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My Family

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My Family :
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My Family


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My family,
: Families have a great-
great Future, We are Family, Louisa Rose .


Read and translate the text:
My name is Oksana. Our family is neither large nor small, just
a typical family. I have a mother, a father, my brother and a sister,
and our cat. We all live together in a three-room flat. We are an
average family.
My father, Vladimir, is 45 years old. He is a tall and well-built
man with short black hair and grey eyes. He works as a manager at a
big plant. He likes his work and spends most of his time there. By
character my father is a quiet man, while my mother is energetic and
My mothers name is Olga. My Mummy is forty. She is a
teacher of music and plays the piano well. My mother always has a
lot of work to do about the house and at school. She is a born teacher.
She is a busy woman and we all help her.
My sisters name is Alla. Like our mother, Alla has blue eyes
and fair hair. She is a very good-looking girl. Alla is three years
younger than me. She is a pupil of the 8th form. She does well at
school and gets only good and excellent marks. Literature is her
favourite subject and she wants to become a teacher, as well as I do.
My younger brother Igor is only six years old, he goes to the
kindergarten. He is very funny. I like to spend my free time teaching
him something. Igor likes to play with our cat.
My grandparents are retired. They like gardening. They spend
a lot of their time in the garden. They grow vegetables and fruits. We
enjoy having fresh vegetables and green on our dinner table.
Our family is very united. We like to spend time together. In
the evenings we watch TV, read books and newspapers, listen to
music or just talk about the events of the day. Our parents dont
always agree with what we say, but they listen to our opinion.
All of us like to spend our weekends in the country. We often
go to the village where our grandparents live. They are aged
pensioners now, but prefer to live in the country.
My great-grandmother is still alive. She lives in my
grandmothers family and is always glad to see us. Her health is poor
and she asks us to come and see her more often. I also have many
other relatives: uncles, aunts, cousins. We are happy when we are
I love my family very much. We always help each other.
Everyone in my family is my best friend.

Words to be memorized:
1) average family
2) brother-in-law ( ), ( )
3) by character
4) father-in-law ,
5) generous
6) godfather
7) godmother
8) good-looking
9) great grandparents
10) half-brother
11) honest
12) introverted ,
13) mother-in-law ,
14) nephew
15) niece
16) poor health
17) relatives
18) rude
19) selfish
20) siblings
21) single-parent family
22) stepbrother
23) stepfather
24) stepmother
25) stepsister
26) stubborn
27) talkative ,
28) three-room flat
29) to be retired
30) to get on ,
31) to take after ,
32) to work as

Read and translate the text:
Im the youngest child in my family. Ive got two older
brothers, Bob and Jason. Theyre twins and theyre nineteen. They
left school last year. Bob is working in France this year, because hes
going to study French at university next year. Jasons already at
My parents names are Charles and Mary. My fathers a
manager. He works in an office. My mums a Science teacher.
Ive got two aunts and an uncle. My father was an only child,
but my mums got a younger brother and sister. Uncle David is
married. His wifes name is Emma. They got married four years ago.
Theyve got a son. His names Bertie and hes two years old. He
calls me Onnie, because he cant say Sonia. Im going to have
another cousin soon, because Auntie Emma is expecting a baby.
Mums sister, Auntie, is single. She works for a sports
company, so we always get good presents from her. She got me an
England football shirt last year. I like Auntie Sylvia. She says that
Im her favourite niece. (Actually, she hasnt got any other nieces
Bob, Jason and Bertie are her nephews!)
Then there are my grandparents. I call my grandmother
Grandma. Grandmas name is Margaret and Grandpas name is
Harry. My dads parents died a few years ago, so I dont remember
them very well.
So, thats my family.

I. What relationship are these people to each other?
1. Bob / Sonia
2. Bertie / Jason
3. Harry / David
4. Bertie and Sonia / Margaret
5. Mary / Charles
6. Bob / Harry
7. Sylvia / Jason
8. Emma / Sonia
9. Harry and Margaret / Sylvia and David
10. Mary / Margaret


I. Match the words with their definitions:
1) cousins a) son of your sister or brother
2) stepmother b) daughter of your sister or brother
3) in-laws c) relatives that lived a very long time ago
4) great-grandmother d) children of your uncle or aunt
5) niece e) husband of your sister
6) brother-in-law f) daughter of your children
7) nephew g) father of your grandparents
8) granddaughter h) parents of your husband or wife
9) ancestors i) your fathers new wife
10) family reunion j) get-together of an extended family

II. Answer the questions:
1. How many people are there in your family? Who are they?
2. How many grandparents have you got? How often do you
see them?
3. What does your family usually do on Sundays?
4. How many cousins do you have? What do you do when you
see them?
5. Who does the housework in your family? (e.g. cooking,
cleaning, washing)
6. Does your family eat meals together? What else do you do
7. Are there any rules in your family? What are they? Do you
think they are fair?
8. Who do you take after?
9. Do you get on well with you parents?
10. Who are you more like in character, your mother or your
11. Do you want to bring up your children in the same way you
were brought up?
12. Would you like to live with your parents after getting
married? Why or why not?
13. Which family member do you get on the best? Why?
14. Who do you argue with a lot?
15. Tell about the relative you like the most. Why do you like
him or her?
16. Do you have any family member living or working abroad?
17. Do you ever hold family reunion? If so, what happens
18. How many children would you like to have?
19. What size is the perfect family?
20. Do you think that families you see on TV or in the movies
are like families in your countries? Why or why not?

III. How would you describe your relatives? Complete the
chart with family members names. Then tell why each relative
matches the definition you choose?
Adjective Name Relationship Why
Honest Alex father he does what he promises

IV. Fill in your Family Tree with names of your relatives:

Read and translate the text:
Twenty years ago, the typical extended family was wide. It
usually consisted of two or three generations, with many children in
each nuclear family. People had lots of aunts and uncles but often
didnt know their grandparents. However, according to a new study
the British research group Mintel, the family is changing shape. The
family groups of the future will be long and thin, with three or four
small generations.
Here are some of their predictions:
1. Most children will know their great -grandparents (and even
great-great-grandparents) because people are living longer.
2. Very few people will have brothers or sisters, and it will be
common to be an only child. As a result, future generations will not
have many cousins either.
3. Many children will grow up isolated from other children and
young adults. This will make them more selfish and introverted.
4. More couples will divorce and re-marry, some more than
once. They may have children with their new partners, so many
children will have a stepmother or stepfather and half-brothers or
5. There will be many boomerang children. These are
children who leave home to get married, but then divorce and return
to live with their parents.
6. There will be more single-parent families.
7. Because houses are now so expansive, different generations
may decide to live together, so parents, grandparents, and adult
children may co-own their houses, and many couples will have to
live with their in-laws.
I. Answer the question for each prediction:
1. Is this already happening in your country?
2. Do you think it will happen in the future?
3. Do you think it will be a good thing or bad thing?

II. Read the following definitions and guess the words:
1. Your grandparents parents (..)
2. A child who doesnt have any brothers or sisters (..)
3. Families where the mother or father is bringing up the
children on her/his own (.)
4. Your uncles or aunts children (..)
5. The family of your wife / husband ()
6. Boys who have (for example) the same father as you but a
different mother (..)
7. The new wife of your father (..)

III. Translate the following sentences into Russian paying
attention to the verbs in the Present Continuous Tense:

1. He is getting married soon.
2. Are you going out with your sister or brother on Saturday
3. She is going to have a new niece soon.
4. Im seeing the relatives this weekend.
5. He is going to leave home in the near future.
6. Im not going to go on holiday with my family this year.
IV. Translate the following sentences into English:
1. .
2. .
3. . , , ,
4. 3 .
5. . .
7. .
9. , .
10. .

V. Complete the sentences with each other or a reflexive

1. After the argument they didnt speak to _______ for a week.
2. This light is automatic. It turns _______ on and off.
3. We built the house _______. It took three years.
4. We only see ________ once a month.
5. They argue a lot. They dont understand each other.
6. I blame _______ for the accident. It was my fault.


Read the text and express the main idea of the text in
several sentences:
Two sisters tell the truth about themselves and each other
Wendy Wilson and her older sister Carnie are the daughters of Beach
Boys founder, Brian Wilson. They formed the band Wilson Philips
(with the daughter of Michelle Philips of The mamas and Papas) and
their first album was a worldwide hit. Today they are both married
and live in Los Angeles. Here they talk about their relationship.
Wendy, the younger sister says: I always thought Carnie was
really cool. Especially when she was a teenager and had bright red
hair. But, like most of the older sisters, she wasnt at all interested in
her younger sister. I desperately wanted to be with her and her
friends, and sometimes I used to follow them, but she hated that.
When we were kids we both had a lot of material things like
toys and clothes, but even then we knew that Mom and Dad werent
happy. We used to talk about it all the time, and after a while they
separated and we stayed with Mom. We didnt see Dad for a few
years, which really hurt us. But its also the thing that brought me
and Carnie closer together. When I was 16 or 17 the one and the half
year age gap between us didnt matter anymore, and we started to get
on with each other and to write songs together.
Carnie, the older sister says: I sometimes think that poor
Wendy has spent all her life competing with me. She was a quiet, shy
child, while I was incredibly talkative and demanding. I was awful! I
wasnt interested in studying, all I wanted to do was go to parties,
and Wendy used to tell my parents. So I was horrible to her I used
to pinch her and bite her.
I was very jealous of Wendy also because she was more
attractive than me. But she always defended me when other people
criticized me, and sometimes it seemed as if she was the older sister I
was the younger one. Although, we were complete opposites, we
were also very close and had a lot of fun together. We still do.
I think I suffered a lot because of my father leaving us when we
were small, but Wendy helped me to understand that dad loved us
too, but in a different way. She also taught me that you cant blame
other people for your problems, you have to look at yourself.

I. Discuss in a group:
1. In a family with two children, do you think its better to be
the older or the younger sister or brother? Why?
2. Do you think such relationship in typical of brothers and

II. Translate the following words into English, looking at
the highlighted words in the text:

, , ,
, , , ,
-, , , , ,
, ( ), , .


Here are two people talking about their families. Read and
a) L = Louisa, I = Interviewer
L: Im the youngest of seven children. My oldest sister is still
alive, age ninety-three, and there sixteen years between us. There
were four girls, two boys and then me.
I: Seven children! Wow! How did you all get on together when
you were children?
L: Amazingly well! Being the youngest, my two brothers and
me called our sisters the others, because they were either married
or working by the time we were born. But the seven of us all got
along very well. But its different now, of cause.
I:Really? How?
L: Well, when we were small, my older sisters often took care
of us. Now my brothers and I are busy taking care of them.
I: Tell me about your oldest sister Julia. How has your
relationship with her changed over the years?
L: Julia was the sister who used to on her holidays used to
take me for walks and so on. But then she became a nun and went to
Africa for twenty-three years. We wrote to one another and I was still
her little sister. When she came back, it was shortly after my husband
died. We became very close and our whole relationship changed and
we became great friends.
I: What do you see as the main advantage and disadvantage of
coming from such a large family?
L: Hmm. I think the main advantage was that we learned how
to enjoy life without having a lot of money. I think our other
relatives, my rich cousins in the city envied us. We had old bikes, old
clothes, but we had lots of freedom. In the city, they had to wear nice
suits and behave correctly.
I: Disadvantages?
L: I think it was difficult some times to have hand-me-down
clothes, especially for a little girl like me. And I was sad that we
didnt go away on holiday like some other children. But the
advantages outweighed the disadvantages enormously, theres no
doubt about that.
I: Six out of the seven are still alive. How closely have you
kept in touch over the years?
L: Very closely. Of cause we still phone each other all the time
and see each other whenever we can. And we have a big family
reunion every year. My granddaughters just had twins. That means
well have four generations there this year. How marvelous!

b) R = Rose, I = Interviewer
I: So, Rose, do you have any brothers or sisters?
R: No, I dont. Im an only child
I: So what was it like growing up as an only child? Were you
R: When I was little, I liked it. I had lots of cousins and most
of them lived in the same town, so we played together all the time.
And I had a best friend who lived next door to me. She was the same
age as me and so she was a bit like a sister I suppose. But she moved
away and that was sad. It was hard when I was a teenager.
I: Why was that?
R: Well, you know what its like being a teenager. Youre kind
of unsure of how to deal with people, especially parents. It would
have been nice to have a brother or sister to talk to.
I: Some people who come from large families might envy you
because you had all of your parents attention.
R: Yes. But I think it has its negative side as well as its positive
side. I think you dont want all your parents attention, especially as
a teenager. It was hard to find myself and my place in the world, I
I: What about now that youre an adult?
R: Again, I think its difficult really. My father died about ten
years ago, so of cause Im the one whos left totally responsible for
my mother. Im the one who has to look after her if she has a
problem and help her if she needs help in any way. Theres nobody
else to help at all.
I: Youre married now with two children of your own. Was
that a conscious decision to have more than one child?
R: Yes, definitely. And they seem very happy and they get
along very well with one another. Usually.

Complete the chart:
Louisa Rose
1. How many siblings
has she got?
2. Was she happy as a child?
Why? Why not?
3. Is she happy now?
Why? Why not?
4. What do you learn about other
Members of her family?

I. Do a class survey:
1. Find out who has got the most brothers and sisters? How
many? Do they like having lots of brothers and sisters?
2. Has anyone got a twin brother or sister? Do they like being a
3. Is anyone in the class an only child? Do they like being an
only child?
4. Find out who called a relative last week? What did they talk
5. Is anyone in the class getting married soon? If so, when is
he/she getting married?
6. Find out who has the great-grandparents alive? How old are
they? Where do they live?
7. Find out what family member does your groupmate live with
at the present time?
8. Has anyone got a niece or nephew? How old is the baby?

II. Write a story about the best day in your childhood.
What were you doing? What relatives were you with?


age gap
average family
brother-in-law ( ), ( )
by character
dad (daddy)
daughter-in-law ,
definitely ,
father-in-law ,
great grandparents
hand-me-down clothes
introverted ,
mother-in-law ,
poor health
single-parent family
sister-in-law , ()
take care of smb -
talkative ,
three-room flat
to be retired
to get on ,
to keep in touch
to take after ,
to work as