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Battery Selection

Battery Selection

Module 5: Week 5 – M5: Assignment 2

Baroness Thompson

PSY320 Industrial Organizational Psychology

Marian Orr

March 29, 2008

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Battery Selection
Battery Selection

The most important aspect of validity and utility is accurate results. I believe

organizations value validity and utility equally if the evaluate validity accurate. If

predictive validity was the only method, employees might be hired based on predictors

that were never validated (Levy, 2006). criterion-related validity focus on univariate

relationships, the complex and multidimensional nature of the performance construct and

the widespread use of multiple selection devices argue in favor of multivariate

frameworks for evaluating validity.

The executives at NR Electronics would be successful using a Monte Carlo

simulation. There wouild be estimated the predictive validity of a selection battery for

all employees would be. The selection battery included cognitive tests, personality scales,

and biodata scales. Predictor data would be important also collected as part of the support

person selection process.

In closing, Battery selection would have an impact on any company if attrition is

prevalent. Their will be high unemployment. A has to provide employees a chance to

correct mistakes. Human resource may have to reconstruct valuable information. After

test and other verbal questioners an employer may have a better and effective opportunity

to provide constructive feed back. Employees have to understand criteria that are

important to the company. Once concurrent validation has been established,

reconstruction is pertinent to the job and the company’s future. Behavior summary scale
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Battery Selection
ratings made by immediate supervisors of the individuals and support persons would be

used as criteria in this study. Combinations identified in a previous concurrent validation

study would be prevalent.

The executives at NR Electronics want to ensure the validity of their selection batteries.
They also want to ensure that their selection batteries are useful and cost-efficient.

The utility of a selection battery is determined by a number of factors, including:

Decision accuracy
The base rate of successful employees
Selection ratio
Discuss your views regarding each factor. Consider the impact of high unemployment on
each factor, and describe the effects of having a large applicant pool for a small number
of available jobs.

Which is the most important — validity or utility? Discuss. Do you think most
organizations value validity and utility equally?

Submit your response to the Faculty by Sunday, March 30, 2008. Your response should
be at least
one page long. You can use the Selection Battery template for submitting the answer.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria and Respective Point Value Maximum

Discussed their views regarding each factor. They should also have considered the impact
of high unemployment on each factor and described the effects of having a large
applicant pool for a small number of available jobs.
Discussed which is the most important — validity or utility.
Stated whether they think most organizations value validity and utility equally.
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Battery Selection
Total: 105

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