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Baroness Thompson

M6: Assignment 3

Language Acquisition
Language Acquisition

Describe the process of language acquisition that Ming is struggling with. What

aspects is he especially experiencing difficulty in?

Reading disabilities occur in approximately one-fourth to one-third of the

elementary school population. A reading disability is present when a difference exists

between a student’s reading ability and overall achievement and a student’s achievement

fails to meet a specific standard or interferes with the reader’s functioning. The students

with reading disabilities possess poor phonological processing skills, which include skills

linked with sensitivity to manipulation of or use of sounds in words. Let’s now

understand writing.

Since the advent of communicative language teaching, the role of grammar in

language learning, particularly in the classroom setting, has been challenged and has

become the topic of many debates in the language teaching circles.

Disagreements occur over whether grammar instruction is appropriate in a

communicative classroom and what type of grammar instruction is appropriate. Celce-

Murcia (1997) lists some commonly held misconceptions or "myths" about grammar and

challenges these view: Myths about the Role of Grammar Teaching Grammar is acquired

naturally; it need not be taught.

Students have different learning styles. Ming is from a different cultural. It is

important For Maria to be sensitive to his learning and reading style.

Maria may have to test Ming. He may need help in language comprehension.
Grammar structures are learned one at a time. Grammar has to do only with sentence-

level and sub sentence-level phenomena. Grammar and vocabulary are areas of

knowledge. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the four skills.

Grammar provides the rules/explanations for all of the structures in a language.

I don't know enough to teach grammar.

In closing, all language has The Natural Approach bases language acquisition on

the natural order of native language development. Because native language development

follows a progression, during the silent period, students would be allowed to respond in

their native language. The emphasis is on listening comprehension, so if students

respond in their native language, they are demonstrating comprehension. At the same

time, students can be exposed to a wide variety of topics and still be comfortable in the

communication process.


Language Acquisition Second Language Acquisition Communicative Approach

Goldstein, B. E. (2008). Cognitive psychology connecting mind, research, and everyday

experience (2nd Ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning

As the students begin working on their project on endangered species, Maria walks

around the room and offers assistance to any students who may require it. During her

rounds, she notices that Ming, a foreign student, is having difficulty reading information

written in English. Ming’s working partner, Raquel, often reads the material to Ming

while he listens quietly trying to comprehend the language and then process the

information it conveys.

Describe the process of language acquisition that Ming is struggling with. What aspects is

he especially experiencing difficulty in?

What strategies could Maria provide Raquel with to work with Ming? Keep in mind that

Raquel is a sixth-grade student too. What strategies could Maria herself employ to help


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