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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2014 Successful People Read The Post 4000 RIEL



CHAOS erupted in central
Hong Kong yesterday as
hundreds of masked men
rushed barricades at the
citys main pro-democracy
site, sparking renewed
accusations that authorities
are using hired thugs to dis-
perse demonstrators.
Groups of men, many
wearing surgical masks,
descended on the front
lines of the rally at Admi-
ralty near Hong Kongs
central business district,
triggering clashes with pro-
testers, just hours after
police had moved in to take
down some barriers.
Demonstrators, who
have come under attack
from organised crime
gangs known as triads at
another flashpoint demon-
stration site in Mong Kok,
shouted: Weapons! Weap-
ons! and Arrest the triads
as police struggled to
impose order.
Pro-democracy legislators
May Titthara and
Buth Reaksmey Kongkea
POLICE in Kratie province
yesterday filed preliminary
charges against three mem-
bers of the security forces
implicated in the murder of
local journalist Taing Try,
who was gunned down in
the provinces Snuol district
early on Sunday morning.
Om Sophy, Kratie provin-
cial deputy police chief, said
the three suspects a former
soldier, a police officer and
a military police officer
would be sent to court for
questioning today.
We cannot send them to
court and to prison now,
because we have to follow
long procedures, but they
will be sent to court for jus-
tice [today], he said.
Try, 48, was employed by
the Khmer Journalists
Democracy Association
(KJDA), an independent
publishing network. He was
shot dead after a dispute with
Pin Heang, 32, a police offic-
er from Mondulkiri prov-
inces Keo Seima district.
During the dispute, La
Narong, 32, a former soldier
in Mondulkiri province, shot
the reporter in the head at
around 1am, according to
police. The gun belonged to
military police officer Khem
Pheakday, 27, who wasnt
present during the incident.
According to the testi-
mony of La Narong, it was a
dispute. [Try] stopped them
. . . and threatened to seize
the timber, he said.
In 2012, Try faced charges
in HK
Three to
court in
Laignee Barron
and Chhay Channyda
RRESTS were made
and cheating attempts
thwarted as nearly
two-thirds of grade 12
students sat day one of the
national exam retest yesterday.
The Ministry of Education
spared no precautions to ensure
that the slew of anti-cheating
measures employed in the first
round in August when nearly
75 per cent of students failed
was duplicated in the second.
As the students focused on
remembering equations and
formulas they pored over for
the past five weeks, they filed
into exam centres under the
observation of even more
police, independent observers
and armed Anti-Corruption
Unit officials.
At the first test, when I saw
the police with guns and all the
people watching us, I felt so
nervous it was hard to focus. But
its become more normal, said
a student outside Tuol Tom
Pong High School, where mili-
tary police carrying assault rifles
The big test, take two
Adults arrested, cheaters stopped as students speak of easier exam
A school ofcial checks a students
wallet as he enters the second
round of grade 12 national exams in
Phnom Penh yesterday. HONGMENEA
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for allegedly extorting luxury wood from a man he accused of
being involved in the illegal timber trade.
That charge was ultimately dropped, but a police officer told
the Post on Sunday that Try had seemingly continued to oper-
ate in the same fashion.
Pheakdey, Narong and Heang had been drinking during the
day on Saturday in a village close to where the shooting took
place, Sophy said, which is in an area known for illegal logging.
Try had arrived and threatened to confiscate any timber he
found on the men.
Narong and Heang, Sophy said, later went drinking at a
karaoke bar in Snuol district. After leaving the bar, they came
upon Trys car, which had broken down on the road, and
stopped to help.
An argument broke out and Try who had been travelling
with a group of eight other journalists punched Narong,
according to Sophy, after which Narong pulled out a gun and
shot Try, killing him on the spot.
As far as I know, the victim was always asking for money
from the timber business people, and he was imprisoned
once for seven to 10 days to shape up and improve himself,
Sophy said.
Kraties deputy prosecutor, Thuch Panchak Santepheap, said
there were no other suspects in the case.
We already know the suspects. There are no other targets. We
are just waiting to see, after questioning, who was involved and
who was not, because the group drank together, he said.
Brigadier General Lon Sophath, chief of the Kratie provincial
police, said the men could face between 10 to 20 years in prison
if found guilty of murder.
The Cambodian Centre for Independent Media, the Southeast
Asian Press Alliance and the Cambodian Club of Journalists
have roundly condemned the killing, which was the 13th since
the 1993 general election.
Press watchdog Reporters Without Borders ranked Cambo-
dia 144th out of 180 surveyed countries in its 2014 media
freedom index.
Conversatons With Foreigners
Job Vacancy: Operatons Manager
CWF is a popular English language centre and is a socially
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fund-raising, learning, and cultural exchange.
Minimum of Bachelor in business Management or
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natve level of uency.
5+ years working experience in senior
management with local and internatonal working
environment partcularly in social enterprise and
CWF provides compettve Salary with other benets.
Successful candidate expect to start on 3rd November
2014. Internal and external applicants are welcome to
Send CV, 3 professional references, and cover leter to
sambo@volunteerincambodia.org or drop them at
#247c, St 271 Toul tompoung 2, Khan Chamcarmon
Phnom Penh by 27st October 2014.
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Populaton Services Khmer (PSK) is a non-prot Cambodian organizaton
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Populaton Services Khmer (PSK)
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Phnom Pehn, Cambodia
Tel: 855-23 210 814, Fax: 855-23 218 735.
Atn: Mr. Chea Ratana
Procurement Manager
Email: cratana@psk.org.kh
La Narong, a former soldier, is escorted through Snuol district police
station yesterday morning in Kratie province after he was arrested in
relation to the murder of a journalist. PHOTO SUPPLIED
Garment workers protest at the National Assembly in Phnom Penh on
Sunday, calling for a living wage. PHA LINA
Three charged in journo killing
Lawyers re back at Chea defence
Stuart White
THE prosecution at the Khmer Rouge tri-
bunal has issued a response to the Nuon
Chea defence teams motion to disqualify
the current trial chamber judges on
grounds of bias, saying the motion is
founded on shoddy reasoning, and should
be dismissed outright.
In their original filing, the Nuon Chea
defence argued, among other things, that
the courts refusal to summons National
Assembly President Heng Samrin; the
chambers seemingly dismissive attitude
towards defence positions; and Cambo-
dian judges purported inability to sepa-
rate the case from their own experiences
under the Khmer Rouge amounted to an
unmistakable appearance of bias.
The prosecution, however, argued in Fri-
days filing that many of the Chea defences
allegations were a mischaracterisation of
facts and misapplication of law.
The Application is simply another vol-
ley in Nuon Cheas longstanding and ille-
gitimate strategy to undermine the
[Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of
Cambodia] as an institution rather than
confront the overwhelming evidence of his
criminal responsibility, the filing reads.
Much of the defences allegations of
national judges bias are drawn from
remarks given by ex-judge Silvia Cart-
wright, who said at least two judges on
the bench were victims of crimes up for
consideration in the upcoming Case
002/02, and that Cambodian judges could
often be heard making disapproving
utterances in court.
However, the prosecution argues, the
substance of Cartwrights remarks mere-
ly reflected her personal speculation,
given that specific crime sites and the
specific judges themselves have not
been identified.
Court legal communications officer
Lars Olsen said yesterday that since the
matter was currently under judgment, he
was unable to comment as to whether an
investigation into Cartwrights remarks
was under way.
Pech Sotheary and Sean Teehan
NION leaders stated
their case for a mini-
mum wage increase
and made threats
to strike if their demands arent
met during an unprecedented
meeting with ruling and oppo-
sition lawmakers at the Nation-
al Assembly yesterday.
It is so good that each party
is interested in the problems of
the workers, said Fa Saly, presi-
dent of National Trade Union
Coalition, who spoke with the
Post after the sit-down. How-
ever, if the wages of workers
increase to only $120 [per
month], we cannot accept it,
and will go on strike.
Unions have campaigned
for a oor wage raise of $77
from the current $100 month-
ly minimum. However, spe-
cic numbers have been pub-
licly discussed less since the
seven union members of the
Ministry of Labours Labour
Advisory Committee agreed to
demand $150.
Exact wage levels were dis-
cussed during the roughly
90-minute meeting, said Ke
Sovanroth, chair of the par-
liamentary committee that
monitors labour issues. We
dont want the workers to
strike, the opposition law-
maker said. We will discuss
this problem with Minister of
Labour [Ith Sam Heng] tomor-
row at 9am.
Yesterday mornings gather-
ing took place a day after rep-
resentatives of six unions led
about 2,000 union supporters
on a march from Phnom Penhs
Freedom Park to the embassies
of the United States and Euro-
pean Union, ending at the Na-
tional Assembly.
While the decision for next
years oor salary lies with the
Ministry of Labours Labour
Advisory Committee (LAC), not
the National Assembly, a larger
support base for raised wages
could help sway members of
the committee to agree upon a
number that unions nd suit-
able, said Dave Welsh, country
director for labour rights group
Solidarity Center.
I think the more pressure
from stakeholders the better,
Welsh said yesterday, noting that
even consensus among LAC
unions is a new dynamic. [This]
show of real solidarity among
unions of all political stripes . . .
thats historic in itself.
Union leaders
given audience
in parliament
End impunity for PMs
cousin, lawyer insists
Buth Reaksmey Kongkea
THE lawyer of a 70-year-old
widow whose land was stolen
by a cousin of Prime Minister
Hun Sen, Dy Proem, has filed a
letter to the National Assemblys
human rights committee asking
the body to help speed up the
long-stalled case. Dy Proem was
sentenced in absentia in 2011,
but never arrested.
Huoth Sarom first filed her
complaint against Proem in
2009, alleging that she had paid
civil servant Seng Yean $200,000
to forge a document granting
her ownership of 5.6 hectares
of land actually owned by
Sarom. After multiple delays, a
trial in 2011 found that the two
were indeed guilty of the crime.
Proem was sentenced to two
and a half years in prison and
Yean to four and a half years.
However, Phnom Penh
Municipal Court judge Seng
Neang has since declined to
issue arrest warrants for the
pair. The judge said that while
the court has the ability to issue
the warrants they are not under
any legal obligation to do so.
My client had submitted her
lawsuit against Seng Yean and
Dy Proem to the Phnom Penh
Municipal Court in 2009, and
until now, the court still has not
found justice for her, Kao Ty,
Saroms attorney, said.
In its 2011 decision, the court
also declined to say whether
Saroms land would be returned,
or whether she would be com-
pensated for its loss, a situation
that has imposed considerable
hardships on her, Ty said.
In the meantime, Proem was
granted the honorific of oknha
in June of 2013, even as Saroms
appeal against her languishes.
I would like to ask the chair-
man of the [human rights
commission] of the National
Assembly to intervene in this
to the Ministry of Justice in
order to push the Appeal Court
to hear the case as soon as pos-
sible, Ty said.
Commission head and oppo-
sition lawmaker Eng Chhay
Eang yesterday confirmed his
receipt of the complaint. I am
now still working on this case,
he said. I am going to write to
the minister of Justice to exam-
ine this case soon.
Lawyers for Proem and Yean
could not be reached for com-
ment yesterday.
Top NEC candidate bows out
Kevin Ponniah and Phak Seangly

S THE ruling and opposition par-
ties yesterday edged closer to full
agreement on a new National
Election Committee law, one of
the Cambodia National Rescue Partys fa-
voured candidates for a seat on the nine-
member committee said she had removed
herself from consideration.
Kem Monovithya, the CNRPs deputy
public affairs head and a daughter of depu-
ty party leader Kem Sokha, said she did not
want to be limited by the technical role of
an NEC member.
After considering the pros and cons of
being in the NEC, I have decided that I think
my time could be better spent for the party
and country outside [the NEC]. I have de-
cided not to go through with it, she told the
Post. There are things that I would like to
do that I could not do if I joined the NEC.
Kuoy Bunroeun an elected CNRP law-
maker who gave up his parliamentary seat
for party leader Sam Rainsy in July is the
only candidate the opposition has con-
rmed will take one its four assigned spots
on the revamped committee.
But high-level party sources have previ-
ously conrmed that Monovithya, along
with election reform advocate Koul Panha
and Community Legal Education Center
director Yeng Virak were 99 per cent sure
to be the CNRPs other selections.
The Cambodian Peoples Party has not re-
vealed any of its four candidates, while Pung
Chhiv Kek, the president of rights group Li-
cadho, has yet to conrm that she will be
the NECs ninth consensus candidate.
Panha, who serves as head of Comfrel,
yesterday said he would prefer if the politi-
cal parties were holding a transparent re-
cruitment process with clear criteria rather
than selecting them secretly.
Otherwise, the new NEC members will
not feel condent that the public has trust
in them, he said.
Working groups from both parties met
yesterday to try to nalise the draft NEC
law, but remain in disagreement over three
points, according to CNRP spokesman Yem
Ponharith. These relate to the selection of
NEC members, the selection of the com-
mittees secretary-general and deputy sec-
retary-general positions, along with other
decision-making protocols such as what
constitutes a quorum he said.
A national conference with civil society
and the public will be held when the law is
drafted, Ponharith said. He added that the
NEC would now be responsible for organ-
ising the entire national election, including
voter registration, as has been lobbied for
by election watchdogs. CPP working group
member and lawmaker Sik Bun Hok con-
rmed that yesterdays meeting failed to
reach full accord.
We agreed on the content, but not some
words. These are not big issues, he said.
Kem Monovithya, the CNRPs deputy public affairs head and a daughter of deputy party leader
Kem Sokha, attends a party rally last year in Phnom Penh. PHOTO SUPPLIED
I am going to write
to the minister of
Justice to examine
this case soon
Letter denied
Guards clash
with trio of
KNLF reps
HREE representatives
of the Khmer National
Liberation Front said
they were attacked yesterday
morning by Daun Penh district
security guards while attempt-
ing to le a letter to City Hall
requesting permission to hold
an anti-Vietnamese protest
later this month.
Chhem Smak, a representa-
tive of the dissident group, said
the trio was attempting to gar-
ner support for an October 23
strike when guards physically
assaulted them.
The protest will fall on the
twenty-third anniversary of
the signing of the Paris Peace
Agreements. Smuk said the
protest is an effort to demand
Vietnam stop violating Cambo-
dian territory and retract its
distorted [version of] Kampu-
chea Krom history.
City Hall spokesman Long
Dimanche said the incident
started because the trio was
shouting for protest but
denied that the security guards
had used any violence.
Smak said that the group
still planned to protest but
would not request permission
RACHAwasrecentlyawardedacooperativeagreement withUSAIDtodeliver theEmpoweringCommunityfor Health(ECH) project over aperiodof
ve years. The geographical coverage of this project will be eight provinces. This project will focus on three key elements that underpin community
empowerment: 1. Financial and institutional sustainability, 2.Gender differentiated strategies and activities in communities, 3. Linkages to national
level policy makers. RACHA is seeking a qualied candidate to ll the following job vacancy.
Chief of Party, COP
General Aspects:
The Chief of Party (COP) must have at least 10 years senior level experience in designing, implementing and managing large scale, complex,
comprehensive and multi-site health improvement projects. Experience in managing a community health-related program (preferably related to the
above stated USAID project). S/he will have at least a Masters Degree in public health or social sciences, or an advanced degree relevant to the
eld of public health, management or other related eld. Additionally, the COP must bring to the project a strategic vision; leadership qualities; depth
and breadth of technical and management expertise and experience; positive professional reputation; and strong interpersonal, writing, and oral
presentation skills. The COP must also have demonstrated experience in advocating to and working in partnership with governments and counter-
parts and international donor agencies and Local NGOs; and the ability to work effectively and harmoniously with the USAID team that oversees the
implementation of the ECH project.
Work closely with technical experts, the technical advisor panel (TAP), key personnel, and the project team, as well as other related teams, on
technical and programmatic leads to ensure effective implementation and coordination of project activities and monitor progress toward the
achievement of the project goals and objectives;
Contribute to RACHAs strategic and operational plans, supporting policy and procedural reviews and other related tasks;
Strategically inuence negotiations with commune councils and related committees to secure commitment to sustain health initiatives;
Supervise and manage a team of highly qualied staff and align their efforts with planned project activities;
Provide technical leadership in project planning (including budget), design, analysis, and synthesis of interventions, and share lessons learned
to related partners, NGOs, donors etc.
Work with the nance and project teams to plan and keep track of the project budgets;
Coordinate with the Chief of Procurement to ensure that project-related requisitions, price quotation, bidding, technical evaluation and quality
control of products or services to be procured are carried out in an efcient and transparent manner according to the policy;
Supervise and manage material and nancial resources appropriate for the project;
Hold responsibility for quality control elements, particularly in terms of the production of reports and presentation of progress, achievements and
lessons learned to key stakeholders including donors and partners;
Ensure timely and accurate reporting of project activities and results to USAID, and related counterparts;
Work with the project team at all levels to coordinate with stakeholders to focus on institutionalizing efforts in local government systems ensuring
nancial and institutional sustainability of the project particularly in the area of village health support groups.
Troubleshoot in a timely manner to prevent and resolve potential problems and review outputs for quality control.
Create strategic relationships with other agencies and align the project work plan according to each project unit and related donors.
Required Qualications:
Advanced degree in public health or relevant eld;
Background and expertise in Community MCH, and good governance at all level;
10 years senior level experience in program development, implementation and management of large health programs. 5+ years previous Chief
of Party experience (for USAID) is an asset;
Demonstrated experience in managing USAID or other donor-nanced projects.
Knowledge of effective budget monitoring/compliance monitoring
Expertise in effective and efcient management of project development andstrategic planning
Demonstrated expertise in strategic relationship development, particularly for the purposes ofrepresentation, negotiation and advocacy;
Knowledge of USAIDs rules and regulations, and other compliances;
Proven track record of directing, motivating, and managing project teams composed of technical experts, regional directors, team leaders, and
administrative staff;
Good written and spoken English and uency in Khmer;
Ability to travel to the project sites, regionally and internationally.
TO APPLY:Candidates who are interested in applying for the above positions MUST submit a current detailed resume or curriculum vitae with
a cover letter to: RACHA Human Resources Ofce #160, Street 71, SangkatTonleBassac, Khan Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh, or e-mail to
Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. Submitted CVs will not be returned
RACHA is committed to child protection. All candidates will subject to RACHAs Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct
Cambodia farms at risk
Boeung Chhouk locals protest
Charles Rollet
CAMBODIAN farmers are at
high risk of being affected by
climate change due to low levels
of awareness, education, and
adaptation, with women par-
ticularly vulnerable, a study
released yesterday says.
The study, which surveyed
farmers in the provinces of Bat-
tambang, Kampong Thom,
Takeo and Prey Veng, said that a
critical lack of awareness exists
despite occasional training pro-
grams from NGOs and the
In Battambang province, for
example, more than 81 per cent
of farmers had no knowledge of
how to appropriately respond to
climate change by using tough-
er crop strains and improved
seed storage techniques, the
study reveals.
Many farmers are making
decisions on how to respond
without receiving information
or support from any source out-
side of their communities. The
farmers have not changed their
agricultural practices due to
resource constraints, risk aver-
sion, lack of information and
technical assistance, and lack of
crop insurance, reads the
report, which was conducted by
the NGO Forum on Cambodia.
This lack of ability to adapt
will heavily affect women, who
were found to constitute 70 per
cent of those most vulnerable to
climate change across the
studys four provinces due to
their lower health and educa-
tion levels.
The report says rising tem-
peratures will increase the
intensity of droughts and floods
in different parts of the King-
dom, potentially causing rice
production levels to plummet.
For example, a 1 degree Cel-
sius rise in temperature would
render rice cultivation unviable
for many farmers, while Cam-
bodias mean temperature is
projected to rise by up to 2
degrees by 2100.
Already, historically high
drought and flood levels mean
50 per cent of the farmers inter-
viewed for the study face food
The solution is for institutions
to go as local as possible, said
Socheat Sou, interim coordina-
tor at the Cambodia Climate
Change Network.
The government should
focus directly on the communi-
ties, not only projects at the
national and provincial level,
but also the commune level,
Sou said.
Some [farmers] are aware,
but not in general. They dont
know how to adapt.
Khouth Sophak Chakrya
ABOUT 100 residents of a community in the cap-
itals Russei Keo district yesterday rallied outside
City Hall, demanding that authorities issue them
land titles and end court action against six of their
Members of the Boeung Chhouk community
say they have been living on the same property in
the district for nearly 30 years, but in 2009 were
threatened with eviction by district authorities,
who said they occupied land belonging to some-
one named Tear Thoeurn.
At that time, authorities pulled down six hous-
es without a court order, community repre-
sentative Khieu Chenda explained. They threat-
ened [the owners] with arrest and imprisonment
if we protested.
Six representatives have been questioned in
court, accused of using violence against another
alleged owner, Lao Tongmie. Villagers say they have
never met either Thoeurn or Tongmie.
It is very unfair for us, said villager Ouch Pun-
lok. We have lived here for nearly 30 years and
people we have never seen before are claiming to
be our landlord and accusing us of violence.
Five representatives were permitted to meet with
authorities yesterday. One of them, Chenda, said
City Hall officials had accepted their complaint
and promised to pass it to the governor.
Also at yesterdays rally were a small number of
former Boeung Kak lake residents who continue
to protest against the authorities for offering them
what they say is inadequate compensation. The
protesters, whose families each accepted $8,500
to relocate from the Boeung Kak site after it was
awarded to a company with links to the ruling
Cambodian Peoples Party in 2007, pushed and
shoved with Daun Penh district security guards.
No one was injured in the incident.
Calls ow
for dam to
be canned
Phak Seangly and Laignee Barron
AHEAD of a national consulta-
tion meeting about Laoss Don
Sahong hydropower dam later
this week, communities that will
be affected by the project have
made their opinion clear: sus-
pend the dam.
Cambodia is set to hold four
meetings about the proposed
Mekong dam between now and
December in order to formulate
a response for regional dialogues
at the end of the year, according
to Te Navuth, secretary-general
of the Cambodian National
Mekong Committee.
But dam opponents yesterday
dismissed the meetings, and
said the prior consultation proc-
ess is flawed to begin with.
We do not think the results of
the meetings will be effective if
Laos is just going to continue
building, said Youk Senglong,
program manager for the Fisher-
ies Action Coalition Team.
According to the Mekong Riv-
er Commission, the consultation
process does not grant any of the
Lower Mekong countries the
ability to veto a dam.
Cambodias first national
meeting is scheduled for Friday
and Saturday in Stung Treng.
Airport fight comes to city
Pech Sotheary

BOUT 80 villagers
locked in a land dis-
pute in Preah Vihear
province found their
planned march to the National
Assembly blocked by security
forces in the capitals Meanchey
district yesterday.
Village representative Meng
Chanthorn said that the
quashed march, which was ulti-
mately abandoned without the
use violence, was called to seek
the intervention of the central
government in their dispute.
The villagers claim provincial
authorities in Preah Vihear have
extended a land concession for
a new airport without offering
adequate compensation.
The authorities asked us
to draw up a joint petition de-
scribing the land dispute in
Preah Vihear province, so it will
be easy for them to solve this
case, Meng said.
The airport plan affects 78
families who were living on 8
hectares of land. The authori-
ties offered only 800 riel per
square metre, he claimed.
Accompanying the protesters
were 40 ethnic Kuoy villagers
from Tbeng Meanchey district
and Cherb district, and 100
people from Chhoam Ksan dis-
trict. All of them are currently
staying at the Samaki Raingsey
pagoda, which has become
something of a haven for villag-
ers travelling to the capital to air
their grievances.
Om Mara, Preah Vihear pro-
vincial governor, could not be
reached for comment yester-
day. However, Nut Sorphoan,
Preah Vihear town governor,
said the land in question had
belonged to the Secretariat of
Civil Aviation since 1962. Pro-
vincial authorities, he claimed,
had offered fair compensation,
but the villagers had declined
the offer.
Heak Chanleang, Meanchey,
district deputy governor, said
another march would disturb
the public peace.
We did not ban them, but
Phnom Penh Municipal Hall
will not allow them to march
one group at a time. I have sug-
gested that they prepare a joint
petition and march together at
a time so they can march us-
ing cars or motorbikes, and our
forces will help them, he said.
Lor Chan, a coordinator for
rights group Adhoc in Preah
Vihear province, said the villag-
ers would stop protesting when
they had been issued with land
Villagers from Preah Vihear province rest at Samaki Raingsey pagoda yesterday in Phnom Penh after they
were prevented from marching to Hun Sens house by local authorities. PHA LINA
Bad deal
on refugees
REFUGEE rights group
yesterday condemned
the resettlement agree-
ment between Australia and
Cambodia, which could poten-
tially see refugees housed in
Australian off-shore detention
relocated to Phnom Penh by
the end of the year.
The Asia Pacific Refugee
Rights Network (APRRN) said
the Australian government
should not try to resettle
[refugees] in a third country
that may not be adequately
equipped to provide sufficient
levels of protection.
Australias Minister of Immi-
gration and Border Protection
Scott Morrison signed the
agreement with Minister of
Interior Sar Kheng in Phnom
Penh on September 26.
Following the signing, re-
ports of self-harm, attempted
suicide and abuse emerged
from the detention centre on
the Pacific island of Nauru.
Australia must be criticised
for their deliberate attempt to
shirk their responsibility to-
ward fulfilling their internatio-
nal obligations as a signatory to
the 1951 Refugee Convention,
Sector Flight No.
IP 801 08:40 09: 20
18: 10
10: 50
20: 15
IP 809
IP 802
IP 810
Departure Arrival Frequency
Airbus 320
Siem Reap - Phnom Penh
Siem Reap - Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh - Siem Reap
Phnom Penh - Siem Reap
Apply to all nationalities, Sales: 12- Oct-2014 Until 20-Oct-2014, Traveling: 12-Oct-2014 Until 26-Oct-2014.
Tel: 023 884 488 / 012 816 555
Tel: 063 765 999
012 903 888 / 017 744 099
Tel: 023 214 228 / 078 777 328
012 231 066 / 012 259 928
Tel: 078 644 444
Tel: 016 846 840 / 070 846 840
077 322 367 / 077 322 368
Connecting Destinations
Drivers told
to work or
take a hike
Sen David
ABOUT forty public bus drivers
who protested over wages at the
weekend were told yesterday to
work or resign.
The bus drivers claim Phnom
Penh City Hall promised them
salaries of between $300 and
$350 per month beginning in
September, but were still paying
them only $180. Officials say the
workers misunderstood.
Both sides refused to budge
yesterday, with a meeting
between worker representatives
and City Hall officials ending
with two worker representatives
being fired and the rest being
told to accept salaries or leave.
They did not find a solution
for us, said bus driver Tiet Ret.
They just handed us resigna-
tion forms. If we want to work,
we were told to stop protesting,
accept our salaries as they are
or resign.
Ret and co-worker Chan
Thou were accused of inciting
the protest and dismissed,
Ret said.
Deputy Governor Chreang
Sophan said City Hall was not
forcing the drivers to work.
If they do not want their jobs,
they can stop, he said.
Infamous military unit feted
Alice Cuddy and Vong Sokheng

ELEBRATIONS attended by for-
eign delegates marking the 20th
anniversary of the founding of
Cambodias notorious Brigade 70,
a military unit that has faced a raft of al-
legations ranging from protecting illegal
timber traders to murder, were met with
criticism yesterday.
About 1,000 soldiers were on parade at
yesterday mornings event the rst of two
days of celebrations marking the October
15 anniversary which was presided over
by the countrys political and military
elite: Prime Minister Hun Sen, Defence
Minister Tea Banh and Commander-in-
Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed
Forces (RCAF) Pol Sareoun.
Addressing the crowd, Hun Sen said that
he had condence that the RCAF, espe-
cially the Brigade Number 70, will continue
implementing its role and duty . . . for the
cause of independence, sovereignty, terri-
torial integrity, peace and development in
the national society.
Foreign delegates in attendance included
a representative of the Vietnamese Defence
Ministry, a delegate from the Republic of
Korea, and military attaches from a num-
ber of countries, including Australia.
The US Embassy refused to comment
on whether representatives of the country
attended. The US has been accused of pro-
viding military aid to the unit in the past.
Phil Robertson, deputy director of Hu-
man Rights Watchs Asia division, said
that attending the celebration was the
equivalent of shaking the hands of the
unit that is the epitome of impunity for
rights abuse in the RCAF.
Its quite clear that Brigade 70 operates
at the behest of its political masters as a
unit that is entrusted to take hard action,
including serious abuses against citizens,
in pursuit of preserving the power of the
CPP and its leaders, Robertson said.
The accusations levelled against the unit
include fatal crackdowns, political arrests,
murder and attempted murder, almost all
of which, Robertson said, have been car-
ried out with complete impunity.
A 2007 report by NGO Global Witness
accused the unit of running an illegal tim-
ber and contraband trafcking operation
worth more than $2 million a year.
Brigade 70, which used to include Hun
Sens bodyguard unit, continues to provide
security to ofcials and private businesses,
according to Robertson.
But Ou Virak, chairman of the Cambodi-
an Center for Human Rights, said the unit
has no real purpose anymore.
Its [part of] a formula for instability . . .
these apparatus were created because of
paranoia but now these bodies [including
Brigade 70] create more paranoia, he said.
At an opposition rally in 1997 the rst
time that Brigade 70 was deployed at a
demonstration at least 16 people were
killed and more than 100 wounded.
Opposition leader Sam Rainsy, who led
the rally, said that yesterdays event should
not have taken place: This is not appropri-
ate, there is nothing to rejoice about.
Soldiers salute as they drive past during a parade for the 20th anniversary of the Royal
Cambodian Armed Forces Brigade 70 yesterday in Phnom Penh. PHOTO SUPPLIED
Continued from page 1
were deployed. Though no stu-
dents have been reported for
cheating attempts yet, two
adults were arrested in the
capital yesterday in connection
with the exam.
A man posing as an inde-
pendent observer attempted to
enter an exam site without an
ID, and in front of Bak Touk
High School, a woman tried to
sell off fake copies of the test to
students desperate for last-
minute salvation, according to
the Education Ministry.
Overall though, the exam is
going even better than the previ-
ous [round], because students
are all aware of the rules. But
there are still problems with stu-
dents trying to take notes in,
said Education Ministry spokes-
man Ros Salin.
Pat-downs and searches
revealed cheat sheets buried in
socks, stockings and even slits
carved into the soles of stu-
dents shoes.
This test is so strict, said a
19-year-old whose answer sheet
was confiscated. He added that
even though some candidates
managed to sneak copies past
the body searches, no one dared
to pull out anything but pens
and pencils in the exam room.
Its absolutely useless to try
and cheat, even worse than last
time, said one student from
Zaman International School.
There was a lot of whispering
when the teachers werent look-
ing, so we tried to help each
other, but thats it.
Students emerging from the
biology and chemistry sections
yesterday two of the seven sub-
jects with the lowest average
score last time said the second
round felt easier than the gruel-
ling questions most couldnt
answer in August.
I think the ministry under-
stood that we worked really hard
over the last month to try and
learn, but the reforms to the
exam happened very quickly, so
they made the test a little easier,
said one exam writer.
But the ministry repeatedly
claimed the second national
exam would be held to the same
standard as the first, including in
terms of level of difficulty.
I got the impression that more
students could write answers to
all the questions this round, but
I think its not because the test
was any easier, but because the
students were more prepared,
said Education Minister Hang
Chuon Naron.
Some students attested to
spending every single day . . .
in-between the exams study-
ing, a marked contrast to the
laissez faire approach many con-
fessed to in the previous test.
The first time, I was very lazy,
I barely revised at all, said a
Boeung Keng Kang High School
candidate who paid 1,500 riel
per hour for a private tutor to
help her cram for the retest.
While students griped about
the pains they took to prepare,
they also complained of an
absent student who earned her
diploma without even sharpen-
ing a pencil at the second exam.
Its not fair that the ministry
let [Sorn Seavmey] pass after she
failed [her first try], said one
candidate about her former
classmate, the teenage taekwon-
do sensation who was automat-
ically passed after winning gold
at the Asian Games.
She already got a medal for
her taekwondo skills, why should
she be rewarded academically
when she demonstrated she
doesnt know anything?
A few students stuck up for
Sorn, but many cautioned future
test writers against assuming
merits outside the classroom
would translate into a desired
passing score.
I just want to tell those who
are going to take the test in the
future to see us as an example of
what not to do. Instead, study
hard from the beginning, and
dont give up or youll regret it,
said the Zaman student.
Raid leads to seizure of
large quantity of yama
THISLL keep you up at
night. A pair of alleged drug
dealers was arrested on
Sunday after police found 76
packages of yama in their
house in Kandals Kean Svay
district. The two men, aged
29 and 35, attempted to
escape through the window
but were promptly arrested.
They confessed to packaging
drugs for sale and were sent
to court. DEUM APIL
Unmasked! Identities
revealed after capture
ANOTHER dastardly duo was
arrested for attempting to
break into a Korean nation-
als house on Sunday in
Phnom Penhs Chamkarmon
district. The owner was still
shouting for help as police
arrived at the scene, prompt-
ing the two men who had
broken in, aged 25 and 27, to
flee. However, the police
caught the pernicious pair
and slapped on the bracelets.
The two, who were wearing
masks and hats to conceal
their identities, were sent to
One man arrested after
teen robbed with knife
TROUBLE clearly comes in
pairs in todays blotter. A
17-year-old girl in Phnom
Penhs Daun Penh district
was mugged on Sunday by
two men who threatened her
with a knife as she walked
from her house to the market.
Nearby police arrested one of
the suspects, a 32-year-old
man, but were too late for his
accomplice, who escaped in
the nick of time. Police are
currently on the lookout for
the escapee. They sent the
other man to court. KOH
Victim outnumbered in
attack, until cops show
FOUR men were arrested for
violently attempting to steal a
mans motorbike on Sunday
in Banteay Meancheys Poipet
district. The suspects, aged
from 25 to 35, ambushed their
victim, 24, on their motor-
bikes as he was leaving a bar
to go home. The men threat-
ened their victim with hand-
guns and beat him up, but
nearby police saw the incident
and arrested them all. KOH
Dancing gets racy, and
so does ensuing brawl
A POIPET man was arrested
for participating in a brawl
over some cheeky dancing at
a pagoda on Sunday. Police
said the scuffle started after
someone touched a 23-year-
old womans bum and her
boyfriend, 29, got seriously
angry. The fight quickly
spread then escalated, with
the participants using axes
and rocks to attack each oth-
er. Police intervened but could
only arrest one suspect, 25,
before the others escaped.
Translated by Sen David
The Australian Embassy invites applications from suitably qualied
individuals for a position of Team Leader for 3i: Investing In
Infrastructure program (long-term adviser), which is available now.
Funded by the Australian Government, 3i is a program designed to
promote and catalyse business growth in the infrastructure sector of
Cambodia. It will partner with the private sector to expand household
and business access to utilities and other services.
The monthly remuneration is based on the Adviser Remuneration
Framework of the Australian Aid Program, Discipline Category D, Job
Level 4. The Adviser support costs and allowance will be determined
during contract negotiations.
Selection Criteria
Ten or more years professional experience in a relevant eld
such as international development, economics, infrastructure,
engineering, or private sector/business development
Academic qualications in a relevant eld
Experience in program/project leadership and management,
including excellent skills in managing multi-cultural teams and
working in a cross-cultural environment
Demonstrated success in supporting private sector development
or working with the private sector within an aid program
Knowledge of or experience in infrastructure development
Knowledge of or experience in implementing aid programs using
market-based approaches, like the Making Markets Work for the
Poor (M4P) or value-chain approaches
Experience working in Cambodia or other countries in
Southeast Asia
Familiarity with private equity and/or social impact investment
Applications must include:
A statement (maximum 3 pages) addressing the selection criteria,
including all 6 of the essential selection criteria
A current resume setting out employment and educational history
Full contact details
Name and contact details of two referees who have recent
knowledge of the applicants work performance
A full job description of the position can be obtained from the Australian
Embassys website http://www.cambodia.embassy.gov.au and a draft
Program Design Document for 3i can be obtained from the following
web page http://aid.dfat.gov.au/apps/businessnotications/Pages/
Applications should be emailed to Tokyo.Bak@dfat.gov.au or mailed to
the following address:
Tokyo Bak, Senior Program Manager, Development Cooperation
Australian Embassy
No 16B, National Assembly Street, Phnom Penh
Ref: Team Leader for 3i: Investing In Infrastructure program
Applications close 5:00pm Friday 24 October 2014
Team Leader for 3i: Investing In
Infrastructure program
Fatal encounter
Crash kills
student day
before test
GRADE 12 student was
killed in a fatal accident
in Sihanoukvilles Mit-
tapheap district early on Sunday
morning allegedly by a Rus-
sian drunk driver just one day
before he was slated to retake
the grade 12 exam, police said
According to public services
deputy commissioner Ei Sokha,
student Sorn Chamnan, 21, was
riding his Wave motorbike down
the street at about 12:30am.
At the same time, 36-year-old
Russian tourist Samokh Vadenis
was allegedly speeding in a white
Volvo down the same street at up
to 100 kilometres per hour while
under the inuence.
Vadenis allegedly collided with
a parked Toyota then veered into
Chamnans lane, killing him,
Sokha said, placing the blame
with the Russian motorist.
The student [was pronounced
dead] immediately after we took
him to the provincial hospital.
After the incident, his family
came to pick up his dead body,
Sokha said.
Meanwhile, the Russian guy
was detained at the provincial
court to wait for a hearing.
Arrests made ahead of test
Students leaving the second round of national exams in Phnom Penh
yesterday are handed university brochures. HONG MENEA
Indicative Exchange Rates as of 13/10/2014. Please contact ANZ Royal Global Markets on 023 999 910 for real time rates.
THE Myanmar government will
continue to assess the future of
state enterprises, two ministers
said last week, after revealing
that many are losing money.
We are restructuring and abol-
ishing some state departments
and enterprises according to [the]
democratic reform [program] . . .
There will be some changes too,
Minister for the Presidents Office
Soe Thein said.
Minister of Finance Win Shein
said 11 of 39 state enterprises
supported by the state are los-
ing money, while another state-
owned firm from the Ministry
of Transport that does not
receive budget support is also
failing to turn a profit.
He did not reveal how much
the enterprises were losing. The
list of loss-making enterprises
includes: the Myanmar Eco-
nomic Bank and the Myanmar
Trade Bank, from the Ministry
of Finance; the Ministry of Elec-
tric Powers Myanmar Electric
Power Enterprise; and the Min-
istry of Rail Transportations
Myanma Railways. The Minis-
try of Industry reported losses
of more than 190 billion kyat
($195 million) in the second
half of the 2013-14 fiscal year.
Prominent businessperson
Khin Shwe said attention needs
to be given on refocusing state
factories, including looking at
privatisation if they continue
losing money. MYANMAR TIMES
Vegetables get more attention
Chan Muyhong

AMBODIAN author-
ities are stepping up
inspection efforts of
vegetable imports
along the border after Viet-
namese produce shipped
to the European Union was
found to contain harmful
bacteria, an ofcial from the
Kingdoms import inspection
unit said yesterday.
Vietnamese media reported
last week said that the Euro-
pean Union Consumer Pro-
tection Agency has issued a
warning to the Vietnamese
government that the country
risked a ban on certain veg-
etables imported to the EU if
the produce continued to vio-
late safety standards.
An ofcial from the General
Department of Camcontrol,
who asked not to be named
as he was not authorised to
speak to media, told the Post
yesterday that although they
had not yet found any breach
of standards, they were now
taking more precautionary
measures to strengthen in-
spections at international
check points along the Viet-
namese border.
After receiving notication
from the EU, we have sent
more inspectors at all the
important checkpoints along
the Cambodia and Vietnam
border and inspection is now
done in a stricter manner,
the ofcial said.
The inspections include
the way the vegetables are
packed, transported and at
what temperature, and if
found necessary, some of the
sample will be sent to the lab-
oratory for testing, he went
on to say.
The ofcial said the depart-
ment is working to prevent
the worst case possible. How-
ever, he warned that consum-
ers should pay extra attention
to the hygiene standards ap-
plied to vegetables sold at the
Vegetables should be
washed and cooked well
before consuming, he said.
Researchers estimate that
Cambodia imports more than
200 tonnes of vegetables from
Vietnam each day.
Yang Saing Komar, presi-
dent of the Cambodian Cen-
ter for Study and Develop-
ment in Agriculture, said a
lack of local producers made
Cambodia dependent on
imported vegetables, which
meant there was less control
over production standards.
Cambodia is susceptible
to the use of pesticides and
chemicals used in farming in
other countries Korma said.
Because we do not have
enough local growers, we
imported most of the vege-
table that cannot be produce
locally. We have to be careful
on this. The department of
Camcontrol should double
check on the imported veg-
etables, he said.
Komar said that the govern-
ment should adopt a national
policy encouraging more
farmers to start growing their
own vegetables to help sup-
port local demand.
According to Vietnamese
newspaper Tuoi Tre, upon re-
ceiving the EU warning, Viet-
nams Ministry of Agriculture
and Rural Development has
suspended the exports of ba-
sil, chili, bitter melon, celery,
and cilantro until the end of
next year.
A farmer waters a vegetable eld in northern Vietnam late last month. Cambodian border ofcials have stepped up efforts to monitor Vietnamese
vegetables imported into the country. AFP
Universal plans $3B
Beijing theme park
Universal Parks & Resorts will
invest more than $3 billion with
a Chinese partner to open a
movie theme park in Beijing in
2019, the city government and
state media said yesterday. The
park, which will feature char-
acters and scenes from Holly-
wood blockbusters such as
Harry Potter and the Transfor-
mers franchises, will be located
in the citys Tongzhou district,
the city governments news
office said on Sina Weibo.
Universal Parks & Resorts and
partner Beijing Shouhuan
Cultural Tourism Investment
Co will spend more than $3.7
billion to build the park, which
will cover an area of 120
hectares, the Mirror said. AFP
Garuda makes $5B
order from Boeing
INDONESIAN flag carrier
Garuda has placed an order for
50 planes worth almost $5
billion, US plane giant Boeing
said, as competition heats up for
passengers in Asias increas-
ingly crowded skies. Garuda
ordered 46 of Boeings new 737
MAX 8 jets and is converting
existing orders for four 737-800s
to 737 MAX 8s, the plane
manufacturer said. The
purchase is worth $4.9 billion at
current list prices, although
airlines typically receive
discounts for big orders. AFP
rms form
Post Staff
MALAYSIAN financial services
giant CIMB is set to merge with
RHB Capital Berhad and Malay-
sia Building Society Berhard with
the proposal submitted to Bank
Negara Malaysia for approval, a
joint announcement from the
Malaysian firms said yesterday.
The three-way merger, valued
at $22.3 billion, will create the
nations largest bank, according
to an October 10 report from
Bloomberg. The venture has
been hailed by the companies as
a formation of an ASEAN finan-
cial powerhouse.
This exercise will cement
CIMB Groups position amongst
the top banks in ASEAN and
bring a host of value creation
opportunities for all our stake-
holders, said Tengku Dato
Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, acting
group chief executive at CIMB
Group, said in a statement.
CIMB has a presence in nine
ASEAN nations, including Cam-
bodia, where at the end of 2013 it
had 11 branches and held about
$250 million in assets. RHB had
nine branches in the Kingdom
with close to $240 million in
assets at the end of last year.
Positive figures boost China
HINAS exports and
imports both rose
more than expected
in September, Cus-
toms data showed yesterday in
a positive signal for the worlds
second-largest economy, but
analysts warned that funda-
mentals remained weak.
The trade surplus more than
doubled year-on-year to $31
billion as exports rose 15.3
per cent to $213.7 billion, the
General Administration of
Customs announced, while
imports climbed 7 per cent to
$182.7 billion.
The rise in exports acceler-
ated from Augusts 9.4 per cent
growth and was ahead of the
median forecast of 12.5 per
cent in a poll of 15 economists
by Dow Jones Newswires.
The survey had previously
predicted a fall of 2.4 per cent
in imports, matching a sur-
prise decline in August.
The positive gures are the
latest contradictory indica-
tor for Chinas economy, a key
driver of global growth.
Customs spokesman Zheng
Yuesheng attributed the im-
provement to major econo-
mies recovering and external
demand strengthening.
The good momentum is
expected to continue in the
fourth quarter, he added.
But analysts urged caution.
Julian Evans-Pritchard, China
economist with Capital Eco-
nomics, said that while im-
port growth rebounded, this
should not be taken as a sign
that domestic demand growth
is turning a corner.
The strength seems to have
been driven by a surge in im-
ports for processing and re-
export, he added. As such,
it mostly reects a brighter
export outlook rather than a
pick-up in domestic demand.
The improvement was ex-
pected to prove short-lived, he
said, citing oversupply in the
struggling property sector
and subdued commodity
The expansion in exports
was probably linked to the
launch of Apples iPhone 6,
Nomura analysts said in a re-
search note, pointing out that
mobile phone shipments rose
47 per cent year-on-year, and
by $6.7 billion from August.
External demand faces a
high level of uncertainty due to
weakening European growth
and recent geopolitical risks,
they added, cautioning that
underlying domestic demand
remained weak.
But Barclays was more posi-
tive, saying the big upside sur-
prises in imports and exports
pointed to growth recovering
in the fourth quarter.
Recent reports have suggest-
ed expansion in China which
stood at 7.7 per cent last year,
maintaining its slowest pace
in more than a decade is
weakening even after authori-
ties took limited stimulatory
Ofcials are targeting eco-
nomic growth of about 7.5 per
cent this year, the same as last
years objective. AFP
Containers are stacked at the Yangshan Deep Water Port in Chinas
Pilot Free Trade Zone in Shanghai on October 23, 2013. BLOOMBERG
Source: China Customs
China trade balance
$ billion
Islamic banks to boost
Gulf share by 30 pct
ISLAMIC banks are set to
boost their market share in the
energy-rich Gulf states to
nearly 30 per cent in the next
five years, ratings agency
Standard & Poors said
yesterday. We think Islamic
banks market share of overall
banking system assets in the
Gulf Cooperation Council
(GCC) countries could
gradually inch closer to 30 per
cent over the next five to six
years, from just under 25 per
cent currently, Standard &
Poors credit analyst Timucin
Engin said. S&P said it
expected total GCC banking
assets, both conventional and
Islamic, to rise to $2 trillion by
the end of 2015, from $1.7
trillion at year-end 2013. AFP
NetScout agrees to buy
Danaher for $2.6B
NETSCOUT Systems Inc
agreed to buy the
communications business of
Danaher Corp for about $2.6
billion to accelerate its entry in
the cyber intelligence market.
NetScout will broaden its
customer base with
businesses including Tektronix
Communications, Arbor
Networks, and certain parts of
Fluke Networks. The
combined firm will have
revenue of about $1.2 billion.
The deal is due to close in the
first half of 2016. BLOOMBERG
Funny money
Niues coins
not taking
the Mickey
HE Pacic nation of Niue
has released a new set
coins with images of Dis-
ney characters, such as Mickey
Mouse, on one side and Queen
Elizabeth II on the other.
The gold and silver coins
produced by the New Zealand
Mint are legal tender on the
tiny Polynesian island, but
experts say it is unlikely any
will be used as currency as the
metal they contain is worth far
more than their face value.
It would be the height
of nancial folly to buy one
of these products and then
redeem it at face value for a
fraction of that value, , New
Zealand Mint chief executive
Simon Harding said.
The most expensive coins
available are made from 7.1
grams of gold and feature a
variety of Disney characters.
They retail for $625 but their
denomination in Niue dollars
is a fraction of that at $25. AFP
Putin looks to Li amid woes
HINESE Prime Min-
ister Li Keqiang met
his Russian coun-
terpart yesterday
ahead of talks with President
Vladimir Putin on a visit to
Moscow that comes as Russia
struggles with its most seri-
ous standoff with the West
since the Cold War era.
Li sat down with Prime Min-
ister Dmitry Medvedev, with a
raft of economic deals on the
table, ahead of a meeting with
Putin scheduled for today.
Medvedev said that the
two sides would sign over
40 very important bilateral
Li jetted into the Russian
capital on Sunday for a three-
day visit aimed at bolstering
economic ties between the
two neighbours in a trip hailed
by Beijing as a major event.
Lis rst visit to Russia as
premier comes at a sensitive
time as the Kremlin is grap-
pling with the consequences
of its support for separatists
in Ukraine during a six-month
conict in the east of the ex-
Soviet nation.
Lis Russia trip is part of a
week-long visit to Europe.
Russias growing depen-
dence on China, with which
it spent decades battling for
control over global commu-
nism, may end up strength-
ening its neighbors position
in the Pacic while hastening
its own economic decline.
With the ruble near a record
low and foreign investment
disappearing, luring Chinese
cash may deepen Russias reli-
ance on natural resources and
derail government efforts to
diversify the economy.
Ahead of his Moscow visit,
Li travelled to Germany for
talks with Chancellor Angela
Merkel. He will also partici-
pate in a summit in Milan
later this week.
Merkel has been seen as one
of the European Unions top
negotiators on the Ukraine cri-
sis. She has held regular talks
with Putin but has also thrown
her weight behind European
Union sanctions against Rus-
sia in a bid to make Putin drop
support for separatists in east-
ern Ukraine.
Saddled with several rounds
of Western sanctions and the
Russian economy in tatters,
the Kremlin appears keen to
see an easing of punitive mea-
sures from the West.
Putin late on Saturday or-
dered a pullback of troops from
the Ukrainian border and will
hold key talks with Ukrainian
President Petro Poroshenko
on the sidelines of an Asia-Eu-
rope meeting in Milan.
China has spoken out
against Western sanctions
against Russia and has called
on all sides to reach a political
settlement over Ukraine.
Once bitter foes during the
Cold War, Moscow and Bei-
jing have over the past years
ramped up cooperation as
both are driven by a desire
to counterbalance US global
China and Russia often work
in lockstep at the UN Secu-
rity Council, using their veto
power as permanent council
members to counter the West
on issues such as the Syria cri-
sis. Russias showdown with
the West over Ukraine has
given Moscow a new impetus
to court Beijing.
Resource-hungry China is
seeking to diversify its sources
of energy amid booming do-
mestic consumption, while
Russia is seeking to tap fast-
developing Asian markets.
Following a decade of tough
negotiations China and Rus-
sia signed a 30-year, $400-
billion agreement in May
that will eventually involve
38 billion cubic metres of gas
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (left) and Russian President Vladimir
Putin, pictured here during an economic forum in St Petersburg in May,
are due to meet today to discuss strengthening economic ties. AFP
Ebola virus killing thousands and ruining economies
UK seeks to sell Eurostar stake
AFTER killing thousands in
Africa and terrifying millions
more, the Ebola virus is claim-
ing a new victim: the economies
of what are already some of the
worlds poorest countries,
experts say.
Our development agenda
was interrupted by the Ebola
outbreak which started in
March and returned with inten-
sity in June, spread into the
capital city where one third of
the population reside, Liberian
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
told the World Bank by video
link on Thursday.
During a visit this week to the
east of the country, on the fron-
tier with Guinea, Sirleaf called
on people to fight together to
get this Ebola virus out of our
way in order to return to our
development initiatives.
She specifically mentioned a
project to pave the Yekepa-
Ganta highway, which was sus-
pended after foreign workers
were evacuated.
The fallout from the Ebola
virus, which has killed more
than 4,000 people in West Africa
this year, has had the same
effect as an economic embar-
go by isolating affected coun-
tries, Sierra Leones finance
minister, Kaifala Maraha, said
on Saturday. Everything weve
achieved has been lost.
Liberian economist Samuel
Jackson painted a grim picture:
Businesses slow down or close
down. The big industries are
not gonna build their plants.
The infrastructure works are all
Liberias two biggest raw
material products, rubber and
iron ore, have been hit hard,
while prices for imports have
Edward George, head of a
research unit at Ecobank in the
region, told AFP that with Ebo-
la theres almost like a slow
squeezing of the different coun-
tries and the commodities sec-
tor. It isnt that there has been
any massive disinvestment
suddenly, but what is happen-
ing is a slow-down of all opera-
tions. Everyone is putting eve-
rything on the back burner in
terms of new investment.
US oil giant ExxonMobil for
instance said in September it
was delaying its first offshore
exploration in Liberia that had
been meant to start at the end
of this year.
The crucial raw materials sec-
tor may be suffering, but not as
much as agriculture and serv-
ices, which are especially vul-
nerable to disruption from the
deadly disease.
Were at almost zero per cent
occupancy rates, to be honest,
said Moussa Sow, the Senega-
lese owner of a 50-room hotel
in Conakry.
More worryingly, agriculture
and food security in general are
at risk, according to the United
Nations food agency, the FAO.
An FAO study in Sierra Leone
found that 47 per cent of people
questioned believe the crisis
has seriously affected their agri-
cultural activities. In Liberias
bread basket province of Lofa,
staple goods prices have risen
30-75 per cent since August.
Even worse is the situation in
quarantined zones, where more
than half of Sierra Leones pop-
ulation lives.
Since the emergence of the
Ebola crisis people are afraid
to come and sell to us and they
are also afraid to come and
buy, said Fatu Kamara, depu-
ty chairwoman of Port Loko
Central Market. Before, when
we go to the day market we
usually buy goods cheap, but
now since they are risking
their way to reach us they are
very expensive.
In Monrovia, capital of Libe-
ria, manioc prices have risen
150 per cent and many families
are spending 80 per cent of their
income on food, the FAO says.
These latest price spikes are
effectively putting food com-
pletely out of their reach, Vin-
cent Martin, the FAOs regional
coordinator, said.
In a rare piece of good news,
Coca-Cola, which has been in
Liberia for half a century, said it
will boost investments, notably
with production of mineral
water starting in March next
year. AFP
THE UK has started the sale process
of its stake in English Channel tunnel
passenger train operator Eurostar
International as it seeks to raise bil-
lions of pounds from asset disposals.
Chancellor of the Exchequer George
Osborne is inviting expressions of
interest from potential buyers of the
governments 40 per cent holding in
Eurostar, which is majority owned by
France. Parties have until October 31
to respond, and the government
expects to achieve definitive agree-
ments in the first quarter next year.
The disposal is part of a plan to shed
20 billion ($32.1 billion) of assets by
2020 as the government seeks to lower
borrowings and shift more companies
out of state ownership. Seven months
before a general election, Osborne is
positioning his Conservatives as the
party of economic credibility. Last
month he said further spending cuts
or tax increases are needed in order to
balance the budget.
I am determined that we go on
making the decisions to reform the
British economy and tackle our debts,
Osborne said in the statement. The
sale proceeds would make an impor-
tant contribution to the task of reduc-
ing the public sector debt.
Eurostar, whose core routes link
London with Paris and Brussels, car-
ried 10.1 million passengers in 2013
and had an operating profit of 54
million on sales of 857 million. The
firm is seeking growth through addi-
tional European destinations, while
facing competition from Deutsche
Bahn Ag, Europes biggest rail opera-
tor, which plans London services.
The UK is the No 2 shareholder in
Eurostar, with the French government
holding 55 per cent via state rail firm
Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer
Francais. Belgian state railway SNCB
owns the remaining 5 per cent.
Eurostar paid a dividend of 18.6
million to its owners in 2013, of which
the UK received 7.4 million. In 2012,
Britain got a dividend payout of 6.5
million from a total of 16.3 million.
The Sunday Times reported this
month that the stake is worth about
300 million, and Paris-based Antin
Infrastructure Partners and Ardian, the
private-equity firm spun out from AXA
Group, are considering bids.
The disposal comes as Eurostar
gears up for its biggest expansion in
years, with new trains due to link
London with Amsterdam from
December 2016, with stops in Ant-
werp, Rotterdam and Amsterdams
Schiphol airport. BLOOMBERG
A MAJOR anti-tobacco conference
opened in Moscow yesterday aimed
at agreeing to higher taxes on ciga-
rettes, a move being ercely op-
posed by the tobacco industry.
Russia, which has introduced
strict anti-smoking legislation, was
hosting a ve-day World Health
Organization conference that has
brought together some 1,500 del-
egates from signatory countries of
the international bodys Framework
Convention on Tobacco Control.
The summit held every two years
has been hit by the fallout over the
Ukraine crisis, with both the United
States and Canada boycotting the
meeting amid a standoff with Mos-
cow over its support for separatist
rebels in the ex-Soviet nation.
Ofcials are are pushing for tough-
er taxes on smoking in a bid to curb
a habit that they blame for 6 million
deaths worldwide each year.
I am proud to be the enemy num-
ber one of the tobacco industry, that
is a badge of honour for me, the
WHOs director general Margaret
Chan told the gathering. Chan was
due to meet with Russian President
Vladimir Putin later yesterday.
Activists argue that ramping up
duties on cigarettes represents the
best chance of cutting smoking rates
around the globe despite concerns
that it could see the black market for
tobacco products increase.
The guidelines do not impose a
minimum tax rate on cigarettes, but
will be a tool that will allow each
state to pursue a policy to determine
the appropriate tax level, Martin
Logan, a spokesman for the Frame-
work Convention Alliance, an NGO
promoting tobacco control, said to
Major anti-tobacco meeting
aims to increase smoking tax
International commodities
Thailand Vietnam
Singapore Malaysia
Hong Kong China
Japan Taiwan
Thai Set 50 Index, Oct 10
FTSE Straits Times Index, Oct 10 FTSE BursaMalaysiaKLCI, Oct 10
Hang Seng Index, Oct 10 CSI 300 Index, Oct 10
Nikkei 225, Oct 10 Taiwan Taiex Index, Oct 10
Ho Chi Minh Stock Index, Oct 10
2,454.95 23,143.38
1,797.20 3,202.15
614.22 1,027.29
South Korea Philippines
Laos Indonesia
India Pakistan
Australia New Zealand
KRX 100 Index, Oct 10 PSEI - Philippine Se Idx, Oct 10
Laos Composite Index, Oct 10 Jakarta Composite Index, Oct 10
BSE Sensex 30 Index, Oct 10 Karachi 100 Index, Oct 10
S&P/ASX 200 Index, Oct 10 NZX 50 Index, Oct 10
30,419.53 26,399.50
4,913.06 1,415.14
6,968.09 4,025.25
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Gasoline R 5250 5450 3.81 %
Diesel R 5100 5200 1.96 %
Petroleum R 5500 5500 0.00 %
Gas Chi 86000 76000 -11.63 %
Charcoal Baht 1200 1300 8.33 %
Construction equipment
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Rice 1 R/Kg 2800 2780 -0.71 %
Rice 2 R/Kg 2200 2280 3.64 %
Paddy R/Kg 1800 1840 2.22 %
Peanuts R/Kg 8000 8100 1.25 %
Maize 2 R/Kg 2000 2080 4.00 %
Cashew nut R/Kg 4000 4220 5.50 %
Pepper R/Kg 40000 24000 -40.00 %
Beef R/Kg 33000 33600 1.82 %
Pork R/Kg 17000 18200 7.06 %
Mud Fish R/Kg 12000 12400 3.33 %
Chicken R/Kg 18000 20800 15.56 %
Duck R/Kg 13000 13100 0.77 %
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Steel 12 R/Kg 3000 3100 3.33 %
Cement R/Sac 19000 19500 2.63 %
Food -Cereals -Vegetables - Fruits
Cambodian commodities
(Base rate taken on January 1, 2012)
Crude Oil (WTI) USD/bbl. 89.81 0.07 0.08% 9:02:20
Crude Oil (Brent) USD/bbl. 92.28 -0.03 -0.03% 9:01:58
NYMEX Natural Gas USD/MMBtu 3.92 -0.12 -2.92% 9:02:04
RBOBGasoline USd/gal. 238.65 0.8 0.34% 9:02:33
NYMEX Heating Oil USd/gal. 261.43 -0.2 -0.08% 9:02:12
ICEGasoil USD/MT 787.5 6.25 0.80% 9:01:48
CBOT Rough Rice USD/cwt 12.57 -0.02 -0.16% 8:43:34
CME Lumber USD/tbf 349.2 1.4 0.40% 17:00:00
J APAN SPIRIT Co,.Ltd. is looking for
many potential staffs, the position is
Designer who can use (Illustrator, Auto
for Tracing Floor Plan.

(No Experience Candidates can be applied).
Salary is ($120 ~ ).

Interesting Candidates
can apply to address below:
#10 (VTRUST Building 3
Floor), St. 109,
SongkatMitapheap, Khan 7 Makar,
Phnom Penh.
Tel: 017 322 071 / 070 75 65 32
GoPro chiefs sell pure play
Hayley Tsukayama

HE big screen in the GoPro
cafeteria isnt showing ESPN
or ashing news headlines.
Mannequins sporting the
companys distinctive wearable
cameras ank a screen where a run-
ning loop of customer clips gives the
building a quiet soundtrack of windy
whooshes against a view of the world
youd normally see only if you hurled
yourself out of a plane.
But its not all extreme sports and
daring feats. One of the longest clips
in the set is called Baby vs Sleep.
(He has 200,000 views on YouTube.)
Its not the kind of marquee foot-
age youd expect from a company
that makes cameras and mounts
specically for people who dont
want to fuss with their smartphones
while they rappel down cliffs. But
GoPro doesnt only want to be the
camera company for daredevils.
Mostly it cares about capturing
a certain enthusiasm for life, or as
chief executive Nicholas Woodman
likes to call it: stoke.
We never really relied on focus
groups or much research, said
Woodman who mocked up the rst
prototype of a GoPro mount on his
mothers sewing machine so he could
lm himself surng. Were guilty of
building products for ourselves.
Sure, that sounds a little arrogant.
But building products for himself
and ignoring the rest of the world
has been one of the keys to Wood-
mans success since he founded Go-
Pro 13 years ago.
If hed paid attention to what the
world had to say about cameras,
after all, he may never have built
GoPro. The video camcorder indus-
try has imploded as the rise of the
smartphone pitched it into junk
drawers across the country. Rather
than go down with the Sonys, Sanyos
and Panasonics of the world, GoPro
roared to success with a $427 million
initial public offering in June, valu-
ing the company at $3 billion.
Despite some bumps in the road
following its IPO, demand for Go-
Pros cameras remains steady. Re-
tail analysts say its newest models
a $500, $400 and new budget $130
model have been ying off store
shelves since they went on sale a
week ago.
Other camera makers should
have such problems. After all, any-
one might have thought to strap a
camera on a headband. What does
GoPro have that the others dont? In
a word: marketing.
Nearly all the GoPro clips that go
viral clips of Felix Baumgartner
skydiving from space, lions hugging
scientists or a reman resuscitat-
ing a kitten are the product of a
team of content folks at GoPro who
scour the web for perfect clips, buy
the rights from the people who shot
them and produce them to show off
a maximum level of awesomeness.
That makes GoPros media strat-
egy nearly as important, if not
more so, than its gadgetry. Yes, gad-
get sales still account for all of the
companys revenue on the balance
sheet, but its impossible, Woodman
said, to not also think of GoPro as a
media company.
As he sees it, GoPro could already
be a new kind of media business
that essentially markets itself in
what people around the ofce refer
to as a virtuous cycle.
Even if we werent to monetise
the GoPro channel [on YouTube] in
a traditional sense, he says, We still
monetise it in the sense that its the
best way to drive GoPro sales.
Its a neat trick, and one that ex-
perts say GoPro has perfected.
GoPro is one of a class of com-
panies that has people reach out
to their tribes as a marketing de-
vice, said Rita McGrath, an asso-
ciate professor of management at
Columbia University, who likened
the rm to other companies with a
strong sense of identity such as Un-
der Armour.
The people at GoPro get who
theyre selling to because many,
including Woodman, are also core
consumers. The parking lot at head-
quarters is dotted with mud-splat-
tered cars sporting equipment racks
and company bumper stickers.
That concrete knowledge of its mar-
ket gives GoPro a sense of authentic-
ity that resonates with consumers.
Theres something very Steve
Jobs-like to that approach, said
Michael Pachter, a Wedbush Se-
curities analyst. And we respond
to it. The product is pure. They
sell it as a pure play, and we get it.
Skydivers ocking at the Ladies Boogie at Skydance in Davis, California. GoPro
content producers scour the web for clips like this. THE WASHINGTON POST
Kingdom of Cambodia
Nation Religion King
Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia
No. 087/10/14
Letter of Thanks To
SamdechAkkaMohaSenaPadeiTecho Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the
Kingdom of Cambodia
The Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia on behalf of all its
members and workers in the garment and footwear sector would like to
thank Samdech Prime Minister for the wise decision made during the grad-
uation ceremony for the students of the Cambodian University for Special-
ties (CUS) at the Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center to raise
the income tax threshold from the existing 500,001 Riels (fve hundred
thousand and one Riels) to 800,000 Riels (eight hundred thousand Riels).
This decision refects the attention paid by the Royal Government to the
well-being of the workers/employees in the private sector and contributes
to improving the investment climate in Cambodia.
GMAC would like to make a strong commitment to continue contributing
as much as possible and in a responsible manner to the development of
the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Please accept, Samdech Prime Minister, the assurance of our highest
Phnom Penh, 10 October 2014
For & on behalf of Chairman

Kong Sang
WHO tells
Pacic, East
Asia to be
Ebola ready
WORLD Health Organisation
chief Margaret Chan yesterday
urged East Asian and Pacific
countries to strengthen defenc-
es against the Ebola outbreak,
warning that the whole world
may be at risk.
The region of 1.8 billion has
been a hotspot for many
emerging diseases including
Severe Acute Respiratory Syn-
drome SARS and bird flu,
but is so far free from the Ebo-
la virus ravaging parts of West
In the simplest terms, this
outbreak shows how one of the
deadliest pathogens on earth
can exploit any weakness in the
health infrastructure, Chan
told an annual meeting of
Western Pacific health officials
in a speech read for her.
You cannot build these sys-
tems up during a crisis. Instead
they collapse. A dysfunctional
health system means zero pop-
ulation resilience to the range
of shocks that our world is deliv-
ering, with ever greater frequen-
cy and force. When a deadly and
dreaded virus hits the destitute
and spirals out of control, the
whole world is put at risk.
More than 4,000 people have
died from Ebola since the worst
outbreak of the virus began in
West Africa early this year.
Thirty-seven countries and
territories including China, the
rest of East Asia, Australia, New
Zealand, parts of Southeast
Asia and the Pacific island
states comprise WHOs West-
ern Pacific region.
WHO regional director Shin
Young-soo told the meeting an
imported Ebola case in the
region, home to a quarter of
humanity, is certainly a pos-
sibility with its huge transpor-
tation hubs and vibrant trade
and travel.
If Ebola did hit the region,
the consequences could be
huge . . . we must openly con-
front the challenges our region
faces to manage this threat
effectively, Shin said.
Philippine President Benigno
Aquino outlined the potential
Ebola threat faced by his nation
of 100 million as he delivered a
speech at the start of the five-
day WHO meeting.
For the Philippines specifi-
cally, the fact that we have 10
million of our countrymen liv-
ing and working abroad makes
these kinds of outbreaks a par-
amount concern, he said.
Meanwhile, Liberia yesterday
faced a nationwide walkout by
healthcare workers demanding
danger money to care for Ebo-
la patients, in an epidemic that
has already killed dozens of
their colleagues.
The strike threat came as the
US scrambled to find out how
a Texan healthcare worker con-
tracted the tropical virus, in the
first case of contamination on
US soil. AFP
Pistorius should get community service
A SOUTH African prison official yes-
terday recommended that star Paral-
ympian Oscar Pistorius clean a Pretoria
museum for 16 hours a month as pun-
ishment for shooting dead his lover
Reeva Steenkamp.
Joel Maringa, a social worker in South
Africas notoriously crowded and bru-
tal jails, told a sentencing hearing that
Pistorius should not go to jail, but
receive correctional supervision for
three years under house arrest.
Pistorius was found guilty last
month of negligently killing his girl-
friend in the early hours of Valentines
Day 2013.
The 27-year-old double amputee was
cleared of the more serious charge of
murder, a verdict that shocked the
country and fuelled criticism of South
Africas legal system.
He could face up to 15 years in prison
or could dodge a jail term altogether
with a non-custodial sentence.
The accused will benefit from cor-
rectional supervision, said Maringa,
adding that he will get an opportu-
nity to restructure and modify his
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel described
Maringas suggestion as shockingly
In tough cross-examination, Nel
questioned whether Maringa under-
stood the seriousness of the crime that
Pistorius had committed, after he
admitted he did not have detailed
knowledge of the case.
Reevas father Barry Steenkamp
held his head with his hand as Mar-
inga spoke.
It emerged during evidence that
Barry Steenkamp had suffered a
stroke after Reevas death, and her
mother has repeatedly collapsed on
the floor in tears, their lives shattered
by the tragedy.
A friend of Reevas, Desi Myers,
expressed her disbelief at the commu-
nity service suggestion, saying: I dont
want to think, I dont want to talk.
Maringa was one of three witnesses
called by Pistoriuss defence lawyers
yesterday, who are fighting to keep him
out of jail. His agent testified about his
charity work and earlier Pistoriuss
therapist told the court that he suffered
genuine remorse after shooting dead
Defence witness Lore Hartzenberg
said Pistorius was virtually inconsol-
able during initial counselling sessions
after he killed Reeva Steenkamp.
Some of the sessions were just him
weeping and crying and me holding
him, said Hartzenberg.
I can confirm his remorse and pain
to be genuine, said Hartzenberg. I
have never found him to be anything
other than a respectful, caring and
well-mannered person.
She described Pistorius as being a
broken man. Nel suggested Hartzen-
berg was biased in favour of Pistorius,
pointing out that she once cried during
the trial. I cried in court, I was emo-
tional once when he was required to
take off his prosthesis, she admitted.
Pistorius entered the North Gauteng
High Court in Pretoria amid tight secu-
rity for the start of the sentencing hear-
ing, which is expected to run for most
of the week.
Lawyer David Dadic not involved
in the case said the defence will
heavily expand on their trial argu-
ment regarding Oscars remorseful-
ness. AFP
Turkey denies US air base claim
URDISH ghters
engaged in erce
clashes with jihad-
ists on the Turkish
border near Kobane yesterday,
as Ankara denied claims they
would allow US forces use of
their military bases in the ght
against the Islamic State.
US ofcials had earlier said
Turkey would also host train-
ing for moderate Syrian
rebels, in the hopes of nally
creating a force capable of
tackling IS on the ground.
There is no new agreement
with the United States about
Incirlik, a Turkish govern-
ment ofcial said of an air
base in southern Turkey that
the US wants to use to launch
air strikes. Negotiations are
continuing based on Turkish
conditions previously laid out,
the ofcial added.
Near Kobane, ghting
spread early yesterday to the
border area just north of the
town, threatening to cut it off
from the outside world.
IS ghters were also putting
strong pressure on pro-gov-
ernment forces in Iraq, with
concern over Anbar province
and the key Baiji oil renery.
With the jihadists advancing
on its doorstep, NATO mem-
ber Turkey has come under
intense pressure to take action
as part of a US-led coalition
that has been carrying out air
strikes in Syria and Iraq.
US ofcials said Turkey had
agreed to let Washington use
its bases including Incirlik for
the air campaign.
Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel
said the agreement included
hosting and conducting
training for Syrian opposition
members in Turkey, noting
Ankara would welcome a US
Command team next week to
develop a training regimen.
US military planners have
repeatedly warned the air
campaign alone will not be
enough to defeat IS.
Turkish Prime Minister Ah-
met Davutoglu on Sunday
called for military backing for
Syrias moderate opposition
to create a third force in the
war-torn country to take on
the Damascus regime as well
as IS militants.

Iraq forces leave Anbar base

Near Kobane, clashes with
automatic gunre and mortar
re were taking place less than
a kilometre from the barbed
wire fence that marks the Syr-
ia-Turkey border, a reporter
on the Turkish side said.
Turkey had moved reinforce-
ments to the border including
more tanks and self-propelled
artillery, the reporter said.
The US-led international
coalition launched at least
two new air strikes against IS
positions in the area, with one
striking the heart of the town
and sending a huge plume of
smoke skywards.
Kobane has become a highly
visible symbol of resistance to
IS and its fall would give them
control of a long stretch of the
Turkey-Syria border.
But concern has also been
growing over Iraq, where IS
ghters have been threaten-
ing to seize more territory.
Iraqi forces are reported to
be under intensifying pres-
sure in Anbar province be-
tween Baghdad and the Syr-
ian border, where a roadside
bomb killed the police chief
on Sunday.
Yesterday, security sources
said Iraqi government troops
stationed on the edge of the
city of Heet in Anbar had with-
drawn to another base, leav-
ing the city under full jihadist
Pro-government forces have
also been in trouble around
Baiji oil renery south of IS-
held Mosul, where US military
aircraft on Sunday for the rst
time dropped supplies includ-
ing food, water and ammuni-
tion to Iraqi troops.
Washington has insisted it
will not send ground troops
back to Iraq, and Secretary of
State John Kerry said on Sun-
day that Iraqis will have to
succeed on the ground.
Ultimately it is Iraqis who
will have to take back Iraq. It is
Iraqis in Anbar who will have
to ght for Anbar, he said.

Fighters divide up slaves
IS has committed wide-
spread atrocities in areas
under its control, including
attacks on civilians, mass ex-
ecutions, beheadings and en-
slaving women.
In the latest issue of its pro-
paganda magazine Dabiq re-
leased on Sunday, IS boasted
of having revived slavery,
giving Yazidi women and
children captured in north-
ern Iraq to its ghters as
spoils of war. IS believes the
Yazidis hold deviant religious
beliefs and claims that Islamic
sharia law allows for their en-
slavement. AFP
A woman reacts as smoke rises from the the Syrian town of Ain al-Arab, known as Kobane by Kurds, after a
strike from the US-led coalition as it seen from the Turkish-Syrian border yesterday. AFP
URKISH President Recep Tayyip
Erdogan on Friday launched an
angry tirade at modern day
Lawrence of Arabias bent on
causing trouble in the Middle East.
British officer TE Lawrence helped Arab
leaders fight a guerrilla insurgency against
the forces of the Ottoman Empire in the
desert during World War I. Lawrence is still
regarded as a hero in Britain and many Arab
But Erdogan made clear he saw the iconic
British officer as a symbol of unwanted
outside meddling in a region where Turkish
influence should count.
Lawrence was an English spy disguised
as an Arab, Erdogan said in a televised
speech at a university in Istanbul. There are
new voluntary Lawrences, disguised as
journalists, religious men, writers and
terrorists. It is our duty to explain to the
world that there are modern Lawrences
fooled by a terror organisation, he added,
without specifying which organisation.
It was not clear if Erdogans tirade had a
specific target, but it was aimed at those
outside forces who he feels want to weaken
Turkey and destabilise the Middle East.
He attacked the Kurdish militant group
the Kurdistan Workers Party as well as his
former ally turned foe, the exiled Turkish
cleric Fethullah Gulen.
They are making Sykes-Picot
agreements hiding behind freedom of press,
a war of independence or jihad, he said,
referring to the agreement between Britain
and France that sought to divide up the
Ottoman Empire into spheres of influence.
Taliban ambush in north
Afghanistan kills 22 cops
TALIBAN militants killed 22
police officers and wounded
eight after ambushing a police
convoy in northern Afghanistan
yesterday, officials said. The
early morning attack in Sari
Pul province highlights
Afghanistans fragile security
situation, with local forces
facing a persistent Taliban
insurgency as NATO winds
down its military presence.
The police were attacked as
they travelled to reinforce
colleagues in another district
in Sari Pul. He said the attack
sparked a gun battle that
lasted several hours and left
23 Taliban fighters dead. AFP
Twelve to die for attack
on Xinjiang police station
A CHINESE court yesterday
condemned 12 people to death
and gave another 15 suspended
death sentences in connection
with a July attack in violence-
racked Xinjiang, the regional
governments Tianshan portal
said. Thirty-seven civilians and
59 terrorists were killed and
another 13 civilians wounded in
the July 28 attack on a police
station and government offices
in Shache county, also known as
Yarkand, according to state
media. The sentences bring the
number of death sentences
passed for Xinjiang-related
violence to almost 40 since
June. AFP
Hired thugs attack HK protesters
Continued from page 1
rounded on the authorities
over the clashes.
This is one of the tactics
used by the communists in
mainland China from time to
time. They use triads or pro-
government mobs to try to
attack you so the government
will not have to assume re-
sponsibility, Democratic Par-
ty lawmaker Albert Ho said.
It seems the police have
duly removed some of the
barricades to make way for
the suspected triads to get
through to the peaceful pro-
testers, Civic Party lawmaker
Claudia Mo said.
One lawmaker on the scene
of the clashes in Admiralty
voiced concern over how the
situation had degenerated.
From what I can see the
police were helping the anti-
Occupy actions more than the
peaceful protesters, said the
Civic Partys Kenneth Chan.
Taxi drivers had also con-
verged on the site with their
cars, demanding the barri-
cades be removed and other
anti-Occupy groups chanted
Occupy is illegal.
Anti-Occupy protesters
mainly dissipated as the af-
ternoon wore on, while pro-
democracy demonstrators
rebuilt their barricades us-
ing everything from bamboo
poles to sticky tape.
However the police an-
nounced they would soon
move to clear more obstacles
at both the Admiralty site and
a secondary site in the shop-
ping hub of Causeway Bay.
We will not eliminate the
possibility of using minimal
force or arrest actions, police
senior superintendent Hui
Chun-tak told reporters.
Triad allegations
He said that three men had
been arrested, one for assault
and two for carrying offensive
The demonstrators are
calling for Beijing to grant
full democracy to the for-
mer British colony and have
brought parts of Hong Kong
to a standstill over the last
fortnight, prompting clashes
with elements who oppose
the blockades and wide-
spread disruption.
Despite repeated orders to
disperse, the rallies have taken
on an air of permanence, with
tents, portable showers and
lecture venues.
It was the second time since
the mass protests began that
authorities had been accused
of cooperating with criminal
gangs. In previous clashes at
the secondary site of Mong
Kok 10 days ago, police said
eight of the 19 arrested had
triad backgrounds.
Furious pro-democracy
protesters also accused the
authorities of using thugs
The government wants
Hong Kong people to ght
each other, thats how they
want to win, protester Angela
Li said. All the people using
violence and causing trouble
are paid thugs.
Police said that the clashes
were due to people unlaw-
fully blocking the roads with
Earlier Hong Kongs embat-
tled leader Leung Chun-ying
had told reporters in the Chi-
nese city of Guangzhou that
he wanted the protests to end.
Under the appropriate situ-
ation we hope to allow society
to return to normal as quickly
as possible, he said on the
sidelines of a trade meeting.
Police took down some pe-
ripheral barricades in a dawn
operation allowing trafc to
pass around the Admiralty
site for the rst time in two
weeks as well as removing
several barriers around the
Mong Kok site.
The overall atmosphere had
been calm, but some protest-
ers voiced anger at what they
saw as a police swoop.
The police refuse to com-
municate with us, they just do
what they want, added Wong
King-wa, 25.
On Sunday, Chief Executive
Leung had said the protesters
had almost zero chance of
changing Beijings stance and
securing free elections.
China announced in August
that while Hong Kongers will
be able to vote for Leungs
successor in 2017, only two or
three vetted candidates will be
allowed to stand an arrange-
ment the protesters dismiss as
fake democracy.
Talks between student lead-
ers and city ofcials collapsed
last week, deepening the crisis
in the semi-autonomous city.
Chinese police detained
two Beijing activists who took
part in a Hong Kong pro-de-
mocracy march, a friend said
China has in recent weeks
held around 40 people on the
mainland who had expressed
support for the protests in
Hong Kong, according to
rights groups. AFP
Police detain a man who had attacked pro-democracy protesters next
to a barricade in the Central district of Hong Kong yesterday. AFP

Morales claims huge
victory in Bolivia vote
BOLIVIAN President Evo
Morales declared victory on
Sunday and exit polls showed
him romping to a third term
with more than 60 per cent of
the vote, giving him a strong
mandate to expand his leftist
reforms. Thousands of people
poured onto the streets of La
Paz in celebration, flocking to
the presidential palace to get a
glimpse of the man they
affectionately call El Evo,
Bolivias first indigenous
president. Large crowds also
flooded the streets of other
major Bolivian cities. To roars of
approval, he dedicated victory to
Cuban leader Fidel Castro, late
Venezuelan president Hugo
Chavez and all anti-imperialist
and anti-capitalist leaders. AFP
NK: US troop remains

being carried away
NORTH Korea warned yesterday
that the untended remains of
US servicemen killed in the
Korean War were being carried
away by giant infrastructure
projects and blamed
Washington for suspending
efforts for their recovery. Close
to 8,000 Americans remain
unaccounted for from the 1950-
53 Korean conflict, according to
the US Defense Department.
The two sides agreed in 2011 to
resume joint recovery missions,
but the US scrapped the plan
again in protest at North Koreas
decision to push ahead with a
space rocket launch seen as a
disguised ballistic missile test.
History will curse and condemn
the US administration . . . for
scuttling such humanitarian
work, the North Korean
spokesman said. A US military
spokesman dismissed the
statement as one of North
Koreas usual accusations. AFP
Nationalists ahead as

Bosnia votes counted
NATIONALIST candidates
appeared headed for victory
yesterday in Bosnias three-way
presidency, threatening new
political instability in a country
that still bears the scars of inter-
ethnic war. Partial results
showed the head of the Muslim
SDA party, Bakir Izetbegovic,
was set to win his second term
as the Muslim member of the
joint presidency, which also
includes a Serb and a Croat
representative. The unwieldy
arrangement is part of a
political system created by the
US-brokered Dayton peace
accord that ended a 1992-95
ethnic war in which some
100,000 people were killed.
Zeljka Cvijanovic and Dragan
Covic were leading the race for
the Serb and Croat members of
the presidency respectively, both
of them also from nationalist
parties AFP
Insurgents torch six

schools in Thai south
THE Thai army has ordered
security officers to track down
southern insurgents who set fire
to six public primary schools in
Pattani early on Sunday. The
simultaneous torching of the
schools was believed to be in
retaliation for recent military
operations, an army spokesman
said. No one was injured, but
the schools were devastated.
The attackers tied up volunteer
security guards before pouring
petrol around the buildings,
officials said. BANGKOKPOST
Rohingyas kidnapped, trafcked to Thailand
PEOPLE-SMUGGLERS kidnapped doz-
ens of Rohingya refugees living in Bang-
ladesh after duping them with fake job
offers, and trafficked them to a rubber
plantation in southern Thailand, offi-
cials said on Sunday.
The 53 men mostly Rohingya refu-
gees from Myanmar but also including
Bangladeshi citizens were found on
Saturday on the plantation in Takua Pa
district in the southern Thai coastal
province of Phang Nga.
Two Thai men have been charged
with human trafficking, Nappadon
Thiraprawat of Takua Pa police said.
The group will be treated as victims
of trafficking rather than as illegal immi-
grants, he added, after interviews
revealed they had been kidnapped and
put on a boat.
A local official close to the case said
most of the men were abducted around
a week ago from a Bangladesh coastal
area which is home to a large number
of Rohingya Muslim refugees from
neighbouring Myanmar.
Many thought they were being
recruited for odd jobs in the area, only
to end up on the boat heading south.
Some of them were knocked out with
anaesthetic and taken to the boat, some
were tricked . . . but they did not intend
to come to Thailand, the official said,
requesting anonymity.
The migrants were initially arrested
as illegal immigrants and ferried onto
the Thai mainland from a small island
in the Andaman Sea, the district chief
said on Saturday.
Thousands of Rohingya a Muslim
minority group not recognised as citi-
zens in Myanmar have fled deadly
communal unrest in Myanmars
Rakhine state since 2012. Most have
headed for mainly Muslim Malaysia.
Myanmar views its population of
roughly 800,000 Rohingya described
by the UN as one of the worlds most
persecuted minorities as illegal immi-
grats from Bangladesh and denies them
Around 300,000 Rohingya have over
the years gone to live in Bangladesh,
which recognises only a small portion
as refugees and regularly turns back
those trying to cross the border.
Most of the 53 were Rohingya from
UN-run camps in the Bangladeshi
coastal area of Coxs Bazar, according to
Chutima Sidasathian of the Phuketwan
news website who was present during
interviews with the group.
This is a new thing . . . before, we saw
Rohingya displaced by violence who
wanted to get to Malaysia, but this
wasnt their plan these people want to
go back to the UNHCR camps, she
Rights groups say the stateless
migrants often fall into the hands of
They have also criticised Thailand in
the past for pushing boatloads of
Rohingya entering Thai waters back out
to sea and holding migrants in over-
crowded facilities.
Thailand said last year it was investi-
gating allegations that some army offi-
cials in the kingdom were involved in
the trafficking of Rohingya. AFP
Aussie PM vows to shirtfront Putin
PRIME Minister Tony Abbott
yesterday vowed to shirtfront,
or confront, Russian President
Vladimir Putin at the G-20
summit next month over the
loss of Australian lives in the
MH17 crash over Ukraine.
Australia is hosting the sum-
mit in Brisbane and there had
been question marks over
whether Putin would take
part. But Treasurer Joe Hockey
conrmed on Sunday that the
Russian leader would attend,
despite concerns about Rus-
sias actions in Ukraine in re-
cent months.
Abbott has used tough lan-
guage against Russia since
a Malaysia Airlines plane
was shot down over eastern
Ukraine in July, killing all 298
onboard including 38 Aus-
tralian citizens or residents.
He said yesterday that he
would be confronting Putin
over the tragedy.
Im going to shirtfront Mr.
Putin you bet I am, Abbott
told reporters, referring to an
Aussie Rules football sporting
term in which a player charg-
es someone.
Im going to be saying to
Mr Putin Australians were
murdered and they were
murdered by Russian-backed
rebels using Russian supplied
We are very unhappy about
this. We accept that you didnt
want this to happen.
But we now demand that
you fully cooperate with the
criminal investigation, and
if the criminal investigation
identies suspects that you
have some inuence over,
theyve got to be produced and
justice has got to be done.
Kiev and the West have ac-
cused Moscow-backed sepa-
ratists of shooting down the
plane with a surface-to-air
Buk missile supplied by Rus-
sia. Moscow denies the charge
and has pointed the nger
back at Kiev.
Australia had been reluctant
for Putin to attend the G-20,
but member nations indicated
he should, in order to address
the geo-political tensions.
While Australia is the
president of the G-20 this
year, we cant make unilat-
eral decisions.
It has to be by consensus
and the G-20 consensus is
that Russia should come,
Abbott said.
Now, I think that
therell be a lot of tough
conversations with Rus-
sia and I suspect that the
conversation that I have
with Mr Putin will be
the toughest conver-
sation of all.
But never-
theless, its not
up to us to de-
termine who is
and who is not
a member of the G-20. I want
the G-20 to continue. I want
Australia to be a construc-
tive and strong member of
the G-20. I dont want to be a
G-20 wrecker.
The G-20 leaders summit
takes place from November
15-16. AFP
Five set to join UNs top table
EARS of campaigning for a
seat at the worlds top table
come to a head this week
when elections are held to
the UN Security Council, which de-
cides on such weighty matters as
sanctions, war and peace.
Five seats are up for grabs in the 15-
member Council, where the elected
countries will join the ve permanent
powers Britain, China, France, Rus-
sia and the US for a two-year stint.
For the contenders, a council seat is
the ultimate diplomatic prize, raising
a countrys prole several notches,
boosting inuence and providing
knockoff benets in bilateral ties.
Governments spend years lobbying
for support with slick campaigns de-
signed to appeal to key constituencies
from the 193-nation General Assem-
bly, which will cast ballots on Thurs-
day to ll the ve seats.
In this round, three of the ve seats
are all but decided after regional
groups put forward their candidates,
even though these countries still need
to secure two-thirds of the votes from
the assembly.
These will likely go to Angola, chosen
by African nations, which will be mak-
ing its debut at the council; Venezuela,
put forward by Latin American and
Caribbean states; and Malaysia, picked
by Asian countries. The three are ex-
pected to take up the seats vacated by
Argentina, Rwanda and South Korea.
For the remaining two seats, three
countries are in the running Spain,
Turkey and New Zealand in a race
that is shaping up as too close to call.
The two elected countries will re-
place Australia and Luxembourg. The
ve other seats held by Chad, Chile,
Jordan, Lithuania and Nigeria will
come up for election next year.
With the possible entry of Turkey
and Malaysia, joining Chad and Jor-
dan already on the council, the top
body will for the rst time in its his-
tory have a record of four Muslim
countries at the table.
Much attention has focused on Ven-
ezuelas likely entry to the council,
and the appointment of late president
Hugo Chavezs equally ery daughter,
Maria Gabriela, as deputy ambassa-
dor to the UN.
Human Rights Watchs UN director
Philippe Bolopion said Venezuelas
record of voting at the UN Human
Rights Council gave cause for worry
that the leftist regime will be on the
wrong side of rights issues.
Without question, they had one of
the worst voting records. They were
opposed to very important resolutions
on Sri Lanka, Iran, Belarus, he said.
Geneva-based UN Watch director
Hillel Neuer likened electing Venezu-
ela to the council to making a pyro-
maniac into the re chief, pointing to
its support for Syrias Bashar al-Assad
among other pariahs.
Turkeys possible entry is stir-
ring debate over whether the NATO
member and erce opponent of As-
sad could help address crises in Syr-
ia, Iraq and the ever-thorny Israeli-
Palestinian conict.
One European diplomat said the
round of elections will produce a
more difcult council to work with
at a time when the world body is
confronting multiple crises, from the
jihadist offensive in Iraq and Syria to
the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Others, however, caution that the
councils agenda is still very much in
the hands of the so-called P5 and that
divisions over Syria, eastern Ukraine
and the Israeli-Palestinian conict
will remain unchanged.
One of the most divisive issues
remains Syria, where Russia has
steadfastly opposed resolutions con-
demning the Assad regime, although
it backed a measure on allowing UN
humanitarian aid deliveries without
Damascuss consent.
Bolopion singled out Australia and
Luxembourg both outgoing non-
permanent members as strong voic-
es that helped break down divisions
among the big powers on Syria and
paved the way for the adoption of the
humanitarian aid resolution.
As the most powerful body of the
UN, the Security Council can impose
sanctions on countries and individu-
als, refer suspects for war crimes
prosecution, endorse peace accords
and authorise the use of force.
New Zealands former UN ambas-
sador Colin Keating made the case
bluntly that a seat on the council gen-
erates payoffs for medium and small
powers, not just in terms of prestige.
You are seen sitting at the top table.
The inuence that that carries can be
very signicant when exporters need
help, he said. When you want to
raise something bilaterally, you get
taken much more seriously. You get
unparalleled political access.
Thursdays vote is carried out at the
General Assembly by secret ballot and
involves several rounds of voting with
the ve new members set to take up
their seats on January 1. AFP
The fteen members of the UN Security Council vote on a resolution against terrorism,
as part of the 69th United Nations General Assembly, in New York on September 24. AFP
Vladimir Putin sits next to Tony Abbott at an APEC
Summit in Indonesia on October 7, 2013. AFP
Heavy price
Palestinians walk through the rubble of destroyed homes and buildings from the 50-day conict between Hamas militants and Israel, in Shejaiya
neighbourhood in the east of Gaza city on Sunday. International donors pledged $5.4 billion for the Palestinians at a conference in Cairo on Sun-
day. The total, announced by Norwegian Foreign Minister Boerge Brende, exceeded the $4 billion the Palestinian Authority had asked for. The
donors also urged Israel and the Palestinians to renew peace efforts. Gas-rich Qatar led the way with a promise of $1 billion in aid to the coastal
enclave. Washington pledged $212 million and European Union member states 450 million ($571 million), while the United Arab Emirates,
Kuwait and Turkey pledged $200 million each. AFP
A BRIGHTON hotel held a
minutes silence on Sunday to
mark the 30th anniversary of a
deadly paramilitary bomb at-
tack intended to assassinate
British prime minister Marga-
ret Thatcher.
The 1984 terror attack hit
the Grand Hotel in Brighton
on the southeast English coast
while Thatcher and members
of her cabinet were staying
there during the Conservative
Partys annual conference.
Planted by the IRA, the blast
ripped through the hotel, kill-
ing ve people and seriously
injuring 34 others.
The Grand Hotels ag ew
at half-mast as 60 staff gath-
ered in the lobby along with
members of the public for a
minutes silence to remember
those killed and wounded.
I said a few words to pause
and reect and remember the
ve people who were killed
and 34 injured, the guests at
the hotel, members of the
community, the emergency
services and so many other
people affected by what hap-
pened, said the Grands gen-
eral manager Andrew Mosley.
The message we want to
send above all else is that we
have not forgotten what hap-
pened here 30 years ago.
The time bomb went off at
2:54am and the mid-section
of the hotel collapsed into
the basement, leaving a huge
hole in the buildings facade.
Thatcher was still awake at the
time working on her speech
for the next day.
Thatcher insisted the confer-
ence went ahead as planned.
Cabinet minister Norman
Tebbit was wounded and his
wife left paralysed. Lawmaker
Anthony Berry was among
those killed.
Tebbit said on Sunday that
he still could not forgive the
creature Patrick Magee, who
planted the bomb.
Magee was to take part in
a panel discussion in Brigh-
ton on Sunday night follow-
ing a documentary on Berrys
daughter Jo and her reconcilia-
tory journey with the bomber.
Jailed in 1986, Magee was
released decades early in 1999
under the terms of the North-
ern Irish peace accords.
When he planted the bomb
he wasnt seeing human be-
ings. It was a strategy and now
he sees human beings, said
Berry. It has been about him
getting his humanity back.
Thats changed him, denitely.
He regards me as a friend,
she added. AFP
Hotel remembers 1984
Thatcher bomb attack
Body parts wash up in city of extreme violence
Father of philosophy comes under forensic scrutiny
O MANY different criminal
groups have terrorised the
slums of Colombias main
Pacic port that residents
rarely bother to learn the name of
the latest clan in control. They sim-
ply call the warring gangs los malos
or the bad guys.
The rival factions ght for control
of some of the poorest neighbour-
hoods of Buenaventura, a city of
290,000 people that serves as the
countrys gateway to the Pacic and
handles about half of the countrys
cargo. Many of the barrios are major
routes for drug trafcking.
They also happen to overlap with
areas where the government and
private investors are planning big
infrastructure projects.
The criminals recruit children, ex-
tort businesses, force people from
their homes and dismember live
victims, scattering their remains in
the bay or surrounding jungle. Doz-
ens of wooden huts balanced pre-
cariously on stilts over the bay have
been abandoned by terrorised citi-
zens and taken over by the gangs for
use as casas de pique, or chop hous-
es, where they torture and murder
their victims.
The chop houses are the most
gruesome consequence of a deeply
awed attempt to dismantle right-
wing militias, which originally
emerged to combat left-wing guer-
rillas in collusion with state security
forces and drug trafckers.
These paramilitary groups were
gradually demobilised from 2003, but
many former ghters neither went to
jail nor joined the reintegration pro-
grams, choosing to live by the gun as
part of new criminal groups.
The Colombian government has
been undertaking a fresh round of
negotiations this time with the
leftist FARC rebels in an attempt to
end half a century of civil war.
If successful, the talks would even-
tually lead to the demobilisation of
20,000 guerrilla ghters, but analysts
and activists warn that the violence
in Buenaventura is proof that a deal
will not automatically bring peace.
What were seeing in Buenaven-
tura is post-conict violence, said
Jorge Restrepo, director of the Con-
ict Analysis Resource Centre in Bo-
gota. It is the application of forms of
violence associated with the politi-
cal conict forced disappearance,
displacement and dismemberment
to other types of disputes.
The disputes in the city have
nothing to do with ideology. They
are a mesh of conicts over land,
drug-trafcking routes and extor-
tion rackets.
Since demobilising, at least 24 per
cent of former paramilitaries have
returned to crime and another 56
per cent are at risk of recidivism,
according to the Colombia-based
Ideas for Peace Foundation.
Violence has been rampant in Bue-
naventura for decades. The city has
some of the highest rates of forced
displacement and homicide in the
country. But seldom has it been
confronted by the levels of brutality
experienced in the past year, when
a new group, the Gaitanistas, came
to town.
Based on body parts found, 39 cas-
es of dismemberment are under in-
vestigation. But trying to match the
remains to a missing person is like a
jigsaw puzzle, the prosecutor said.
The reasons behind the violence
in Buenaventura are not easily pin-
pointed. Ofcials say it is all about
controlling routes for cocaine, Co-
lombias biggest illegal export.
Local police say there is some
evidence that Mexicos Sinaloa car-
tel is trying to take direct control
of exports. But community leaders
say that, while that was largely true
a decade ago, it is far less the case
today. They dont move drug ship-
ments through here any more, said
One community leader sees darker
interests behind the violence, saying
the areas where most crimes occur
are the same where plans have been
laid for a waterfront project, an air-
port and seaport terminals. I see
the violence as a means of pressure
to get us off this area so they can
build their projects, said Valencia.
Even the bad guys are unsure
why they are ghting. A young man
who asked to be called Longi said he
joined the gangs when he was 14.
After ve years during which he
claims he killed 15 people, including
three by dismemberment he was
promoted to mid-level leader.
The idea is to control all the
neighbourhoods in Buenaventura,
he said. But when asked what the
control is for, he answers: You have
to ask the bosses that. We get the or-
ders from the old men, the bosses.
They tell us who to kill, who to chop
up, he said. But I dont know why.
AFTER digging up the past on
Joan of Arc, Richard the Lion-
heart and Napoleon Bonaparte,
a top forensic sleuth last week
unveiled a medical secret of
Rene Descartes, a founder of
modern philosophy.
A hi-tech scan of Descartes
skull revealed he had a mas-
sive bony growth in his right
sinus, lodged near the bridge
of his nose, French medical
anthropologist Philippe Char-
lier reported in the Lancet.
The 17th-century French
mathematician blazed the
trail for rationalism with his
work Discourse on the Method,
which spelt out the dictum Je
pense, donc je suis I think,
therefore I am.
He died in Stockholm in
1650 at the age of 54.
Descartes skull, housed in
the National Museum of Natu-
ral History in Paris since 1821,
was scanned using computed
tomography, which uses X-
rays to build a slice-by-slice
image of an object.
The screening found a
dense radio-opaque mass in
the right sinus measuring 5.4
square centimetres, Charliers
team reported.
Known as an osteoma, a
sinus tumour can cause a
blocked nose, excess mucus,
a change in the sense of smell,
facial pain and weepy eyes,
they said.
Biographers have not de-
scribed such symptoms in
Rene Descartes, apart from
one possible isolated episode
of migraine with aura on the
night of November 10, 1619,
characterised by sudden visu-
al and auditory hallucinations,
the letter in the Lancet said.
Despite its enormous size,
the tumour is unlikely to have
played a part in his death, the
inquiry concluded.
Descartes was recorded as
having died of pneumonia.
Charlier said more secrets
may be teased out of the an-
cient remains: Our investiga-
tions should open the way to
a functional and physiological
analysis of the individual who
lived in this skull.
Charlier, of the University of
Versailles at St Quentin, west
of Paris, specialises in explor-
ing riddles thrown up by his-
torical relics.
He previously determined
that Vatican-authenticated
bone fragments said to have
come from Joan of Arc, the
patron saint of France who
was burned at the stake by the
English, came from a cat and
an Egyptian mummy.
He also crushed the folklore
that said Napoleon was fa-
tally poisoned by his English
The powdery remains of
the heart of Englands Rich-
ard I, discovered in 1938 dur-
ing an excavation of Rouen
Cathedral, revealed the or-
gan had been embalmed and
treated with frankincense,
showing it was handled with
holy reverence.
Charlier also found the revo-
lutionary Maximilien de Robe-
spierre probably suffered from
a crippling auto-immune dis-
order called sarcoidosis a dis-
ease that may have played an
indirect part in his downfall.
To his critics, Robespierre, an
architect of the Reign of Terror,
was responsible for the sum-
mary execution of thousands
for revolutionary crimes.
He was executed without tri-
al on July 28, 1794, accused of
being the soul of the Terror.
To his defenders, he was the
Incorruptible who defended
the values of the Revolution to
the end. AFP
Chris Dawe
Editor-in-Chief Post Khmer
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CNRP group responds
to false statements
Dear Editor,
I read your article on the discord
plaguing CNRP members and or-
ganisations overseas with interest.
However, I have a rather deep con-
cern and worry about the negative
view towards Cambodia National
Rescue Party North America (CNRP
NA) laid out to the general public by
Tithana Tithin president of CNRP
Long Beach as quoted in your
recent page one story Continental
Divide for the CNRP (October 9).
There were many untrue state-
ments made by Tith. One of his
claims that CNRP NA wanted to
take the money from his group
was not accurate.
Tith also incorrectly stated that
CNRP NA demanded that all funds
raised by local groups be chan-
nelled through CNRP NAs central
account. False statements like this
could damage this organisations
reputation and credibility.
I am writing this letter in the
name of a local CNRP chapter,
CNRP Connecticut (CNRP CT).
CNRP CT was established through
CNRP NA. We are one of 30 local
chapters in the US and Canada
inducted by CNRP NA. From day
one of our induction, CNRP NA has
made it clear that all local chapters
must send the money they raise
directly to CNRPs central bank ac-
count in Phnom Penh.
CNRP NA also requests that lo-
cal chapters report any transfer
of funds to CNRP NA to ensure
transparency. Local chapters never
send funds directly to CNRP NA nor
have they ever been instructed to
do so, contrary to what Tith falsely
claims. To this day, CNRP NA has
never taken a single penny from
As you may agree, money is the
root of all conicts and mistrust in
politics. Therefore, as a vigilant sup-
porter of CNRP NA, I ask that you
and your readers give CNRP NAs
leadership a chance to tell its side
of the story.
While there are many ongoing
fabricated stories made by different
political groups, the issue of nan-
cial impropriety is one of utmost
importance, and in order to protect
the name of our organisation, we
must ght to ensure that we are
being represented accurately in that
Serei Tung
President, CNRP CT Chapter
Public still not clear on
role of civil parties at
the Khmer Rouge trial
Dear Editor,
I read with great interest your arti-
cle titled Civil parties want to make
opening statement (October 10).
However, Panhavuth Long, a pro-
gram ofcer for the Cambodian Jus-
tice Initiative, is wrong in asserting
that [t]he civil parties are consid-
ered to be parties to the proceedings,
but in this case, [their statement] is
going to be [about] collective and
symbolic reparations its not about
genocide and war crimes in case
002/02, not whether [the accused]
are guilty or not guilty.
On the contrary, as explained in
our request, the lead co-lawyers for
civil parties have no intention of
making a statement on reparation
awards (they already had the op-
portunity to present initial speci-
cation of the reparation awards
they intend to seek in case 002/02
at the initial hearing on July 30);
but rather they want to explain the
way in which civil parties intend
to participate in criminal proceed-
ings in case 002/02 and contribute
to the truth-nding mandate of the
court the other, equally important
prong of their two-fold mandate
before the Extraordinary Chambers
in the Courts of Cambodia.
During case 002/01, the evidence
brought by the civil parties during
trial was not only relevant but es-
sential to the ascertainment of the
truth. Several hundred written tes-
timonies have been submitted by
the civil parties in the course of the
trial and admitted into evidence by
the chamber. In addition, the civil
parties have submitted themselves
to examination before the chamber.
Through these written and oral
testimonies, the civil parties have
provided an overwhelming quantity
of corroborative rst-hand evi-
dence on the crimes committed in
Democratic Kampuchea and their
impact on the population.
We consider that an indispens-
able aspect of promoting transpar-
ency and informing victims and
more generally the public both
objectives being at the core of the
courts mandate is to ensure that
the actors specically tasked with
representing civil parties the
lead co-lawyers are permitted to
inform of the manner in which they
envisage civil party participation in
the trial, the interests that they rep-
resent and the perspective that they
bring to the proceedings. By grant-
ing the lead co-lawyers an oppor-
tunity to intervene briey at what
is one of the most important and
most closely followed moments in
the trial proceedings, the chamber
would also send a clear message to
the general public, the civil parties
and victims themselves that victim
experiences are acknowledged and
that their participation is valued.
Indeed, reading Panhavuth Longs
comment, it seems clear that the
public still needs to be informed on
the specic role of civil parties at
the ECCC. Allowing their repre-
sentatives to make a brief opening
statement would contribute to full
that objective.
Marie Guiraud
International Lead Co-Lawyer for
Civil Parties
Letters to the editor
Send letters to: newsroom@phnompenhpost.com or PO Box 146, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Post reserves the right to edit letters to a shorter length.
The views expressed above are solely the authors and do not reflect any positions taken by The Phnom Penh Post.
Sam Rainsy attends a demonstration in Parliament Hill, Ottawa, last year, calling for fair elections in Cambodia. PHOTO SUPPLIED
Lifestyle Lifestyle
AT THE Om bookshop in a mall
in Delhi, Prabeen Kumar has
been watching the browsers
for years. There are the young
people who usually head
directly for the love stories.
There are the mature
readers who go to the clas-
sics. And now a new cat-
egory has arrived, in
search of Indias new
wave of thriller writers. It is a big thing
now. There are more and more liking.
All sorts of people . . . gentlemen and
ladies, Kumar enthused.
The new wave of homegrown writ-
ers are climbing the countrys best-
seller lists, challenging the domi-
nance of international heavyweights
such as Dan Brown and Tom Clancy,
and even affecting the tenacious
local taste for Agatha Christie. They
combine swift-moving and unlikely
plots, violenceand occasional sex
scenes that are explicit by local
There was a huge gap there. It was
long thought that Indians dont like the
action thriller, said Mukul Deva, who
has two books coming out and was a
pioneer of military thrillers in India.
Devas first book, Lashkar, was a
bestseller and is one of many works
that deal with the hostilities between
India and Pakistan.
An ex-soldier, Deva admits there is
an element of jingoism in his work. I
wore a uniform, I shed blood,
and I know what we are capa-
ble of if the political
will was there. Indian
people need the assurance
we can do almost every-
thing I described in the
book, he said.
Two other genres
have emerged in
recent years to challenge the
belief that the only books which sell
in India are classics, and self-help and
management manuals. Hugely popu-
lar books which mix reimagined
ancient Hindu myths, history, and
narrative and works drawing on the
everyday experiences of middle-class
Indian youth in simple language have
changed the landscape of English-
language publishing.
However, the new waves focus on
India could make them less likely to
find an international audience,
warned Subramanian. Another prob-
lem could be Indias love of happy end-
ings. If evil wins in a Bollywood film
it is bound to flop. A lot of people here
want to change society so they like to
read about it being changed. And that
means good usually triumphs, Sub-
ramanian said.
Deva said this was not a purely
Indian phenomenon: Its the same
in every country. Whether its Jack
Ryan or James Bond, the good guy
AT THE grocery store or in a restau-
rant, Japanese consumers are increas-
ingly likely to encountered the term
The word calls attention to products
or dishes made with highly nutritious
ingredients such as pomegranates,
acai berries and yogurt. Many compa-
nies have released new superfood
products as people become more
Doctors in the US and Canada are
believed to have coined the term in the
1980s. The basic concept is to prevent
disease by identifying and consuming
nutritious foods.
Though the term has no clear defi-
nition, superfoods are vegetable-based
products, containing many essential
nutrients such as vitamins, minerals
and amino acids, said Ayumi Kat-
suyama, the Japan Superfoods Asso-
ciations president.
In Japan, restaurants in hotels have
started to use the term for Japanese
ingredients such as umeboshi plums
and natto fermented soybeans.
Responding to increased awareness
of the term, many food companies
have been releasing new products fea-
turing superfoods.
Meiji Co, Ltd launched Meiji Bul-
garia Yogurt LB81 Active Plus: Zakuro
& Aka-Budo in March. The product is
yogurt made with LB81 lactic acid bac-
teria and is said to improve digestive
health. It also includes pomegranate
juice rich in polyphenols, believed to
have positive antioxidant effects.
Ito En, Ltd. started to sell Taiyo no
Superfruits: Blueberries & Acai Mix
in September. The beverage is made
with seven kinds of fruit, such as acai
berries, which contain abundant
polyphenols. It also contains anthocy-
anin, which is said to ease eyestrain.
Kirin-Tropicana Inc released Trop-
icana Coconut Water, made with
coconut juice, in July. The level of
potassium, which can regulate the
balance of salt and water in the body
and control blood pressure, is said to
be about 38 times higher in coconut
juice than in barley tea.
At the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo,
superfoods have been a highlight of
the breakfast menu since 2012. Of
about 170 Japanese and Western dish-
es, 25 items are designated superfoods,
such as salad, smoked turkey and tofu.
Because of this, an increasing number
of customers, mainly women, come
for the breakfast even though they are
not staying at the hotel.
Katsuyama added, As all super-
foods are familiar ingredients, I hope
people will make a conscious effort to
include them in their daily diet.
Dan Riley
comedy night at
Equinox bar of Fri-
day is award-win-
ning Australian comedian Ro
Campbell, who last brought his
own brand of hilarity to Cam-
bodia in September 2012.
I love those crazy rickshaws
that are like a pony carriage,
and the Cambodian barbecue
with that weird, slimy sh soup
that you dip stuff into really
grew on me. Strange but very
tasty, Campbell told the Post,
in reference to tuk-tuks and
the local delicacy prahok.
The people history and
natural beauty make it one of
the most fascinating countries
I have ever been and I cant
wait to come back, he said in
an email.
In the past two years, Camp-
bell has toured an extensive list
of European countries including
the UK, Sweden, Finland, Lat-
via, Estonia, Holland, Belgium,
Germany, France, Switzerland,
Romania and Malta, as well as
returning to Southeast Asia for
dates in Singapore, Jakarta and
at the new Crackhouse Comedy
Club in Kuala Lumpur.
He has also gone back to his
homeland, performing at the
Adelaide Fringe Festival and
for outback mining communi-
ties in some of the most remote
parts of the country. After
breaking down in the middle
of the desert I will never com-
plain about a delayed ight
ever again, he said about per-
forming in the Outback.
Probably the weirdest show
I did was being own at 24
hours notice to a secret is-
land to entertain a billionaire
playboy in his pleasure palace.
Very surreal, he said. Its hard
to go back to your normal life
when you see how the 1 per
cent live.
A long-term resident of Scot-
land, Campbell was given the
distinction of Scottish Come-
dian of the Year in 2010. A vet-
eran of the annual Edinburgh
Fringe festival, he joined forc-
es with Glaswegian stand-up
Wee Man two years ago to cre-
ate the cult hit show Comedy
Rap Battle, which pits comics
against each other in a war of
words, largely amusing insults
of a most personal nature.
I would modestly say it is the
only genuinely underground
event at the Edinburgh Fringe
and it is extremely popular
with other comics, which is al-
ways a good sign. Comedians
are really good at dissing each
other in rhyme, said the 38-
The best joke I heard all
year is probably not suited to
a respectable publication such
as yours, and it only appeals to
fans of gangsta rap and spe-
cically NWA. My buddy Josh
Howie, a very funny guy, did it
in his controversial Edinburgh
Eazy E died of AIDS. He
should have worn a condom
when he fed the police.
Im still laughing.
Joining Campbell on stage at
Equinox are Australian come-
dians Jon Bennett and Marty
Bennett began his comedy
career doing regular stand-up
shows at the age of 19. After a
brief foray into TV and radio,
which included writing and
acting in Channel 31 comedy
shows such as the award-win-
ning The Ugly Stick, Bennett
decided to change to a more
storytelling style of comedy. In
2007, he began performing in
storytelling nights around Mel-
bourne, including Northcotes
popular Willow Tales, which
he now hosts.
In 2009, Bennett realised his
talent for placing his groin next
to inanimate objects and creat-
ed the hugely popular internet
photographic phenomenon
Pretending Things Are a C.
What started as a joke between
friends has now spawned a
successful book, exhibition
and countless critically ac-
claimed live performances.
Bennett is taking sug-
gestions for things he will
pretend are male genitalia
around Phnom Penh via his
Facebook page. The best one
wins a signed photo.
Lappan is a 20-year veteran of
the Australian comedy circuit,
with acclaimed runs at the Ad-
elaide Fringe and Melbourne
International Festivals under
his belt. His international work
has included performances
at world famous venues such
as The London Comedy Store
and Jongleurs, as well as at the
Edinburgh Fringe.
Tickets for Fridays show
cost $4 each with the start
time slated for 8:30pm. De-
tails can be found on The
Comedy Club Cambodia Fa-
cebook page. Campbell and
Bennett will also be heading
up to Siem Reap to perform at
The Warehouse bar on Sunday
night. Scotsman Steven Hal-
crow will MC both nights.
Aussie comics set to storm stage
Superfoods catch on in Japan
The breakfast buffet at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo features superfoods. THEYOMIURI SHIMBUN
Buried treasure
Giant mosaic
in Greek tomb
N IMPOSING mosaic of a
man driving a chariot has
been uncovered in the
largest antique tomb ever found
in Greece, in Amphipolis in nor-
thern Macedonia, the culture
ministry said on Sunday.
Tiny pieces of white, black,
blue, red, yellow and grey create
a picture of a chariot drawn by
two white horses, driven by a
bearded man wearing a crown
of laurel leaves.
Hermes, the messenger of
the gods in ancient Greece,
stands in front of the chariot.
This mosaic, the largest on
the site, measures 4.5 metres
by three metres and is not com-
pletely uncovered, a statement
The mosaic dates from the
fourth century BC.
Archaeologists unearthed the
enormous tomb dating to the
time of Alexander the Great of
Macedonia in early August.
There is widespread specula-
tion over who was buried at the
site: from Roxana, Alexandras
Persian wife, to Olympias, the
kings mother, to one of his
generals. AFP
Ro Campbell will headline a night of comedy at Equinox on Friday.
Publishers see a new wave
of thrillers emerging in India
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3K 598 ...4... 15:35 18:30 3K 597 ...4... 13:45 14:50
QV 522 10:05 13:00 QV 512 06:30 09:25
8M 402 1. 5 20:15 21:25 8M 401 1. 5 17:05 19:15
Flighs Days Dep Arrival Flighs Days Dep Arrival
K6 130 1-3-5 12:55 13:55 K6 131 1-3-5 11:20 12:20
Antonio Santarelli, owner of the Casale Del Giglio winery poses in his
vineyard near Nettuno, south of Rome. AFP
Old world wine,
new world vines
Andrea Palasciano

ITH its acclaimed
shiraz and other
experimental va-
rietals, the Casa-
le del Giglio estate near Rome
is at the cutting edge of Ital-
ian winemaking. An innova-
tive, high-tech operation, the
family-run property has more
in common with the ground-
breaking boutique wineries of
the New World than traditional
Italian estates.
But it has also become
known as a window on to
Old World viticulture follow-
ing the discovery, beneath its
elds, of important remains
of an ancient town that had its
own thriving wine trade. Ev-
ery summer, a section of the
Casale del Giglio vineyard is
given over to excavations by a
team of Dutch archaeologists.
In 10 years of digging we
have uncovered a street that
was part of the pre-Roman
town of Satricum, said Uni-
versity of Amsterdam re-
searcher Marijke Gnade. Un-
der the vines we have also
found urns and ceramic wine
goblets which show that this
place had a wine culture in
ancient times.
The researchers have dated
the street to the sixth century
BC. They believe it was a Via
Sacra, or holy way, lead-
ing to a famous local temple
dedicated to Mater Matuta,
the goddess of dawn for both
Romans and pre-Romans.
Gnade was still a student
when the project to uncover
Satricum was rst launched,
36 years ago. She has returned
every summer since and is
now in charge of the excava-
tions with a laboratory located
on the Casale del Giglio estate.
As well as authorising digging
on land they could be using to
produce grapes, the Santarelli
family have helped to nance
a project jointly organised by
local authorities and the Uni-
versity of Amsterdam.
The archaeological discov-
eries prompted the family to
adopt the name Mater Matu-
ta for their top wine, a blend
of shiraz and petit verdot, a
late-ripening French vari-
etal traditionally used to add
structure to fruit-led wines.
The estate also produces
pure shiraz, petit verdot, mer-
lot, tempranillo and caber-
net sauvignon varietals all
chunky reds as well as char-
donnay and sauvignon blanc,
a late-harvest dessert wine
and a range of grappas.
The hilly area to the south-
east of Rome, where popes and
the citys well-to-do often took
refuge from the summer heat,
has long been a centre of white
wine production, most notably
of Frascati, still one of Italys
best-known wine brands inter-
nationally even if it has fallen
out of fashion in recent years.
Casale del Giglio is not far
from there but in altogether
different landscape, the estate
being located on a coastal plain
known as the Agro Pontino.
Ancient Rome may have
sourced wine from there, but
that was not an option as re-
cently as the early 20th cen-
tury, when the area was noto-
rious as uncultivated swampy
marshland that was infested
with malaria-bearing mosqui-
toes. It was only after World
War II that the scourge of ma-
laria was nally defeated by
US forces, who carried out a
major DDT campaign.
The Santarellis, olive oil and
wine merchants originally
from Amatrice in the moun-
tains east of Rome, arrived in
1967. Around the same time,
the ourishing oil and wine
business was sold, leaving its
founder Dino Santarelli in the
position of being a pioneer
with deep pockets as he set out
to demonstrate that the area
could emulate the success of
Bordeaux and other wine re-
gions around the world.
From the mid-1980s on
we started a major program
of experimentation with our
oenologist Paolo Tiefenthaler
and other experts who have
planted more than 60 differ-
ent varieties, said Antonio
Santarelli, Dinos son and the
current owner.We had no
idea what was going to work
and some of the results have
been surprising. AFP

9:15am - GATTACA: A genetcally inferior man assumes
the identty of a superior one in order to pursue his
lifelong dream of space travel.. HBO
12pm - ROMEO MUST DIE: An avenging cop seeks out his
brothers killer and falls for the daughter of a businessman
who is involved in a money-deal with his father. HBO
6pm - RUSH HOUR 2: Carter and Lee head to Hong Kong
for vacaton, but become embroiled in a counterfeit money
scam. HBO
7:30pm - RUSH HOUR 3: Afer an atempted assassinaton
on Ambassador Han, Lee and Carter head to Paris to protect
a French woman with knowledge of the Triads secret
10:50pm - KICK-ASS 2: The costumed high-school hero Kick-
Ass joins with a group of normal citzens who have been
inspired to fght crime in costume. Meanwhile, the Red Mist
plots an act of revenge that will afect everyone Kick-Ass
knows. HBO
Thinking caps Thinking caps
1 Alternative to plastic
5 Experience REM
10 Barely touch, on a pool table
14 Two-color cookie
15 Four at the fore
16 Gung-ho about
17 Kind of bean
18 Boss, often
19 Bygone autocrat (Var.)
20 Certain seat
23 Word with date or process
24 The ___ of Pooh
25 Put to the test
26 Attachment to corder
29 Jabberwocky opener
32 Ring around the collar?
34 Lennons mate
35 Carroll OConnor portrayed one
38 Farriers tool
41 Meeting setting
44 Poker pot starter
45 Break out of jail
46 John, to Ringo?
47 It rattles in a whistle
49 Niagara River source
50 Dusk, poetically
51 Any ship
53 ___ Altos, Calif.
56 Introduce to knight life
58 Its passed on Sundays
65 Musical miscellany
66 Tight-knit unit
67 Charlotte Motor Speedways
68 Tidy the garden
69 Colorful parts of the eyes
70 Hair raiser, at times
71 Apollo played it
72 Old Spanish coins
73 Spoon-playing site
1 Certain pay raise, for short
2 Like the Kalahari
3 Teamsters rig
4 Accumulate
5 Ceramic crockery
6 More than off-color
7 Sicilian spouter
8 Like humans, in a way
9 Hooded coat
10 ___ and kin
11 Unquenchable
12 Case or way leader
13 It often follows Oops
21 Bizarre
22 Future gen., maybe
26 South American plant
27 Writer unknown
28 Green Mountain State capital
30 Bullets, to a poker player
31 From that time
33 Historical period
36 Lasting impression
37 Lukewarm quality
39 Blackthorn
40 Hacienda hand, perhaps
42 Cover charge, e.g.
43 Get ready to drive?
48 A pint, sometimes
51 Facial expression of dislike
52 Like Swiss cheese?
54 Come about
55 Barrel component
57 Protect the quarterback
59 Miners quest
60 Bright thought
61 Like some vaccines
62 Revlon rival
63 Gentle, as a horse
64 Hamburgers river
Mondays solution Mondays solution

A couple begin to experience terrifying supernatural
occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly afer their
home is invaded by satanic cultsts. Stars Ward Horton,
Annabelle Wallis and Alfre Woodard.
Citymall: 9:25am, 1:25pm, 3:30pm, 7:55pm
Toul Kork: 9:35am, 1:30pm, 3:35pm, 7:45pm, 9:50pm
A young orphaned boy raised by underground cave-
dwelling trash collectors tries to save his friends from
an evil exterminator. Based on the childrens novel
Here Be Monsters by Alan Snow.
Citymall: 11:55am, 5:55pm
Toul Kork: 9:35am, 1:30pm, 3:35pm, 7:45pm, 9:50pm
A former black ops commando who faked his death
for a quiet life in Boston comes out of his retrement to
rescue a young girl and fnds himself face to face with
Russian gangsters.
Citymall: 11:20am, 4:15pm, 6:50pm
Toul Kork: 2:30pm, 9:25pm
A group of boys, with no memories of their past lives,
must escape a massive maze infested with deadly
Citymall: 9:35pm, 1:55pm, 9:45pm
Toul Kork: 9:50am, 5:05pm, 7:40pm
A woman who is plagued by nightmares involving a
serial killer learns her dreams have a horrifying con-
necton to the real world.
Citymall: 1:55pm, 10pm
Toul Kork: 11:40am, 1:45pm, 10pm
(As above)
9:30am, 1pm, 2:50pm, 4:40pm, 6:30pm, 10:35pm
(As above)
11:30am, 5:15pm
City planning seminar
@ Institut Francais
A lesson for students with
intermediate abilities at 8pm,
followed by a party afterward. The
lesson costs $5. The party is free.
The Groove, #1C Street 282 on top of
Terrazza Italian Restaurant. 8pm
Phnom Penhs development is up for discussion at a seminar tonight at the Institut Francais. PHA LINA
Chlo Grace Moretz stars as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass 2
tonight on HBO. SUPPLIED
Corn tortillas made from scratch and
prepared in authentic taqueria style.
For the entire day, customers can buy
one cocktail and get a taco with their
meal for free.
Corcina Cartel, #198b Street 19.
Tacos @ Cocina Cartel
Salsa @ The Groove
Speakers will give points of view and
perspectives on Phnom Penhs
developement, bringing issues into the
discussion, like heritage preservation,
innovation and sustainability.
Institut Francais, #218 Street 184.
Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge again
at this regular exercise class, which
provides a good workout and a lot of
fun. $1.50 per person.
House #55-57 Street 123.
Dodgeball @
Street 123
Rent: $2500/M near Russian
Market 2Living room, 4Bedroom,
5Baths Some Furniture, for Living
Tel 077 777 697 / 012 939 958
$580/Mon near Central Market
1Livingroom 2Bedroom & 2Bath
Fully Furbished, Motor Parking
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Gym $2500/M 3Bedroom, 3Bath
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Large Living room, nice Kitchen
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ket Private Terrace Big Living room
3Bed , 3Bathroom, Western
Kitchen, Very Nice River Views
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777 697
Rent $500/M near Olympic Stadium
1Livingroom 1Bedroom & 1Bath
Fully Furbished, Motor Parking
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Rent $700/M near Russian Market
1Livingroom 2Bedroom & 2Bath
Fully Furbished, 1Car Parking
Tel 077 777 697 / 012 939 958
Building 1 For RENT at monthly
price $275-$700, fully furnished,
receptionists, security guards, backup
power, elevator, safe environment
and security camera Location: #37,
ST. 111, Boeung Brolit
012 944 191 | 012 912 651
Building 2 For RENT at monthly
price $620-$900. Fully furnished
1&2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen,
dining room, balcony, internet,
water, cable TV included. Location:
#31, ST. 113, Boeung Brolit
012 944 191 | 012 912 651

Building 3 For RENT, a fully
furnished 1 bedroom, nice river view
from your balcony, price $500/m
with free internet, water, cable TV,
maintenance Location: #112, St.
Tonle Sap (peninsular)
012 944 191 | 012 912 651
Building 4 For RENT, a luxurious
2bedrooms, living room, kitchen,
dining room, monthly price 1,040$,
free for internet, water, cable TV.
Location: #247, ST.51 St. 360, BKK1
012 569 832| 012 944 191
Centers- $10/M2 Facilities Included:
A/Cs, Carpeting oor, Lighting
system, exhausted fans, External
partition and large parking space
Location: Parkway Square, Mao
Tse Toung Blvd, Phnom Penh
012 944 191 | 012 912 651

Please visit VTRUSTServiced
Apartments for requirement of
fully furnished studio room, one
bedroom & 2 bedrooms with price
starts from $275/Month
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4 bed with 5 bath located in BKKI,
Basic furnished, clean, Western
kitchen, big living room, big balcony,
& nice garden, closed to ISPP, Super
market, UN ofce, and riverside.
Rent: $2500 /m Tel: 012 879 231
for rent 3 bed with bath, furnished,
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room, big parking, & safe, swimming
pool, gym, quiet. Rent: 2500 $/m
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for rent 05 bed with bath located in
DP, Basic furnished, clean, western
kitchen, big living room, nice
swimming pool, big parking.
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BKKI, Basic furnished, clean,
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closed to New ISPP, super market,
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clean, western kitchen, big living
room, included all except electricity,
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Rent:$ 1500/m Tel: 012 503 356

rent 2 beds, 2 bath, available near
Independence, fully furnished
quiet, many trees around, western
kitchen, bright inside
Price : $ 1400/m. 012 503 356
100sqm to 400sqm, from 5$/sqm
Parking, 24h security, elevator
Spacious 5 meter high ceilings Lots
of plants & light + 60 sqm.
Tel: 012 869 111 yellow-tower.com
Rent $750/Mon Boeung Kang
Kang3 1Living room, 4Bed , 4Bath
Fully Furnished, 1Car Parking
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Rent $500/M near Independent
Monument, 1Living room
2Bedroom, 2Bath, Furnished
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Rent $750/M, Tonle Basac Area
1Living room 3Bedroom 3Bath
Fully Furnished, Motor Parking
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1Living room, 2Bedrooms, 2Bath
Motor Parking, Fully Furnished
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1Living room, 1Bedroom, 1Bath
Fully Furnished, Big Balcony
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1 bed 1 bathroom 1 living room
1 kitchen 2 air-cons Fully furnished
Safe and quiet area Parking space
Free Internet and cable TV
Address: No. 36, Street 592 Z, in
Toulkork area, nearby international
schools, super markets, restau-
rants, coffee shop, hospitals
Price: 450$/ unit
Please contact 077 766 866 or
010 414072
Rent $550/M Tonle Basac Area
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0wneiship & financing
available to foieign
Asking $32,000
Affordable Condo
for Sale
Call 01215952 foi uetails
Rent $650/M near Russian Market
1Living room, 2Bedroom, 2Bath
Fully Furnished, Big Balcony
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1Living room, 1Bedroom, 1Bath
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For Rent InBassakGardenCity, 04
bed, very largelivingroom, very nice
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parkingandplayground, quiet &safe.
thebest locationfor residence.
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pendent Monument), 04 bed , large
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playground, quiet & safety. the best
location for residence and ofce.
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cony, big parking Price: $3,000/m
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bedrooms, large and open living
room, basic furniture, western
kitchen, garden and trees, quiet &
safety. Price: US$1,000/month
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furniture, western kitchen, very big
balcony with many owers, quiet &
safety. Price: US$450/month
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For Rent In Boeung Trobek area,
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For Rent BKK1, 01-02 Bedrooms,
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modern furniture, western Kitchen,
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bedrooms, Large living room, fully
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Market, 01-03 bed, large living
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rooms, large living room, fully and
nice furnished, western kitchen,
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tion for living, big parking lot.
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Apartment For Rent Located in
BKKI, 01&02&03 bed, roof top pool
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Bassak area (near Independent
Monument), 01&02 bed, roof top
pool & gym, open living room, fully
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good condition for living, very quiet
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Area, 01-02-03 bed, modern design
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Area, 01-02-03 bedrooms, modern
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located in on the main street (near
Independent Monument),
230 sqm and $3000 per month,
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located in on the main street,
200sqm plus and 300 sqm plus
and $14 per sqm per month,
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kitchen, nice balcony, big parking
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best location for residence.
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nice trees, very good condition for
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Price: US$1,800/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
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bedrooms, some furnished, very
nice and clean kitchen, very safety,
very nice garden and many trees,
very good condition for living.
Price: US$3,000/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
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some furnished, western kitchen,
very safety and very quiet, very nice
trees, very good condition for living
and ofce. Price: US$1,500 /month
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At BKKI, 03bedrooms, some
furnished, very niceandcleankitchen,
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Price: US$2,000/month
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For Rent Near Independent
Monument, 03 bedrooms, very
big and open living room, western
kitchen, big balcony, very good for
residence, very quiet and safety
area. Price: US$800/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00

Rent Located in Daun Penh area
(close to Independent Monument),
01 bedrooms, large living room,
some furnished, nice kitchen, quiet
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Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
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open living room and kitchen, fully
and modern furnished, very safety
area, very quiet,
very good condition for living.
Price: USD750/month
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00
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(close to BKKI), 01 bedroom, open
living room and kitchen, fully and
modern furnished, very safety area,
very quiet, very good condition for
living. Price: 450/m
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00
LocatedalongNorodomBlvd, 100to
1700sqm, bigparkinglot, bigelevator,
bigstaircase, 24hsecurity andmany
Price: US$12- $14/monthper sqm.
Tel: 092232623/ 081230000

Located a long Norodom Blvd,
400 sqm , parking lot, big
elevator, big staircase, 24h
security and many facilities
Price: US $15/month per sqm.
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
Rent located in on the main street,
size: 8x20m, 07bedrooms, 04
stories, very good for showrooms,
banks, micronance, and other
business purpose, big parking lot.
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
Price: US$5,500/sqm
Rent located in on the main street,
size: ground oor 8x20m and
rst oor is 12x16m, 03 stories,
very good for showrooms, banks,
micronance, and other business
purpose, big parking lot.
Price: US$3,500/sqm
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00

A long road No 04 (Factory zone),
Size: 6600 sqm, electricity and
water are connected, very standard
quality, good environment, very
easy to nd workers. $1.8/sqm
Tel: 092 23 26 23/081 23 00 00

Rent Near Russian Market, 01-02
Bed, very nice interior designed,
large living room, very light, fully &
modern furniture, western kitchen,
very good condition for living, quiet
& safe. Price: $600-1,100/m
Tel: 092 23 26 23/ 081 23 00 00
Federer hazy on return
to world number one
ROGER Federer insisted he
wouldnt go out of his way to
capture the coveted year-end
world number one ranking,
despite sealing back-to-back
Masters wins in Shanghai on
Sunday. The third-ranked
33-year-old will return to
number two on the back of his
run in Shanghai, where he beat
Gilles Simon 7-6 (8/6), 7-6 (7/2)
for his fourth title of the year.
But Federer, who swatted aside
top-ranked Novak Djokovic in
the semifinals, said getting
back to number one, a position
he last held two years ago, had
not entered his thinking. Im
not even going to change my
schedule because of it. I havent
thought about it, to be quite
honest, said Federer. What
does it need for world number
one? Im not quite sure. I need
to look into that, how realistic it
is or not, he added. AFP
Bae holds on to win US
PGA Tour season opener
SOUTH Koreas Bae Sang-moon
nabbed his second US PGA Tour
title on Sunday, firing a final-
round 73 to hold on for victory in
the Frys.com Open in California.
Bae, who took a four-shot lead
into the fourth round, finished
with a 15-under par total of 273
and a two-stroke victory over
Australian Steven Bowditch. I
tried to really enjoy my game,
but I made a lot of bogeys, said
Bae, adding that despite his four
bogeys and three birdies in a
one-over effort, it was a really
good experience. Bowditch
charged up the leaderboard with
a five-under par 67 for 275.
Scotlands Martin Laird, who led
after the second round, closed
with a 71 to head a group on
12-under 276. He was joined by
Japans Hideki Matsuyama (70),
South African Retief Goosen (70)
and Americans Bryce Molder
(68) and Hunter Mahan (70). The
tournament, played at Silverado
Country Clubs North Course, is
the first stop on the US PGA
Tours 2014-15 season. AFP
Wong goes long to lift
Cardinals over Giants
KOLTEN Wongs game-winning
solo shot in the ninth inning
was one of four St Louis
homers on Sunday in a
dramatic 5-4 Major League
Baseball playoff win over San
Francisco. With the victory, the
Cardinals knotted the best-of-
seven National League final at
one game apiece. The series
shifts to San Francisco tonight,
where the teams will continue
to battle for a chance to take on
either Kansas City or Baltimore
in the World Series. AFP
Rain king Levy crowned
Portugal champion
FRANCES Alexander Levy
claimed a second career title on
Sunday when he won the
Portugal Masters after the third
and final round had to be
abandoned due to heavy rain in
Vilamoura. In a tournament
already reduced to 54 holes by
lightning and heavy rain,
another deluge left parts of the
course unplayable shortly after
the final group had teed off at
1pm. The result was then called
at 36 holes. Levy, 24, carded
rounds of 63 and 61 to finish
with an 18 under par total
having been just one of six
players to complete their
second rounds on Friday. AFP
NEW York Giants wide receiv-
er Victor Cruz looks set for a
signicant spell on the side-
lines after suffering a torn pa-
tellar tendon in his right knee
in the 27-0 loss to the Phila-
delphia Eagles on Sunday.
On a day of serious injuries
in the NFL, the Giants were
trailing 20-0 in the third and
opted to go for a potential
score on fourth down from
within ve yards of the end
Cruz dropped what would
have been a touchdown be-
fore clutching his knee. His
leg seemed to buckle as he
tried to make the catch and
he had to be stretchered off.
The Giants had already lost
cornerback Dominique Rod-
gers-Cromartie during the
contest with back spasms.
The New England Patriots
saw two players suffer knee
injuries in a 37-22 win at
Running back Stevan Rid-
ley is to have an MRI on
Monday, with the team con-
cerned he tore a ligament.
Linebacker Jerod Mayo, who
missed most of last season
with a torn pectoral muscle,
is also believed to be have a
signicant knee injury.
The Cleveland Browns saw
center Alex Mack depart
early from a 31-10 win over
Mack suffered a broken leg
and could miss the rest of the
season, local media said.
Mack has started all 85
games of his six-year career.
Sundays Results
Tennessee 16 Jacksonville 14
Baltimore 48 Tampa Bay 17
Denver 31 NY Jets 17
Detroit 17 Minnesota 3
Cincinnati 37 Carolina 37 (OT)
Green Bay 27 Miami 24
San Diego 31 Oakland 28
Chicago 27 Atlanta 13
Dallas 30 Seattle 23
Arizona 30 Washington 20
Top ranking for nothing
AUSTRALIAS stand-in captain
George Bailey admits that
regaining the number one
ranking will count for nothing
once they launch their assault
on the World Cup on home soil
in February.
Australia claimed a nail-bit-
ing one-run victory in the 50th
and final over on Sunday to
take the third one-dayer against
Pakistan and complete a 3-0
They won the first match in
Sharjah by 93 runs and the sec-
ond by five wickets in Dubai
and are now back in the world
number one spot having dis-
lodged India.
Youre trying to win every
game you play. As a team, a
whitewash is what you want,
said Bailey, who has been
standing in for injured skipper
Michael Clarke. Its lovely to be
ranked number one in the
world but come the World Cup,
I think, it will have zero bear-
ing. It means nothing.
Pakistan, chasing a modest
232-run target, were well on
course with Asad Shafiq (50)
and Sohaib Maqsood (34) join-
ing in a 74-run fourth wicket
But they then lost five wickets
for 54 runs as Australia sensed
victory with 24 runs still need-
ed for a win.
To see our energy, our fight
and our intent to get through
difficult periods and get
through the pressure that Paki-
stan were putting on and throw
it back at them that was more
pleasing, said Bailey of Aus-
tralias fightback. Thats the
sort of stuff that will happen in
the World Cup.
Bailey praised bowler Glenn
Maxwell who defended two
runs with a maiden final over,
taking two wickets for the one-
run win.
It was pretty stressful. Ide-
ally were taking those wickets
earlier. I felt unless we got some
wickets and got ourselves back
in the game then they were
going to win the game in about
the 47th over, said Bailey.
We had to try to get back
into the game to try to win it
and we did.
Bailey, who stood down from
the Twenty20 captaincy last
month to concentrate on one-
day internationals, said leading
the team was not on his mind.
The thing that is playing on
my mind at the moment is not
getting enough runs. I am
enjoying the captaincy, win-
ning is fun.
Bailey managed scores of just
18, 28 and nought in the
The two teams now play a
two-Test series with the first
match starting in Dubai from
October 22. AFP
Giants hurting after
heavy loss to Eagles
Teen queen Biles puts
USA on top of the world
Shigemi Sato

EENAGER Simone Biles won
two more gold medals to n-
ish with four and leave the
United States as the top team
ahead of China as the world gymnas-
tics championships ended on Sunday.
The 17-year-old, who earlier retained
her all-around title and powered USA
to a second straight womens team
gold, stole the show as she beat Chinas
Bai Yawen by just 0.067 points on the
beam and blew away the eld to keep
her oor crown.
Biless heroics accounted for all four
of the United States gold medals at the
10-day event in Nanning, China, ahead
of the hosts on three and North Korea
in third place with two.
Oh, it feels just amazing, Biles said
of her two more golds on Sunday. And
it is an honour to get here representing
the United States.
Asked what was in her mind before
each performance, she said: Just get
there and hit all my routines, thats
about it, and have fun.
Veteran Ri Se-Gwang doubled North
Koreas haul as he won his rst ever
global title in the mens vault, with
South Koreas defending world and
Olympic champion Yang Hak-Seon,
nicknamed the god of vault, falling
twice on landing.
Ris triumph followed his compatriot
Hong Un-jongs victory in the womens
vault Saturday.
The 29-year-old Ri, who grabbed the
2007 world vault bronze and the Asian
Games title in 2006, pulled off two
technically demanding vaults to col-
lect 15.416 points.
I am very happy and satised with
my performance today, Ri said, ex-
pressing sympathy for his South Ko-
rean rival Yang.
Mistakes are inevitable in athletic
competitions, he said.
Actually [Yang] had a injury, so his
performance was not so good. I hope
he will recover soon and be better.
Flying Dutchman
Olympic and world high bar cham-
pion Epke Zonderland of the Nether-
lands dominated the apparatus with
16.225. Japans Kohei Uchimura, who
won a record-extending fth straight
mens all-around title on Thursday,
nished second 0.5 points adrift with
Croatias Marijo Moznik third on
Zonderland, known as the Flying
Dutchman, wowed a near-capacity
crowd at the 4,000-seat Guangxi Gym-
nasium with two sets of breathtaking
aerial skills.
My own routine was so awless. I
dont know if it could have been any
better at this stage, said the 28-year-
old, adding that his weaknesses were
getting fewer and fewer.
My weakness was execution [art-
istry] but I think its getting much bet-
ter and I will keep working on that,
he said.
Ukraines Oleg Verniaiev, the Euro-
pean parallel bars champion, won the
event with 16.125 points to take his
rst world title. American Danell Leyva
came second with 15.933 and Japans
Ryohei Kato was third with 15.666.
I have been told not to try and bite
off more than I can chew. I just wanted
to do my level, said Verniaiev. AFP
Simone Biles of the US performs during the womens balance beam nal at the gymnastics world championships in Nanning, China. AFP
Australias George Bailey thinks
their number one ranking will mean
nothing come the World Cup. AFP
ENGLAND forward Raheem
Sterling yesterday defended
his decision not to start his
sides Euro 2016 qualifying
victory over Estonia on Sun-
day, saying: Excuse me for
being human.
Sterling, 19, came on as a
second-half substitute in Eng-
lands 1-0 win in Tallinn, after
which manager Roy Hodgson
explained that the Liverpool
winger had complained of fa-
tigue on the eve of the match.
The matter was discussed
on the sports pages of several
British newspapers yesterday,
while Sterling also received
critical messages on Twitter.
He responded by tweeting:
Now listening too.. Excuse me
for being human?? omw [on
my way] home.
Jamaica-born Sterling, one
of Englands most impor-
tant attacking players, also
retweeted two of the messag-
es he had received from fel-
low Twitter users. One read:
Oi @sterling31 sod off and
choose to play for Jamaica if
youre going to continue all
this tired nonsense.
Another one said: @ster-
ling31 Prone to Tiredness? I
use to play 3 Rugby matches
a week when I was 19! #tired-
ness #yourhavingalaugh
Explaining his decision to
pick Adam Lallana ahead of
Sterling, Hodgson told BBC
Radio 5 Live: He [Sterling]
said, Im feeling tired, Id rath-
er sit this one out.
Sterling has started in nine
of Liverpools 10 games to date
in all competition this season
and made 38 appearances last
season. AFP
AC Milan deny reports
that Essien has Ebola
AC MILAN have categorically
denied that Ghanaian
midfielder Michael Essien has
contracted Ebola while on
national team duty. Reports in
Ghana over the weekend
claimed Essien was being
treated after contracting the
deadly virus. However the
players Serie A club released a
statement which said: AC Milan
categorically denies the alleged
reports from abroad about its
players. Such reports are totally
without foundation and what is
more were never confirmed by
any employee of the club. The
Daily Times Nigeria and
Newswire NGR both cited an
AC Milan official in the report
which claimed Essien had
contracted Ebola. AFP
Bolton hire former
Celtic boss Lennon
Bolton appointed former Celtic
boss Neil Lennon as their new
manager on Sunday. Lennon
had been looking for a job since
surprisingly quitting Scottish
champions Celtic at the end of
last season and he has settled
on the out-of-form English
second tier team. The 43-year-
old Northern Irishman replaces
Dougie Freedman, who left
Bolton by mutual consent at
the beginning of the month.
Wanderers also announced
that Lennons former Celtic
assistant Johan Mjallby and
Garry Parker will join him at
the Macron Stadium. AFP
Dunga denies cocaine
slur against Argentina
BRAZIL coach Dunga denied
yesterday insinuating drug use
in the Argentina camp after he
was filmed pinching his nose
and pointing at the rival bench
during the weekend win in
Beijing. Dunga, questioned over
the incident during Brazils trip
to Singapore, said he was
making reference to severe
pollution in the Chinese capital
which gave players blocked
noses. Saturdays
Superclasico friendly was
anything but, as a fired-up
Brazil won 2-0 to restore pride
against their fierce rivals
following a poor World Cup
campaign on home soil. AFP
Cambodias 2014 Homeless World Cup team members Khoun Bora (left), Then Lang Eng (centre) and Pheng Phanna practice their ball skills on the riverside yesterday. SRENG MENG SRUN
Homeless World Cup team
fly out for Chile campaign
Dan Riley

AMBODIAS squad of young
hopefuls head out to the
Chilean capital of Santiago
today ahead of participa-
tion in the 2014 Homeless World Cup,
which starts on Sunday.
It has been an arduous journey al-
ready for charity organisation Happy
Football Cambodia Australia, who
have sent teams to the past six editions
of the annual tournament.
Visa issues aside, the fund raising
for this years entry has proved chal-
lenging, resulting in just three players
receiving tickets to Chile and head
coach Jimmy Campbell forced to stay
at home.
Games, to be played on a specially
constructed court in front of La Mone-
da palace at the Plaza de la Constitu-
cion, will feature two seven-minute
halves and allow a maximum of four
players on the pitch at any one time.
Thus Cambodia will require the addi-
tion of some extra players offered by
the organisers.
Were looking forward to taking part
in a great festival of football, HFCA co-
founder Padraic Grogan told reporters
during a press conference at the FCC
yesterday morning.
19-year-old midelder Khoun Bora,
17-year-old striker Then Lang Eng and
22-year-old defender Pheng Phanna
are the chosen trio to y the ag for
the Kingdom in Chile. They will play
an expected 13 games during the mens
week-long competition, which involves
48 nations split into groups of six.
Brazil are the reigning champions
after edging Mexico on penalties in
last years nal in Poznan, Poland.
Chile won the 2012 event held in
Mexico City.
The players have been working ex-
tremely hard for the past nine months
in preparation to go to Chile, said
coach Campbell.
They are all very excited to go there
. . . With a bit of luck, they will get some
good results over there.
Football fans can follow the progress
of the team via the ofcial website,
www.homelessworldcup.org, with
some games expected to be broadcast
live on Youtube.
Weather conditions are expected
to play in the sides favour with Chile
moving into its summer months.
Cambodians are used to the heat,
while some of the Europeans are not.
This will give us an advantage, add-
ed Grogan.
The Homeless World Cup is a unique,
pioneering social enterprise which
uses football to energise homeless
people to change their own lives.
According to a press release from
HFCA, over 70 per cent of the play-
ers which represent Cambodia at the
HWC tournaments have improved
their self-esteem, come off drugs and
alcohol, moved into new homes, jobs
or education, repaired relationships or
become social entrepreneurs, coaches
or players with professional or semi-
pro football teams.
Four players from previous HWC
campaigns are currently employed by
HFCA as coaches.
I grew up with the life of a scaven-
ger, collecting recyclable materials
at the rubbish dump for sale, said
Khoun Bora.
I used to play football on top of the
rubbish. But HFCA took me to train at
their facility. Now my life has changed
from the dark to the light. ADDITIONAL
Ambani hails new league
INDIAS richest man Mukesh
Ambani has hailed the start of
a glamorous new football
league that organisers hope will
trigger an explosion of interest
in the game, long sidelined in
favour of cricket.
Ambani, who is bankrolling
the Indian Super League (ISL),
said after Sundays launch in
the eastern city of Kolkata that
he hoped it would boost the
sports popularity among
young Indians.
What a fantastic start to ISL,
he told reporters late on Sunday
after Atletico de Kolkata downed
Mumbai City 3-0 in front of
70,000-odd fans following a
glitzy opening ceremony.
I hope that it will engage all
the youth, we are looking to the
youth of India to participate in
football, said Ambani, chair-
man of the giant Reliance
Industries group.
Modelled on crickets Indian
Premier League, eight fran-
chises are taking part in the
10-week long competition, tel-
evised by Rupert Murdochs
Star TV and backed by sports
management giant IMG.
Cricketing greats such as
Sachin Tendulkar and Bolly-
wood A-listers are co-owners of
the teams along with Spanish
La Liga side Atletico Madrid.
The ISL has lured interna-
tional veterans such as ex-Arse-
nal midfielder Freddie Ljung-
berg, 37, Frances Nicolas
Anelka, 35, and 39-year-old Ital-
ian great Alessandro Del Piero
who will front the teams.
Former French international
Robert Pires said he was encour-
aged by the Indian fans who
seemed to love their football.
Incredible atmosphere, said
Pires, who is playing for Goa,
after watching the opener.
Experts say the ambitious ISL
faces an uphill battle to convert
Indias cricket-mad 1.25 billion
population and develop the
small pockets of football pas-
sion that currently exist.
On a visit to India in 2007,
FIFA president Sepp Blatter
said India was the sleeping
giant of world football. But its
national side languishes at 158
in the world rankings, which
experts blame on sports
authorities failure to develop
training grounds and young
players. AFP
Sterling hits back over
criticism for tiredness
Billionaire Mukesh Ambani says he
hopes the new Indian Super League
will engage all the youth. AFP
2016 Euros Qualiers
Germany v Rep. of Ireland
Gibraltar v Georgia 1:45am
Poland v Scotland 1:45am
San Marino v Switzerland
Faroe Islands v Hungary
Finland v Romania 1:45am
Greece v Northern Ireland
Denmark v Portugal 1:45am
Serbia v Albania 1:45am
International Friendlies
Brazil v Japan 5:45pm
Hong Kong v Argentina 7pm
Qatar v Australia 11pm
Armenia v France 11:45pm
2016 Euros Qualiers
Ukraine 1 Macedonia 0
Belarus 1 Slovakia 3
Luxembourg 0 Spain 4
Lithuania 0 Slovenia 2
Austria 1 Montenegro 0
Russia 1 Moldova 1
Sweden 2 Liechtenstein 0
International Friendly
Mexico 1 Panama 0
Block busters
Nicole Fawcett (left), Foluke Akinradewo (centre) and Jordan Quinn Larson-Burbach of the US perform a split-block during the match between the US and China at the Final of the Volleyball Womens World Championship
in Milan on Sunday. The US easily took the rst two sets, but allowed two-time champions China back into the game, which they eventually won 27-25, 25-20, 16-25, 26-24. Kimberly Hill scored 20 points in the game and
was then named most valuable player and best spiker of the tournament. She smashed the winning point that sparked wild celebrations among the US team as they secured their historic rst title. AFP
Cambodia done in by late blast
H S Manjunath

LATE set piece stunner from
Laos thwarted Cambodias
spirited ghtback as the
hosts scrambled to a 3-2 vic-
tory in the AFC Suzuki Cup qualiers
at Vientienes New National Stadium
on Sunday evening.
Earlier in the afternoon, the opening
match of the qualifying cycle for the
main tournament to be jointly host-
ed by Singapore and Vietnam from
November 23 saw East Timor turn
a 2-1 half time decit to Brueni into a
4-2 victory built around a triple strike
from Murilo Ribeiro De Almeida.
Laos striker Khampheng Sayavutth,
whom his chums fondly call Charm-
er, landed two vital blows including
the match-winning free kick that
curled over the Cambodian defensive
wall to the far corner of the net, well
out of keeper Sou Yatys reach.
Minutes before this spine-breaker
for Cambodia, the home side had
seen with horror their two-goal ad-
vantage disappear in a matter of
After being frustrated many times
over, striker Khun Laboravy found
himself let loose in a sweet spot at
the top of the box, and his trusty left
foot packed enough power to send
the ball to the top corner.
This timely strike did wonders for
the Cambodian morale and in quick
time Laboravy showed the pres-
ence of mind to turn the ball across
the goal mouth to an advancing Sok
Chanrasmey, the substitute using his
knees to guide the ball in.
Laos hit the front early in the sec-
ond half when 20-year-old Khone-
savanh Sihavong latched on to a
long ball from the mideld to hood-
wink two Cambodian defenders
and the goalkeeper. The 28-year-old
Khampeng then caught the defense
off guard to double the lead.
We were much better in the sec-
ond half but after going two goals
up, we made a mistake in wanting
to score more, said Laos coach Da-
vid Booth, whose familiarity with
Cambodian football as Phnom Penh
Crowns coach in their triumphant
2012 Metfone C-League campaign
may have played a part in his tacti-
cal approach.
We have to be better for the next
match obviously and do not get car-
ried away with things, added the 66-
year-old, who replaced Japanese No-
rio Tsukitate only a few months ago
for his second stint with the Laotian
national team. He previously served
in 2010 for around six months.
Cambodia coach Lee Tae Hoon,
meanwhile, conceded that home ad-
vantage had a part to play.
We missed our chances in the
rst half and let our guard down
early in the second, allowing those
two goals which put a lot of pressure
on us, he said.
It is always very hard when it
comes to playing the opening game
against the hosts. We have to do bet-
ter in our next match. There are a lot
of things we need to get right.
Cambodias next xture will be on
Thursday against East Timor at the
National Stadium, with kick off slated
for 3:30pm Cambodian time.
In todays action, Brunei face Laos
from 3:30pm while Myanmar will
take on East Timor at 6:30pm.
Two qualication spots are on offer
in Vientiane to join Singapore, Ma-
laysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia
and the Philippines in the nal phase
next month.
Cambodias Khoun Laboravy (blue No 9) shoots to score against Laos during their 2014 Suzuki Cup qualier in Vientiane. KEM SOVANNA