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InstaIIation, 2-3
npack|ng and |eve|||ng
Oonnect|ng the e|ectr|c|ty and water supp||es
Techn|ca| data
Description of the machine, 4-5
Touch contro| pane|
How to run a wash cycIe or a drying
cycIe, 6
Wash cycIes and options, 7
Tab|e of wash cyc|es
Wash opt|ons
Detergents and Iaundry, 8
Prepar|ng the |aundry
Wash|ng recommendat|ons
|oad ba|anc|ng system
Precautions and advice, 9
Oenera| safety
Open|ng the portho|e door manua||y
Care and maintenance, 10
Outt|ng off the water and e|ectr|c|ty supp||es
O|ean|ng the mach|ne
O|ean|ng the detergent d|spenser drawer
Oar|ng for your app||ance drum
O|ean|ng the pump
Oheck|ng the water |n|et hose
TroubIe shooting, 11
Assistance, 12
AQM8D 49 U H
Instructions for
instaIIation and use
Th|s |nstruct|on manua| shou|d be kept |n a safe p|ace
for future reference. |f the wash|ng mach|ne |s so|d,
g|ven away or moved, p|ease ensure the manua| |s kept
w|th the mach|ne, so that the new owner may benef|t
from the adv|ce conta|ned w|th|n |t.
Pead these |nstruct|ons carefu||y: they conta|n v|ta|
|nformat|on re|at|ng to the safe |nsta||at|on and operat|on
of the app||ance.
|ns|de the pack conta|n|ng th|s manua|, you w||| a|so
f|nd the guarantee and a|| the deta||s necessary for
Unpacking and IeveIIing
1. Once you have removed a|| the packag|ng from the
wash|ng mach|ne, make sure |t has not been damaged
dur|ng transportat|on.
|f |t has been damaged, contact the reta||er and do not
proceed any further w|th the |nsta||at|on process.
2. Pemove the 4
protect|ve screws (used
dur|ng transportat|on} and
the correspond|ng spacer,
|ocated on the rear part of
the app||ance (see /|0e}.
UnIocking the chest
To remove the bracket that |ocks the chest |n p|ace and
supports the tub dur|ng transportat|on, remove the
"centra|" screws, then ho|d |t f|rm|y as you push |t
backwards and take |t out, |oosen the 4 "s|de" screws
and remove the meta| str|p.
After you have comp|eted th|s process f|t the p|ast|c toe-
k|ck supp||ed (|n the "chest"}, mak|ng sure that the
hooks have been pos|t|oned |n the ho|es prov|ded before
push|ng |t towards the mach|ne.
Fo moe oe|a||eo |n/oma||on o|ease e/e |o ||e
0|oe||nes oo.|oeo |ns|oe ||e 'c|es|'.
Packag|ng mater|a|s shou|d not be used as toys by
1. P|ace the wash|ng mach|ne on a f|at sturdy f|oor,
w|thout rest|ng |t up aga|nst wa||s or cab|nets.
2. |f the f|oor |s uneven,
the front feet of the
mach|ne may be adjusted
unt|| |t reaches a hor|zonta|
pos|t|on (the ang|e of
|nc||nat|on must not
exceed 2 degrees}.
|f the app||ance |s |eve||ed correct|y, |t w||| be more
stab|e and much |ess ||ke|y to cause v|brat|ons and no|se
wh||e |t |s operat|ng, part|cu|ar|y dur|ng the sp|n cyc|e.
|f |t |s p|aced on carpet or a rug, adjust the feet |n such
a way as to a||ow a suff|c|ent vent||at|on space
underneath the wash|ng mach|ne.
Connecting the eIectricity and water
Connecting the water inIet hose
5e/oe connec||n ||e |n|e| |ose |o ||e wa|e s0oo|,,
0n ||e wa|e 0n||| || |s oe/ec||, c|ea.
1. Oonnect the |n|et hose
to the mach|ne by
screw|ng |t onto the co|d
water |n|et of the
app||ance, wh|ch |s
s|tuated on the top r|ght-
hand s|de of the rear part
of the app||ance (see
2. Oonnect the |n|et hose
by screw|ng |t to a co|d
water tab us|ng a 3/4 gas
threaded connect|on (see
3. Make sure that the hose |s not fo|ded over or bent.
The water pressure at the tap must fa|| w|th|n the va|ues
|nd|cated |n the Techn|ca| data tab|e (see nex| oae.
TechnicaI data
ModeI AOM8D 49 H
w|dth 59,5 cm
he|ght 105 cm
depth 64,5 cm
from 1to 8 kg for wash programme
from 1 to 6 kg for the dry|ng programme
p|ease refer to the techn|ca| data
p|ate f|xed to the mach|ne
Water connections
max|mum pressure 1 MPa (10 bar}
m|n|mum pressure 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar}
drum capac|ty 62 ||tres
Spin speed up to 1400 rotat|ons per m|nute
Energy rated
according to
EN 50229
Wash: programme , temperature
60O, us|ng a |oad of 8 kg.
Dry|ng: f|rst dry|ng cyc|e performed
w|th a 2 kg |oad, by se|ect|ng the
dry|ng |eve| "|PON",
Second dry|ng cyc|e performed w|th a
6 kg |oad, se|ect|ng the max|mum
dry|ng |eve| "E`TPA".
Th|s app||ance conforms to the
fo||ow|ng EO D|rect|ves:
- 89/336/EEO dated 03/05/89
(E|ectromagnet|c Oompat|b|||ty} and
subsequent mod|f|cat|ons
- 2006/95/EO (|ow vo|tage}
- 2002/96/EO
65 - 100 cm
|f the |n|et hose |s not |ong enough, contact a
spec|a||sed shop or an author|sed techn|c|an.
Never use second-hand or o|d |n|et hoses, use the
products supp||ed w|th the mach|ne.
Connecting the drain hose
Oonnect the dra|n hose to
dra|n duct p|p|ng or a wa||
dra|n |ocated between 65
and 100 cm above the
f|oor, mak|ng sure |t |s not
bent at a||.
A|ternat|ve|y, rest the dra|n
hose on the s|de of a
washbas|n or bathtub,
fasten|ng the duct
supp||ed to the tap (see
The free end of the hose
shou|d not be underwater.
We adv|se aga|nst the use of hose extens|ons, |f |t |s
abso|ute|y necessary, the extens|on must have the same
d|ameter as the or|g|na| hose and must not exceed 150
cm |n |ength.
EIectricaI connections
Before p|ugg|ng the app||ance |nto the e|ectr|c|ty socket,
make sure that:
the socket |s earthed and comp||es w|th a|| app||cab|e
the socket |s ab|e to w|thstand the max|mum power
|oad of the app||ance as |nd|cated |n the Techn|ca|
data tab|e (see oooos||e,
the power supp|y vo|tage fa||s w|th|n the va|ues
|nd|cated |n the Techn|ca| data tab|e (see oooos||e,
the socket |s compat|b|e w|th the p|ug of the
app||ance. |f th|s |s not the case, have the socket or
the p|ug rep|aced.
The mach|ne must not be |nsta||ed outdoors, even |n
covered areas. |t |s extreme|y dangerous to |eave the
app||ance exposed to ra|n, storms and other weather
The ma|ns socket must rema|n w|th|n easy reach after
the wash|ng mach|ne has been |nsta||ed.
Do not use extens|on cords or mu|t|p|e sockets.
The cab|e shou|d not be bent or compressed.
The power supp|y cab|e and p|ug must on|y be
rep|aced by author|sed techn|c|ans.
Warn|ng! The company sha|| not be he|d respons|b|e |n
the event that these regu|at|ons are not respected.
Description of the machine
A|ways use the hand|e to
open the portho|e door (see
sed to ho|d the so||ed
|aundry. To open |t, pu|| |t
outwards (see /|0e.
The detergent d|spenser
drawer |s |ocated |ns|de the
mach|ne and can be
accessed by open|ng the
door. For more |nformat|on
on detergent measures,
p|ease refer to the chapter
ent|t|ed 'De|een|s ano
|a0no,. Note. s||c| ||e |aoe|
s|ow|n ||e was| c,c|e
oesc|o||ons ano oo||ons on
||e /on| o/ ||e oe|een| o|soense oawe. Yo0 w||| /|no
||e s||c|e |n ||e oac| con|a|n|n |||s man0a|.
1. oe-was| comoa|men|:
use powder detergent.
5e/oe oo0|n |n ||e
oe|een|, ma|e s0e ||a|
ex|a comoa|men| 3 |as
oeen emo.eo.
2. ma|n was| comoa|men|:
use powder or ||qu|d
detergent. |f us|ng the |atter
type of detergent, we
recommend |t |s poured |nto the drawer |mmed|ate|y
before you start the washer-dryer.
3. ex|a comoa|men|. B|each
The use of extra compartment 3 exc|udes the pre-
wash funct|on.
was||n aoo|||.es comoa|men|: for fabr|c softener or
||qu|d add|t|ves. We recommend that the max|mum |eve|
|nd|cated by the gr|||e |s not exceeded, and that
concentrated fabr|c softeners are d||uted.
To adjust the sett|ngs, gent|y
press the |con |ns|de the
sens|t|ve (touch contro|} area
as |||ustrated |n ||e /|0e.
Standby mode
Th|s washer-dryer, |n comp||ance w|th new energy sav|ng
regu|at|ons, |s f|tted w|th an automat|c standby system
wh|ch |s enab|ed after a few m|nutes |f no act|v|ty |s
detected. Press the ON-OFF button br|ef|y and wa|t
for the mach|ne to start up aga|n.
The f|rst t|me the mach|ne |s sw|tched on, the f|rst |anguage
w||| f|ash on the d|sp|ay. The " ", "OK" and "V" symbo|s w|||
appear on the d|sp|ay, |n ||ne w|th the 3 buttons on the r|ght-
hand s|de. The |anguages change automat|ca||y every 3",
a|ternat|ve|y, they can be changed by press|ng the buttons next
to the " " and "V" symbo|s. se the "OK" button to conf|rm the
|anguage, wh|ch w||| be set after 2". |f no buttons are pressed,
the automat|c |anguage change w||| beg|n aga|n after 30".
The |anguage may on|y be changed wh||e the mach|ne |s
sw|tched off.
Press and ho|d the temperature +sp|n +de|ayed start
buttons for 5'', a short beep sounds and the set |anguage
f|ashes on the d|sp|ay. Press the buttons next to the " " and
"V" symbo|s to change the |anguage. se the button next to
the "OK" symbo| to conf|rm the |anguage, wh|ch w||| be set
after 2". |f no buttons are pressed, the |anguage set prev|ous|y
w||| be d|sp|ayed after 30". Sw|tch on the mach|ne.
Button w|th ONlOFF
|nd|cator ||ght
Touch controI paneI
Button w|th ONlOFF |nd|cator ||ght: press th|s br|ef|y
to sw|tch the mach|ne on or off. The green |nd|cator ||ght
|nd|cates that the mach|ne |s sw|tched on. To sw|tch off
the washer-dryer dur|ng the wash cyc|e, press and ho|d
the button for approx|mate|y 3 seconds, |f the button |s
pressed br|ef|y or acc|denta||y the mach|ne w||| not
sw|tch off. |f the mach|ne |s sw|tched off dur|ng a wash
cyc|e, th|s wash cyc|e w||| be cance||ed.
WASH CYCLE SELECTOR knob: may be turned |n
e|ther d|rect|on. To se|ect the most su|tab|e wash cyc|e,
p|ease refer to the '7ao|e o/ was| c,c|es.
The knob w||| not move dur|ng the wash cyc|e.
M1-M2 buttons: press and ho|d one of the buttons to
store a cyc|e w|th your own set preferences |n the
memory of the mach|ne. To reca|| a prev|ous|y-stored
cyc|e, press the correspond|ng button.
DRYING button : press to decrease or exc|ude
dry|ng, the se|ected dry|ng |eve| or t|me w||| appear on the
d|sp|ay (see '|ow |o 0n a was| c,c|e o a o,|n c,c|e'.
TEMPERATURE button: press to mod|fy or exc|ude
the temperature sett|ng, the va|ue se|ected w||| appear
on the d|sp|ay above (see '|ow |o 0n a was| c,c|e o a
o,|n c,c|e.
SPIN CYCLE button: press to mod|fy or exc|ude the
sp|n cyc|e, the va|ue se|ected w||| appear on the d|sp|ay
above (see '|ow |o 0n a was| c,c|e o a o,|n c,c|e.
DELAYED START button: press to set a de|ayed
start for the se|ected wash cyc|e, the set de|ay t|me w|||
appear on the d|sp|ay above (see '|ow |o 0n a was|
c,c|e o a o,|n c,c|e.
OPTION buttons: press to se|ect the ava||ab|e opt|ons.
The |nd|cator ||ght correspond|ng to the se|ected opt|on
w||| rema|n ||t (see '|ow |o 0n a was| c,c|e o a o,|n
WASH CYCLE PHASE |cons: these |||um|nate to
|nd|cate the progress of the wash cyc|e (Wash -
P|nse - Sp|n/Dra|n - Dry|ng }. The text
||ghts up when the cyc|e |s comp|ete.
STARTlPAUSE button w|th |nd|cator ||ght: when the
green |nd|cator ||ght f|ashes s|ow|y, press the button to
start a wash cyc|e. Once the cyc|e has begun the
|nd|cator ||ght w||| rema|n ||t |n a f|xed manner. To pause
the wash cyc|e, press the button aga|n, the |nd|cator
||ght w||| f|ash |n an orange co|our. |f the "Door |ocked"
|nd|cator ||ght |s sw|tched off, the door may be
opened. To start the wash cyc|e from the po|nt at wh|ch
|t was |nterrupted, press the button aga|n.
DOOR LOCKED |nd|cator ||ght: |nd|cates that the
portho|e door |s |ocked. To open the door, pause the
wash cyc|e (see "|ow |o 0n a was| c,c|e o a o,|n
CONTROL PANEL LOCK button w|th |nd|cator
||ght: to act|vate or deact|vate the contro| pane| |ock,
press and ho|d the button for approx|mate|y 2 seconds.
when the |nd|cator ||ght |s |||um|nated, the contro| pane| |s
|ocked. Th|s means |t |s poss|b|e to prevent wash cyc|es
from be|ng mod|f|ed acc|denta||y, espec|a||y where there
are ch||dren |n the home.
ECO |nd|cator ||ght: the |con ||ghts up when, after
a|ter|ng the wash|ng parameters, an energy sav|ng of at
|east 10% |s made. Furthermore, before the mach|ne
enters "Standby" mode, the |con w||| ||ght up for a few
seconds, when the mach|ne |s sw|tched off the
est|mated energy sav|ng w||| be around the 80% mark.
|nd|cator ||ght
w|th |nd|cator ||ght
DOOR LOCKED |nd|cator ||ght
LOCK button w|th
|nd|cator ||ght
WARNING: before you use the washer-dryer for the f|rst
t|me, run a wash cyc|e w|th detergent and no |aundry, us|ng
the 90 cottons cyc|e w|thout pre-wash.
1. SWITCH THE MACHINE ON. Press the button. A|| the
|nd|cator ||ghts w||| |||um|nate for 1 second and the text
AOA|T|S w||| appear on the d|sp|ay, the |nd|cator ||ght
correspond|ng to the button w||| then rema|n ||t |n a constant
manner and the STAPT/PASE |nd|cator ||ght w||| f|ash.
KNOB |eft or r|ght, unt|| the requ|red programme has been
se|ected, the name of the programme w||| appear on the
d|sp|ay. A temperature and sp|n speed |s set for each
programme, these may be adjusted. The cyc|e durat|on w|||
a|so appear on the d|sp|ay.
3. LOAD THE LAUNDRY. Open the portho|e door. |oad the
|aundry, mak|ng sure you do not exceed the max|mum |oad va|ue
|nd|cated |n the |ao|e o/ was| c,c|es on ||e /o||ow|n oae.
4. MEASURE OUT THE DETERGENT. Pu|| out the detergent
d|spenser drawer and pour the detergent |nto the re|evant
compartments as descr|bed |n 'Desc|o||on o/ ||e mac||ne.
6. CUSTOMISE THE WASH CYCLE. se the re|evant
buttons on the contro| pane|:
Modify the temperature andlor spin speed.
The mach|ne automat|ca||y d|sp|ays the max|mum
temperature and sp|n speed va|ues set for the se|ected
cyc|e, or the most recent|y-used sett|ngs |f they are
compat|b|e w|th the se|ected cyc|e. The temperature can be
decreased by press|ng the button, unt|| the co|d wash
"OFF" sett|ng |s reached. The sp|n speed may be
progress|ve|y reduced by press|ng the button, unt|| |t |s
comp|ete|y exc|uded "OFF". |f these buttons are pressed
aga|n, the max|mum va|ues are restored.
Except|on: |f the "Cottons" programme |s se|ected, the
temperature can be |ncreased up to a va|ue of 90O.
Setting the drying cycIe
The f|rst t|me the button |s pressed, the mach|ne w|||
automat|ca||y se|ect the max|mum dry|ng cyc|e wh|ch |s
compat|b|e w|th the se|ected wash cyc|e. Subsequent
presses w||| decrease the dry|ng |eve| and then the dry|ng t|me,
unt|| the cyc|e |s exc|uded comp|ete|y ("OFF"}. |f these buttons
are pressed aga|n, the max|mum va|ues are restored.
Dry|ng may be set as fo||ows:
A - Based on a set t|me per|od: between 20 and 180 m|nutes.
B- Based on the des|red |aundry dryness |eve|:
Iron: su|tab|e for c|othes wh|ch w||| need |ron|ng afterwards.
the rema|n|ng dampness softens creases, mak|ng them
eas|er to remove.
Hanger: |dea| for c|othes wh|ch do not need to be dr|ed fu||y.
Cupboard: su|tab|e for |aundry wh|ch can be put back |n a
cupboard w|thout be|ng |roned.
Extra: su|tab|e for garments wh|ch need to be dr|ed
comp|ete|y, such as sponges and bathrobes.
|f your |aundry |oad to be washed and dr|ed |s much
greater than the max|mum stated |oad (see adjacent tab|e},
perform the wash cyc|e, and when the cyc|e |s comp|ete,
d|v|de the garments |nto groups and put some of them
back |n the drum. At th|s po|nt, fo||ow the |nstruct|ons
prov|ded for a "Dry|ng on|y" cyc|e. Pepeat th|s procedure
for the rema|nder of the |oad.
A coo||ng-down per|od |s a|ways added to the end of each
dry|ng cyc|e.
Dry|ng on|y
se the cyc|e se|ector knob to se|ect a dry|ng cyc|e ( - -
} |n accordance w|th the type of fabr|c. The des|red dry|ng
|eve| or t|me may a|so be set us|ng the DPY|NO button .
Setting a deIayed start.
To set a de|ayed start for the se|ected cyc|e, press the
correspond|ng button repeated|y unt|| the requ|red de|ay per|od
has been reached. Dur|ng the sett|ng procedure, the de|ay
per|od and the text "Starts |n": w||| be d|sp|ayed, a|ong w|th the
f|ash|ng symbo|. After the de|ayed start has been set, the
symbo| w||| rema|n f|xed on the d|sp|ay, wh|ch w||| a|so
|nd|cate the durat|on of the se|ected cyc|e w|th the text "Ends
|n": and the cyc|e durat|on. Press the DE|AYED STAPT button
just once to d|sp|ay the de|ay t|me set prev|ous|y. After the
countdown has begun, the d|sp|ay w||| show the text "Starts
|n": and the de|ay per|od. Once the set de|ay t|me has e|apsed,
the mach|ne w||| beg|n |ts cyc|e and the d|sp|ay w||| show "Ends
|n": and the t|me rema|n|ng unt|| the end of the cyc|e. To remove
the de|ayed start opt|on, press the button unt|| the d|sp|ay
shows the text OFF, the symbo| w||| d|sappear.
Modify the cycIe settings.
Press the button to act|vate the opt|on, the name
of the opt|on w||| then appear on the d|sp|ay and
the correspond|ng |nd|cator ||ght w||| |||um|nate.
Press the button aga|n to deact|vate the opt|on, the
name of the opt|on w||| then appear on the d|sp|ay
fo||owed by the text OFF, and the correspond|ng
|nd|cator ||ght w||| sw|tch off.
|f the se|ected opt|on |s not compat|b|e w|th the se|ected
wash cyc|e, th|s |ncompat|b|||ty w||| be s|gna||ed by the
f|ash|ng of the |nd|cator ||ght and a sound a|ert (3 beeps},
the opt|on w||| not be act|vated.
|f the se|ected opt|on |s not compat|b|e w|th another opt|on
that has been se|ected prev|ous|y, the |nd|cator ||ght
correspond|ng to the f|rst opt|on se|ected w||| f|ash and on|y the
second opt|on w||| be act|vated, the |nd|cator ||ght
correspond|ng to the button w||| rema|n ||t |n a constant manner.
The opt|ons may affect the recommended |oad va|ue and/
or the durat|on of the cyc|e.
button. The correspond|ng |nd|cator ||ght rema|ns ||t |n a f|xed
manner and the portho|e door |ocks (the DOOP |OOKED
|nd|cator ||ght |||um|nates}. The |cons correspond|ng to the wash
cyc|e phases w||| ||ght up dur|ng the cyc|e to |nd|cate wh|ch
phase |s current|y |n progress. To change a wash cyc|e once |t
has a|ready started, pause the washer-dryer by press|ng the
STAPT/PASE button, then se|ect the des|red cyc|e and press
the STAPT/PASE button aga|n. To open the door dur|ng a
wash cyc|e, press the STAPT/PASE button, |f the DOOP
|OOKED |nd|cator ||ght |s sw|tched off you may open the
door. Press the STAPT/PASE button aga|n to restart the
wash cyc|e from the po|nt at wh|ch |t was |nterrupted.
8. THE END OF THE WASH CYCLE. Th|s |s |nd|cated by
the |||um|nated text END. The portho|e door may be
opened |mmed|ate|y. |f the STAPT/PASE |nd|cator ||ght |s
f|ash|ng, press the button to end the cyc|e. Open the door,
un|oad the |aundry and sw|tch off the mach|ne.
|f you w|sh to cance| a cyc|e wh|ch has a|ready begun, press and ho|d
the button unt|| the cyc|e stops and the mach|ne sw|tches off.
How to run a wash cycIe or a
drying cycIe











(*} Note: 10 m|nutes after the START, the mach|ne w||| reca|cu|ate the t|me rema|n|ng unt|| the end of the wash cyc|e on the bas|s of the |oad |ns|de |t, th|s
va|ue w||| then be shown on the d|sp|ay.
Wash cycIes and options
TabIe of wash cycIes
For a|| Test Inst|tutes:
1} Test wash cyc|e |n comp||ance w|th regu|at|on EN 50229: set wash cyc|e w|th a temperature of 60C.
2} Long wash cyc|e for cottons: set wash cyc|e w|th a temperature of 40C.
3} Short wash cyc|e for cottons: set wash cyc|e w|th a temperature of 40C.
Icon Descr|pt|on of the wash cyc|e
Detergent and add|t|ves
Cottons wash cyc|es
Cottons w|th pre-wash
jAdd detergent to tne re|evant compartment}.
90 1400 - 8
Cottons (1}: heav||y so||ed wh|tes and res|stant co|ours.
(Max. 90}
1400 8
Cottons (2}: heav||y so||ed wh|tes and de||cate co|ours. 40 1400 8
Oo|oured Cottons (3} 40 1400 8
Jeans 40 800 - 4
Spec|a| programmes
Baby: heav||y so||ed de||cate co|ours 40 800 2
M|x 30': to refresh ||ght|y so||ed garments qu|ck|y (not su|tab|e
for woo|, s||k and c|othes wh|ch requ|re wash|ng by hand}
30 800 - 3,5
Durab|e Synthet|cs 60 800 4
S||k: for garments |n s||k and v|scose, ||nger|e. 30 0 - - 2
Woo|: for woo|, cashmere, etc. 40 800 - 2
Dry|ng cyc|es
Wash&Dry 30 1400 - 1
Dry|ng Ootton - - - - - 6
Dry|ng Synthet|c - - - - - 3,5
Dry|ng Woo| - - - - - 1,5
Part|a|s wash cyc|es
P|nse - 1400 - 8
Sp|n - 1400 - - - 8
Dra|n - 0 - - - - 8
Wash options
Super Wash
Th|s opt|on offers a h|gh-performance wash due to the
greater quant|ty of water used |n the |n|t|a| phase of the
cyc|e, and due to the |ncreased wash cyc|e durat|on, |s
part|cu|ar|y usefu| for the remova| of stubborn sta|ns. |t
can be used w|th or w|thout b|each. |f you des|re
b|each|ng, |nsert the extra
tray compartment (3} |nto
compartment 1. When
pour|ng |n the b|each, be
carefu| not to exceed the
"max" |eve| marked on the
centra| p|vot (see /|0e.
To b|each |aundry w|thout
carry|ng out a fu|| wash
cyc|e, pour the b|each |nto
the extra compartment 3,
se|ect the "P|nse" cyc|e
and act|vate the "Super Wash" opt|on .
|t cannot be used |n conjunct|on w|th , , , , ,
, , , , , .
Easy Iron
By se|ect|ng th|s opt|on, the wash and sp|n cyc|es w||| be
mod|f|ed |n order to reduce the format|on of creases.
At the end of the cyc| e the washer-dryer drum
w||| rotate s|ow|y, the "Easy |ron" and STAPT/PASE
|nd|cator ||ghts w||| f|ash. To end the cyc|e press the
STAPT/PASE button or the "Easy |ron" button.
For the S||k wash cyc|e, the mach|ne w||| end the
cyc| e wh| | e the | aundry | s soak| ng and the "Easy
|ron" |nd|cator ||ght w||| f|ash. To dra|n the water so that
the |aundry may be removed, press the STAPT/PASE
button or the "Easy |ron" button.
|t cannot be used |n conjunct|on w|th , , , , ,
, , , .
Note: |f you a|so want to run the dry|ng cyc|e, th|s opt|on |s
enab|ed on|y |f comb|ned w|th |eve| "|ron".
Time Saver
|f you se|ect th|s opt|on, the wash cyc|e durat|on w||| be
reduced by 30%-50%, depend|ng on the se|ected cyc|e,
thereby guarantee|ng s|mu|taneous water and energy
sav|ng. se th|s cyc|e for ||ght|y so||ed garments.
|t cannot be used |n conjunct|on w|th , , , , ,
, , , , , .
Extra rinse
By se|ect|ng th|s opt|on, the eff|c|ency of the r|nse |s
|ncreased and opt|ma| res|dua| detergent remova| |s
guaranteed. |t |s part|cu|ar|y usefu| for sk|n wh|ch |s
sens|t|ve to detergents. We recommend th|s opt|on |s
used w|th a fu|| |oad of wash|ng, or when a |arge amount
of detergent |s requ|red.
|t cannot be used |n conjunct|on w|th , , , , ,
, .
Detergents and Iaundry
The type and quant|ty of detergent requ|red depend on
the type of fabr|c you are wash|ng (cotton, woo|, s||k,
etc.}, as we|| as |ts co|our, the wash|ng temperature, the
|eve| of so|||ng and the hardness of the water |n the area.
Measur|ng out the detergent carefu||y w||| avo|d wastage
and he|p to protect the env|ronment: a|though they are
b|odegradab|e, detergents st||| conta|n |ngred|ents wh|ch
a|ter the ba|ance of nature.
We recommend the fo||ow|ng:
use powder detergents for wh|te cotton garments and
use ||qu|d detergents for de||cate cotton garments and
for a|| |ow-temperature wash cyc|es.
use gent|e ||qu|d detergents for woo| and s||k
The detergent shou|d be poured |nto the re|evant
compartment - or the d|spenser p|aced d|rect|y |ns|de
the drum - before the wash cyc|e beg|ns. |n the |atter
case, |t w||| not be poss|b|e to se|ect the Oottons w|th
pre-wash cyc|e.
Do not use hand wash|ng detergents because these
create too much foam.
Preparing the Iaundry
Shake out the garments before |oad|ng them |nto the
D|v|de the |aundry accord|ng fabr|c type (symbo| on the
wash|ng |nstruct|on |abe|} and co|our, mak|ng sure you
separate the co|oured garments from the wh|te ones,
Empty a|| pockets and check the buttons,
Do not exceed the va|ues ||sted |n the '7ao|e o/ was|
c,c|es, wh|ch refer to the we|ght of the |aundry when dry.
How much does your Iaundry weigh?
1 sheet 400-500 g
1 p|||owcase 150-200 g
1 tab|ec|oth 400-500 g
1 bathrobe 900-1200 g
1 towe| 150-250 g
1 pa|r of jeans 400-500 g
1 sh|rt 150-200 g
Washing recommendations
Jeans: use the spec|a| "Jeans" wash cyc|e for a||
den|m garments, turn |ns|de out before wash|ng and use
a ||qu|d detergent.
Baby: use the spec|a| "Baby" wash cyc|e to remove
the remove the so|||ng typ|ca||y caused by bab|es, wh||e
remov|ng a|| traces of detergent from napp|es |n order to
prevent the de||cate sk|n of bab|es from suffer|ng a||erg|c
react|ons. The cyc|e has been des|gned to reduce the
amount of bacter|a by us|ng a greater quant|ty of water
and opt|m|s|ng the effect of spec|a| d|s|nfect|ng add|t|ves
added to the detergent. At the end of the wash cyc|e,
the mach|ne w||| s|ow|y rotate the drum, to end the cyc|e
press the STAPT/PASE button.
SiIk: use the spec|a| "S||k" wash cyc|e to wash a|| s||k
garments. We recommend the use of spec|a| detergent
wh|ch has been des|gned to wash de||cate c|othes.
Curtains: use the "S||k" wash cyc|e. Fo|d curta|ns
and p|ace them |n a p|||ow case or mesh bag.
WooI: Hotpo|nt/Ar|ston |s the on|y washer-dryer brand to
have been awarded the prest|g|ous Woo|mark P|at|num
Oare endorsement (M.0508} by the Woo|mark Oompany,
wh|ch means that a|| woo||en garments may be washed
|n the washer-dryer, even those wh|ch state "hand wash
on|y" on the |abe|. The "Woo|" wash cyc|e can be
used to wash a|| woo||en garments |n the washer-dryer
wh||e guarantee|ng opt|mum performance.
BedIinen and toweIs: use the "Bed & Bath" cyc|e
to wash |aundry from a|| over the house, th|s opt|m|ses
fabr|c softener performance and he|ps you save t|me and
energy. We recommend the use of powder detergent.
Stubborn stains: |t |s w|se to treat stubborn sta|ns w|th
so||d soap before wash|ng, and to use the Oottons w|th
pre-wash cyc|e.
Wash & Dry was des|gned to wash and dry ||ght|y
so||ed garments qu|ck|y. Th|s cyc|e may be used to wash
and dry a |aundry |oad of up to 1 kg |n just 60 m|nutes.
To ach|eve opt|mum resu|ts, use ||qu|d detergent and pre-
treat cuffs, co||ars and sta|ns.
Load baIancing system
Before every sp|n cyc|e, to avo|d excess|ve v|brat|ons
before every sp|n and to d|str|bute the |oad |n a un|form
manner, the drum rotates cont|nuous|y at a speed wh|ch
|s s||ght|y greater than the wash|ng rotat|on speed. |f,
after severa| attempts, the |oad |s not ba|anced
correct|y, the mach|ne sp|ns at a reduced sp|n speed. |f
the |oad |s excess|ve|y unba|anced, the washer-dryer
performs the d|str|but|on process |nstead of sp|nn|ng. To
encourage |mproved |oad d|str|but|on and ba|ance, we
recommend sma|| and |arge garments are m|xed |n the
Precautions and tips
The mach|ne was des|gned and constructed |n
accordance w|th |nternat|ona| safety regu|at|ons. The
fo||ow|ng |nformat|on |s prov|ded for safety reasons and
must therefore be read carefu||y.
GeneraI safety
Th|s app||ance was des|gned for domest|c use on|y.
the mach|ne must on|y be used by adu|ts, |n
accordance w|th the |nstruct|ons g|ven |n th|s manua|.
Do not touch the mach|ne when barefoot or w|th wet
or damp hands or feet.
Do not pu|| on the power supp|y cab|e when
unp|ugg|ng the app||ance from the e|ectr|c|ty socket.
Ho|d the p|ug and pu||.
Do not touch the dra|ned water as |t may reach
extreme|y h|gh temperatures.
Never force the portho|e door. Th|s cou|d damage the
safety |ock mechan|sm des|gned to prevent
acc|denta| open|ng.
|f the app||ance breaks down, do not under any
c|rcumstances access the |nterna| mechan|sms |n an
attempt to repa|r |t yourse|f.
A|ways keep ch||dren we|| away from the app||ance
wh||e |t |s operat|ng.
|f |t must be moved, proceed w|th the he|p of two or
three peop|e and hand|e |t w|th the utmost care.
Never try to do th|s a|one, because the app||ance |s
very heavy.
Before |oad|ng |aundry |nto the washer dryer, make
sure the drum |s empty.
Dur|ng the dry|ng phase, the door tends to get
qu|te hot.
Do not use the app||ance to dry c|othes that have
been washed w|th f|ammab|e so|vents (e.g.
Do not use the app||ance to dry foam rubber or
s|m||ar e|astomers.
Make sure that the water tap |s turned on dur|ng
the dry|ng cyc|es.
D|spos|ng of the packag|ng mater|a|s: observe |oca|
regu|at|ons so that the packag|ng may be re-used.
The European D|rect|ve 2002/96/EO re|at|ng to Waste
E|ectr|ca| and E|ectron|c Equ|pment (WEEE} states
that househo|d app||ances shou|d not be d|sposed of
us|ng the norma| so||d urban waste cyc|e. Exhausted
app||ances shou|d be co||ected separate|y |n order to
opt|m|se the cost of re-us|ng and recyc||ng the
mater|a|s |ns|de the mach|ne, wh||e prevent|ng
potent|a| damage to the atmosphere and to pub||c
hea|th. The crossed-out dustb|n |s marked on a||
products to rem|nd the owner of the|r ob||gat|ons
regard|ng separated waste co||ect|on.
For more |nformat|on re|at|ng to the correct d|sposa| of
househo|d app||ances, owners shou|d contact the|r
|oca| author|t|es or app||ance dea|er.
Opening the porthoIe door manuaIIy
|n the event that |t |s not poss|b|e to open the portho|e
door due to a powercut, and |f you w|sh to remove the
|aundry, proceed as fo||ows:
1. remove the p|ug from the
e|ectr|ca| socket.
2. make sure the water |eve|
|ns|de the mach|ne |s |ower
than the door open|ng, |f |t |s
not, remove excess water
us|ng the dra|n hose,
co||ect|ng |t |n a bucket as
|nd|cated |n the /|0e.
3. Pemove the cover|ng
pane| on the front of the
wash|ng mach|ne us|ng a
screwdr|ver (see /|0e},
4. pu|| outwards us|ng the
tab as |nd|cated |n the f|gure,
unt|| the p|ast|c t|e-rod |s
freed from |ts stop pos|t|on,
pu|| downwards unt|| you
hear a "c||ck", wh|ch
|nd|cates that the door |s
now un|ocked.
5. open the door, |f th|s |s
st||| not poss|b|e repeat the
6. repos|t|on the pane|, mak|ng sure the hooks are
secure|y |n p|ace before you push |t onto the app||ance.
Care and maintenance
Cutting off the water and eIectricity
Turn off the water tap after every wash cyc|e. Th|s w|||
||m|t wear on the hydrau||c system |n the mach|ne and
he|p to prevent |eaks.
np|ug the app||ance when c|ean|ng |t and dur|ng a||
ma|ntenance work.
CIeaning the machine
The outer parts and rubber components of the app||ance
can be c|eaned us|ng a soft c|oth soaked |n |ukewarm
soapy water. Do not use so|vents or abras|ves.
CIeaning the detergent dispenser
To remove the drawer, press
|ever (1} and pu|| the drawer
outwards (2} (see /|0e.
Wash |t under runn|ng
water, th|s procedure shou|d
be repeated frequent|y.
Caring for your appIiance drum
A|ways |eave the door ajar to prevent unp|easant
odours from form|ng.
CIeaning the pump
The wash|ng mach|ne |s f|tted w|th a se|f-c|ean|ng pump
wh|ch does not requ|re any ma|ntenance. Somet|mes,
sma|| |tems (such as co|ns or buttons} may fa|| |nto the
protect|ve pre-chamber at the base of the pump.
Make sure the wash cyc|e has f|n|shed and unp|ug the
To access the pre-chamber:
1. Pemove the k|ck str|p
on the front of the mach|ne
us|ng a screwdr|ver (see
2. pos|t|on a conta|ner so
that |t w||| co||ect the water
wh|ch f|ows out
(approx|mate|y 1.5 |} (see
3. unscrew the ||d by
rotat|ng |t |n an ant|-
c|ockw|se d|rect|on (see
4. c|ean the |ns|de thorough|y,
5. screw the ||d back on,
6. repos|t|on the pane|, mak|ng sure the hooks are
secure|y |n p|ace before you push |t onto the app||ance.
Checking the water inIet hose
Oheck the |n|et hose at |east once a year. |f there are
any cracks, |t shou|d be rep|aced |mmed|ate|y: dur|ng
the wash cyc|es, water pressure |s very strong and a
cracked hose cou|d eas||y sp||t open.
TroubIe shooting
Your washer-dryer cou|d occas|ona||y fa|| to work. Before contact|ng the Techn|ca| Ass|stance Oentre
(see '/ss|s|ance}, make sure that the prob|em cannot be not so|ved eas||y us|ng the fo||ow|ng ||st.
The washer-dryer does not switch on.
The wash cycIe does not start.
The washer-dryer does not fiII
with water.
The washer-dryer door remains
The machine continuousIy fiIIs
with water and drains.
The washer-dryer does not drain
or spin.
The machine vibrates a Iot during
the spin cycIe.
The washer-dryer Ieaks.
The icons corresponding to the
"Phase in progress" fIash rapidIy
at the same time as the ONlOFF
indicator Iight.
There is too much foam.
The washer-dryer door remains Iocked.
The washer-dryer does not dry.
PossibIe causes l SoIutions:
The app||ance |s not p|ugged |nto the socket fu||y, or not enough to make contact.
There |s no power |n the house.
The door |s not c|osed proper|y.
The STAPT/PASE button has not been pressed.
The water tap has not been opened.
A de|ayed start has been set.
The water |n|et hose |s not connected to the tap.
The hose |s bent.
The water tap has not been opened.
There |s no water supp|y |n the house.
The pressure |s too |ow.
The STAPT/PASE button has not been pressed.
|f you have se|ected the "Baby " cyc|e or the "Easy |ron " opt|on, when
the wash cyc|e has f|n|shed the mach|ne w||| s|ow|y rotate the drum, to end
the cyc|e press the STAPT/PASE button or the "Easy |ron " button. |f
you have se|ected the "S||k " wash cyc|e, the mach|ne w||| end the cyc|e
wh||e the |aundry |s soak|ng, to dra|n the water so that the |aundry may be
removed, press the STAPT/PASE button or the "Easy |ron " button.
The dra|n hose |s not f|tted at a he|ght between 65 and 100 cm from the
f|oor (see '|ns|a||a||on.
The free end of the hose |s under water (see '|ns|a||a||on.
|f the dwe|||ng |s on one of the upper f|oors of a bu||d|ng, there may be
prob|ems re|at|ng to water dra|nage, caus|ng the washer-dryer to f||| w|th
water and dra|n cont|nuous|y. Spec|a| ant|-dra|n|ng va|ves are ava||ab|e |n
shops and he|p to prevent th|s |nconven|ence.
The wa|| dra|nage system |s not f|tted w|th a breather p|pe.
The wash cyc|e does not |nc|ude dra|n|ng: Some wash cyc|es requ|re the
dra|n phase to be started manua||y (see '/as| c,c|es ano oo||ons}.
The "Easy |ron" opt|on |s enab|ed: to comp|ete the wash cyc|e, press the
STAPT/PASE button ('/as| c,c|es ano oo||ons.
The dra|n hose |s bent (see |ns|a||a||on}.
The dra|nage duct |s c|ogged.
The drum was not un|ocked correct|y dur|ng |nsta||at|on (see '|ns|a||a||on.
The mach|ne |s not |eve| (see '|ns|a||a||on }.
The mach|ne |s trapped between cab|nets and wa||s (see '|ns|a||a||on.
The |oad |s unba|anced (see 'De|een|s ano |a0no,}.
The water |n|et hose |s not screwed on proper|y (see '|ns|a||a||on}.
The detergent d|spenser |s b|ocked (to c|ean |t, see 'Cae ano ma|n|enance}.
The dra|n hose |s not f|xed |n p|ace proper|y (see '|ns|a||a||on}.
Sw|tch off the mach|ne and unp|ug |t, wa|t for approx|mate|y 1 m|nute and
then sw|tch |t back on aga|n. |f the prob|em pers|sts, contact the Techn|ca|
Ass|stance Serv|ce.
The detergent |s not su|tab|e for mach|ne wash|ng (|t shou|d d|sp|ay the text
"for washer-dryers" or "hand and mach|ne wash", or the ||ke}.
Too much detergent was used.
Perform the manua| un|ock|ng procedure (see 'Peca0||ons ano ||os.
The app||ance |s not p|ugged |nto the socket, or not enough to make contact.
There has been a power fa||ure.
The app||ance door |s not shut proper|y.
A DE|AY T|MEP has been set.
DPY|NO |s |n the OFF pos|t|on.
Before caIIing for Assistance:
Oheck whether you can so|ve the prob|em by yourse|f (see '7o0o|e s|oo||n},
Pestart the wash cyc|e to check whether the prob|em has been so|ved,
|f |t has not, contact the Author|sed Techn|ca| Ass|stance Serv|ce.
|f the washer-dryer has been |nsta||ed or used |ncorrect|y, you w||| have to pay for the ca||-out serv|ce.
A|ways request the ass|stance of author|sed techn|c|ans.
PIease have the foIIowing information to hand:
the type of prob|em,
the app||ance mode| (Mod.},
the ser|a| number (S/N}.
The above |nformat|on can be found on the data p|ate |ocated on the app||ance |tse|f.
Note: To ex|t "Demo mode", press and ho|d the two "ON/OFF" and "STAPT/PASE" buttons s|mu|taneous|y for 3 seconds.
InstaIIazione, 14-15
D|s|mba||o e ||ve||amento
Oo||egament| |drau||c| ed e|ettr|c|
Dat| tecn|c|
Descrizione deIIa macchina, 16-17
Panne||o comand| touch contro|
Come effettuare un cicIo di Iavaggio
o asciugatura, 18
Programmi e opzioni, 19
Tabe||a Programm|
|e opz|on| d| |avagg|o
Detersivi e biancheria, 20
Preparare |a b|ancher|a
Oons|g|| d| |avagg|o
S|stema b||anc|amento de| car|co
Precauzioni e consigIi, 21
S|curezza genera|e
Apertura manua|e de||a porta ob|o
Manutenzione e cura, 22
Esc|udere acqua e corrente e|ettr|ca
Pu||re |a macch|na
Pu||re || cassetto de| deters|v|
Ourare || ceste||o
Pu||re |a pompa
Oontro||are || tubo d| a||mentaz|one de||`acqua
AnomaIie e rimedi, 23
Assistenza, 24
Ass|stenza Att|va 7 g|orn| su 7
AQM8D 49 U H
Istruzioni per
I'instaIIazione e I'uso
E` |mportante conservare questo ||bretto per poter|o
consu|tare |n ogn| momento. |n caso d| vend|ta, d|
cess|one o d| tras|oco, ass|curars| che rest| |ns|eme
a||a |avab|ancher|a.
|eggere attentamente |e |struz|on|: c| sono |mportant|
|nformaz|on| su||`|nsta||az|one, su||`uso e su||a
Ne||a busta contenente questo ||bretto troverete,
o|tre a||a garanz|a, de| part|co|ar| che serv|ranno per
DisimbaIIo e IiveIIamento
1. na vo|ta d|s|mba||ata |a |avab|ancher|a, contro||are
che non abb|a sub|to dann| durante || trasporto.
Se fosse dannegg|ata non co||egar|a e contattare
|| r|vend|tore.
2. P|muovere |e 4 v|t| d|
protez|one per ||
trasporto ed || re|at|vo
d|stanz|a|e post| ne||a
parte poster|ore (.eo|
3. Oh|udere | for| con | tapp| d| p|ast|ca contenut| ne||a
4. Oonservare tutt| | pezz|, qua|ora |a |avab|ancher|a
dovesse essere trasportata, dovranno essere r|montat|
per ev|tare dannegg|ament| |ntern|.
SbIoccaggio deI cassettone
Per r|muovere |a staffa che b|occa || cassettone e
sorregge |a vasca durante || trasporto, sv|tare |e v|t|
centra||, qu|nd| tenendo|a sa|damente, sp|nger|a verso
d|etro ed estrar|a, sv|tare |e 4 v|t| |atera|| e tog||ere ||
||ste||o meta|||co.
Term|nata questa operaz|one montare |o zocco|o d|
p|ast|ca |n dotaz|one (ne| cassettone}, ass|curandos|,
pr|ma d| sp|nger|o verso |a macch|na, d| aver |nser|to |
ganc| ne||e appos|te aso|e.
Pe |n/omaz|on| o|0 oe||a||a|e .eoee |e |no|caz|on|
c|e s| |o.ano a|||n|eno oe| casse||one.
O|| |mba||agg| non sono g|ocatto|| per bamb|n|.
1. Pos|z|onare |a |avab|ancher|a su un pav|mento
p|ano e r|g|do, senza appogg|ar|a a mur| o mob|||.
2. Oompensare |e
|rrego|ar|t sv|tando o
avv|tando | p|ed|n| f|nche
|a macch|na non s|a
or|zzonta|e (non deve
essere |nc||nata p| d| 2
n accurato ||ve||amento d stab|||t ed ev|ta v|braz|on|
e rumoros|t soprattutto ne||a fase d| centr|fuga.
|n caso s|a pos|z|onata su moquette o tappet|,
rego|are | p|ed|n| |n modo da conservare sotto |a
|avab|ancher|a |o spaz|o necessar|o per |a vent||az|one.
CoIIegamenti idrauIici ed eIettrici
CoIIegamento deI tubo di aIimentazione deII'acqua
P|ma o| co||eae || |0oo o| a||men|az|one a||a e|e
|o|ca, /a scoee |'acq0a /|nc|e non s|a ||mo|oa.
1. Oo||egare || tubo d|
a||mentaz|one a||a
macch|na avv|tando|o
a||'appos|ta presa
d'acqua, ne||a parte
poster|ore |n a|to a
destra (.eo| /|0a.
2. Oo||egare || tubo d|
avv|tando|o a un
rub|netto d'acqua fredda
con bocca f||ettata da
3/4 gas (.eo| /|0a.
3. Fare attenz|one che ne| tubo non c| s|ano ne p|eghe
ne strozzature.
|a press|one |dr|ca de| rub|netto deve essere
compresa ne| va|or| de||a tabe||a Dat| tecn|c|
(.eo| oa|na a /|anco.
Dati tecnici
ModeIIo AOM8D 49 H
|arghezza cm 59,5
a|tezza cm 105
profond|t cm 64,5
da 1 a 8 kg per || |avagg|o
da 1 a 6 kg per |'asc|ugatura
ved| |a targhetta caratter|st|che
tecn|che app||cata su||a macch|na
press|one mass|ma 1 MPa (10 bar}
press|one m|n|ma 0,05 MPa (0,5 bar}
capac|t de| cesto 62 ||tr|
VeIocit di
s|no a 1400 g|r| a| m|nuto
Programmi di
secondo Ia norma
EN 50229
|avagg|o: programma ; temperatura
60O, effettuato con 8 kg d| car|co.
asc|ugatura: pr|ma asc|ugatura
effettuata con 2 kg d| car|co
se|ez|onando || ||ve||o d| asc|ugatura
seconda asc|ugatura effettuata con 6 kg
d| car|co se|ez|onando || ||ve||o d|
asc|ugatura 'EXTRA'.
Ouesta apparecch|atura e conforme
a||e seguent| D|rett|ve Oomun|tar|e:
- 89/336/OEE de| 03/05/89
(Oompat|b|||t E|ettromagnet|ca} e
success|ve mod|f|caz|on|
- 2002/96/OE
- 2006/95/OE (Bassa Tens|one}
Se |a |unghezza de| tubo d| a||mentaz|one non fosse
suff|c|ente, r|vo|gers| a un negoz|o spec|a||zzato o a un
tecn|co autor|zzato.
Non ut|||zzare ma| tub| d| car|co usat| o vecch|, ma
que||| |n dotaz|one a||a macch|na.
CoIIegamento deI tubo di scarico
Oo||egare || tubo d|
scar|co a una conduttura
d| scar|co o a uno
scar|co a muro post| tra
65 e 100 cm da terra
ev|tando asso|utamente
d| p|egar|o.
|n a|ternat|va,
appogg|are || tubo d|
scar|co a| bordo d| un
|avand|no o d| una
vasca, |egando |a gu|da
|n dotaz|one a| rub|netto
(.eo| /|0a.
|'estrem|t ||bera de|
tubo d| scar|co non
deve r|manere |mmersa
E scons|g||ato usare tub| d| pro|unga, se
|nd|spensab||e, |a pro|unga deve avere |o stesso
d|ametro de| tubo or|g|na|e e non superare | 150 cm.
CoIIegamento eIettrico
Pr|ma d| |nser|re |a sp|na ne||a presa de||a corrente,
accertars| che:
|a presa abb|a |a messa a terra e s|a a norma
d| |egge,
|a presa s|a |n grado d| sopportare || car|co
mass|mo d| potenza de||a macch|na, |nd|cato
ne||a tabe||a Dat| tecn|c| (.eo| a /|anco,
|a tens|one d| a||mentaz|one s|a compresa ne|
va|or| |nd|cat| ne||a tabe||a Dat| tecn|c| (.eo| a
|a presa s|a compat|b||e con |a sp|na de||a
macch|na. |n caso contrar|o far sost|tu|re |a presa o
|a sp|na.
|a macch|na non va |nsta||ata a||'aperto, nemmeno
se |o spaz|o e r|parato, perche e mo|to per|co|oso
|asc|ar|a esposta a p|ogg|a e tempora||.
A macch|na |nsta||ata, |a presa de||a corrente deve
essere fac||mente ragg|ung|b||e.
Non usare pro|unghe e mu|t|p|e.
|| cavo non deve sub|re p|egature o compress|on|.
|| cavo d| a||mentaz|one e |a sp|na devono essere
sost|tu|t| so|o da tecn|c| autor|zzat|.
Attenz|one! |`az|enda dec||na ogn| responsab|||t
qua|ora queste norme non vengano r|spettate.
65 - 100 cm
Descrizione deIIa macchina
Per apr|re |a porta ob|o
ut|||zzare sempre |`appos|ta
man|g||a (.eo| /|0a.
Serve per contenere |a
b|ancher|a da |avare.
S| apre t|rando|o verso
|`esterno (.eo| /|0a.
S| trova a||`|nterno de||a
macch|na e v| s| accede
aprendo |a porta.
Per || dosagg|o de| deters|-
v| ved| || cap|to|o 'De|es|.|
e o|anc|e|a.
Nota. a||accae s0|
casse||o oe|es|.| |aoes|-
.o con |e oesc|z|on| oe|
ooamm| e ooz|on|.
|aoes|.o s| |o.a ne||a o0s|a con|enen|e q0es|o
1. .asc|e||a oe ||
oe|a.a|o: usare deters|vo
|n po|vere.
(P|ma o| .esae || oe|es|-
.o .e|/|cae c|e non s|a
|nse||a |a .asc|e||a
a|0n||.a 3.
2. .asc|e||a oe || |a.a|o:
usare deters|vo |n po|vere o
||qu|do. |n quest`u|t|mo caso
s| raccomanda d| versar|o |mmed|atamente pr|ma
de||`avv|o de||a |avab|ancher|a.
3. .asc|e||a a|0n||.a. Oandegg|na
L'ut|||zzo de||a vaschetta agg|unt|va 3 esc|ude ||
.asc|e||a oe aoo|||.|: per ammorb|dente o add|t|v|
||qu|d|. S| raccomanda d| non superare ma| || ||ve||o
mass|mo |nd|cato da||a gr|g||a e d| d||u|re ammorb|dent|
Per mod|f|care |e
|mpostaz|on| premere
|eggermente su||`|cona
a||`|nterno de||`area
sens|b||e (touch contro|}
come |nd|cato ne||a /|0a.
ModaIit di stand by
Ouesta |avatr|ce, |n conform|t a||e nuove normat|ve |egate
a| r|sparm|o energet|co, e dotata d| un s|stema d|
autospegn|mento (stand by} che entra |n funz|one dopo
a|cun| m|nut| ne| caso d| non ut|||zzo. Premere brevemente
|| tasto ON-OFF e attendere che |a macch|na s| r|att|v|.
A||a pr|ma accens|one de||a macch|na appare ne|
d|sp|ay |a pr|ma ||ngua |ampegg|ante. |n
corr|spondenza de| 3 pu|sant| a destra de| d|sp|ay
compa|ono | s|mbo|| ' ' , 'OK' e 'V'. |e ||ngue
camb|ano automat|camente ogn| 3`` oppure premendo
| pu|sant| accanto | s|mbo|| ' ' e 'V'. Oon || pu|sante
'OK' s| conferma |a ||ngua che s| f|ssa dopo 2``. Se
non s| preme nessun pu|sante, trascors| 30`` || camb|o
automat|co de||e ||ngue r|com|nc|a.
S| pu mod|f|care |a ||ngua so|o a macch|na spenta.
Premendo contemporaneamente | pu|sant| temperatura
+centr|fuga +partenza r|tardata per 5`` o|tre ad
un breve segna|e acust|co appare ne| d|sp|ay |a ||ngua
|mpostata |ampegg|ante. Premendo | pu|sant| accanto |
s|mbo|| ' ' e 'V' s| camb|a |a ||ngua. Oon || pu|sante
accanto || s|mbo|o 'OK' s| conferma |a ||ngua che s| f|ssa
dopo 2``. Se non s| preme nessun pu|sante, trascors| 30``
verr v|sua||zzata |a ||ngua |mpostata precedentemente.
R|accendere |a macch|na.
ONlOFF con sp|a : premere brevemente || pu|sante
per accendere o spegnere |a macch|na. |a sp|a verde
|nd|ca che |a macch|na e accesa. Per spegnere |a
|avasc|ugadurante || |avagg|o e necessar|o tenere
premuto || pu|sante p| a |ungo, c|rca 3 sec., una
press|one breve o acc|denta|e non permetter |o
spegn|mento de||a macch|na. |o spegn|mento de||a
macch|na durante un |avagg|o |n corso annu||a ||
|avagg|o stesso.
Manopo|a PROGRAMMI: puo essere ruotata |n
entrambe |e d|rez|on|. Per |mpostare || programma p|
corretto ved| |a "7aoe||a ooamm|".
Durante || |avagg|o |a manopo|a resta ferma.
Pu|sant| M1-M2: tenere premuto uno de| pu|sant| per
memor|zzare un c|c|o e |e propr|e persona||zzaz|on|
prefer|te. Per r|ch|amare un c|c|o precedentemente
memor|zzato premere || re|at|vo pu|sante.
Pu|sante ASCIUGATURA: premere per r|durre o
esc|udere |`asc|ugatura, || ||ve||o o || tempo d|
asc|ugatura se|ez|onato v|ene |nd|cato ne| d|sp|ay (.eo|
'Come e//e||0ae 0n c|c|o o| |a.a|o o asc|0a|0a.
Pu|sante TEMPERATURA: premere per mod|f|care
o esc|udere |a temperatura, || va|ore sce|to v|ene
|nd|cato da| d|sp|ay (ved| "Come e//e||0ae 0n c|c|o o|
|a.a|o o asc|0a|0a"}.
Pu|sante CENTRIFUGA: premere per mod|f|care o
esc|udere |a centr|fuga, || va|ore sce|to v|ene |nd|cato da|
d|sp|ay (ved| "Come e//e||0ae 0n c|c|o o| |a.a|o o
Pu|sante PARTENZA RITARDATA: premere per
|mpostare una partenza r|tardata de| programma
presce|to, || va|ore de| r|tardo |mpostato v|ene |nd|cato
da| d|sp|ay (ved| "Come e//e||0ae 0n c|c|o o| |a.a|o o
Pu|sant| OPZIONI: premendo || pu|sante, su| d|sp|ay
compar|r || nome de||`opz|one. |`accens|one de||a
re|at|va sp|a |nd|ca che |`opz|one e stata se|ez|onata.
|cone FASI DI LAVAGGIO: s| |||um|nano ad |nd|care
|'avanzamento de| c|c|o (|avagg|o - P|sc|acquo -
Oentr|fuga/Scar|co - Asc|ugatura }.
|a scr|tta s| |||um|na quando || c|c|o e term|nato.
AVVIOlPAUSA con sp|a: quando |a sp|a verde
|ampegg|a |entamente, premere || pu|sante per avv|are
un |avagg|o. A c|c|o avv|ato |a sp|a d|venta f|ssa. Per
mettere |n pausa || |avagg|o, premere nuovamente ||
pu|sante, |a sp|a |ampegger con co|ore aranc|one. Se
|a sp|a "Porta B|occata" e spenta, s| potr apr|re |a
porta ob|o. Per far r|part|re || |avagg|o da| punto |n cu| e
stato |nterrotto, premere nuovamente || pu|sante.
Sp|a PORTA BLOCCATA: |nd|ca che |a porta ob|o
e b|occata. Per apr|re |a porta e necessar|o mettere ||
c|c|o |n pausa (ved| 'Come e//e||0ae 0n c|c|o o| |a.a|o
o asc|0a|0a}.
BLOCCO TASTI: per att|vare o d|satt|vare || b|occo
de| panne||o comand|, tenere premuto || pu|sante per
c|rca 2 second|. |a sp|a accesa |nd|ca che || panne||o d|
contro||o e b|occato. |n questo modo s| |mped|scono
mod|f|che acc|denta|| de| programm|, soprattutto se |n
casa c| sono de| bamb|n|.
Sp|a ECO: |`|cona s| accender quando,
mod|f|cando | parametr| d| |avagg|o, s| otterr un
r|sparm|o d| energ|a d| a|meno || 10%. |no|tre pr|ma che
|a macch|na entr| ne||a moda||t d| "Stand by" |`|cona
s| accender per poch| second|, a macch|na spenta ||
recupero energet|co st|mato sar de||`80% c|rca.
PanneIIo comandi touch controI
con sp|a
con sp|a
Come effettuare un cicIo di
Iavaggio o asciugatura
NOTA: |a pr|ma vo|ta che s| ut|||zza |a |avab|ancher|a, effettuare
un c|c|o d| |avagg|o senza b|ancher|a ma con deters|vo
|mpostando || programma cotone 90 senza pre|avagg|o.
1. ACCENDERE LA MACCHINA. Premere || pu|sante .
Tutte |e sp|e s| accenderanno per 1 secondo e su| d|sp|ay
compar|r |a scr|tta AOA|T|S, r|marr po| accesa f|ssa |a
sp|a de| pu|sante e |a sp|a Avv|O/PASA |ampegger.
PPOOPAMM| verso destra o verso s|n|stra f|no a
se|ez|onare || programma des|derato, || nome de|
programma compar|r su| d|sp|ay, ad esso e assoc|ata una
temperatura e una ve|oc|t d| centr|fuga che possono
essere mod|f|cate. Su| d|sp|ay compar|r |a durata de| c|c|o.
3. CARICARE LA BIANCHERIA. Apr|re |a porta ob|o. Oar|care
|a b|ancher|a facendo attenz|one a non superare |a quant|t d|
car|co |nd|cata ne||a |aoe||a ooamm| oe||a oa|na se0en|e.
4. DOSARE IL DETERSIVO. Estrarre || cassetto e versare ||
deters|vo ne||e appos|te vaschette come sp|egato |n
"Desc|z|one oe||a macc||na".
sug|| appos|t| pu|sant| de| panne||o comand|:
Modificare Ia temperatura elo Ia centrifuga. |a
macch|na v|sua||zza automat|camente |a temperatura e |a
centr|fuga mass|me prev|ste per || programma |mpostato o
|e u|t|me se|ez|onate se compat|b||| con || programma
sce|to. Premendo || pu|sante s| r|duce
progress|vamente |a temperatura s|no a| |avagg|o a freddo
"OFF". Premendo || pu|sante s| r|duce
progress|vamente |a centr|fuga s|no a||a sua esc|us|one
"OFF". n`u|ter|ore press|one de| pu|sant| r|porter | va|or|
a que||| mass|m| prev|st|.
Eccez|one: se|ez|onando || programma Cotone
B|anch| |a temperatura puo essere portata s|no a 90.
Modificare I'asciugatura
A||a pr|ma press|one de| tasto |a macch|na se|ez|ona
automat|camente || ||ve||o d| asc|ugatura mass|mo
compat|b||e a| programma se|ez|onato. |e success|ve
press|on| fanno decrementare || ||ve||o e success|vamente ||
tempo d| asc|ugatura f|no a||a sua esc|us|one "OFF".
n`u|ter|ore press|one de| pu|sante r|porter || va|ore a
que||o mass|mo prev|sto.
Sono prev|ste due t|p| d| asc|ugatura:
A - |n base a| tempo: da 20' a 180'.
B - |n base a| ||ve||o d| um|d|t de| cap| asc|ugat|:
St|rare: cap| |eggermente um|d|, fac||| da st|rare.
Appendere: |dea|e per que| cap| che non necess|tano d|
un'asc|ugatura comp|eta.
R|p|egare: adatto per || bucato da r|porre ne||'armad|o
senza b|sogno d| st|ratura.
Extra: adatto cap| che necess|tano d| un`asc|ugatura
comp|eta come spugne e accappato|.
Se eccez|ona|mente || car|co d| b|ancher|a da |avare ed
asc|ugare e super|ore a| mass|mo prev|sto (.eo| |aoe||a
accan|o, effettuare || |avagg|o, e a programma u|t|mato,
d|v|dere || car|co e r|metterne una parte ne| ceste||o. Segu|re
a questo punto |e |struz|on| per effettuare "SOLO
ASCIUGATURA". P|pet| |e stesse operaz|on| per || car|co
A||a f|ne de||'asc|ugatura v|ene effettuato un per|odo d|
Se|ez|onare con |a manopo|a de| programm| un`asc|ugatura
( - - } |n base a| t|po d| tessuto. E poss|b||e |mpostare
anche || ||ve||o o || tempo d| asc|ugatura des|derato con ||
pu|sante ASO|OATPA .
Impostare una partenza ritardata.
Per |mpostare |a partenza r|tardata de| programma presce|to,
premere || pu|sante re|at|vo f|no a ragg|ungere || tempo d|
r|tardo des|derato. Durante |`|mpostaz|one v|ene v|sua||zzato ||
tempo d| r|tardo |ns|eme a||a scr|tta "Parte tra:" e || s|mbo|o
|ampegg|ante. Dopo aver |mpostato |a partenza r|tardata ||
D|sp|ay v|sua||zzer || s|mbo|o f|sso e || d|sp|ay r|torner a||a
v|sua||zzaz|one de||a durata de| c|c|o |mpostato con |e scr|tte
"F|n|sce tra:" e |a durata de| c|c|o. Premendo || pu|sante
PAPTENZA P|TAPDATA una so|a vo|ta v|ene v|sua||zzato ||
tempo d| r|tardo |mpostato precedentemente. Dopo |`avv|o ||
d|sp|ay v|sua||zzer |a scr|tta "Parte tra:" ed || tempo d| r|tardo.
na vo|ta trascorso || tempo d| r|tardo |mpostato, |a macch|na
part|r e || d|sp|ay v|sua||zzer "F|n|sce tra:" e || tempo res|duo
per |a f|ne c|c|o. Per r|muovere |a partenza r|tardata premere ||
pu|sante f|no a che su| d|sp|ay compare |a scr|tta OFF, ||
s|mbo|o s| spegner.
Modificare Ie caratteristiche deI cicIo.
Premere || pu|sante per att|vare |`opz|one, su| d|sp|ay
compar|r || nome de||`opz|one e |a sp|a
corr|spondente a| pu|sante s| accender.
Premere nuovamente || pu|sante per d|satt|vare
|`opz|one, su| d|sp|ay comapr|r || nome de||`opz|one
p| OFF e |a sp|a s| spegner.
Se |`opz|one se|ez|onata non e compat|b||e con ||
programma |mpostato, |`|ncompat|b|||t verr segna|ata
con || |ampegg|o de||a sp|a ed un segna|e acust|co (3
beep} e |`opz|one non verr att|vata.
Se |`opz|one se|ez|onata non e compat|b||e con un`a|tra
precedentemente |mpostata, |a sp|a re|at|va a||a pr|ma
opz|one se|ez|onata |ampegger e verr att|vata so|o |a
seconda, |a sp|a de||`opz|one att|vata s| f|sser.
|e opz|on| possono var|are || car|co raccomandato e/o |a
durata de| c|c|o.
7. AVVIARE IL PROGRAMMA. Premere || pu|sante
Avv|O/PASA. |a sp|a re|at|va s| f|sser e |a porta ob|o
s| b|occher (sp|a POPTA B|OOOATA accesa}.
Durante || |avagg|o, su| d|sp|ay compar|r || nome de||a
fase |n corso e |e |cone re|at|ve a||e fas| s| |||um|neranno.
Per camb|are un programma mentre un c|c|o e |n corso,
mettere |a Lavasc|uga|n pausa premendo || pu|sante
Avv|O/PASA, se|ez|onare qu|nd| || c|c|o des|derato e
premere nuovamente || pu|sante Avv|O/PASA. Per
apr|re |a porta mentre un c|c|o e |n corso premere ||
pu|sante Avv|O/PASA, se |a sp|a POPTA B|OOOATA
e spenta sar poss|b||e apr|re |a porta. Premere
nuovamente su| pu|sante Avv|O/PASA per far r|part|re ||
programma da| punto |n cu| era stato |nterrotto.
8. FINE DEL PROGRAMMA. v|ene |nd|cata da||a scr|tta
END accesa. |a porta ob|o s| potr apr|re
|mmed|atamente. Se |a sp|a Avv|O/PASA |ampegg|a,
premere || pu|sante per term|nare || c|c|o. Apr|re |a porta,
scar|care |a b|ancher|a e spegnere |a macch|na.
Se s| des|dera annu||are un c|c|o g| avv|ato, premere a |ungo
|| pu|sante . || c|c|o verr |nterrotto e |a macch|na s| spegner.
Programmi e opzioni
TabeIIa programmi
Icona Descr|z|one de| Programma
(g|r| a|
Deters|v| e add|t|v|
Programm| Cotone
Cotone b|anch| con pre|avagg|o 90 1400 8
Cotone b|anch| (1|: b|anch| e co|orat| res|stent| mo|to sporch|.
60 (Max.
1400 8
Cotone b|anch| (2|: b|anch| e co|orat| de||cat| mo|to sporch|. 40 1400 8
Cotone co|orat| (3| 40 1400 8
Jeans 40 800 4
Programm| spec|a||
Baby: co|or| de||cat| mo|to sporch|. 40 800 2
M|x 30': per r|nfrescare rap|damente cap| poco sporch|
(non |nd|cato per |ana, seta e cap| da |avare a mano}.
30 800 3,5
S|ntet|c| res|stent| 60 800 4
Seta: per cap| |n seta, v|scosa, ||nger|e. 30 0 2
Lana: per |ana, cachem|re, ecc. 40 800 2
Programm| Asc|ugatura
'|ava&Asc|uga' 30 1400 1
Asc|ugatura 'Ootone' 6
Asc|ugatura 'S|ntet|c|' 3,5
Asc|ugatura '|ana' 1,5
Programm| parz|a||
P|sc|acquo 1400 8
Oentr|fuga 1400 8
Scar|co 0 8










j*} Nota. oooo c|ca 10 m|n0|| oa||o 57/|7, |a macc||na |n oase a| ca|co e//e||0a|o, |ca|co|ea e .|s0a||zzea || |emoo es|o0o a||a /|ne oe| ooamma.
Per tutt| Test Inst|tutes:
1| Programma d| contro||o secondo |a norma EN 50229: |mpostare || programma con una temperaura d| 60C.
2| Programma cotone |ungo: |mpostare || programma con una temperatura d| 40C.
3| Programma cotone corto: |mpostare || programma con una temperatura d| 40C.
Opzioni di Iavaggio
Super Wash
Ouesta opz|one garant|sce un |avagg|o d| a|te prestaz|on|
graz|e a||`ut|||zzo d| una magg|or quant|t d` acqua ne||a
fase |n|z|a|e de| c|c|o e a||a magg|or durata de| programma
ed e ut||e per e||m|nare |e
macch|e p| res|stent|. Puo
essere ut|||zzata con o
senza candegg|na.
Se s| des|dera effettuare
anche || candegg|o |nser|re |a
vaschetta agg|unt|va 3, |n
dotaz|one, ne||a vaschetta 1.
Ne| dosare |a candegg|na non
superare || ||ve||o "max"
|nd|cato su| perno centra|e
(.eo| /|0a. Se s| des|dera
so|o candegg|are senza effettuare || |avagg|o
comp|eto, versare |a candegg|na ne||a vaschetta
agg|unt|va 3, |mpostare || programma "P|sc|acquo" e
att|vare |'opz|one "Super Wash" .
Non e att|vab||e su| programm| , , , , , , , ,
, , .
Se|ez|onando questa opz|one, || |avagg|o e |a centr|fuga
saranno opportunamente mod|f|cat| per r|durre |a
formaz|one d| p|eghe. A| tem|ne de| c|c|o |a |avasc|uga
effettuer de||e |ente rotaz|on| de| ceste||o, |e sp|e
"St|rameno" e Avv|O/PASA |ampeggeranno.
Per term|nare || c|c|o premere || pu|sante Avv|O/
PASA o || pu|sante "St|ramenoe".
Ne| programma "Seta" |a macch|na term|ner ||
c|c|o con |a b|ancher|a |n ammo||o e |a sp|a
"St|rameno" |ampegger. Per scar|care |`acqua e poter
r|muovere || bucato e necessar|o premere || pu|sante
Avv|O/PASA o || pu|sante 'St|rameno'.
Non e att|vab||e su| programm| , , , , , ,
, , .
Note: se s| vuo|e effettuare anche un`asc|ugatura, questa
opz|one e att|va so|o se|ez|onando || ||ve||o "St|rare".
Risparmia Tempo
Se|ez|onando questa opz|one s| r|duce |a durata de|
programma de| 30%-50% |n base a| c|c|o sce|to,
garantendo a| contempo un r|sparm|o d| acqua ed
energ|a. t|||zzare questo c|c|o per cap| non
eccess|vamente sporch|.
Non e att|vab||e su| programm| , , , , , ,
, , , , .
Extra Risciacquo
Se|ez|onando questa opz|one s| aumenta |`eff|cac|a de|
r|sc|acquo e s| ass|cura |a mass|ma r|moz|one de|
res|du| de| deters|vo. E` ut||e per pe||| part|co|armente
sens|b||| a| deters|v|. S| cons|g||a |`ut|||zzo d| questa
opz|one con |a |avasc|uga a p|eno car|co o con
|`ut|||zzo d| e|evate dos| d| deters|vo.
Non e att|vab||e su| programm| , , , , , , .
Detersivi e biancheria
|a sce|ta e |a quant|t de| deters|vo d|pendono da|
t|po d| tessuto (cotone, |ana, seta...}, da| co|ore, da||a
temperatura d| |avagg|o, da| grado d| sporco e da||a
durezza de||`acqua.
Dosare bene || deters|vo ev|ta sprech| e protegge
|`amb|ente: pur b|odegradab|||, | deters|v| contengono
e|ement| che a|terano |`equ|||br|o de||a natura.
S| cons|g||a d|:
usare deters|v| |n po|vere per cap| |n cotone b|anch|
e per || pre|avagg|o.
usare deters|v| ||qu|d| per cap| de||cat| |n cotone e
per tutt| | programm| a bassa temperatura.
usare deters|v| ||qu|d| de||cat| per |ana e seta.
|| deters|vo deve essere versato pr|ma de||`|n|z|o de|
|avagg|o ne||`appos|ta vaschetta, oppure ne| dosatore
da porre d|rettamente ne| ceste||o. |n questo caso non
s| puo se|ez|onare || c|c|o Ootone con pre|avagg|o.
Non usare deters|v| per || |avagg|o a mano perche
formano troppa sch|uma.
Preparare Ia biancheria
Apr|re bene | cap| pr|ma d| car|car||.
Sudd|v|dere |a b|ancher|a secondo || t|po d| tessuto
(s|mbo|o su||`et|chetta de| capo} ed || co|ore facendo
attenz|one a separare | cap| co|orat| da que|||
Svuotare |e tasche e contro||are | botton|,
Non superare | va|or| |nd|cat| ne||a "7aoe||a
Poamm|" r|fer|t| a| peso de||a b|ancher|a asc|utta.
Quanto pesa Ia biancheria?
1 |enzuo|o 400-500 gr.
1 federa 150-200 gr.
1 tovag||a 400-500 gr.
1 accappato|o 900-1200 gr.
1 asc|ugamano 150-250 gr.
1 jeans 400-500 gr.
1 cam|c|a 150-200 gr.
Programmi particoIari
Jeans: ut|||zzare |`appos|to programma "Jeans" per
tutt| | cap| |n tessuto "Den|m", rovesc|are | cap| pr|ma
de| |avagg|o ed ut|||zzare un deters|vo ||qu|do.
Baby: ut|||zzare |`appos|to programma "Baby" per
asportare |o sporco t|p|co de| bamb|n| e r|muovere ||
deters|vo da| pann| onde ev|tare reaz|on| a||erg|che a||a
pe||e de||cata de| bamb|n|. Ouesto c|c|o e stato
stud|ato per r|durre |a car|ca batter|ca ut|||zzando una
magg|or quant|t d| acqua e ott|m|zzando |'effetto d|
add|t|v| spec|f|c| |gen|zzant| agg|unt| a| deters|vo.
A| tem|ne de| |avagg|o |a macch|na effettuer de||e
|ente rotaz|on| de| ceste||o, per term|nare || c|c|o
premere || tasto Avv|O/PASA.
Seta: ut|||zzare |`appos|to programma "Seta" per
|avare tutt| | cap| |n seta. S| cons|g||a |`ut|||zzo d| un
deters|vo spec|f|co per cap| de||cat|.
Tende: ut|||zzare || programma "Seta" . S|
raccomanda d| p|egar|e e s|stemar|e dentro una federa
o un sacchetto a rete.
Lana: Hotpo|nt/Ar|ston e |`un|ca |avasc|uga ad aver
ottenuto || prest|g|oso r|conosc|mento Woo|mark
P|at|num Care (M.0508} da parte d| The Woo|mark
Oompany, che cert|f|ca || |avagg|o |n |avatr|ce d| tutt| |
cap| |n |ana, anche que||| recant| |`et|chetta "so|o
|avagg|o a mano" . Oon || programma "|ana" s|
possono |avare |n |avatr|ce tutt| | cap| |n |ana con |a
garanz|a de||e m|g||or| performance.
Macchie ostinate: e bene trattare |e macch|e
ost|nate con sapone so||do pr|ma de| |avagg|o e d|
ut|||zzare || programma "Ootone con pre|avagg|o" .
Lava & Asciuga : e stud|ato per |avare e
asc|ugare cap| |eggermente sporch| |n poco tempo.
Se|ez|onando questo c|c|o e poss|b||e |avare e
asc|ugare f|no a 1 kg d| bucato |n so|| 60 m|nut|.
Per ottenere | m|g||or| r|su|tat| ut|||zzare deters|vo
||qu|do, pretrattare po|s|n|, co||| e macch|e.
Sistema biIanciamento deI carico
Pr|ma d| ogn| centr|fuga, per ev|tare v|braz|on| eccess|ve
e per d|str|bu|re || car|co |n modo un|forme, || ceste||o
effettua de||e rotaz|on| ad una ve|oc|t |eggermente
super|ore a que||a de| |avagg|o. Se a| term|ne d| r|petut|
tentat|v| || car|co non fosse ancora correttamente
b||anc|ato |a macch|na effettua |a centr|fuga ad una
ve|oc|t |nfer|ore a que||a prev|sta. |n presenza d|
eccess|vo sb||anc|amento |a |avasc|uga effettua |a
d|str|buz|one anz|che |a centr|fuga. Per favor|re una
m|g||ore d|str|buz|one de| car|co e || suo corretto
b||anc|amento s| cons|g||a d| mesco|are cap| grand| e
Precauzioni e consigIi
|a macch|na e stata progettata e costru|ta |n
conform|t a||e norme |nternaz|ona|| d| s|curezza. Oueste
avvertenze sono forn|te per rag|on| d|
s|curezza e devono essere |ette attentamente.
Sicurezza generaIe
Ouesto apparecch|o e stato concep|to esc|us|vamente
per un uso d| t|po domest|co.
|a macch|na deve essere usata so|o da persone
adu|te e secondo |e |struz|on| r|portate |n questo
Non toccare |a macch|na a p|ed| nud| o con |e man| o |
p|ed| bagnat| o um|d|.
Non staccare |a sp|na da||a presa de||a corrente
t|rando || cavo, bens| afferrando |a sp|na.
Non toccare |`acqua d| scar|co, che puo ragg|ungere
temperature e|evate.
Non forzare |n nessun caso |a porta |`ob|o: potrebbe
dannegg|ars| || meccan|smo d| s|curezza che
protegge da aperture acc|denta||.
|n caso d| guasto, |n nessun caso accedere a|
meccan|sm| |ntern| per tentare una r|paraz|one.
Oontro||are sempre che | bamb|n| non s| avv|c|n|no
a||a macch|na |n funz|one.
Se deve essere spostata, |avorare |n due o tre persone
con |a mass|ma attenz|one. Ma| da so|| perche |a
macch|na e mo|to pesante.
Pr|ma d| |ntrodurre |a b|ancher|a contro||are che ||
ceste||o s|a vuoto.
Durante |`asc|ugatura |`ob|o tende a sca|dars|.
Non asc|ugare b|ancher|a |avata con so|vent|
|nf|ammab||| (es. tr|e||na}.
Non asc|ugare gommap|uma o e|astomer| ana|ogh|.
Ass|curat| che durante |e fas| d| asc|ugatura ||
rub|netto de||'acqua s|a aperto.
Sma|t|mento de| mater|a|e d| |mba||agg|o: atteners| a||e
norme |oca||, cos| g|| |mba||agg| potranno essere
|a d|rett|va Europea 2002/96/OE su| r|f|ut| d|
apparecch|ature e|ettr|che ed e|ettron|che, prevede che
g|| e|ettrodomest|c| non debbano essere sma|t|t| ne|
norma|e f|usso de| r|f|ut| so||d| urban|. O||
apparecch| d|smess| devono essere racco|t|
separatamente per ott|m|zzare || tasso d| recupero e
r|c|c|agg|o de| mater|a|| che || compongono ed |mped|re
potenz|a|| dann| per |a sa|ute e |'amb|ente. || s|mbo|o de|
cest|no barrato e r|portato su tutt| | prodott| per r|cordare g||
obb||gh| d| racco|ta separata.
Per u|ter|or| |nformaz|on|, su||a corretta d|sm|ss|one deg||
e|ettrodomest|c|, | detentor| potranno r|vo|gers| a| serv|z|o
pubb||co preposto o a| r|vend|tor|.
Apertura manuaIe deIIa porta obI
Ne| caso non s|a poss|b||e apr|re |a porta ob|o a causa
de||a mancanza d| energ|a e|ettr|ca e vo|ete stendere ||
bucato, procedere come segue:
1. tog||ere |a sp|na da||a
presa d| corrente.
2. ver|f|cate che || ||ve||o
de||`acqua a||`|nterno de||a
macch|na s|a |nfer|ore
r|spetto a||`apertura de||`ob|o,
|n caso contrar|o tog||ere
|`acqua |n eccedenza
attraverso || tubo d| scar|co
raccog||endo|a |n un secch|o
come |nd|cato |n /|0a.
3. r|muovere || panne||o d|
copertura su| |ato anter|ore
de||a |avab|ancher|a con
|`aus|||o d| un g|rav|te (.eo|
4. ut|||zzando |a ||nguetta
|nd|cata |n f|gura t|rare
verso |`esterno f|no a
||berare || t|rante |n p|ast|ca
da| fermo, t|rar|o
success|vamente verso ||
basso f|no a sent|re un
"c||ck" che |nd|ca che |a
porta e sb|occata.
5. apr|te |a porta, ne| caso
non s|a ancora poss|b||e
r|petete |`operaz|one.
6. r|montare || panne||o ass|curandos|, pr|ma d|
sp|nger|o verso |a macch|na, d| aver |nser|to | ganc|
ne||e appos|te aso|e.
Manutenzione e cura
EscIudere acqua e corrente eIettrica
Oh|udere || rub|netto de||`acqua dopo ogn|
|avagg|o. S| ||m|ta cos| |`usura de||`|mp|anto
|drau||co de||a macch|na e s| e||m|na || per|co|o d|
Staccare |a sp|na de||a corrente quando s| pu||sce |a
macch|na e durante | |avor| d| manutenz|one.
PuIire Ia macchina
|a parte esterna e |e part| |n gomma possono essere
pu||t| con un panno |mbevuto d| acqua t|ep|da e
sapone. Non usare so|vent| o abras|v|.
PuIire iI cassetto dei detersivi
Per estrarre || cassetto
premere |a |eva (1} e t|rar|o
verso |'esterno (2} (.eo|
|avar|o sotto |`acqua
corrente, questa pu||z|a va
Curare iI cesteIIo
|asc|are sempre socch|usa |a porta ob|o per ev|tare
che s| form|no catt|v| odor|.
PuIire Ia pompa
|a macch|na e dotata d| una pompa autopu|ente che
non ha b|sogno d| manutenz|one. Puo pero succedere
che p|cco|| oggett| (monete, botton|} cadano ne||a
precamera che protegge |a pompa, s|tuata ne||a parte
|nfer|ore d| essa.
Ass|curars| che || c|c|o d| |avagg|o s|a term|nato e
staccare |a sp|na.
Per accedere a||a precamera:
1. r|muovere || panne||o d|
copertura su| |ato anter|ore
de||a macch|na con |`aus|||o d|
un g|rav|te (.eo| /|0a},
2. pos|z|onare un conten|tore
per raccog||ere |`acqua che
usc|r (c|rca 1,5 |t} (.eo|
3. sv|tare || coperch|o
ruotando|o |n senso
ant|orar|o (.eo| /|0a},
4. pu||re accuratamente |`|nterno,
5. r|avv|tare || coperch|o,
6. r|montare || panne||o ass|curandos|, pr|ma d| sp|nger|o
verso |a macch|na, d| aver |nser|to | ganc| ne||e appos|te
ControIIare iI tubo di aIimentazione
Oontro||are || tubo d| a||mentaz|one a|meno una vo|ta
a||`anno. Se presenta screpo|ature e fessure va sost|tu|to:
durante | |avagg| |e fort| press|on| potrebbero provocare
|mprovv|se spaccature.
AnomaIie e rimedi
Puo accadere che |a macch|na non funz|on|. Pr|ma d| te|efonare a||`Ass|stenza (.eo| '/ss|s|enza, contro||are che non s|
tratt| d| un prob|ema fac||mente r|so|v|b||e a|utandos| con || seguente e|enco.
La macchina
non si accende.
II cicIo di Iavaggio
non inizia.
La macchina non carica acqua.
La porta deIIa macchina rimane
La macchina carica e scarica
acqua di continuo.
La macchina non scarica
o non centrifuga.
La macchina vibra
moIto durante Ia centrifuga.
La macchina perde acqua.
Le icone reIative aIIa "Fase in corso"
Iampeggiano veIocemente contem-
poraneamente aIIa spia ONlOFF.
Si forma troppa schiuma.
La porta deIIa macchina bIoccata.
La macchina non asciuga.
PossibiIi cause l SoIuzione:
|a sp|na non e |nser|ta ne||a presa de||a corrente, o non abbastanza
da fare contatto.
|n casa non c`e corrente.
|a porta ob|o non e ben ch|usa.
|| pu|sante Avv|O/PASA non e stato premuto.
|| rub|netto de||`acqua non e aperto.
S| e |mpostato un r|tardo su||`ora d| avv|o.
|| tubo d| a||mentaz|one de||`acqua non e co||egato a| rub|netto.
|| tubo e p|egato.
|| rub|netto de||`acqua non e aperto.
|n casa manca |`acqua.
Non c`e suff|c|ente press|one.
|| pu|sante Avv|O/PASA non e stato premuto.
Se|ez|onando || c|c|o "Baby " o |`opz|one "St|rameno ", a| tem|ne de| c|c|o
|a |avasc|uga effettuer de||e |ente rotaz|on| de| ceste||o, per term|nare || c|c|o
premere || pu|sante Avv|O/PASA o || pu|sante "St|rameno ". Se|ez|onando
|| c|c|o "Seta " |a macch|na term|ner || c|c|o con |a b|ancher|a |n ammo||o, per
scar|care |`acqua e poter r|muovere || bucato e necessar|o premere || pu|sante
Avv|O/PASA o || pu|sante 'St|rameno '.
|| tubo d| scar|co non e |nsta||ato fra 65 e 100 cm da terra (.eo| '|ns|a||az|one.
|`estrem|t de| tubo d| scar|co e |mmersa ne||`acqua (.eo| '|ns|a||az|one.
Se |`ab|taz|one s| trova ag|| u|t|m| p|an| d| un ed|f|c|o, e poss|b||e che s| ver|f|ch|no fenomen|
d| s|fonagg|o, per cu| |a macch|na car|ca e scar|ca acqua d| cont|nuo. Per e||m|nare
|`|nconven|ente sono d|spon|b||| |n commerc|o appos|te va|vo|e ant|-s|fonagg|o.
|o scar|co a muro non ha |o sf|ato d`ar|a.
|| programma non prevede |o scar|co: con a|cun| programm| occorre avv|ar|o
E att|va |a opz|one "St|rameno": per comp|etare || programma
premere || pu|sante Avv|O/PASA (.eo| 'Poamm| e ooz|on|.
|| tubo d| scar|co e p|egato (.eo| '|ns|a||az|one.
|a conduttura d| scar|co e ostru|ta.
|| ceste||o, a| momento de||`|nsta||az|one, non e stato sb|occato
correttamente (.eo| '|ns|a||az|one.
|a macch|na non e |n p|ano (.eo| '|ns|a||az|one.
|a macch|na e stretta tra mob||| e muro (.eo| '|ns|a||az|one.
|| car|co e sb||anc|ato (.eo| 'Desc|z|one oe||a macc||na.
|| tubo d| a||mentaz|one de||`acqua non e ben avv|tato (.eo| '|ns|a||az|one.
|| cassetto de| deters|v| e |ntasato (per pu||r|o .eo| 'Van0|enz|one e c0a.
|| tubo d| scar|co non e f|ssato bene (.eo| '|ns|a||az|one.
Spegnere |a macch|na e tog||ere |a sp|na da||a presa, attendere c|rca 1
m|nuto qu|nd| r|accender|a. Se |`anoma||a pers|ste, ch|amare |`Ass|stenza.
|| deters|vo non e spec|f|co per |avasc|uga (deve esserc| |a d|c|tura "per
|avatr|ce", "a mano e |n |avatr|ce", o s|m|||}.
|| dosagg|o e stato eccess|vo.
Esegu|re |a procedura d| sb|occo manua|e (.eo| 'Peca0z|on| e cons|||'.
|a sp|na non e |nser|ta ne||a presa de||a corrente, o non abbastanza
da fare contatto.
|n casa non c`e corrente.
|`ob|o non e ben ch|uso.
S| e |mpostato un r|tardo su||`ora d| avv|o.
|` ASO|OATPA e ne||a pos|z|one "OFF".
Prima di contattare I'Assistenza:
ver|f|care se |`anoma||a puo essere r|so|ta autonomamente (.eo| '/noma||e e ||meo|,
P|avv|are || programma per contro||are se |`|nconven|ente e stato ovv|ato,
|n caso negat|vo, contattare || Serv|z|o Ass|stenza Tecn|co Autor|zzato.
|n caso d| errata |nsta||az|one o uso non corretto potrete essere ch|amat| a| pagamento de||`|ntervento.
Non r|correre ma| a tecn|c| non autor|zzat|.
|| t|po d| anoma||a,
|| mode||o de||a macch|na (Mod.},
|| numero d| ser|e (S/N}.
Oueste u|t|me |nformaz|on| s| trovano su||a targhetta caratter|st|che posta su||`apparecch|o.
Assistenza Attiva 7 giorni su 7

|n caso d| necess|t d`|ntervento ch|amare || Numero n|co Naz|ona|e 199.199.199*.

n operatore sar a comp|eta d|spos|z|one per f|ssare un appuntamento con || Oentro Ass|stenza Tecn|co
Autor|zzato p| v|c|no a| |uogo da cu| s| ch|ama.
E att|vo 7 g|orn| su 7, sabato e domen|ca compres|, e non |asc|a ma| |nasco|tata una r|ch|esta.
* A| costo d| 14,25 centes|m| d| Euro a| m|nuto (|va |nc|usa} da| |un. a| ven. da||e 08:00 a||e 18:30, || Sab. da||e 08:00 a||e 13:00 e d| 5,58
centes|m| d| Euro a| m|nuto (|va |nc|usa} da| |un. a| ven. da||e 18:30 a||e 08:00, || Sab. da||e 13:00 a||e 08:00 e | g|orn| fest|v|, per ch|
ch|ama da te|efono f|sso.
Per ch| ch|ama da rad|omob||e |e tar|ffe sono |egate a| p|ano tar|ffar|o de||`operatore te|efon|co ut|||zzato.
|e suddette tar|ffe potrebbero essere soggette a var|az|one da parte de||`operatore te|efon|co, per magg|or| |nformaz|on| consu|tare || s|to
Nota: per usc|re da| "Demo Mode" premere contemporanemanete per 3 sec. | due pu|sant| "ON/OFF" e "Avv|O/PASA" .
03/2009 - Xerox Fabr|ano