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Thursday, October 16, 2014 Vol. 133, No. 12 Stoughton, WI


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Kettle Park West

Key approvals
could follow
Oct. 27 hearing
TIF, specific plans
for Wal-Mart, Kwik
Trip part of agenda
Mark Ignatowski
Unified Newspaper Group

Photos by Scott De Laruelle

Future firefighters?
The Stoughton Fire Departments open house was a big hit with the
kids Wednesday, Oct. 8.
Above, Jacob Swadley, 3, and Shannon Swadley watch the ladder
rise up in the air, along with Tiffany Klingaman and son Karson
Davis, 5.
At left, Neela Yellow Bird, 8, of Stoughton checks out the view from
the cab of one of the fire trucks on display.

See more photos

Fire department open house
Page 20

City of Stoughton

Mayor, staff, work to restore threatened services

Council will make
final decisions next
Bill Livick
Unified Newspaper Group

In the past couple of

weeks, Mayor Donna Olson
and her staff have met,
scoured the citys 2015
budget and eliminated a
$306,000 funding gap.
We were able to work
with each department, and

each has really stepped to

the table to bridge the gap
again this year, Olson said
told the Hub on Monday.
It was a lot of collaboration and cooperation by all
to make it work.
The next day, the mayor
presented her proposed
budget with a little more
detail for the Common
Council to review. Between
Oct. 21-30, council has
three meetings scheduled to
debate the budget and make
With an increase in net

Courier Hub

new construction of just

.82 percent, the city will
have about $55,000 more to
spend on services and personnel next year. Thats not
a lot in a budget with a total
revenue allocation of $9.2
Finance director Laurie Sullivan described the
mayors proposed budget as
a good continuing services
Olson agreed: Its very
basic we dont have a lot
of big changes.
T h e
b i g g e s t

accomplishment was in
bringing most of what
was below the line back up
above the line, with help
from those departments by
cutting in some other areas,
or taking advantage of
some additional revenues,
Olson said.
I cant point to one big
thing and say that was what
did it, she added. Its a
lot of working with departments and going through
their offers and finding
ways that we can cut back

Several key components

of the Kettle Park West
development will be up for
discussion and approval
later this month.
Public hearings for the
tax-increment financing
plan and specific details
for the Wal-Mart and
Kwik Trip lots will be held
at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 27.
Both elements will need
council approval, but the
public hearing is a formal
opportunity for public
The TIF project plan
estimated at about $7.4
million will lay out
details how the new revenue generated by the
development would be
used to pay for public
improvement in Kettle
Park West. The specific
implementation plans
(SIPs) for the two businesses will detail what
the buildings and lots will
look like and allow for any
exceptions to the citys big
box ordinance and other
zoning codes.
Commission members

If you go
What: Public hearing
on Kettle Park West TIF
project plan and specific
site details
When: 6 p.m., Monday,
Oct. 27
Where: Council
chambers, Public Safety
Building, 321 S. Fourth
Info: ci.stoughton.wi.us
got a truncated view of
what will be presented
later this month. Details of
what will be discussed at
the public hearings should
be available on the citys
website, ci.stoughton.
wi.us, later this week, city
planning and development
director Rodney Scheel
said. Those are expected
to include certified survey
maps, detailed site plans
and documents related to
the TIF project plan.

TIF project plan

A large part of the plan
to create the TIF district
involves developing a
project plan for how the
money generated by it
would be spent.
City of Stoughton
finance director Laurie

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Annual rosemaling show,
music events highlight
Norwegian weekend

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loan. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Good on applications received through October 31, 2014, and closing before December 31, 2014.


October 16, 2014

Courier Hub


Expo is hit with area seniors, Elvis fans

The Sixth Annual Senior Expo, held at the Stoughton Wellness and Athletic Center on Wednesday, Oct.
8, featured exhibits, vendors, lunch, music, bingo and door prizes.
Below, the event was full of colorful Wisconsin Badger spirit thanks to Ann Femrite, Vi Bergum and
Caroline Erickson, who drove from Madison. Femrite and Bergum have been fixtures at the event in
recent years, with their colorful sports-themed outfits (they have a surprise for next year), and were
joined this year by Erickson, who attended for the first time.
Photos by Scott De Laruelle

Above, Tony Rocker, a nationally award-winning Elvis Presley impersonator who hails from the
Jefferson-Fort Atkinson area, was a big hit with the crowd and Dianne Gintz of Madison in particular
during his energetic performance.

Enter The Chamber Halloween Costume Contest!

Win P
Ribbon rizes!
Partic or All

New 2014

Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014

2:00 p.m.
Stoughton EMS Building
516 S Fourth St, Stoughton
Sponsored by:

Trick or Treating at participating Main Street shops from 3 to 5 p.m. for children 12 & under


Above, Ho-Chunk Gamings

wheel of fortune was a popular stop for seniors, who could
win a variety of prizes.
At right, Becky Skavlen of
McGlynn Pharmacy was one of
nearly 50 vendors at the event.


30-month certificate

Thank You!

10-month certificate





The Stoughton Food Pantry would like to

acknowledge and thank Cummins for their
amazingly generous support and for their ongoing
partnership with the Food Pantry.
Cummins has given so much to the Food Pantry
including purchasing and installing 3 large shelving
units (which increased our capacity by at least
40%), transportation for our shopping at Aldis and
has also helped coordinate with Stoughton United
Ministries to aid in transportation for our clients.
We could not function as a community service
organization without the help of Cummins and
our community and we are looking forward to
continuing this partnership as we work towards
fulfilling the growing needs of our Pantry.

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Minimum balance $500.
**Source: Average rates for Wisconsin financial institutions as of 10/6/14 as calculated by Informa Research
Services, Inc.




Average Wisconsin

Average Wisconsin

see how ou

Thank you again,

The Stoughton Food Pantry



October 16, 2014

Courier Hub

Looking for
an upgrade
Senior center seeks
donations for remodeling

Photo by Scott De Laruelle

The Stoughton Area Senior Center is raising funds to replace the well-used flooring, tables and chairs in the main area.

Budget: $306,000 funding gap eliminated

a little here and there
just like we do at home.
In a $14 million budget,
that $300,000 is not insurmountable.
employees would get a 3
percent across-the-board
raise next year if the mayors budget is adopted. But
theyll also be contributing
more to their health insurance premiums.
Theyre paying a percentage now rather than a
flat dollar amount, Olson
said, so that as things
change, that percentage
changes, as well.
The city will get some
help from the state by way
of increases in expenditure
restraint (for staying within a predetermined spending increase level), shared
revenue and highway aids.
Its also gotten help

Back above the line:

locally with donations and

The Friends of the Youth
Center are funding wages
and benefits for employees at the youth center,
for example. And the city
acquired a grant that helps
pay for some case management, Sullivan said.
On Monday, Olson and
Sullivan told the Hub it
was too soon to know if

Rental Aids Small Monthly Payment


Hearing aids

244-1221 1-800-646-0493

Thank you to Lyle and Vickey Wilson and to Jean

(Boss Lady) of the VFW for putting together a surprise
birthday party! It was a lot of fun and one that I wont
forget. Also, thanks to all of the people that brought
food and to the people that gave me cards. Its nice
to see so many friends at one time.


Winter Build Sale

Building relationships in
communities throughout the U.S.
for more than 36 Years!


there will be an increase

in the citys portion of the
2015 property tax bill, or
whether home values here
increased or decreased in
the past year.
They were expected to
have some of that information for the council meeting Tuesday night, after
the Hubs press deadline.

While its not known yet

if any water was contaminated, Stoughton Utilities
issued a public statement
Friday saying they failed
to check drinking water
for coliform bacteria as
required during quarterly
testing for July, August and
September. Quarterly testing of the water supply on
Oct. 3 showed safe results.
Results of regular monitoring are an indicator of
whether or not your drinking water meets health
standards, read the statement. (We) cannot be

Dave Barkhahn
Wisconsin Department
of Natural Resources

pretty minimal, Barkhahn

said. (Coliform bacteria)
is typically not something
we would see in a water
system. Typically, it does
not cause harm.
He said the test for coliform bacteria is an indicator of overall quality of
drinking water. If there
were a positive sample, the
well would be shut off until
safe samples came back.

2014 FALL LEAF COLLECTION will begin on Monday, October 20 and continue
through Wednesday, November 26. (weather permitting).

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!



Unified Newspaper Group

The risk to the

public is pretty

(within City Limits)


Thanks Again!
Ron Lecy (Mert)

Scott De Laruelle

sure of the quality of your

drinking water during that
Bob Kardasz of Stoughton Utilities said the notice
was sent to out as a legal
requirement. The tests were
missed due to misinterpreted monitoring assignments, which have now
been placed on a 12-month
electronic calendar available to all operators.
Wisconsin DNR water
supply engineer Dave
Barkhahn, who has overseen Stoughtons water
supply since 2011, said
four wells were missed
during the testing. He said
Stoughtons water supply
is chlorinated on a regular
basis, and there has never
been a distribution system
positive test for coliform
bacteria in the citys water.
The risk to the public is



1310 Mendota St., Madison, WI 53714

Utility issues water warning

Water monitoring
missed from July
through September

Market Opera House as a destination location

Funding for Redevelopment Authority
Streets and infrastructure maintenance
Senior Center information and assistance
Council committees
Cemetery maintenance
Landmarks Commission
Media technology support
City web page design

flooring is around 15 years

Director Cindy McGlynn
said the center has received
two grants to get the project
started, but now need private donations to complete
the project.
We are looking to have
more un-carpeted space for
ease of use, durability and
clean up, she said. All
the cost for the project of
replacing the flooring and
chairs has to be covered by
donations and grants.
To help out, or for information, contact McGlynn at

30x45x13 $13,122
42x72x15 $23,167
60x99x17 $46,021
Building pictured is not priced in ad.
Crew travel required over 50 miles.
Local building code modications extra.
Price subject to change without notice.
20 PSF Snow Load


NOTE: The policy with regards to the trash carts are that they should be placed in the
park row or in your driveway at all times. In the winter you should shovel out an area
where they can be placed so that the snow plow operators do not hit them.
Please rake your leaves as soon as they fall as leaf collection trucks will be out collecting
leaves daily throughout the city with the final rake out by Monday, November 24.
Rake leaves to your park row (area between sidewalk & curb) if no sidewalk, rake as
close to the road as possible without putting them in the street.
Do not place leaves in the gutter or street
Rake leaves away from mailboxes, posts/signs and fire hydrants
No brush, rocks or garbage in with leaves
Leaves should not be bagged
Do not park in front of leaves and leave adequate room on the street to accommodate
the large equipment
Leaves may also be taken to the Yard Waste site located at
1051 Collins Road in Dunkirk until it closes on Tuesday, November 25.
{Permit is required at a cost of $20.00}
Questions, feel free to call the Street Department office at 873-6303.

ClearyBuilding.com 800-373-5550



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The Stoughton Area

Senior Center does a great
job of keeping people busy
with plenty of activities
all year round, but all the
hustle and bustle through
the years have caused some
serious wear and tear on the
floors, tables and chairs.
Looking to remodel and
expand the space in the
centers main area, senior
center officials are raising funds to replace the old
flooring, tables and chairs
to update the look and
feel of the busy building.
The chairs are more than
two decades old, and the

October 16, 2014


Courier Hub


Letters to the editor

There are two sides to the Wal-Mart debate

As I read the Letters to the Editor section in the Sept. 26 issue,
I find it odd that all three letters
were written on how bad WalMart is for Stoughton.
In all three letters it was all the
negatives that were mentioned. I
like to approach a situation or an
issue with the fact that there are
two sides to them.
Lets start with the first inaccurate statement low wages compared to what? A doctor? A lawyer? Or to other retail employees
in Stoughton. Take a survey and
do some comparisons and see if
this point is valid.
Next item that was mentioned
Products. Wal-Mart products
are low quality, unhealthy, made
overseas. So you are implying
that the products in all the other
stores in Stoughton are of a superior quality and only made in the
United States. Go buy 10 items in
Ace Hardware, Aslesons and all
the shops on Main Street, and lets
compare where they were made.
Wal-Marts reputation as a
large corporation with huge profits. Finally, I have one that I can
agree with you. But to what did
you compare it too to the little
shops on main street, or to Target,
Boston Store, Sears. These may

Submit a letter

not have as big of sales that WalMart has, but the profit ratio to
sales determines the success and
will show that these corporations
are making huge profits.
And if they did not make a
profit, they will not have growth.
Thats why Kwik Trip can put two
and three stores in a community.
Do we need another Kwik Trip?
Not really, but they feel they can
better serve Stoughton.
And Wal-Mart just might be
thinking that with a new store,
that not only the 82 percent will
be served, but everybody. I know
the aisles will be wider and more
products will be offered and
that will benefit all residents of
Stoughton. I know nobody has
ever shopped at the existing WalMart at a busy period, so they
cant imagine how a person in a
wheel chair feels or a senior with
a walker feels like trying to navigate in those aisles. And lets not
forget the veterans, which there
are many, confined to a wheel
I could go on and address other
issues in the letter, but there are
rules when submitting a letter.
DuWayne Stellmacher
City of Stoughton

Guidelines for Fall election letters

Unified Newspaper Group is
proud to offer a venue for public
debate and welcomes letters to the
editor, provided they comply with
our guidelines.
Political endorsements and other election letters must be submitted about two weeks before the
relevant election.
Election letters need to be submitted by Oct. 20 and will be
printed Oct. 23.

Courier Hub editorial board

City budget outreach

should think long-term

Letters will be printed as space

Other special rules apply during
election season.
Letters should be no longer
than 400 words. They should also
contain contact information the
ix months ago, voters
writers full name, address, and
in the Stoughton Area
phone number so that the paper
School District chose to
may confirm authorship. Unsigned
or anonymous letters will not be spend invest millions of dollars
printed under any circumstances. into the future of the community. It was a vote that had
been a long time time coming
and the idea behind it had been
discussed for years, taking a lot
of stress and drama out of the
Thursday, October 16, 2014 Vol. 133, No. 12
While the City of Stoughton
USPS No. 1049-0655
isnt in anywhere near the dire
Periodical Postage Paid, Stoughton, WI and additional offices.
straits the school district was
Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group,
in SASD had faced wholesale
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc.
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to
cuts and the loss of programs it
The Stoughton Courier Hub, PO Box 930427, Verona, WI 53593.
had built over the years because
of declining enrollment its
Office Location: 135 W. Main Street, Stoughton, WI 53589
long-term prospects have a parPhone: 608-873-6671 FAX: 608-873-3473
allel situation: Without growth,
e-mail: stoughtoneditor@wcinet.com
the city will be forced to cut
spending and reduce services
year after year.
This newspaper is printed on recycled paper.
This year is actually the first
of several since the start of the
General Manager
Great Recession in which the
David J. Enstad
Jim Ferolie
amount of money the city had
to spend didnt actually decline.
Strangely, that is not an unusual
Catherine Stang
Jeremy Jones
situation around the state.
But as other cities wind back
and make use of their readyClassifieds
made industrial parks and subKathy Woods
Scott Girard
divisions that have been sitting
dormant, Stoughton could easCirculation
ily get left behind.
Carolyn Schultz
Samantha Christian, Bill Livick,
If there was one thing the
Anthony Iozzo, Mark Ignatowski,
seven members of our comScott De Laruelle
munity editorial board that
met earlier this month could
Unified Newspaper Group, a division of
agree upon when discussing the
Woodward Communications,Inc.
upcoming city budget process,
A dynamic, employee-owned media company
its that the city doesnt have
Good People. Real Solutions. Shared Results.
a whole lot of choices at the
moment. State revenue limits
Printed by Woodward Printing Services Platteville
and limited short-term growth
ability outside of tax-increment
financing districts are putting
constraints on city services.
That means theres only so
much that can be done and only
so much money to spend, and
One Year in Dane Co. & Rock Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $37
since theres only so much that
can be cut without affecting
One Year Elsewhere . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $45
crucial services, we have fewer
Stoughton Courier Hub
choices than most cities our
Oregon Observer Verona Press
size do.

The citys current budgeting model, Budgeting for Outcomes, or BFO, has some nice
features, focusing on priorities
rather than percentage increases
and providing an automatic
public outreach component with
focus groups. That emphasizes
efficiency and helps keep the
lines of communications clear.
But its still a year-by-year
budget process and it still
doesnt solve any long-term
problems; it only helps push
immediate priorities to the top
or the bottom of the list. And
BFO really can only address
discretionary priorities, of
which there simply arent many
to go around.
What Stoughton really needs
in the next couple of years is
some long-range thinking that
follows a similar approach to
It might very well be that the
general citizenry would rather
let things go as they are than
take the chance of investing
money into improving known
problems, such as roads, limited
industrial park space, limited
housing growth potential and a
downtown that simply isnt as
vital as it could or should be.
But its a conversation we
should have.
Yes, there are ways of finding money to do such things if
the public wills it. As with the
school district, there could be
a referendum, or the city could
simply opt to borrow for capital
investments if theres a reason
to believe theyll pay off in a
few years. It could even tinker
with its accounting, putting
extra weight on funds that are
not state-limited.
But all involve making a
choice of whether investing
in the city in improving services, encouraging development, upgrading aesthetics
or infrastructure will reap
rewards before that credit card
bill comes due. And that means

having a discussion with voters,

a frank and open debate about
priorities for the next several
years perhaps a decade and
not just about next years.
Its easy for most citizens to
sit back and say 10 years is a
long time and that our own situations will change, as will the
overall economy, but most of us
probably would have said the
same thing in 2004, when we
were having the same argument
about Wal-Mart and the possible development of the Linnerud property as an economic
stimulus. The choices made or
avoided 10 years ago are affecting the choices that we have
today, and those are not likely
to change in the future unless
we will it.
Would things be different
today if Stoughton schools had
been better funded at that time?
If Stoughton roads had been
better funded?
If Stoughton had put more
resources into growth and
aggressive economic development?
Would we instead be choked
with taxes to the point where
people left the city because of
Its one thing for the city to
have Budgeting for Outcomes
focus groups that determine
theyd rather cut $5,000 here
than $5,000 there, but if there is
any inkling that voters wish to
invest in quality-of-life or longterm goals, well need a different sort of discussion.
Its something our community
editorial board will consider
in the upcoming months and
something all community-minded people should think about in
the meantime.
Next month, the editorial
board will discuss Kettle Park
West and what the city can
do to make the most out of its
existing commitments.


October 16, 2014

Courier Hub

Destination Stoughton

Rosemaling, music aim to bring visitors to town

Weekend events
take place Oct. 24-26

Destination Weekend events

Mark Ignatowski

Friday, Oct. 24

Saturday, Oct. 25

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.: Wisconsin State Rosemaling

Associations Holiday Bazaar, Stoughton Fire Department
Training Room, 401 East Main St.
8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m., Sons of Norway Bake Sale and food
to go, 317 South Page Street.
10-11 a.m., Rosemaling with Jan Norsetter, Sons of
11-11:30 a.m., Hardanger with Donna Olson, Sons of
11:30 a.m. - noon, Genealogy with Jerry Paulson (NAGC
& NL), Sons of Norway
Noon - 12:30 p.m., Norwegian Cheese with Steve
Schuett of Cheesers, Sons of Norway
12:30-1:30 p.m., Whats Sons of Norway and the
Norwegian Heritage Center all about with Darlene Arneson,
Sons of Norway
9 a.m. - 2 p.m., Anniversary celebration and annual
Blow-out Sweater Sale! Nordic Nook, 176 W. Main St.
1-3 p.m., Lefse Lingonberry Roll-ups and Norwegian
Cheese tasting, Cheesers, 183 E. Main St., 873-1777
10 a.m. - 3 p.m., Stoughton Historical Society, 324
South Page, $2
3 p.m., Norse Afternoon Of Song and Dance featuring
dancers from Lillehammer, Norway, Stoughtons very own
Norwegian Dancers, the Grieg Chorus and Hardanger Fiddle
playing, Stoughton Opera House, 877-4400
6-10 p.m., Dueling Pianos Fundraiser for Stoughton
Norwegian Dancers, VFW, 200 Veterans Road, $20, 5132152
1:30 p.m. First Lady of the World- Jessica Michna portrays Eleanor Roosevelt, West Koshkonong Church, 1911
Koshkonong Road, Call the church at 608-873-9456 by Oct.
17 for reservations

Sunday, Oct. 26

1-3 p.m., Krumkakke Demonstration Nordic Nook, 176

W. Main Street.

Weekend events
The events of this particular Destination Stoughton
weekend are not limited to
Norwegian visitors.
A lot less crowded
than Syttende Mai weekend, youll get to experience a variety of Norwegian events, performances,

cultural items, and other

events that will make
Stoughton the place to be
the last weekend of October, Arneson said.
The weekend is organized by the Stoughton
Norwegian Summit group

a collaborative effort
between community organizations businesses and
others in the community.
Arneson spearheads the
group that meets periodically to discuss their membership, activities and how

Everyones on a journey.
Some people meet God on theirs.
Join us for our next series as we explore 4
different spiritual journeys people have taken.
Sunday: October 5 - October 26
9am or 11am
(nursery & childrens programming available)
LakeView Church
2200 Lincoln Ave, Stoughton

VFW Badger Post 328 Inc.

200 Veterans Rd., Stoughton

All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry

Dine-in only. Regular menu also available

Also Serving BBQ Ribs Dinner Special
Come in and check out new updated dining area and lunch
special. Purchase 8 daily Lunch Specials get the 9th free.

Juke Box Night

Like us on Facebook


Happy Hour prices during ALL Wisconsin & Packer games!!


The event is free and open to the public and will include a bake sale and raffle. For more information
visit stoughtonnorwegiandancers.net.

Y o u c a n a l s o e n j o y various downtown busithey can work together.

The group holds a hand- seeing beautiful bunads n e s s e s . T h e c o m p l e t e
ful of Destination Stough- ( t r a d i t i o n a l N o r w e g i a n schedule can be found at
ton events throughout the costumes) on display at stoughton.wi.com.
year based around a few
popular events in town.
This weekends focal
event is the Wisconsin
State Rosemalers Holiday Sale on Saturday from
9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the
Stoughton Fire Department
Training Room- 381 E.
Main St.
Visitors can purchase
rosemaled items and learn
more about this groups
activities, classes, competi4452 CTY HWY B Oregon, WI 53575
tions and sales.
Julie Metcalfe 608.220.3811
Downtown businesses
will host special shopping
events and the Sons of
oPen HoUse
Norway has several groups
saTUrdaY, oCToBer 18th
who will host their events
and activities at the lodge.
noon to 5pm
At 3 p.m. Saturday, the
Stoughton Norwegian
Dancers will be joined by
other musical groups for
Jumping and Barrel Racing
an afternoon of song and
Pony rides
dance at the Stoughton
Opera House.
Tours of the barn and property


Find updates and
links right away.
Search for us on
Facebook as
Stoughton Courier Hub
and then LIKE us.

dr Kolb- Lodi Vet

Keeping the Sport Horse Sound and Healthy
Barrington saddlery
Proper Equine Dress and Fun Barn Clothes
door Prizes
WHJa Tribute Feed
social Hour & Live Music 4-5 pm
Lessons Training Boarding saLes


Strandlies 30th
Wedding Anniversary

Friday Night

Every Friday Night Meat Raffle starts at 5-ish

Every Thursday night Bingo starting at 7:00 p.m.
Serving Lunch Tuesday-Friday 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Open to the Public

Photo submitted

The 2014-15 Stoughton Norwegian Dancers have been announced. Pictured back row from left: Asher
McMullin, Trevar Helland, Sam Michel, Skyler Gunderson and Gunnar Helland. Front row: Miranda
Heimsoth, Corinne Olson, Madelyn Falk, Julie Garvin and Kaia Moe. The groups first public performance will be at 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 25, in the Stoughton Opera House. The dancers will be joining
the Grieg Chorus, Dancers from Lillehammer, Norway and Hardanger Fiddle players.

Otis Sampson American Legion Family Post 59

All You CAn EAt

Dwayne & Tina

(Bierman) Strandlie
will be celebrating
their 30th Anniversary
on October 20, with
a two week trip to
Hawaii. They have
two children, Scott of
Stoughton and Cassie
of Washington D.C. May you enjoy another 30
years together. Congratulations
With love your, Family & Friends


Sunday, October 19
7 a.m. to 11 a.m.

French Toast
Sausage Links
Scrambled Eggs
Biscuits & gravy
No Smoking
Wheelchair Accessible

803 N. Page St.

Stoughton, WI
Tickets on sale at the door
Adults $8.00
Children (under 10) $4.00

Proceeds To Benefit The Venture Crew

Quilt Raffle


Local groups and businesses have been working

for years to increase the
number of visitors to the
community through a program called Destination
The hard work seems to
be paying off this time in
the form of international
Given the areas ancestry, its not uncommon for
folks from overseas to visit
Stoughton. But the group
coming next weekend is
working with the Friends
of Scandinavian Culture
and will be in town to be
part of the annual rosemaling sale and destination
The purpose is to help
them learn more about the
Stoughton community, our
connections to Norwegian
heritage and culture, and
our SHS Norwegian Dancers, Sons of Norway Mandt Lodge president Darlene
Arneson said. They arrive
on Wednesday and leave
the next Tuesday after visiting stores, businesses,
city staff, schools, touring
and experiencing our Destination Stoughton Weekend.
The weekend involves
a performance by the
Stoughton High School
Norwegian Dancers, Norwegian music, local shopping, cultural and dining
events, and the annual
Wisconsin State Rosemaling Associations Holiday

10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Anniversary celebration and annual

Blow-out Sweater Sale! Nordic Nook, 176 W. Main St.
1-3 p.m., Lefse Lingonberry Roll-ups and Norwegian
Cheese tasting, Cheesers, 183 E. Main St., 873-1777
9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Historic Depot and Museum, 532 E.
Main Street.


Unified Newspaper Group

October 16, 2014

Courier Hub


Coming up
food after 5 p.m., and bingo begins at 6 p.m.
Bingo will be held the third Saturday of each month
Gayle Rosengren, author of the historical fiction novel except for December. If you have any questions, please
What the Moon Said, will talk about her journey as an contact bingo chairperson Janis Wegner at 225-5761.
author and share stories of the real people who inspired
her book at the Stoughton Public Library.
Candlelight hike
The event will be held from 2-3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct.
On Saturday, Oct. 18, from 6-9 p.m., come to the Lake
18. Enjoy games children played in the past and making a Kegonsa State Park and enjoy a night of fun. Hike the
craft inspired by the book.
White Oak Nature Trail, a 1.2-mile hike lit with luminarEveryone is welcome to attend. The event is geared for ies and pumpkins. Join the Friends of Lake Kegonsa State
ages 8 and above. No registration is required. For more Park for a bonfire afterwards. Treats will be for sale.
information, visit stoughtonpubliclibrary.org.
For more information, call 873-9695.

Meet the author

Food for Kidz volunteer event

Stoughton will be packaging meals to feed the hungry
at the second annual Food for Kidz event Saturday, Oct.
18. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Stoughton, the event
will be held at the Stoughton Fire Station. Volunteers of
all ages are needed to fill bags during shifts at 10-11:30
a.m. or noon to 1:30 p.m.
Meals cost 15 cents each, and the money raised is used
to buy the ingredients. People can also make tax deductible donations. Juke Box Bandstand-Sean Bruesagar will
play music.
For information or to reserve a spot, call 873-8502.
Checks can be made payable to Food for Kidz Stoughton
Rotary Foundation, PO Box 151, Stoughton, WI 53589.

Music appreciation series

The senior center will hold a music appreciation series
for anyone who loves music and would like to learn more
about it on Oct. 20 and 27. Classes will begin at 3 p.m.
and last for about one hour.
The sessions are free, but donations are welcome. The
series this fall will cover a wide variety of topics and
music. Classes will also take place on every Monday in
November. For more information contact 873-8585.

best treatments for people with Parkinsons. The speaker

will also cover Lee Silverman Voice Therapy, which is a
program designed to help people with Parkinsons speak
louder. For more information call 873-8585.

Henry Vilas Zoo program

A family program to meet the animals of the Henry
Vilas Zoo will be presented at 2 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 24,
at the Community Gym, 235 N. Forest St. Volunteers will
present educational information about a variety of animals, and live animals will visit.
For more information, call 873-6281 or email

Portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt

It has been nearly 70 years since Eleanor Roosevelt

occupied the White House, but she will come to life in
Stoughton this month. Racine resident Jessica Michna
will portray the former First Lady at West Koshkonong
Lutheran Church on Oct. 25.
The Mary-Rebecca Circle invites guests to enjoy dessert
at 1:30 p.m. The one-hour program will begin at 2 p.m.
Reservations are needed and can be made by contacting
Speech and Parkinsons
873-9456 by Friday, Oct. 17. The circle will be accepting
The Stoughton Area Senior Center will hold a Parkin- free-will donations. For more information, call 423-3447.
sons Support Group on Wednesday, Oct. 22.
There will be a special presentation at 1:30 p.m. from Chicken dinner
Katherine McConville, CCC-SLP UW Voice and SwalThe Stoughton American Legion Auxiliary will hold a
Sons of Norway bingo
low Clinic speech language pathologist.
chicken dinner that will be open to the public from 4-7
Sons of Norway Mandt Lodge will hold bingo for the
Speech issues are common in people with Parkinsons. p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 25, at the Legion, 803 N. Page St.
public on Saturday, Oct. 18, 317 S. Page St. There will be Learn about how to get your speech assessed, and the Tickets will cost $8.50, $5 for children 10 and under.
Bahai Faith

For information: Alfred Skerpan, 877-0911

or Gail and Greg Gagnon, 873-9225
us.bahai.org Stoughton study classes.

Bible Baptist Church

2095 Hwy. W, Utica

873-7077 423-3033
Sunday: 10 a.m. - Worship; 6 p.m. - Worship

Christ Lutheran Church

700 Hwy. B, Stoughton

e-mail: office@clcstoughton.org
Sunday: 8 a.m. Traditional Worship
9:10 a.m. Family Express followed by Sunday School
10:30 a.m. Traditional Worship

Christ the King Community Church

401 W. Main St., Stoughton 877-0303
christthekingcc.org Sunday: 10 a.m. - Worship

Christian Assembly Church

1844 Williams Drive, Stoughton

Saturday, 6 p.m. worship; Sunday, 10 a.m. worship

The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-Day Saints

825 S. Van Buren, Stoughton

Missionaries 877-0696
Sunday: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sunday school and Primary

Cooksville Lutheran Church

Office: 882-4408 - Sunday: 10 a.m.
Worship and Sunday School

Covenant Lutheran Church

1525 N. Van Buren St., Stoughton 873-7494

covluth@chorus.net covluth.org
Saturday: 5:30 p.m. Worship
Sunday: 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Worship
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.

Ezra Church

129 E Main St, Stoughton

Sunday: 9 and 10:30 a.m.

First Lutheran Church

310 E. Washington, Stoughton

flcstoughton.com - Sunday: 8:30 & 10 a.m. worship

Fulton Church

9209 Fulton St., Edgerton

Worship services 8, 10:30 a.m.
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Varsity (for teams) 12:07 p.m. - AWANA 3-5 p.m.

Skaalen Retirement
400 N. Morris, Stoughton
(608) 873-5651

A Life
Celebration Center


1358 Hwy 51, Stoughton

Mike Smits Dale Holzhuter
Martha Cornell, Administartive Manager
Sara Paton, Administrative Assistant
Paul Selbo, Funeral Assistant

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Courier Hub Church Page.

616 Albion Rd., Edgerton

Worship Saturday 11- Sabbath School 10
Fellowship Meal follows service on first Sabbath
Phone: 561-7450 or email: albionsdb@gmail.com

Stoughton Baptist Church

Corner of Williams Dr. & Cty. B, Stoughton

Sunday: 10:30 a.m. - Worship;
6 p.m. - Evening Service

St. Ann Catholic Church

323 N. Van Buren St., Stoughton

Weekday Mass: At Nazareth House and
St. Anns Church - call 873-6448 or 873-7633
Weekend Mass: Saturday - 5:15 p.m.;
Sunday - 8 and 10:30 a.m.

United Methodist of Stoughton

525 Lincoln Avenue, Stoughton

E-mail: Stoughtonumc@Wisconsinumc.org
Sunday: 8 a.m. - Short Service; 10 a.m. - Full Worship

Good Shepherd By The Lake

Lutheran Church

West Koshkonong Lutheran Church

LakeView Church

Western Koshkonong
Lutheran Church

1860 Hwy. 51 at Lake Kegonsa, Stoughton

Sunday Worship: 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
Education Hour for all ages: 9:15 a.m.
2200 Lincoln Ave., Stoughton
Sunday: 9 and 11 a.m. worship

Thought for the week



Seventh Day Baptist

Church Of Albion

Asking Questions and

Accepting Answers
How often do you ask someone
a question when you already know
the answer and just want to be reassured that you are on the right track?
Sometimes we need feedback from our
boss or our teacher that we are completing a task or doing our work correctly. Getting feedback is prudent if
we think we might be going down the
wrong path, but having to be constantly
reassured is tiresome and frustrating
to those who are being asked the same
question over and over again. When we
really dont know the answer to important questions we should be quick to
ask, but also willing to accept that we
might not like the answer we get. If we
are genuinely interested in knowing how
we look, or how we are doing at work
or at school, we should accept the bitter
truth that we might not look so great,
or that were performing below par in
certain areas of our lives. Knowledge
can be a bitter pill, but if we want to
improve, and all of us should certainly
want this, we should ask questions of
those who will tell us the truth. We can
always ask ourselves these hard questions, but we should realize that we are
usually our easiest critics. Its easy to
see the speck in someone elses eye
while missing the log in our own.
Christopher Simon via Metro News
Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but
the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.
Proverbs 27:6

1911 Koshkonong, Stoughton

Sunday: 10:30 a.m. - Worship

2633 Church St., Cottage Grove

Sunday: 9:30 a.m. worship
11 a.m. Bible study

Doctors Park
Dental Office
Dr. Richard Albright
Dr. Phillip Oinonen
Dr. Thor Anderson
Dr. Thane Anderson

1520 Vernon St.

Stoughton, WI

Community calendar
Thursday, Oct. 16

12 p.m., Lunch and Learn with Michael Hecht, senior

1 p.m., Low Vision Support Group, senior center
3:15-4 p.m., Rainbow Loom Club (ages 8 and up, no
registration required), library
5-9 p.m., Third Thursday shopping, downtown
7 p.m., R Olde House Society meeting, 700 Taylor
Lane, roldehouse.com
7:30 p.m., Rumors ($10), Stoughton Village
Players, stoughtonvillageplayers.org

Friday, Oct. 17

7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Farmers Market, Stoughton Plaza

8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Red Cross blood drive, Stoughton
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Comprehensive Medication
Review, senior center, 873-8585
4:30 p.m., Community Tailgate, SHS back parking lot
7:30 p.m., Rumors ($12), Stoughton Village
Players, stoughtonvillageplayers.org

Saturday, Oct. 18

8 a.m. to noon, Covenant Lutheran Fall Outdoor

Clean-Up Day, 877-0521
9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Wellness Expo (free screenings,
activities), Stoughton High School
7:30 p.m., Rumors ($12), Stoughton Village
Players, stoughtonvillageplayers.org

Sunday, Oct. 19

11 a.m. to 2 p.m., VFW Chili Feed ($5 to sample,

pre-register with VFW), 200 Veterans Road, 873-9042
6:30 p.m., Our Faith Stories, St. Ann Catholic Parish,
323 N. Van Buren St.

Monday, Oct. 20

12 p.m., Octoberfest barbecue lunch and music from

Joyce Wildt, senior center
5:30 p.m., school board regular meeting, 320 North St.
7 p.m., school board annual meeting, 320 North St.

Tuesday, Oct. 21

10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Skaalen Fall Festival Resident

Bazaar and Pie Sale, Skaalen Chapel, 400 N. Morris St.

Thursday, Oct. 23

221 Kings Lynn Rd.

Stoughton, WI 53589
(608) 873-8888

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2-3:30 p.m., Family Movie Afternoon (PG), library

3:15-4 p.m., Rainbow Loom Club (ages 8 and up, no
registration required), library

Friday, Oct. 24

Destination Weekend
7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Farmers Market, Stoughton Plaza
10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pumpkin Painting (free), Home
Savings Bank
1 p.m., Live music with Catfish River Revue, senior
7 p.m., SHS Shrek musical, PAC, 600 Lincoln Ave.

Saturday, Oct. 25

Destination Weekend
9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Caring for Kids - Babysitting
Class ($40, ages 11 and up), Stoughton
6-10 p.m., Dueling Pianos fundraiser for Stoughton
Norwegian Dancers ($20), VFW, 200 Veterans Rd.,
7 p.m., SHS Shrek musical, PAC, 600 Lincoln Ave.


October 16, 2014

Courier Hub

Wahlin named Trustee of the Year

Wisconsin Hospital Association picks
Stoughton Trailers leader for annual award
Bill Livick


they dont do, the board

committees do. So I feel as
though I dont do all that
Theres a heck of a lot
of people doing an awful
lot of work. I think that
makes the whole thing run
smoothly, he added, and
maybe I just got credit
where its not necessarily
Photo by Bill Livick
Wahlin spoke last month Ken Wahlin has been named Trustee of the Year by the Wisconsin Hospital Association for his efforts
w i t h t h e C o u r i e r H u b leading the governing board of Stoughton Hospital.
about his involvement with
Stoughton Hospital and its
Wahlin: Its humbling Our job on the governI think the administrarole in the community.
to be recognized and its ing board is oversight and tion has done a really good
H u b : H o w d i d y o u always nice. But Stoughton strategy. The oversight is job of addressing it, and of
decide to get involved Hospital really has a great pretty easy, I think, but attacking areas where they
with the hospital to begin team of people. Its the some of the strategic issues see opportunity. But its
hospital administration and are more difficult.
trying to get that balance.
Right now we are lookSometimes services may
Wahlin: The hospital the people who work there;
has a procedure for getting its the board, its the foun- ing at the possibility of not make money. They
board members kind of dation, its the volunteers an emergency room and may actually be negatives
introduced and then on to like the partners of Stough- urgent care expansion. This from a financial standpoint,
is something thats still in but its what the communithe board. I was just simply ton Hospital.
And so, I dont think you the planning stages, but ty needs that youre trying
called and asked if Id like
to balance.
to serve. I said sure, was get recognized unless its youve got to plan first.
Bigger picture, theres
The second thing is the
interviewed and it wasnt really a team effort. To me,
until a year later that I was it reflects more the success probably three things that a m o u n t o f t e c h n o l o g y
of the organization than Id say are probably always thats coming. Its really
asked to be on the board.
it does anything else. You going to be there.
amazing to me.
The first is trying to
There were some things
Hub: As Governing have to have the people, or
match the services that that Stoughton Hospital
Board chairman, you nothing works.
the hospital provides to and everyone else had to
were apparently a pretty
Hub: What are some the needs of the commu- deal with, with respect to
effective leader. Do you
have any sense of why the of the big items that the nity. Its a small hospital electronic health records.
hospital association chose governing board has to and cant be everything Thats a really big deal.
grapple with?
But in addition to that,
to everyone. And so its a
you for this award?
Wahlin: Theres a few. challenge.
theres all kinds of changes

Dane County

Lake level draw down planned

Boaters and lake front
property owners should
be aware that the lakes
will be lowered to summer
minimum levels in preparation for winter ice and
snow pack.
On or around Nov. 1,
all lakes will transition
to their respective winter
operating levels.
Water levels on Lakes
Mendota, Monona and
Waubesa are currently
above target summer midrange. As a result, flow
out of Babcock Dam will
be maintained in order
to lower the upper three
lakes to their respective
summer minimum water
Flow out of LaFollette
Dam will be maintained in
order to keep Lake Kegonsas water level above
summer minimum. Lock
gates at Lafollette are
closed while the lock gates
at Babcock will remain
open for navigation.
There is no certainty
that precipitation will
raise the lakes above
their current levels, so
lake users should monitor water levels to make

sure they can remove their

boats and piers beforethe
end of October.
Crews began removing
navigational beacons in
lakes and along the Yahara River chain this week.
All buoys will be removed
by Nov. 1. It is important
that boaters remain alert
for underwater hazards
that may damage watercraft in the late fall and
early spring.
More information on
water related issues can be
seen on the Dane County
Land and Water Resources
website at countyofdane.


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Costume contest is Oct. 25

The Stoughton Chamber will host a costume
contest for children Saturday, Oct. 25 at 2 p.m. at
the EMS Training Center,
516 S. Fourth St.
There will be five age
group ranges from ages
0-12. Home Made costumes are preferable to
store-bought ones. Creativity is an important
Each entrant will
receive a ribbon, and winners will receive Chamber gift certificates. First
place earns a $15 certificate, second place will
get $10 and the third
place award will be $5.
Downtown business

If you go
What: Halloween
Costume Contest &
Downtown Trick-orTreating
When: 2 p.m.,
Saturday, Oct. 25
Where: EMS Training
Center, 516 S. Fourth
Info: Stoughton
Chamber of Commerce,

Hub: It must have been

quite a learning curve to
join the governing board,
coming from a different
industry. How did you
prepare for it?
Wahlin: The administration does a great job of
bringing the issues to the
table, but youve got to do
a lot of outside reading and
try to educate yourself as
best you can.

Tim Andrews Horticulturist - LLC

Your Tree
It's all about

Fall Cleanups, Tree and Shrub Pruning, Planting and

Fertilization and Fall Cleanup
Removals, Stump Grinding, Mulching and Complete
Now. Makeovers.



City native Ken Wahlin

needs little introduction in
Stoughton. He, of course,
is a member of the family that founded and operates Stoughton Trailers,
the citys largest employer.
His parents, Don and Carol Wahlin, launched the
company that would later
become Stoughton Trailers
in 1961.
Kens role is managing
director of STI Holdings,
the company that owns
Stoughton Trailers.
For the past seven years,
Ken Wahlin has also served
on the governing board
and Executive committee
of stoughton Hospital. He
was a board trustee his first
five years on the Governing Board and became its
chairman two years ago.
His tenure on the board
will end next month; after
that, hell become an ex
officio member.
Wahlin was surprised at
the governing boards last
meeting Sept. 23, when he
learned that the Wisconsin
Hospital Association had
named him 2014 Trustee of
the Year.
The prestigious award
is presented to only one
community hospital board
trustee and one health system board trustee in Wisconsin annually.
Wahlin told the Hub he
was humbled and honored
for the recognition, but he
also felt that it was very
Terry Brenny and
his staff really do all the
work, Wahlin said. And
the little bit of work that


Caring for our Green World since 1978

will host trick-or-treating following the event.

Trick-or-treating will
take place from 3-5 p.m.

Tinas Home
Cleaning, LLC

Specializing in Residential Cleaning

Insured 12 Years Experience
Reliable Free Estimates

835-0339 513-3638


Saturday, October 18
9:00 am-3:00pm
Oregon Middle School

601 Pleasant Oak Dr., Oregon, WI

Admission: $2.00

Truck Rides

For additional information:

Peggy Berman at ofdcraftfair@yahoo.com
Fundraiser Oregon FF/EMT Association with proceeds
being used to enhance the Oregon Fire/EMS District


Unified Newspaper Group

going on. Theres a company in Middleton that is

offering something that
may essentially this is
going to sound dumb be
a colonoscopy by mail.
Or these devices that can
now be implanted under
the skin that record your
vitals and can go back
to a physician or to your
iPhone with some of your
medical diagnostic-type
stuff. Its exciting, but how
do you handle it?
And there are new issues
with respect to telemedicine, where maybe we
wont be going on as many
doctor visits in the future.
Maybe well be speaking
to doctors over a monitor,
so that they can see us, and
they might be able to see
some visual symptoms,
but not actually be in the
The third thing is getting
Theres been an awful
lot of changes with the
Affordable Care Act and
with rates of reimbursement for government programs with hospitals, as
well as changes in private
payer mixes.
So its a lot. The first
thing that surprised me
about the hospital is how
heavily regulated that business is. I thought our business was tough; this ones

October 16, 2014

Courier Hub


Bird is the Word

Tones secure top awards at poultry show

Rendering courtesy JSD Professional Services

Developers are seeking a revised general development plan for Kettle Park West. The plan would move
a stormwater pond further west along Jackson Street and open up another lot for development. A
small lot to the west of Wal-Mart on Hwy. 138 would not be developed.

KPW: Sullivan: Development will cover cost

Continued from page 1
Photo submitted

Ron Kean, UW poultry specialist, is pictured with Shelby Tone

and Sydney Tone, 14-year-old sisters from Stoughton who competed together as the Dane County team in the Wisconsin State
4-H Avian Quiz Bowl.

contest after winning Intermediate Showmanship.

In the photo contest, Sydneys entry was selected as
best in the Senior Division,
while Shelbys photo was
announced as the Judges
Choice overall. Both photos will be displayed in the
WJPA 2014 calendar.
The sisters also competed together as the Dane
County team in the Wisconsin 4-H Avian Quiz Bowl.
The Tone/Dane team beat
all other contenders in the
10-team field, securing the
junior division title for the
third straight year. The quiz
bowl is overseen by Ron
Kean, poultry specialist for
the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Later in the day, Barbara
Gromacki, WJPA state
director, presented the teens
with additional commendations. Shelby and Sydney

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were named co-Reserve

Champion recipients of the
David Lefeber Citizenship
Award for their extensive
support of exhibition poultry in Wisconsin.
The Tones were also
acknowledged and praised
for completing the Flock
Master Level of the American Poultry Association
(APA) Youth Club A.C.E.
program and for beginning
the Poultry Master level,
the top-tier of that program
and a rank that has been
awarded to a very limited
number of youth nationwide.
Finally, at the close of
the youth award ceremony, both learned that they
had been specially recognized by the United States
Department of Agriculture
for their work in Poultry
Biosecurity and Disease
Shelby and Sydney are
the daughters of Steve Tone
and Laurie Schellinger and
the granddaughters of Ellie
Tone. They are four-year
members of the Triangle
Troopers 4-H Club, where
they have served as officers
as well as youth leaders in
poultry and other projects
and activities. They are also
two-year members of the
WJPA and other poultryrelated clubs and associations.


Call (608) 873-8585 to

schedule your medication
review today!
For more information, visit

Sullivan gave a preview of

that Monday.
The draft plan calls for
about $7.4 million, much
of which would go toward
improvements to the commercial sites and roadways
surrounding the area.
The on-site costs or
roughly $1.6 million are all
slated to be used for stormwater management. Off-site
costs totaling about $3 million include improvements
to U.S. Hwy. 51, Hwy. 138
and Jackson Street. Another $2.8 million would be
used for interest expense,
a developer cash grant and
other administrative costs.
That includes a $550,000
cash grant to be used as
incentive to have the first
phase completely built out
instead of just the first four
Sullivan said city staff
believe the development
will be able to cover those
costs, even if the citys mill
rate remains the same as
this year throughout the life
of the TIF district.
She said that if only the
first four buildings are
built including Wal-Mart
and Kwik Trip the development would add about
$18.1 million in new value.
If the entire phase 1 development is built, the new
value would be about $34.3
million by the year 2020.
If the citys estimate
holds true, the development
would generate enough
income to support the TIF Wal-Mart, Kwik Trip
costs for infrastructure
Commission members
also got a glimpse at more
specific plans for two
Layout changes
named businesses in the
While the city works on commercial area.
a project plan for financThe SIP stage of develing, Forward Development opment approval allows
Group has been looking to officials to look at specific
make a few changes to the site details such as building


Medication reviews will be offered on October 15th at the

Stoughton Senior Center with a qualified pharmacist to
asses your risk of a negative drug reaction.
Medication reviews identify potential
problems and recommend changes
to discuss with your doctor.

overall layout of the development. These changes to

the general development
plan would alter where
stormwater is held and
would remove one developable lot from the west side
of the project.
The first major change to
the approved general development plan would be to
move a stormwater pond
that was proposed between
Wal-Mart and Jackson
Street, siting it more to the
west and slightly further
north. This would create
another developable lot
along Jackson Street that
would be about 2.5 acres.
Meanwhile, a lot along
Hwy. 138 west of the
Wal-Mart lot will likely
not be developed, Scheel
said. This is because the
Wisconsin Department of
Transportation was reluctant to approve an access
point along the highway, he
told the commission Monday night. The land would
be left undeveloped and
would likely be used as a
natural space that might
count toward the landscape
requirements for the commercial development.
City attorney Matt
Dregne said the city expects
to have a clear delineation between the old and
new plans in place for the
Oct. 27 hearing. He said he
also expects a stormwater
pond maintenance agreement to be ready for the
Oct. 27 meeting.

materials, elevations and

detailed land use plans.
Kwik Trip hopes to build
a new store its third in the
city on the northeast corner of the commercial center. It would be about the
size of the new store built
in McFarland last year and
would have a separate twobay car wash on the site.
The Wal-Mart review
will be more complicated.
Roughly 30 pages of city
documents highlight what
requirements the proposed
design meets and what
some exceptions the company hopes to have granted
by the city.
Potential exceptions to
be reviewed Oct. 27 by
the Planning Commission
A wall sign that is nearly double the maximum
allowed size.
Having more than two
access points along Hwy.
A vinyl-coated chain
link fence with decorative
arches to screen the outdoor
landscaping department.
The code prohibits chainlink fences.
More landscaping along
the more visible sides of
the store and less along the
screened parts of the building
Driveway openings
larger than 40 feet to allow
for truck and two-way traffic
A decorative retaining
wall and fence instead of a
6-foot berm along the rear
to screen the truck loading
Parking spaces that are
9.5 feet wide, is excess of
the 9-foot requirement
Parking lot aisles that
are one foot wider than the
24-foot requirement


dine-in, take-out, delivery


Now Open
For Lunch

Lunch Hours: 11:30 - 1:30 Wed, Thurs., Fri.

1/2 Sandwich with
choice of soup or salad
for just $4.50
Choice of Meatball, Italian Beef
or Chicken Parmigian

Salad + Soup & drink
for just $4.95
Fried Fish Sandwich
& French Fries plus a
soda for just $9.95

Large 1 Topping Pizza

Special $9.99

Try Our
Friday Night
Fish Fry!

Pizza Specials
XL Pizza 1 Topping, chef
salad for two, plus 2 liter
soda for just $20.99
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Personal Pizza:
1 topping & soda for just

** Tax not included More Specials coming soon


Sydney and Shelby Tone

of Stoughton make quite
the team as sisters, poultry
exhibitors and quiz competitors. The 14-year-old
twins were recently recognized multiple times for
their work at the annual
Wisconsin International
Poultry Show in Portage on
Sept. 27.
The 100-year-old show,
held by the Wisconsin
International Poultry Club,
is the largest in Wisconsin
and includes a junior show,
which this year involved
nearly 100 exhibitors and
900 birds.
In exhibition competition, judges placed the
Tones Light Brown Dutch
bantam young male and
White Wyandotte bantam
young female on the junior
show championship row.
The female then notched
the junior shows Reserve
Champion Overall.
She had previously won
Best of Show at the Wisconsin State Fair Junior
Poultry Show in August.
Both birds resulted from
the girls own bantam flock
breeding program, which
they began two years ago
as part of their 4-H poultry
Along with bird judging,
there were numerous youth
competitions throughout
the day, sponsored by the
Wisconsin Junior Poultry
Association (WJPA). In
each of the events and categories they competed in,
Sydney or Shelby received
the top award.
Sydney won Advanced
Poultry Showmanship and
was later named Supreme
Showman over all age
groups. Sydneys display
and interview detailing a
chicken necropsy won her
poster/display category.
Shelby also competed in
the Supreme Showmanship


October 16, 2014

Courier Hub

SHS Shrek the Musical

performance next weekend

Photos by Mark Ignatowski

Rumor has it
The Stoughton Village Players entertain audiences with Neil Simons
Rumors last weekend. The show continues this Thursday through
Saturday. Above, Ken (Dan Prueher), left, tells Lenny (Patrick Fernan),
center, and Claire (Angy Gaglian), right, that their friend Charlie was
shot - but not fatally - prior to a dinner party at Charlies house.

Ernie (Tim McNurlen) gathers gifts for the dinner party.

Lenny (Patrick Fernan), left and Ken (Dan Prueher), right, discuss wether they should call the police after gunshots are heard
at the start of a dinner party.

A movie will come to

life on the Stoughton High
School stage as students
perform Shrek the Musical, based off of the popular
Dreamworks movie, Shrek.
For those not familiar with
the plot, Shrek is about an
ogre whose home, a swamp,
has been taken from him by
King Farquaad. Shrek sets out
for the castle to confront King
Along the way, he meets
a character by the name of
Donkey who refuses to leave
his side. Once this comical
pair reaches the castle and
confronts the king, he sends
them on another journey to
save Princess Fiona, whom
the king wishes to marry.
The two manage to save the
princess from a fire-breathing
dragon and find love along
the way, which creates a conflict for Shrek.
The play will feature Leo
Endres as Shrek, Jack Greenwood as Donkey, Thomas
Greenler as Lord Farquaad,
and Bethany Kelly as Princess Fiona.
For the dragon and the
gingerbread man, there are
puppets created by DeeDee
Bouzek, director of the play,
and Kyra Carbone, a student
at SHS. The dragon will be
controlled by Kirsten Nett as
well as five other SHS students, while the gingerbread
man will be controlled by
Maddie Jensen.
Throughout the whole
adventure, the cast will be
singing and dancing to songs
from the movie such as Im
a believer and Welcome to
Duloc. They will also perform songs that were written just for the play such as

If you go
What: SHS production
of Shrek the Musical
When: 7 p.m. Oct.
24-25; 2:30 p.m. Oct. 26
Where: Stoughton High
School Auditorium, 600
Lincoln Avenue
Info: showtix4u.com

Freak Flag and Make a

The cast had a week-long
theater camp in summer and
have been rehearsing for two
hours Sunday through Thursday since then to learn the
dances and songs. All of these
songs were directed by choral director, Ryan Casey, and
the dances choreographed
by Makenna Perish Day. An
orchestra conducted by Geri
Nolden will accompany the
singing and dancing throughout the show.
The set, which is a large
bookshelf with books that
open up to reveal the scenery for the performance, was
designed by Amanda Potratz.
The lighting and sound will
be the work of Jerry Moy,
who is in charge of technical

More information
The shows are scheduled
for 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24 and
Saturday, Oct. 25, with a Sunday matinee on Oct. 26 set for
2:30 p.m. Reserved tickets are
$12 for adults, $10 for students and senior citizens and
$8 for children 10 and under.
For ticket information, visit

Your dream kitchen for less

than you think! Rock on!

Cookie (Georgean Pentel-Nicholson) and Ernie (Tim McNurlen) are welcomed by Claire (Angy Gagliano).

We had a record turn out

and an outstanding time!

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NMLS #449323
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608-243-5000 | 800-236-5560


at the
6th Annual
Stoughton Wellness and Athletic Center on
October 8, 2014.
See you next year at our 7th Annual
Senior Expo, Wednesday October 7, 2015!


interest only payment at


October 16, 2014

Courier Hub


Photos by Derek Spellman


Photo submitted by Bill Bellon

Total eclipse of the moon

The lunar eclipse was captured behind the Stoughton Opera House in the early morning of Wednesday,
Oct. 8.

Above, eighth-grader
Drew Pasold, a student in
River Bluffs Energy and
Engineering class, works on
a LEGO replica of an engine
while Cummins engineers
look on during the companys Cummins Young
Engineers Club Sept. 24 at
the research and development campus in Stoughton.
The project is part of a
STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering and Math) initiative that the company has
launched to connect students Above, River Bluff Middle School student Damon Hoffmann and a
with professional engineers.
Cummins engineer huddle over pieces of a LEGO replica of one of
the companys diesel engines.

Educational Building Seminars

At Shaw Building & Design, Inc. we

make building a house as easy as 1-2-3

Fall 2014

November 11:
Learning How to Design your New Home

All seminars held at

6:30 p.m. at:
Shaw Building & Design, Inc.
3185 Deer Point Dr.
Stoughton, WI
(608) 877-1131

December 9:
Understanding the Construction Process

Visit our website


October 21:
Latest trends in Hot Kitchens and Cool Baths


Jeremy Jones, sports editor

845-9559 x226 ungsportseditor@wcinet.com

Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor

845-9559 x237 sportsreporter@wcinet.com
Fax: 845-9550


Thursday, October 16, 2014


Courier Hub
For more sports coverage, visit:

Girls tennis

Boys soccer

Vikes knock
off Westosha,
advance to
regional final
Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Stoughton sophomores Payton Kahl (left) and Kendra Halverson celebrate their 6-2, 6-1 win over Waterfords Lauren Sikora and Katie Queram at No. 1 doubles last
Wednesday. The victory advanced the Vikings No. 1 doubles team to this weekends WIAA Division 1 individual state tournament.

Statebound on the court

1 doubles, Benoy advance
to second straight state
Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

Stoughton girls tennis advanced

two flights through the Burlington
sectional and on into the WIAA Division 1 individual state tennis tournament last Wednesday.
Needing only one win to automatically qualify for the WIAA Division
1 individual state tournament this
week, sophomores Payton Kahl and
Kendra Halverson rolled 6-2, 6-1 over
Waterfords Lauren Sikora and Katie

If you go
What: WIAA Division 1 state
individual tennis tournament
When: Thursday-Saturday, Oct.
Where: Nielsen Tennis Stadium
It marked the second straight year
Kahl reached the state tournament.
I think its super exciting because
I got to make it with my best friend,
Halverson said of qualifying for state.
That should make it even more fun.
Having been friends for so long,
both agreed it helped the transition to
playing doubles together for the first
time this season.
I think we just slowly progressed,

but I think when we played Edgewood at conference (for the second

time), we really picked up our communication skills, Kahl said.
Halverson and Kahl added a 6-0,
6-3 over Burlingtons Lydia Crabtree
and Hannah Cook to reach the sectional championship, where they fell
6-3, 6-2 to Badgers Joan Williams
and Andrea Chironis.
Halverson and Kahl (22-6) open
the state tournament Thursday at 1
p.m. against Greendale seniors and
GoGo Nuhn Claire Hetzel (14-4).
The winning doubles team advances to face either ninth-seeded seniors
Courtney Shipshock and Tara Tanriverdi of Arrowhead (33-0) or special
qualifiers Rachel Fehring and Ally
Bensen of West Bend East (24-7) at 9

a.m. Friday.
Kahl and Sarah Benoy lost their
first-round match at state tennis last
season at No. 1 doubles.
Benoy punched her ticket for a
return trip to the WIAA Division 1
individual state tennis tournament this
weekend with a win over state qualifier Lacey Londre of Burlington at
No. 1 singles.
Since she hit so hard, I think I was
able to lob her and make her rally,
Benoy said. I think that really frustrated her.
Benoy found herself down 0-3 in
the first set and 4-1 in the second
only to fight back to win 6-4, 6-4
Benoy, who advanced to state last

Turn to Sectionals/Page 13

It has been five years

since the Stoughton High
School boys soccer team
won a regional game, but
Tuesdays 2-0 win over
sixth-seeded Westosha
Central in a WIAA Division 2 regional semifinal
ended the drought.
With cold temperatures and a wet field, the
Vikings were able to do
just enough to get revenge
on the team that knocked
them out of last years
Senior Bailey Nolan
scored in the 57th minute
with an assist to Devin
Wermuth to take control.
It was terrible weather, and it took us a little
while to get our knees
under us, head coach
Dave Wermuth said. I
think that after Nolan
scored the second goal,
you can see all the wind
come out of Westoshas
Devin Wermuth scored
the first goal in the ninth
minute, and sophomore
goalie Zethren Zeichert
finished with two saves.
The regional final is
next for Stoughton at 7
p.m. Thursday at No. 2
We have to play on our
game, and from what we
heard, Elkhorn moves the
ball quickly, Dave Wermuth said. You really
have to follow that movement that Elkhorn uses.
Our kids are really ready
to play, and they are really looking forward to the
regional final.

Verona 3, Stoughton 2
The Vikings traveled
to Reddan Soccer Park
Thursday and fell 3-2.
Stoughton held a 2-0
lead at halftime, but the

Turn to Regionals/Page 13

Stolen finishes tied for 12th at state

Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

Photo by Anthony Iozzo

Senior Ashli Stolen (purple hat) tries to keep focus while waiting near
the second tee during a rainstorm Tuesday, Oct. 14, during the WIAA
Division 1 state girls golf tournament. Stolen finished tied for 12th with a
161 (77-84).

Senior Ashli Stolen battled

through the toughest conditions
of the year Tuesday at the WIAA
Division 1 state girls golf meet.
As chaotic 35-mph winds and
sheets of rain wreaked havoc at
University Ridge Golf Course, Stolen kept calm and focused on her
back nine parring the second hole
and getting a birdie on the third.
Despite a triple bogey on her last
hole, Stolen finished tied for 12th
overall with a 161 (77-84).
I know that I have potential to
be in the top eight or even the top
five, but the conditions were really
tough today, and I battled it out and
am happy with my score, she said.

For much of the day, the fairways

and greens felt like walking on wet
sponges, and the high winds forced
the field to slow down causing
40-minute waits between some
But Stolen was still able to finish
with nine pars and a birdie in round
2. She just missed the heavy rains
in the first round, Monday. Stolen
had 10 pars and two birdies in that
I am super proud with how she
played, head coach Dave Taebel
said. She hit the ball great, and she
controlled her emotions. She was
just a rock out there.
She represented our team and
our school and our town tremendously.
Stolen was a letterwinner all four

years of her high school career, and

she came a long way from then to
this years state tournament.
In her first year, she shot triple
digits several times, but she worked
every summer and was able to bring
that average down to the low 80s/
high 70s.
She is a model of improvement,
Taebel said. To see how far she
has come as a player and where she
is at now, it shows she put in the
time and effort to get better.
That improvement also means
that colleges started to take notice
in Stolen. She said that she plans on
playing golf at the next level.
I am hoping that now that the
golf season is done, I can focus
more on picking a college, Stolen


October 16, 2014

Courier Hub



Vikings nearly upset Milton

in conference tournament
Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

The Stoughton High

School volleyball team may
have went 1-2 in Saturdays
Badger South Conference
tournament at Milton High
School, but that doesnt
mean the Vikings didnt perform well.
Six-seeded Stoughton
nearly upset third-seeded
Milton in the first match,
and the Vikings held leads in
both sets of the third match
against Madison Edgewood.
The Vikings were unable
to finish those matches,
however, falling to Milton
2-1 (25-23, 10-25, 12-15)
and Edgewood 2-0 (20-25,
Stoughton did stave off
elimination in its second
match with a 2-0 (25-17,
25-16) win over Monroe.
The girls played well
all day, head coach Kelly
Sorensen said. They played
a lot more consistent, and the
team chemistry was better
than it has been all season.
Junior Hannah Hobson
had 20 kills for the tournament, including a .538 hitting percentage against
Edgewood (7 kills, 0 errors,
13 attempts). Sophomore
Rachel Hedman added seven
kills against Milton, while
sophomore Kassidy McMillan picked up five against
Senior Lindsey Bach had

38 total assists for the tournament, while sophomore

Maggie Wirag picked up 11
against Milton.
Senior Olivia Dorscheid
had seven digs against Milton and two aces against
Monroe. Senior Annie Fergus picked up nine digs and
two aces against Monroe.
Freshman Tessa Berry had
seven digs and an ace against
Regionals begin Thursday,
Oct. 23. Stoughtons seeding
meeting was Wednesday,
after the Courier Hubs deadline. Follow @UNG_AIozzo
on Twitter for information.
I look at regionals just
like we looked at the conference tournament. It is a fresh
start, Sorensen said. The
girls have done a really good
job of looking past previous
losses and looking to the
We will work hard, play
together and play with heart
no matter what team we end
up getting.

Stoughton 3, Waunakee 1
The Vikings traveled to
Waunakee on Tuesday and
won 3-1 (25-13, 25-27,
25-12, 25-23).
Fergus and Hobson finished with nine kills, while
Bach and Wirag had 16 and
13 assists, respectively. Fergus added five aces.
Berry picked up nine digs,
and Hobson led with two


Photo by Jeremy Jones

Junior defensive lineman Jeremiah Jimenez brings Monona Grove quarterback Steven Martine down for a loss in the second half Friday.
Stoughton lost the game 35-7.

Turnovers bury Vikings early against MG

Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

The Stoughton football

team found itself in a four
touchdown hole by the end of
the first quarter Friday at Collins Field.

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to include all
and cooking

The Vikings turned the

ball over three times and
allowed the visiting Monona
Grove Silver Eagles to throw
a touchdown pass on fourthand-20 en route to a 35-7 Badger South Conference loss.
Stoughton defensive back
Josh Hitchcock abruptly
ended the Silver Eagles first
drive, intercepting senior
quarterback Steven Martine
on a tipped pass.
The Vikings promptly gave
the ball back on a fumble
and then muffed the kickoff,
which led to two Monona
Grove touchdowns in four
It doesnt matter who you
play, Stoughton head coach
Jason Thiry said. You turnover the ball like that, youre
going to find yourself in a
deep hole.

Silver Eagles running back

Toren Young racked up 93
yards and three rushing touchdowns on 12 carries. Brady
Blang accounted for another
rushing touchdown and a
25-yard touchdown pass.
Despite the final score,
Stoughton played even with
Monona Grove through the
final three quarters.
Alex Zacharias scored on a
3-yard surge up the middle in
the third before MG tacked
on an insurance score in the
We fought the rest of the
game, theres no doubt about
that, Thiry said. We just had
some really bad turnovers and
I dont have an answer for that
right now.
The Vikings (3-5 overall) fell to 3-2 in conference
win the loss, while Monona

Grove, which hasnt lost a

conference game in nearly six
years, improved to 5-0.
The Silver Eagles are 7-1
overall, having lost to Mount
Horeb/Barneveld in the first
game of the season.
Stoughton hosts Madison
Edgewood at 7 p.m. Friday,
Oct. 17 on Collins Field.
The Crusaders are 2-6 overall and 1-4 in conference.
The first thing our kids
have to do tonight is to go
home and realize, they got
beat, Thiry said. We cant
make any excuses. The fact of
the matter is this MG beat us
on our own field.
There is a really good
Edgewood team coming in
next week. Regardless of
their record, they have put
up points against everyone
theyve played.

Girls swimming

Swimming women keep home streak alive

Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

Junior Sophie Pitney (29:57) was the

Vikings only medal winner Saturday at the
Warrior Sprinter Fall Festival Swim Invite,
finishing a little over two-tenths of second off
the pace of River Valley senior Kelli Liegel
(29:35) in the 50-yard butterfly.Pitney also
finished fifth in the 50 backstroke (31.93).
Stoughtons highest relay was the 200 medley relay where junior Shaylee Kooima, senior
Annie Hudkins, sophomore Averie Ness and
Pitney swam to fourth place in 2:09.88.
We changed that relay up a bit since Maddie is battling some shoulder issues and can
only swim free events, McLaury said. Shaylee Kooima had a great meet, first filling in
for her sister on the 200 medley relay before
swimming to best times in the 100 backstroke
(1:15.48), dropping :02 and the 100 freestyle
McLaury said the meet was fun to break up
the hardest part of the season.
It is a sprint meet and allows for the girls
to swim some more 50s in the meet but yet
allowing them to choose some off events to try
without the pressure of scoring points for the
team, she said.
Other personal bests came from Rebecca
leading off 100 back (1:23.01), Sophomore
Colena Sankbeil (1:11.08) and freshman Sandra Blackburn (1:08.01) in the 100 free and
freshman Aubrey Schleppenbach in the 100

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Senior Annie Hudkins swims to a runner-up finish

in the 100-yard breaststroke Tuesday evening in
Stoughton with a time of 1 minute, 20.71 seconds. The Vikings defeated Monroe 103-67.

back (1:17.57).
River Valley (615) finished 26 points ahead
of Baraboo for top honors, while the host Warriors (493) rounded out the top three.
Stoughton finished fifth out six schools with
292 points.
Were hoping we can keep our home winning streak alive as we host Monroe for our
Senior & Parent Night, McLaury said.
Grafton and DeForest remained atop the
Wisconsin Interscholastic Swim Coaches

Turn to Swim/Page 13


October 16, 2014

Girls cross country

Staffen wins invitational, hopes to

lead Vikings to conference title
Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

Senior Nikki Staffen won the Baertschi Invitational in Albany on Saturday

and in doing so led the Stoughton girls
cross country team to victory as well.
Staffen, who hadnt won a race prior
to securing the last two Verona sectional
titles, finished seven seconds ahead of
Boscobel senior Keely Foley on the 5k
course in a meet-best 19 minutes, 24 seconds.
The Vikings went on to place all five
of their varsity scorers in the top 34 to
take top honors with 80 points out of the
12 teams competing.
Deerfield/Cambridge (95) finished
15 points behind the Vikings in second
place, while Mount Horeb (119) rounded
out the top three.
Senior Megan Reese followed Staffen

to the line in 20:54, finishing eighth overall as the teams second runner.
Nikki and Megan are running the best
they have in four years and our runners
are motivated by them, Stoughton head
coach Susan Zaemisch said.
Sophomore Augustyna Brestar (21:21)
stepped up to finish as the Vikings third
runner in 11th place with Aly Weum out
of the lineup.
Freshman Paige Halverson also continued to ascend the ranks, finishing 26th
with a time of 21:29.
Senior Ellen Janda rounded out the
varsity scoring on Saturday, finishing
34th in 22:24. Fellow senior Katie Roe
also competed, but did not score.
The Vikings JV team was also victorious, placing all five runners in the top
nine to edge Oregon 35-40. Sophomore
Maya Lonnebotn finished fifth to lead
the pack in 22:52.

Stoughton was without Clea Roe, who

had other commitments out of town over
the weekend, and Weum, who Stoughton
head coach Susan Zaemisch decided to
rest due to sickness earlier in the season
and a tight hamstring.
Aly is a tough competitor and will be
ready to race Saturday, Zaemisch said.
Kelsey Jenny will also be running at
Lake Farm Park along Lake Waubesa
for the Badger South Conference meet
at 10:10 a.m., Friday, Oct. 18. Stoughton
and Madison Edgewood are the favorites
to battle for the conference title.
I like where our team stands right
now, Zaemisch said. They are focused
and determined to win conference. The
last three weeks workouts have had a
purpose and the girls look really fast.
They have pulled together as a team
and they know they are stronger as a
team than they are individually.

Sectionals: State starts Thursday at 10:30 a.m.

Continued from page 11


year with Kahl and No. 1

doubles, went on fall 6-0, 6-2
against sectional champion
Dao Sysouvanh, a two-time
state qualifier, who finished in
the top 16 at state last season.
She then dropped her thirdplace match 4-6, 6-4, 10-3 to
Bridget Brockman of Waterford.
Benoy (18-10) will play her
first state tennis singles match
at noon Thursday against Kettle Moraines Emily Behling
(14-11). The winner faces
undefeated and second-seeded senior Emily Kolbow (290) at 4:30 p.m. Thursday.
Kolbow placed third at
state the last two seasons and
won two matches as a qualifier her freshman season in
Badger, which entered sectionals in fourth place with 16
points, leapt over Burlington
and Waterford (29) to take
top honors and advance on
to the WIAA Division 1 stat
team meet with 30 points.
The Vikings (22 points)
played to a runner-up finish, two third-places and one
fourth-place finish en route to
a sixth place at sectionals.
Trailing Burlington and
Waterford by six points and

The 44th Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association girls individual tennis

tournament will be held
Thursday-Saturday, Oct.
16-18. The meet takes place
at the Nielsen Tennis Stadium on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison.
First-round action begins
Thursday at 10:30 a.m. with
the quarterfinals set for 9 a.m.
Friday and the championship
matches beginning Saturday
at 8:30 a.m. Tickets are $6
for adults and students.
Reigning No. 1 singles
champion Lexi Keberle (26) of West Bend East is back
to defend her crown. Keberle
defeated two-time defending
champion Elizabeth Konon
of Homestead to win the
Division 1 state singles title
last year with a 6-4, 0-6, 6-3
The top seed at 1 doubles
was awarded to junior Anna
Kreynin and sophomore
Katya Mikhailenko (17-1)
of Homestead. Mikhailenko
was half the duo that finished
runner-up to Waunakees
Shelby and Tilly Chorney
last season, and Kreynin, as
a freshman, was half the tandem that won the state title in

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Stoughton sophomore No. 1 singles player Sarah Benoy returns a

backhand against Burlingtons Lacey Lorde last Wednesday at the
Burlington sectional. Benoy won the match 6-4, 6-4 to reach the
WIAA Division 1 individual state tennis tournament for the second
straight year (her first as a singles player).

Monona Grove by four entering sectionals, the Vikings

dropped out of a shot at team
state following losses at No.
2 and 3 doubles against Lake
Geneva Badger.
Despite their opening round
losses both teams battled
back to win their third-place
matches, however.
Carrie Aide and Marissa
Robson fell 6-4, 6-2 against
Gia Danny and Ashley Polena before fighting back to
defeat Janesville Parkers
Aislan Hartgrave and Justine
Wagner 6-1, 6-4.
Holly Brickson and Sydney

Johnson took a similar route

to third place. Brickson and
Johnson looked well on their
way to a second set blowout
loss only to pull to within a
game. Already down a set,
they Vikings No. 2 doubles
team found itself trailing 5-0
in the second only to claw
back to 5-4.
Though Brickson and
Johnson fell 6-2, 6-4 against
sectional champion JoAnne
Walczinski and Gillian Suhre,
they won a highly-contested
third-place match 7-5, 7-5
against Burlingtons Amy
Gilanyi and Alyssa Caliva.

Swim: Vikings swim to Badger South dual win over Monroe

Continued from page 12

Stoughton 103, Monroe 67

Associations Division 2
state poll last week, while
New Berlin Eisenhower
jumped over McFarland for
third place. Badger South
rivals Madison Edgewood
(fifth) and Monona Grove
(ninth) remained on the list.
Monona Grove was bumped
from 10th by Ladysmith/

Allie Niemeyer led a

Stoughton sweep of the top
three spots in the 200 free
and figured in three other
wins Tuesday evening as the
Vikings toppled Monroe 10367 in a Badger South Conference dual.
A four-year varsity swimmer, Niemeyer led the charge
in the 200 free (2:08.38)
and later took the 500 free

in 5:42.55 during her final

home meet.
She later joined Maddie
Kooima, Ness and Pitney for
the most exciting race of the
evening, touching out Monroe by just over two-tenths
of a second with a time of
1:51.28 in the 200-yard freestyle relay.
Niemeyer joined Maddie
and Kooima and Schleppenbach to closeout the meet
with a 400 freestyle relay win

in 4:16.83.
Fellow senior Annie Hudkins joined Niemeyer, Pitney
and Ness, opening the meet
with a runner-up finish on the
200 medley relay.
Tuesday wasnt just about
the seniors as freshman Maddie Kooima led a 1-2 finish
the 100 free (59.56). Ness
claimed the other freestyle
event in 27.65.
The win moved Stoughton
to 3-0 in home dual meets.



Boys cross country

Viking boys pull off

cross country sweep
Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

Sophomore Owen Roe

finished sixth overall and
second among large school
competitors at Saturdays
Baertschi Invitational in
Roe covered the 5k course
in 17 minutes, 19 seconds
to guide the Vikings to a
first-place finish amongst 13
large schools teams.
The win was the programs first victory since
2000, head coach Pat
Schneider said.
It is a great confidencebuilder for the boys going
into conference, Schneider said.It showed that the
training we have been doing
is working.
Stoughton placed all five
of its runners in the top 26 to
finish with 63 points.
The victory gave Stoughton both the boys and girls
titles Saturday.
Badger South Conference
rival Oregon finished six
points behind the Vikings
with 69 points. Deerfield/
Cambridge (74) meanwhile
rounded out the top three.
Sophomore Garrett Model
finished 15th overall as the
teams second runner in
17:40, while fellow sophomore Tristan Jenny placed
just outside the top 20, taking 21st in 17:54.

Senior Ryan Sperle

secured a 36th-place finish
in 18:17, while freshman
Sean McLaury placed 47th
overall in 18:32 as Stoughtons final varsity scorer.
Freshman Carson Fleres
and junior Gabe Ross both
competed on varsity, but did
not score.
We only beat Oregon
by five points at Albany
and we have gone back and
forth with Monona Grove
all year, Schneider said.I
think the boys know that
they can run with almost
anyone in the conference
and that we have a lot of
Stoughtons JV team finished with 41 points 19
behind first-place Oregon.
The Vikings were led by
junior Collin Kraus, who
won the JV race in 18:46
and earned a varsity spot for
The Vikings travel to
Lake Farm Park along Lake
Waubesa for the Badger
South Conference meet at
10:10 a.m., Oct. 18.
All year long I have said
that second place is a reasonable, but a tough goal,
Schneider said. There will
be very little separating second through fifth place. It
will all come down to what
team comes in healthy and
ready to race.We have the
potential to be that team.

Regionals: Elkhorn up next

Continued from page 11

If you go

Wildcats scored three

What: WIAA D2 regionunanswered goals in the
al final
second half.
When: 7 p.m. Thursday
Devin Wermuth and
Where: Elkhorn High
junior Alex Morris
scored the goals, while
senior Armando PerezS o b e r a n e s a n d N o l a n Stoughton 6,
added assists.
F r e s h m a n M a t t h e w Janesville Parker 0
Read had eight saves.
The Vikings hosted
Janesville Parker SaturBeloit Memorial 7,
day and won 6-0.
Junior Spencer
Stoughton 1
junior Andrew
Stoughton traveled to
Beloit Memorial Friday Beszhak, freshman Cole
Adams, freshman Alexand fell 7-1.
Junior Nathan Varese ander Hartberg, Devin
scored the lone Stough- Wermuth and Varese all
ton goal, while Read had scored goals.
Devin Wermuth added
nine saves.
three assists.

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Courier Hub

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October 16, 2014

Courier Hub


Lawrence E. Skar

Elaine Ruth Krueger

Hale, beloved mother,
Lawrence E. Skar, age
grandmother, sister, and
75, of Stoughton, passed
aunt, died on Sunday, Oct.
away Monday, Oct. 6,
5 at the University of Wis2014.
consin Hospital in Madison.
Survivors include his
She was 94. The causes
wife, Lois Skar; children,
were pneumonia and sepMichael Skar, Kelly Skar,
sis which developed after a
Toni (Bret) Anderson, Lartraumatic fall.
ry (Natasha) Skar, LennBorn in Green Bay, Wisart (Samantha) Skar, Luke
consin on Dec. 13, 1919 to
(Anne) Skar and Jason
Louise (Nowitke) Krueger
(Lisa) Skar; brothers, Marand Richard Krueger,
tin (Judy) Skar and Richard Lawrence Skar
she grew up there. Elaine
(Cathy) Skar; plus grandattended Roosevelt Grade
children and great-grandMemorials may be made S c h o o l a n d E a s t H i g h
to the family.
School, both of which were
He was preceded in death
Online condolences may
by his parents, Harry and be made at gundersonfh.com. located near her home on
East Mason Street. She
Mary Skar.
hoped to attend college,
Funeral services were
Gunderson Stoughton
held at Gunderson Stough- Funeral & Cremation Care but the Great Depression
and the outbreak of World
ton Funeral Home, 1358
1358 Highway 51
War II prevented her from
Highway 51 N. at Jackson
achieving that goal. NeverSt., Stoughton, on Oct. 11,
theless, she inculcated her
children with a passion for
learning and encouraged
them to go to college and
graduate school.
Mary K. Vosberg
She worked at Fort Howchildren, Samantha and
Parker; her mother, Anna; ard Paper Company in
14 siblings, Barb (Fritz) Green Bay during the war
Buetow, Bob (Mary Pat), as a secretary. Her favorite
Jim (Michele), Jack (Jan- pastimes included horseice), Laurie (Ken) Greco, back riding, ice skating,
Phil (Laura), Mark (Amy), piano-playing, and readJoan (Doug) Christianson, ing. She was also an avid
Ellen (Tom) Ruppenthal, Green Bay Packers, Green
Janet (Craig) Hardy, Peg Bay Blue Jays, Milwaukee
(Clay) Blohm, Dan (Pau- Braves, and Chicago Bulls
line), Steve (Sarah), Kara fan.
Elaine met and fell in
(J.C.) Warren; numerous
aunts, uncles, cousins, niec- love with William Clock
es, nephews, in-laws and Hale, a Coast Guard chief
pharmacists mate, in 1943,
many friends.
Mary was preceded in and they were married
Mary K. Vosberg Kruckenberg
death by her father, Francis; on Jan. 20, 1945 at Grace
brother, Lawrence; and sister, Christina.
A M a s s o f C h r i s t i a n Kathryn C. Katie
Mary K. Vosberg Kruckenberg, age 52, passed Burial was held on Tues- Everson
away peacefully surrounded day, Oct. 14, at St. Marys
Kathryn C. Katie Everby her family on Wednes- Catholic Church in Platday, Oct. 8. She was born in teville. Burial took place son, age 81, passed away
Platteville on November 15, in Calvary Cemetery. In peacefully at her home on
1961 the daughter Francis lieu of flowers, a memo- Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014
rial fund will be established surrounded by her family.
L. and Anna J. Vosberg.
She was born in BloomMary graduated from in Marys name. Marys
on Jan. 18, 1933 the
Platteville High School, wishes were for people not
of Milton and
attended UW-Madison,
Katie gradugraduated from UT-Austin to her funeral.
daughand received her Masters
degree in business from ter, sister, friend and a School in 1951. On Aug.
Texas State in San Marcos. devoted wife and mother to 16, 1951 she married Robert Everson Jr.
In June 1984, Mary mar- her children.
Katie was a life memPlease share your memoried Brian Kruckenberg.
of Order of the Eastries
She worked as a computer
She was a charprogrammer and was proud com.
of Covenant
of her career with ComputLutheran
and active
Cress Funeral Service
er Sciences Corp.
Mary enjoyed gardening,
the church, and made wonStoughton, WI 53589
being on the family farm
derful Rommegrot for the
and reading.
annual Syttende Mai church
She is lovingly survived

Marilyn Joan Midthun

Marilyn Joan Midthun,
age 86, passed away on
Monday September 29,
2014 at her home surrounded by her family. She was
born on May 27, 1928 in
Stoughton, WI. The daughter of Wilmer and Norma
(Moe) Rein. She married
Thorlife Midthun on February 20, 1949. Together
they farmed in the town of
Pleasant Springs for many
Marilyn was a stay at
home Mom that raised three
children and helped out

her work with energy and

efficiency while learning
how to use early versions
of IBM desktop computers. She was proud of her
professional achievements.
Elaine also devoted time to
helping those in need as a
member of the hospital auxiliary in Stoughton.
Throughout her life,
Elaine believed in God
and attended church regularly. She was raised a
Lutheran by her parents
and remained a loyal supporter of the denomination
until her death. She taught
Sunday school, donated
time and resources to a
number of churches, read
the Bible and other religious literature, and always
attempted to follow the
dictates of the faith in her
daily life. Religious music
was very important to her,
and she loved to play it on
the piano. She attended
Grace Lutheran Church in
Green Bay, Bethel Lutheran
Church in Hudson, Christ
Lutheran Church in Stoughton, and St. Paul Lutheran
Church in Baraboo.
Faith in God helped
Elaine on a daily basis. In
the early 1960s, she began
to suffer from rheumatoid
arthritis, a painful autoimmune disorder. It took a
horrible toll on her body but
never affected her indomitable will to press on with
the help of God.
Besides her brother
Emery (Sturgeon Bay),
Elaine is survived by her
daughter Linda (Baraboo),
and two sons, Mark
(Stoughton) and Brian

(Stevens Point). Her survivors include five grandchildren: Haley (Baraboo),

Isaac (Stoughton), Justin
(Stoughton), Lucas (Edgerton), and Saskia (Stevens
She is also survived by
her daughters-in-law, Linda
Jo (Stoughton) and Sabine
(Stevens Point).
A short memorial service took place on Oct. 9 at
Grace Lutheran Church presided over by Pastor Julie
Wrubbel-Lange, and Elaine
was buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery at Green
Bay after a brief grave site
service conducted by Pastor
Julie. Elaine was preceded
in death by her husband.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in her
name to the Sunday school
program at Grace Lutheran Church in Green Bay
or sent to the Community
State Bank in Baraboo for
The family would like to
thank Dr. Erich Marks and
the nurses of the University of Wisconsin Hospital,
especially Melissa. They
provided exemplary care to
Elaine during the last week
of her life. Thanks also go
to Pastor Bob at the hospital and the staff at the
Newcomer Funeral Home
of Green Bay who helped
the family in their time of
sorrow. Elaine was a regal
person throughout her life,
and she will be missed by
everyone who knew her.

breakfast. Katie was a hard

worker and was exceptional
at handiwork, her talents
showed in her dedication to
the family farm, upholstery
projects and countless volunteer hours of mending for
the residents of Skaalen for
over 10 years. She was very

competitive and enjoyed

playing games and completing puzzles.
Katie is survived by her
husband, Bob; four children, Mark (Linda), Cindy
Seely (Kort Kath), Richard
(Jolene Sparby), and Karla
Zentmire (Lee Fisher); six
grandchildren, Tiffany, Ben
(Jamie) and John, Daniel
(Ashley) and Kelly, and
Allan; five great grandchildren; twin brother, Kenneth
Stelzer; and many relatives
and friends. She was preceded in death by her parents; two grandchildren,
Joel and Curtis; and two
brothers, Lorin and Milton
J. Stelzer.
Funeral services were
held on Tuesday, Oct. 14,
2014 at Covenant Lutheran
Church, 1525 N. Van Buren

Street, Stoughton, with

Rev. Mark Petersen officiating.
Memorials may be made
to Covenant Lutheran
Church or Agrace HospiceCare Inc.
A special thank you to
Dr. Patel and the staff of
Stoughton Hospital, to Pastor Mark and Covenant
Lutheran Church, and to
nurse Shawna and the staff
of Agrace HospiceCare Inc.
Please share your memories at: CressFuneralService.com.

Abigail (Joshua) Thayer,

Andrew (Ashley) Ramberg,
Luke (Anna) Olson, Brandon Olson, Brittany Olson
( friend Michael Beale) and
9 great grandchildren, Madelyn, Will, and Sophia Peyer, Kaylea and Emily Midthun, Makayla Ramberg,
Levi and Easton Thayer
and Evelyn Olson. She is
also survived by her sisters
Eileen Brekken, Elsa (Lennie) Bronte and brothers
Roland Rein and Gunder
(Bernice) Rein.
She was preceded in
death by her parents

Wilmer and Norma, husband Thorlife, brother inlaw Elmer Brekken and sister in-law Janice Rein
Funeral services were
held on Oct. 4, 2014 at
Western Koshkonong
Lutheran Church, 2633
Church St. Cottage Grove,
with Rev. Thomas Heyn
She was laid to rest next
to her husband at Western
Koshkonong Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made out
to Western Koshkonong
Lutheran Church.

The family would like to

thank Agrace HospiceCare
and the Stoughton Hospital
for the care she received.
Please share your memories at CressFuneralService.

Elaine Ruth Krueger


with the farm chores.

Marilyn really enjoyed
mowing the lawn and keeping the family farm beautiful. She especially enjoyed
all the holidays and Saturday morning coffee hours
with her children, grandchildren and great grand
children. In Marilyns
kitchen you could always
find homemade goodies
made with lots of love. In
later years she spent Friday nights going out to eat
for a fish fry with her sister Eileen. She was a lifelong member of Western

159 W. Main St. 873-5513

Serving Stoughton since 1989.


Memorials for those we love and remember.

Wisconsin MonuMent & Vault co.

Koshkonong Lutheran
Church, where she also
attended school. She was a
member of Western Koshkonong Ladies Aid and in
recent years was active in
making lefse and serving at
the annual lutefisk dinner.
She is survived by her
children, Roger (Sharon)
Midthun, Susan (Mark)
Ramberg, and Linda
(Ritchie) Olson, all from
Stoughton. She is also survived by her 8 grandchildren, Julie (Jeremy) Peyer,
Michael (Kristi) Midthun,
Aaron (Erin) Ramberg,

Elaine Ruth Krueger Hale

Lutheran Church in Green

Bay. The couple had three
children whom they raised
in Green Bay, Hudson and
Stoughton. Elaine was very
devoted to her children,
and she attended the dozens of sports events, theater productions, Norwegian Dancer performances,
and school events in which
they participated. Yet she
also expected her children
to excel in school and earn
good grades.
Elaine worked outside the
home for many years before
her retirement. She performed important functions
as an administrative secretary at Kegonsa School
in Stoughton, where she
helped the faculty carry out
the provisions of the Title I
Act of 1965, which provided grants to help improve
the academic achievement
of the disadvantaged. She
worked as the administrative assistant of the CEO
of Stoughton Trailers for
many years. Elaine and
her daughter also founded
a small word processing
company. Elaine performed

Kathryn C. Everson

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wedding, anniversary and birth
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Cress Funeral Service

206 W. Prospect Street
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October 16, 2014

Courier Hub




City of Stoughton Plan Commission will
meet at approximately 7:00 p.m. on Monday, October 27, at Stoughton City Hall,
381 E. Main Street, Stoughton, Wisconsin, to conduct a hearing regarding the
proposed creation of Tax Incremental
District Number 7, City of Stoughton,
Wisconsin, and the proposed boundaries thereof, and on the proposed Project
Plan for such District.
The description of the proposed
boundaries of the Tax Incremental
District, which is being considered, is
located in the City of Stoughton, Dane
County, Wisconsin, with the following
parcel identification numbers and legal
Part of Lot 2, Certified Survey Map
No. 3430 as recorded in Volume 13, pages 268-270, as Document No. 1658279,
all of Lots 1, 2, and 3, Certified Survey
Map No. 3435 as recorded in Volume
13, pages 279-281, as Document No.
1658680, all of Lot 1, Certified Survey
Map No. 9632 as recorded in Volume
55, pages 194-197, as Document No.
3199102, and all of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter, and part of
the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast
Quarter, part of the Southeast Quarter
of the Southeast Quarter and part of
the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast
Quarter, all in Section 1, Township 5
North, Range 10 East, Town of Rutland,
and part of the Southwest Quarter of the
Southwest Quarter of Section 6, Township 5 North, Range 11 East, Town of
Dunkirk, Dane County, Wisconsin, Described as follows:
Beginning at a point on the South
line the Southwest Quarter of Section
6, aforesaid, being North 87 degrees 24
minutes 18 seconds East of the Southwest Corner of said Southwest Quarter
a distance of 667.62 feet, said point
also being on the Corporate boundary
of the City of Stoughton; thence South
87 degrees 24 minutes 18 seconds West
along the South line of said Southwest
Quarter, 662.61 feet to a point that is 5.00
feet East of the West line of the Southwest Quarter of Section 6, aforesaid;
thence North 00 degrees 17 minutes 13
seconds West parallel with the West line
of the Southwest Quarter of Section 6,
aforesaid, 184.63 feet; thence North 87
degrees 07 minutes 28 seconds West
parallel with the North right-of-way line
of State Trunk Highway 138 a distance
of 298.58 feet; thence South 00 degrees
16 minutes 13 seconds East, 5.01 feet
to the North right-of-way line of State
Trunk Highway 138; thence North 87
degrees 07 minutes 28 seconds West
along said right-of-way line, 21.50 feet;
thence South 00 degrees 12 minutes 45
seconds East along said right-of-way
line, 8.67 feet; thence North 89 degrees
53 minutes 46 seconds West along said
right-of-way line, 178.13 feet; thence
South 00 degrees 00 minutes 00 seconds East, 162.51 feet to the South line
of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1,
aforesaid; thence North 87 degrees 05
minutes 45 seconds West along said
section line, 1941.76 feet to the Southerly extension of the East line of Certified Survey Map No. 7803, as recorded
in Volume 41, pages 76-77 as Document
No. 2670794; thence North 00 degrees
05 minutes 30 seconds West along the
East line of said Lot 1 a distance 604.54
feet to the Northeast corner of said Lot
1; thence North 87 degrees 50 minutes
42 seconds West along the North line
of said Lot 1, a distance of 203.18 feet
to the West line of said Southeast Quarter; thence North 00 degrees 04 minutes
33 seconds West along said West line,
2039.87 feet to the Northwest corner of
said Southeast Quarter; thence South
86 degrees 41 minutes 54 seconds East
along the North line of said Southeast
Quarter, 1986.12 feet to the West line of
Lot 1, Certified Survey Map No. 8144 as
recorded in Volume 43, pages 285-290,
as Document No. 2745975; thence South
00 degrees 09 minutes 16 seconds West,
146.55 feet; thence South 00 degrees 05
minutes 13 seconds East, 279.26 feet to
the Southwest corner of Lot 2, Certified
Survey Map No. 8144; thence South 00
degrees 06 minutes 55 seconds East
along the West line of Certified Survey
Map No. 9632 as recorded in Volume 55,
pages 194-197 as Document No. 3199102
a distance of 888.03 feet; thence South
87 degrees 57 minutes 29 seconds East,
1.15 feet; thence South 00 degrees 20
minutes 15 seconds West, 198.79 feet
to the Southwest corner of Lot 2 of said

Certified Survey Map No. 9632; thence

North 89 degrees 42 minutes 22 seconds East along the South line of said
Lot 2 a distance of 519.85 feet to the
Westerly right-of-way line of U.S.H. 51;
thence North 01 degrees 42 minutes 26
seconds East along said Westerly rightof-way line, 171.19 feet; thence South
88 degrees 07 minutes 03 seconds
East, 123.54 feet to the East line of the
Southeast Quarter of said Section 1 and
the Westerly corporate boundary of the
City of Stoughton; thence South 00 degrees 17 minutes 13 seconds East along
the East line of said Southeast Quarter
and said Westerly corporate boundary,
42.54 feet; thence North 88 degrees 23
minutes 40 seconds East, 41.11 feet to
the Easterly right-of-way line of U.S.H.
51; thence South 03 degrees 23 minutes 52 seconds East along said easterly right-of-way line, 122.33 feet to a
point of curve; thence Southeasterly
1,089.67 feet along an arc of a curve to
the left, having a radius of 976.74 feet,
the chord bearing South 30 degrees 13
minutes 16 seconds East, 1,034.04 feet;
thence South 63 degrees 11 minutes 08
seconds East, 113.67 feet; thence South
00 degrees 58 minutes 35 seconds East,
179.65 feet to the Point of Beginning.
Parcel contains 6,107,862 square
feet or 140.217 acres
In addition to the parcels listed
above, the boundaries of the proposed
District shall include projects that extend within 1/2 mile of the boundary.
The City anticipates that the proposed project plans project cost may
include cash grants made by the city to
owners, lessees, or developers of land
that is located within the tax incremental
During the public hearing, all interested parties will be provided with
an opportunity to express their views
on the proposed creation of the tax
incremental district and the proposed
boundaries thereof, and on the proposed project plan for such district.
Persons desiring information on the
proposed tax incremental district and/or
the proposed project plan may contact
the Director of Finance and Economic
Development at 608-873-6691. A copy of
the proposed project plan and a map of
the proposed project area are available
for review in City offices in the Finance
and Economic Development Department
at City Hall, 381 E. Main Street and will
be provided upon request.
Donna Olson
Lana Kropf,
City Clerk
Published October 9 and 16 2014

Kenneth M. LePine

Case No. 14PR681

1. An application for Informal Administration was filed.
2. The decedent, with date of birth
January 26, 1924 and date of death August 27, 2014, was domiciled in Dane
County, State of Wisconsin, with a mailing address of 913 Skogdalen Drive,
Stoughton, WI 53589.
3. All interested persons waived
4. The deadline for filing a claim
against the decedents estate is January
2, 2015.
5. A claim may be filed at the Dane
County Courthouse, Madison, Wisconsin, Room 1000
Lisa Chandler
Probate Registrar
September 25, 2014
Kenneth J. LePine
3094 Shadyside Drive
Stoughton, WI 53589
(608) 873-8534
Published: October 2, 9 and 16, 2014

Robert R. Halverson

Case No. 2014PR679

1. An application for Informal Administration was filed.
2. The decedent, with date of birth
May 27, 1922 and date of death September 7, 2014, was domiciled in Dane
County, State of Wisconsin, with a mailing address of 128 West Washington
Street, Stoughton, WI 53589.

3. All interested persons waived

4. The deadline for filing a claim
against the decedents estate is January
1, 2015.
5. A claim may be filed at the Dane
County Courthouse, Madison, Wisconsin, Room 1000
Lisa Chandler
Probate Registrar
September 24, 2014
David. M. Houser
301 W. Main St., PO Box 347
Stoughton, WI 53589
Bar Number: 1000814
Published: October 9, 16 and 23, 2014

Deadline for Filing
Claims (Informal
Administration) IN THE
Jon A. Tondryk



The City of Stoughton Planning

Commission will hold a Public Hearing
on Monday, October 27, 2014, at 6:00
oclock p.m., or as soon after as the
matter may be heard, in the Council


Viola Anderson

Case No. 2014PR714

1. An application for Informal Administration was filed.
2. The decedent, with date of birth
April 4, 1921 and date of death August
14, 2014, was domiciled in Dane County,
State of Wisconsin, with a mailing address of 137 Forton Street, Stoughton,
WI 53589.
3. All interested persons waived
4. The deadline for filing a claim
against the decedents estate is January
16, 2015.
5. A claim may be filed at the Dane
County Courthouse, Madison, Wisconsin, Room 1000.
Lisa Chandler
Probate Registrar
October 7, 2014
David. M. Houser
301 W. Main St., PO Box 347
Stoughton, WI 53589
Bar Number: 1013777
Published: October 16, 23 and 30, 2014

Meeting delayed two weeks so we can provide Dam Construction updates.

Call to order
Reading of the minutes
Treasurers report and presentation of the 2014-2015 annual budget
Set dates for 2015 Calendar
Old Business
Dam Construction Updates
New Business
Bylaw change: to set the date of the next meeting

Dunkirk Dam Lake District Proposed Budget

Year Ending 09/30/15

Fiscal Year 10/1-9/30 2013-14 2013-14 2014-15

Proposed Budget

General Tax Levy

50 22 20

Shared Tax Relief

Dam Repair Loan
Revenue Total
Transfer from Savings
17,900* 17,900
Total 26,600


Dam Maint/Spraying
1000 63 2000

Dam Repair

Loan Payment
Expense Total

The City of Stoughton Planning

Commission will hold a Public Hearing
on Monday, October 27, 2014 at 6:00
oclock p.m., or as soon after as the matter may be heard, in the Council Chambers, Public Safety Building, 321 South
Fourth Street, Second Floor, Stoughton,
Wisconsin, 53589, to consider an application by Walmart for approval of a
proposed Specific Implementation Plan
(SIP) for the development of certain
property located within the Kettle Park
West Commercial Center proposed to be
located at the Northwest corner of STH
138 and US Highway 51, in the City of
Stoughton, Wisconsin.
For questions regarding this notice
please contact Rodney Scheel at 608873-6619
Michael P Stacey
Zoning Administrator
Published October 9 and 16 2014

Case No. 14PR678

1. An application for Informal Administration was filed.
2. The decedent, with date of birth
January 22, 1951 and date of death
September 4, 2014, was domiciled in
Dane County, State of Wisconsin, with a
mailing address of 851 County Hwy N,
Stoughton, WI 53589.
3. The application will be heard at
the Dane County Courthouse, Madison,
Wisconsin, Room 1005, before the presiding Probate Registrar, on October 24,
2014 at 8:30am.
You do not need to appear unless
you object. The application may be
granted if there is no objection.
4. The deadline for filing a claim
against the decedents estate is January
2, 2015.
5. A claim may be filed at the Dane
County Courthouse, Madison, Wisconsin, Room 1005.
6. This publication is notice to any
persons whose names or addresses are
If you require reasonable accommodations due to a disability to participate in the court process, please
call 608-266-4311 at least 10 working
days prior to the scheduled court date.
Please note that the court does not provide transportation.
Lisa Chandler
Probate Registrar
September 24, 2014
Michael D. Rumpf
PO Box 1
Cambridge, WI 53523
Bar Number: 1015663
Published: October 2, 9 and 16, 2014



General Funds
Checking Account
Savings Acct. HY
Savings Account
Funds Total
Required Reserve
Published: October 9 and 16, 2014



Published: October 9 and 16, 2014

Published: October 16, 2014


Chambers, Public Safety Building, 321

S. Fourth Street Second Floor, Stoughton, Wisconsin, 53589, to consider an
application by Kettle Park West, LLC, to
amend the General Development Plan
(GDP) approved in Ordinance No. 0-232013, relating to the Kettle Park West
Commercial Center proposed to be located at the Northwest corner of STH
138 and US Highway 51, in the City of
Stoughton, Wisconsin.
For questions regarding this notice
please contact Rodney Scheel at 608873-6619
Michael P Stacey
Zoning Administrator
Published October 9 and 16 2014


The City of Stoughton Planning

Commission will hold a Public Hearing
on Monday, October 27, 2014 at 6:00
oclock p.m., or as soon after as the matter may be heard, in the Council Chambers, Public Safety Building, 321 South
Fourth Street, Second Floor, Stoughton,
Wisconsin, 53589, to consider an application by Kwik Trip for approval of a
proposed Specific Implementation Plan
(SIP) for the development of certain
property located within the Kettle Park

West Commercial Center proposed to be

located at the Northwest corner of STH
138 and US Highway 51, in the City of
Stoughton, Wisconsin.
For questions regarding this notice
please contact Rodney Scheel at 608873-6619
Michael P Stacey
Zoning Administrator
Published October 9 and 16 2014


Special Voting Deputies will visit

the residents of Skaalen Retirement
Home & Heritage Center 400 N Morris St., Stoughton WI, for the purpose
of conducting Absentee Voting for the
November 4, 2014 General Election on
Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.
Kim A Richmond, Deputy City Clerk
City of Stoughton
Notice per State Statue 6.875(4)(6)
Published: October 16, 2014

Legals continued on page 00


Stoughton Wellness Expo

October 16, 2014


FREE Event for the Community!

William C. Fiedler

OVER 30 businesses and organizations with health information


Wellness Coalition

Saturday, October 18th

9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Stoughton High School
(enter off Devonshire)

FREE Health Screenings

Fasting Blood Glucose (blood sugar)

Fasting Cholesterol
Blood Pressure
Bone Density
Diabetes foot screenings
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Oxygen Saturation

FUN Activities

FREE Health Talks

William C. Fiedler

9:30 Maintaining Brain Health

Joy Schmidt, community education specialist

Alzheimers & Dementia Alliance of WI

William C. Bill Fiedler

joined his long-time dancing partner, his bride, Charlene Krueger, on Tuesday,
Oct. 7, while surrounded
by his family and close
friends. Bill was born on

10:30 Living to 100 & Beyond

Renee Taylor, registered dietitian
Skaalen Retirement Services

11:30 Medication Safety

Dan McGlynn, pharmacist
McGlynn Pharmacy

Rev. Richard Rem

WiiFit Demo
Ambulance tours
Door Prizes and drawings

FREE 30 Minute Mini Yoga Classes

FREE Refreshments

11:00 a.m. Kundalini Yoga

Mats will be provided.

10:00 a.m. Vinyasa Flow Yoga
12:00 p.m. Yoga Jam

FREE Chair Massages

This event is brought to you by the Stoughton Wellness Coalition.

Thank you to our event sponsors:


Enjoy a variety of healthy snacks including

fresh fruit donated by McFarland State Bank
and honey sticks donated by Bee Barf Honey.

Rev. Richard Rem was

born Aug. 21, 1928, in
Brainerd, Minn., to Rev.
Oscar and Marie Rem. He
was united in marriage to
Darleen Mae Helgerson in
Richard graduated from
Luther College in 1951 and
from Luther Seminary in
1955. He served parishes
and nursing homes in Wisconsin during his 37 years
in the ministry. Richard continued to volunteer and do
visitation until his death on
Sunday, Oct. 5.
He is survived by his
wife Darleen of 64 years;
daughter Ruth (the Rev.
Richard) Thickpenny;

Jan. 12, 1930.

He was a longtime farmer
in the Albany and Stoughton areas and spent his last
20 working years at Famous
Bill is survived by
his five children, Connie (Russ) Phillips, Lynn
Hubert, Kristy (John)
Dobel, Jim (Laura) Fiedler
and Mary (Bruce) Meister;
17 grandchildren; 12 greatgrandchildren, with two
more to come early next
year; sister, Dolores Mauerman; and many nieces,
nephews, other relatives
and friends.
He was preceded in
death by his wife, Charlene
(Krueger); parents, Clarence and Marcella Fiedler;
son-in-law, Steve Hubert;
and great-grandson, Phillip.
Bill loved to dance,
watch sports, ride around

the country and visit with

his many friends. He was
a man who appreciated the
value of hard work, honesty
and integrity, and he led his
family in these values by
Funeral services were
held at Gunderson Oregon
Funeral Home, 1150 Park
St., Oregon, on Sunday,
Oct. 12. In lieu of flowers,
memorials may be made
to Christ Lutheran Church,
700 County Highway B,
Stoughton, WI 53589;
Agrace HospiceCare, 5395
E Cheryl Pkwy., Fitchburg;
WI 53711, or a charity of
your choice. Online condolences may be made at

sons, Paul (Erica Fishman),

Dave (Margie) and Steve
(the Rev. Michelle) Rem;
grandchildren, Stephen, Jon
(Sarah), Emily, Jonathan
(Lani), Heather, Rachel and
Anna; great-grandchildren,
Emma Grace and Andrew;
brothers, John (Mari), Don
(Mary); sister, Karen (the
Rev. Monrad) Mandsager;
sister-in-law, Betty Rem;
brother-in-law, Fred Wright;
and sister-in-law, Laurayne
He was preceded in death
by his parents, Oscar and
Marie; brother, Odin; sister,
Ann Wright; brother-in-law,
Lee Solberg; and grandson,
Christopher Thickpenny.
A memorial service was
held at All Saints Lutheran

Church, 2951 Chapel Valley

Rd., Fitchburg, at 1 p.m., on
Friday, October 10.
Memorials may be given
to Mt. Sterling Lutheran
Church, All Saints Lutheran
Church, Skaalen Retirement Services or the ELCA
World Hunger Appeal.
Thank you to all the wonderful people who cared for
him and his family at Meriter.
Soli Deo Gloria, To
God alone the glory! Online
condolences may be made at

contract with Education Assistants Association of Stoughton effective July

1, 2014 through June 30, 2014 as presented.
Learning Session scheduled to begin
immediately following this meeting will
be rescheduled.
A motion was made by Bev Fergus,
seconded by Brett Schumacher, and
carried to adjourn at 8:54 p.m.
Tina Hunter, Clerk
Published: October 16, 2014

2014, at Stoughton City Hall, 381 E. Main

Street, Stoughton, Wisconsin, to conduct a meeting regarding the creation of
Tax Incremental District Number 7, City
of Stoughton, Wisconsin, and the proposed boundaries thereof, and on the
proposed Project Plan for such district.
The City anticipates that the proposed project plans project cost may
include cash grants made by the city to
owners, lessees, or developers of land
that is located within the tax incremental
During the meeting, all interested
parties will be provided with an opportunity to express their views on
the proposed project plan for such tax
incremental district. Persons desiring
information on the proposed tax incremental district and/or the proposed
project plan may contact the Director
of Finance and Economic Development
at 608.873.6691. A copy of the proposed
project plan and map of the proposed
project area is available for review in
City offices in the Finance and Economic Development Department at City Hall,
381 E. Main Street and will be provided
upon request.
Dated this 16th day of October 2014.
Published: October 16, 2014

Gunderson Oregon
Funeral & Cremation Care
1150 Park Street

Gunderson Stoughton
Funeral & Cremation Care
1358 Highway 51

Legals From/page 00

A Special Voting Deputy will visit

the residents of Nazareth Health & Rehabilitation Center, 814 Jackson St.,
Stoughton WI, for the purpose of conducting Absentee Voting for the November 4, 2014 General Election on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 10:30 a.m.
Kim A Richmond, Deputy City Clerk
City of Stoughton
Notice per State Statue 6.875(4)(6)
Published: October 16, 2014

Stoughton Area
School District
September 8, 2014

A regular meeting of the Board of

Education of the Stoughton Area School
District was called to order Monday,
September 8, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. in the
Administrative and Educational Services Center Board Room by President,
Liz Menzer.
Fergus, Joe Freye, Wanda Grasse, Tina
Hunter, Liz Menzer, Brett Schumacher,
Francis Sullivan,, and Donna Tarpinian.
Excused: Pat Volk
DISTRICT ADMINISTRATOR/PRINCIPAL/STUDENT REPORTS: Dr. Onsager informed board members of items at
their places tonight: InBusiness magazine with Stoughton insert; district safety manual updates, emergency contact
list and FFA information. Coffee with the
Superintendent begin this Thursday,
September 11 at the Senior Center and
the Stoughton Homeless Coalition will
conduct a simulation September 14.
CONSENT AGENDA: A motion was
made by Tina Hunter, seconded by Donna Tarpinian, and carried unanimously
on a voice vote to approve the August 13-September 3, 2014 check register as presented; We would like to say
thank you to the following individuals
and groups and move approval of their
donations to the District: $225.00 for the
9th grade class from Freeman Photography; $200.00 for the 10th grade class
from Freeman Photography; $1,011.28
for high school football travel expenses from Stoughton Football; Sandhill
classroom cabinets valued at $600.00
from Laura Bonebright; $1,000.00 for
high school student honor roll t-shirts
from Deanna Eccles-Rotar; $316.75 for
high school athlete helmet decals from
Stoughton Football; $50.00 for high
school boys soccer from Linda Harring and James Spoerl; $90.00 for high
school boys soccer from Michael and
Susan Wenker; $30.00 for high school
boys soccer from Monica and Christopher Freeman; $50.00 for high school
boys soccer from Douglas and Marsha
Ripkey; $50.00 for high school boys soccer from Kathleen and Timothy Morris;
$25.00 for high school boys soccer from
Carolyn and Andrew Adams; $50.00 for
high school boys soccer from Tobies
Tilers; $50.00 for high school boys
soccer from Kay Weeden; $1,000.00
for high school boys soccer from Justin and Tina Ferguson; $75.00 for high
school agriculture supplies from Alliant Energy Foundation; $4,000.00 for
high school student scholarships from

Stoughton Sports Boosters; $3,094.00

for high school softball windscreen, and
$1,000.00 for high school dance team
uniforms from Stoughton Sports Boosters; $740.03 for high school student
supplies from TARGET; $600.00 for high
school student needs from Kiwanis Club
of Stoughton; $400.00 for student needs
at each elementary school and River
Bluff ($100.00 each) from Kiwanis Club
of Stoughton; and, related budget adjustments totaling $18,057.06; approval
of contracts for: Jonathan
Daugherty, 1.0 FTE, $46,204.00;
Courtney Nenn, 1.0 FTE, $47,674.00;
Abby Alt, 1.0 FTE, $49,235.00; Cassandra Paulsen, 1.0 FTE, $37,268.00;
and, Amy Spranger, 1.0 FTE temporary,
$37,967.00 for the 2014-15 school year;
resignations for Tom Giddings, Taylor
Franklin, and Lisa Ballweg effective immediately pending receipt of liquidated
damages in the amount of $600.00; and,
for District Administrator, Tim Onsager,
to attend the Superintendents Summit
in Newport, Rhode Island, October 8-11,
A. Science Program Review Update (L1- L5, P2) - Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Judy Singletary
introduced Cindy Carter and Melissa
Maag, district science teachers, who
presented information gathered at the
Science Program Review conducted
last spring with district personnel and
community partners. The community
partners presented a recommendation
to the district team who created action
plans to: align courses with Next Generation Science Standards; seek inquiry
based elementary resources; identify
curriculum connections; integrate engineering principles (HS/RB); implement
consistent instruction methods between
the high school and River Bluff; use
assessment data to inform instruction;
and, professional development growth
opportunities. A suggestion was made
to look into opportunities for students to
take science classes (semester) over the
summer months.
B. Pupil Service Annual Update (L1L3, P1, P3) - Annually the Pupil Services
Team provides the Board an update. Director of Student Services, Pete Wilson
introduced: Vicki Feltz, Lisa Koenecke,
Judy Christensen, Andrew Burke, Kristin Natzke, Ann Cook, Mary Pauley, Sara
Durtschi, Adam Grieve, Mary Grace
Ott, Jodi Peters-Schmidt, Samantha
Rogers, Laurel Gretebeck, Julie Incitti,
Teresa Hermanson, and Amber Nelson
who presented district wide information/update in the areas of: counseling,
behavior specialists, school psychologists, school nurse, and, school social
C. 2013-14 High School Athletic Review (L2-L4, P3) - Athletics and Activities
Supervisor, Mel Dow presented a 201314 athletic department yearend report.
We had 1,114 students participate in
athletic activities last year, 554 male/560
female, with a cumulative GPA of 3.32.
A. 2014-15 Additional Critical
Staffing (L1-L5, W1, W2, F1) - District
Administrator, Tim Onsager reviewed
critical staffing recommendations for
the 2014-15 school year. A motion was
made by Francis Sullivan, seconded by
Joe Freye, and carried unanimously on a
voice vote to add a 2nd grade teacher at
Kegonsa, 3rd grade teacher at Sandhill,
an educational assistant at Fox Prairie,
and a one year temporary educational
assistant at Sandhill for the 2014-15

school year.
I. New Positions Contract Approval
A motion was made by Tina Hunter,
seconded by Francis Sullivan, and carried unanimously on a voice vote to approve a contract for Cassandra Paulsen,
1.0 FTE and Kylie Peterson, 1.0 FTE for
the 2014-15 school year.
Effectiveness Learning Session September 22, 2014 after the regular board
A motion was made by Francis Sullivan, seconded by Wanda Grasse, and
carried unanimously to adjourn at 9:14
Tina Hunter, Clerk
Published: October 16, 2014

Stoughton Area
School District
September 22, 2014

A regular meeting of the Board of

Education of the Stoughton Area School
District was called to order Monday,
September 22, 2014, at 7: p.m. in the Administrative and Educational Services
Center Board Room by Vice President,
Donna Tarpinian.
Fergus, Joe Freye, Wanda Grasse, Tina
Hunter, Brett Schumacher, Francis Sullivan, Donna Tarpinian. Excused: Liz
Menzer, and Pat Volk.
CONTEMPLATED EXECUTIVE SESSION: Exemption Wis. Stat. 19.82 (1),
19.85(1)(b)(c)(f)(g) and 118.125 to approve minutes of the August 18, 2014
meeting minutes and discuss represented and non-represented group negotiations. The Board may consider and take
action as appropriate in these matters
and will reconvene in open session. Vice
President, Donna Tarpinian indicated a
need for executive session. A motion
was made by Tina Hunter, seconded by
Brett Schumacher, and carried on a roll
call vote (Hunter, Tarpinian, Freye, Sullivan Schumacher, Grasse, Fergus) to
move into executive session
citing Wis. Stat. 19.82 (1),
19.85(1)(b)(c)(f)(g) and 118.125 to approve minutes of the August 18, 2014
meeting minutes and discuss represented and non-represented group negotiations at 7:05 p.m. The Board may
consider and take action as appropriate
in these matters and will reconvene in
open session.
Vice President, Donna Tarpinian, called the executive session of the
Stoughton Area School District Board
of Education to order at 7:10 p.m. citing
Wis. Stat. 19.82 (1), 19.85(1)(b)(c)(f)(g)
and 118.125 to approve minutes of the
August 18, 2014 meeting minutes and
discuss represented and non-represented group negotiations. The Board may
consider and take action as appropriate
in these matters and will reconvene in
open session.
Members present: Bev Fergus, Joe
Freye, Wanda Grasse, Tina Hunter, Brett
Schumacher, Francis Sullivan, Donna
Tarpinian, Pat Volk. Excused: Liz Menzer.
A motion was made by Francis
Sullivan, seconded by Joe Freye, and
carried unanimously to approve the
minutes of the August 18, 2014 regular
and executive session minutes as presented.

Members discussed represented

and non-represented group negotiations. A motion was made by Francis
Sullivan, seconded by Brett Schumacher, and carried to move into open session at 7:42 p.m.
DISTRICT ADMINISTRATOR/PRINCIPAL/STUDENT REPORTS: Dr. Onsager reported homecoming activities are
in full swing this week at the middle and
high school. The parade is Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. followed with a community tailgate
before the football game. Board
members are invited to distribute glow
necklaces at the tailgate. Educator Effectiveness will be presented at the October 6 regular board meeting.
CONSENT AGENDA: A motion was
made by Tina Hunter, seconded by Bev
Fergus, and carried unanimously to approve the: September 8, 2014, regular
meeting minutes; September 4-17, 2014
check register and Pcard statement as
presented; We would like to say thank
you to the following individuals and
groups and move approval of their donations to the District: $505.39 for Fox
Prairie classroom supplies from TARGET; $300.00 for high school student
supplies from Robert Bernier; $500.00
for FAB Lab supplies from Cummins
Inc.; $500.00 for FAB Lab laser machines
from Laird Plastics Inc.; $70.00 for Kegonsa student supplies from Check Advance; $1,000.00 for high school athletic
supplies from Costco; $50.00 for SASD
music department expenses from the
Class of 51; $200.00 for Sandhill Reading is Fundamental program from Laura
Bonebright; $335.42 for Sandhill student
supplies from TARGET; Student supplies for Kegonsa students valued at
approximately $70 from Check Advance;
and, related budget adjustments totaling $3,460.81; contract for Hannah Laffin, 1.0 FTE temporary $36,468.00; and,
field trip request for students to attend
the FFA National Convention in Louisville, KY, October 28 through November
1, 2014.
A. 1016.00 Homeless Assistance
Policy New - Tina Hunter presented
the new Homeless Assistance Policy
for board member review. This item will
be placed on the October 6 agenda for
board action.
B. 2013-14 School Report Cards
and Building Goals - Judy Singletary
and building principals presented DPI
School Report Card results and 2014-15
goals. Board members asked to see the
STUDER Report card.
A. Ratification of Stoughton Education Association (SEA) Master Contract,
July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015 - A motion
was made by Tina Hunter, seconded
by Bev Fergus, and carried on a roll
call vote (Tarpinian Schumacher, Fergus, Sullivan, Hunter, Freye, Grasse) to
approve the master contract with the
Stoughton Education Association effective July 1, 2014 through
June 30, 2015 as presented.
B. Ratification of Education Assistants Association of Stoughton (EAAS)
Master - Contract, July 1, 2014 - June
30, 2015
A motion was made by Tina Hunter,
seconded by Francis Sullivan and carried on a roll call vote (Freye, Grasse,
Fergus, Sullivan, Hunter, Tarpinian,
Schumacher) to approve the master



Monitoring Requirements Not Met

for Stoughton Waterworks
We are required to monitor your
drinking water for specific contaminants
on a regular basis. Results of regular
monitoring are an indicator of whether
or not your drinking water meets health
standards. Between 07/01/2014 and
09/30/2014, we did not monitor at any of
the wells for coliform bacteria contaminants, and therefore cannot be sure of
the quality of your drinking water during
that time.
What precautions should be taken
at this time?
There are no special precautions
you need to take at this time. However, it
is important to remember that the quality of your drinking water is not known
at this time.
What was the cause of the missed
monitoring requirements?
Monitoring assignments were misinterpreted.
What is being done to correct the
Monitoring schedules have been
placed on a 12-month electronic calendar and are included in our work order
system that is available to all operators.
When will the problem be resolved?
Full resolution has been achieved
as all monitoring occurred on October 3,
2014 and the safe results was reported
on October 4, 2014.
If you have questions regarding
the safety of our drinking water, please
Robert Kardasz, P.E.
Ph: (608) 877-7423
600 S. Fourth St
Stoughton, WI 53589
Published: October 16, 2014




the Joint Review Board for the City of
Stoughtons proposed creation of Tax
Incremental District Number 7 will meet
at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 23,



The City of Stoughton Planning

Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, November 10, 2014 at
6:00oclock p.m., or as soon after as
the matter may be heard, in the Council Chambers, Public Safety Building,
321 South Fourth Street, Second Floor,
Stoughton, Wisconsin, 53589, to consider a proposed Conditional Use Permit Application by Mike Wendorf, for
an Indoor Commercial Entertainment
use (fitness facility) at 225 Hoel Avenue,
Stoughton, Wisconsin. The property at
225 Hoel Avenue is currently listed in
Dane County records as being owned
by Nelson Industries, and is more fully
described as follows:
Parcel Number: 281/0511-072-85028,
1385.60 TH S0DEG2714E 35.51 FT TO
SLY LN USH 151 & STH 138 & POB TH
LANDS 447.43 FT TH N87DEG0923E
ALG W LN SD LOT 84 159.66 FT TO SW
483.00 FT L/C N82DEG5725W 124.13
N0DEG2828W ALG SD ELY LN 315.67
304.11 FT TO SLY LN USH 151 & STH
LN 24.22 FT TO POB. This property description is for tax purposes, it may be
For questions regarding this notice
please contact Michael Stacey, Zoning
Administrator at 608-646-0421
Michael P Stacey
Zoning Administrator
PublishedOctober 16 and 23, 2014


October 16, 2014

Courier Hub


Academic honors
munication science and UW-Whitewater
disorders; Nikki Smedal,
Marah Alexander, BA,
biology; Ryan Vingum, social work; Makenna
Parish Day, BM, music;
Benjamin Knapp, BSE,
Colorado College
Skye Greenler, BA, Kathryn Beck, BBA, economics; Marta Kappeler,
MPA, accounting; Ashley
Vedvig, BS, geography;
Edgewood College
Tessa Churchill, BS, Nicholas Wharton, BA,
psychology; Kimberly communication; Dominic
Knauf, BS, nursing; Zac Baruzzini, BS, mathematics; Carly Miller,
Schulze, BS, business
BSE, elementary education; Jamie Peck, BSE,
Upper Iowa University
UW-Eau Claire
Matthew Weiss, BS, communication sciences
Allison Fendrick, nurs- business administration and disorders; Allyson
Kevin ODonnell, BS,
Sanderson, BSE, speing; Claire Fleming, comproperty management
UW-Stevens Point
Justin Frank, BS, urban
forestry; Casey Hubing,
BS, psychology-human
Marquette University
Joseph Liggett, certifi- services; Christopher
cate, older adult clinical Myren, BS, accounting,
fire; Thomas Speth, BS,
nurse specialist
Samuel Schultz, BS, business administrationmanagement; Matthew
biomedical sciences
Zangle, BS, resource
management-land use
Beloit College
Matthew Olson, BS,
environmental biology; UW-La Crosse
Alyssa Reeves, BA,
Kevin Palmer, BS, chempsychology

Spring graduates

FOUND! SINGLE key on at

Stoughton Senior EXPO.
Wednesday, October 8th.
Please call 845-9559 to claim

143 Notices
more about how you can help our
service members, veterans and their
families in their time of need, visit the
Fisher House website at
www.fisherhouse.org (wcan)
WCAN (Wisconsin Community Ad Network) and/or the member publications
review ads to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous
people are ready to take your money!
TO BE TRUE! For more information, or to
file a complaint regarding an ad, please
contact The Department of Trade, Agriculture & Consumer Protection 1-800422-7128 (wcan)

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Admission. Pumpkins, squash, gourds,
straw maze, wagon ride, small animals
to view. Opening September 20. Open
daily 9am until 6pm through Halloween.
127 Cty Rd N, Edgerton, WI
hermansonpumpkinpatch.webs.com Go
8 mi.southeast on Cty Rd. N towards
VIROQUA GUN Show October 24-25.
Vernon Cty. Fairgrounds. Just off Hwy
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Call 206-0242
P/T evenings. Must pass background
check/drug test. Apply online @ www.
Supervisor Positions
Wellnes coaches. PT/FT.
Training provided.
DRIVERS: LOCAL, Dedicated!
2000-2200 MPW. $0.50CPM. Safety
& Mile Bonus Potential. Stop Pay.
Van Reefer. Clean MVR, Background,
CDL-A. 2yrs exp. Shawn: 855-205-6364
part-time drivers. Apply in person at 999
Hwy A, Edgerton, across from Coachman's.
FEED MILL Attendant/Driver
Full time position with benefits.
Warehouse, general labor and
deliveries. CDL required.
email resume to: mfcoop@chorus.net
or mail to: Middleton Coop
%David, POBox 620348
Middleton, WI 53562-0348
GROWING CONCRETE company looking for EXPERIENCED Flat work finisher,
foundation form setter, concrete foreman
and operator. Musthave valid drivers
license. Competitive wages, insurance
benefits. 608-289-3434
NOW HIRING all positions.
Sugar & Spice Eatery.
Apply in Person.
317 Nora St, Stoughton


Mid-West Regional Drivers!
Class A 53' Dry Van Freight
Able to avg. 2,500 miles/week
Performance Bonuses
Profit Sharing Paid Life Insurance & Full
Benefit Package Available.
Questions? Call Sean @
Valley Express 920-231-1677
ValleyExpress.net (wcan)

433 Accounting,
Financial & Insurance
CPA & Associates, LLP is seeking
a full-time accountant with tax
preparation experience. The
candidate must be willing to advance
their knowledge in tax law, through
employer provided training; as well
as, self directed study. The candidate
must be detailed oriented and be
able to apply their accounting and
tax knowledge to all aspects of their
work. We offer a competitive salary,
flexible work schedule and SIMPLE
IRA participation. Send resume,
references and salary requirements
to: jenn@rgr-cpa.com or visit our
website www.rgr-cpa.com
for more information.

449 Driver, Shipping

& Warehousing


part time experienced bartender and
cook. Both positions will include nights
and weekends. Applicants must be
energetic, friendly, neat and reliable.
Stop in for application at 6857 Paoli
Rd. or email resume or job history to:

453 Volunteer Wanted

Make Balsam Christmas Wreaths
starting October 27 through early
December.No experience necessary.
Very flexible hours, daytime/evening
shifts. $8.00/hour+perks.
Hann's Christmas Farm in Oregon
Call to apply 608-835-5464
Hiring friendly, outgoing people to
sample products in grocery stores.
Weekend work. Transportation and card
table required to set up display. Carlson
Specialty Temps
800-453-9390 (wcan) www.
Now hiring all shifts, all positions
in the Madison area.
Starting wage $10.50-$13.00 hourly.
Call 608-222-5156 or apply online
Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
Monday for the Courier Hub unless
changed because of holiday work
schedules. Call now to place your ad,
873-6671 or 835-6677.

LOVE TO COOK? Gilda's Club would

love to have you host a Tuesday
night dinner for 70-85 people coming
in to participate in emotional support
programs. Groups of 5-6 volunteers may
work with our staff to plan, purchase,
prepare, serve, and clean up a Family
Night meal. This would be a fun
volunteer activity businesses, community
groups, church groups, and simply
groups of friends.
Madison East High School is seeking
an Urban Agriculture Aid to assist
students with a wide range of abilities/
interests in a hands-on science elective
course focused on growing and
harvesting vegetables, flowers, and
tropical plants in both outdoor and indoor
greenhouse situations.
Join other volunteers on October 19 at
a work party to help for the Lakeshore
Nature Preserve. Learn about native
ecosystems, meet new people, get
excersize, and enjoy the outdoors.
Training and tools provided. Groups
and minors ok with advance notice.
canceled in case of rain. Call the
Volunteer Center at
608-246-4380 or visit www.
volunteeryourtime.org for more
information or to learn about other
volunteer activities.
Light Construction Remodeling
No job too small

35 + Years Professional
Arthur Hallinan
Professional, Interior,
Exterior, Repairs.
Free Estimates. Insured.

560 Professional Services

Your local plumbing professionals!
Have plumbing problems?
We have the solution.
Call us 24/7. 800-605-4582 (wcan)
Problems? Viruses, Spyware, Email,
Printer Issues, Bad Internet Connections
- FIX IT NOW! Professional, US based
technicians. $25 off service. Call for
immediate help. 800-611-2173 (wcan)
Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning
5yrs experience. 608-220-4025
Residential & Commercial.
20+yrs exp. Fully insured.
Call AMS Lawncare for your
free estimate. 608-807-3320

576 Special Services

and surrounding area.
Merry Law Offices 608-205-0621
No charge for initial consultation. "We
are a debt relief agency.
We help people file for bankruptcy relief
under the bankruptcy code."
Complete fall furnace tune-up.
Multi-point check.
25 yrs experience.
Reasonable prices. 608-445-9998
If no answer, leave message and
number. Will call you right back.

586 TV, VCR &

Electronics Repair
DIRECTV STARTING at $24.95/mo.
Free 3-months of HBO, Starz, Showtime
& Cinemax. Free receiver upgrade. 2014
NFL Sunday ticket included with select
packages. Some exclusions apply. Call
for details.
800-918-1046 (wcan)

DISH TV RETAILER. Starting at $19.99/

mo for 12 mos. High speed internet
starting at $14.95/month (where
available) Save! Ask about same day
installation! Call now 800-374-3940 (wcan)
REDUCE YOUR Cable bill! Get a wholehome Satellite system installed at no cost
and programming starting at $19.99/mo.
Free HD/DVR upgrade to new callers. So
call now! 800-492-0375 (wcan)

601 Household
sizes in stock. 9 styles.
2133 Eastern Ave, Plymouth WI
Open 7 days A Week (wcan)

602 Antiques & Collectibles

"Wisconsin's Largest"
Enter daily 8am-4pm 78,000 SF
200 Dealers in 400 Booths. Customer
Appreciation Week
20% discount on all items $10 and
over Nov 3-9
Third floor furniture, locked cases.
Location: 239 Whitney St
Columbus, WI 53925
920-623-1992 www.

606 Articles For Sale

SNOW BLOWER 2 Stage, very good
shape. 608-873-5216

646 Fireplaces,
Furnaces/Wood, Fuel
ANTHROCITE COAL Burn clean, no
smoke. $9. per 50 lb. bag. 4 sizes and
delivery available. Also looking for
resellers. Call 920-838-2200
Clip and Save this ad (wcan)
DRY OAK and Cherry Firewood For
Sale. Contact Dave at 608-445-6423 or
Pete 608-712-3223
Volume discount. Will deliver. 608609-1181

648 Food & Drink

ENJOY 100% guaranteed, delivered
to the door Omaha Steaks! SAVE 74%
PLUS 4 free burgers.
The Family Value Combo.
Only $39.99. Order today.
800-931-1898 Use code 49377PXR
www.OmahaSteaks.com/father72 (wcan)

650 Furniture
Dining room table and 6 chairs in cherry
and ebony, oak coffee table/end table set
and oak mirrors. Call 608-279-6462

652 Garage Sales

STOUGHTON- 275 Taylor Lane
Friday, 10/17 3pm-7pm
Saturday, 10/18, 10am-4pm, Sunday,
10/19 12pm-3pm
500+ New and Used Costumes.
Accessories, Decorations.
THEY SAY people dont read those little
ads, but YOU read this one, didnt you?
Call now to place your ad, 873-6671 or

$560 all utilities included!

Eligibility includes Seniors 62 (or better) or those with
a disability. Some income restrictions apply and rent
assistance may be available!
A Better Way
of Living


cal engineering; Hannah

OConnor, BA, political science, Spanish;
Michael Pavolonis, doctor of philosophy, atmospheric and oceanic sciences; Keely Robbins,
BA, communication arts,
English; Robert Schellin,
MBA, general management; Kelsey Schmitz,
BBA, management and
human resources, marketing; Jason Smithback,
BS, communication arts,
international studies

STOUGHTON 816 W South St.

Fri-Sat, 10/17-18, 9am-1pm.
Craft items, (yarn, fabric, loom bands)
baby items (girls NB-2T clothes, shoes,
strollers, high chair, baby proofing)
Halloween & Christmas decorations,
Precious Moments, pet items, antique
wheel chair and more.

666 Medical & Health Supplies

The affordable solution to your
stairs. Limited time $250 off your
stairlift purchase. Buy direct and
save. Please call 800-598-6714 for
free DVD and brochure. (wcan)
SAFE STEP Walk-in tub Alert for
Seniors. Bathrooms falls can be fatal.
Approved by Arthritis Foundation.
Therapeutic Jets. Less than 4 inch stepin. Wide door. Anti-slip floors. American
made. Installation included. Call 800940-3411 for $750 off. (wcan)

688 Sporting Goods

& Recreational
WE BUY Boats/RV/Pontoons/ATV's &
Motorcycles! "Cash Paid" now. American Marine & Motorsports Super Center,
Shawano 866-955-2628 www.americanmarina.com (wcan)

696 Wanted To Buy

TOP PRICES Any Scrap Metal
Cars/Batteries/Farm Equipment
Free appliance pick up
Property clean out. Honest
Fully insured. U call/We haul.
Prizes, too! 608-843-5533
WE BUY Junk Cars and Trucks.
We sell used parts.
Monday thru Friday 8am-5:30pm.
Newville Auto Salvage, 279 Hwy 59
Edgerton, 608-884-3114

705 Rentals
2BR, 1BA duplex for rent in quiet
neighborhood. Stove, refrigerator, DW,
W/D included. 1 car garage.
C/A and full basement for great storage.
$800 pr/mo. + security deposit of $800.
Utilities not included. Short term lease
ok. No pets and no smoking. Contact
Marcia at 608-669-2460.
EVANSVILLE- LARGE 2 and 3 bedroom
duplex with new kitchen, appliances
and bath. Historic district. Security and
reference required. Available now.
No pets. Call 608-295-6665
Apartments for Seniors 55+, currently
has 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $725 per month, includes
heat, water, and sewer.
608-835-6717 Located at:
139 Wolf St., Oregon, WI 53575
STOUGHTON 1616 Kenilworth Ct.
Large 2-BR apts available now.
Pets welcome. Many feature new wood
laminate flooring.
$775-$825/mo. 608-831-4036
Friday for the Courier Hub unless changed
because of holiday work schedules.

Increase Your sales opportunities

reach over 1.2 million households!
Advertise in our
Wisconsin Advertising Network System.
For information call 845-9559 or 873-6671.


GUN SHOWS : : : GUN SHOWS-- Dubuque October
17-18-19 Fairgrounds-- Maquoketa December 12-13-14
BigBoreEnterprise.com (CNOW)

Park Vernon Apartments has 1 & 2 bdrms.

apartments immediately available!
Small pets welcome!

Call for a FREE application


"Honey Do List"
No job too small

Church, BA, linguistics,

Spanish; Nicole Close,
master of social work;
Julianna DobranszkyTorok, MBA, marketing; Johannah Drago,
BA, sociology, Spanish;
Kiah Ehrke, BS, dietetics, nutritional sciences;
Mary Ives, BS, dietetics, nutritional sciences;
Samantha Juve, master
of social work; Brent
Keller, MS, mechanical engineering; Hannah
nursing; Sarah Motley,
BS, zoology; Rachel
OConnell, MS, biomedi-

548 Home Improvement


Wisconsin Management Company is an

equal opportunity provider and employer.

Kevin Affeldt, MBA,
general management;
Lauren Andraski, BA,
social welfare; Michael
Beale, MS, urban and
regional planning; Madlen
Breckbill, BM, music
performance; Chelsea

572 Snow Removal


Above Average Mileage Pay Including
Generous Bonus Packages Health
Dental Vision HSA
Matching 401K Vacation and Holiday
Pay Avg 2500-3500 miles/week
100% No Touch- 6 mo. CDL/A
Exp Preferred 888-545-9351 ext 13
JACKSON, WI www.doublejtransprot.
com (wcan)

OREGON MANOR, a 45 bed skilled

nursing facility just 8 miles from
Madison has an opening for a full time
cook. This position includes benefits
and every other weekend/holiday.
Experience is preferred. EOE

St. Norbert College

Shirley Boland, BA;
Alexander Montrey, BA


Basement Systems Inc.
Call us for all your basement needs!
Waterproofing? Finishing? Structural
repairs? Humidity and mold control?
Free Estimates! Call 800-991-1602


Hiring personnel for residential
cleaning position.
Days only. Become a part
of our growing team!
Call 608-835-0339

AMS LAWNCARE is looking for part

time seasonal help. Call Marc


140 Lost & Found

cial education; Michelle

Storage, BS, chemistry;
Rebakah Hulse, BA, psychology; Nicole Roloff,
BA, English


Needed. Weekly Hometime & New Pay Increase. Get
Paid Daily or Weekly. Consistent Miles. Become a
Knight of the Road 855-876-6079 (CNOW)
YOUR SOLID CAREER. You Have Options! Company
Drivers, Lease Purchase or Owner Operators Needed.
SYSTEM and sustain burns, tears or punctures of
(866) 916-2576 www.CentralTruckDrivingJobs.com
organs, blood vessels or intestines requiring additional
open surgery and complications? You may be entitled to
compensation. Call Attorney Charles H Johnson 1-800535-5727 (CNOW)
This classified spot for sale! Advertise your product or
recruit an applicant in over 179 Wisconsin newspapers!
Only $300/week. Call this paper or 800-227-7636 www.
$3000 SIGN ON BONUS, $65K-$75K Annually!
cnaads.com (CNOW)
Dedicated Customer Freight and Excellent Benefit, Plus
We Get You Home Every Week! Call Today 888-409- Acorn Stairlifts. The AFFORDABLE solution to your
6033, Apply Online www.DriveJacobson.com (CNOW) stairs! **Limited time -$250 Off Your Stairlift Purchase!**
Buy Direct & SAVE. Please call 1-800-285-3520 for
FREE DVD and brochure. (CNOW)

Courier Hub


Resident Caregivers/CNAs
We are seeking compassionate & conscientious caregivers
to help our seniors on Day and PM shifts. We offer
competitive wages, shift & weekend differentials, as well as
health, dental & PTO to eligible staff. Previous caregiving
experience preferred. Paid CBRF training provided.

to download
an application:
to request an

8210 Highview Drive - Madison




CLASSIFIEDS, 873-6671 or 835-6677. It

pays to read the fine print.


Part-time. Excellent Wages
20+ hours/wk. CDL bonus program
Paid training/testing. Signing bonus.
5501 Femrite Dr. Madison
Call Paul at 608-310-4870 or email


All appliances including W/D. Detached
garage. No pets.
No smoking. $700/month
STOUGHTON 405 S 7th Street
2BDRM, remodeled and spacious 2nd
floor flat.
No pets or smoking. $800/month

720 Apartments

2 Bedroom, 2 Bath
All appliances including W/D
FF Laundry C/A Basement
Attached garage. $885/Month No
pets. No smoking. 835-8806
THEY SAY people dont read those little
ads, but YOU read this one, didnt you?
Call now to place your ad, 873-6671 or

Stoughton, WI offIce

Zalk Josephs Fabricators, L.L.C.A heavy structural steel fabricator is

looking for Welders and Material Handlers.
Please apply in person at
400 Industrial Circle, Stoughton, WI 53589

If youve answered yes, we are very interested in talking to you. We are seeking
candidates for a flex full-time opening in our Stoughton front office. Responsibilities
for this position include but are not limited to selling and processing classified ads,
selling special projects by phone, processing circulation data, receptionist duties
and proof reading.


55+. 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $695 per month. Includes
heat, water and sewer. Professionally
managed. Located at
300 Silverado Drive, Stoughton, WI
53589 608-877-9388
Awesome, secluded, perfect condition
2BR home on 10 wooded acres in
rural Mt. Horeb area. Low utilities,
A/C, wildlife, 15 min to Epic, 25 min. to
Madison. $1200/mo. negotiable. Short
term lease OK.

750 Storage Spaces For Rent

Welder/Material Handlers

Do You Like to Meet People?

Are You Up For A Challenge?
Can You Adapt To Change?
Are You Self-Motivated?
Do You Possess Computer Skills?

OREGON-2 BDRM, 1 bath. Available

for summer/fall. Great central location.
On-site or in-unit laundry, patio, dishwasher and A/C. $720-$730/month. Call
255-7100 or www.stevebrownapts.com/

740 Houses For Rent


10X10 10X15 10X20 10X30
Security Lights-24/7 access
Credit Cards Accepted
CALL (608)444-2900

October 16, 2014



AUTO, BOAT, Campers, Cycles.

Inside seasonal storage on concrete.
Very Clean and reasonable. Stoughton

ATTENDANT: P/T averaging 20 hrs. per week.

Mainly morning and alternating weekends.
Excellent for retired persons. Must be 18 and able to work outside in the elements, lift heavy items
and mop cars. Customer service skills, mechanical aptitude and computer experience a plus.
Inquire at Baywash Car Wash, 1704 Hwy 51, Stoughton or send a resume to
548 Hillside Rd., Edgerton, WI 53534, (608) 884-6426.


We are an employee-owned company offering a competitive benefits package

including 401K, ESOP, vacation, and more.

Apply online only at:

Woodward Communications, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. WCI maintains a tobacco-free campus. All qualified persons are encouraged to apply.


If this flex full-time position interests you and you have the equivalent of a high
school diploma and at least two years of office/computer experience plus a valid
drivers license, send your resume today.

Kuhn North America, Inc. in Brodhead, WI is a global leader in the agricultural

machinery industry!

Scary Good!

Assembly (2nd shift) The position involves assembly and installation of subassemblies, parts and options on unit shells. The position requires a mechanical
aptitude, the ability to operate a forklift and power tools, interpret blueprints and
measuring devices, and perform basic math functions.

check out the action on GMc acadia!!!

CNC Machinist (4th/Weekend Shift) The position requires set up and operation
of machining equipment including various presses, mills, hobbing equipment, and
manual/CNC lathes. The position requires the ability to operate measuring and
material handling equipment, read blueprints and perform basic math functions.
A vocational diploma in machine tool and production machining experience is

lease a brand new 2014 gMc acadia

for only $235 + per month!
enjoy 0% ++ for 60 months and get
an additional $1,000 in incentives!!!

Custom Fabrication Technician (Monday Friday, 6 AM 2:30 PM) - The employee

performs various duties related to prototype and general shop support including the
layout, build, maintenance, and repair of developmental work, tooling and material
handling devices. The position requires knowledge and basic skills in the areas of
machining, metal fabrication, welding, torch and plasma cutting, grinding, assembly,
and dimensional layout. A qualified candidate must have in depth knowledge of at
least one major skill-set of welding or machining or metals fabrication and basic
skills and experience in others.

Its GMC terraIn tIMe!!!!

lease for onlY $199* per month!
0% aPr for 60 months**
+36 month, 10,000 miles per year lease. Stock#14-1219. $3,000
due at signing plus tax, title, license, registration, doc fee extra. Offer good to approved credit. Sales ends 10/30/2014.
++60 months with $16.67 per $1,000 financed. No down payment necessary. 0% available to approved credit only.
*36 month, 10,000 miles per year lease. Stock #14-1463. $2494.22 due at signing plus tax, title, license, registration,
doc fee extra. Must have a 1999 or newer Buick or GMC. Offer good to approved credit. Sales ends 10/30/2014.
**60 months with $16.67 per $1,000 financed. No down payment necessary. 0% available to approved credit only.

neW 2013 Buick Verano


Paint Prep (1st & 2nd Shift) - The entry-level position involves preparation of the
unit for the paint process (power washing, scraping, decal application, and material
handling). The ability to operate a forklift and hand tools is required.
Parts Distribution (1st Shift & Modified 2nd Shift) - The position performs duties
relating to parts distribution warehouse operations. Specific duties will include
receiving, picking, packing and shipping parts from warehouse operations. A basic
understanding of parts inventory, farm equipment and computer experience is a

^Stock # 13-0272 GM DRAC vehicle. No down payment required. Prices do not include tax, title , license, or doc fees.
Includes final stock payment. Offer ends 10/30/2014.

2014 Buick LacroSSe

Buick lacrosse with leather
starting at $29,642!^^

Warehouse Material Handling (2nd Shift & Modified 2nd Shift) Seeking
individuals with forklift experience to unload, handle, transport and store materials
for receiving, manufacturing cells, support and service departments. Ability to use
computer warehouse receiving and inventory systems is preferred.
Welder (2nd Shift) - Seeking skilled welders to weld unit shells, sub-assemblies and
components. A vocational diploma in welding or a minimum of two years production
welding experience is required. Experience in GMAW and flux cored arc welding,
blue print reading and operating material handling equipment is preferred.

Visit our website at www.kuhnnorthamerica.com

to view professional employment opportunities!

Serving Southern WiSconSin for 49 YearS!

Buick GMC West


Second shift runs M Th, 3:15 PM 1:15 AM, Modified second shift runs M
Th, 12:00 PM 10:00 PM and 4th/Weekend shift runs Friday Sunday, 5:00
AM to 5:00 PM.A high school diploma or GED is required for all positions. We
offer a competitive wage and complete benefit package (health, life, dental,
and disability insurance, paid vacations and holidays, 401(k), and tuition
reimbursement) for these full-time positions. Pre-employment drug screening
is required. Complete application at:

Kuhn North America, Inc.

1501 West Seventh Avenue, Brodhead, WI 53520


^^Offers end 10/30/2014. Stk# G140781

Includes Buick Conquest Cash, GM Supplier Discount, Customer Cash, Bonus Cash, dbcs. Tax, title, license and services
fee extra. See dealer for details.

1601 W. Beltline hWY, MadiSon, Wi 53713

ziMBrickBuickWeSt.coM 608-270-7799

Fabrication (4th Shift) Seeking operators of fabrication equipment including shear,

brake press, punch press, saw and NC backgauge. The position requires the ability
to read blueprints, complete fabrication measurements, operate forklift, overhead
crane, and sheet lifters. Experience operating fabrication equipment is preferred.


October 16, 2014

10x10 through 10x40, plus
14x40 with 14' door for
RV & Boats.
Come & go as you please.
6x10 thru 10x25
Market Street/Burr Oak Street
in Oregon
Call 608-206-2347


Convenient location behind
Stoughton Lumber.
Clean-Dry Units
5x10 thru 12x25


Need a place to store them?
25 X 60 spaces
Climate Controlled Space LLC


Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
Monday for the Courier Hub unless
changed because of holiday work
schedules. Call now to place your ad,
873-6671 or 835-6677.


Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
Monday for the Courier Hub unless
changed because of holiday work
schedules. Call now to place your ad,
873-6671 or 835-6677.


10x10 - 10x15
10x20 - 12x30
24 / 7 Access
Security Lights & Cameras
Credit Cards Accepted
1128 Union Road
Oregon, WI
Located on the corner of
Union Road & Lincoln Road

760 Mobile Homes

High efficiency appliances, A/C, new
steel front door/storm. $10,000
By owner. 608-835-8552


845 Houses For Sale

3BR, 2BA house was constructed
and expanded 7 years ago. Open
spacious floorplan w/harwood floors,
modern kitchen. Large semi-finished
basement. 7 yr. old garage has steel
roof, 10.5 ft ceiling, 200 amp electric,
asphalt driveway. $182,000-188,000.
Call 608-455-6335 or email
1.63 acres, attached garage plus 30'x23'
detached garage/workshop. $229,000.
Ravenoaks subdivision
For Sale - Original Owner
4300 sf - 2 wooded acres
4BR 3BA 3 fireplaces
2.5 car garage
Custom designed with unique
features that set it apart
Call 608-835-7236 for
details/visit. No agents or brokers


In Oregon facing 15th hole
on golfcourse
Free Wi-Fi, Parking and
Security System
Conference rooms available
Autumn Woods Prof. Centre
Marty 608-835-3628

for a variety of
full & part-time positions

970 Horses
Fall round up and Colors of the Sun
Sales. October 18, 2014. Tack 9amHorses noon. Consignments start Friday,
10/17 from 9am-7pm and on Saturday,
10/18 at 9am. No Call In Consignments.
N11474 State Hwy 110, Marion, WI

990 Farm: Service

& Merchandise
and these attachments. Concrete
breaker, posthole auger, landscape rake,
concrete bucket, pallet forks, trencher,
rock hound, broom, teleboom, stump
By the day, week, or month.
Carter & Gruenewald Co.
4417 Hwy 92
Brooklyn, WI, 608-455-2411

905 Auction Sale Dates

975 Livestock


W 398 Hwy 156 Pulaski, WI Machinery,
Special items, Small items too numerous
to mention. Visit www.nolansales.com
or call for details. Nolan Sales, LLC
Marion, WI 800-472-0290 Registered
Auctioneers #165 and #142 (wcan)


All varieties of Pan Fish, Game Fish and
Forage Minnows.
Aeration Systems also available.
roeselerfishfarm.com 920-696-3090


Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
Monday for The Courier Hub unless
changed because of holiday work schedules. Call now to place your ad, 873-6671
or 835-6677.

We Are Here For All Your Vehicle Needs!

1411 Hwy. 51 North,
Stoughton, WI
Call 888-873-7310

THEY SAY people dont read those little

ads, but YOU read this one, didnt you?
Call now to place your ad, 873-6671 or

Walk-in Interviews


Handicap access. 1690sq ft. on wooded
5/8 acre lot on dead end road w/100" of
sunny frontage.
2 sheds. $225,000 920-570-5180


16379 W. Milbrandt Road
Evansville, WI

CLASSIFIEDS, 873-6671 or 835-6677. It

pays to read the fine print.

801 Office Space For Rent

Now Hiring

870 Residential Lots



250 OFF

Purchase of New or Used

In-Stock Unit


Only 6 miles South of
Verona on Hwy PB.
Variety of sizes available now.
Call 608-424-6530 or

Located behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Convenient Dry Secure
Lighted with access 24/7
Bank Cards Accepted
Off North Hwy 51 on
Oak Opening Dr. behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Call: 608-509-8904

Courier Hub

Expires 1-10-15.

WHEN: October 21st, 10 am - 7 pm

WHERE: State Bank of Cross Plains in Oregon
744 N. Main St., Oregon, WI

Apply online at KwikTrip.jobs



Current Openings:
Part-time and Full-time PM CNA
Must be certified and have active license.
Help residents with daily tasks such as eating,
bathing, walking around.

Injection Molding - Press Operator

Openings on First & Second Shift

Part-time PM RN/LPN - Must have active license

Help with cares Answer doctor calls
Continue to monitor residents

The Press Operator is responsible for placing inserts, picking, trimming, inspecting and
packaging small injection molded plastic parts.
Other responsibilities may include finishing
operations at the press during production.

Part-time PM Dietary Aide - Help with dishing food

Cleaning dishes Cleaning the kitchen
Part-time PM Cook - Cook Dinner meal
Follow state and Federal code for temping food
Cleaning the kitchen after meal

now hiring seasonal delivery drivers

FedEx Ground

This position requires attention to detail and

dependable attendance.
Please stop at our corporate office for more
information and to complete an application.
Equal Opportunity Employer


Human resources
nazareth Health and rehabilitation Center
814 Jackson Street Stoughton, WI 53589
Fax: 608-877-9016
email: dmiller@nazarethhealth.com


Please apply online at nazarethhealth.com or submit an

application to:

Deposit Operations Supervisor

Join the Deposit Operations Team at McFarland State Bank!
We are offering an excellent full-time opportunity to lead our deposit
operations group. The successful candidate will be technologically
savvy, self-motivated, well organized, detail-oriented, thrive on a variety
of tasks and simply enjoys learning.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to: leading a staff of six team
members, coordinating the Banks daily Deposit Operations functions in
order to efficiently process deposit accounts and to retain and utilize
information relating to these accounts (including maintaining department
programs and training), product research and implementation, ensuring
department compliance with all operating policies and procedures,
performing periodic reporting, project management/problem solving, and
other operational and computer related tasks. The ideal candidate will
possess solid computer skills and at least 3 years of deposit operations
managerial experience is preferred. A strong proficiency in Excel and
Word are required. Additionally, aptitudes for hardware, Internet and webbased programs are desired.
Competitive salary and benefits including 401(k), paid vacation and
cafeteria plan.
This position is located at our Lake Kegonsa office in Stoughton.
Does this opportunity match your desired career path and qualifications?

If yes, you are invited to submit your resume to:

Personal Banker

Join the team at McFarland State Bank!

We are a successful $410 million independent community bank
headquartered in McFarland, WI serving Dane County. We are currently
offering an excellent full-time opportunity within a professional environment.
Working within the retail banking team, this individual will serve
current, new, and prospective clients with not only a great attitude, but with
the knowledge of a variety of financial tools too. Activities include, but are not
limited to, cross sell deposit services & products, discuss and quote interest
rates, execute account changes and other pertinent account information.
Opening and processing new accounts. If you enjoy serving external and
working with internal clients, are well organized, detail oriented, and thrive
on a variety of tasks, this position is for you.
The preferred candidate has experience in personal banking and consumer
lending. Strong written and interpersonal skills, self-motivation and solid
computer skills are also preferred.
This full time position offers a competitive salary and benefits including
401(k), paid vacation and cafeteria plan.
This position is located at our McFarland office.
Does this opportunity match your desired career path and qualifications?
If yes, you are invited to submit your resume and completed MSB job
application* to:
McFarland State Bank
Attn: Holly Heuer, VP Marketing & HR
P.O. Box 7, McFarland, WI 53558
or e-mail Holly at hheuer@msbonline.com.
McFarland State Bank is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity

McFarland State Bank

Attn: Jen Hanson, AVP IT/Operations
P.O. Box 7, McFarland, WI 53558
or e-mail Jen at jhanson@msbonline.com.
McFarland State Bank is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

*our job application is found in the career section of our website



October 16, 2014

Courier Hub


Getting a
closer look
At left, Robert Lamers, 7,
is not so sure about getting too close to a cooling
fan being demonstrated by
grandpa, Fire Chief Marty
Lamers. The devices similar to those used on
the sidelines for football
games - are used to quickly
cool firefighters, and were
recently purchased by the
department through grant
At right, Logan
Kowalkiewicz and his father,
Andy, check out the ladder
demonstration during the
Stoughton Fire Department
open house on Oct. 8.
Photos by Scott De Laruelle

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