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The ball is in your court The ball is in their court now. Lets wait for their decision.

be in hot water Ken was in hot water about forgetting his wedding anniversary.
a long haul Peter told his boss that he wouldnt quit. Hes in it for the long haul.
know/learn the ropes t took !e a !onth to learn the ropes at !y new "ob.
set the record straight n a T# interview$ the politician set the record straight about his e%periences in the !ilitary.
line of work The fire!an said that in"uries were co!!on in his line of work.
burn your bridges &ack tried to be kind to his boss when he quit in "ob because he didnt want to burn his
get/be given the sack / sack 'verb( )lan got the sack for repeatedly co!ing into work late.
on the back burner The pro"ect was put on the back burner while the co!pany focused on a !ore i!!ediate
talk shop *veryone agreed not to talk shop at the staff party.
start/get the ball rolling ts ti!e we start the ball rolling on the new pro"ect.
get your foot in the door &anice took a position as an ad!inistrative assistant to get her foot in the door at the fa!ous
fashion co!pany.
s!all talk )fter so!e s!all talk$ the interview began.
put so!ething on hold +reg had to put his weekend plans on hold and go into the office on ,aturday for a few
have your work cut out f we want to finish this by -riday$ then weve really got our work cut out for us.
see eye to eye .ike and his father dont see eye to eye on the issue of abortion.
up/and/co!ing 0oger is an up/and/co!ing hockey player fro! Toronto.
call it a day ts already 1 p!. Lets call it a day.
twist so!ebodys ar! really had to twist !y sisters ar! to get her to pick !e up fro! the airport.
be in the dark / keep so!ebody in
the dark
.ost of the e!ployees were kept in the dark about the !erger until the last !inute.
the botto! line )2 3octor$ whats the botto! line4 52 f you dont quit s!oking$ youll die within a year.
call the shots The boss told &anet to call the shots while he was away.
the fine/s!all print .y father reads the fine print on every contract he signs.
pick so!ebodys brains .ike is a !arketing genius. People often invite hi! to lunch or dinner so they can pick his
be in the red The co!pany has been in the red since ,epte!ber.
a rule of thu!b )s a rule of thu!b$ dont eat food that s!ells bad.
be on the sa!e wavelength The group !e!bers were all on the sa!e wavelength$ so they were able to finish their
pro"ect quickly.
up to speed )fter her holiday$ it took Kate a few hours to get back up to speed on the recent
develop!ents in her co!pany.
to be swa!ped 6endy was swa!ped. ,he had so !any papers on her desk$ she didn7t know where to
headhunt Todd was headhunted by his co!panys !ain co!petitor.
breathe down so!ebodys neck &i! found it hard to focus on his work with his boss breathing down his neck.
cli!b to the top of the
career/corporate ladder
Having children can be an obstacle for wo!en who want to cli!b 'to the top of( the
corporate ladder.
red tape .arks visa application was held up for si% !onths because of red tape.
give so!ebody free rein 6hen his father died$ .ark was given free rein to do whatever he liked with the fa!ily
slack off / be a slacker 6hen the boss was on holiday$ everyone at the office slacked off.
glass ceiling The co!pany has a glass ceiling that prevents wo!en fro! being pro!oted to higher

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