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Major Department Name of Professor Field of study

E-mail Benefits Requirement ETC
1 Pharmacy Pharmacy Kwonseop, Kim
Alzheimer's disease
Wnt signaling pathway
82-62-530 2937 82-11-606 7171 koskim@jnu.ac.kr
monthly allowance of KRW:
- 600,000~700,000 /month/MS
- 800,000~1,500,000/month/Ph.D
- Incentives based on publication and outputs
- Molecular and Cellular biology techniques and experiences
- English communication skills
* ,
2 Medical Science
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,
ChonnamNational University Medical School and Hospital
Lee, Keun-bae
Foot & ankle
Arthroplasty 82-62-220-6336 kbleeos@chonnam.ac.kr
- some of living expenses to researchers/month
- incentive;additional research achievement
- dormitory/laboratory room/personal computer
- participate in operation field and clinics as a study members
and several conferences or lectures.
- For our ultimate goal is to write a fine journal so it can be
reported in SCI, we find someone who can read and write English
3 Applied Biology
Environmental Microbiology Lab (EML), Biological Chemistry Major,
Division of Applied Bioscience & Biotechnology,
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, ChonnamNational Univ.,
Lee, Hyang Burm
Applied Microbiology
Plant Disease
BioControl / Biological Chemistry.
82-62-530-2136 hblee@jnu.ac.kr
monthly allowance of KRW:
- 500,000/month/Research Assistantship(research projects
funded by government)
- 600,000/month/scholarship funded by Min. of Edu., Sci.
and Tech. (tentatively)
- Incentives or special scholarships; Res. Projects or
Biological Chemistry Major depending on the budget and
students' accomplishments.
- Applicants to Master's degree programare preferred.
- Statement of research purpose and letters of recommendation
are needed.
- Applicants who have finished bachelor's degree from4-year
University and are fluent in English are preferred.
- Academic records of bachelor's degree with 3.7 (of 4.5) or up to
B+ is preferred.
- Applicants majored in or studied Microbiology, Plant
Pathology, Biocontrol Science, Phylogenetics, Natural Products
or Biology are preferred.
Electornics and
Computer Engineering
School of Electornics and Computer Engineering
Kyungbaek Kim
Improving trustness of recommendation systems by leveraging Online Social Network
Achieving very fast dissemination through overlay networks in emergency
Enhancing performance of content distribution network by considering users' behavior
Defending Sybil Attack by using Online Social Network
82-62-530-3438 kyungbaekkim@jnu.ac.kr
monthly allowance of KRW:
- 700,000/month/MS
- 1,100,000/month/Ph.D
* The assistantship is negotiable(within a reasonable range)
- The basis of the incentive can be the publications of
research papers to significant Journals or conferences, the
successful treatment of projects and etc.
- Proficient communication skill in english
- Proficient writing skill in english
- Backgrounds of Computer Science (Data Structure, Algorithm,
Operating System, Network System, Database, Programming
Language - C/C++/Java/Python/JavaScript)
- Motivated and Diligent manner
Biological sciences
and Biotechnology
School of Biological Sciences and Technology Yun, Chul-Ho
Enzyme Engineering: Directed evolution of bacterial and human cytochrome P450
enzymes to make biocatalysts for the generation of metabolites, which can be used for drug
leads or drug themselves.
Enzymology: Reaction mechanismof bacterial and human cytochrome P450 enzymes
toward human drugs and fine chemicals.
MetabolismStudies: Metabolismstudies of human drugs and fine chemicals using bacterial
and human cytochrome P450 enzymes.
82-62-530-2194 chyun@jnu.ac.kr
600,000 KRW(~550 USD)/month - English: Basic communication skill with English should be
- Major of undergraduate: Biology, chemistry, biotechnology, and
related fields
6 Chemistry Department of Chemistry Soon Hyung Kang
Chemical synthesis of metal and metal oxide materials
Development of various dimensional structures for photoelectrochemical (PEC) device
Formation of TiO2 nanotube using anodization process
Sensitized p-type solar cell based on inverseopal CuxO and NiO electrode
Heterojunction solar cell
Dye-sensitized solar cell based on the electron motion at the photoanode composed
of 1-D structure
Synthesis of quantumdot and application of quantumdot solar cell
Synthesis of new metal oxides for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Master course; the scholarship including the tuition and
living charge can be supported.
Doctor course, the scholarship including the tuition,
dormitory fee, and living expense can be supported.
- working hard and make good results; incentive (about
$300) per one paper
-The major should be based on chemistry or material science and
related to nanoscience.
Civil and
College of Engineering Science, Department of Ocean Civil Engineering Huh/ Jungwon
Structural Reliability, Fragility Assesment, Seismic Analysis,
Reliability-based Design of Civil Infra-structures such as bridges, buildings, foundations,
tunnels, coastal structures,
82-61-659-7247 jwonhuh@jnu.ac.kr
approximately 800~ 1,300 US dollars/month/MS,Ph. D
living expenses(raised upon their research and academic
university and/or department graduate scholarships, such
as tuition waive or teaching assistantship, could be provided
for the qualified international graduate students as well.
- Solid academic background on structural or geotechnial
engineering with general civil engineering-related fundamental
- Proper experience and skill in softwares MATLAB, CAD, word
processor and one of FEMprograms such as SAP, LUSAS,
ABAQUS, etc.
- Statement of purpose including academic background, career,
major, publication lists, and research background
- Undergraduate transcript and course descriptions.
- TOEFL score at least 530 (PBT TOEFL) or equivalent IBT
TOEFL score for the Ph.D. candidate only
8 Applied Plant Science College of Agriculture and Life Science, Department of Plant Biotechnology. Kim/ Young Cheol
Crop Protection/Plant Pathology
Microbial Genetics
Biocontrol of Plant Pests
Plant Bacterial Diseases
82-62-530-2071 yckimyc@jnu.ac.kr
approximately 1,300 US dollars/month/Ph. D
(raised upon their research and academic performance)
Additional department graduate scholarships, such as
tuition waive and teaching assistantship, will be provided for
international graduate students as well.
- Strong academic background on plant pathology and crop
protection, specially on microbial genetics and biocontrol of plant
- Statement of purpose including academic background, career,
major, publication lists, and research background
- Undergraduate transcript and course descriptions.
- 2 Recommendation letters
- TOEFL score at least 80 (IBT TOEFL) or 550 (PBT TOEFL)
9 Aqualife Medicine Department of Aqualife Medicine Kim/ Do-Hyung
Isolation and characterization of infectious fish pathogens, especially bacterial pathogens
Application of probiotics in aquaculture; testing varying immune responses after
Immune related genes and responses in fish
Import risk analysis of aquatic organisms
Research on fish diseases and climate changes
82-62-659-7177 kimdh@chonnam.ac.kr
700,000 won/month
Personal desktop and study equipment support
Support for conference participation
Research paper incentive: 500,000 won/ a SCI paper
- Scores for English proficiency tests (TOEFL OR IELTS)
- The candidates should have majored one of followings in a 4-
year University; microbiology, chemistry/biology, aquaculture,
fish diseases or other related fields.
- I look for students who are responsible, hard working, easy to
work with, and who are a good fit to our programand research
Electronics and
Computer Engineering
College of Engineering, Dept. Computer Science Soo-Hyung Kim
Image Analysis,
Pattern Recognition
Artificial Intelligence
82-10-2687-3430 shkim@jnu.ac.kr
KRW1,100,000 per month for a Ph. D student
KRW800,000 per month for a Master student
(above amount will be supported during the whole period of
1. Requirements for the Applicants
- look for a Ph.D student whose major is Computer Science
- English skill: TOEIC 700+ or compatibles
- Transcripts(overall Credits): 80+ out of 100
- Programming skill: MATLAB, C/C++
2. Documents needed for the Consideration
- a letter of self-introduction
- Transcript
- any other documents for the proof of his/her capabilities
- Web-site: http://pr.jnu.ac.kr/shkim
* or 1
11 Pharmacy College of Pharmacy/ BioNanoPharmaceuticals Research Lab CHUN/CHANGJU
Drug delivery systemand delivery carrier development
Delivery carriers for Biopharmaceuticals
Development of a dosage formfor biological drugs (proteins/genes/therapeutic cells)
Protein adsorption on the solid surface-biomolecule interaction for neuronal networking
Development of biologically active materials for biomedical applications
82-62-530-2944 cchun1130@jnu.ac.kr
Monthly allowance of KRW:
- 800,000 ~ 1,000,000/month/MS
- 1,000,000 ~ 1,200,000/month/Ph.D
Tuition wave or tuition support/semester.
Applicants need to have an energetic and creative passion and a
social cooperation to make a teamwork. If applicants have an
eligibility for speaking and writing of English, they will be
considerable for acceptance.
Korean Language and
Literature, Teaching
Korean as a Foreign
the Department of Korean Language and Literature, College of Humanities, ChonnamNational University Son Heuiha
Korean Linguistics or Study of Korean Language Education.
600,000 won per semester Level 5 or 6 grade in Topik(Test Of Proficiency In Korean) * refer to Professor Son's
13 Pharmacy College of Pharmacy, Pharmacology Kim/Kyeong-Man
Molecular Pharmacology
Signal transduction of membrane receptors
Functional analysis of protein-protein interaction
Genetic manipulation of endogenous protein expression
82-62-530-2936 kmkim@jnu.ac.kr
1,000,000 - 1,200,000 KRW/month. Applicants need to have good backgrounds in molecular and
cell biology.
We accept only the applicants for Ms/PhD combined program
14 Chemistry Department of Chemistry Lee, Sunwoo
Organic Synthesis
Transition metal-catalyzed Carbon-Carbon/Carbon-Hetero atombond formation
Decarboxylative cross coupling reactions
Synthesis of eletrolyte for Li ion battery
Development of organic reaction process for the fine chemicals
82-62530-3385 sunwoo@chonnam.ac.kr
600,000 ~ 700,000 won/ month
incentive for company research project
have a good knowledge in organic chemistry
Electronics and
Computer Engineering
Dept. Electronics and Computer Engineering Yang, Hyung-Jeong
Pattern Recognition
Semantic Web
Multimedia Data Mining
Big Data Analysis
82-62-530-3436 hjyang@jnu.ac.kr
800,000~1,500,00 won/month/MS
1,200,000~2,000,000 won/month/Dr.
(These include all sources of financial supports.)
Every international students will be supported tuition fee
and dormitory fee for the first semester by ChonnamNational
incentives; according to their research products such as
papers published in conferences and journals.
students attend conferences, the traveling expenses will be
- * We provide research materials if they are required to conduct
experiments such as personal computers, IPAD, Galaxy Tab,
smart phone, Wii, Xbox etc.
16 Applied Biology
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Biotechnology
Molecular biology
Plant physiology
Signal transduction
Plant Biotechnology 82-62-530-2189 kimji@chonnam.ac.kr
Research Assistantship which covers fees for tuition and
dormitory including meals
Approximately 12,000,000 won/year, in total
Incentives twice in a year based on the student's progress
Incentives when the student's work is published in a paper
Student for Master's & Doctoral Degrees integrated or Ph.D
Good at Speaking English
* or 1
Materials Science and
School of Materials Science and Engineering, ChonnamNational University Kim/Jaekook
Design, Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties of Nano scale Materials
- Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies
- LithiumIon Batteries, Fuel Cells, and Solar Cells
Nanoparticles for Advanced Energy Conversion Devices
(Lithium-ion Batteries for Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Care Robot, Medical Devices, Satellite,
RFID, Portable Electronics, etc.)
- Developing a Noble Synthetic Route for Nanomaterials
(Polyol-mediated synthesis, Co-precipitation, Sol-gel, Micro-emulsion, Spray Pyrolysis,
Microwave Assisted, etc.)
- High Temperature Materials Synthesis and Evaluation
- Materials Characterizations
82-62-530-1703 jaekook@chonnam.ac.kr
Assistantship/scholarship Details per month
- M.S. course Students : KRW1,100,000 -
- Ph.D. course Students : KRW1,500,000 -
Extra benefits
- Attending several domestic and oversea conferences.

Opening available for Ph.D. course or M.S./Ph.D. combined
course students only
* http://lems-chonnam.com
Electronics and
Computer Engineering
School of Electronics and Computer Engineering, College of
Engineering Lee/Chilwoo
Computer Vision and Image Processing
Intelligent Human-Computer Interface
Smart Phone Interface and Application software
82-62-530-1803 leecw@jnu.ac.kr
Assistantship/scholarship Details per month
- full scholarship including living fee.
- more than 300,000 won per a month as living fee
Extra benefits
- Good English writers will get special treatment.
More than 550(PBT) TOEFL score is needed.
19 Clothing and Textiles Dept. of Clothing & Textiles, College of Human Ecology Bae, Soo-Jeong
Fashion Design
- Comparative analysis of street fashion between Korea and China
- Creative fashion design
- History of western costume)
82-62-530-1344 82-10-3670-0631 sjbae@chonnam.ac.kr
Extra benefits
- Guarantee an entry fee, Air ticket and accommodation of
International and domestic conference
Biological sciences
and Biotechnology
School of Biological Sciences and Technology Lee/Keesook
Molecular Endocrinology
Cancer Biology
Reproductive Biology
82-62-530-0509 klee@chonnam.ac.kr
Assistantship $700~900 per month
Extra benefits; There might be some if our department
receives the grant for supporting graduate students (BK21
Student in Ph. D. course
Excellence in English (reading, listening, writing, and
Animal Science and
Department of Animal Science, College of Agricultural and life Sciences
Chin, Koo Bok
Meat Science and Technology:
Functional Meat Products:
Low-fat, low-salt meat products
Antioxidant and Antimicrobial activities fromnatural resources
Transglutaminase: textural improvement 82-62-530-2121
600 $ (650,000 KRW)/month : graduate student (M.S);
900 $ (1,000,000 KRW)/month : graduate student (Ph.D)
(Available formSeptember 2013)
Strong coarse backgrounds (Food Chemistry, Microbiology,
and Biochemistry etc) Graduated fromFoods and Food related
area such as Animal Foods
Strong background for English proficiency (Toefl (IBT) 75 ;
Toeic 750)
Strong English communication and writing skills are required.
Global Diaspora
Department of Political Science and International Relations, College of
Social Sciences
Global Diaspora Studies Graduate School
The Research Center for Overseas-Korean Business and Culture Lim, Chae-Wan
Research about Global Business Network and Global Diaspora Community
(EX : Overseas Korean, Overseas Chinese, Overseas India, Overseas Jewish and
Overseas Vietnamese)
Collecting basic Global Diaspora information and studying Diaspora throughly)
Development and Research of Diaspora Studies and Korean 82-62-530-2624
600,000(KRW)/month/MS&Dr. Basic Korean language : You should be able to communicate
basically, and to read and write in Korean as well.
Communication ability with English : You are requiring
abilities to communicate, to write a paper and translate into
23 East Asia Studies UMYOUNG UK

82-61-659-7584 82-10-8607-9474 uyu123@hanmail.net


Department of Mechanical Engineering Lee/Bong-Kee
Advanced multiscale (macro-micro-nano) molding technologies for functional
plastic/metal/ceramic parts
- Innovative molding/manufacturing processes, including injection molding, compression
molding, thermoforming, and printing technologies of precise multiscale features
- Design and manufacturing of precision micro/nano mold systems
- Development of novel application systems with multiscale features, such as precision
optical elements, biomedical microfluidic chips, essential synchrotron X-ray components,
carbon-nanomaterial-based nano/bio-transducers, and so on
82-62-530-1685 b.lee@chonnam.ac.kr
Assistantship/scholarship Details per month
- For M.S. students: min. 1,000,000 KRW/ month
- For Ph.D. students: min. 1,300,000 KRW/ month
(Additional financial supports, including incentive for
research activities, are also available depending on her/his
Extra benefits
Opportunities of collaboration works with other Korean
universities, national research institutes and industries.
Opportunities and financial supports of participating
domestic and/or international conferences to present her/his
research works.
English or Korean language skill
Activity in study and research
Capacity for teamwork
Social Studeis
Department of Social Studies Education (Geography Major) Kyonghwan Park
Social Geography: Polarization, private-public space, post-colonial geographies
Urban and Rural Geography: Rurality, Urban inequality, gentrification, regeneration
Social Theory: Poststructuralism, Feminism, Political Economy
Development Studies : Third World Development, Post-Development
Political Ecology
82-62-530-2385 kpark3@gmail.com
Extra benefits
- one or two opportunities for participating in international
- intermittent participation in small research projects as
Research Assistant
Graduated fromDepartment of Geography or other related
Minimumquality of English skills in reading and writing
Department of Chemistry (Education) Yang, Sikyung
Organic synthesis (small molecules, polymers, dendrimers, fluorophores)
Supramolecular polymer chemistry
Development of new fluorophores for single-molecule imaging
Development of novel methodologies for functional polymer/dendrimer syntheses
Development of stimuli-responsive supramolecular nanostructures for the controlled
release of a wide range of chemical or biological agents
peptide chemistry, peptide/protein drug discovery
82-62-530-2498 sky223@jnu.ac.kr
Assistantship/scholarship Details per month
- A graduate student (M.S./Ph.D.) will receive a full-tuition
Extra benefits
- A graduate student will receive a monthly stipend for
living (housing) expenses.
A B.S. in Chemistry or a closely related discipline is required
and undergraduate research experience in organic synthesis is
Earth Systems and
Environmental Science
Department of Environmental SystemEngineering Lee Woo Bum
Water and Wastewater treatment
Soil remediation
Recycle and reuse of waste
TMDLs (Total maximumdaily loads)
82-61-659-7262 woolee@jnu.ac.kr
Tuition, dormitory, living expense and so on
Book fees and incentive
a certain command of Korean
- Korean training for about 2 months at education institute in its
28 Chemistry Department of Chemistry
Lee/Chul Won
Structural biology
Protein chemistry
Biophysical chemistry
Extra benefits
- Health insurance for laboratory accidents
- Incentive for research paper publications
a good english communication and writing skill
a self-motivated and enthusiastic attitude for research and
laboratory works
Electronics and
Computer Engineering
School of Electronics and Computer Engineering Kim, Cheol Hong
Computer Architecture
Multi-core processor
3D stacked processor
CPU/GPU integrated design
Embedded System
High-performance embedded system
Energy-aware embedded system
Temperature-aware embedded system
OS-level Management
Energy-aware job scheduling
Task scheduling between CPU and GPU
SoC (System-on-a-Chip)
Bus architecture for high-performance SoC
Low-power on-chip interconnection
82-62-530-1806 chkim22@jnu.ac.kr
1,000,000 KRW/month
Extra benefits
- Extra support can be provided when students have enough
contribution to research projects.
- Cost for attending the conference can be provided when
students have their research presentation in the conference.
Applicants must be in "good standing" with their undergraduate
program(computer engineering or electronics engineering)
English ability
Forest Products and
Wood Science and Engineering JEONG, GI YOUNG
Wood mechanics and Engineering
- Characterize mechanical and physical properties of wood material using digital image
correlation, finite element method
- Estimate yield froma log for cross laminated timber
- Evaluate mechanical behavior of connections for wood frame building
82-62-530-2107 gjeong1@jnu.ac.kr
approximately 12,000,000won/year(with the first semester
tuition waiver, and the first semester dormitory fee waiver.
* The student will be responsible for tuition and dormitory
fees of approximately 4,000,000 per semester fromthe
second semester.
Extra benefits may offer depending on performance and
Please contact Dr. Jeong via email with your specific research
interests and
how they relate to the field of wood mechanics and engineering, a
copy of your transcripts, and a copy of your CV.
* www.wood.jnu.ac.kr
Advanced Chemicals
& Engineering
School of Applied Chemical Engineering Hong, Chang Kook
Secondary Battery (Redox Flow Battery)
Dye-sensitized Solar Cell
Carbon Material & Nanocomposites (Graphene)
Polymeric Energy Materials
\800,000won/a month
Paper incentive: \500,000won/a SCI paper
32 Electrical Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering Ahn / Seon-Ju
Electric power system
Power systemmodeling, analysis, control, and operation
Integration of renewable energies(Wind, PV, etc.) to the power system
Distributed generation, microgrid and smart grid
Real time digital simulation of electric power system
* Funding depends on the status of projects,
average 600,000 KRW/month/MS
Extra benefits
- students make great contributions to the research project,
they will be awarded incentive.
Moderate English level (writing and speaking)
Basic understanding of circuit theory and control theory
Computer and programming skills
Business Administration
KO, Ilsang
Management Information System
82-62-530-1444 82-10-9603-2711
\ 500,000/month/MS
\ 900,000/Dr.
TOEFL 550 Above
Advanced Chemicals
and Engineering
School of Applied Chemical Engineering Ko/Chang Hyun
Field: Chemical Engineering or Chemistry
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Catalysts and Energy Application
Catalytic Reaction for Energy Applications
- Conversion of Biomass into Liquid Fuels by deoxygenation
- Conversion of Shale Gas (Methane) into Hydrogen: SteamMethane Reforming
Adsorbent Application
- Selective Adsorbents for Purification of Diesel and Gasoline
Preparation of Semiconductor Thin-filmby Solution-Based Method
- Semiconductors (In2Se3, ZnSe, ZnS, etc.) by Proper Precursor Solutions
More than $1,100/month (including tax and additional
Net scholarship (or income) will be approximately
- Extra benefits
Additional incentive will be given for the research paper
The amount of paper publication incentive will change
depending on the contribution on the paper: maximum
1,000,000 won (~US$1,000) per paper.
(1) Major in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry or Chemistry
Related Fields
(2) Master-Ph.D joint course
- Good Writing Skill for Research Paper Publication
- MediumLevel Experimental Skill
* /

Materials Science and
Department of Materials Science and Engineering Lee / Byung-Teak
Processing and characterization of compound semiconductor thin films
especially transparent conducting oxide semiconductors.
82-62-530-1696 82-10-4605-5538 btlee@jnu.ac.kr
800,000 ~ 1,000,000 Korean won/month
commensurate with applicants career
Must have knowledge in English enough to communicate with
other students and to read the technical documents.
Energy and Resources
Department of Energy and Resources, College of Engineering Lee, Jong-Un
Environmental Geochemistry
Ph.D. Course: about 700,000 KRW/month
Extra benefits; Possibly to be determined after contact
* 2013.2 Nguyen
Khanh .(* )
37 Pharmacy College of Pharmacy
Won-Jea Cho
Computer-Aided Drug Design (CoMFA, Docking, Virtual Screening)
Synthesis of Anticancer Agents
Synthesis of Natural Alkaloids
Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds
82-62-530-2933 82-10-6796-1610
school fees, dormitory fee and living expenses.
Incentive benefits may be paid depending on the research
Fluent English writing and speaking ability.
Graduated fromPharmacy, Chemistry or
Bioinformatics/Computational Biology related department.
38 Fisheries Science
College of Fisheries & Ocean Science/Faculty of Marine Technology CHOI/SANG DUK
Aquaculture environment ecology
Management and conservation of the marine ecosytem
Fisheries biology, fish and invertebrate culture, breeding
Tuition fee & living cost
Ph.D. course : 500,000 KRW(not including tuition fee)
Master course : 300,000 KRW(not including tuition fee)
Negotiable by research results
Sincerity is first
39 Dental Science Department of Prosthodontics Park / Sangwon
Development of high strength/translucent color zirconia Block for All Ceramic by nano
particle dipping method The physical properties and colorization of the colored glass
coated zirconia layered by dental porcelain Glass-ceramic Aerosol
monthly allowance of KRW:
- 7,200,000 KRW/student/year fromNRF or MRC grants
- 600,000 KRW/student/month except University support.
- If you contribute to SCI paper as a first author, I will
provide indicate incentive.
Rule 1: (IF below 3.999); 250,000 won.
Rule 2: (IF 4-6.999); 500,000 won.
Rule 3: (IF over 7-19.999); 750,000 won.
Rule 4: (IF over 20 or Cell, Nature, Science); 1,000,000
This monthly pay can be increased upon their capability and
eligibility. I will be able to give incentive depending on his
or her capability and eligibility.
Basic Korean language(Basic level)
Communication ability with English(Middle level)
40 East Asia Studies
, , , , 82-61-659-7581 82-10-2659-3581 kmkyk@chonnam.ac.kr
(TOPIK 6 ,
), ( )
Medical Science,
Molecular Medical
Department of Nuclear Medicine Min/Jung-Joon
Bacteria-mediated cancer therapy:
1) Development of the genetically engineered bacteria for cancer therapy
2) Elucidation of mechanismof bacterial tumor-targeting and bacteria-mediated oncolysis
Development of novel molecular imaging probes for positron emission tomography and/or
optical imaging.
Development of theranostic probes that enable simultaneous diagnosis and therapy
82-10-6220-6406 jjmin@jnu.ac.kr
Master's course: 800,000won/monthly
Doctor's course: 1,200,000won/monthly
Lunch fee: 80,000won/monthly
health insurance fee: 40,000won/monthly
Other incentives following publication in high-tier journals

Medical Science,
Molecular Medical
Department of Biochemistry Lee/ Seung-Rock
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) metabolismand differentiation
of Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster mushroom)
Redox regulation of PTEN and protein tyrosine phosphatase
in ROS-mediated cell signaling
Enzyme activity and physiological function of selenoproteins
Master's course: 1,100,000won/monthly
Doctor's course: 1,600,000won/monthly
Advanced Chemicals
and Engineering
School of Applied Chemical Engineering Kim, Do-Heyoung
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion or Storage (Solar
cell, Battery, Capacitor)
Preparation of Semiconductor Thin-filmor Powders by Solution-Based Method for Display
or IC Applications
Computational Chemistry
Solid State Physics
82-62-530-1894 82-10-5451-6558 kdhh@chonnam.ac.kr
800,000 ~ 1,200,000 korean won/monthly
Commensurate with applicants career
Incentive benefits depending on the research
Opening available for Ph.D. course or M.S./Ph.D. combined
course students only.
Preferred BS or MS majors are chemical engineering,
chemistry, physics or material science/engineering.