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Press Releases Create Awareness, but EmailWire News

Distribution Services Bring Leads Generation actics and

Global press release newswire, EmailWire, presents a free ebook, research report
that explain steps for lead generation and management.

(EMAILWIE.!"M, "ctober #$, %&#$' (o)ston, *+ , While press releases help
create awareness on prod)cts and ser-ices, man. companies are now )sing them
to generate leads. *o learn more on lead generation, EmailWire, a global
newswire and press release distrib)tion ser-ices, presents /Lead Generation
*actics0 A ecipe for 1)ccess0/
/*his free ebook, enables .o) to /learn tips and techni6)es abo)t pro-en 7%7
sales lead generation, written b. a leading 7%7 sales and marketing cons)ltant.
/1)ccessf)l 7%7 marketing incl)des )sing a broad range of tactics. *his /recipe
for s)ccess/ g)ide, written b. M. (. /Mac/ McIntosh, gi-es .o) the knowledge on
how to dri-e lead generation with0
8 elationship marketing
8 9irect marketing
8 "nline marketing
8 E-ents and tradeshows
8 Ed)cational e-ents
8 Additional tactics/
!ompanies are now )sing press releases to engage prospecti-e or existing clients
which leads to relationship, direct or online marketing. 7efore b)sinesses organi:e
or attend e-ents or trade shows, the. inform their a)diences thro)gh press
releases. ;ews releases are )sed to ed)cate or point readers to ed)cational
material s)ch as e7ooks or white papers. *o get a free cop. of /Lead Generation
*actics0 A ecipe for 1)ccess,/ go to
In addition to the abo-e e7ook, there is a complimentar. research report worth
looking , the /Lead Generation and Management for 1M7 1ales and Marketing./
*his free report pro-ides fo)r ke. action items for marketers and sales teams. <or
more information, go to http022gro)pweb.tradep)b.com2free2w3acto=%24

About EmailWire"Com
EmailWire.!om (http022www.emailwire.com' is a global newswire with press
release distrib)tion ser-ices for small and medi)m si:e companies, p)blic and
in-estor relations firms and indi-id)al entities s)ch as a)thors.
EmailWire distrib)tes and p)blishes news releases, locall. or globall., on
tho)sands of ind)str. maga:ines, blogs, newspapers, radio and tele-ision news
sites, 11 feeds, social media sites and financial networks.
7)sinesses, organi:ations )se Emailwire>s news distrib)tion s.stem to
disseminate press releases that create awareness and generate leads for their
prod)cts and ser-ices.
EmailWire is part of Gro)pWeb Media network.
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