out of fear in that situation"
(airus Spo+e the Solution
In the fifth chapter of Aark, we read
a stor., !e/innin/ in 5erse ''F
2n$, behol$, there ometh one o% the
rulers o% the synagogue, Jairus by name9
an$ 'hen he sa' him E>esusG, he %ell at
his %eet, an$ besought him greatly,
!y little $aughter lieth at the point o%
$eath0 + pray thee, ome an$ lay thy
han$s on her, that she may be heale$9
an$ she shall live(
2n$ Jesus 'ent 'ith him9 an$ muh
people %ollo'e$ him, an$ thronge$ him(
Here, >airus has made a /reat faith
statement" His dau/hter is not dead, !ut
she is at the point of death" >airus
esta!lishes that when >esus la.s His
hands on his dau/hter, she shall !e
healed and she shall li5e" He esta!lished
this !. his faith$filled words" It is this
faith which caused >esus to lea5e the
multitude and follow >airus"
165 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
ut on the wa., a woman with an
issue of !lood comes on the scene" She
touches >esus9 /arment, recei5es her
healin/, then /i5es her testimon." All
this could ha5e taken an hour"
Aeanwhile, >airus is still waitin/ for
>esus to heal his dau/hter" There has
!een a dela.Da costl. dela.Dand I9m
sure that >airus was /ettin/ quite
Then >esus e2plains to the woman
that it was her faith which made her
whole" Nerse +4 sa.sF #hile he yet
spa&e, there ame %rom the ruler o% the
synagogue*s house ertain 'hih sai$,
"hy $aughter is $ea$0 'hy troublest thou
the !aster any %urther3
Thy daughter is dead. The 5er. thin/
that >airus knew could happen had
happenedH It couldn9t ha5e !een an.
worse" His dau/hter was deadH
Re/ardless of all he had !elie5ed,
re/ardless of all the faith statements and
confessions he had made, he /ets the !ad
newsF IIt9s too late, >airus" ;our dau/hter
is alread. dead" =on9t trou!le the Aaster
an. lon/er"I
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 166
Thou/h >airus had spoken /ood
thin/s, !ad thin/s had come his wa."
Nerse +3 sa.sF 2s soon as Jesus hear$
the 'or$ that 'as spo&en, he saith unto
the ruler o% the synagogue, .e not a%rai$,
only believe( >airus was o!edient to the
instruction of >esus"
If >airus had allowed fear to come
and had spoken what was on his mind, he
pro!a!l. would ha5e said, I>esus, if ;ou
hadn9t stopped to heal that woman, ;ou
would ha5e !een there in time to heal m.
dau/hterHI >airus would ha5e /otten into
strife, and the. would ha5e held a funeral
a few da.s later"
ut notice that >airus didn9t speak one
word" Not one word proceeded from his
mouth" :e can learn from this" :hen
thin/s /o wron/, when it looks like it9s
not /oin/ to work, when .our faith is
low, when all hell has !roken loose
a/ainst .ou and a/ainst .our confession
of faith, Cust Dip your lip5
That is not the time to tr. to make
some faith confessions" It is the time to
rest in what .ou ha5e alread. saidDthe
168 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
words .ou spoke a few da.s !efore when
.our faith was hi/h, when .our :ord
le5el was hi/h, when it looked like it was
impossi!le for .ou to dou!t that what
.ou were sa.in/ would come to pass"
:hen the pressure is on, when the
trou!le and !ad news ha5e come, when it
looks like nothin/ will help, when it
seems that all hope is lostDthat is the
time to e2ercise the 5oca!ular. of
silence" Speak nothin/H Aore than likel.,
if .ou tr. to make a confession at that
point, .ou will speak words of fear
instead of faith"
>airus, a few hours !efore, had his
mouth filled with the solutionDthe
answer to his pro!lem" He had
esta!lished it in faith" ut !. this time, if
he had asked some!od., I:hat will I do
nowK :hat9s .our opinion of this
situationKI the. would surel. ha5e told
him, IIt9s too late, >airus" ?or/et itH
;ou95e lost the !attle" It9s all o5erHI
ut, thank 8od, >airus didn9t ask for
an.one9s opinion" An.thin/ that he spoke
in his situation would ha5e !een to
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 169
affirm the solution instead of the
pro!lem" ut the people around him
wouldn9t ha5e understood, so he chose to
!e silent"
The end result of the whole matter
was that his dau/hter was raised to life
a/ain" The words >airus esta!lished in
the !e/innin/ were fulfilled to the 5er.
:hen .ou speak the solution, callin/
those thin/s that are not as thou/h the.
were, people in the world won9t
understand" >ust keep .our e.es on >esus,
not on people9s opinions" =isre/ard
people9s opinions and continue to speak
the solution"
?et ll Your Words 'e
Speak to the pro!lem in pra.er and in
.our con5ersations with other people"
=e5elop .ourself to the point that .ou
don9t let ne/ati5ism come out .our
mouth" Start !elie5in/ that every word
.ou sa. will come to pass"
Since .ou ha5e a choice, wh. not sa.
180 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
the /ood thin/s instead of the !adK :hen
.ou see a child run into a !us. street
after a !all, don9t prophes. e5ilF IThat
kid9s /oin/ to /et run o5er" >ust watch
and seeHI Instead, sa.F IIn the name of
>esus, that child will not !e hurtHI
Release .our faith on the positi5e side
of life"
Changing the Image
The fifth chapter of Aark descri!es a
woman who had a ne/ati5e ima/e" The
wa. she chan/ed her ima/e is a classic
e2ample of speakin/ the answer to the
pro!lem until the pro!lem 5anished"
2n$ a ertain 'oman, 'hih ha$ an
issue o% bloo$ t'elve years, an$ ha$
su%%ere$ many things o% many physiians,
an$ ha$ spent all that she ha$, an$ 'as
nothing bettere$, but rather gre' 'orse,
#hen she ha$ hear$ o% Jesus, ame in
the press behin$, an$ touhe$ his
garment( :or she sai$, +% + may touh but
his lothes, + shall be 'hole(
2n$ straight'ay the %ountain o% her
bloo$ 'as $rie$ up9 an$ she %elt in her
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 181
bo$y that she 'as heale$ o% that plague(
2n$ Jesus, imme$iately &no'ing in
himsel% that virtue ha$ gone out o% him,
turne$ him about in the press, an$ sai$,
#ho touhe$ my lothes3
2n$ his $isiples sai$ unto him, "hou
seest the multitu$e thronging thee, an$
sayest thou, #ho touhe$ me3
2n$ he loo&e$ roun$ about to see her
that ha$ $one this thing(
.ut the 'oman %earing an$
trembling, &no'ing 'hat 'as $one in
her, ame an$ %ell $o'n be%ore him, an$
tol$ him all the truth(
2n$ he sai$ unto her, @aughter, thy
faith hath made thee whole; go in
peae, an$ be 'hole o% thy plague(
Gro)"Worse Image
This woman mi/ht ha5e !een rich
when she started tr.in/ to /et rid of her
condition, !ut the i!le sa.s she ha$
spent all that she ha$(
After twel5e .ears of /ettin/
pro/ressi5el. worse, spendin/ mone. on
182 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
doctors who could find no cure, she had
de5eloped a gro'<'orse image(
This woman !elie5ed what she heard
a!out >esus" E5identl. she had heard that
>esus was healin/ people" 8od had told
the children of Israel to sew a hem
around the !order of their /arments as a
s.m!ol of the -o5enant the. had with
Him" ENum" *4F+%"G This woman was
reachin/ out for that hem as she said,
I:hen I touch His clothes, I9ll !e
restored to health"I ;ou can see her faith
in action"
"he 2mpli%ie$ .ible sa.s, IShe &ept
saying when I touch his clothes, I 'ill !e
whole"I E5" '%"G :hat was she doin/K
She was speakin/ the solution rather than
the pro!lem" She was speakin/ words
and chan/in/ her ima/e inside"
To mo5e from po5ert. to prosperit.,
or from sickness to health, .ou must first
chan/e .our inner ima/e" ;ou ma. use
the :ord, medicine, or another method,
!ut in order to recei5e whate5er .ou
desire, .ou must first chan/e .our ima/e"
=i5ine healin/ is a spiritual cure"
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 18/
;our spirit chan/es the ima/e on the
inside" "he 'oman 'ith the issue o%
bloo$ hange$ her image 'ith the )o$<
given plan o% spea&ing 'hat she $esire$
'ith the 'or$s o% her mouth(
;ou ma. ha5e tried e5er.thin/ .ou
knew to make .our !usiness succeed to
no a5ail" :ithin these pa/es, .ou ha5e
heard a!out >esus and that His <in/dom
is within .ou" If .ou take hold of the
principles of the <in/dom and appl.
them, the gro'<'orse image inside .ou
will chan/e and .ou will ha5e a success
Positive Image
If .ou ha5e had sickness and disease
in .our life for .ears, it ma. take a while
for the ima/e to chan/e" Results won9t
come o5erni/ht, !ut a positi5e ima/e will
!e/in to form inside .ou if .ou will
speak 8od9s :ord"
;ou can9t e2pect to walk in prosperit.
and health if .ou talk po5ert. and
sickness" -onfession of 8od9s :ord
keeps His answer !efore .ou" It will
!ecome a point of contact to chan/e .our
181 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
ima/e" :hen .ou confess what 8od said,
.ou will !e/in to see a new ima/e"
In the world s.stem, salesmen /o
throu/h trainin/ sessions to de5elop a
positi5e self$ima/e" A salesman will
ne5er rise a!o5e his self$ima/e" If he
sees himself a M'##,###$insurance
salesman, he will sell M'##,### worth of
insurance where5er he is" If .ou put him
in a position where he should sell
M+,###,### or where he should sell
M*#,###, he will still sell M'##,###"
If .ou will /et the ima/e of 8od9s
:ord within .ou, .ou will raise .our
si/hts" ;ou will !e/in to talk wealth, life,
and healin/Dinstead of po5ert.,
sickness, and death"
=on9t talk a!out my sickness or my
heart attack !ecause the. are the =e5il9s,
not .ours" =on9t claim themH The. will
cause .ou to ha5e a /row$worse ima/e"
<eep the answer !efore .ou"
=on9t dwell on how .our uncle died
with some disease or how he was
crippled in a car wreck" If .ou think
continuall. a!out such !ad thin/s, the.
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 184
will fasten their claws upon .ou" ;ou
will draw them like a ma/net" The more
.ou talk a!out them, the more .ou will
!elie5e in them rather than life and
Talk instead a!out how .our
hea5enl. ?ather redeemed .ou from the
curse of the 6aw, how He deli5ered .ou
from the powers of darkness, and how
.ou are healed !. His stripes" Talk a!out
how >esus was made poor that .ou mi/ht
!e made rich, how 8od will suppl.
a!undantl. if .ou will /i5e and put the
laws of prosperit. to work"
Use 8od9s :ord as .our point of
contact to chan/e .our ima/e" Release
.our faith as the :ord of 8od chan/es
the ima/e inside .ou" Talk a!out the
:ord and think a!out it" If .ou sow the
ri/ht kind of seed, .ou will reap the ri/ht
kind of har5est" 8et the ima/e formed
inside .ou, and e5entuall. .ou will walk
in health and prosperit." This is a
principle of the <in/dom"
Words Created #verything
8enesis *F* sa.s, +n the beginning
185 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
)o$ reate$ the heaven an$ the earth(
>ohn *F*,+ sa.s, +n the beginning 'as
the #or$, an$ the #or$ 'as 'ith )o$,
an$ the #or$ 'as )o$(((2ll things 'ere
ma$e by him9 E. whomK . the :ordHG
an$ 'ithout him Ethe :ordG 'as not any
thing ma$e that 'as ma$e(
?aith$filled words created e5er.thin/C
so if faith$filled words created
e5er.thin/, then faith$filled words can
/et rid of it or rearran/e it"
(esus Cursed the =ig Tree
In 6uke *(F3, >esus esta!lishes the
fact that inanimate o!Bects will o!e.
+% ye ha$ %aith as a grain o% mustar$
see$, ye might say unto this syamine
tree, .e thou plu&e$ up by the root, an$
by thou plante$ in the sea9 an$ it shoul$
obey you(
>esus pro5es this principle !. killin/
a fi/ tree with ne/ati5e words" EAark
**F*'$*),'#$'+"G He cursed it, and the
5er. ne2t da. it had dried up from the
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 186
There are man. people cursin/ their
own Ifi/ treesI without reali@in/ it"
:hen the. sa., I:e can ne5er afford the
thin/s we need,I the. are cursin/ their
own fi/ treeC and if the. continue, their
finances will dr. upH It will o!e. them
!ecause of the authorit. in their wordsD
whether the. are faith$filled words or
fear$filled words" oth faith and fear are
spiritual forces" ?aith !uilds and fear
The mountain, the s.camine tree, or
the fi/ tree in .our life ma. !e a ph.sical
condition for which .ou need healin/,
such as a tumor in .our !od."
;ou can speak to .our !od., and it
will o!e.Dif .ou !elie5e and do not
dou!t in your heart( ut it has to !e an
operation of the spirit, not Bust speakin/
out of .our head"
To de5elop faith in .our words, .ou
must spend time" It doesn9t come
o5erni/ht" ?aith comes !. hearin/ the
:ord of 8od, so the speakin/ of 8od9s
:ord is the wa. .ou de5elop faith in
8od9s :ord"
188 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Speakin/ in line with 8od9s :ord
will cause .ou to de5elop faith in your
'or$s( This is the 'ay of life" It9s not a
fad" It9s not somethin/ .ou use, once in a
while, to /et out of trou!le" It9s a
principle of faith that >esus tau/ht and
operated in throu/hout His ministr."
>esus tau/ht in this principleF
I:hosoe5er shall sa. to the mountain,I9
and IIf .ou had faith as a seed, .ou
would sa. to the s.camine tree " " " "I The
conclusion of all His teachin/ is that it
)ould o,ey you5
ut the ke. to all of it is believing
that 'hat you say 'ill ome to passDnot
Bust what .ou said to the mountain, not
Bust what .ou said to the s.camine tree,
!ut all the words .ou speak dail." In
other words, .ou must have %aith in your
'or$s and spea& them 'ith authority
an$( %aith( Then .our words !ecome
spirit life"
It takes time to de5elop .ourself in
these <in/dom principles" Success in
these principles do not come o5erni/ht" It
takes weeks and months, sometimes e5en
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 189
.ears, of dili/ent practice to /et hi/hl.
de5eloped in !elie5in/ that what .ou sa.
will come to pass"
If .ou will spend the time and !e
dili/ent to practice .our faith, to practice
the <in/dom principles, the rewards are
/reat" At this point, I want to share with
.ou some illustrations of spea&ing to
Se5eral .ears a/o !efore I quit
farmin/, I had planted m. rice and it had
rained and turned cold for se5eral da.s"
Neither the soil nor the temperature was
conduci5e to sproutin/ seeds" So I was
walkin/ o5er m. rice field, di//in/ here
and there to see what was happenin/ to
the rice I had sown" It showed 5er. little
si/n of comin/ up"
I disco5ered that thou/h some of the
seed had soured, some was still /ood" I
said to the 6ordF I:hat am I /oin/ to do
with this rice fieldK =o I need to plant it
1ro5er!s states that when .ou ha5e
the :ord in .our heart, it will talk with
.ou" E1ro5" 3F''"G :hen .ou fill .our
190 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
heart !. speakin/ 8od9s words, .our
spirit can !rin/ that :ord up for use at
an. time" "he #or$ tal&s to you- The
Spirit of 8od rose up in me and said,
I:h. don9t .ou do what the :ord sa.sK
Speak to the pro!lem" Speak to the rice
and tell it what to do"I
I thou/ht, "al& to my rie3 ,ou mean
me3 Then I reali@ed that I was not
doin/ what I knew to do" I had the
solution all the time, !ut had not
So I walked around the rice field,
pointed at the rice seed, and said, IIn the
name of >esus, I am talkin/ to .ou, rie(
6isten to me" Sprout and come forth"
rin/ forth an a!undant har5est"I I
suppose I spent an hour walkin/ o5er
that mudd. field, talkin/ to m. seed"
Some!od. ma. sa., IThat9s
ridiculousH I don9t understand how that
could work"I
Actuall., I didn9t understand it
either, !ut >esus said, @o it- At times,
.ou ma. appear ridiculous doin/ what
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 191
>esus sa.s to doC !ut if .ou don9t, .ou
will fail" Are .ou tired of failin/K
>esus /a5e us the cure for failureF @o
8is sayings(
I spoke to the rice" It o!e.ed me"
There was a !eautiful har5est" I spoke to
another field that had !een planted two
weeks earlier, !ut it didn9t respond"
:hen I asked the 6ord wh., He said that
I waited too lon/Dthe seed was alread.
ruined when I spoke to it" 8od9s :ord
didn9t failC + failed"
Wheat Crop 4,eys Words
One .ear m. wheat crop looked so
thin I wanted to plow it up for weeksC !ut
the field sta.ed so wet that I couldn9t /et
a tractor in it" Then m. wife 1e//.
su//ested that we confess 8od9s :ord
o5er the wheat" I told her there Bust
wasn9t enou/h to lea5e, !ut she wouldn9t
/i5e up" So I a/reed to talk to it and
confess 8od9s :ord o5er it"
In Aatthew *%F*& >esus said, +% t'o
o% you shall agree on earth as touhing
anything that they shall as&, it shall be
192 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
$one %or them o% my :ather 'hih is in
heaven( So 1e//. and I a/reed,
commandin/ the wheat to multipl.,
produce, and !rin/ forth a!undance"
;ou mi/ht sa. I took m. i!le and
spra.ed the crop with Aalachi +F*#,**" I
read the i!le to m. wheat, then saidF
IA. /round is !lessedH Insects will not
de5our itH The wheat will not cast its
fruit !efore its time in the field, and it
is blesse$ o% )o$-F
That fall we cut fift.$fi5e !ushels per
acre from the same field I wanted to
plow upH
0ousing ProCect 4,eys Words
I had started de5elopin/ a housin/
proBect near the town where we li5e, !ut
!ecause the teachin/ ministr. required so
much of m. time, I wasn9t a!le to handle
all the details" So I decided to sell the
proBect and put more time into the
There were two houses in the proBect
that hadn9t sold" I said, I6ord, I pra.ed
and I !elie5ed" :h. ha5en9t those houses
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 19/
His answer was similar to the one
concernin/ the rice fields" He said, I:h.
don9t .ou do what .ou95e !een teachin/K
Speak to the mountain"I
E5en thou/h I knew this i!le
principle well and had tau/ht it man.
times, I had not acted on it in this
situation" So I dro5e out to the proBect,
walked up to one of the houses, and saidF
IHouse, listen to meF I9m talkin/ to .ou,
and I9m tellin/ .ou to sellH Someone is
impressed with .ou" I call .ou, Sol$-
>esus said .ou would o!e. me"I I felt
sill., !ut I didn9t let m. feelin/s stop me"
I walked inside and said the same thin/s
to the walls" Then I went to the other
house and talked to it"
A!out a week later, m. head Enatural
mindG !e/an to /i5e me trou!le" It
seemed to sa., INow, i/ Aouth, what
are .ou /oin/ to doKI
I remem!ered that the 6ord had
said in one of our meetin/sF "ears o%
sel%<pity an$ sorro' $o not release %aith(
7earn to release your %aith in laughter(
191 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
So, I dro5e to the proBect, stopped in
front of each house, stuck m. head out
the window, and Bust lau/hed at the
houses and the =e5il"
There were mort/a/es that had
accummulated on the housin/ proBect for
water lines, sewer, etc", so I put these
notes Etotalin/ o5er M*##,###G on the
ta!le and called in m. dau/hter, Annette,
as a witness to what I was doin/" I
pointed m. fin/er at those mort/a/es and
I6isten to me, I9m talkin/ to .ouH e
paid, in the name of >esus" =isappear"
=emateriali@e" I don9t care how .ou do it,
!ut !e /oneH e paid in fullH >esus said
.ou would o!e. me"I
Two weeks later the houses sold" A
few weeks later the proBect sold, and the
land !ehind the de5elopment sold" The
notes were paid" The houses o!e.ed" The
mort/a/e o!e.ed" The land o!e.ed" All
of them o!e.ed faith$filled words"
Someone ma. sa., II tried it and it
didn9t work for me"I That9s 5er. possi!le
!ecause it won9t work if .ou Bust try it(
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 194
;ou must !e a doer of the :ord" Appl.
the principles of the <in/dom and spend
the time to de5elop .our faith in .our
words" It won9t work Bust !ecause .ou
sa. it, !ut sa.in/ it is in5ol5ed in
workin/ the principle of faith" It takes
weeks and months of !ein/ dili/ent in
speakin/ 8od9s promises to de5elop .our
faith to !elie5e that what .ou sa. will
come to pass"
The 0ouse in Minnesota
=urin/ a meetin/ in Ainneapolis
when I was sharin/ these e2periences, a
lad. came to me after the ser5ice and
said, I8lor. to 8odH Now I know how to
sell m. house" I9m /oin/ to talk to it ri/ht
nowH And when it sells, I9m /oin/ to /i5e
the tithes into .our ministr."99
:ithin three weeks she sold her
house" It had !een on the market for
se5eral months, !ut it sold when she
spoke to it" It o!e.ed her words"
If .ou dili/entl. do what >esus said,
these principles will work in .our life"
ut .ou must come to >esus, hear His
sa.in/s, then do them"
195 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Are .ou willin/ to do what >esus said,
e5en to the point of appearin/ ridiculous
to the worldK
Some ma. sa., IThe rice fields, the
wheat crop, the housin/ proBect, and the
house in Ainnesota are Bust
ut the :ord worked for >esus, and
He said, IIf .ou do A. sa.in/s, .ou
won9t fail"I
The har5est produced !. the seeds
that your voie plants will cause the
s.camine tree to remo5e or to remain"
.ut it 'ill obey you(
Things To Remember
=o the sa.in/s of >esus and .ou will
ha5e a house with a firm foundation" The
floods and storms of life do not come
from 8od"
1lant 8od9s :ord in .our heart and
do the sa.in/s of >esus, and .ou will not
=i/ in the :ord to find the
principles, then do the whole :ord"
@o the Sayings o% Jesus 196
;ou must do 8od9s :ord .ourselfC
8od won9t do it for .ouH
Speak 8od9s :ord to the pro!lem in
.our life" 1ractice speakin/ what 8od
sa.s a!out .ou" =e5elop the ha!it of
releasin/ faith in e5er. word .ou speak"
Start !elie5in/ that every word .ou
sa. will come to pass"
-onfessin/ 8od9s :ord forms a
positi5e ima/e inside .ou"
The ima/e of 8od9s :ord will raise
.our si/hts"
8od9s :ord is .our point of contact
to chan/e .our ima/e"
Speakin/ in line with 8od9s :ord
will cause .ou to de5elop faith in your
words" The ke. is !elie5in/ what .ou sa.
will come to pass"
?or these principles to work in .our
life, .ou must come to >esus, hear His
sa.in/s, then dili/entl. do what He sa.s"
1- Esing the =aith You
:hen the disciples !ecame afraid in
the midst of a storm, >esus asked them,
#here is your %aith3 E6uke %F''$'(G"
>esus later spoke to them and said, O
ye o% little %aith " " " E6uke *'F'%G" The.
didn9t like that, so the. decided to ask
Him to /i5e them more faith" 6uke *(F4
sa.s, "he apostles sai$ unto the 7or$,
+nrease our %aith(
The apostles couldn9t read Aark ) or
Aark **F'+,') to find out how the
<in/dom of 8od operates"
Then a/ain in Aatthew *( the
disciples failed to cast a demon out of a
!o., so >esus had to cast it out" 6ater
when >esus was alone with them, the.
asked Him wh. the. couldn9t do it"
2n$ Jesus sai$ unto them, .eause o%
200 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
your unbelie%0 %or verily + say unto you, +%
ye have %aith as a grain o% mustar$ see$,
ye shall say unto this mountain, Eemove
hene to yon$er plae9 an$ it shall
remove9 an$ nothing shall be impossible
unto you Hv( 20;(
These words are similar to what >esus
said in 6uke *(F3, +% ye ha$ %aith as a
grain o% mustar$ see$, ye might say unto
this syamine tree, .e thou plu&e$ up""""
oth of these e2amplesDthe
mountain in Aatthew *(F'# and the
s.camine tree in 6uke *(F3Drefer to the
pro!lem, to the circumstance !efore
>esus did not sa., IIf .ou ha5e faith
the siDe o% a see$ (((,F !ut, IIf .ou ha5e
faith as a grain of mustard seed " " " "I
>esus is usin/ as an e2ample a t.pe of
seed that is familiar to the apostles" EHad
>esus !een in En/land, Arkansas, He
would ha5e said, IIf .ou had faith as a
cotton seed """"IG
The si@e of the seed doesn9t matter"
The point is that the seed is /ood for onl.
one thin/F to plant"
Gsing the :aith ,ou 8ave 201
>esus is sa.in/ .ou don9t need more
faith, !ut .ou must !e willin/ to plant it,
to put it to work, to sa. to the pro!lem,
Ie remo5edHI
In answer to the apostles9 request to
/i5e them more faith, >esus said, I;ou
don9t need more faith" ;ou Bust need to
use the faith .ou ha5e !. speakin/ it"I
Plant your =aith
6uke *(F3 and Aatthew *(F'#
contain three /reat secrets of faithF
*" ?aith works like a seed"
'" ;ou must plant it to /et the !enefit
of that faith seed"
+" ;ou plant faith !. speakin/ it"
The <in/dom operates !. the
principle of sowin/ and reapin/F """ as i%
a man shoul$ ast see$ into the groun$
EAark )F'3G"
?rom stud.in/ the teachin/s of >esus,
1eter, >ames, and others, I !elie5e seeds
cannot !e planted in .our heart unless
.ou first speak words" The. will ne5er
/et in there unless .ou speak them there"
202 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
The. are in the mouth first, then in the
heart" ERom" *#F%"G
?eave your Seed in the Ground
There is somethin/ .ou should
remem!er when plantin/ seeds of faithF
Once the seed is planted, .ou no lon/er
ha5e itC it9s in the /round EheartG"
Often people use the phrase, II9m
!elie5in/ for"""I EI ha5e said it m.self"G
ut if .ou are believing %or it, .ou are in
the processC !ut .ou ha5en9t !elie5ed .et"
Once .ou ha5e !elie5ed it, it is settledH
Once the seed is planted, .ou don9t /o
!ack to di/ it upH It is the su!stance of
what .ou desire" 1raise 8od for it, e5en
thou/h it9s not in .our possession,
!ecause you have believe$- 1ast tenseH
;ou shall recei5e"
If .ou sa., F+ am believing for this,I
.ou are in the process of !elie5in/C !ut
when .ou sa., F+ have believe$ 8od for
it,I then it is settledH The seed is planted"
;ou no lon/er ha5e it" ;ou95e traded
faith for the thin/ .ou !elie5ed"
:hen .ou /o to the store, .ou /ather
Gsing the :aith ,ou 8ave 20/
.our /roceries, then take them to the cash
re/ister" The cashier tells .ou the amount
of the /roceries, and .ou la. .our mone.
on the counter" After .our /roceries are
!a//ed, if .ou pick up !oth .our mone.
and the /roceries and start out the door,
the cashier will sa., I:ait a minuteH ;ou
ha5e to lea5e one of them here, either the
/roceries or the mone." ;ou can9t lea5e
with !othHI
:hen .ou !elie5ed, .ou settled itH
;ou planted .our faith" =on9t di/ it up
!ecause .ou can9t ha5e !oth the seed and
the har5est" ;ou ha5e alread. !elie5ed"
6ea5e .our faith and confess the har5est"
6et9s look at the con5ersation
!etween >esus and the centurionF
"he enturion sai$, 7or$, my servant
lieth at home si& o% the palsy, grievously
2n$ Jesus saith unto him, + 'ill ome
an$ heal him(
"he enturion ans'ere$ an$ sai$, 7or$,
+ am not 'orthy that thou shoul$est ome
un$er my roo%0 but spea& the 'or$ only, an$
my servant shall be heale$(
201 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
:or + am a man un$er authority, having
sol$iers un$er me0 an$ + say to this man,
)o, an$ he goeth9 an$ to another, Come,
an$ he ometh9 an$ to my servant, @o this,
an$ he $oeth it(
!atthe' 805<9
:hen >esus heard these words, He
stopped and preached a sermon"
#hen Jesus hear$ it, he marvelle$,
an$ sai$ to them that %ollo'e$, Verily +
say unto you, + have not %oun$ so great
%aith, no, not in +srael E5" *#G"
This centurion was a 8entile, a
Roman" He was not under the -o5enant
that 8od had with IsraelC .et >esus said
his was the /reatest faith He had seen in
all IsraelH
Then >esus said, )o thy 'ay9 an$ as
thou hast believe$ Epast tenseG, so be it
$one unto thee( 2n$ his servant 'as
heale$ in the sel%same hour E5" *+G"
The centurion released his faith when
he said to >esus, Spea& the 'or$ only,
an$ my servant shall be heale$( He was
not !elie5in/C he had alrea$y !elie5ed"
He planted the seed and left it in the
Gsing the :aith ,ou 8ave 204
/round" >esus said to him, 2s thou hast
believe$ Enot IAs .ou are !elie5in/IG, so
be it $one unto thee(
Words re your Servants
.ut 'hih o% you, having a servant
plo'ing or %ee$ing attle, 'ill say unto him
by an$ by, 'hen he is ome %rom the %iel$,
)o an$ sit $o'n to meat3
2n$ 'ill not rather say unto him, !a&e
rea$y 'here'ith + may sup, an$ gir$ thysel%,
an$ serve me, till + have eaten an$ $run&en9
an$ a%ter'ar$ thou shalt eat an$ $rin&3
@oth he than& that servant beause he
$i$ the things that 'ere omman$e$ him3 +
tro' not(
7u&e 1606<9
;ou can state the point of the a!o5e
passa/e in two different wa.sF ?aith is
the ser5ant of the !elie5er, or faith$filled
words are the ser5ant of the !elie5er"
Actuall. .ou can sa. it three wa.sF
The s.camine tree o!e.s you.
The s.camine tree o!e.s your words.
The s.camine tree o!e.s your faith.
205 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
In i!le da.s, no master had his
ser5ant rest or eat !efore ser5in/ him"
As soon as the ser5ant came in from
plowin/ or feedin/ cattle, he cooked the
meal and fed the masterC then he ate the
lefto5ers later"
Don't !elaF $ter /ictory
?aith$filled words !ecome .our
ser5ants, workin/ for .ou da. in and da.
out" :hen the. !rin/ in the 5ictor., .ou
don9t sa. to .our wordsF ISince .ou won
that 5ictor., I9m /oin/ to let .ou rela2 a
few da.s"I :hen the. are throu/h with
one Bo!, don9t let them lie around and /et
la@." After spendin/ a lon/ da. workin/,
the ser5ant in 6uke *( came home to do
more work"
A/ain, I refer to Aatthew *'F+3 in
which >esus said we will /i5e an account
of e5er. idle word spoken" If .ou let
.our ser5antDfaith$filled wordsDlie
around idle, .ou will /i5e an account of
As the master kept the ser5ant
workin/ in 6uke *(, we must keep our
Gsing the :aith ,ou 8ave 206
words workin/" :e do that !. speakin/
the thin/ desiredD/i5in/ them a new
Things To Remember
6earn to use .our faith as a seed"
1lant .our faith !. speakin/ it"
Once the seed is planted, don9t di/ it
?aith$filled words are .our ser5ants"
The. work for .ou da. and ni/ht"
<eep .our words workin/H
11 =aith Is 3ot ?aDiness
;ou must hear 8od9s :ord
intelli/entl., then put some action to
.our faith"
Se5eral .ears a/o there was a couple
in a cit. where I was teachin/ on a
weekl. !asis who took hold of the faith
and confession messa/e" The. had
mo5ed to that cit. !ecause the man had
taken a new Bo! there, !ut the compan.
he was to work for went !roke a!out the
time he and his wife arri5ed" The. were
li5in/ in a 5er. e2pensi5e apartment, and
since neither of them had a Bo!, !ills
!e/an to pile up"
The. learned a part of what the.
heard a!out confession, !ut the. onl. /ot
the formula" The. thou/ht all the. had to
do was sa. it" So the. sat at home
confessin/ that the. had the mone. to
meet their !ills"
210 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
The man was offered a Bo! sellin/
cars for M3## a month, plus commissionC
!ut he turned it down" He said he was
Iwaitin/ for his ship to come in"I EOne
thin/ should !e clearF If .ou ha5en9t sent
one out, it won9t come inHG The :ord
sa.s, """ 'hatsoever he $oeth shall
prosper E1s" *F+G" This man wasn9t $oing
an.thin/, and a hundredfold return on
nothing is still nothing-
-onfession didn9t work for the couple
who onl. sat around confessin/" The.
didn9t ha5e the principle of seedtime and
har5est" The. didn9t use common sense,
and the. weren9t !ein/ o!edient to 8od9s
:ord, which sa.s, " " " 'hatsoever he
$oeth shall prosper( The. weren9t doin/
an.thin/" -onfession and faith are
powerful when coupled with doin/ the
:ord of 8od"
Sometimes people miss it in the walk
of faith" The. /et Iturned onI to faith and
sa., I8lor. to 8odH I9m /oin/ to quit m.
Bo!HI 6et me share a few words of
wisdomF If .ou can9t make it !. faith
'ith a Bo!, .ou certainl. won9t make it !.
faith 'ithout a Bo!"
:aith +s Cot 7aDiness 211
Ese Common Sense
Some people act on the :ord !ut
miss 8od !. tr.in/ to su!stitute faith for
/ood !usiness practices" :hen the. hear
a!out faith principles and learn the
importance of confession, the. /o off on
a tan/ent, throwin/ awa. all common
sense and /ood !usiness practices"
One time someone asked me,
Irother -apps, do .ou use fertili@er on
.our farmKI
In response, I asked him, I=o .ou use
/as in .our carKI
Some people seem to throw awa. all
common sense when the. start usin/
their faith"
Some!od. ma. sa., IInstead of
ad5ertisin/, I9m Bust /oin/ to !elie5e
8od"I If 8od tells .ou to do that, fineC
!ut Bust !e sure 8od said it"
Don't su,stitute $aith $or good
,usiness practices:
Don't su,stitute good ,usiness
practices $or $aith:
212 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
;ou ha5e to put the two to/ether" Use
faith in all .our !usiness practices"
:hen .ou start sa.in/ /ood thin/s
a!out .our work, the results will astound
=ollo) Instructions
6et me /i5e .ou an e2ample of how
to act on the :ord to sow the seed"
The 6ord mi/ht instruct .ou to /i5e
M4# to a particular person" The :ord of
8od concernin/ /i5in/ in 6uke 3F+%
sa.s, )ive, an$ it shall be given unto
you9 goo$ measure, presse$ $o'n, an$
sha&en together, an$ running over( In
order to sow the seed, .ou must do what
this 5erse sa.s" 6uke 3F+% will not work
unless .ou o!ser5e the principles of the
laws of prosperit." ;ou can9t Bust &no'
what the :ord sa.s a!out /i5in/C .ou
must /i5e in order to claim this promise"
)ive, an$ it shall be given( The
phrase shall be is future tense" The
promise is !efore .ou" It doesn9t !elon/
to .ou until .ou do what 8od9s :ord
:aith +s Cot 7aDiness 21/
The instant .ou /i5e that M4#, .ou
can speak that promise into .our heart
!ecause .ou ha5e !een o!edient to 8od"
Instead of sa.in/, IIt shall !e /i5en unto
me,I .ou can sa., I?ather, ;our :ord
sa.s, )ive, an$ it shall be given( Then
!ecause I ha5e /i5en, it is given unto me
?goo$ measure, presse$ $o'n, an$
sha&en together, an$ running over(F
That is present tenseF It is /i5en no'-
efore .ou o!e.ed, the return from
/i5in/ was shall be( After .ou o!e.ed !.
/i5in/, .our confession chan/ed to it is
given to me(
Say 'e$ore You See
Once .ou ha5e acted, .ou can take
8od9s :ord and put it in the present
tenseF I?ather, !ecause I ha5e /i5en, it is
/i5en unto meDgoo$ measure, presse$
$o'n, an$ sha&en together, an$ running
Someone ma. sa., I;ou don9t ha5e it
.et"I ut .ou don9t ha5e to see it" Trust
8odC He wouldn9t lie to .ouH
-ontinue to sow the :ord of 8od
211 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
into .our heart !. .our words" Sa.,
IThank ;ou, ?ather, it is /i5en unto me"
I9m !elie5in/ for a hundredfold return, in
the name of >esus, and it is comin/ to
me" The !lessin/s are o5ertakin/ me
!ecause I sow !ountifull. and I reap
!ountifull." I ha5e all sufficienc. in all
thin/s and do a!ound to e5er. /ood
work" The 6ord is m. Shepherd, and I do
not want"I
Spea+ the Words loud
As we ha5e seen, the wa. .ou sow
the :ord of 8od is to hear .our 5oice
utter what 8od said" This is one of the
ke.s to operatin/ in 8od9s <in/dom"
;ou don9t ha5e to let .our 5oice echo off
the walls, !ut .ou do need to sa. .our
confessions aloud"
1aul said, :aith ometh by hearing,
an$ hearing by the 'or$ o% )o$ ERom"
*#F*(G" The 8reek for 'or$ in this 5erse
is rhema or Ithe spoken :ord"I .
rhema o% )o$, 1aul in this 5erse is
referrin/ to a portion of Scripture" He
does not mean the whole i!le, or logos(
I am con5inced that 1aul was sa.in/,
:aith +s Cot 7aDiness 214
I?aith comes !. hearin/ .ourself speak
8od9s :ord"I
This is 8od9s principal wa. of
causin/ faith to come" 8od uses it to
transfer His faith to .ou, and it9s done
throu/h His :ord" 8od9s :ord is filled
with faith" Therefore, when .ou quote
8od9s :ord aloud, it imparts that faith to
.ou" 8od has alwa.s used this !asic
principle" He used it when He made His
-o5enant with A!raham"
God Spo+eB,raham Guoted
In 8enesis *( 8od appeared to
A!raham and said, II ha5e made thee the
father of man. nations"I At that time,
A!raham and Sarah didn9t e5en ha5e the
promised child, !ut 8od said, II ha5e
alread. done itHI
Then 8od proceeded to set in motion
the principle of faith to cause it to come
to pass" A!raham was ninet.$nine .ears
old and his wife was ninet., so there was
no natural hope" ut the i!le sa.s when
there was no hope, A!raham !elie5ed in
hope" ERom" )F*%"G
215 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
8od set this plan in motion !.
chan/in/ A!ram9s name to A!raham and
chan/in/ Sarai9s name to Sarah"
2braham meant Ifather of nationsI or
Ifather of a multitude"I Sarah meant
Imother of nationsI or Imother of a
multitude"I :hen 8od renamed them,
He forced them into sa.in/, II am the
father of nationsI and II am the mother
of nations"I 8od had set in motion His
!asic principles of transferrin/ His faith
to A!raham and Sarah, so that what He
had promised would surel. come to pass"
E5er. time A!raham said, IA. name
is A!raham,I he was sa.in/, II am the
father of nations"I E5er. time Sarah said,
II am Sarah,I she was sa.in/, II am the
mother of nationsI or Ithe mother of
It was the speakin/ of 8od9s :ord
which had !een spoken to them that
caused faith to come" E5er. time
someone said, IA!raham, what are we to
do nowKI he didn9t hear 2braham, he
heard :ather o% Cations(
:ith all the people who worked for
:aith +s Cot 7aDiness 216
him, A!raham9s name was pro!a!l.
called hundreds of times a da." -an .ou
ima/ine what that did to his faithK He
heard I?ather of Nations " " " ?ather of
Nations" O ?ather of Nations """I =a. in
and da. out, he heard what 8od said"
Then in the same wa., all the maids
who called to Sarah called her, IAother
of Nations"I
This was as if 8od had said, IThus
saith the 6ord,I !ecause it was the :ord
of the 6ord to A!raham and Sarah, and it
caused faith to comeDfaith sufficient to
cause the promise to come to pass"
This has alwa.s !een 8od9s method"
It is still 8od9s method toda." ?aith in
8od comes !. hearin/ the :ord of 8od"
:hen 8od wants a har5est, He Himself
plants a seed"
The Seed 0as l)ays #Fisted
The <in/dom of 8od has alwa.s
worked in the same wa., !. sowin/
seeds, !ecause the SeedDthe :ord of
8od which is >esusDhas alwa.s e2isted,
and alwa.s will"
218 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
As 8enesis +F*4 shows, >esus -hrist
is considered Ithe Seed"I In this 5erse
8od said to the serpent, + 'ill put enmity
bet'een thee an$ the 'oman, an$
bet'een thy see$ an$ her see$9 it shall
bruise thy hea$, an$ thou shalt bruise his
The IseedI 8od is talkin/ a!out is
>esus -hrist" 8od made the promise of
the -o5enant to A!raham and his seedF
Co' to 2braham an$ his see$ 'ere the
promises ma$e( 8e saith not, 2n$ to
see$s, as o% many9 but as o% one, 2n$ to
thy see$, 'hih is Christ E8al" +F*3G"
In 8enesis *(F( 8od said to
A!raham, + 'ill establish my ovenant
bet'een me an$ thee an$ thy see$ a%ter
thee in their generations %or an
everlasting ovenant(
>esus is the SeedC and since >esus and
the :ord are one, the Seed is the :ord
of 8od" All throu/h the i!le from
8enesis to Re5elation, .ou will find that
the :ord of 8od is considered to !e the
Accordin/ to * 1eter *F'+, the :ord
:aith +s Cot 7aDiness 219
of 8od li5es fore5erF .eing born again,
not o% orruptible see$, but o%
inorruptible, by the 'or$ o% )o$, 'hih
liveth an$ abi$eth %or ever(
Accordin/ to >ohn9s 8ospel, >esus
and the :ord are oneF
+n the beginning 'as the #or$, an$ the
#or$ 'as 'ith )o$, an$ the #or$ 'as )o$(
"he same 'as in the beginning 'ith
2ll things 'ere ma$e by him9 an$
'ithout him 'as not any thing ma$e that
'as ma$e ( ( (
2n$ the #or$ 'as ma$e %lesh, an$ $'elt
among us(
John 101</,11
If in the !e/innin/ the :ord was
8od, then the :ord is still 8od o5er
every situation of life"
Things To Remember
;ou must put some action to .our
faithF #hatsoever he $oeth shall prosper(
-onfession and faith are powerful
220 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
when coupled with doin/ the :ord of
Use common sense"
=on9t su!stitute faith for /ood
!usiness practices"
Sow the :ord of 8od into .our heart"
?aith comes !. hearin/ .ourself speak
8od9s :ord"
16 Ta+ing 3o nFious
A common enem. to success in an.
indi5idual9s life is fearDthe fear of
failure" ecause of this fear, man. people
!ecome an2ious, fearful, o5erwrou/ht,
and distressed" ut on almost e5er.
occasion when >esus presented Himself
to the disciples after He arose from the
dead, His /reetin/ wasF :ear not or .e
not a%rai$(
E5en when >esus spoke of all the
thin/s that were to come upon the earth,
He said, See that ye be not trouble$
EAatt" ')F3G" On other occasions He said,
7et not your heart be trouble$ E>ohn
*)F'(G" In Aatthew 3F'4 >esus
admonishes us to take no an2ious
thou/ht, !ut this is the first thin/ most
people do concernin/ the thin/s of their
li5esDfinances, housin/, and all the
necessities of life"
222 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
6isten to the words of >esus as He
tells .ou a !etter wa.F
"here%ore + say unto you, "a&e no
thought %or your li%e, 'hat ye shall eat, or
'hat ye shall $rin&9 nor yet %or your bo$y,
'hat ye shall put on( +s not the li%e more
than meat, an$ the bo$y than raiment3
.ehol$ the %o'ls o% the air0 %or they so'
not, neither $o they reap, nor gather into
barns9 yet your heavenly :ather %ee$eth
them( 2re ye not muh better than they3
#hih o% you by ta&ing thought an a$$
one ubit unto his stature3 2n$ 'hy ta&e ye
thought %or raiment3
Consi$er the lilies o% the %iel$, ho' they
gro'9 they toil not, neither $o they spin0 an$
yet + say unto you, "hat even Solomon in all
his glory 'as not arraye$ li&e one o% these(
#here%ore, i% )o$ so lothe the grass o%
the %iel$, 'hih to $ay is, an$ to morro' is
ast into the oven, shall he not muh more
lothe you, O ye o% little %aith3
"here%ore ta&e no thought, saying, #hat
shall 'e eat3 or, #hat shall 'e $rin&3 or,
#here'ithal shall 'e be lothe$3 H:or a%ter
all these things $o the )entiles see&0; %or
"a&ing Co 2nAious "hought 22/
your heavenly :ather &no'eth that ye have
nee$ o% all these things(
!atthe' 5024</2
Now notice 5erse +*F "a&e no
thought, saying"""" It9s all ri/ht to take
thou/ht" It9s all ri/ht to make plans" ut
don9t take thou/ht !. saying, I:hat am I
/oin/ to doK Interest rates are '*PH =ear
8od, what are we /oin/ to doKI That will
onl. produce fear, dou!t, and un!elief" It
will ne5er produce faith" ?aith comes !.
hearin/ 8od9s :ord"
If .ou must sa. somethin/ in this
situation, /o to the :ord of 8od and sa.
what the Apostle 1aul saidF .ut my )o$
shall supply all your nee$ aor$ing to
his rihes in glory by Christ Jesus E1hil"
)F*&G" In the place where it sa.s, your
nee$, Bust insert .our name"
>esus said, I=on9t take thou/ht !.
saying(F :ords are the most powerful
force in the uni5erse" If the. are used
ri/ht, the. will put .ou o5er in life" If
the. are used wron/, the. will destro.
.our faith and put .ou down in life" >esus
is tellin/ .ou somethin/ here that is 5er.
221 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
5italF Don't ta+e thought ,y saying.
;ou ma. thin& those thou/hts
sometimes, !ut don9t say them"
;ou can9t keep the =e5il from puttin/
dou!t in .our mindC !ut if .ou will refuse
to speak it, it will die un!orn" Dou,t )ill
die un,orn unless you spea+ it: Once
.ou speak it, .ou /i5e !irth to it" Then it
!ecomes un!elief" So /rit .our teeth and
keep .our mouth shut" There is a time to
speak and a time to !e silent"
:hen .our :ord le5el is low and
.our faith is low, don9t start tr.in/ to
make a faith confession" ;ou will !e
makin/ .our confessions in fear"
Con$essions in =ear
;ou can /et !uilt up to the point
where .ou confess the :ord of 8odF
IA. 8od meets m. need accordin/ to
His riches in /lor."I ;ou ha5e pra.ed"
;ou ha5e confessed 8od9s :ord" ;ou
!elie5e .ou ha5e recei5ed" ;ou ha5e
thanked 8od for it" There is no dou!t in
.our mind at that point that .ou ha5e
recei5ed" ;ou !elie5e it with .our heart"
"a&ing Co 2nAious "hought 224
ut then fi5e da.s later when it hasn9t
come to pass, the =e5il comes alon/ and
e5er.thin/ seems to !e /oin/ a/ainst
.ou" ;ou are on a low lim!H That is not
the time to start tr.in/ to make a
confession of .our faithH >ust rest on
what .ou said in faith fi5e da.s !efore" It
is possi!le to make ri/ht statements in
As we ha5e alread. seen from the
fifth chapter of Aark, >airus came to
>esus in faith" He said, !y little $aughter
lieth at the point o% $eath0 + pray thee,
ome an$ lay thy han$s on her, that she
may be heale$9 an$ she shall live E5" '+G"
Now that was a faith statement" >airus
spoke those words when his faith was
hi/h" He !elie5ed that >esus could heal
his dau/hter"
ut later someone comes and sa.s,
I>airus, .our dau/hter is alread. dead"
>ust for/et it" =on9t trou!le the Aaster
an.more"I >airus had spoken in faith, !ut
now the dr. winds of dou!t were
!lowin/ a/ainst him" He was in a !ad
situation" That was not the time for him
to start makin/ faith confessions" He Bust
225 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
needed to rest on the statement he had
made when his faith was hi/h"
=on9t misunderstand me" ;ou an /o
to the :ord of 8od and quote it in a
situation like that, !ut there is a
difference !etween makin/ a confession
of 8od9s :ord as an e2ercise of faith and
doin/ it in fear" I ha5e heard people sa.
these thin/s in fear" The. were sa.in/ it,
not !ecause of the faith that was in their
hearts, !ut !ecause the. were afraid that
5er. thin/ was /oin/ to happen" The.
started makin/ confessions in fear"
ut >airus Bust kept his mouth shut"
;ou can quote 8od9s :ord in this
kind of situationC Bust quote it o5er and
o5er to .ourself" Then when .ou want to
speak a word of faith to effect somethin/,
.ou will !e filled with the :ord of 8od"
;our faith and .our :ord le5el will !e
There is a difference !etween sa.in/
8od9s :ord to put it inside .ou and
speakin/ the :ord out to effect
somethin/" There are times when all
-hristians ha5e some dou!t" =on9t tr. to
"a&ing Co 2nAious "hought 226
speak the word of faith at those times"
Start speakin/ it to put it in .our heart
and cause faith to comeC or, Bust keep
.our mouth shut as >airus did"
Words Produce =aith or =ear
>esus said, "a&e no thought, saying(
:h. should >esus !e concerned a!out
our takin/ thou/ht !. saying3 ecause
sa.in/ will produce either faith or fear"
Speak faith$filled words, and the.
will produce faith" Speak fear$filled
words, and the. will produce fear" I can
sa. thin/s to .ou that will produce a
de/ree of faith in .ouC or, I can speak
words that will create a sense of fear in
Statements like, I:hat are we /oin/
to doK How are we /oin/ to make this
pa.mentKI produce fear" :hen .ou fear,
.ou allow Satan to steal the :ord from
.ou" E5er. time .ou sa. such thin/s, .ou
are openin/ the door for the =e5il to
speak to .our carnal mind" ;ou are to
take no thou/ht !. sa.in/ an.thin/ that
would open the door to the =e5il"
228 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
The =e5il cloudin/ .our mind with
such thou/hts is a maBor area .ou must
deal with if .ou e2pect to walk in 8od9s
prosperit." >esus told us to ta&e no
thought by saying !ecause the human
spirit is desi/ned to produce in like kind
from the seed .ou plant in .our heart" If
.ou plant thou/hts !ased on worr., .our
spirit will produceDand, in fact, lead
.ou toDthe 5er. thin/ .ou fear"
Remem!er thisF Satan is very limite$
in 'hat he an $o unless you %ear- ?ear
releases his a!ilit. a/ainst .ou" He can
no more pre5ail a/ainst .ou if .ou are
without fear than 8od can mo5e in .our
!ehalf without faithH ?aith !rin/s 8od on
the scene, !ut fear is an in5itation to
6earn to control .our 5oca!ular. and
harness .our ton/ue !ecause !. .our
words .ou release the a!ilit. of Satan
a/ainst .our finances, .our home, and
.our ph.sical !od."
Things To Remember
?ear of failure is an enem. to success"
"a&ing Co 2nAious "hought 229
Resist fear as .ou would resist the
;ou can9t keep the =e5il from puttin/
dou!t in .our mindC !ut if .ou refuse to
speak it, the dou!t will die un!orn"
?aith$filled words produce faithC fear$
filled words produce fear"
?ear !rin/s Satan on the scene"
?aith !rin/s 8od on the scene"
18 !e$using Wisdom
Produces =ear and
8od9s :ord instructs usF #is$om is
the prinipal thing9 there%ore get 'is$om
E1ro5" )F(G" Then it sa.s that wisdom
comes out of the mouth of 8od" E1ro5"
Too often when people are cau/ht up
in pro!lems, trou!les, calamities, and
failures, .ou will hear them sa., I:h.
did 8od allow this to comeK :h. didn9t
8od do somethin/ a!out thisK :h. did it
ha5e to happen to meKI
:ell, let9s /o to the !ook of 1ro5er!s
and see what 8od9s :ord sa.s a!out it"
.eause + have alle$, an$ ye re%use$9 +
have strethe$ out my han$, an$ no man
.ut ye have set at nought all my ounsel,
2/2 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
an$ 'oul$ none o% my reproo%0
+ also 'ill laugh at your alamity9 'ill
mo& 'hen your %ear ometh9
#hen your %ear ometh as $esolation,
an$ your $estrution ometh as a
'hirl'in$9 'hen $istress an$ anguish
ometh upon you(
"hen shall they all upon me, but + 'ill
not ans'er9 they shall see& me early, but
they shall not %in$ me0
:or that they hate$ &no'le$ge, an$ $i$
not hoose the %ear o% the 7or$0
"hey 'oul$ none o% my ounsel0 they
$espise$ all my reproo%(
"here%ore shall they eat o% the %ruit o%
their o'n 'ay, an$ be %ille$ 'ith their o'n
:or the turning a'ay o% the simple shall
slay them, an$ the prosperity o% %ools shall
$estroy them(
.ut 'hoso hear&eneth unto me H'is$om;
shall $'ell sa%ely, an$ shall be >uiet %rom
%ear o% evil(
Proverbs 1021<//
Ee%using #is$om Pro$ues :ear an$ Calamity
If .ou hearken unto wisdom, .ou will
!e quiet from fear of e5ilH
Turn at the reproof of wisdom, which
is the :ord of 8od that they may
reover themselves out o% the snare o%
the $evil E' Tim" 'F'3G" ,ou ha5e to
reco5er yoursel% out of some thin/sC 8od
can9t do it for .ou"
=earB#nemy to Success
>o! did not do all the thin/s descri!ed
in the a!o5e passa/e, !ut he $i$ fear"
EE5en thou/h a man walks upri/ht !efore
8od, he can still miss 8od"G :or the
thing 'hih + greatly %eare$ is ome
upon me E>o! +F'4G" >o! didn9t Bust fear,
he greatly fearedH
Remem!er all the times >esus said,
I?ear not" Neither !e afraid" =on9t !e
afraid" ?ear notHI He wasn9t Bust makin/
up scriptures to fill the i!leC He was
re5ealin/ a secretF =ear )ill produce the
very thing you $ear2 the same as $aith
)ill produce the very thing you
,elieve: >esus said, I=on9t take an2ious
thou/ht,I !ecause it will di/ up the :ord
2/1 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
that .ou95e sown"
;ou can pra. the most !eautiful
pra.er, full of faith, then talk that seed
ri/ht out of the /roundH
=ear Dra)s 4ppression
:hen .ou fear, the thin/ .ou are
fearin/ will come upon .ou !ecause fear
is a spiritual forceF )o$ hath not given us
the spirit o% %ear9 but o% po'er, an$ o%
love, an$ o% a soun$ min$ E' Tim" *F(G"
?ear is a spirit that will draw the 5er.
thin/ .ou do not desireH In Isaiah 4)F*)
8od told Israel, """ thou shalt be %ar %rom
oppression9 for thou shalt not fear: an$
%rom terror9 %or it EfearG shall not ome
near thee(
?ear draws oppression" It draws all
the ne/ati5e forces"
:hen >o! greatly %eare$, he set in
motion the formula for failure" He said,
:or the thing 'hih + greatly %eare$ is
ome upon me, an$ that 'hih + 'as
a%rai$ o% is ome unto me( + 'as not in
sa%ety, neither ha$ + rest, neither 'as +
>uiet9 yet trouble ame E>o! +F'4,'3G"
Ee%using #is$om Pro$ues :ear an$ Calamity
In the first chapter of >o!, .ou will
find that the indictment Satan !rou/ht
a/ainst 8od was that He had put a hed/e
around >o!" E5" *#"G >o! was safe until he
!e/an to fear" He couldn9t rest for fear of
what was /oin/ to happen"
He was actuall. callin/ thin/s that
were not, !ut he did it on the ne/ati5e
side" He continuall. offered sacrifices to
:e ha5e an ad5anta/e o5er >o!
!ecause we can read the ook of >o! and
find out that Satan was the one who
caused >o!9s trou!le" >o! thou/ht 8od
did it" He said, ""(the 7or$ gave, an$ the
7or$ hath ta&en a'ay9 blesse$ be the
name o% the 7or$ E>o! *F'*G"
This statement !. >o! is in the i!le,
!ut is it the truthK As someone so aptl.
put itF It is a true statement of >o!9s
opinion, !ut it is not a statement of truth"
The 6ord /a5e and the =e5il took awa."
God's Word =rees You $rom
2/5 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
1ro5er!s *F++ sa.s, .ut 'hoso
hear&eneth unto me shall $'ell sa%ely,
an$ shall be >uiet %rom %ear o% evil(
As we ha5e alread. seen, hear&en
means Ito declare,I so this 5erse means,
IHearken unto AeDdeclare unto Ae
what I ha5e said"I Speakin/ words such
as, II am far from oppressionHI will set
forces at work for .ou to keep fear and
other ne/ati5e forces awa. from .our
Accordin/ to 1ro5er!s +, puttin/
8od9s wisdomDthe :ord of 8odDinto
.our heart will free .ou from fearF
!y son, let not them H'is$om an$
&no'le$ge; $epart %rom thine eyes0 &eep
soun$ 'is$om an$ $isretion0 so shall they
be li%e unto thy soul( ( (
"hen shalt thou 'al& in thy 'ay sa%ely,
an$ thy %oot shall not stumble(
#hen thou liest $o'n, thou shalt not be
a%rai$0 yea, thou shalt lie $o'n, an$ thy
sleep shall be s'eet(
.e not a%rai$ o% su$$en %ear, neither o%
the $esolation o% the 'i&e$, 'hen it
Ee%using #is$om Pro$ues :ear an$ Calamity
ometh( :or the 7or$ shall be thy
on%i$ene, an$ shall &eep thy %oot %rom
being ta&en(
Proverbs /021<25
These words will do wonders for
!uildin/ up the soulish man, as well as
the spirit, and free .ou from fearH
Some sa., I;ou9re Bust i/norin/ the
pro!lems"I On the contrar., I9m doin/
somethin/ a!out them !. plantin/ seed
in m. heart that will o5ercome the
6et9s look at 8od9s wisdom in
2 man*s heart $eviseth his 'ay0 but the
7or$ $ireteth his steps(
Proverbs 1509
"he 'ise in heart shall be alle$
pru$ent0 an$ the s'eetness o% the lips
inreaseth learning(
Gn$erstan$ing is a 'ellspring o% li%e
unto him that hath it0 but the instrution o%
%ools is %olly(
"he heart o% the 'ise teaheth his mouth,
2/8 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
an$ a$$eth learning to his lips(
Pleasant 'or$s are as an honeyomb,
s'eet to the soul, an$ health to the bones(
"here is a 'ay that seemeth right unto a
man, but the en$ thereo% are the 'ays o%
Proverbs 15021<24
A/ain, 5erse ') sa.s, Pleasant 'or$s
are as an honeyomb, s'eet to the soul,
an$ health to the bones(
To some people it seems ri/ht to sa.,
I;ou Bust don9t know how !ad it is with
me" ;ou Bust don9t know how the =e5il is
destro.in/ m. home" ;ou Bust don9t
know how mean m. hus!and is" ;ou Bust
don9t know how poor we are" :e can9t
afford thin/s" If I e5er /et a Bo!, I9ll lose
There is a wa. that seems ri/ht to a
man, !ut the end is /oin/ to destro. him"
It seems ri/ht for some!od. to sa., II9m
not /oin/ to sa. I9m healed when I still
hurt" If I was reall. healed, I wouldn9t
hurt"I That ma. seem ri/ht to .ou, !ut
the end result of it ma. kill .ou,
Ee%using #is$om Pro$ues :ear an$ Calamity
especiall. if .ou are in the position
where the doctors ha5e /i5en .ou up to
I am talkin/ a!out an indi5idual who
has !ecome so pious that he thinks he is
l.in/ if he doesn9t sa. what alread.
e2ists" The indi5idual who continuall.
sa.s what is, is alwa.s esta!lishin/
present circumstances"
To operate in <in/dom principles
D#hosoever shall say, believe, $oubt
not in his heart, but believe 'hat he says
'ill ome to pass, he shall have
'hatsoever he says?.ou must speak
to the mountain, not about the
Some people wouldn9t dare to speak
to the mountain or speak to the s.camine
tree" The. wouldn9t dare sa. that it is
remo5ed and cast into the sea" ;ou ha5e
to learn to do what the :ord sa.s to do"
This is the wa. 8od9s <in/dom works"
Now let9s look at some of the thin/s
1ro5er!s sa.s a!out the ton/ue"
"he %ruit o% the righteous is a tree o% li%e(
210 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Proverbs 110/0
"he 'i&e$ is snare$ by the
transgression o% his lips0 but the =ust shall
ome out o% trouble(
2 man shall be satis%ie$ 'ith goo$ by the
%ruit o% his mouth0 an$ the reompene o% a
man*s han$s shall be ren$ere$ unto him(
Proverbs 1201/,11
"here is that spea&eth li&e the pierings
o% a s'or$0 but the tongue o% the 'ise is
Proverbs 1/018
2 man shall eat goo$ by the %ruit o% his
mouth0 but the soul o% the transgressors
shall eat violene(
8e that &eepeth his mouth &eepeth his
li%e0 but he that openeth 'i$e his lips shall
have $estrution(
Proverbs 1/02,/
"he tongue o% the 'ise useth &no'le$ge
aright0 but the mouth o% %ools poureth out
"he eyes o% the 7or$ are in every plae,
behol$ing the evil an$ the goo$(
2 'holesome tongue is a tree o% li%e0 but
Ee%using #is$om Pro$ues :ear an$ Calamity
perverseness therein is a breah in the
Proverbs 1402<1
A wholesome ton/ue is the nearest
thin/ we ha5e to the tree of life that was
in the 8arden of Eden" ;ou see, Adam
could ha5e eaten of the tree of life" He
could ha5e partaken of di5ine life
pro5isions from that tree, !ut he didn9t"
He chose to eat of the knowled/e of
!lessin/ and calamit."
The nearest thin/ to that toda. is the
wholesome ton/ue" It !ecomes the tree
of life to .ou, for with the ton/ue .ou
sow seeds in the <in/dom" That9s the
wa. the <in/dom works"
Notice 1ro5er!s *4F) sa.s, " " "
perverseness therein is a breah in the
1er5erseness of the ton/ue will cause
a !roken spirit"
1ro5er!s *4F*+ sa.s, 2 merry heart
ma&eth a heer%ul ountenane0 but by
sorro' o% the heart the spirit is bro&en(
1ro5er!s *(F'' sa.s, 2 merry heart
212 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
$oeth goo$ li&e a me$iine0 but a bro&en
spirit $rieth the bones( 1ro5er!s *4F'+
tells usF 2 man hath =oy by the ans'er o%
his mouth(
If .ou don9t ha5e Bo., check up on
.our mouthH
"hrough $esire a man, having
separate$ himsel%, see&eth an$
interme$$leth 'ith all 'is$om E1ro5"
*%F*G" ;ou must separate .ourself from
some of the thin/s of the world and
intermeddle with the wisdom of 8od"
2 %ool*s mouth is his $estrution, an$
his lips are the snare o% his soul E1ro5"
*%F(G" A fool9s mouth is his destruction"
There is an old sa.in/F ISticks and stones
ma. !reak m. !ones, !ut words will
ne5er hurt me"I That9s a lieH :ron/
words kill .ou, especiall. if you speak
2 man*s belly Einnermost !ein/G shall
be satis%ie$ 'ith the %ruit o% his
mouth(((E1ro5" *%F'#G" :hat a person
speaks out his mouth is what he will /et
in his heart" ;our heart will !e satisfied
with it if .ou speak itDwhether it is
Ee%using #is$om Pro$ues :ear an$ Calamity
ri/ht, wron/, or indifferent" " " " an$ 'ith,
the inrease o% his lips shall he be %ille$(
;ou will !e filled with the thin/s .ou
speak out .our mouth"
@eath an$ li%e are in the po'er o% the
tongue0 an$ they that love it shall eat the
%ruit thereo% E1ro5" *%F'*G" ;ou are /oin/
to eat the fruit of .our mouth, either
death or life"
=eposit 8od9s :ord in .our heart !.
speakin/ it" "he righteousness 'hih is
o% %aith spea&eth on this 'ise((( "he 'or$
is nigh thee, even in thy mouth an$ in thy
heart ERom" *#F3,%G"
8od9s :ord will take care of inflation
and recession if we are dili/ent to do
what >esus saidDif we take no an2ious
thou/ht !. sa.in/, I:hat am I /oin/ to
doK :hat are we /oin/ to eatK :hat9s
/oin/ to happen to usKI
Program Yoursel$ )ith the Word
;ou must full. pro/ram .ourself with
the :ord of 8od until .ou no lon/er take
an2ious thou/ht and !ecome fretful o5er
.our needs" 8od takes care of the lilies of
211 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
the field and the fowl of the air" >esus
said He would clothe e5en those who
ha5e Bust a little faithH
Sow the :ord of 8od in .our heart
and act on the faith that .ou ha5e" It
doesn9t take much faith, Bust faith as a
Sowin/ seed for success is our
responsi!ilit." Seein/ that the success
comes to pass is )o$*s responsi!ilit.D
once we ha5e done our part" :e don9t
ha5e to !e/ 8od for it to come to pass"
The /round is desi/ned to work"
In Aark )F'3,'( >esus tells us that the
<in/dom works as a man who casts seed
in the /round, and then carries on life as
usual 'ithout 'orrying( After plantin/
their crops, farmers don9t start pra.in/
that the /round will workH
>esus said, "a&e no thought, saying,
#hat shall 'e eat3 or, #hat shall 'e
$rin&3 or, #here'ithal shall 'e be
lothe$3 EAatt" 3F+*G" :e don9t ha5e to
take thou/ht for these thin/s !ecause
8od is responsi!le for suppl.in/ our
needs" All we do is sow the seed"
Ee%using #is$om Pro$ues :ear an$ Calamity
To keep from worr.in/, de5elop an
unchan/in/ trust in 8od"
1eople in the world ha5e natural
faith" As -hristians, we ha5e a different
kind of faith, a le5el of faith not learned
from !ooks or from e2periences, !ut
from 8od9s :ord" This faith is !ased on
a knowled/e of 8od that He has created
and de5eloped within us" To !uild and
stren/then this faith, to sta. quiet from
the fear of e5il, .ou must learn to keep
8od9s :ord in .our mouth"
Things To Remember
?ear is a spiritual force that draws all
the ne/ati5e forces"
?ear will produce the 5er. thin/ .ou
fear, the same as faith will produce the
5er. thin/ .ou !elie5e"
1ro/rammin/ .ourself with the :ord
of 8od !uilds a resistance to the force of
#hoso hear&eneth unto me EwisdomG
shall $'ell sa%ely, an$ shall be >uiet
%rom %ear o% evil( . hearkenin/ unto
215 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
8od9s :isdomDHis :ordD.ou will
ha5e no fear of e5il"
19 !eaping the 0arvest
:or the earth bringeth %orth %ruit o%
hersel%9 %irst the bla$e, then the ear, a%ter
that the %ull orn in the ear(
!ar& 1028
It Ta+es Time $or =aith To
;ou must de5elop .ourself in the
<in/dom principles" As it takes time for
seeds to /row, it also takes time for .ou
to de5elop .ourself to !elie5e what .ou
are sa.in/ will come to pass" ;ou ma.
start speakin/ to thin/s, !ut that doesn9t
mean the thin/s will o!e. .ou
The woman with the issue of !lood
descri!ed in the fifth chapter of Aark
took four stepsF speakin/, actin/,
recei5in/, and knowin/" Apparentl. this
happened in a relati5el. short period of
timeC howe5er, when .ou follow these
218 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
steps, results usually 'ill not happen
efore an.thin/ chan/es on the
outsideD!efore .ou feel !etter or look
!etterDthe ima/e inside .ou must
chan/e, and this takes time" =ili/ence to
do what 8od9s :ord sa.s 'ill e5entuall.
produce the results 8od said it would"
The reason these thin/s manifested
fast for >esus was !ecause He was hi/hl.
de5eloped in His faith" It takes lon/er for
some people to recei5e the manifestation
of what the. speak !ecause the. are not
as hi/hl. de5eloped in their faith as in
their fear"
:hen I first started appl.in/ the
<in/dom principles in m. life, it took
weeks and months !efore I saw an.
results with the natural e.e"
It took time to chan/e m. ima/e
a!out finances" The. didn9t impro5e
o5erni/ht !ecause operatin/ <in/dom
principles is a wa. of lifeDa process, not
a fadH
4perate the *ingdom
Eeaping the 8arvest 219
6et9s summari@e what we ha5e
learned so far a!out operatin/ the
In Aatthew *'F+),+4 >esus said to the
scri!es and 1hariseesF
O generation o% vipers, ho' an ye,
being evil, spea& goo$ things3 %or out o%
the abun$ane o% the heart the mouth
2 goo$ man out o% the goo$ treasure
Hor $eposit; o% the heart bringeth %orth
goo$ things(
A /ood man who has stored /ood
treasureDdeposited the /ood :ord of
8odDin his heart will !rin/ forth /ood
thin/s" Aan. times people pra. for )o$
to !rin/ forth /ood thin/s when actuall.
the :ord sa.s you must do it"
In 6uke *'F+' >esus said, :ear not,
little %lo&9 %or it is your :ather*s goo$
pleasure to give you the &ing$om( 8od
desi/ned His <in/dom inside .ou to
produce the 5er. thin/ .ou need, and
>esus tells how it works" The seed is
planted in the heart !. speakin/ it with
240 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
the mouth" A man speaks the :ord of
8od Ethe seedG into the heart, or plants it
in the soil" Then, as he carries on life as
usual, takin/ no an2ious thou/ht, the
seed /rows up into the thin/ he needs" It
!ecomes, as >esus said, the %ull orn in
the ear(
;ou appl. the principles of 8od9s
:ord !. !ein/ o!edientD!elie5e, speak,
dou!t not, and /i5e" :hen .ou do, the
<in/dom will produce for .ou" .
sowin/ 8od9s :ord in 8od9s soil E.our
heartG, .ou will e5entuall. reap a har5est
of success"
Things To Remember
>ust as it takes time for seed to /row
in the soil, it takes time for .ou to
de5elop .ourself in <in/dom principles"
efore an.thin/ can chan/e on the
outside, .our ima/e inside must chan/e
Dand that takes time"
The more hi/hl. de5eloped .ou are in
faith, the faster the manifestation of what
.ou speak will come"
. dili/entl. appl.in/ the principles
Eeaping the 8arvest 241
of the <in/dom, .ou will e5entuall. reap
a har5est of successH
1> 0ope and =aith
Co' %aith is the substane o% things
hope$ %or, the evi$ene o% things not seen(
8ebre's 1101
?aith is the substane, or the raw
material, of thin/s .ou hope for" :hat do
.ou hope forK Thin/s .ou desire"
?aith is the evi$ene, or the proo%, of
thin/s not seen" This means .ou can ha5e
proof of the thin/s .ou can9t see"
0ope Is a Goal"Setter
Hope works in the mind" Hope will
not produce the thin/ desired, !ut it is
5er. important" Aan. that are sick come
to !e pra.ed for !ecause the. hope to !e
Hope will not heal them, !ut it will
cause them to come for pra.er" Hope is
reall. a /oal$setter"
Aan. people ha5e hope in their heart,
241 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
where faith should !e, and faith in their
head where hope should !e" Hope works
throu/h the intellect" E5en thou/h a
person is !orn a/ain, he must renew his
mind to the :ord of 8od in order to
keep his /oals in line with 8od9s /oals"
?aith, the su!stance of thin/s, works
out of the heart Ethe inner man, the spirit
manG" The heart, which >esus called the
soil, will produce the 5er. thin/ that is
planted in it"
1aul wrote, .e not on%orme$ to this
'orl$0 but be ye trans%orme$ by the
rene'ing o% your min$ ERom" *'F'G" He
wrote these words to the Roman
church, who were !orn$a/ain" If the.
needed to renew their minds, so do
Hope works out of the headC faith out
of the heart" 6et me /i5e .ou an
A thermostat controls the temperature
of .our house" In itself, that thermostat
has no a!ilit. to heat or coolC !ut when
the dial is set at a certain temperature, it
sends an impulse, a /oal, to the heart of
8ope an$ :aith 244
the unit" The unit will work as lon/ as
necessar. to produce that temperature
If a hermit from the mountains comes
to 5isit .ou, he will ha5e no
understandin/ of how such a heatin/ unit
operates" :hen he first enters .our
house, it is hot" He sees .ou turn the
thermostat to (#O, then he feels cool air
!lowin/" In a few minutes, the house is
He asks, I:hat is that thin/KI
IA thermostat"I
I:here do .ou /et one of themKI
IAn. hardware store sells them"I
As soon as he lea5es, he finds a
hardware store, !u.s a thermostat, carries
it home, and nails it on his ca!in wall"
:hen the sun comes up the ne2t
mornin/, his ca!in /ets hot so he turns
the thermostat to 3#O, sits !ack, and
waits" In a little while, he starts to
perspire" ?inall. he /ets up and !eats on
the thermostat"
245 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
I:hat9s wron/ with .ouK :h. don9t
.ou cool m. houseKI That thermostat has
no su!stanceC it is onl. a /oal$setter" It is
like a man that is dealin/ entirel. in the
realm of hope" Nothin/ is connected to
the heart of the unit"
Hope has no su!stanceC it is onl. a
/oal$setterH There is some power in the
mental realm, !ut it is onl. a /oal$setterH
It is the spiritual manDthe heart of the
unit that will produce the thin/ .ou dial
EplantG in it"
Sometimes in the spiritual realm, we
tr. to /et faith to work out of the head,
when all the head can do is set the /oal"
The i!le sa.s faith works in the
heart" :ith the /oal$setter in .our head,
!e/in to renew .our mind to what 8od
saidF Ilessed !e 8odH I9m redeemed
from the curse of the 6aw, deli5ered
from the powers of darkness, translated
into the <in/dom of the dear Son of
8od" ecause I ha5e /i5en, it is /i5en
unto me, /ood measure, pressed down,
shaken to/ether, and runnin/ o5er"I
=ial .our /oal$setter to prosperit.
8ope an$ :aith 246
and keep it there" It will send an impulse
to .our heart, the production center"
!elease your =aith
=urin/ the winter months, heat is the
thin/ .ou hope for, and /as is the
su!stanceDthe raw materialDof the heat
.ou hope for"
The raw material for heatin/ .our
home is connected to the heatin/ unit at
all times, !ut whether or not that raw
material is used is another matter" ,ou
ha5e to turn the dial of the thermostat"
:hen .ou do, an impulse will !e sent to
the heart of the unit, a little 5al5e will
flip, the pilot li/ht will i/nite the /as, and
heat will !e produced"
The /as, the su!stance, is there all the
timeC !ut until the /oal$setter si/nals the
release, it is tied up" This is how some
people are with their faithDthe. ha5e it,
!ut ha5en9t released it"
;ou must learn to release .our faith"
Turn the dial of .our renewed mind and
set it on the /oal .ou want !. speakin/
8od9s :ord concernin/ that particular
248 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
area" It will then release the impulse to
.our heart and produce the desired
As .ou /o a!out .our dail. acti5ities,
speak words of healin/ and prosperit."
E5en while .ou sleep, .our heart is
workin/ to produce e5er.thin/ .ou need"
Once the thermostat is set, .ou can rest
assured that it will work da. and ni/ht
until it produces what .ou pro/rammed
into it"
If .ou turn the thermostat to 3#O, then
up to &#O, then !ack to 3#O, .ou will
pro!a!l. !low a fuse somewhere" The
unit is not desi/ned to function that wa."
;ou should set the thermostat at a certain
temperature and lea5e it there"
Dou,le"minded Man Gets
3othing $rom God
+% any o% you la& 'is$om, let him as& o%
)o$, that giveth to all men liberally, an$
upbrai$eth not9 an$ it shall be given him(
.ut let him as& in %aith, nothing
'avering( :or he that 'avereth is li&e a
'ave o% the sea $riven 'ith the 'in$ an$
8ope an$ :aith 249
:or let not that man thin& that he shall
reeive any thing o% the 7or$( 2 $ouble
min$e$ man is unstable in all his 'ays(
James 104<8
A dou!le$minded man allows
circumstances to influence him and
keeps chan/in/ his /oal" He ma. set his
/oal on prosperit.C !ut if some!od. tells
him, IIt9s not 8od9s will for .ou to ha5e
riches,I he dials !ack to po5ert."
After he /oes to an upliftin/ meetin/,
he switches his /oal to prosperit.C !ut
when he /oes !ack to his church and
hears, I;ou9re ne5er /oin/ to /et
an.thin/ in this life,I he turns !ack to
po5ert. a/ain" He will ne5er !ecome
A certain minister tells the stor. of a
paral.@ed man who came to one of his
meetin/s in a wheelchair" 8od healed
him, and he walked out of the meetin/
that ni/htH
The ne2t da. his pastor came to see
him Ito strai/hten him out"I Thou/h the
250 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
man walked to the door and let him in,
the pastor wasn9t impressed" He said,
Irother, all healin/ went out with the
apostles" This is of the =e5il, and .ou
would !e !etter off in a wheelchair than
to !e healed this wa.HI
:hen the pastor left, the man was
una!le to mo5e from his chairF He had
lost his healin/H The /oal$setterDthe
impulse to that man9s heartDhad !een
reset for sickness !. the words that
pastor had spoken"
:hen he thou/ht, "he pastor may be
right( +t must be )o$*s 'ill %or me to be
si&, he !ecame dou!le$minded and the
paral.sis came !ack on him"
?earn the ?anguage o$ Success
So man. times when people pra.,
the. onl. pra. the pro!lem"
I=ear 8od, I don9t know what I9m
/oin/ to do" I owe all this mone.H I95e
lost m. Bo!H No mone. is comin/ in"
6ord, I9ll ne5er /et these !ills paidH This
is a !i/ mountain in m. life, 6ord, and I
pra. that ;ou9ll mo5e it out of the wa."
8ope an$ :aith 251
1lease do somethin/ a!out these
In a pra.er like this, the /oal is set
onl. on the pro!lemC and as it is pra.ed,
the impulse is released to the heart to
produce that /oal"
ut >esus said that the ?ather knows
what we ha5e need of, e5en !efore we
ask Him" EAatt" 3F%"G Our part is to pra.
the answer"
I?ather, in the name of >esus, ;our
:ord sa.s that whate5er I desire, when I
pra., !elie5e I recei5e it and I shall ha5e
it" So I am doin/ that now" I ha5e /i5en,
so I !elie5e that it is !ein/ /i5en unto me
D/ood measure, pressed down, shaken
to/ether, and runnin/ o5er" I proclaim
that all m. needs are met accordin/ to
;our riches in /lor. !. -hrist >esus" I
can pra. this, ?ather, !ecause it is
accordin/ to ;our :ord, and I know that
;our :ord worksHI
:hen .ou pra. such a pra.er as this,
there will !e people around .ou who will
tr. to talk .ou out of it" =on9t listen to
them" Set .our /oal on the solution and
252 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
keep it thereH
One lad. said she recei5ed healin/
for arthritis after hands were laid on her
in the name of >esus" She was almost
totall. well for se5eral months" Then
people started callin/ her and leadin/ her
into con5ersations like thisF
IHow are .ou doin/KI IOh, I9m Bust
doin/ fine"I
I:ell, .ou know these thin/s come
!ack sometimes" =on9t .ou feel an.
I:ell, .es, there is Bust a little !it"I
I;es, that9s what I thou/ht"I
That lad. said she !e/an to listen to
that until she e5entuall. lost her healin/"
:hen she started talkin/ a!out her
pro!lems, her mind was soon !ack on the
arthritis and it came !ack on her"
I can ne5er o5eremphasi@e the
importance of the words .ou speak" >esus
said that we will ha5e whatsoe5er we
sa." EAark **F'+,')"G :e cannot talk
sickness and disease and e2pect to walk
in health" The same is true of prosperit."
8ope an$ :aith 25/
:e cannot continue sa.in/ thin/s like,
I:e ne5er can afford the thin/s we
need,I and e2pect to walk in prosperit."
It ma. !e true that .ou can9t afford
5er. much at that time, !ut don9t talk
a!out it" Instead, keep .our words in line
with 8od9s :ordF II ha5e /i5en, so I
know it is /i5en unto me" It9s mine now
e5en thou/h I don9t see it" It !elon/s to
me" 8od said it is mine, so I am /oin/ to
!elie5e 8odHI
8od9s faith will ne5er fail and 8od9s
:ord will ne5er fail, !ut .ou can cause
.our own faith to fail !. /ettin/ .our e.e
on the pro!lem" 6earn the lan/ua/e of
success and practice it"
The Three D's o$ 'usiness
1: Don't curse your o)n $ig tree:
=on9t speak a/ainst .our finances,
.our car, or .our !usiness"
&: Don't su,stitute $aith $or good
,usiness practices:
There is an element of common sense
that must !e included" =on9t for/et it"
251 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
-: Don't su,stitute $ormula $or
=on9t Bust speak .our desire, !ut
!elie5e what .ou sa. will come to pass"
elie5e everything .ou speak out .our
mouth will come to pass"
:hen .ou !elie5e what .ou are
sa.in/, .ou are releasin/ spiritual forces"
It won9t work Bust !ecause .ou sa. it, !ut
sa.in/ it is in5ol5ed in workin/ the
Do These Things to Ma+e Your
Way Prosperous.
Set .our /oal on prosperit. !.
knowin/ 8od9s will for .our success"
Reco/ni@e the <in/dom as the
Source of suppl."
Seek the Source E<in/domG instead
of thin/s"
Sow /ood seed in the <in/dom"
O!e. 8od9s :ord !. doin/ the
sa.in/s of >esus"
e a /i5er and not a /ra!!er"
8ope an$ :aith 254
=on9t take thou/ht !. sa.in/ wron/
-ontinue to speak 8od9s :ord
concernin/ prosperit."
e/in to appl. these principles toda."
Then .ou will make .our wa. prosperous
and .ou will ha5e /ood success"
Things To Remember
?aith is the su!stance of thin/s hoped
Hope has no su!stanceC it is onl. a
?aith works in the heartC hope works
in the head"
The heart produces that which the
/oal is set on" Set .our /oal on the
solution, not the pro!lem"
6earn the lan/ua/e of success and
practice it"
=ial .our /oal$setter to prosperit.
and success, then keep it thereH
1@ Prospering or
The world s.stem is a ne/ati5e
stream /oin/ its own wa. to destruction"
Aan. -hristians /et cau/ht in this
ne/ati5e stream and ne5er seem to
reco5er from the effects of it" One !ad
thin/ leads to another" It is like a
snow!all rollin/ down a hillC the further
it /oes, the more destructi5e it !ecomes"
"he rih man*s 'ealth is his strong ity0
the $estrution o% the poor is their poverty(
Proverbs 10014
6et9s e2amine the li5es of two men
descri!ed in this 5erse" One we will call
1rosperous >oe" He is 5er. positi5e and
!ases his actions on the :ord of 8od"
The other we will call 1oormouth >oe"
He is 5er. ne/ati5e and !ases his actions
on what he sees, feels, and hears" oth
men ha5e /ood Bo!s at the same plant"
258 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
1rosperous >oe has !een confessin/
a!undance and no lack" Se5eral times a
da. he proclaims, II ha5e /i5en, and it is
/i5en to meC /ood measure, pressed
down, shaken to/ether, and runnin/ o5er
do men /i5e unto me"I
He has put his faith out for dou!le
his salar. ne2t .ear" He sa.s, II9m
/i5in/, !ut I9ll dou!le m. /i5in/
!ecause I !elie5e I9m /oin/ to recei5e
dou!le m. salar. ne2t .ear"I He is
praisin/ 8od for his prosperit." His
fa5orite Scripture is 1ro5er!s *#F''F
"he blessing o% the 7or$, it ma&eth rih,
an$ he a$$eth no sorro' 'ith it(
In his spare time, 1rosperous >oe
attends seminars, listens to teachin/
tapes, and meditates on 8od9s :ord"
1oormouth >oe has come from a
traditional church which teaches that
8od leads us Ithrou/h the fire and
throu/h the floodI Ethen lea5es .ou in
the mudHG" He has /rown up thinkin/
that 8od !rin/s po5ert. on .ou to
teach .ou" His fa5orite Scripture is '
Prospering or Poormouthing 259
Timoth. +F*'F ,ea, an$ all that 'ill live
go$ly in Christ Jesus shall su%%er
1oormouth >oe is sa5ed and filled
with the Hol. 8host, the same as
1rosperous >oe" 8od lo5es 1oormouth
>oe Bust as much as He lo5es 1rosperous
>oe" He would do for him what He does
for 1rosperous >oe if he would operate in
the same principles"
:hile 1rosperous >oe is confessin/
dou!le his salar., 1oormouth >oe is
alwa.s speakin/ ne/ati5e thin/s" After
he landed a /ood Bo! at the plant, his
wife said, I8lor. to 8odH That9s the !est
Bo! .ou e5er hadHI ut he onl. muttered,
I;eah, !ut I9ll pro!a!l. !e the first one
laid offH ;ou watch and seeH Nothin/
will e5er last for me"I
ecause of their new income, his
wife talked to him a!out !u.in/ a new
car" His response was, IAs sure as we
!u. that car, I9ll lose m. Bo!HI
:ithout e5en reali@in/ it, he is
!rin/in/ ne/ati5e thin/s on himself
throu/h his words"
260 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Almost e5er. ni/ht after watchin/ the
news, 1oormouth >oe tells his wife, IThis
recession is reall. !ad, and people are
!ein/ laid off" I9ll pro!a!l. !e the first
one to /o at our plant"I
One mornin/ he /oes to work, and his
fear has come upon him" The !oss sa.s,
I:e are cuttin/ !ack and we don9t need
.ou an.more"I So 1oormouth >oe /oes
home to ha5e a pit. part." He sa.s, IOh,
6ord, I knew it was /oin/ to happenH I
told m. wife three months a/o that this
was /oin/ to happenHI
To/ether, he and his wife cr. half the
ni/ht" The. e5en call the nei/h!ors who
cr. with them and /i5e them a load of
s.mpath.D!ut no :ord"
1rosperous >oe, who has !een
confessin/ dou!le his salar., /oes to
work that same mornin/ and /ets laid off
alsoC !ut he knows what >esus saidF IIf a
man will do A. sa.in/s, he won9t !e
shaken when the ne/ati5e stream !eats
a/ainst him"I
1rosperous >oe sa.s, I8lor. to 8odH I
still !elie5e I will dou!le m. salar. this
Prospering or Poormouthing 261
.ear" This ma. not !e the place where I9ll
do it, !ut I will, for I !elie5e I recei5e"I
:hen he /ets home, his wife sa.s,
I:hat are .ou doin/ home so earl.KI
II lost m. Bo!, hone.C !ut, praise
8od, I9ll /et a !etter one" This is our
chance to pro5e that 8od9s :ord works"
8et the i!le and let9s confess what
8od9s :ord sa.s a!out this situation"I
E6uke 3F)(,)%"G
That ni/ht, after confessin/ the :ord
of 8od, 1rosperous >oe sleeps well" He
finds that the :ord of 8od has not
chan/ed, e5en thou/h he has lost his Bo!"
ut !ecause 1oormouth >oe had a pit.
part. all ni/ht, cr.in/, I:h. me, 6ordKI
it9s earl. in the mornin/ !efore he /ets to
sleep" :allowin/ in miser. feels /ood to
his flesh" He !elie5es that somehow 8od
is /ettin/ /lor. out of his sufferin/"
1rosperous >oe9s spirit is filled with
/ood wordsF Ilessed !e 8odH :hate5er
I do will prosper" No weapon formed
a/ainst me will prosper" I e2pect this
situation to !less meHI 1ro5er!s *#F*4a
descri!es 1rosperous >oeF "he rih man*s
262 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
'ealth is his strong ity, and 8od9s :ord
is his wealth"
1rosperous >oe has sown /ood seed
into his spirit and has set his /oal on
prosperit." :hile he sleeps, his spirit
searches the a5enues of 8od9s wisdom" It
takes se5eral ni/hts, !ut his spirit finds a
wa. to !rin/ to pass the thin/s he has
spoken in faith"
oth men are operatin/ the same
principle of seedtime and har5estDone
positi5e, the other ne/ati5e"
Notice the t.pe of seed 1oormouth
>oe plants in his spiritF II9ll pro!a!l. !e
the first one laid off"I After he loses his
Bo!, he plants another seed !. tellin/ his
wifeF F#e*ll probably lose our house(
The note is due in >anuar." How can I
pa. itK :e9re /oin/ to lose the house Bust
as sure as the world" ;ou watch and see
what I tell .ou"I
1ro5er!s *#F*4! sa.s the poor man9s
po5ert. is his destruction" This perfectl.
descri!es 1oormouth >oe" He Bust
continues to !ecome more and more
ne/ati5e as the circumstances worsen"
Prospering or Poormouthing 26/
One mornin/ 1rosperous >oe sa.s, II
feel impressed in m. spirit to /o
downtown and look for work"I
The 5er. same mornin/, 1oormouth
>oe /ets an impressionF II need to /o
downtown this mornin/"I
So !oth of them start downtown"
As 1rosperous >oe is dri5in/ down
the !oule5ard, he is impressed in his
spirit to ha5e a cup of coffeeC so at &F##
A"A" he dri5es into the parkin/ lot of a
local restaurant, /oes in, and sits in the
second !ooth" At &F#+ A"A" >oe low, an
old school !udd., walks in" The. /reet
each other"
I:ell, 1rosperous >oe, how are .ou
I>ust /reat, >oe"I
I;ou know, .ou ha5e !een on m.
mind for se5eral da.s" :hat are .ou
doin/ nowKI
II was workin/ at the plant until a
few da.s a/o when I /ot laid offC !ut,
thank 8od, I9m /oin/ to /et a !etter Bo!HI
261 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
>oe low sa.s, IThat9s ama@in/H I am
!uildin/ a manufacturin/ plant in town,
and I need a mana/er" ;ou are e2actl.
what I need" :hen I was pra.in/ the
other da., .our name came to me, !ut I
had no idea where .ou were"I
This meetin/ was no accident" >oe
low hires 1rosperous >oe at twice the
salar. he was makin/ pre5iousl."
1rosperous >oe9s spirit produced e2actl.
what he had spokenH 2 man shall be
satis%ie$ 'ith goo$ by the %ruit o% his
mouth0 an$ the reompene o% a man*s
han$s shall be ren$ere$ unto him E1ro5"
As 1oormouth >oe is dri5in/ down
the same !oule5ard, he is ha5in/ a pit.
part., thinkin/, 8o' am + ever going to
get out o% this mess3 #hy $o these things
al'ays seem to happen to me3
Suddenl., he /ets the desire for a cup
of coffee" Instead of pullin/ into the
parkin/ lot of the restaurant where
1rosperous >oe is, he dri5es to another
restaurant down the street"
>oe low was lookin/ for two men
Prospering or Poormouthing 264
and would ha5e hired 1oormouth >oe if
he had walked in, !ut 1oormouth >oe had
decei5ed his heart with his wordsF #e
'ill lose our house( +*ll never %in$ a goo$
=ob again( He set the /oal and his human
spirit led him to what he said" He was led
!. his spirit to the wron/ place for coffee
!ecause the seed was wron/"
2 'holesome tongue is a tree o% li%e0 but
perverseness therein is a breah in the
Proverbs 1401
:hile 1rosperous >oe9s spirit had
!een searchin/ the a5enues of 8od9s
wisdom all ni/ht lon/ to find how to /et
him in a place to dou!le his salar.,
1oormouth >oe9s spirit had !een
searchin/ all ni/ht to find out how he
could lose his car and his house" The
question he posed for his spirit to answer
was not, IHow will I prosperKI !ut 8o'
'ill + %ail3 The seed is planted and, in
searchin/ for a wa. to /et him e2actl.
what he had !een sa.in/, 1oormouth
>oe9s spirit found a wa. to keep him from
the restaurant where the /ood deals were"
265 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
Then as the waitress is !rin/in/
coffee to 1oormouth >oe, she trips and
pours it all o5er himH His da. is ruined" It
was his onl. clean suit, so he returns
home to ha5e another pit. part."
The ne2t mornin/ when he hears
a!out 1rosperous >oe, 1oormouth >oe
complains, IHe9s the luckiest /u. who
e5er li5edH I don9t understand wh. 8od
!lesses him, !ut won9t !less me" Nothin/
/ood e5er happens to me"I
( ( ( the $estrution o% the poor is their
Proverbs 10014b
6ater while he is sha5in/, he /ets
another impressionF II heard that the
plant in the ne2t town is hirin/ now" I
feel led to /o o5er there"I
His spirit is leadin/ him there !ecause
it is workin/ to !rin/ him what he has
!een sa.in/" 8ood, !ad, or indifferent,
the outcome depends on the seed that
was sown"
?ollowin/ his impression, 1oormouth
>oe /oes to the ne2t town and /ets a Bo!
Prospering or Poormouthing 266
at that plant" His spirit led him to one of
the few places in the nation where he
could /et a Bo! and then lose it in thirt.
da.sH A month after he starts, the plant
/oes !ankrupt and la.s off all the help"
. >anuar. his har5est has comeF He
loses his car and his house" Still, he can9t
understand itF #hy $i$ )o$ allo' this to
happen to me3
8od wanted to !less 1oormouth >oe
in the same wa. He !lessed 1rosperous
>oe !ecause He lo5es !oth of them the
sameC !ut so man. of 8od9s people are
destro.ed for lack of knowled/e"
;es, this was a h.pothetical situation,
!ut it has !een true in the li5es of so
man. of 8od9s people"
8od wants .ou to take hold of His
principles and !e a 1rosperous >oe" It is
the law of seedtime and har5est" Start
sowin/ .our crop toda.H
I !elie5e the words of the Apostle
1aul make a 5er. fittin/ close to this
2n$ the servant o% the 7or$ must not
268 Suess !otivation "hrough "he #or$
strive9 but be gentle unto all men, apt to
teah, patient,
+n mee&ness instruting those that
oppose themselves9 i% )o$ pera$venture 'ill
give them repentane to the a&no'le$ging
o% the truth9
2n$ that they may reover themselves
out o% the snare o% the $evil, 'ho are ta&en
aptive by him at his 'ill(
2 "imothy 2021<25
;ou must reco5er .ourself out of the
ne/ati5e stream" No one can do it for
.ou" The first step to reco5er. is to
reco/ni@e where .ou are and ha5e a
desire to reco5er"
( ( ( 'hen the $esire ometh, it is a tree
o% li%e(
Proverbs 1/012
-harles -apps is a former farmer and
land de5eloper who tra5els throu/hout
the United States, teachin/ and preachin/
the truths of 8od9s :ord" He shares from
practical, first$hand e2perience how
-hristians can appl. the :ord to the
circumstances of life and li5e
esides authorin/ se5eral !ooks,
includin/ the !est$sellin/ "he "ongue, 2
Creative :ore, -harles also has a
nationwide radio ministr. called
I-oncepts of ?aith"I
-harles and his wife 1e//. make
their home in En/land, Arkansas" oth
their dau/hters, Annette and e5erl., are
in5ol5ed in full$time ministr."
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