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Repeated Question of Philosophy

Paper 1


What benefits are to be achieved from the study of logic? Discuss .2000
Define Logic and explain the difference between formal and informal
What is Logic? Evaluate in brief Aristotelian Logic.2002
Logic deals with arguments and inferences. Discuss2003
Briefly examine Muslims contribution in logic with special reference to Abn
Tamiya 2003
Define Logic. What are its two kinds with reference to Truth and Validity?2004
Logic is the Science of valid thought. How can we determine validity?2005
Define Logic with special reference to strength, Cogence and Soundness.2006
Give a brief history of Logic.2006
Write short notes on Problem Solving in Logic.2006
What is the role of connotation and denotation in logic?
Define Logic and discuss its two main kinds. Deduction and Induction.2007
Define Logic and briefly discuss its various kinds.2011
Describe Ibn-e-Sina's contribution in logic.2010

Discuss the value of Symbols in Logic? How are the Variable, Constants,
Brackets and Axioms used as Symbols?2001
What is Symbolic Logic? Is it an improvement over traditional logic?2002
What is the value of use of symbols in logic? Explain.2003 2007 2008 2011
What are Variables and Non-Variables in Symbolic Logic 2004
Write a not on symbolic logic defining its symbols of conjunction, disjunction and
negation with examples 2010


What is Inductive Analogy? On what factors does the strength of Inductive
Analogy depend?2000
Note:Analogy 2001
Argument by Analogy 2002
Discuss Analogy as a form of Inductive Method.2004
Discuss the Inductive use of Analogy and Hypothesis.2007


What is a fallacy? Discuss the different kinds of fallacies and its importance in
Logic. 2001
What is a fallacy? Briefly explain various logical fallacies.2003
Critically discuss the fallacy of Relevance 2004 ,2005
Define in detail Fallacies.2006
What is a Fallacy of judgment? Differentiate between Fallacies of Relevance and
Fallacies of Ambiguity.2007
What is a logical fallacy? Discuss in detail formal fallacy.2008
Define emotive terms and discuss their role in fallacious reasoning.2009
What is fallacy? Enumerate and define its various kinds in brief. 2011
State and Explain various types of fallacies with examples from everyday

Rules for valid syllogism.2000
What is syllogism? Explain rules of valid syllogism.2003
Discuss syllogism and its formative and general rules.2004
Define in detail categorical syllogism.2006,2002
How can you reduce the number of terms in a Syllogistic Arguments 2006
Note:Syllogism. 2007 ,2012


Discuss Al-Farabis contributions to logic and compare his position to the Modern
view of Logic 2001
Discuss al-Farabis contribution to Logic 2004 ,2007,2011
Al Farabi divides logic into how many kinds/categories?2005
Discuss Farabi's contributions to Modality.2012


Aristotelian Logic was refuted by Ibn-i-Taimya in his book Rad-ul-Mantaqeen.
Discuss the main points of his criticism.2001 ,2010
What is Logic? Evaluate in brief Aristotelian Logic.2002
Discuss Ibn-e-Taimyas refutation of Aristotelian Metaphysics and Logic 2002
Bring out the difference between Aristotelian and Modern Logic 2006
Critically examine the role of definition in Aristotelian Logic 2008
How far is it tenable to hold that Muslim contribution to logic is an improvement
on Aristotelian logic?2008
Define proposition. Explain Aristotle's view of propositions.2010
Discuss ibn-e-Taimiyah's criticism on Aristotle's logic.2010

Induction and deduction
Differentiate between Induction and deduction.(2000)
How Induction differs from Deduction? Can Induction be justified?(2002)
Write short notes on Inductive Leap?2005
Define Logic and discuss its two main kinds. Deduction and Induction 2007
Define and distinguish induction by simple enumeration and Mill's method of
induction 2012

Hypothesis, truth and validity.

Hypothesis, truth and validity.2001 Truth and Validity2012
Define hypothesis. How are scientific hypothesis evaluated 2000
Define Logic. What are its two kinds with reference to Truth and Validity 2004
Write short notes on Hypothesis and simple enumeration.2004
Logic is the Science of valid thought. How can we determine validity 2005
Distinguish between truth and validity of the logical argument. Illustrate your
an-swer with the help of examples 2008 2005
State and explain hypothesis and criteria to evaluate hypothesis 2009
What is scientific explanation? Discuss the role of hypothesis in scientific
explanation 2010


Note :Probability 2001, 2002, 2007
.Discuss the nature and scope of Probability in logic 2011


How are ambiguity and emotive use of language impediments in clear thinking?
Discuss the Emotive or Declarative use of language.2004
Discuss the three basic functions of Language. Elaborate upon the importance of
Emotionally Neutral Language for reasoning.2007
How emotive language is an impediment in clear thinking? Discuss.2008
Emotive language is ambiguous. Illustrate with the help of fallacies of ambiguity


Write a comprehensive note on the various kinds of definition.2000
What are the different kinds of definitions? Explain with examples.2001
What is the purpose and function of Definition? Discuss various forms of
Logical Definition 2007
Discuss the role of definition in reducing ambiguity and vagueness in
What is the role of definition and division in logic? Discuss with special reference
to Aristotel 2011

What do you mean by Arguments In Context?2005
Elaborate any two groups of Arguments.2006
Note:Formal Argument 2007
Define Deductive and inductive arguments. also cite examples 2009

Repeated question of Philosophy Paper II

Al Ghazali

1-.How does al-Ghazali ground the Sharia on spiritual basis? 2000
2-.Critically evaluate Al-Ghazalis dispute with the philosopher in the Tahafat-ul-
Falasafa and the defence of the philosophical position in Ibni-Rushs Tahafat-ul-
3-.Ibn e Rushds critique of Al Ghazali 2002
4-Ethics of Al Ghazali 2002
5-.Discuss Ghazalis three main points of dispute with the Rationalist Philosophers
in the Tahafatul Falsafah 2011 ,2004
6-.Critically examine al-Ghazalis attack on the ETERNITY OF THE
WORLD. 2005 ,2010
7-.Critically examine al-Ghazalis Attack on law of causality 2006
8-.Discuss Al-Ghazalis criticism of Muslim Rationalists with regards to, Eternity of
Matter, Gods Knowledge of the particulars and Bodily Resurrection 2007
9.Al-Ghazalis reputation of Muslim rationalists was a turning point in the history
of Muslim thought. Discuss 2008.
10-.Compare Ghazali's attack on philosophers with Ibn-e-Rushd's defense of
philosophy 2012

1-.How does Iqbal conceive the possibility of social change through the
reconstruction of Islamic law 2000
2-.Evaluate Iqbals Theory of knowledge with special reference to the
Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. 2001 ,2004, 2011
3-.Discuss the role and place of Ijtihad in Islamic culture with special reference to
Iqbal 2002
4-.Elucidate and assess Iqbals position on Sufism.2003
5- Is religion possible Iqbal proved it. How? 2005
6-.What is the impact of Iqbals Ijtehad on the present society? 2006
7- Note : The three stages of Religious Consciousness in Iqbals view 2007
8-.What is original in the eclecticism of Iqbal. Assess the status of Iqbal as a
philosopher. 2008
9-.Sayyid Ahmed khan and Iqbal were against fatalism and tried to promote this
worldly attitude amongst muslim.Comment 2009
10-.Elaborate Iqbal's concept of Ijtihad as the principle of movement in the
structure of Islam. 2010
Sir Syed

1-.Why did Sir Syeds synthesis of Westernism and Islamic Values fail to lead to a
genuine Islamic Modernism? 2000
2-.Sir Syeds views of Religious Language 2001
3-.Discuss Sir Sayyeds view of the Interpretation of Prophetic Traditions. 20043-
.Write a short note on Sir Sayyeds Collective Intellects.2005
5-.What are the contributions of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan towards Islamic
Philosophy? 2006
6-.Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is a rationalist. Critically discuss. 2011

1-Sufism 2001, 2011 ,2006
2-Is Sufism allowed in Islam? 2005

1-.Ibn-i-Khaldun is the founder of the History of Philosophy and
sociology Discuss 2001 ,2010
2-.Do you think that Ibn-i-Khulduns philosophy of history is compatible with
Islamic Philosophy of History?2002
3-state and discuss Ibn-I-Khaldun concept of asabia keeping in view the
contemporary debate on the clash of civilization 2009
Mu'tazilites And Ash'rites

1-.Asharis formulation of dogma essentially represents an attempt at a synthesis
of orthodoxy and that of Mutazila. Explain 2000
2-Note: Mutazila 2000, Mu'tazilites 2012
3-Discuss the five basic elements of the Mutazilite philosophy and compare it with
the views of Asharites 2001
4-What are the essential differences between Mutazilism & Asharism. Can they be
reconciled 2002 ,2003,2005
5-Briefly define the five basic concepts of Mutazilaism. 2004
6-Compare the views of Mutazilites and Asheraites about Freedom of the Will and
the relation of Gods Essence and Attributes 2004
7-.Why Mutazilities are called the people of Unity and Justice, explain? 2006
8-Do you consider Ashrites rationalists or orthodox? Explain 2006
9-.Ash'rites 2012
10-Compare the views of Mutazilites and Asheraites about the following
(a) Existence of God and the relation of his essence and attribute
(b)Origin of the Quran
(c)Freedom of the will 2011

1-Define Idealism as a school of Thought, and the form it took in the Philosophy
of Hegel 20012-The Idealism of Hegel 2007
3-Critically examine Rationalist Idealism of Hegel 2011
4-Critically discuss German idealism with special reference to Kant and
Ibn-I -Sina

1-Pshychology of Ibn Sina 2002
2-Briefly explain the salient features of Ibn Sinas philosophy 2003
3-Discuss Ibn-i-Sinas views of Cosmology ontology and Psychology 2004
4-Discuss Ibn-Sinas Theory of Knowledge. 2005
5-How Ibn Sina explain Body-Mind relationship 2006
6-Discuss Ibn-i-Sinas theory of being and his views of Psychology 2011
Al Farabi

1-Political philosophy of Al Farabi 2002
2-Explain and assess Al-Farabis doctrine of form. 2003
3-Critically evaluate al-Farabis Theory of intellect. 2005
4-Write short notes on al-Farabis Theory of Emanation 2005
5-Discuss All-Farabis Theory of Emanation 2006
6-Discuss in detail Al-Farabis social philosophy. What is its significance for the
contemporary world. 2008

1-Pragmatism 2000 , 2011
2-Pragmatism characterizes American philosophy in a unique way. Critically
examine its impact on life and morals of the contemporary world 2008
3-Pragmatism is in essence idealism .Critically evaluate 2012
4-Discuss pragmatic theory of truth, Pragmatism is Philosophy of capitalism.
comment 2009
Shah Wali Ullah

1-Briefly discuss the Irtifaqat of Shah Wali Ullah 2004
2-Discuss Shah Walis Metaphysics 2005
3-Discuss Shah Wali Allahs Social Justice. 2006
4-Discuss Shah Waliullahs Irtifaqat as an important part of his Philosophy of
Society 2007
Karl Marx ,Marxism

1-Give an account of Marxs notion of alienation 2000
2-Critically discuss the Dialectical Materialism of Karl Marx. 2007
3-The fall of Marxism is the failure of dialectical materialism. Critically
examine 2008
4-Discuss in detail the sources and component part of parts of Marxism 2009
5-State and explain main features of dialectical materialism as enunciated by Karl
Marx. 2012
6-Note: Karl Marx 2011

1-Local Positivism. 2001
2-Critically examine verifiability criterion of meaning as expounded by logical


1-State and explain dialectical materialism as a philosophy theory 2003
2-Critically discuss Dialectic Materialism and its concept of History, Social Change
and class struggle 2004
3-Define materialism. Critically examine dialectical materialism 2010
Abul al Maudadi

1-Maududis view of Khilafat 2001
2-Briefly discuss Abul al Maudadis views of Islamic State. 2004
J. P. Sartre

1- Existence precedes essence, claimed J. P. Sartre. Discuss in the context of
20th century existentialist thought 2003 ,2010
2- "Hell is other people. How does SARTRES remark reflect on existentialist
quest for freedom of the individual. 2008

1- To be is to be perceived. Critically evaluate Berkeleys theory of
Idealism. 2002
2-Explain various types of idealism. Discuss Berkeley's idealism 2010
Ibn-I- Rushd

1-Write short notes on Ibn-e-Rushds views on Bodily Resurrection, Immortality
of the soul and life after death. 2004
2-Give a critical exposition of tahafatul thafat by Rushd.2006
3-Ibn- i-Rushds view of Immortality 2007


1-Discuss A.j.Ayer's principle of verifiability,criterion of meaning and its impact on
metaphysics and ethics 2012 , 2009