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Glossary of Key Terms

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A Account
Top producing national accounts with established credit rating.

Account (National, Global and Local)
Volume discounted rates offered on a national, global or local (single property) level.

Acrobat Reader
Adobe software that can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet to open PDF
files and graphics.

The period when a rate plan is available or active for sale.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
U.S. legislation passed in 1992 requiring public buildings to make adjustments meeting
minimum standards to their facilities accessible to individuals with physical disabilities.
Drug and alcohol addiction is also covered.

Two or more hotel rooms located side by side without a private, connecting door.
(Frequently mistaken by guests as connecting).

Correction of revenue for a charge that occurred within the same business day (today).
A monetary rebate in favor of the customer. Adjustments must be used only in the day
for the day.

Average Daily Rate: room revenue divided by the number of revenue rooms equals
ADR. .

ADR Index
A measure used on the STAR Report to determine a hotels earnings compared to the
competitive set market share with regard to ADR. The index is calculated by dividing the
target hotels ADR by the ADR of the competitive set.

Advance Deposit
Money sent in advance for room and tax in order to secure a reservation.

Advisory Board(s)
Groups comprised of franchisees, and/or management company representatives who
convene with HHC executives to discuss current issues and continuous improvement

Sub-group holding a block of rooms or event in conjunction with the main meeting or

Apart from its broader meaning, the business place of a retail travel agent.

One who acts as the representative of another. Most frequently in travel, a specific kind
of agent such as: 1. A retail travel agent. 2. One with broad powers to act for a principal
(a general agent). 3. Anyone in the travel business other than a principal, retail travel
agent, receiving agent, local operator, or wholesaler (more commonly used outside the
U.S. and Canada).

Aging Report
A report showing overdue balances in accounts for 60, 90,120+days.

Airline System
See GDS.

A requested number of rooms, for a specific period of time, at a particular hotel, that
have been reserved for other purposes, such as internet channels, HHonors, etc.

Correction of revenue for a charge that occurred on a day in the past. A monetary rebate
in favor of the customer. Allowances must be used only for correction of days in the past.

Allowance ADR
(Allowance) / (Revenue Rooms).

Annual Forecast
Also known as the budget; prepared on an annual basis generally in J uly-September for
the following year.

Anti-Discrimination Law
A law that protects individuals from bias and job discrimination; includes any reference
or demands made by the employer that do not directly relate to the job description and
that are in violation of the law.

Approve for Loading
For a National Account, GDM has been given the permission to Pre-Load rates into
GDSs before the client has Approved.

A travel agent identification number assigned by the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC)
or the International Association of Travel Agents (IATA).

An organized group of individuals and/or companies who band together to accomplish a
common purpose, usually to provide for the needs of its members.

The number of guests who are arriving on a given date.

The total number of estimated suites that will not pick up in a group block.

Attrition Clause/Performance Clause
An attrition clause is a condition added to a group contract that can provide additional
revenue to the hotel if minimum group expectations are not met by the customer. This is
intended to partially compensate the hotel for unrealized business when space/rooms is
held and cannot be re-sold to another customer. A performance clause is the
percentage of flexibility from whats contracted to whats accepted, without any financial
restitution. Some hotels use only one or the other type of clause, while other hotels use
both types of clauses. Hilton Family Managed and Owned hotels are required to use the
Quick confirmation Agreement on HiltonNet.

Authorized (Rooms)
Number of rooms available for sale for a specific date, at a specified value level or for a
specified SRP.


Available (Property)
Property status in the Central Reservations System when rooms are available to sell.

Available (Rooms)
Represents the number of rooms available for sale at a specified value level or SRP.

Average Arrivals Length of Stay (Available in RMS Reports)
The average length of stay for current arrivals on a given day or period.

Average Group Rate (RMS Reports)
The computed mathematical average rate for group rooms sold for a given date.
Calculated as the sum of all sold room revenue for groups divided by the number of
group rooms sold.

Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
A measurement/management system that set financial, customer service, business
process, innovation, learning and/or growth goals. The results are communicated
through RED, YELLOW and GREEN zones. (Green Indicates equal to or better than
your goal, Yellow Is a caution / falling slightly short of goal and Red Indicates
unacceptable results).

Banner Ads
Billboard ads on the web. Typically, banner ads are rotating images. They appear in
the left hand navigation for specific pages, including hotel pages.

BAR (Best Available Rate)
Each hotel has established 9 BAR or Value Level rates by room type. These are then
restricted or sold to maximize revenue based on demand and market conditions. Every
guest will be offered the BAR at the time of their reservation.

Comparing products and/or processes to a standard in order to evaluate and improve
performance. May refer directly to an individual hotels relationship with their competitive
set. See the STAR Report.

Best Rates Guaranteed (BRG)
HHCs policy that guarantees the guest that no quest will find a lower unrestricted rate
than what they can book through internal channels. i.e. Homewoodsuites.com, HRW
and hotel direct.

BIC (Brand Integration Council)
Made up of the Senior VPs and Brand Managers of each of the brands in the Hilton
Family. They oversee cross-brand initiatives.

Blackout Dates
Dates determined by the hotel in which discounted rates are not made available due to
high demand generators (ie. citywide, special events, etc.).

To set aside a room or rooms so they will be available for booking by a specific guest or
group on a specific date.

Blocked Space
Group of rooms held away from value level zero for sale within a specific SRP, i.e.,
C-IBM or S-EDP. It is possible for blocked space to be available while LV0 is sold out
and vice versa. Blocked space is also referred to as a Group Block.

Bonus Mileage
Mileage given to HHonors members or frequent flyers when staying at a hotel in the
Hilton family of brands during a special promotion period.

Booking Channel
The various sources through which a room reservation may be booked, i.e., CRO, GDS,
hotel-to-hotel, hotel direct, and Internet. Also referred to as Channels of Delivery or
booking source.

Booking Curve
The number of suites expected to be booked by a certain date.

Booking Pace
How far in advance guests are booking for a given day of arrival.

Booking Pattern
The combination of the booking pace for any configuration of multiple items (days,
months, seasons) and the usual arrival and departure patterns. Example: The hotel fills
every Tuesday and Wednesday year-round.

Booking Trend
A model developed by using the historical data of a hotels booking pace and booking
pattern. This model is combined with current data to forecast future arrival/departure

Booking Window
A specific period of time in which the bulk of the reservations are made for a hotel. This
definition is closely related to the booking pace, but refers mostly to one small period of
time in which most reservations are confirmed.

A trade name of the Hilton Family of hotels, e.g., Homewood Suites by Hilton, Hilton,
Doubletree, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn, etc.

Brand Code
One or more letters used to identify the brand of a Hilton Family hotel. For example,
Homewood Suites by Hilton hotels can be represented by the letters HW.

Brand Identity
Logos and tag lines that are owned by Hilton Hotels Corporation.

BTN (Business Travel News)
Publication, which conducts an annual Top U.S. Hotel Chain Survey, recognizing the top
five positions in the upper upscale extended stay category.

BTS (Business Travel Sales)
A Hilton Sales Worldwide department representing all the brands in the Hilton family to
our national corporate accounts. Also used to describe person or persons in a hotel who
manages business travel accounts.

Cancellation Policy
Restriction tool in the reservation system that allows a hotel to set a cut-off for when a
reservation can be cancelled prior to arrival without the guest being charged.

Cancellations (RMS Reports)
The total number of all cancellations from group blocks. Located on group information

CARE (Caring Attentive Responsive Empowered)
The CARE culture and its supporting programs are our team members guide to Owning
the Welcome at every hotel, with every guest.

CBT (Computer Based Training)
Computer program designed to train hotel managers and employees in a wide range of
subjects including system use, marketing programs, and service skills.

This refers to the entire brand or chain (i.e. applying to all Homewood Suites hotels).

Multiple reservations with common information such as the same arrival date or guest
name using one confirmation number.

Channels of Delivery
Various sources of business through which a hotel offers their inventory for sale (e.g.,
CRO, GDS, Homewoodsuites.com) aka distribution channels and source of business.

The day usually starts at 6:00 am; however, occupancy of rooms by incoming guests
may not be possible until after the established check-in time, usually 3:00 pm.

CheckOut Activity Reports
Reports generated from guest stay data gathered in HHCs checkout records database
and used as marketing measurements and tools, e.g., the Top 50 Travel Agents.

Term for meetings and conventions that utilize multiple hotels and usually the convention

Client Profile
A computerized record of a HHonors or Fast Reservation guest, corporation, or travel
agent information to allow speed in booking reservations. Promotes good customer
service, more accurate tracking for marketing reports, and accounting for HHonors
points and miles and travel agency commissions.

Closed Solicitation
A type of RFP that only allows those hotels specifically invited to submit a bid.

Corporate Negotiated Rates

The amount paid to a third party for delivering bookings to the hotel. For travel agents
this is typically 10% except for rates negotiated non-commissionable. This term is also
used for funds due to third party bookers of group blocks (e.g. Helms Brisco). Also used
to describe rate charged by credit card companies to process payments made using
their cards.

Commissionable Rate
Rate on which a 10% commission is paid to the travel agent making the reservation.

Committed Rooms
Rooms sold +rooms that are blocked in the CRS but have not yet been reserved or
confirmed for specific guests.

Complimentary Rooms (Comps)
Those rooms occupied with a zero rate. Comps are often negotiated as part of a group
room block. To be tracked correctly in OnQ, these rooms must have the complimentary
flag indicator set in OnQ PMS.

Competitive Set
A group of hotels chosen to serve as a standard set of suitable competitors, against
which performance is measured, specifically used on the STAR Report. Competitors are
usually chosen based on location, product similarities and/or price similarities.

Confirmed Reservation
An oral or written statement by the hotel stating that it has received and will honor a
reservation. Can have specified or implied limitations. For example, a hotel is not
obligated to honor a reservation if the guest arrives after 6:00 pm unless a late arrival
was specified and guarantee requirements (deposit or credit card) met.

Connecting Room
Two or more rooms that connect with an interior door permitting entrance from one to
another without going into the exterior corridor (often confused with adjoining).

Consolidated Reservations Desk
Centralized reservation through the Hilton Family that give the hotels 24/7 coverage with
professionally trained reservation sales agents. Calls received by the hotel are
transferred to these centers via a toll-free line. The locations are Hemet CA, Streeter
IL, Tampa FL, Hazelton PA, Dallas TX.

Consortia (single consortium)
An agreement, combination, or group (as of companies) formed to undertake an
enterprise beyond the resources of any one member..

A group of independent travel agencies that have banded together under one name to
pool their accumulated buying power and resources, e.g., American Express.

Constrained Demand
The actual demand (suites) that will be booked due to the physical limit attached to the

The number or percentage of consumed room nights booked through a specific channel
or from a specific account, agent, or booker.

Controls/Inventory Control
The restrictions on inventory designed to limit bookings to more valuable business for
the hotel, such as: minimum length of stay.

Convention Group
The inventory reserved and fenced off for a specific group or meeting.

Convention Group SRP
An inventory block for a group pulled from the limit counter of the hotel and protected
from any other type sell.

Corporate ID Numbers
Tracking mechanism used in OnQ to track the volume of business of accounts.

Corporate Rate
Formerly, a rate extended to any commercial travelers that is now synonymous with our
Best Available Rate and no longer implies a discount.

Cost of Delivery
The total dollar amount it takes to provide lodging and maintain rates, hotel information
and client files in the reservations system.

CRES (Central Reservation Office)
See CRS.

CRM (Customer Really Matters or Customer Relationship Management)
A companywide initiative that reflects our commitment to providing our Best Guest the
recognition they have earned and to deliver an experience that meets there specific
needs and preferences.

CRO (Central Reservation Office)
These offices are where customers are connected when calling the 800#for their brand
or the Hilton Family for reservations.

CRS (Central Reservation System)
A system used by the hotels and reservation offices to book reservations, which are
stored in a mainframe computer housed in Memphis.

CTA (Closed to Arrival)
An inventory restriction used to prevent booking of any reservations requesting a
particular arrival date regardless of their length-of-stay. Although reservations cannot
arrive on the arrival date, they can stay through from previous arrival dates. The
Homewood Suites brand strongly recommends not to use this inventory control function.

Stands for CTY (airport code), HO (hotel name), CN (chain name/management
affiliation). Example CTYHOCN: PHLHWHW (hotels 7 letter property code).

Cut-Off Date
The date where any remaining rooms in a group block are returned back to regular
inventory for general sale. The brand recommends a minimum of 14 day prior to arrival
for cutoff dates.

Current ADR (RMS Reports)
The average daily room rate for reservations that are currently sold.

Current Group Available (RMS Reports)
Group Available is the number of rooms set aside (blocked) in the CRS for a group(s)
but not yet sold (with a confirmation number).

Current Group Block (RMS Reports)
The number of rooms currently allotted in a group block(s). This total includes both
group sold and group available.

Current Group Departures (RMS Reports)
The number of group departures for a specific date based on rooms currently booked.

Current Group Sold (RMS Reports)
The current number of rooms sold out of all group blocks.

Current Overbook Level (RMS Reports)
The number or rooms currently available for overbooking.

Current Revenue (RMS Reports)
The revenue of reservations that are currently sold

Current Total Authorized (RMS Reports)
Number of rooms allowed for sale for a specified rate. OnQ RM Auth =Total Rooms +
Overbooking (Manager Held +Out of Order).

Current Total Available (RMS Reports)
The total number of rooms currently available. Calculated as Current Total Authorized
minus Current Total Committed.

Current Total Committed (RMS Reports)
The total number of rooms (both transient and group) currently committed to be sold.
Calculated as Current Transient Sold plus Current Group Block.

Current Transient Arrivals (RMS Reports)
The total number of transient arrivals currently booked.

Current Transient Departures (RMS Reports)
The total number of transient departures for a specific day based on rooms currently

Current Trans Sold (RMS Reports)
What you have actually sold in transient bookings.

CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau)
A non-profit organization supported by transient room taxes, government budget
allocation, and private memberships or a combination of these funding mechanisms. A
CVB typically encourages groups to hold meetings, conventions and tradeshows in its
particular locale. Acts as a representative for the market and receives and distributes
leads for groups.

Daily Recap
A screen in OnQ Inventory Maintenance used to view a hotels inventory/SRP structure
by value level.

A collection of data organized and stored in a computer for quick searching and


Data Services
The Hilton Hotels Corporation team who loads rates, assists in enforcing compliance of
HHC pricing strategy, advises about the GDSs and the channels they affect, translates
hotel information into the various distribution channels, loads special programs/packages
into the GDS, and assists with CRS/GDS procedural and/or semantic issues.

Day Use Rate
A discounted rate charged to a guest who checks in and out on the same day (usually
between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm)

Days Left (DL)
Number of days before departure. Also number of days between current date and arrival

Definite vs. Tentative
A signed contract versus an unsigned contract.

Defined Viewership
A function in the GDS allowing authorized viewers the ability to view and book specified
Rate Plans when using their pseudo city code. It is commonly used in conjunction with
contracted/volume/preferred rates.

Deluxe Room/Suite
In order to have a Deluxe room type a hotel must have a standard room type. A Deluxe
room must have some feature or amenity that is not available in a standard room.

Consumer desire to possess a product or service combined with the ability to purchase.

An inquiry for room availability that did not result in a booking because the hotel was
sold out or did not have continuous availability..

Deposit Reservation
A reservation for which the hotel has received cash payment for at least one night
lodging in advance and is obligated to hold the room regardless of the guest arrival.
Cancellation policies at hotels vary and should be verified in advance.

Deseasonalized Demand
The last eight weeks of booking activity by day of week used in the forecasting process.

The city at which the guest arrives. Also used to indicate a market for leisure travelers.

A rate offered that is lower than the BAR/base rate. All discounted rates should be
fenced and require qualification.

Dishonored Reservations
Reservation that a hotel is unable to accommodate due to lack of inventory. Commonly
referred to as a Walk. For any guaranteed reservation that is not honored, the hotel
must find replacement accommodation, pay the first nights room and tax, pay for
transportation if needed, and pay for one long distance call. Diamond HHonors members
cannot be walked. If Diamond HHonors members are walked. the above applies in
addition to an immediate $200 cash payout to the guest.

Stated in revenue terms as the difference between the base rate offered for a room and
the rate at which the room actually sold. Revenue displacement occurs when lower
rated business is accepted in the place of higher rated business during a high demand

Day of Arrival.

Director of Sales; the person responsible for Sales and Marketing efforts for the hotel.

A room with two double-sized beds (or two queen-sized beds); aka Double Double.

Double Discounting
Offering additional/unnecessary discount rates off of established length of stay tiered
rates. Double discounting occurs when extended stay rates for preferred accounts are
lower than standard length of stay rates.

Day of Week.

Due Out
A room expected to check out today.

Duty Codes
Restricts users from accessing management functions in the reservations system.

Early Departures
Guests that are checking out prior to their scheduled departure date. Brand standard
does not allow for any early departure fees.

A web-based travel solution for small to medium size companies to execute and manage
a centralized travel program. This programs rate floats off of BAR with up to a 5%

Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization

The business of marketing your hotel electronically on the Internet, the fastest growing
booking channel. The Homewood Suites by Hilton brand is located online at

An industry-leading, pre-arrival room assignment program that allows a guest to check-in
and receive actual room number before their arrival date.

EDD (Extraordinary Demand Dates)
Dates identified by the hotel when 100% of there inventory is given other to a third party
(booking service) usually for a city wide event. HHonors then will remove HHonors
reward inventory on these dates.

The Hilton Familys online booking tool for small groups and meetings. Allows meeting
planners (both professional and social) to book up to 25 rooms, reserve meeting space,
order F&B service and A/V equipment with minimal involvement of hotel sales team.

Electronic Distribution
See GDS.

Estimated Time of Arrival / Estimated Time of Departure.

A local-area network (LAN) or wide-area network (WAN) using open internet-based
standards to transport information. An extranet is only available to people inside and
certain people outside an organization, as determined by the organization.

Extended Stay
Any guest staying 5 or more consecutive nights. Extended stay percentage is (guests
staying 5 or more nights Total Sold=Extended Stay Percentage)

FAM Tour or Trip (Familiarization Tour)
An invitation given to travel agents, airline employees, or meeting planners to experience
the hotel, its services, and the surrounding areas. FAM Tours should be offered at a
complimentary or discounted rate.

An added value or benefit to guests. Example: Whirlpool tub.

Feeder Market (Feeder City)
A city or town (Marketing Statistical Area) from which a hotel derives business.

A barrier that is placed on a SRP to block reservations by unqualified persons.
Example: seven-day advance purchase or three-night stay is required.

FIT (Foreign Independent Travel)
An international prepaid stay, usually unescorted, although guide service is often offered
on some segments. A FIT is designed to the specifications of the individual client.

FIT Wholesaler
A specialist in preparing and operating FITs at the request of retail travel agents.

Fixed Cost
An expense that will not change regardless of increases or decreases in business

Flat Rate
A rate which is offered for multiple people in a room with no additional person charge.

Form on which all charge transactions incurred by an individual guest account or
specified items for the master account.

Force Sell
In OnQ PMS, selling a rate without using the correct rate plan. This will corrupt your
tracking, reporting, and forecasting.

The act of predicting occupancy and revenue for a future period based on historical
trends, current levels of business and knowledge of the marketplace.

Forecast Remaining Demand (RMS Reports)
The number of bookings that are being forecasted to be sold between now and that
date. Found on the forecast.

Forecasted ADR (RMS Reports)
The forecasted average daily rate for the total number of rooms expected to be sold.

Forecasted Arrivals (RMS Reports)
The total number of arrivals forecasted for a particular arrival date.

Forecasted Departures (RMS Reports)
The number of departure currently forecasted for a particular date.

Forecasted Revenue (RMS Reports)
The amount of revenue expected to be realized on a given day.

Forecasted Total Sold (RMS Reports)
The total number of rooms forecasted to be sold.

Function Room (Space)
Any defined space in a hotel that is used by groups for events.

Galileo International
The owner and marketing company of Apollo, Galileo and Gemini Reservation Systems.

GDM (Global Distribution Marketing or Management)
The Hilton Hotels Corporation team who loads rates, assists in enforcing compliance of
HHC pricing strategy, advises about the GDSs and the channels they affect, translates
hotel information into the various distribution channels, loads special programs/packages
into the GDS, and assists with CRS/GDS procedural and/or semantic issues.
GDS (Global Distribution Systems)
Computerized reservation networks through which users travel agents, airline
employees or travelers view data on a wide range of travel services, including air,
hotel, and auto rental services. The GDSs that Hilton supports are Sabre, Apollo,
Worldspan, and Galileo.

Geo-coding allows Hilton Reservation Worldwide (HRW) to view the distance (in miles)
between hotels. This is based on each hotels latitude and longitude points. Today HRW
agents are only able to view the distance between hotels of the same brand. With geo-
coding, our agents will be able to see the distance between hotels regardless of brand.

Global Indicators
Highest level of market classification of guestroom (Rooms) business; includes
Transient, Group, Permanent, Other and NonRevenue.

Global Restriction
OnQ function used to apply the guarantee and cancel policies placed on LV0 to all Rate
Plans except convention group blocks. Since there are a variety of programs that
require unique guarantee and cancellation policies, this is not a recommended setting.

GNS (Guaranteed No Show)
A status for a reservation that was guaranteed through some method (credit card, check,
cash, etc.) but for which the guest did not arrive or stay at the hotel.

GOP (Gross Operating Profits)
The profit before ownership expenses (real estate taxes, etc.) are deducted also called,
Gross Operating Income or House Profits.

GRC (Guest Room Control) LOG
A reporting of business that includes definite, tentative, and prospective groups from the
hotels automated sales tracking system. Can also be tracked manually in a paper log

Gross/Commission Rates
The rates for rooms that are booked by retail or wholesale travel agents for which the
hotel agrees to pay a booking commission (usually 10%).

Gross Revenue
Total revenue from which allowances have not yet been subtracted.

Ground Arrangements
All services providing local travel services such as transportation, transfers, sightseeing
and guides, etc.

A group of guests that stay at a hotel for a specific reason/function. If guest rooms are
involved they receive a specific Rate Plan for rates and tracking.

An online automation lead response routing to hotels from customers using Brand.com,
HiltonDirect.com and all OnVantage powered sites. Hotels must use GroupQ to view,
assign and respond to RFP Leads submitted online by our customers. Customers have
the ability to view proposals, compare responses and accept or decline
proposals/responses online.

Group Rates
The specific room rate agreed upon by the hotel and a group (usually 10 or more rooms)
in advance.

Group Value Dates
A distressed inventory program designed to replace last minute group cancellations or
traditionally slow months for group business. Group Value Dates can be posed online
for dates up to 12 months in advance. Rates to reflect 10-30% off your seasonal market
rate or a base group rate if you have one.

Guarantee Policy
Restriction tool in the reservation system that allows a hotel to accept non-guaranteed or
guaranteed-only reservations. Types of guarantees include 6:00 p.m., Credit Card or

Guaranteed Payment Reservation
A hotel reservation secured by the guests agreement to pay for his or her room whether
he or she uses it your not. Payment is usually established by credit card. Less
frequently, it can be established by a travel agent or tour wholesaler who has an
established credit rating with the hotel.

Guaranteed Reservation
A reservation to be held for arrival after 6:00 pm with payment guaranteed by major
credit card, check, cash, hotel or travel agent guarantee.

Guaranteed Tour
A tour guaranteed to operate unless cancelled before an established cutoff date.

Guest List Manager
An online program that allows the administrator of a group to make multiple reservations
at once and to view booking information in their group(s).

Guest Name Record (GNR)
A GNR holds all the guest arrival and accommodation information for the reservation
being filed into the system.

Guests Per Room
The average number of guests per occupied guestroom.

HHC (Hilton Hotels Corporation)

Hilton HHonors Program
Hilton Hotels Corporations loyalty program that rewards members with points and/or
miles that can be used for award travel, stays, or purchases.

An acronym used to describe our pricing philosophy (Honesty, Integrity, Consistency,
and Simplicity)

HIDB (Hotel Information Database)
Database used by properties to enter information about their property. This database is
used by Hilton.com, the RFP team and GDSs to retrieve information about the hotel.

High Season
The time of the year for a given destination when travel is at its highest.

Hilton Direct
This Hilton Sales Worldwide department represents all of the brands in the Hilton Family
and focuses on small group business of 10-250 rooms peak night.

An online dynamic air-car-hotel package product on brand Web sites called Hilton Plus.
This packaging technology allows customers to book hotels, air travel, car rental and
travel insurance with the convenience of one price from the brand Web sites they trust.
This distribution opportunity aligns our brand Web sites strategically against our primary
hotel competitors and provides a meaningful alternative to customers booking today on
party sites such as Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity.

Web based site that provides links to brand information, property reports and data for the
Hilton family of brands. It provides links to OnQ Insider, website support, Quality
Assurance, HIDB Web, Accounts Payable systems, EIS- Executive Information System
and other company data. This application is being moved to OnQ Insider.

Historical Review
The act of analyzing prior demand for the purpose of forecasting trends in the

HLBFS (Hotel Level Budgeting & Forecast System)
The system used by hotels managed by HHC to create high level revenue forecasts and
annual budgets.

HOD (Hotel description screen)
Specific information for an individual property found in the CRS, Internet and GDS. All
relevant information regarding location, amenities, area business, attractions, room
descriptions and policies are sorted and accessed in this arena. It is equivalent to a
propertys sales brochure.

Homewood Connections
A public relations program to help our guests stay connected while they are on the road.
Homewood Connections is an opportunity for us to reach out to additional business
travelers and encourage more family travel on the weekends.

Homewood Headlines Email Newsletter
A monthly e-mail sent to 22,000 opt-in subscribers. These subscribers have specifically
requested to receive information from Homewood Suites by Hilton. Brand promotions,
new hotels and Special offers by Homewood Suites by Hilton are promoted in the email.

Inspired by Conrad Hiltons philosophy, the be hospitable platform is the foundation for
an all-encompassing internal communications program that includes DVDs, brochures,
and other materials that have been developed to provide every team member with
expressions of the Hilton Family philosophy, inspiring them -- through their interaction
with tens of millions of guests annually, the community, and their friends and families --
to help make the world a kinder and more hospitable place.

Hospitality Suite
A hotel suite engaged for entertainment of those attending a convention or a similar

Hotel Package
A package offered by a hotel, sometime consisting of a room, transportation, meals,
sports facilities and other components.

Hotel Type
Main activity or function of a hotel, such as Airport, Commercial, Resort, etc.

A performance report offered by Travelclick. The Hotelligence Report measures hotel
bookings from GDSs like SABRE, Worldspan, Galileo and major internet sites powered
by the GDS. With competitive information covering booking performance, distribution
and revenue management, Hotelligence determines a hotels fair share of bookings from
electronic sources within a hotel defined competitive set. It is also a strategic tool for the
hotel Revenue Management team to use for pricing decisions.

The entire hotel inventory.

House Profit
The profit before ownership expenses (real estate taxes, etc.) are deducted. Also called
Gross Operating Profits or Income.

Housing Bureau
An organization, often government sponsored, which acts as a clearinghouse for
accommodations, particularly for conventions and other large meetings. Often
established on an ad hoc basic during major tourist events; maintaining a registry of
private accommodations to supplement an areas regular lodging industry.


Housekeeping Report
Used by housekeeping to show room status, i.e. occupied, vacant, clean.

HRW (Hilton Reservations Worldwide)
Hiltons Central Reservations Department; headquartered in Dallas, HRW operates 24
hours a day, 365 days a year and has offices throughout the U.S. and the world.

Hilton Support Center for system. 1-800-HELPHELP.

High Speed Internet Access.

HSM (Hilton Supply Management)
An internal HHC organization set up to provide a one stop shop for all hotel operators for

HSMS (Hotel Solicitation Management System)
A system that enables hotels to respond to all national RFP solicitations. In addition,
RFP bid submissions are processed by this system.

HSW (Hilton Sales Worldwide)
Solicits potential top accounts and manages existing volume producing accounts for the
Hilton family of brands. Focuses on maximizing revenues and increasing global market

A period in which a Rate Plan is not offered for sale.

Incentive Travel
A trip offered as a prize, particularly to stimulate the productivity of employees or sales
agents. Also, the business of operating such travel programs.

Expenses other than room and tax, billed to a guests account.

Inclusive Tour
A tour in which specific elements airfare, hotels, transfers, etc. are offered for a flat
rate. An inclusive tour rate does not necessarily cover all costs.

Indexes (STAR)
The percentage of fair market share for a performance indicator against a defined set.
For example, if the market if running occupancy of 70% and your hotel is running at 75%
you have an occupancy index of 107.14 (75 70 =1.0714).

Indexes (TA)
Reference points a travel agent uses to locate a hotel near a clients destination. These
include companies, attractions, events and airports.


InPlant Agency
A travel agent sales outlet located on the premises of a company and confined to doing
travel related business for the company only.

A direct link between two systems. For example, an airline reservation system and travel
agencys in-house computer, which allow the capture of all pertinent data from airline
booking for various bookkeeping purposes and for use in appropriate business reports or
the link between a PMS and POS system for auto posting from an outlet to a guest folio.

An electronic network of servers for the conveyance of information globally from
computer to computer. Also called the World Wide Web (WWW).

In The Lead
Annual sales mission and incentive for the entire Homewood Suites by Hilton brand,
which focuses on targeting extended stay business within specific market segments.

The amount of guest rooms available to sell at a particular hotel or in a SRP.

Inventory Controls
Restrictions on inventory designed to enhance the selection of more valuable business
for the hotel. These include minimum night stays, overbooking, manager hold, out of
order and sell-through.

Inventory Hierarchy
Restrictions in place at high value levels affect all lower valued levels. The most
restrictive condition applies.

J. D. Powers
Marketing information firm who awards excellence in Highest in Guest Satisfaction
Among Extended Stay Hotel Chains based on yearly customer satisfaction surveys.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
A standard for compressing digital photographic images.

Key Hotel Marketing Reports
Reporting system based on check-out data designed to provide hotels with important
information about their historical business levels and booking patterns at a variety of
levels of detail.

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
Financial and non-financial measures of the results of business strategic plan. Also: a
HHonors Report.

Last Year DOW (RMS Reports)
The day of week pertaining to the current arrival date. This will always match the DOW

Lead Time
The date the Booking Window opens, by category, by date. The time when business
starts to book by category vs. when it arrives.

Leisure Travel Sales
This Hilton Sales Worldwide manages the major wholesaler accounts for both leisure
group and individual travel, as well as motor-coach business.

Lewis - The Homewood Duck
Lewis is the Homewood Suites brand logo, which symbolizes the brands personality
statement. Lewis is a symbol of trusted experience. He inspires and empowers us to
follow our instincts, and believe whatever it is in us that says, This feels like the right
path to take, the right place to be. (The name Lewis is never to appear in advertising.
It is for internal use only)

LNR (Local Negotiated Rates)
Rates offered by a hotel to a local account in consideration of the demand and
production in their market and at their hotel. LNRs should only be offered in conjunction
with a production requirement.

Local Rate Plan
Type of Rate Plan created for a specific hotel to satisfy needs that have been identified
by the hotel itself, such as locally negotiated rates. Local Rate Plans are controlled by
the hotel and include negotiated rates, government rate and packages.

Long Term
From 91 inventory days to infinity inventory days in the future.

Lost Business
With regard to Group business demand, a lost booking is any cancelled or turned down
booking that has a qualified Lost Reason whose name begins with the prefix L .

Lost Business Reason
Lost Business Reason is an attribute of a Group Booking that is cancelled or turned
down that explains why the booking was lost.

LOS (Length of Stay)
The requirement that a guest must stay a certain number of nights to receive a particular
rate plan. Can be applied to a specific rate plan or Value Level.

Low Season
The time of the year at a given destination when travel is at its lowest.

Loyalty Program (HHonors)
Guest reward program offering points that can be redeemed for a variety of free travel
and merchandise.

LRA (Last Room Availability)
Refers to an allotment that is given to a business travel account, travel agency consortia
or wholesale client and guarantees that regardless of the rate, the company/operator will
receive the last room in the hotel at the same priority level as a full-rated booking

Value Level Zero. In the CRS, this is the propertys total inventory that is offered for sale
minus any group blocks. Also used to designate last room availability.

Manager Hold
Manager Hold allows you to remove rooms from availability. The actual function works
just as Out of Order does, but allows you to categorize differently. By increasing the
Manager Hold inventory, you will reduce availability for the day. You must identify
Manager hold rooms by room type and number.

Provides a travel agency with the capability to book a rate other than BAR through an
airline system. This is typically done with volume discount accounts that have an in-
house travel agency. This process is handled by the GDM team.

Market Metrix Hospitality Index
The largest and most in-depth measure of hotel, car rental and airline performance
available today. The Market Metrix has become a touchstone for the hospitality industry.
Industry results are compiled into quarterly reports and measure stand-alone
performance and dynamically benchmark the ratings against competitors within and
across other hospitality industries.

Market Rate
Also referred to as a premium or rack rate. The rate your hotel sells throughout all
distribution channels when a reservation does not qualify for a special negotiated rate.

Market Segment
All room night booking information is tracked in Hilton systems by its association with an
SRP and its parent market category, i.e., corporate negotiated, local negotiated,
government, etc.

A length of stay restriction which limits availability for a specified number of nights. Used
with a minimum length of stay restrictions to help build occupancy before a high demand

Merchant Model
Third party sites, such as, Travelweb and Expedia. Merchant Model participation in
these sites, similar to participation with wholesalers, demands that you allocate a certain
number of rooms to the site for their use. The allocation must be managed on a daily
basis by the hotel. HHC Revenue Management permits hotels to participate with the
following Merchant Models Expedia.com, Hotels.com, and Travelweb.com

MIC (Marketing Integration Council)
Made up of the top marketing team members from each of the brands. They oversee
cross-brand marketing inactivates.

Minimum Length of Stay
An inventory control used to build occupancy on shoulder dates by refusing reservation
requests for short stays on higher demand dates. This tool slows the booking pace to
allow the more valuable long-term stay business time to book.

Manager on Duty.

Monthly Forecast
The forecast for the upcoming month.

MVP Rate Plan
Special rate available to individual sports travelers who will have direct affiliation with
professional sports clubs, collegiate athletic departments or amateur sports associations.
All hotels who decide to participate with the program within the Hilton family with the
exception of the Hampton Brand. These guests are also eligible for Hilton Honors and
Airline Mileage. This special rate SRP is MV and it is non-commissionable.

National Business Travel Association; an association for individuals and companies that
plan business travel for their employees.

Negotiated Rate
Negotiated rate established for a company or group, which is offered as a result of
frequent business.

Net ADR (Net Average Daily Rate)
Net ADR is calculated after allowances have been subtracted from revenue. (Net
Revenue divided by Revenue Rooms).

Net Direct Rates
Rates offered via homewoodsuites.com and HRW that are discounted based on an
advanced purchase without the possibility of cancellation.

Net Non-Commissionable Rate
A rate offered by a hotel for which a travel agent or wholesaler agrees to not receive a

Net Revenue
Revenue minus allowances.

Net RevPAR (Net Revenue Per Available Room)
Calculated after allowances have been subtracted from revenue (Net Revenue
Available Rooms).

NLRA (Non Last Room Availability)
A rate plan that can be restricted from sales even though the hotel is available for other

A guest who has a reservation and does not check-in or call to cancel.

Notes (RMS Reports)
A comment describing an upcoming event, an action that needs to be taken or
preparations which need to be made. Noted as an asterisk (*) on the Daily Status.

Occ % (Occupancy Percentage)
Percentage of Occupied rooms out of Available Rooms. (Occupied Rooms divided by
Available Rooms).

Occupancy Index (from STAR)
The occupancy of your hotel divided by the occupancy of your competitive set (the result
is multiplied by 100).

Occupied Rooms
Guestrooms that are occupied, regardless of whether they are revenue generating. For
example: Revenue Non Revenue (complimentary and house use) Rooms.

Off Market
An Off Market room is a room that is not sellable for a minimum of six months. It is not
necessarily the same room number but must be the same number of rooms out of order
for six months or longer. These rooms are taken out of STAR reporting statistics. This
room status is most commonly used during large renovation projects. This status must
be approved in advance by the brand. Off Market rooms reduce a hotels physical
supply. Off Market rooms are processed in OnQ PMS as Out of Order Rooms.

An easy-to-create URL that lets your local accounts open a booking page with the rate
plan and corporate ID information pre-populated.

The integrated suite of hotel technology used by HHC for property management, rate
and inventory, sales, reporting, etc.

OnQ Insider
A proprietary website with detailed information about the performance of a hotel or group
of hotels. It also contains links to all other system websites. URL:

OnQ OA (OnQ Operations Audit)
HHCs OnQ Operations Audit system that collects and reports on actual hotel business.

OnQ PMS/OnQ PM (OnQ Property Management System)
Hotel based system managing guest accounting, accounts receivable, and history..

OOO (Out of Order Rooms)
An inventory control feature used to hold rooms out of inventory that have a
maintenance or housekeeping issue and is not sellable. Rooms placed on out-of-order
status take room inventory away from the total hotel limit.


Opaque channels
A website for booking travel in which provider names are often hidden until a non-
refundable purchase is made (e.g. Priceline.com, Hotwire.com.etc). Opaque sites may
feature vacation package options where some hotel information and flight detail can be
divulged. Opaque sites can be a successful strategy for very large, high-priced, full
service hotels that may have large amounts of distressed inventory that they may wish to
sell for a very low rate.

Open Solicitation
An RFP that any hotel may respond to in HSMS once they have been invited.

Opportunity Dates
Dates on which there are plenty of rooms available for a group sale.

To improve as much as possible a hotels availability and revenue.

OTB (On The Books)
Actual bookings for past dates and future bookings, including definite and all tentative

A hotel is overbooked when committed rooms exceed available rooms or physical

The practice of selling more rooms that a hotel has in physical inventory. This practice is
commonly used to ensure a sell-out by offsetting the effects of anticipated cancellations,
no-shows and early departures.

In OnQ this is called a force sell; a rate override.

Parity Rates (Consortium)
Price points offered to mega travel agencies or conglomerates based on volume of
rooms booked. Typically in the Homewood brand, this rate equals BAR.

PCC (Pseudo City Code)
An ID code that identifies the location of a terminal at a travel agency that makes
reservations for designated company. This allows classified information (negotiated
rates for a given company) to be accessible only to that agency. This is also referred to
as defined viewer-ship.

Penetration Index
An old term for a measure used on the STAR Report to assess competitive set market
share with regard to occupancy. Calculated by dividing the occupancy percentage for
the target hotel by the occupancy percentage for the competitive set. Today, this is
commonly called Occupancy Index.


Performance Clause/Attrition Clause
A performance clause is the percentage of flexibility from whats contracted to whats
accepted, without any financial restitution. An attrition clause is the additional revenues
to be charged if booking expectations are not met. Some hotels use only one or the
other type of clause, while other hotels use both types of clauses.

Per Diem
The rate government employees are reimbursed for lodging in your market. This rate
varies between markets.

Physical Supply
Total number of guestrooms in a hotel or market.

PMS (Property Management System)
Your hotels system used in daily operations with respect to checking in/out guests,
recording/displaying reservations, generating property-level reports, and accounting for
financial transactions. See also OnQ PM

POG (Private Online Group Page)
Customized webpage for a group or other rate plan that gives detailed information about
the group or rate plan and allows guests to book their reservation online into the correct
rate plan without entering any additional information. Forwarded to the contact as an

Policy Controls
Restrictions on the hotels guarantee and cancellation policies designed to enhance the
selection of more valuable business for the hotel.

POS (Point of Sale)
The location where transactions happen. Typically means an outlet, such as a restaurant
or lounge. Also can refer to the system used to post transactions at an outlet.

Preferred Rate
A discount rate offered to a demand source those actual and sometimes potential
volume demand merits a special rate. All preferred rate should come with a contact with
a performance clause and account that to not meet the volume requirement should be

Preferred Rate Loading Form
Form submitted to Data Services to load preferred rates into GDS.

Premium Room/Suite
In order to have a Premium room type a hotel must have a standard room type and a
Deluxe room type. A Premium room must have some feature or amenity that is not
available in a Deluxe or standard room.

Price Resistance (as a percentage)
Measures the number of callers who do not book due to rate considerations. This
measure is expressed in a formula as: Rate Regrets (Unconstrained Transient
Demand Rate Regrets).

The currency value charged to a guest for a nights lodging.

Profit and Loss (P&L)
Profit and Loss Statement

A hotel.

Sales leads received and in the process of being qualified.

P/U (Pick-Up)
The number of reservations picked up from a given point of time to a different point in
time over the booking process. Also used for individual groups or rate plans.

Quality Assurance (QA)
The department in HHC that audits hotels to assist the management team at the
property level to identify cleanliness, brand standards and condition issues. A QA
Auditor will visit each property twice a year.

The act of determining the customers key buying criteria by asking pertinent questions
to understand the customers wants, needs and budget parameters. Also used to
describe the process companies in the RFP process use to select hotels they would like
to respond.

Rate Download
Process by which rates are automatically downloaded into a specific SRP at a hotel
once a RFP/National Account has been accepted.

Rate Regret
An inquiry for room availability that did not result in a booking because the rate was too

RCRS (Reservation Call Response Score)
Homewood Suites brand program to identify trends in overall performance of the hotels
booking effectiveness. Ten completed test calls are made to the hotel each month. A
Score Report provide percentage-based scoring on protocol, accuracy, consistency in
rate offering and related measures.

The amount of revenue that needs to be credited or rebated to a guest folio. Also known
as Allowance.

When a guest elects not to make a reservation and the hotel has availability. A regret is
based on rate, facility, location or restriction.


Rooms booked for future arrival.

Response Time
The time between a request for information from a lead and the time the sales team
responds to that lead. It can also be used as the time between a request for service and
the time the service actually begins.

Restriction Regret
An inquiry for room availability that did not result in booking because the guest did not
meet the hotels required minimum length of stay for the desired arrival date.

Revenue Management
In simple terms selling the right price, at the right time, to the right customer. (ie.
Maximizing revenue)

Revenue per Available Room. The amount of money a hotel earns for each room
available for sale. Determined by dividing the total room revenue by the number of
rooms available for sell, or by multiplying occupancy percentage and average rate.
RevPAR is a more accurate measure of performance than average daily rate and
occupancy alone as it accounts for rooms that go unsold.

RevPAR Index
Your hotels RevPAR by your Comp Sets RevPAR X 100. Used to measure your
share of the market. If you are over your fair share, your Index will be greater than 100.

RFP (Request for Proposal)
There are two different sectors served by RFPs Travel Agent Consortia and Corporate
Negotiated Accounts. RFPs are a formalized process in which companies or
consortiums request bids for a contracted rate. The companies select which bids they
will accept and designate those hotels as preferred for their corporate travelers.

RMS (Revenue Management System)
An OnQ software application that develops projections of business levels and
unconstrained transient demand and turns those projections into recommendations for
maximizing revenue using LOS controls.

RMS Recommendations
Suggested LOS restrictions placed on value or rate levels as determined by RMS based
on historical data and current booking pace for future arrival dates.

Room Block
A block of rooms reserved for a group.

Room Night
One guestroom sold for one night, i.e. a guestroom sold for one week would constitute 7
room nights.


Room Type
A classification for each hotels rooms that gives information on the room features. Each
place within the 4 letter code has a meaning. A Q or K in the first space indicates the
rooms bedding type. The second and third gives more detail on the room. i.e. HW is
the code for a standard Homewood Suites suite ST for studio suite. The fourth space
indicates the smoking type.

Rooming List
A list of names with arrival and departure dates submitted for a room block.

Hotels floor units used as guest quarters.

The OnQ system that handles additional hotel information (SmartSheets) to aid the
National Sales Team including HiltonDirect to sell your hotel. Also the home of GroupQ,
the automated sales lead response system.

SALT (Satisfaction and Loyalty Tracking)
Our guest survey tool sent randomly to guests after checkout, requesting feedback on
their stay. Results are reported via Medallia and include each response, brand
comparisons, and rolled-up reports.

SAM (Strategic Account Management)
A business strategy focused on a small number of highly targeted BTS accounts, which
HHC views as corporate assets that can and will provide significant long-term value.
The objective of SAM is to identify, both for HHC and the BTS account, ways to add
value, increase revenue, reduce cost and mutually leverage each others assets.

Same Day Cancellations
Rooms that were cancelled on the same day of arrival.

Same Day, Last Year
The classical method of forecasting that involves looking at the same day last year or,
same season last year with respect to historical data.

Same Day Reservation
Rooms booked on the same day as arrival.

Scheduled Arrivals
Rooms that were booked on a previous day and are scheduled to arrive today.

Scheduled Departures
Rooms that were booked on a previous day and are scheduled to depart today.

Search Engine
Provides a method to search for information within a site and is often controlled by
keywords. Search Engine websites include Yahoo, Google, etc. Your brand website
provides a search engine for users to locate

Seasonality Curve
The last 52 weeks of history by day of week used in the forecasting process.

Periods of the year when rate fluctuates based on demand

Sellout Efficiency
Sold out nights/(Sold out nights +Potential sold out nights) =Sell out efficiency.

Sellout Night
A date for which a hotel is considered to be sold out by having a Rooms Occupancy
Percentage greater than or equal to the hotel brands Sellout Night percentage criteria.
All brands in OnQ FM currently use Sellout Night percentage criterion of 98%. Given a
date range, Sellout Night is the number of dates in the range for which a hotels
Occupancy percentage meets or exceeds its brands Sellout Night percentage criteria.

Sell Thru
A length of stay restriction setting designed to book extended stay business while
remaining sold out to shorter term bookings. This is separate from Standard Overbook

Sell-through ADR
The average daily rate for all Sell-through bookings on a particular arrival date.

Sell-through Average LOS
The average length of stay for all sell-through bookings on a particular arrival date.

Sell-through Inventory Utilized
The number of rooms booked utilizing sell-through inventory on a particular arrival date.

Sell-through Limit
The current number of rooms available for Sell-through bookings that meet the Sell-
through minimum number of nights.

Sell-through Minimum Number of Nights
The minimum number of nights required to fulfill a Sell-through booking.

Sell-through Revenue
The total Sell-through revenue gained for all Sell-through rooms booked on a particular
arrival date.

Senior HHonors
The Hilton family of brands special reward program for travelers aged 60 and over. At
the HW brand, the priviledges the same as all HHonors members.

Provides a travel agency with the capability to book a rate other than the base rate
through an airline system. This is typically done with volume discount accounts that have
an in-house travel agency.

To check room rates online, via a toll-free center or by calling the hotel directly. Can be
used to check your own rates and those of your competitors.

Periods of time (days or seasons) that are neither high demand nor low demand periods.
Typically a transition period from peak days/season to off-peak days/season.

The difference between the contracted number and the total booking at the drop date.
Example: Group A has a contract for 25 rooms on a specific day. You receive a rooming
list for 10 rooms. The slippage in this example is 15 rooms. Also known as Attrition.

An online document within SalesWeb that gives National Sales, as well as third party
group vendors, detailed information about your meeting space, special hotel amenities,
competitive advantages in your market, and information to help them overcome

Sold Out Dates
Days where demand has equaled or surpassed available inventory and the maximum
number of rooms in the hotel have been sold.

Solicitation Management
The Hilton Hotels Corporation department that serves as the liaison between the
Business Travel Sales (BTS) team, the Travel Partner Relations (TPR) team and all the
hotels in the Hilton family. This department receives information on RFPs from
corporate customers and insures that the hotels are invited to input their information into
HSMS. This department communicates whether or not a hotel is accepted in a program.

Special Event
Performances, concerts, exhibitions, sports events, or city wide conventions, that occurs
on an infrequent basis.

Special Event (RMS Reports)
An occurrence at a hotel or in a market that affects transient demand for that hotel (in
either a positive or negative way). Examples include holidays, city-wide events,
graduation weekends, etc. RMS provides the ability to designate certain dates as
special event dates, which are then discarded from a hotels normal trending when
RMS develops inventory control recommendations. Noted as an asterisk (*) on the Daily
Status report.

Special Rates
Rates that differ from the hotels BAR, offered as part of a marketing promotion or
negotiated through sales.

Special Rate Plans are used to offer products (rates) into the market place. There are
three types: Local, System and Convention.

SRP Block Avail
The remaining number of rooms available for sale in all blocked SRPs.

SRP Block Sold
All rooms sold for blocked SRPs.

In the RFP process, a hotel that was not selected as a preferred hotel, however they are
allowed to remain in the GDSs and are bookable by the client.

STAR Report
Produced monthly by Smith Travel Research, the STAR Report analyzes the
performance of a targeted hotel compared to its selected competition by measuring
ADR, Occupancy, and RevPAR criteria.

Rooms that were scheduled to depart today but have extended their stay to include
tonight. Can also be used to mean any guest in-house that did not check in today and is
not checking out today.

Suite Assurance Guarantee
A mandatory program, requiring all Homewood Suites by Hilton hotels to participate and
unconditionally deliver the 100% Suite Assurance Guarantee to every guest. If a guest
is not completely satisfied regardless of the reason he or she must not be charged
for the stay.

Travel Agency

TA Help Desk
(Travel Agent Help Desk) Support team available to assist travel agents in booking
hotels through GDS.

Tentative (Sale)
Sales leads that have been qualified, but have not yet been committed to a contract.

Tentative (SRP)
Group booking that has not been confirmed for specified dates. Once built in the CRS it
does remove inventory from sale but is not confirmable until changed to definite status.
We do not recommend you enter tentative group contracts into OnQ.

TIP (Targets for Improved Performance)
A Medallia report that gives the results of an analysis of attributes for your particular
hotel which are most predictive of overall satisfaction. This is part of the SALT reporting

Total Extended Stay DOA Room Night Denials (RMS Reports)
The total number of extended stay room nights lost for all requests arriving on a
particular date.

Total Group Revenue (RMS Reports)
The total income from all group rooms sold.

Total Limit Counter
The total number of rooms offered/authorized in the reservations system on a given

Total Regrets
Total Regrets =Rate Regrets +Location Regrets +Facility Regrets +Restriction

Total Sell-Through Room Nights
The total number of room nights sold using sell-through.

Total Sold (RMS Reports)
The total number of rooms sold, both transient and group. Calculated as Group Sold +
Transient Sold.

Group of travelers sponsored by a wholesale travel agency.

TPR (Travel Partner Relations)
The Hilton Hotels Corporation department that serves as a liaison between all the hotels
in the Hilton family and the travel agent consortia and GDS websites that provide
business for these hotels.

Transient Business
Individual business or leisure travelers (not associated with a group).

Unconstrained Total Demand (RMS Reports)
Number of rooms a hotel could sell if it had infinite capacity. Number of reservation
inquiries for a particular time period for transient business only.

Unlimited Budget
Partnered with Budget Rent A car, this is a one-of-a-kind loyalty program that offers
actual cash incentives to travel agents. Travel agents have an incentive to book your
hotel brand through the offering of points, which are awarded above and beyond
traditional agency commissions. This program awards cash in the form of a MasterCard
Stored-Value Card directly to front line agents based on the number of qualified
bookings they make.

Guests who are moved into a higher priced room.

Vacant Rooms
Guestrooms that are actually available and in a condition for sale but are not sold:

Value Levels
A means by which to offer and control availability across all booking channels. Value
Levels also serve as a means of assigning value to accounts. LV0 represents the
highest value level, which contains the greatest amount of availability. Value levels
range from LVO-LV9. As the value level number increases, the value of the business

A quantity difference of a measure; one data set versus another data set. Variances are
consistently stated and calculated throughout OnQ FM and other systems. An A vs. B
variance is always value of A minus value of B. When a title for the Variance is not
explicitly stated, the Variance is always the first item vs. the second item.

V.A.S.T. I and VAST II
Value-Added Sales Techniques training programs, mandatory for every general
manager, director of sales, and sales manager to successfully complete for the
Homewood Suites by Hilton hotels.

A walk-in is a room that is checked into the hotel without a reservation. In OnQ PMS ,
Walk-ins are processed using the Walk-in button in the front desk module.

Weekdays are Monday through Thursday.

Weekend days are Friday and Saturday.

WWW (World Wide Web)
An electronic network of servers for the conveyance of information globally from
computer to computer. Also called the Internet.