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Nadia Eliora

Michael Cosgrove
Biblical Studies 9
September 2014
Proverbs Chapter Eighteen Verse Four
Proverbs 18:4 The words of a man's mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring
of wisdom as a flowing brook.
Proverbs eighteen verse four compares a wellspring of wisdom to deep waters and a
flowing brook. A wellspring is a spring that never runs out of water; hence a wellspring of
wisdom is wisdom that knows neither bounds nor limitations. Deep waters, like a wellspring,
is a symbol of endless amounts of water, and a flowing brook an endless stream of water that,
too, never ceases to end. Thus, in Proverbs eighteen verse four, wisdom is compared to water
and the nature of vast supplies of water, saying that when you have wisdom, it will come in
abundance if you use it well. Wisdom being compared to a flowing brook also symbolizes
how wisdom is refreshing for the mind and for life when used correctly. In the time when this
Proverb was written, people would often bath in a river, a stream, or a flowing brook, which
would let them cleanse themselves from filth and refresh their bodies. Thus wisdom is
illustrated, as a virtue that we should have in endless supply, for when we use wisdom itll
benefit our bodies, our minds, and our spirit.
In our lives, wisdom is something essential that should come subconsciously within
everything that we do. As the verse states, the wisdom we have should be abundant, and
should lead us to lives that are better. Such wisdom can only be achieved through the grace of
God, and though we may not notice it should come to us when we place all our faith in Him.
Personally, wisdom is an aspect of life that I yearn to have, no matter what I do. Whether its
in juggling assignments, choosing between options, or choosing the words I speak, all should
be done with wisdom. Wisdom in the sense that Im able to take initiative in what I do,
knowing the difference between right and wrong and fighting of all the temptations that
would bring me to succumb to the wrongs. In the future, I need to learn to apply the wisdom
that I know of into my life so that wisdom is no longer a conscious thing, but a subconscious
thing that happens at the back of my mind out of habit.
Like stated in the verse, I hope that wisdom becomes abundant inside me, like how
theres endless water in a deep ocean and an endless stream of flowing brook, so that wisdom
maybe a wellspring that multiplies with itself. Proverbs eighteen verse four is a proverb that
tells us of the importance of wisdom and the life benefits it will bring it we tend it well.
Without wisdom, humans may survive, but with wisdom, life will become more meaningful
than before. I would love for my wisdom to be a virtue grown through my relationship with
God, until the wisdom becomes subconscious rather than something I must remind my self to
do. Wisdom should be something that all people possess, because wisdom does nothing but
bring blessings if utilized well.