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Tennessee Chapter
Entry Fee $20.00 Per Boat Optional Big Fish Pot $10.00
Tournament Rules: 1. 5 Fish Limit maximum in live
wells at all times.
2. Only Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth, Spotted bass will be allowed at weigh in.
3. Short Fish = 1 lb. plus that fish.
4. Dead Fish = 1/2 lb per dead fish off stringer weight. Big Fish entries must be alive and healthy.
5. Late = 1 lb/minute, Disqualification at 15 minutes.
6. All boats must have a working live well.
7. Only bait casting and spinning rods may be used.
8. No Live Bait allowed.
9. Anglers may have any number of rods rigged but may only use one rod at a time.
10. Boats must have all required USCG items onboard.
11. USCG approved PFD's must be worn by all persons in boat and the kill switch must be attached to the driver
when outboard motor is running.
12. Tie for 1st place will be broken by number of fish, then big fish. All other place ties, place money will be
combined and split evenly with tied teams
13. Everyone is expected to be courteous and act in a sportsmanship manner as to bring credit to the BBC and
this club, our main goal is to have fun and meet new friends.
14. Starts will be determined by number draw at the ramp, Tournament Directors will call numbers, no more
than 2 boats will launch at one time.
15. Protests must be presented to the Tournament Director before the scales are closed. Final disposition of
protest will be made by the tournament committee.
16. All boating participants must be insured with a minimum of $100,000 of boat Liability Insurance.
17. At least one member of each team must be a BassBoatCentral.com member in good standing.
18. Use of alcoholic beverages is not permitted during tournament hours.
19. Use or possession of illegal drugs is not permitted at any time during the Rally and Tournament.

Submit Entry form and Participant Release and Waiver form with entry fee of $20.00 and optional $10.00 Big Bass pot,
cash at the ramp. (only $20's and smaller bills please).

Please enter amount Paid $____________________

Boater______________________________________ Non-Boater_________________________________
Please Print Please Print Please Print Please Print

City___________________________,State________ City__________________________,State_________

We hereby waive and release BassBoat Central Inc. and all officers, directors, sponsors and organizers associated with
this tournament of all and any claims of injury or damage which may occur during this tournament.

Boater Signature: _________________________________________ Date Signed __________________________

Non-Boater Sig.:___________________________________________ Date Signed __________________________

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